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+4db is an a cappella quintet who's sound is as diverse as it is smooth. With a repertoire that ranges from jazz standards to contemporary pop, +4db straight-up swings and surprises. Formed in 1996, this award-winning ensemble makes its home in the San Francisco Bay Area. 1998 saw them champions of the Harmony Sweepstakes San Francisco Regionals, where they also earned Best Arrangement for the second year in a row. Their local success harbingered national accolades, with their memorable sound securing Second Place and Best Arrangement at the 1998 Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals. Judges aren't the only ones who dig the delicious harmony of these five voices. +4db has also won Audience Favorite each time they've participated in Harmony Sweepstakes regional and national competitions. +4db released their eponymous debut CD to much fanfare just this January.

Members: David Duran, Michelle Ritche, Paul Cingolani, Jay Quibodeaux, Juliet Green

Participated in: 2000 1998 1997

111 of A Kind

111 of a Kind is a dynamic vocal trio from the Philippines formed in 1994 and is currently based in southern California. Comprised of soloists belonging to different music backgrounds. The three met when they joined the "UP Madrigal Singers"- a renowned Philippine choral group. With their deep passion for singing all kinds of music, from classical to jazz, R&B, mainstream pop and a cappella, they decided to form a "quartet". With a shortage of altos, they gave up looking for one and moved on as "III of a Kind". The union creates a memorable musical experience in each performance with their combination of high energy, powerful vocal chords and great passion for music.

Members: Gelo Francisco, Annie Nepomuceno, Edward Granadosin

Participated in: 2002

38th Ave

Take a left, then turn right, here they are: it's 38th Ave! 38th Ave is a local a cappella group that started on the beautiful beaches of Santa Cruz. This group of friends, with a love for anything a cappella, sings a wide variety of music from top 40 hits to standard jazz to smooth indie. You might find them in Santa Cruz on the streets downtown, in coffee shops, or even at your local bar. After being together for a year, they are excited and ready to sing!

Members: Devon Magana, Danny Cavero, Adam Fixler, Jefferson Lam, Amanda Ross

Participated in: 2014 2013

9th Cabaret

9th Cabaret is an a cappella quartet featuring Glenn Myles and his three daughters, Michelle Myles Queen, Simone Myles Young and La Reva Miles. They sing nostalgic music of the 20s, 30s and 40s as well as original songs.

Members: Glenn Myles, Michelle Myles, La Reva Myles Ratoosh, Simone Myles Young

Participated in: 1997 1993 1991

A Little Bit of Everything

A Little Bit of Everything’s talent includes members from the San Francisco, Berkeley, and Marin counties. Specializing in a free-wheeling country style, the group sings and plays for all occasions, even though their focus is on events of a political nature. Transformation Through Musical Regeneration is their motto.

Members: Elllen Stapenhorst, Barbara Saunders, Maria Stark, Sandy Schoenfeld

Participated in: 1986


We are members of a youth a cappella harmony singing class called "Advanced A Cappella Ensemble" (AACE) taught by Krista Enos through Ms. Kitty's Harmony Road Music School in Half Moon Bay. We range in age from 15-22. We meet once a week for 90 minutes. We like singing in a variety of styles, and are very excited about the idea of learning from and singing alongside some of the best a cappella groups in the Bay Area!

Members: Veronica Gallegos, Taylor Olson, Maddie Rojas, Alyssa Turenne, Michelle Turenne

Participated in: 2019

About Face

AF is an a cappella quartet whose unique vocal blend and engaging stage presence make this group one of the most sought after acts in the Bay Area. They have been making a name for themselves through appearances on TV and radio, as well as capturing prizes for "Best Original Arrangement", and they were the Bay Area Harmony Sweepstakes 1990 Champions. Their varied repertoire includes works by artists such as Sam Cook, the Police and the Jackson 5, in addition to original songs penned by gifted writers Mat and Murray.

Members: Mat Silverman, Murry Orrick, Stan Johnson, Laurie Jones

Participated in: 1994 1991 1990


Yes we are. Formed in 2012, we have been performing original covers of everything from classic rock hits to contemporary pop tunes. As a 13 person a cappella group, we achieve a unique sound by fusing new and old music in sophisticated arrangements. We strive to bring joy to our audience and hope to share our Aca-love of singing to everyone within earshot!

Members: Dominique Medina, Mariana Jones, Sarah Brumfield, Amber Curley, Valeria Huaco, Marizel Mendoza, Nate Baumbach, Diego Lopez, Jake Lagrave, Daniel Jones, Ethan Sifferman, Rjay Molo

Participated in: 2019 2018 2017 2016

The Acafellas

The Acafellas are eight middle-aged guys who met around 2003 in the Mendocino Community Chorus, discovered they had a nice blend, and have been singing together ever since. Their repertoire ranges from Renaissance music to gospel to doo wop. They perform regularly on the Mendocino Coast, and recently produced their first CD. They attended the Harmony Sweepstakes finals in 2009 and were thrilled and inspired by what they heard. They have built an enthusiastic local fan base, and seek to expand their horizons.

Members: Jim Ehlers, Dennis Freeze, Paul Friesen, Eric Hillesland, Jim Jackson, Jason Kirkman, Joe Rosenthal

Participated in: 2010

After Five

What do soul, pop, rock, jazz, and hip hop have in common with yodeling? Yes, you guessed it my friends,ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

Members: Kale "Kingpin" Coppin, Cory "J-shot" Coppin, Kevin "Kinky-pants" Valenzuela, Natalie Gosmeyer, Josh "The Jackalackin" Embury, Ron "Tha Raptor" Hart

Participated in: 2009


AkaBella is a world fusion vocal group dedicated to learning, sharing and performing traditional songs from around the world. Their original arrangements of ancient melodies borrow from Reggae, Hip Hop, R&B and Jazz. When combined with traditional rhythms and five-part harmony, the effect is pure inspiration. AkaBella moves people with their voices and audiences emerge dancing, clapping and singing along.

Members: Melody Walker, Verena Reece, Lauren Smith, Nola Pierce, Lorenza Simmons

Participated in: 2009


ALIAS is the Bay Area's newest vocal group! Founded in the fall of 2019, this quintet comprises members from wide musical backgrounds offering a repertoire spanning decades and genres. A fresh voice to a cappella, ALIAS aims to bring a new sound to the Bay Area's vocal music scene!

Members: Elena Georgieva, Reina Glenn, Emilio Huerta, Michael Godfrey, David-Christopher Harris

Participated in: 2020

All Family Boys

Sacramento-based group made up of 4 brothers, "Noah"-"King"-"G"-"J.T." originating from the South Pacific Islands of Samoa. Known as the "Big Boys of A Cappella" or more appropriate "Two Tons of Fun", audiences everywhere are taken back not only by their soft harmonic sounds, but also by their physical appearance as each member weighs over 300 pounds. They love to hang around the 50's, 60's, 70's/Motown/Gospel, which can be heard on the release of their 1st tape "Looking Back".

Participated in: 1997


Apex is a young, exciting sextet from the Bay Area. With their energetic and animated stage presence and diverse selection of pop, rock and R&B tunes, they are captivating audiences everywhere. They create a fun mix of popular cover tunes with the unique addition of Filipino ballads to create a cross-cultural treat, sure to delight any audience.

Members: Leo Chan, Anthony-Chris Lorenzo, Errol Viral, Lawrence de Guzman, Andrew Gapuz, Audrey

Participated in: 1997 1996

Apex (KAI)

Kai is a pop vocal quintet from the San Francisco Bay Area. Kai is also an abbreviated form of the Tagalog word kaibigan which denotes the common bond among all people. The quintet chose a Tagalog moniker because four of its five members are Filipino-Americans. In addition to the Rhythm Crossover chart hit, "Say You'll Stay," Kai (Geffen Records) features a variety of harmony-drenched gems, ranging from silky ballads to funky, mid-tempo workouts, to shimmeriing, gospel-tingled spirit lifters. Formed in 1992 Kai has experienced every aspect of the music business. Since its inception Kai has traveled the world, appeared on numerous compilations and has released an album under Geffen records. Kai's lastest album, "The Promise," is receiving major attention in various markets and features a new and exciting arrangment of The House Jacks' standard, "Gone." Kai was produced by Tristan Bishop, a founding member of the rock/funk a cappella group The House Jacks.

Members: Errol Viray, Johnny Misa, AC Lorenz, Leo Chan, Audrey Silva

Participated in: 2001

Artistic License

Artistic License is a Barbershop quartet with a smooth sound, deep musicality and a lighthearted, professional style that audiences easily respond to. Based out of Northern California, the group sings songs from a wide range of origins and eras. From Tin Pan Alley to the Irish highlands. From jazz to Disney to contemporary pop or Christian rock. Their choice of songs reflects a preference for tunes that are meaningful and distinctive which can be delivered in an authentic and artistic style. The quartet enjoys finely crafted melodies and lyrics and searches for arrangements that will make their audience say "I love that song!"

Members: Todd Kidder, Rich Brunner, Jason Dyer, Gabe Caretto

Participated in: 2015

Aurally Fix8ed

This talented bunch of high schoolers had been singing together for four years before deciding to create a student-run octet dedicated to arranging and performing A Cappella music. They love to sing and have been known to make their audiences Aurally Fix8ed.

Members: Alia Syed, Mercy Albaran, Jon Chen, Alex Bensick, Keith Doelling, Aliko Carter, Scout Katovich, Shayna Brown

Participated in: 2007


AVE, the highest level ensemble within the Central Coast Children’s Choir, placed third in the 2017 Los Angeles Harmony Sweepstakes and was awarded audience favorite. CCCC affords the youth of San Luis Obispo county the joyful experience of singing together in live choral performances. The after-school program provides weekly rehearsals, which include musicianship and vocal training. Repertoire is varied and includes songs from world music to established choral classics to contemporary, popular styles. CCCC singers represented California in National and Western State honor choirs in Las Vegas, New York, Eugene, Honolulu, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Dallas and Florida.

Members: Lily Campbell, Olivia Edmonds, Hannah Fowler, Minori Jaggia, Cati Newlon, Susan Roodsari, Elise Scheiffele, Meg Stern, Lauren Tarica

Participated in: 2018

The Baby Boomers

Bound by bouncy bass lines the Baby Boomers invite you to join them in celebrating “Head Over Heals In Love”. Take a walk on the wild side where creatures cry “Boom Boom Boom”.

Members: Donna Turner, Billy Bramblett, Carol Joy Harris, Bonnie Whatley

Participated in: 1988 1987 1986


Baysics has been making a cappella funk/jazz music since the summer of '89. They are a group of reserved yet passionate musicians, and as such, have assembled a repertoire that is both sophisticated and gutsy. Last year, after winning the Best Original Arrangement award at their Harmony Sweepstakes debut, Baysics went on to win the Pacific Coast Collegiate Jazz Festival.

Members: Beth Puryear, Emiko Okada, Martin Puryear, Dan Dermer, Scott Douglas

Participated in: 1992 1991

Beyond Zebra

Beyond Zebra is a newly formed a cappella group who enjoys expressing unique, intricate arrangements with heartfelt emotion. Like the Dr. Seuss book On Beyond Zebra about an alphabet beyond Z, the music of Beyond Zebra takes audiences beyond what they might know and expect. When you go Beyond Zebra, who knows what wonderful things you might hear?

Members: Fiona McCrae, Zareen Levien, Miya Kanzaki, John Kelley, Chris Lewis, Jon Pilat

Participated in: 2020 2019 2018

The Blanks

We're The Blanks, a quartet of friends who sing a cappella music and perform sketch comedy. We love to sing, entertain and make people laugh, so our shows include skits, antics, choreography (the kind a 5-year old could memorize), talking toys as lead singers (!), and mildly effective costume changes. We appeared on eight seasons of the TV show Scrubs as "Ted's Band" or "The Worthless Peons" - yup, we're those same four guys. Our unique live show appeals to fans of Scrubs but just as equally to fans of the TV show Glee, the Marx Brothers, the Three Stooges, and Monty Python.

Members: George Miserlis, Samuel Lloyd, Paul F. Perry, Philip McNiven, Toluca Lake

Participated in: 2006

Boyz Nite Out

No Instruments? No Problem! Specializing in cover, pop and rockin' upbeat music, this high energy group combines all-vocal drums, guitars, and horns with smooth 5-part harmony to make you think there's an entire band on stage!

For over 14 years, Boyz Nite Out has traveled throughout the world appearing at major festivals, corporate events and private performances. The group has worked with such artists as Ray Charles, ELO, Jay Leno, Kool & the Gang and Michael MacDonald and has released 3 full length CD projects selling over 20,000 copies in the United States and Japan.

Members: Bud Anderson, Jon Moore, Mark Baldi,, Eugene Rocha, Billy "Boom Boom" Craig

Participated in: 2010 1995 1994

Brass Farthing

Brass Farthing is a group of stalwart lads brought together to sing songs, raise good cheer, and otherwise make merry in the company of friends both old and new. We take our inspiration from many periods and enjoy performing historical, traditional, and contemporary compositions in traditional styles.

George started the group in August 2006. We first performed at the Dickens Chistmas Fair and have performed there every year. We cut our self-published CD "Brass Farthing" in summer 2007. We also perform at the Northern California Ren Faire, Steam Punk Conventions and local bars.

Members: Rory Alden, Chris Callahan, George Chlentzos, Mark Donnelly, Jim Partridge, Tazz Richards, Bill Roper, Ben Wilson

Participated in: 2011 2010

The Bretheren

The Brethren are four young singers, all under the ages of 18, who are a popular attraction at Northern California Junior Miss Pageants. they have been together for two years and are coached by Cheryl Hart, who is also their manager and their Mom (they eat all her food!) The Bretheren have performed for debutante and “Sweet 16” parties, political education rallies, and church groups and opened for the New Osmonds at the Kaiser Auditorium. Their biggest gig was singing before 15,000 people at the San Ramon Fourth Of July Festival. They have to perform early in the program this evening because it’s Homecoming Night and their dates are waiting!

Members: Ben Barlow, Peter Brown, Brian Toone, Justin Hart

Participated in: 1987

Business Casual

Business Casual is an a cappella band based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Combining elements of pop, jazz, and other genres, this young all-vocal group puts a fresh spin on vintage chart toppers and today's hits. Winners of the National Harmony Sweepstakes a cappella competition in 2018, Business Casual has performed at weddings, corporate events, and live public shows throughout the Bay Area since 2012.

Members: Cassandra Greene, Leslie Baker, Roshun Alur, Jacob Chamoun, Michael Wang

Participated in: 2017 2015 2014

Butter Babes

The ladies of The Butter Babes, Lark Coryell, Becca Burrington, and Alexis Lane Jensen, discovered their love of singing luscious, 3-part harmonies with each other when they were all members of the Grammy Nominated Pacific Mozart Ensemble. At the behest and encouragement of their audiences and fellow singers, they decided to move beyond PME's annual A Cappella Jazz & Pop concerts, and take their show on the road (as it were)!

Individually, they have sung with such organizations as the SF Symphony Chorus, Oakland Chamber Chorus, Solstice (previous Harmony Sweepstakes regional champions), The Mirabai Ensemble, SF/Grand Tetons Festival Chorus, VoiceCraft, West Edge Opera, Oakland Opera Theater, Lamplighters Musical Theater and The Merrie Olde Christmas Carolers. Together, they hope to spread their buttery sound over the whole Bay Area and beyond!

Members: Becca Burrington, Lark Coryell, Alexis Lane Jensen

Participated in: 2015

California Golden Overtones

The California Golden Overtones are a completely student-run musical group on campus. We are a lively group of girls who, with our music, love to spread joy and Cal Spirit. We can be seen performing at Cal football games, at University functions, as well as all over the Bay Area for private events and parties. We have been performing for our favorite fans -- Cal students -- every Friday at 1 PM in front of Sather Gate for more than 20 years!

Members: Sheila Rajagopalan, Sachi Holla, Jess Evaristo, Rachael Frank, Audrey Baker, Souma Kundu, Lyndsay Park

Participated in: 2013

Cherry Fizz

Whose members include three state workers, one published poet, three mothers, one father and one salesman for Blue Diamond Almonds, evolved from a class in Doo Wop taught by their present coach and music director, Christine Martin of Tu Tone Shoes. These five people have been singing together since August 1992.

Members: Leslie Cummins, Mary James, Teresa Souvignier, John Wagaman, Mary Zeppa

Participated in: 1993

Clef Divers

The Clef Divers put a fresh, hip spin on contemporary a cappella. Based in San Francisco, our members are an eclectic mix of classically-trained divas, soulful jazz crooners, rock gods, musical theatre nerds, bluegrass fiends, prodigious songwriters, and karaoke queens. We sing everything from popular rock, pop, jazz, and country hits to original songs that showcase our unique talents.

Members: Jason Hunter, Emily Bergen, Maura Geiszler, Eric Huang, Earl Rivard, Steve Medina, David Ojala, Sara Faith Altman

Participated in: 2011


Clockwork is a vocal quartet who sing mostly close-harmony jazz but also our own twists on pop and rock tunes.

Clockwork, an award-winning San Francisco based vocal ensemble with a signature sound and style, performs a banquet of music from funk to gospel and R&B to standards. Rooted in the tradition of great vocal jazz groups such as the Hi-Lo's and Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, the Clockwork "sound" draws inspiration from all styles. As the great Duke Ellington said, "If it sounds good, it is good."

Experienced in both accompanied and a cappella performing, the group has arrangements for duos, trios and an 18-piece big band. Members of Clockwork have performed live with artists such as Bobby McFerrin, The Hi-Lo's , Meredith Monk, Don Shelton, Gene Puerling, Barbara Lewis, Sufjan Stevens, John Zorn, Barbara Morrison, Kent Nagano with the Deutches Symphonie Orchester and the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, The PM Singers, Heatwave, GQ, Barbara Lynn, Richie Cole, M-Pact!, the House Jacks, Boyz Nite Out, InFusion, Vocal Flight, and on Ward Swingle's Instructional video "Swingle Singing."

Members: John Paddock, Angie Doctor, Jim Hale, Stephen Saxon, Eric Freeman

Participated in: 2006 2004 2002

Conrad’s Group

This quartet of aspiring vocal performers met through the Mayflower Inne and composer/pianist Conrad Williams. Coached and accompanied by Conrad while singing his arrangements as well as other original music, the four are appropriately called "Conrad's Group". The group is focusing on exploring new teaching methods and new approaches to rhythmic concepts tailored for individual voices. Other than a wedding or vac, and individual engagements, this is the group's first public appearance.

Members: Pat Burns, Wendy Fontana, Pamela Borne, Donna Rail

Participated in: 1985


A delightfully anachronistic vocal quartet, Constellation sings an eclectic bundle of quirky custom arrangements and classic barbershop tunes. These four dapper gents reach for the stars and travel far -- sometimes literally, often metaphorically -- in search of musical adventure, and revel in sharing the treasures they've unearthed in their three years of singing together. Constellation: A stellar combination.

Members: Mark Torrance, Bill McCain, Allen Takahashi, Jordan Johnson

Participated in: 2015


Continuum is comprised of the oldest and most experienced young men in the Pacific Boychoir Academy. Continuum primarily performs a capella music, ranging from sacred pieces to arrangements of modern pop songs. This season, Continuum sports 9 members and will tour Russia, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania with other parts of the Choir.

Members: Jeremy Davis, Henry Nelson, Jack Lundquist, David Kerns, Christian Ricco, Ian Pitman

Participated in: 2012

Copper Wimmin

Copper Wimmin are three obstreperous young women who set audiences on fire with their brilliant lyrics, haunting voices and fierce harmonies. They create a sacred hurricane of sound which leaves their audiences spellbound and often, in tears. Creating a buzz wherever they go, these vocal amazons have been singing together since they were twelve years old. They have evolved a sound so moving, so pure, that upon hearing them many recall a collective memory in which women sang together in caves and cathedrals before time began.

Copper Wimmin are a sonic epiphany. They weave their voices together so expertly that it is hard to know where one voice ends and the other begins. The combined impact of the arrangements, lyrical content and outrageous stage presence is that of a sublime sledgehammer effortlessly crashing through the door that separates the soulless from the sacred. Also appearing on the Bay Area Regionals stage in 1999, they were also finalists in the Lilith Fair talent search.

Members: Alyx Benham, Sophia Mallie, Tenaya Wallach

Participated in: 2004 2003 1999

Corner Table

Corner Table brings you the elegance and romance of years past with the excitement and energy of the 21st century. We are a mixed vocal quartet specializing in the time-tested songs of the 1930s and 1940s, an era rife with such greats as Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Bing Crosby, Fats Waller, and Louis Armstrong. Corner Table presents this timeless music through the talents of four amazing young Bay Area singers, whose powerful and soulful voices will take your breath away!

Members: Mayank Thanawala, Larry Kass, Jennifer Yax, Janna Mordan

Participated in: 2004

Count Me In

Count Me In is a newly-formed a cappella group based in the South Bay. We perform original pop tunes, as well as fresh arrangements of rock, pop, and soul. The women and men of Count Me In came together as friends in 2015 after singing in various groups around the Bay Area. We hold day jobs that run the gamut-from students to doctors to engineers to professional musicians-but at the end of the day, we have found a unique blend, harmony, and energy singing together. Our songs and arrangements reflect diverse modern styles. The group is excited to debut at the Harmony Sweepstakes in 2015 ... thanks for counting us in!

Members: Chris Pilcher, Carlos MacMillan Fuentes, Mitchell Allen, Will Skaff, Michael Wang, Caroline Klink, Caitlin Hernandez, Sharnee Nichols

Participated in: 2015

Curious Blend

Curious Blend is two guys and two gals who refuse to be limited to one musical orientation. If we like it, we sing it! A Curious Blend performance is like tapas - tasty bites of different musical flavors. Our repertoire spans 12th to 21st centuries, with songs in seven languages. We are known for our tight harmonies, varied musical stylings, smooth blend, and spot-on humor. From Manhattan Transfer to medieval Iceland, from Claude Debussy to Gene Puerling, from an Irish lament to a rollicking parody - it's all part of an evening with Curious Blend!

Members: Mike Pogue, Craig Rosen, Elizabeth Danu, Sara Nebeling

Participated in: 2016 2011 2008

Cyderman’s Fancy

Moving with facility from a capella drinking songs to French-Canadian fiddle tunes: Cyderman's Fancy has performed all over California. Jeni Beilharz sings tenor (believe it or not) and plays Celtic harp, fretted dulcimer and percussion; she is the group's chief researcher and writes most of the vocal arrangements. Jon plays fiddle, mandocello, mandolin and Anglo concertina, and has been known to switch from one to another in the middle of a verse. He sings bass, which is physiologically possible only because everyone else in the group is female! Morgan is living proof of the saying "scratch a folkie and you'll find a rock—and—roller". A veteran rock bass player, she also has extensive background in early and English folk dance music. In addition to electric bass, Morgan plays mandolin, Anglo concertina, guitars and woodwinds, and sings soprano.

Members: Jeni Beilharz, S.R. lnrgan, Jon Berger

Participated in: 1985


Dilemma is a 5-woman vocal band that challenges the traditional female a cappella sound. Their solid harmonies, impressive bass, vocal percussion and stand-out soloists combine to create a distinctive sound that successfully spans musical styles ranging from blues to ballads, disco to R&B, and swing to pop. Dilemma recently released a self-titled debut album. The 13 original and cover tracks on the CD have been well-received by the a cappella community (including a Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA) nomination for Best Pop/Rock Original Song, "Wishing") and have even converted fans who used to think they didn't like a cappella. Dilemma has performed at cafes, stadiums, fairs, private parties and other venues all around the San Francisco Bay Area since 1998.

Members: Rahela Abbas, Christine Chang, Denise Shepherd, Suzanna Smith, Tracey Van Hooser

Participated in: 2002 2001 2000

Dis Moi

'Dis Moi' is a powerfully soulful A Cappella trio of women (Samantha Keller, Tamar Fogel and Heather Houston), who enchant their audiences with songs sung straight from the heart! Their musical repertoire incorporates a wide range of styles from around the globe, as well as inspired originals, with themes of love, hope, healing and unity. 'Dis Moi' means 'tell me' in French, and reflects the members' belief and hope that their music will open people to expressing themselves as they feel called. As a visionary trio, they feel that their calling is to be an integral part of the healing movement of the planet. Their radiance is intoxicating, as they shine their deep love for one another, for their music, and for humanity as a whole; inspiring the crowd to open their hearts to the healing harmonies. Their thought provoking lyrics, and grounded words of wisdom, uplift spirits, stir souls, and inspire movement in consciousness. This is not your typical A Cappella music. Let the harmonies of these lovely women take you on a journey of heart, mind and soul as they weave their voices in a unique tapestry of spirited song.

Members: Samantha Keller, Tamar Fogel, Heather Houston

Participated in: 2006 2005


This quartet of classically trained singers sprung from the San Francisco Symphony chorus to perform at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Novato. Between individual engagements with the Marin, San Francisco and other opera companies, Dolce has appeared at the Faire, private parties and weddings since 1983. At Christmas time they compliment their Renaissance repertoire with traditional carols and Dickens costumes and are in great demandl The current four members of the group have been together since March, and keeping their attention on a polished and tight a capella sound, are beginning to expand into Jazz and other styles of music.

Members: Debbie Hahn, Ava Cudworth, Jim Taylor, Curt Feichtmeir

Participated in: 1985

Dotes Sisters

The delightful “Dotes” feature lots of original, funny tunes as well as some beguiling vocal blends. The Dotes have been seen at Buckley’s Bistro, Big mama’s, The Plush room, Ristorante Vanetsia, and Wolfgang’s. Combining pleasing music and comedic timing, the “dotes” are great entertainers for any occasion!

Members: Annette Altrogge, Stephanie Feyne, Kate O’Neil

Participated in: 1986


The Eclectics, who hail from the Sacramento area, were originally formed in 1997 (as Rogue Mercenary Christmas Carolers for hire). Since, they have expanded their musical styles, encompassing doo-wop, R&B, Motown, and contemporary POP. Their arrangements of classic hits include tight backrounds and vocal percussion. For most of its history, the Eclectics have been a quartet but with the recent addition of a fifth vocalist, they have become the 'World's Largest Quartet',weighing in at just over 1,000 lbs!

Members: David Adams, Lorin Miller, Cindy Shotwell, Guy Pilgrim, Sara Haas

Participated in: 2001


The EDLOS, you might ask? Four guys who sing without instrumental accompaniment... A Cappella. What's with the name? The story they tell is that the name is an acronym for Excessive Decibel Levels from Outer Space and that they're refugees from the planet "A" which circles the star Capella in the constellation Auriga. The story goes on, but let's cut to reality here for a minute. These four classically trained guys; Eric, Larry, Ed, and Craig were destined to take their schooling, talent, and juicy voices into the 21st century, always breaking new ground in their never ending pursuit of A Cappella diversity and originality. Speaking of diversity, the EDLOS have three shows to offer. Their critically acclaimed Popourri Show, which consistently draws standing ovations, is made up of eclectic originals and familiar favorites.

Members: Eric Morris, Bill Davis, Larry Venza, Ed Cohn

Participated in: 1989 1988


Eli is comprised of choir members from Lafayette-Orinda-Presbyterian Church in Lafayette. They were formed 4 years ago to sing for Sunday services, concerts and special church events. They are comfortable singing a variety of genres including jazz, classical, country, and funk.

Members: Beverly Jane Peatross, Lindsay Ford, Julie Ford, Anne Whitelock

Participated in: 2013

Encore Vocalists

Working local venues and events while honing their sound, Encore Vocalists has built their fan base with riveting performances and contemporary songs filled with hooks and memorable phrases. Meeting through mutual connections in choruses and ensembles throughout the SF Bay Area, Encore Vocalists has the talent, experience, and chops to perform. Encore Vocalists is influenced by Kirby Shaw, Deke Sharon, The King's Singers, Roger Wagner Chorale, and The Real Group, plus Bach, Mozart, and Handel.

Members: Dean Christman, Tim Salaver, Nanette Wehe, Kassidy Mayernik, Julie Lorentzen, Eric Hutchinson, Scott Schrader, Arleen Salaver / Vivian Torres

Participated in: 2017


The Euphorics (U4X) are a joyous, energetic a cappella quartet, who, since 1983, have been delighting audiences internationally on radio, television, and concert stages, at schools, festivals, and special events of all kinds. Individually, members of the Euphories are powerful lead singers. Joani Bye (alto), fronts her own band, the Homewreckers, and her voice has graced countless albums (including those of Bon Jovi, David Bowie, INXS, and Cher). Helen Davis (soprano) leads her own jazz quartet and has backed up Doug and She Slugs, and Kathi Hof Donald. Bing Jensen, bass, long-time Vancouver performer, winner of the 1993 CARAS award for best children's album and the West Coast Music Award for Best Children's album in 1998. David Steele, tenor, is a singer songwriter who has worked with numerous internationally recognized artists. Together, they create a rich and soulful blend with a repertoire of top-notch originals and innovative arrangements of covers in a wide variety of styles. The Euphorics celebrate their passion for music with plenty of humor and dynamic audience interaction.

Members: Nathan Aswell, Bing Jensen, Helen Davis, Joani Bye

Participated in: 1999

Fat Chance

Fat chance: Beech wood-aged and cold-filtered for the past six months. Six smooth and mellow members, with that fresh-brewed sound. As good as the originals, but with only half the calories. Works gently overnight. Crunch all you like - we’ll sing louder! Tonight, let it be Fat Chance.

Members: Gina De Luca, Fritz Stewart, Ken Groves, Kevin Quinn, Kyla Kent, Carl Gabrielson

Participated in: 1989


Finess'e is a SF based group formed in November of 1985. Since then they've been delighting audiences statewide in such clubs as the Sweetwater, New George's, Offpaza, Waterloo and Rathskellar's in Las Vegas. Their range of music is unlimited (R&B, gospel, jazz and classical) which makes them available for any and all occasions. Special award winners in Harmony Sweeps '87, they have recorded in Las Vegas and worked with Maxine Howard.

Members: Greg McDowell, Bill Hopkins, Terry Baxter, Don Dorsey, Jimmy "Jam" Smith

Participated in: 1988 1987

The Five Spots

The Five Spots started singing together in 1986 and since have been enjoying wonderful singing opportunities around the bay area.

Members: Matt Callahan, Brian Dyer, Jeffrey Phillips, Paul Mackey, Bill Boyd

Participated in: 1990 1988

The Flips

In the pantheon of a cappella, The Flips are considered amongst the vanguard of groups that emerged during a cappella's "new wave" in the mid-1980's, paving the way for a cappella's current popularity. Founded by Kevin Carter, Patti Lesser, Kirk Livingston and Shanna Strassberg in 1984, while studying musical theater at San Francisco State University, the group honed their vocal talents singing at keg parties, in stairwells, back alleys... pretty much anywhere anyone would listen. Their unique alchemy of demented humor and gorgeous harmonies quickly turned them into the darlings of the San Francisco/Bay Area and Los Angeles comedy and cabaret scenes.

Members: Kirk Livingston, Patti Lesser, Shanna Strassberg, Kevin Carter

Participated in: 1986

Flying Without Instruments

Flying Without Instruments, also known as FWI (pronounced "fwee"), a quirky and versatile ensemble, is now in its 18th year. FWI mounts its own concerts in San Francisco and the East Bay and has also sung at private parties, weddings, halfway houses, and religious services, and has performed twice in the regional Harmony Sweeps competition. FWI's repertoire ranges from the ridiculous to the sublime, from the elegant to the uproarious. According to the non-profit group Bread & Roses, FWI's shows are "well-paced, moving nimbly from the sacred to the profane, keeping it interesting and entertaining every step of the way."

Members: Stacey Oziel, Melissa Leventon, Cynthia Lohr, Caia Brookes, Greg Campbell, Greg Tinfow, Charles Seagrave, Gareth Loy

Participated in: 2008 2005


Winners of the 1987 Bay Area Regional Audience Favorite award as well as the runners-up to the champs.

Members: Anne Stone, Wayne Dixon, Jacques Pryor, Malathy Krishnamurthy

Participated in: 1988 1987


Current Champions of the Far Western District, barbershop quartet Freestyle are known for not only their great singing but also their zany antics, characterized as "a few fries short of a Happy Meal." Recently named Entertainment Champions at the prestigious Buckeye Invitational, their memorable show is sure to please, and members of the group have appeared on countless stages and milk cartons throughout the land. Tenor Todd Kidder recently gave up his dream of being the first 5 ft. 9 in. center of the NBA, while bass Bruce Morgan is the (Volvo) owner of a (Volvo) dealership in (Volvo) Santa Rosa, but does not use this venue (Volvo) for his own personal (Volvo) gain. Baritone Andy Wallace is an unassuming financial mastermind, collecting paperclips in his spare time. Lead Rich Brunner is the best-looking member of the quartet and his mother really loves him. It’s Freestyle entertainment tonight!

Members: Todd Kidder, Bruce Morgan, Rich Brunner, Andy Wallace

Participated in: 2001 1999 1998

Front Page

The Front Page is a mixed quartet who came down all the way from Seattle to be involved in tonight's program. The group has been together for only ten months and in that time has performed for thousands of people throughout the Northwest. Their crowds at fairs, festivals, middle and high schools, colleges, and theatres all around have enjoyed the exciting and Fun Show of The Front Page. The Group started as friends in highly respected music department of Edmunds Community College in Seattle. There, all four sang in the nationally known jazz group, Soundsation. Their music reflects on every generation, from The Coasters, Under The Boardwalk, to 94's hot group Green Day.

Members: Jeremy Anglin, Jim Castaneda, Niki Vaughan, Jake Moulton

Participated in: 1995

Full House

Full House was formed in 1991 and consists of five active vocal group singers with a wide range of musical interests. The group's sound features the use of five and six part harmonies as much as possible, and the use of jazz oriented syncopations. The rich sound of the group is due largely to the fact that we have five in our quartet.

Members: Rob Bell, T. Jack Foster III, Gene Groen, Alex Hargrave, Jack Rogers

Participated in: 1992 1990

Full Swing

Full Swing is a vocal jazz quartet comprised of two men and two women performing a variety of jazz-influenced material -- standards, doo wop, contemporary, and Latin music. Original arrangements by Robin Lewis give Full Swing a unique style. Their music is at times humorous, at times sophisticated, and always enjoyable. Backed by guitar, bass, and saxophone, Full Swing presents a sound that is well rounded and appeals to a variety of audiences.

Members: Donna Spitzer, Robin Lewis, Bob La Rosa, Laurie Tvedt

Participated in: 1986


"Fwee" is the word we imagined for the sound of the only instrument we use: a pitchpipe! We hail from the true north, strong and "fwee" in Calgary, Canada. And in song, we celebrate that Christ has set us "fwee"!

Members: Reid McLean Wiest, Becky Timmons, Torrance Airhart, Beth McLean Wies

Participated in: 2010

The G-Notes

G-Notes are vocal/recording artist from Cottonwood Ca.. Shaneen(15), Gabriel(17), Lathanyo(19), and Larenzo(21), are a sister and three brothers who began singing together while waiting for electricity to be connected in their rural home town. Having no TV or radio for three weeks, the four began to entertain themselves by singing TV theme songs and jingles. The four began sing in public, and as request for performances increased, the group decided to call themselves G-Notes, the G coming from their last name Garth. G-Notes have performed in many events and venues throughout California, including opening for Bobby Blue Bland, San Jose Sharks All Star Celebration, Festival at The Lake in Oakland to name a few. With their angelic harmony, the group is able to draw from R&B, Jazz, Pop, Be-Bop and Hip-Hop, put a G-Note spin on it and consistently deliver a crowd pleasing performance

Members: Shannon Garth, Gariel Garth, Lathanyo Garth, Larenzo Garth

Participated in: 2001 1996 1994

The Genuine Diamelles

This psychedelic glee club usually plays acoustic instruments, although their frequent club gigs are about one-third a cappella.

Members: Scott Young, Debbie Tennerino, Smelley Kelley, Junglebook

Participated in: 1991 1990 1989

Gimme 5!

Members of Gimme 5! originally met in their younger adulthood in a doowop class. They each went on to perform in various Sacramento based a cappella groups. Four years ago, a member or two of the quintets, TuTone Shoes, Cherry Fizz, Shades of Blue and Sneakers, came together to form the group, Gimme 5!, sharing a love of vocal and unaccompanied harmony. Musical selections span several decades (8) and musical styles range from big band, show tunes and swing to pop, doowop and soft rock. Most recent performances include the holiday program at the State Capitol, Blue Diamond Headquarters and the Naked Lounge Coffee & Tea House (fully clothed).

Members: Holly Johnson, Paul Kewin, Jerry Gibbons, John Wagaman, Mary James

Participated in: 2012

Girls’ Night Out

These three sisters-in-song have dazzled audiences for six years. Perennial favorites at such events as the Sausalito Art Festival, they also appear regularly at the Sweetwater in Mill Valley.

Members: Donna Turner, Maggie Catfish, Carol Joy Harris

Participated in: 1991 1989 1986

Halfway to Midnight

Halfway to Midnight is a co-ed band of musical misfits who, having missed the thrill of the a cappella world and desiring an outlet to strengthen our individual instruments, serendipitously found each other in the midst of the great big beautiful Bay Area and begun gathering weekly to share in the blend of our voices together. Our life stories are as varied as our voices yet we find common ground in our love of instrument-free music-making and we truly hope you like what you hear.

Members: Vivek Saraswat, Gonzalo Alonso, Michael Barrientos, Elana Zizmor, Alicia Flor, Scott Adler, Shanna Bengtson

Participated in: 2019 2018 2016 2014

The Harmonic Convergents

Some thought they died in a bizarre gardening accident. Some thought they were stranded in a Turkish prison. But NO! The Harmonic Convergents are back! No Turkish prison. No accident. Just new outfits, new pets and a new album, "Plugged". You might recognize the Convergents from their appearance on World News Tonight after they won the Star Spangled Banner competition hosted by the Oakland A's in 1992. (Then again, you might not!). The Convergents boast an eclectic mix of material ranging from Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody to Andrew Lloyd Weber's Phantom of the Opera.

Members: Jon Spencer, Suszi Lurie, Hal Brunette, Keith Barlow, Kara Broderick

Participated in: 1994 1992 1990


Hearsay is a Sweet Adeline Quartet. Forming up in the fall of 2012 these four experienced singers all hail from the SF Bay Area and have a knack for upbeat, fun music. Debi Thomas is a Law Office manager, Cheryl McCarthy is a clerk for the Alameda Superior Court, Wendy Gibson is an attorney and Alisa .... she dated a lawyer once! You'd be surprised at the sound these legal eagles can make.

Members: Debi Thomas, Cheryl McCarthy, Alisa Peters, Wendy Gibson

Participated in: 2014

High Seas

High Seas is an 8 member women's jazz group, performs a wide range of jazz at private clubs, parties and benefits around the Bay Area. We also sing on boats!

Members: Nancy Svendsen, Kim Zimmerman, Christina Perozzi, Jamie Collette, Kay Fealock, Janet Mancine, Jackie Pettus

Participated in: 2009


We are HighKey A Cappella, a group of low-key singer friends from the Bay Area. We met through mutual a cappella friends in 2019 to make sweet harmonies and eat good food together, and we're so excited to hit the stage together along with these other talented musicians during our first harmony sweepstakes!

Members: Collins Chung, Brent Arimoto, David Tianyang Xu, Yaqing Xie, Angela Wu

Participated in: 2020

His Juliet

Over 16 years ago, the Norwood (Alisa's maiden name) and Wilber families crossed paths. Growing up in the Church, they were all trained to sing. In 2000, the group cut a CD of Christian devotional songs. Two years later, they stepped it up and cut a second album of songs composed themselves. After that, due to their busy lives, the girls took a seven year break, going in all directions. Knowing a gift from God so great could not be given for nothing, they never stopped dreaming. It was just a matter of time. Summer 2008, the girls sang for a wedding of a very close friend, and by God's grace and perfect timing, His Juliet was officially established. We thank everyone so much for their support in this incredibly exciting journey!

Members: Cara Wilbur, Alisa McVicker, Kelsia Wilbur

Participated in: 2009

Honeybee Trio

Prior to the Honeybee Trio, its three young singers - Karli, Natalie, and Sarahohad heard each other sing at various school talent shows. In October, 2008, the three were asked to work together as a trio for a special performance at a local retirement community. Though there were originally no plans beyond that one performance, it was clear that their combined talents produced something very special. Through serendipity, the Honeybee Trio was born. Two years later, they are going strong and thrilling audiences wherever they go. The girls have had many wonderful opportunities to perform and are looking forward to exploring how far they can go with their singing.

Members: Natalie Angst, Karli Bosler, Torrance Airhart, Sarah McElwain

Participated in: 2011


We are a vocal band based in San Francisco, CA. We perform a high energy mix of mind blowing vocal percussion, booming bass and screaming four-part harmony that is guaranteed to knock you out! We invite you to listen to our song clips, check out our new album, and sign our guestbook. We hope to see you soon at one of our concerts!

We were recently guests on an episode of the Discovery Channel program MythBusters, where we attempted to put out a fire by singing at it. Look for re-airings of the episode entitled Voice Flame Extinguisher on the Discovery Channel.

Members: Paul Anderson, Jon Pilat, George Hoffman, Mayank Thanawala

Participated in: 2002 2001

House Blend

HouseBlend is an a cappella male quartet performing its own pop, jazz, seasonal, folk, country, gospel and other assorted musical genres. The members of the group met through the music ministry at Concord United Methodist Church. As they sang together, they realized something special was developing. In 1998, HouseBlend was born. Almost immediately, they were in demand to sing at various occasions in the area. Their repertoire expanded with each performance, their style emerged and their sleek presentation unfolded.

Members: Doug Emigh, Bill DeGarmo, Jim McGuire, Kent Parr

Participated in: 2012 2009 2007 2006 2005

House Jacks

The House Jacks of San Francisco are the original rock band without instruments. Using nothing more than their five voices (and mouths), they deliver everything from blistering funk to screaming rock to heart-melting ballads for their ever-growing legions of fans.

These pioneering musicians have performed over 1,000 shows and have shared the stage with some of the biggest names in music, having performed for live crowds of 100,000+, with appearances on at least 3 continents each year.

They can be heard on movie soundtracks and their jingles for everything from radio stations to theme parks have been heard (and seen) by millions around the world. The House Jacks of San Francisco are the original rock band without instruments. Using nothing more than their five voices (and mouths), they deliver everything from blistering funk to screaming rock to heart-melting ballads for their ever-growing legions of fans.

Members: Tristan Bishop, Andrew Chaikin, Marty Mahoney, Bert Okpokwasili, Robert Penn, Deke Sharon

Participated in: 1992

The Irrationals

Intimate, witty and intelligent songsters, the award-winning Irrationals, are an a cappella ensemble acclaimed for their rich, complex vocal style. The delicious blending of their voices has been described as "cafe mocha for the ears." Singing together for almost twelve years, this six-member, Berkeley-based group is praised for its harmonic excellence and diverse repertoire. The Irrationals often perform songs about the unpredictable. They are dazzled by the irrationality of love, awed by the intuitive nature of life and intrigued by things that don't make sense.

The Irrationals' sound has an African American foundation that is used to explore pop, R&B, jazz, folk and rock. A core blend of three soulful women enhanced by bass, tenor and percussive vocal elements creates an exquisitely layered melodic mix. Whether it's Stevie Wonder with a rap twist, Annie Lennox, Talking Heads, the Neville Brothers or a romantic folk song, the Irrationals are playful, distinctive and sometimes irreverent.

Members: Gwen McElwee, Renee Hayes, Sam Rogers, Tim Lukaszewski, Jeff Pettit

Participated in: 2009 2003 2002 1993 1991

Jazz @ 8

We are a 16 piece vocal group made up of 9th - 12th graders. We sing Vocal Jazz (Songs by New York Voices, Kerry Marsh, Duke Ellington and many more. We have received high awards at Folsom Jazz Festival, Santa Cruz Jazz Festival and Reno Jazz Festival.

Members: Katie Maxson, Sop. 1, Kara Tangenberg, Sop. 1, Sziszi Hites, Sop. 2, Lauren Brasesco, Sop. 2, Gianna tippett, Alto , Haley Weeks, Alto, Julie Torres, Alto, Forrest Marion, Ten., Izak Barnett, Ten., Caleb Britt, Ten./Bari., Zion Johnson, Bari./Bass, Isaac Self, Bass

Participated in: 2018

Just Friends

Just Friends- a jazz octet based in San Jose, CA - 1981-1986 - playing jazz and some Motown classics in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Darryl Rowe has been a presence in the San Francisco Bay Area Jazz scene for two decades. In 1992 the "Darryl Rowe Trio" was featured at the Monterrey Jazz Festival. He has appeared at Keystone Korner, The De Anza Hotel, Yoshi's, and the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. He has worked with Woody Herman, Dexter Gordon, Sergio Mendez, Bobby McFerrin, and Patrice Rushen.

Members: Darryl Rowe (Bass), Peggie Calame (Alto), Laura Rosvold (Soprano), Loren Dummett (Tenor)

Participated in: 1985

Kinsey Sicks

With a phenomenal performance record that includes an Off-Broadway show, an extended run in Vegas, two feature films, seven albums and appearances throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia, the Kinsey Sicks hardly need an introduction. For over 16 years America's Favorite Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet has served up a feast of music and comedy to audiences at performing arts centers, music venues and comedy festivals in every kind of town you can imagine, in over 40 states! Their award-winning a cappella singing, sharp satire and over-the-top drag have earned the Kinsey Sicks a diverse and devoted following.

Members: Chris Dilley (aka Trampolina), Irwin Keller (aka Winnie)), Maurice Kelly (aka Trixie), Ben Schatz (aka Rachel)

Participated in: 2001 1999

La Di Da

La Di Da, formed about 5 years ago, seeks to bridge the gap between traditional barbershop and modern a cappella singing through a range of standards, jazz, doo wop and contemporary music. Our aim is to appeal to the widest possible audience with the recognizable and the new, presented in close harmony to the highest musical standards.

Members: Diane Copp, Rose Jensen, Mary Martin, Lucy Williams

Participated in: 2016

The Larkdales

We explore and perform a cappella vocal music that broadly could be called "Americana", including genres such as bluegrass, bluegrass gospel, spirituals, country and more. We are drawn to music that has heart and soul and joy and humor and look forward to sharing it with you soon.

Members: Lark Coryell, Dale Engle, Mark Shepherd

Participated in: 2017

Levels of Vocal Expression (L.o.V.E.)

This 5-person Bay Area vocal band culminates their individual influences of jazz, funk, gospel, and electronica to create an eclectic, powerhouse pop a cappella sound and ultimately, spread love and positivity through their music.

Members: Carla Renee, Selena Soberal, Christian Baltazar, Alex Wolf, Martin Lejano

Participated in: 2020 2018


Aristically based on the sound harmonic principles of Psychoacoustics and Cymatics, “Life” is the intricate weaving of delicate harmonies balanced with interpretive nuances of each individual xperience woven together as one voice. “Life” spans an acoustice spectrum from Classical to Gregorian, rhythmic World Beats to New Age etherial, Gospel to Jazz, providing a unique interactive listening experience. Their fluid, non-static and in the moment improvisational style reflects a dance of haunting intricate harmnies that engages the audience at a deep level. This unique inspiration comes from the interaction with heart, surroundings, sounds and feelings of each member and the climate of the audience they are embracing. Their focus is to express a spontaneous vocalization, capturing the life experience of the moment with their wide range of tones, rhythms and harmonic vocal effects. They also combine their musicality with visual images kaleidescopically projected matching their vocals to spontaneous imagery of color and light.

Members: Theo Olson, Reta Phillips, Steve LaBue

Participated in: 2006

Lighthouse Octet

The Lighthouse Octet is an off-shoot of the Lighthouse Singers gospel choir. The choir is best known throughout the Bay Area for their spirited presentation of contemporary black gospel music and their community service. This year they were awarded the Best Community Choir as well as Best Performance of the Evening at the Bay Area Gospel Academy Awards. The Lighthouse Singers made an outstanding appearance at last years’ Gospel Music Workshop of America in Atlanta, GA, receiving national acclaim and network news coverage.

Members: Carolyn Gauthier, Christina Rosenbaum, Bill Bramblett, Chuck Tuminia, Lynn Ray, Cathy Less, Michael Morf, Jack Reed

Participated in: 1985

Loose Interpretations San Francisco

We've been performing all over the Bay Area since 2004. We mostly sing original arrangements of pop covers, though our repertoire spans several decades and musical genres, including songs by: Gershwin, Annie Lennox, Simon & Garfunkel, Madonna, Stevie Wonder, The Postal Service, and even a little Bon Jovi. (Yep, Bon Jovi. May he forgive us.) We currently have 13 active members.

Members: Morgan Muir, Rachel Fiske, Karyne Levy, Rosemarie Kizeik, Sara Maamouri, Bineti Vitta, Jenna Weiner, Susan Kimberlin

Participated in: 2014

Love Notes Quartet

LoveNotes competed in Harmony Sweepstakes a cappella competition in 2009 at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco where they won 1st place and also received the award for Best Original Arrangement for Bohemian Rhapsody. They went on to compete at the Harmony Sweepstakes Nationals where they placed 2nd while also winning the Audience Favorite award.

n the Fall of 2013 LoveNotes was crowned the 2014 International Quartet Champion 'Queens of Harmony' at the Sweet Adelines International Quartet Competition in Honolulu, Hawaii. They were also chosen as winners of the Celebrity Award by Neyla Pekarek of The Lumineers. LoveNotes has had the opportunity to perform all over the world and they have also released 5 CDs

Members: Brittany Gilmore, Mia Dessenberger, Caitlin Smith, Stephanie Lawson

Participated in: 2009

Love Notes SF

The Love Notes is a co-ed a cappella group based in San Francisco. We sing love songs, anti-love songs, and everything in between. We can be found singing spontaneously in coffee shops in Santa Cruz, harmonizing in car rides, belting it out at karaoke, or of course practicing at our weekly rehearsals. We are thrilled to be a part of the amazing a cappella community in the Bay Area, and are so grateful to be able to share music with each other and the public.

Members: Shira Helft, Samantha Berg, Michelle "Meesh" Zhang, Eliza Duggan, Priya Vijaykumar, Teresa Andrade, Nicholas Park, Brian Lan, Doug Pernik, Aditya Nag, Daniel Lenders

Participated in: 2020

Lucky Pitches

Lucky Pitches is a barbershop quartet. Three of us met singing in San Francisco Sound Wave Chorus, a Sweet Adelines Chorus. Our fourth member Molly is an honorary SFSW member by blood (Kelly's Sister). We've been singing together in this configuration since July of 2017. We are all fairly new to barbershop, but we have all loved singing since we were little girls.

Members: Dana Manochi, Dawn Bickett, Kelly Sopher, Molly Sopher

Participated in: 2019

Lullabies and Honey

Lullabies and Honey is a Bay Area vocal quartet spontaneously created in 2019 out of a love of harmonizing and performing meaningful music. They draw from a wide swath musical experience from classical piano and violin to modern collegiate a cappella and glee clubs, bringing together an eclectic mix of genres mashed up in their whimsical, soulful, and beautiful arrangements.

Members: Hahns Shin, Wenley Tong, Selina Sun, Michael Khor

Participated in: 2020

Mary Schmary

Mary Schmary are like a group of irrepressible friends: they are zany, infectious, and full of energy, and sometimes they drive you up the wall.

Hidden Agenda Items is an album that puns twill and tuille, sings about Babar the Elephant and parodies Peter, Paul and Mary by singing If I Had a Hamster. It combines moments of sweet music and true originality (Bug Girl) with an overdose of vocal takes, laughing-in-the-studio tracks and almost funny riffs. I bet they were funny if you were there, or part of a good-natured, drunken late-night collective. But before midnight, sober listeners end up missing out.

Members: Cynsa Bonorris, Myriam Casimir, Marie DesJardins, Michelle Long

Participated in: 1998 1997 1996 1994


For over three years, the a cappella trio Mayim has blended their intricate harmonies at parties, weddings, cafes, university and community events. One review described their "incredibly sweet harmonies, perfectly blended that kept the crowd spellbound." Audiences have been impressed with their unique sound and dynamic energy. Their style of music includes classical, sacred, jazz, contemporary and ethnic. They regularly perform at the Gabriella Café in Santa Cruz and many other invited locations throughout the Bay Area.

Members: Jemila Alldis, Ariel Thiermann, Natalie Bridgeman

Participated in: 1995

Midnight Jazz

Midnight Jazz is an a capella vocal jazz sextet from Milpitas High School in Milpitas, California. The group is made up of members of MHS's award-winning Glee Club, Encore! The group was formed in November 2014 out of a desire to sing tight a capella harmonies at a very high level. They are mentored and coached by Prime Time's Dan McQuigg, and hope to continue to be a young a capella force in the Bay Area for many years to come! Midnight Jazz is excited to be competing for their first time in Harmony Sweeps!

Members: Aly Bennett, Ca-Zao Bui, Ruth Park, Devin Ralph, Tin Nguyen, Alex Driggers

Participated in: 2015

Mighty Men of Faith

From the San Francisco Bay Area, Gospel Recording Artist Mighty Men of Faith ministers with energized anointing. They encourage an authentic atmosphere of worship on stage and their trademark sound, personal warmth and musical diligence leaves you eager for more. Embodying the love of God, their shows are heartfelt and soul stirring from the first note.

Their debut album "Because He Loves Me" and "Live at the Cubberley Theater" began a standard of encouraging and empowering people through song. Then "Nothing But Grace" and "Believe in His Promises" embarks on a Neo-Gospel sound with the timeless message that not only does Jesus save but that He'll be with you through your life's situations.

Members: Wendell Basey, Rev. Ed. Harris, Richard Hayes II, Vincente Mozell, Nicholas Baylis, Buffalo

Participated in: 2013

Moe Cappella

Moe Cappella has never met a style of music they can't take the instruments out of. From pop to classical, jazz to reggae, tear-jerking ballad to high-energy rocker, Moe Cappella does it all - or at least some of it. At festivals, coffee houses and private parties, the band has been delighting audiences of all ages since 1995 with an eclectic blend of familiar - and a few not so familiar-tunes in a contemporary a cappella style. As arrangers, they put their unique signature on each song they perform (and they fight a lot over who gets to sing the melody). Their goal is to bring peace and harmony to the world.

Participated in: 1999

Mood Swing

Moodswing is the newest configuration of some of the Bay Area's most moody jazz singers. Sweeps award winners and +4db founders Dave Duran and Juliet Green have put aside their differences to team up with mercurial couple Paul and Julie Ford of the Renaissance-Jazz sextet Without Measure. They have sung together, in brief stints in such groups as InFusion, Vocal Flight, Vocal Underground, Oarkland Jazz Choir, Siemens Microelectronics Stealth Band, and on Ward Swingle's Instructional video "Swingle Singing." Combined, Moodswing brings almost 20 years of community college vocal jazz experience to each performance. Photos, mp3s, and anger management techniques are available at

Members: Dave Duran, Julie Ford, Paul Ford, Juliet Green

Participated in: 2005


Moosebutter is a four-man comedy a cappella group. They have won awards from the Contemporary A Cappella Society(Best Comedy Song, 2004), The Harmony Sweepstakes (2003 International Finals runners-up), had their music included on compilation albums (Doctor Demento Basement Tapes 2005, Sing II 2005) and played live shows in front of audiences around the United States. Their tight harmony and eclectic humor have charmed audiences through two albums and countless live performances.

To handle all the performance requests they receive, moosebutter has several casts of performers. They perform with three, four, or five singers, depending on the show, and have done just about every kind of show you can imagine (Punk rock show? Check. National television? Check. Wedding reception? Check.).

Members: Tim Y. Jones, Glen Sawyer, Weston Wride, Chris Harris

Participated in: 2003


Musaic's mission is to share beautiful men's a cappella singing with our Bay Area community. Our music is rooted in classical choral traditions, through a repertoire of many genres and languages. The members of Musaic are passionate about men's ensemble singing, and enjoy the artistic balance and musical fellowship it brings to our lives. Musaic was founded in 2000 as a few friends gathering to sing for our own pleasure. We took the name Musaic to represent a mosaic of song and voice. Since then we have performed over 100 concerts and produced five recordings.

Members: Tom Bailey, Christophe Hery, Rich Perlstein, Arie Perry, Chris Pilcher, Andy Rice, Matthew Schermerhorn

Participated in: 2017 2009

Na Leo Nahenahe

Na Leo Nahenahe (Sweet Voices) is a primarily a cappella group with the purpose to promote and preserve Hawaiian language, culture and song through choral music. Founded in 1999, Na Leo Nahenahe has been under the direction of Leolani Grace Renaud since 2008. The singers performing for the Harmony Sweepstakes Festival are a selection from the larger chorus, whose members span many generations, ethnicities, and choral experience levels. The music covers a broad spectrum, mostly in Hawaiian, from classic standards of the Lili'uokalani era to more contemporary works.

Members: Greg Suzukawa, Eddie Mendiola, Tom Herz, Tama Blough, Saralie Pennington, Dale Hopkins, Grace Renaud

Participated in: 2011


The Newyorkettes are the all female a Cappella Beauty-Shop Quartet", singing songs from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. They have been paying tribute to The Andrews Sisters, The Shangri-las, and The Ronnettes since the group was formed in 2005. Complete with a vintage look and choreography, they have performed in countless clubs and private parties in NY City, including Times Squre Studios for Walt Disney's Annual Awards Ceremenoy. They were invited to perform the pre-game show for Military Appreciation Day for the The New York Mets at Shea Stadium last July. They are very excited to perform at this year's Harmony Sweepstakes!

Members: Anita Reyes, Karina Salcedo, Clarissa Salcedo, Ayesha Rosena Anna McGowen

Participated in: 2016


O-Face! started on a cold fateful day in October of 2001, when a couple of veterans of Bay Area musical groups grew tired of lugging heavy equipment to innumerable gigs. The 4 members of O-Face! come from a variety of non-musical backgrounds: a lawyer, a photographer, a packaging designer and a database geek. What they lack in formal training they make up for in unbridled enthusiasm. Caution: fans in the first 5 rows may get drenched in unbridled enthusiasm, and everyone runs the risk of getting at least a little joi de vivre on them (don't say we didn't warn you). Since then, O-Face! has brought their vocal mayhem to festivals, charity events, and venues of just about every kind around Northern California. O-Face! is excited to appear at the Harmony Sweepstakes again with a veritable cornu... corny... cordoba... PLETHORA of new music. Remember, while other a cappella groups may smear cosmetics on helpless bunnies, O-Face! does not test its finished product on animals.,

Members: Nate Austin, Mike Borchers, Deb Westergaard, Rob Westergaard

Participated in: 2007 2005 2004


Is approximately one sixth of the Occidental Community Choir. "We like to think of ourselves as the "cute" sixth." The choir writes and performs its own music (a new concert each year) which provides Occipella with lots of material.

Members: Marcy Telles, Carol Frick, Connie Coleman, Colgy Glover, Ron Mortimore, Elliot Simon

Participated in: 1993

Offbook A Cappella

Step 1) Get the music. 2) Learn your part. 3) Try to be Offbook! Offbook is a new a cappella group based in the Bay Area. This 10-person singing collective started when a contingent of Facebook employees, who share a love of making music with their mouths, wanted to continue their passion for singing outside the office. Offbook sings a wide variety of music from top 40 hits to classic rock, pop, and more. Despite being new on the scene, they are determined to make a name for themselves. OffBook is excited to share their love for music to all ears!

Members: Lia Jundt, Abby Bechstein, Shruti Subramanian, Janelle Tong, Addy Mendoza, Daniel Gomez, Daniel Cavero, Keenan Monks, Evan Smith, Walker Eacho

Participated in: 2020

On Q

Entertaining the Bay Area since 1992, On Q sings all kinds of popular music arranged in the barbershop style. As musical leaders of Petaluma's 125-member Pacific Empire Chorus, Sweet Adeline's Debi Thomas (tenor), Leah Brooks (lead), Donna Spitzer (baritone) and Barbara Harp (bass) enjoy the thrill of ringing chords many nights per week!

Members: Debi Thomas, Leah Brooks, Donna Spitzer, Barbara Harp

Participated in: 1997 1995

One of Each

One of Each ..what??? Hairstyle? Political attachment? Favorite soft drink? Nothing so deep. 'One of Each' represents our individual tastes in underwear: boxers, briefs, panties or commando. We believe that variety in intimate apparel can be the cornerstone of an a cappella group. We've performed in various Bay Area venues, ranging from the Herbst Theater to Espresso Gardern to the Gaslighter Theater to Lisa's living room. Most recently One of Each could be heard on the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento show with our instrument wielding friends of Pledge Drive. In short - One of Each is an a cappella band with an unhealthy love for our audiences. Hold us.

Members: Scott Adler, David Bender, Lisa Gallien, David Taylor

Participated in: 2006

One Of Each

...what??? Hairstyle? Political attachment? Favorite soft drink? Nothing so deep. 'One of Each' represents our individual tastes in underwear: boxers, briefs, panties or commando. We believe that variety in intimate apparel can be the cornerstone of an a cappella group. We've performed recently in various Bay Area venues, from the San Francisco Cabaret competition to pharmaceutical company Christmas parties to workshops for local children's choirs. Not to be confused with the identically named (and virtually unknown) rock band from Portland, the One of Each you'll hear tonight is an a cappella band with an unhealthy love for our audiences. Hold us.

Members: Scott Adler, David Bender, Lisa Gallien, David Taylor

Participated in: 2004

One of Each

Four microphones. Three men (Two Balding). One woman (Not balding). One of Each, formed in July 2002, has been performing in coffee shops and bus shelters, spitting on and occasionally entertaining audiences around the Bay Area. Originally born Oswald Giraffe, One of Each cocooned, pupated, and emerged a terrifying creature of tremendous power and girth...emerged a force for truth and justice...emerged blinking in the harsh stage lights. Dubbed “pretty good” by a nameless, drunk local critic, One Of Each seems poised to take on the a cappella world.

Members: Scott Adler, David Bender, Lisa Gallien, David Taylor

Participated in: 2003

Only Human

Less than a year ago, 7 of the finest female singers from colleges around the country converged in the Bay Area to form "Only Human". OH performs a variety of popular music from the 60's to the 90's an are proud of their eclectic and diverse repertoire.

Members: Katy Santen, Shana Levy, Ruthanne Larsen, Denise Allen, Jennifer Dickinson, Lisa Robatzek

Participated in: 1993

Out On A Clef

Out On A Clef is a San Francisco Bay Area lesbian vocal quartet that has been entertaining Northern California audiences since 1997 with a variety of styles including swing, barbershop, and jazz. Savvy baby boomers with attitude, they are known for a blend of polished, tight harmonies performed in a unique and whimsical way. They often "de-range" their original and standard tunes, with humorous and twisted lyrics that poke fun at convention and at themselves, as well as conveying socially progressive messages. The group has a commitment to contribute to such community efforts as raising funds for AIDS services, assisting women with cancer, and in demonstrating validation and pride for people of all sexual identities.

Members: Emily Brooks, Pat Cull, Kris Gannon, Janet Rachel

Participated in: 2007

Paradox A Cappella

Created by Circle of Life Theatre, Paradox A Cappella is a professional, San Francisco-based pop-rock vocal band of singers, both with and without disabilities, making music with just our voices and no other musical instruments. Why the name "Paradox," you ask? It's because... this shouldn't work, and yet it does. There exists no other vocal band anywhere in the world made of singers with and without disabilities, of such diverse ethnicity, with an age range from 20's to 50's, AND who get along so harmoniously and who make music as well as we do. Period.

WE DO NOT CAST DISABILITY; WE CAST TALENT, but we recognize and accommodate every "dis" (disability, disorder, disease) in any degree, so if an incredibly talented, solo-worthy singer has any "dis" in any degree... we will go to any length and do whatever it takes or costs to include that singer in our band. Currently, members of our band live with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Chronic Migraines, Glaucoma-Blindness, Severe Physical Injury, Spinal Fusion, Anxiety, Depression, Alopecia, and Skin Cancer. And yet, we can sing. We sing our hearts out! And... WE. WILL. ROCK. YOU.

Members: Fritz Lambandrake, Cliff Reilly, Nisha Cory Anand, Maria Morlino, Cephra Stuart, Heather O'Brien, Raquela, Grace Renaud

Participated in: 2015


Over the years, jazz has seen its share of talented vocal groups --New York Voices, Lambert, Hendricks & Ross, Andy Bey & the Bey Sisters, and Beachfront Property are among the names that immediately come to mind. All of those groups had two-gender formats, and rarely do you find a jazz-oriented vocal outfit with an all-female lineup; Pastiche is such a rarity. Consisting of singers Jenny Meltzer, Sandy Cressman, and Becky West, the female trio brings a jazz foundation to this self-titled debut album. But having a jazz foundation doesn't necessarily mean being a jazz purist or a jazz snob, and Pastiche is an appropriate name for the Bay Area threesome because Meltzer, Cressman, and West obviously have a variety of influences -- not only jazz vocal outfits like Lambert, Hendricks & Ross and New York Voices, but also everything from soul and pop to Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, and Caribbean music. Stevie Wonder has influenced some of the writing, and so has the Manhattan Transfer.

Members: Sandy Cressman, Becky West, Jenny Meltzer

Participated in: 1987


PDQ is a 4-part a cappella group that enjoys singing in the barbershop style. We sing jazz, pop, Americana, comedy, traditional barbershop, gospel and anything else. Basically, if you want to hear it, we'd love to sing it! We are the current 2009 Region 12 Fifth Place Medalist Quartet

Members: Karrie Colette, Leah Brooks, Kathy Hebert, Laura Conners

Participated in: 2011 2010

Phyl n the Blanks

Six women from the rural Lost Coast of California who have been friends and neighbors for 15 years. They began singing together in 1987 to express their political and environmental concerns.

Members: Becka Sheranian, Dawn Champie, Sheila Hahn, Stephanie Lusak, Sandy Tilles, Nadine Capdelaine

Participated in: 1990

Pinay Divas

Formed in May of 1993 by Maylene Briones, Irma de los Santos, Angelica Abiog and Jocelyn Enriquez with the original intent of performing for a U.C. Berkeley campus organization, the four vocalists realized their music was an essential part of their lives, and they decided they would continue to sing together…as the Pinay Divas. Now, Maylene, Irma, Angelica and the newest member, Loredie Reyes are ther Pinay Divas. With their message of peace and cultural pride, the Pinay Divas will use their artistic talent to gain visibility for talented Asian musicians and give voice to Filipina women. Because of the important role education and community service has played in their lives, they hope to serve as positive models for youth.

Members: Angelica Abiog, Maylene Briones, Irma de los Santos, Loredie Reyes

Participated in: 1995

Pisarzzyk, Grisman and Schweig

This trio has performed together, mainly in the West Marin area, over the past six years. Their repertoire ranges from Mountain Spirituals to 40‘s Swing, and features original songs by Harmony Grisman.

Members: Carole Pisarczyk, Harmony Grisma, Tara Schweig

Participated in: 1985

Plumbers of Rome

While serving as court musicians/crepe chefs at the court of Charles VII in the 13th century (they were not allowed to serve as the Royal Plumbers, since plumbing was at that time considered to be a form of witchcraft) the Plumbers of Rome invented a device to hurl food and concert T-shirts into the starving peasant section of the King's Concert Hall. Adapted for military use, and named the Trebuchet, this modest invention lead the French army to many victories, as well as adding to the festive atmosphere of French wedding receptions and modern day Renaissance Festivals. While history has all but forgotten the inventors of the Trebuchet, the Plumbers are commemorated in the traditional French carol ballade de l'arme romaine aim'e de plombier.

Members: Randy Jackson, Ron Gilgamesh, Ernie Stuckowitz

Participated in: 2009


PMS has been pleasing audiences with a special blend of harmony since 1985 when they took their music skills out of the San Francisco Symphony Chorus and into the Jazz and contemporary music scene. The group as international fans after two European tours, which included the Music Festival in West Berlin and the International Jazz Vocal Festival in Crest France. PMS has also been invited to the renowned Edinburgh Festival in Scotland and has played the major clubs of Paris and Berlin along such accomplished jazz figures as Bob Dorough and Elisabeth Caumont. When not traveling, you can catch them at Kimball's, The Great American Music Hall, Wolfgang's, the Chi-Chi Club, Roland's and other Bay Area locations.

Members: Pat Bregant, Mary Lambert, Sandy Noltimier

Participated in: 1991

Press Any Key

Press Any Key is a mixed a cappella sextet based in Emeryville, California, a suburb of San Francisco. They specialize in performing original songs and arrangements written by their members. Diverse audiences around the Bay have enjoyed the group's performances in many public and private venues. Press Any Key has performed in the San Francisco Regional Harmony Sweepstakes, the East Bay Pride Festival, and A Cappella Against Aids V. They were founded in 1995 by the brother-sister team of Paul & Barbara Sinasohn. The group has gained fans among both a cappella aficionados and first-time listeners.

Participated in: 1999

Prime Time

The members of Prime Time met through singing with other groups. They recognized they had kindred voices, natural blend, and the same desire to sing challenging, tightly harmonized charts - and also the inclination to laugh a LOT while working hard. Their backgrounds range from vocal jazz to collegiate-style a cappella pop to barbershop, with those influences all audible simultaneously in most of their performances. A literal garage band, Prime Time rehearses in Sunnyvale, CA, and performs all over the Bay Area.

Members: Caia Brookes, Miya Kanzaki, John Kelley, Dan McQuigg, Colleen Mahal, Jon Pilat, John Rae-Grant

Participated in: 2017 2014 2013


Formed in the fall of 2012, Quintessence is a group of young, passionate singers with a soulful sound and innovative arrangements. Covering every genre from K-Pop to funk, these five performers are struggling to fill out the 50-word requirement of this form. Quoth Wikipedia: "In physics, quintessence is a hypothetical form of dark energy postulated as an explanation of observations of an accelerating universe. It has been proposed by some physicists to be a fifth fundamental force. It is suggested that quintessence can be either attractive or repulsive depending on the ratio of kinetic to potential energy in the universe. Specifically, it is thought that quintessence became repulsive about 10 billion years ago (the universe is approximately 13.7 billion years old).

Members: Bakari Holmes, Danny Olefsky, Cassie Greene, Tina Query, Ryan Cook

Participated in: 2013

Quintessence (1993)

The spectrum of their musical style emerges from an unlikely meeting of diverse backgrounds. The five met in school at UC Berkeley where they each pursued different musical interests ranging from opera to jazz, from rock to chamber music. Accordingly, Quintessence creates arrangements that invite the ear to explore the vocal colors and nuances unique to this combo of influences. Their large repertoire, extending from French impressionism to "grundge-appella", grants them the unique ability to appeal to a broad range of tastes and audiences.

Members: John Bennett, Neal Cruz, Eric Freeman, Anthony Hale, Tako Oda

Participated in: 1993

The Quintuplets

Sprung from the loins of parents residing on Three-Mile Island, the Quintuplets have garnered a multitude of glowing reviews. Their explosive performances melt down hearts where ever they appear. Indeed, enthusiasm for the “Quints” has mushroomed since ; they emerged harmonizing from the fallout shelter. You won’t duck and cover when you hear these voices!

Members: Renee Homes, Kerrigan Black, Shelly Higgins, Matt Skinner, Susan Streitwieser

Participated in: 1989

Radio Silence

Radio Silence is a group of 4 men and 2 women committed to innovation in a cappella music. The singers each began their a cappella careers in college a cappella groups: the Stanford Harmonics, the Cornell Key Elements, and the Cornell Class Notes and have continued singing in various vocal bands and local musical productions ever since. The members of Radio Silence have shared the stage with Kool and the Gang, Rockapella, the Nylons, M-Pact, the House Jacks, Vienna Teng, and Tower of Power. Their creative brand of a cappella music combines imaginative arrangements with driving vocal percussion and powerful vocals. 

Members: Jon Pilat, Mayank Thanawala, George Hoffman, Ben Cunningham, Julia Berkley, Fiona Lawson

Participated in: 2010

Ready, Willing and Mabel

This Los Angeles-based vocal jazz group has been singing together since 2003, and has developed a loyal and enthusiastic following for its unique A Cappella style and lively personality. The group's sound has been described as "compelling," "mesmerizing," and "a cocktail for the ears!" The foursome, who describe themselves as "self-confessed chord freaks", share a passion for "dangerously close harmonies" and "songs that can melt the heart!" A powerful combination indeed!

The Group Members: Caroline McLean, the group's lead singer, hails from Leeds, England.Kate Walker, alto, originates from beautiful Christchurch, New Zealand.Peter Neushul, tenor, is a native Los Angelino (claiming to be a descendent of Attila the Hun!). Jim Campbell, bass, has been singing professionally since 1991 when he moved to Los Angeles from Louisville, KY.

Members: Caroline McLean, Kate Walker, Peter Neushul, Dave Taylor, Robert Clark

Participated in: 2005 2004 2000


Redshift is a 7 member vocal group based in the Bay Area, California. We've been entertaining people for ten years with a wide repertoire, featuring everything from alternative rock to Weird Al. We sing at various public and private events throughout the Bay Area, at schools, bookstores, coffee shops, and community centers.

Members: Anne Stern, Brian Heffner, Fraser Tan, Grant Hughes, Liz Brimhall, Stephen Nelson, Mike Barrientos

Participated in: 2008

The Renovations

The Renovations started as an all-male group bent on singing doo-wop. But the original members quickly (after the first rehearsal) amended the group’s bylaws in order to admit singing of all genders.

Members: Lauren Alexander, Daniel Chaddock, Catherine LeBlank, Tim Lukaszewski, Michael Owrn, Chris Sanborn

Participated in: 1990

The Richter Scales

The Richter Scales are a bevy of gentlemen songsters, all residents of the San Francisco Bay Area. They perform selections from a wide variety of genres, including American standards, Broadway, Motown, and contemporary music..

Formed originally as a band of semi-organized scavengers in the wreckage of the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, the "Richter Scabs" (as they were then known) didn't actually "sing a cappella" until the Fall of 2000. The intervening period, known as "The Lost Years" by current group members, was filled with raucous enterprises involving menial labor and incarceration. Most of those "tall tales" are, unfortunately, wholly inappropriate for these pages..

Members: Dan McQuigg, Eric Borchers, Mark Casey, Sanjay Kairam, Brian Rosen, Vince Kim, Ephraim Swanson-Dusenbury, Jeff Hirschmann

Participated in: 2013 2008 2004

The Riveters

The Riveters is one of the newest all-female vocal groups to hit the a cappella scene. Based out of Oakland, CA, The Riveters had their live debut last June at SheSings Women's A Cappella Festival and were received with acclaim. In September 2013, The Riveters were nominated for an A Cappella Community Award in the category of "Favorite Newcomer Group" and one of their singers/arrangers, Lisa Forkish, was nominated for "Favorite Arranger." In addition to receiving praise from the a cappella community, U.K. soul artist Laura Mvula shared The Riveters' cover of her song "She" and exclaimed, "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh wow!" Coming from various high school, collegiate and pro groups including 'Til Dawn, Vocal Rush Divisi, Noteworthy, Ro Sham Bo and The Backbeats, this fierce fivesome is armed and ready to bring their fresh, soulful sound into the world. Collectively, members of The Riveters have won a CARA Award for "Best Soloist," lead groups to win the ICCA/ICHSA Finals, competed on The Sing-Off, recorded vocals for Karaoke Revolution and Guitar Hero, and co-founded the Women's A Cappella Association.

Members: Lisa Forkish, Moorea Dickason, Courtney Wofford-Jensen, Sarah Vela, Stevie Greenwell

Participated in: 2014

Ro Sham Bo

Ro Sham Bo brings a surprising and exciting spark to the Bay Area vocal music scene. Ro Sham Bo's roots are steeped in jazz and funk, and their performances deliver an inspired blend of complexity and ease. Most group members are music educators or music educated, arrange, perform, and direct not only for Ro Sham Bo but for groups from San Jose to Black Rock City, and have taught students from Stanford University Jazz Workshop to Jazz Camp West to Blue Bear School of Music.

Members: Bonnie Doyle, Audrey Kauffman, Juliet Green, Jimmy Kraft, Dave Duran, Bakari Holmes

Participated in: 2018 2013 2006 1999


Rockappella is an offshoot of the Marin County Rock & Roll Choir. Rockappellas can be spotted at boulevard stops intently tuned to their tapedecks, singing loudly, with the windows rolled up. Singing together, while a sideline for most of us, is a high priority balance to busy family and professional lives.

Members: Susan Ellis, Andrew Gootnick, Karen Harvey, Gail Howe, Curt Olsen, Robin Poppers, Sara Siegel, Phyllis Van Kranenburgh

Participated in: 1987

Ruby, Duluth & Indigo

Once upon a time there were three girls who all went to the police academy together ... oops, wrong story (that was Charlie’s Angels). Once upon a time (January ‘89) there were three women who got together because they loved to sing, and they soon became known as “ Ruby, Duluth & Indigo” (it’s a long story). With tight harmonies and original arrangements you will hear them sing everything from Cole Porter to Prince. Ruby, Duluth & Indigo have performed at the Plush Room and are currently appearing at the Mason Street Wine Bar in San Francisco.

Members: Sam Ellis, Carla Hatley, Harrye Hayward

Participated in: 1989

Rue Claire

Rue Claire is a close-harmony vocal-trio sisterhood, although only two are related. Mother-daughter combination Susan Miller and Rebecca Rand trade high and middle parts, while Theresa Madeira rounds out the trio as the alto foundation for bluesy-folky selections that range from bluegrass to Appalachian, and from Gershwin to contemporary indie.

We are driven by a common love of beautiful music no matter the genre, and are bound by mutual respect for what each of us uniquely brings to the expression and art. Founded in the Bay Area in 2012 as an a cappella group, we continue to explore our sound and expand our range, adding new arrangements and original songs to our playlist. All the while, a cappella remains at the core of our collective soul and we are humbly excited to bring our passion to the Harmony Sweepstakes.

Members: Susan Miller, Rebecca Rand, Theresa Madeira

Participated in: 2015


'Samsara' is an A Cappella women's trio who unite fierce, extraordinary vocal music with passionate struggles for justice. They strive to connect the music of struggle, freedom and tradition, creating the new generation of the culture of resistance and empowerment. 'Samsara's' repertoire ranges from traditional folksongs, sea songs, worksongs and spirituals with new arrangements, to original music on current issues, all with tight, searing, dissonant and bittersweet harmonies and intricate vocal percussions.

Members: Rebecca Anders, Jamie Ben-Azay, Susan Appe

Participated in: 2005

San Andreas Singers

San Andreas Singers is a vocal jazz group based in the San Francisco Bay Area specializing in jazz standards such as: Stormy Weather, Just in Time, I Can't Give You Anything But Love, How Long Has This Been Going On, A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square Our performances include accompanied and a cappella arrangements, many original, that span from a full ensemble of musicians (five vocalists and three instrumentalists) to solo ballads featuring an individual singer with piano.,

Members: Julia Simo, Kitty Rae, Paul Spyksma, Deanne Tucker, Jim Puls

Participated in: 2010

Schrodinger's Cat

Jackson Blacklock, Lester Chiu, John Pointer, Jr., William Blacklock, Coron Hardman. Singing is only half of it. The body delivers the rest. Slapping, clapping and stomping all over the stage, we have brought a new dimension to a cappella from deep in the heart of Texas. We're proud to say that our debut CD "Big Beat A Cappella," released last March, has been nominated for a CARA award and was tapped by RARB as one of the best of 1999. Just over a year old, we have already had a nationally televised appearance on the Roseanne show and have appeared in venues stretching from Texas to Alaska. Schrodinger's Cat walks the line between the highly innovative and the completely insane, with an energetic display of musical prowess, sadistic tendencies, and recklessly bad humor. Arguably the sweatiest singing group around, we look forward to bringing you the other half of a cappella.

Members: Jackson Blacklock, Lester Chiu, John Pointer, Jr., William Blacklock, Coron Hardman

Participated in: 2000

Screaming Divas

"The Screaming Divas totally blew me away…I hooted and applauded and pumped my fist in the air…" was Jon Carroll's response to the Screaming Divas' 1994 Harmony Sweepstakes performance (San Francisco Chronicle 2/23/94.) It's been quite a year since then: debuting at the Paradise Lounge and the Fillmore, singing for Dianne Feinstein and Hillary Rodham Clinton, and winning a SF Weekly Whammie award in the Beyond Category. These gals redefine a cappella with a Harmony Sweepstakes award for the best original arrangement of Ravel's "Bolero."

Members: Mary Ann Boyd, Danielle Nice, Pamela Nissley, Lilli Oldfield, Tina Osinski

Participated in: 1995 1994 1993

Side Note

Hip. Imaginative. Fun. Fresh. Funky Fresh. Side Note is a group of seven twentysomethings, from wildly different musical backgrounds, who draw draw their diversity to create an all-new sound. It's contemporary a cappella - pushed to the limits of pop, R&B, funk, rock, musical theater and jazz. Get ready for some buzzin' beats, rockin' riffs and hot harmonies as Side Note delivers a show unlike nearly anything else in vocal music!

Members: Richman Neumann, Duncan Boehle, PD Santos, Juan Carlos Martinez, Rebecca Holtz, Tanya Rodman, Gayelan Tietje-Ulrich

Participated in: 2018 2017 2016 2015

Sing Theory

Sing Theory is a modern vocal quartet, dedicated to uniquely interpreting jazz and pop standards, and preserving and developing the art of vocalese. The quartet is a configuration of familiar faces from the Bay Area vocal jazz scene. Members of the group originally met through the De Anza College jazz ensemble Vocal Flight, and have sung together in several variations since the mid 1990s, including +4db, Vocalese Inc., Moodswing, and Clockwork. Sing Theory most recently appeared as the Angel City 4 in Hillbarn Theater's production of "City of Angels"

Members: Dave Duran, Zach Yaholkovsky, Juliet Green, Michelle Hawkins

Participated in: 2012

Sister Haze

Known as "Sonoma County's Singing Sweethearts", ‘Sister Haze" are best known for their renditions of 40's swing material. More recently they have added modern, dance and original music to their repertoire, all being compiled for their first album. The sisters made their debut on the San Francisco Bay aboard the Royal Prince. Since that time they have performed in clubs, for both public and private functions, as well as making several television appearances. They hope to start performing more in the Marin/San Francisco area, and after their double—ovation performance at the Fairfax Festival last month, will probably get their wish!

Members: Heather Hayes, Beth Hayes, Valerie Hayes

Participated in: 1985

Six in the City

With varied backgrounds in folk, classical, musical theater, and more, it was the discovery of barbershop and Sweet Adelines International that brought them together. These barbershop chorus and quartet medal-winning singers are branching out into the "greater than 4-part harmony" a cappella world and the result is a fresh sound with that infamous blend that comes from being a group of experienced barbershoppers!

Members: Alisa Peters, Kelly Sopher, Molly Sopher, Michelle McGinnis, Aliza Gutman, Dana Manochi

Participated in: 2016

The Slips

Donita was born vocalizing, and wishes to be identified as the youngest member of the trio and the only mother. She presently sings with the Mayflower Chorus, and hum while she gardens. Marcia was born harnnnizing and wishes she could make a living at it. Instead, she is a manber of the Marin Chamber Singers, and has her own nutrition consulting business (Apple-A-Day). Catheryn, on the other hand, was born screaming, but quickly settled into youthful musicology. She is a free-lance guitarist and vocalist in the Bay Area, and producer of the 1984-85 Contemporary Music Series at the Marin Community Playhouse.

Members: Donita Bishop, Marcia Church, Catheryn Zaro

Participated in: 1985


Smorgaschord draws its name from ancient runic inscriptions of abundant food and music, the combination of which may lead to harmonic indigestion. We entertain at events around the Peninsula, including summer festivals, coffee shops, rehab centers, and occasionally, the checkout line of supermarkets. We could be right behind you in line. Look for the shoppers with a wide variety of musical styles and poorly-balanced nutritional choices. Hey, where did you find that bacon-flavored chocolate? Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and get your shopping cart harmonized.

Members: Bill Anderson, Larry Hamel, Valerie Rose, Patti Schank, Mia Whitfield, Harold Zable

Participated in: 2014 2011


Solstice is a female vocal ensemble specializing in music written by women or for women's voices. Our music spans many different genres with an emphasis on world, classical, pop, and jazz. We are also committed to performing new works for women's voices and regularly compose, commission, and arrange new songs.

Solstice has performed in many Bay Area venues including Freight and Salvage, La Pena, the San Francisco Community Music Center, Music on the Hill, the Berkeley Arts Center, Trinity Chamber Music series, and Villa Montalvo. Solstice has also performed on KALW's Folk Music and Beyond On-Air Folk Festival.

Members: Becca Burrington, Kim Warsaw, Emily Bender, Sara Webb-Schmitz, Lark Coryell, Krista Enos

Participated in: 2016 2012 2007 2003 2000


SoulSemble, a recent addition to the Bay Area a cappella world is setting out to create a genre all it ís own. A quintet with decades of combined musical experience, SoulSemble is dedicated to performing the most artistic and soulful vocal jazz arrangements by Phil Mattson, The Real Group, Take 6 and others. SoulSemble is also creating a unique sound, performing original arrangements and compositions. Under the direction of vocalist and musician Kathleen Hollingsworth, SoulSemble is setting a new standard for a cappella vocal jazz in the Bay Area.

Members: Paul Kim, Sarah Matthews, Chris Evans, Jason Bush, Kathleen Hollingsworth

Participated in: 2007


SoVoSo is a highly imaginative a cappella ensemble that sings a unique, rhythmic mix of jazz, gospel, world and R&B music, all rendered in their trademark improvisational style.

The SoVoSo repertoire consists of original compositions and other songs that present a global perspective, from Afro-Latin idioms to traditional funk and jazz arrangements. Two SoVoSo members (Joey Blake, past member, and current member David Worm) are current members of Bobby McFerrin's a cappella group, Voicestra, performing with him from 1993 to present.Currently you will see David Worm, Sunshine Becker, Bryan Dyer and Zoe Ellis in this vocal band line-up, along with other great singers such as Nicolas Bearde, Ashling Cole and Vernon Bush. The SoVoSo family of singers continues to expand as this one of a kind musical project grows and flourishes.

Members: Sunshine Garcia, Dave Worm, Joey Blake, Rhiannon, Nic Beard, Melanie

Participated in: 1997 1996

Special Feature

Special Feature is an a cappella vocal group whose high energy, tight harmonies and dazzling showmanship has been thrilling audiences across North America for over ten years. They formed originally as a barbershop quartet in 1988, and quickly rose to the championship level in the Barbershop Society, building a loyal following from California to New Hampshire and from British Columbia to Florida. Ever since their participation in Reno's "Hot August Nights," their musical focus has been shifted more towards popular music from the fifties and sixties. Special Feature continues to polish their act and develop their music. They strive to obtain additional professional gigs in Reno, sufficient to say goodbye to their day jobs.

Members: Jamie Arrington, B. J. Hill, Paul Olguin, Raymond Davis

Participated in: 2000


The spirit of Speedzoo. It is what gives a peaceful and pleasant mind to the human race. All the time, man seeks romance in Speedzoo. We have been working hard and carefully, and work on. To weave the romance and the fancy into each effort. This, at last, we have made up the "Speedzoo Harmony Challenge." If you hear the feeling and the spirit of Speedzoo which values tradition and living in the times, there is no pleasure better than it. Joel Harris, Ken Purchase, Damon McCormick, and Lisa Trevorrow especially, are Speedzoo since two years and best of friends. Join us with harmony. Can you do any less?

Members: Joel Harris, Lisa Trevorrow, Damon McCormick, Ken Purchase

Participated in: 2002 2001

Street Sounds

Street Sounds was founded in 1989 by Louise Robinson, a founding member of the acclaimed vocal group Sweet Honey In The Rock. Street Sounds performs a mixed bag of jazz, gospel, blues, civil rights anthems and African Hymns. The Group gained immediate recognition with their strong combination of talent and spirit, winning featured appearances with Pete Seeger at the Middle East Children's Alliance benefit concert, and with the San Francisco Symphony's "Adventures In Music" program, representing the most primal of all instruments, the human voice.

Members: Louise Robinson, Larry Walton, Steve Thoms, Michelle Jacques, Darlene Spears

Participated in: 1992

Sweet Deliverance

Sweet Deliverance has been singing Christian a cappella for over 30 years. Members have changed over the years but the tradition of tight harmonies and praise to our Lord has not. This semi-professional group is based in the San Francisco bay area and tours primarily in California. Originally, Sweet Deliverance began in 1976 at Oklahoma Christian by 4 young men, one of whom was Kevin Allsup. Kevin, the group's originator, grew up in Manteca, California, where they became based.

Their newest member is David's younger brother, Stephen Morgan. Both David and Stephen have an extensive singing background, as they have been singing a cappella music in their own family group for many years. Now, with six men and a new recording, they are lifting their voices for God's glory, in full force. Looking back, it is obvious that God has seen them through good times and bad, and they know that it is He who has given them the voices to praise Him. They continue to offer Him their lives, their songs, and their voices for the encouragement and the uplifting of Christ's church.

Members: Bob Alsup, Kevin Percival, Ken McAlpin, David Morgan, Steve Morgan, Gary Ferguson

Participated in: 2008 1998 1997

The T Sisters

The T Sisters are an authentic family band based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Rachel, Chloe and Erika Tietjen are all songwriters and switch off on lead vocals. While their voices blend seamlessly, each has a distinct singing and writing style. The combination results in an eclectic repertoire unified by a landscape of close harmonies. The group's subtle throwback aesthetic calls to mind classic trios past, from the Andrews Sisters and 1960s girl-groups to the sirens from the film O Brother, Where Art Thou? Anchored by influences spanning folk, country, gospel, klezmer and early-90's R&B, each sister brings a unique vocal and lyrical style to a sound that is at once modern and timeless. Though the T Sisters sing and perform often with instruments, they are known to silence a crowd with their soulful and enchanting a cappella numbers.

Members: Erika Tietjen, Rachel Tietjen, Chloe Tietjen

Participated in: 2014 2013

Take Flight

Take Flight is Napa's premier a Cappella band. Comprised of 5 highly experienced vocalist, they take on hit songs from a wide array of genres and artists and perform them all without the use of any instruments! With smooth, tight harmonies and pleasing upbeat music, they can perform background for intimate dining or for larger groups focusing on entertainment.

Members: Emma Guerrieri , Diana Corzo, Carlos Gonzalez, JourneyDay, Ted Reynolds

Participated in: 2019 2017

Talk Of Da' Town

The Bay Area's premier R&B/Motown/Doo-Woppers, capped off 195 with a 15 day tour of Spain, a gig with Patti Labelle, and the release of their debut album, after spending much of the year singing all over California (a four day gig in Chattanooga); and opening for Ray Charles, James Brown, Take 6, The Temptations, Tower Of Power and many others…I guess you could say they were busy. 1996 promises tours to Africa, Europe, a new all-Gospel CD (as The Mighty Prince Singers)…I guess you could say they'll be busy! Group members are: Paul Carrington, Carl Douglas, Stan Lockwood, Rayfield Ragler, and Doug Stepney.

Members: Paul Carrington, Carl Douglas, Stan Lockwood, Rayfield Ragler, Doug Stepney

Participated in: 1996


The Teddies got started in February 1985. Since that tie they have been welcomed at The Sweetwater, Uncle Charlie’s, New George’s, The Stone, Last Day Saloon, Beaux Arts Ball at City Hall in San Francisco, the New Varsity Theatre in Palo Alto, and many other Bay Area clubs. Sharing the stage with such greats as Jesse Colin Young, Maria Muldaur, Jerry Garcia, Danny O’Keefe, Donovan, Taj Mahal and the Zasu Pitts Memorial Orchestra, The teddies provide an interesting and delightful performance of unique vocal arrangements, choreography and lighthearted fun.

Members: Ro Rigney, Bonnie Gardner, Susan Snow, Melissa Phillippe

Participated in: 1986 1985

The Accidentals

Special award winners in 1986 and 1987, considered one of the most consistent and respected vocal jazz quartets in Marin County, the Accidentals have achieved a beautiful blend of sophisticated voices and arrangements.

Members: Liz Tuomi, Susan Goldhaber, Dave Mueeay, Steve Boughton

Participated in: 1988 1986

The Irrationals / The Rat Trio

No, nothing to do with the Rat Pack, but Frank, Dean, and Sammy ain’t got nothin’ on us! The Rat Trio was born out of the need for intelligent music without the burden of making sense. Aficionados of a fine non-sequitur, we’re the Minute Rice of the a cappella set. By all accounts, Gwen ‘What the Hell was I Thinking?’ McElwee is damn good. She prefers to be referred to as “Diva,” but will respond to “Hey you!” Which is fortunate, since she’s still searching for the real singer inside of her. Sam ‘It Sounded Like a Good Idea at the Time’ Rogers is also known as The One Mouth Band. Forging new ground in a cappella music, Sam was the first solo act to compete against groups, and due to U.S. rules, had to go to Europe to do so. Not that he’s bitter or anything – he won stuff. Dr. Tim ‘Brutally Optimistic but Not All There’ Lukaszewski prefers to sing songs about love gone bad. His mind is made up…but the rest of him is real.

Members: Gwen McElwee, Sam Rogers, Tim Lukazewski

Participated in: 2008

Three 5 and 6

Three 5 & 6 is an urban a cappella band from Sacramento that utilizes the human voice to incorporate gospel, hip-hop, funk and rap into energizing, danceable music. This all male vocal band imitates the full depth of instrumental sounds found in a classic R&B or funk band as opposed to the traditional "blended, one-voice" A Cappella sound. Their powerful beats drive a truly dynamic musical experience that fully engages and energizes the listener. THREE 5 AND 6's full length debut CD,"Urban A Cappella" was released in December of 2003. Be forewarned! Their music can be addicting and habit forming.

Members: Steve Pearce, Dave Enns, Maximillian Reynolds, Todd Halverson, Jason Isaac

Participated in: 2004 2002 2001


TonicEffect is a group of five talented musicians and truly gifted drinkers who transcend traditional a cappella roles to deliver an unexpected, exciting performance. Our modern, edgy music - including original mash-up arrangements, shared lead vocals, and rotating vocal percussion - brings a new energy to the Bay Area a cappella scene.

Members: Brian Arao, Colm Davis, Jennifer Exley, Syreeta Mussante, Andy Matuschak

Participated in: 2011 2009 2008

Total Chaos

When the efforts of finding a name integrated into a void of "Total Chaos," it was then this quartet was born. These four gentlemen from Santa Rosa and Kenwood have spent the past two years dazzling audiences all over the state providing an eclectic, harmonic experience of Barbershop, Doo Wop, and Contemporary A Cappella music. Bringing the gift of music to eager listeners, Dave, Willis, Paul, and Ben have extended the influence of A Cappella to festivals, benefits, private parties and high schools, as well as other youth outreach programs, in order to attract future performers and appreciators to the A Cappella world. After their start in 1999, TC were crowned the Far Western District High School Barbershop Quartet Champs, and later were ranked seventeenth in the world after competing in the MBNA International Collegiate Competition in Kansas City, Missouri, sponsored by SPEBSQSA. From day one, these two high school seniors and two sophomores from Santa Rosa Junior College have been singing songs, making harmony, and meeting many beautiful girls who thankfully appreciate what they do. So take a seat and hold on tight, and you will experience Chaos tonight!

Members: Dave Hawkey, Willis Cook, Paul Peglar, Ben McLain

Participated in: 2001

Totally Tapioca

Totally Tapioca is a four-part a cappella vocal group from Sacramento. The group members share a common love for song and a commitment to assisting our community and world through fund-raising events. Every penny that Totally Tapioca collects is donated directly to carefully-selected charitable organizations, and we rely on the enthusiasm of our fans for our music and on their generosity to support these efforts. In their Best of Sacramento 2008 awards, Sacramento Magazine named Totally Tapioca "Best Group for Pudding Charity First." They called Totally Tapioca's mission "totally selfless," and applauded the group's efforts of "singing to make the world a better place."

Members: Edmond Blagdon, Kate Blagdon, Michele Marchioli, Blaine White

Participated in: 2012


... a marvelous, musical group formed to relieve back and neck tension, promote world peace, and serve as a touchstone for all Druids of the world.

Members: Ray Green, Laurie Jones, Daria Mautner, Catheryn Zaro

Participated in: 1987

Tu Tone Shoes

Is a Sacramento based quintet, that specializes in preserving the Doo Wop vocal harmony sound of the fifties. Since their debut at Harmony Sweeps in may 1990, they have been audience favorites in Sac and Davis clubs and special events, including headlining the Lincoln and Davis Summer Arts Festivals.

Members: Christine Martin, Mary Asbury, Jim Malone, Bill Cavins, Rudy McClary

Participated in: 1993 1990

Ultra Violet

UV is a trio of women whose love for a capella music brought them together. With varied interests and diverse musical backgrounds in gospel, classical, jazz and barbershop music, UV delivers a unique and vibrant blend.

Members: Bonnie Fraenza, April Berger, Kerry Harp

Participated in: 1993 1991

Unaccompanied Minors

Way back in October of 2011, in between labs, research papers, mid-terms, and SAT’s, these talented singers, high school students from the Branson School in Ross, California, formed “Unaccompanied Minors”. The members of the sextet, in various combinations, have been singing with each other in school musicals, choirs, choruses, rock bands, and a cappella groups over the past few years.

Members: Rebecca Capper, Cooper Harrington-Fei, Gabe Mickel, Max Epstein-Shafir, Sasha Kundler, Haley Reicher

Participated in: 2012


Underage is a group of four young ladies (ages 17-20) singing a cappella 4-part harmony, mostly in the barbershop style. They have been working and performing together for five years. Each girl is an accomplished vocalist in her own right, thus making their sound strong, full and mature. In July of 2005, in Greenville, South Carolina they won the highest honor for women under 25 years of age in the Sweet Adelines Organization, that of Young Women in Harmony International Champions.

Members: Brittany Gilmore, Mia Dessenberger, Caitlin Smith, Stephanie Lawson

Participated in: 2008 2006

Vocal Edition

Vocal Edition is co-ed a cappella group based in San Francisco that infuses creativity, diversity, and musicality into unique vocal arrangements. We are young men and women from a variety of careers & professions brought together by a passion & love for music. Our repertoire is an eclectic mix of pop, alternative and R&B songs that masterfully intertwine the past and present. If you love complex harmonies, interesting arrangements, and soulful voices you'll love hearing our group.

Members: Nisha Anand, Margaret Gordon, Cephra Stuart, Tiffanie Yu, Cliff Reilly, Richie Magallon, Alex Bignell, Aftab Hafeez

Participated in: 2020 2019

Vocal Minors

These boys love to sing! Vocal Minors is an all-male treble ensemble composed of middle school boys. The genesis of the group came from the boysí own inspiration after they attended the Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals last year. With the support of their families, the boys hired a musical director, selected songs, created arrangements, and rehearsed after school in the evenings and on weekends. As students of the Pacific Boychoir Academy in Oakland, California, they have a wealth of singing experience. Their youthful energy, dynamic personalities, and vocal talents create a unique a cappella sound!

Members: Sam Siegel, Zachary Salsburg-Frank, Nathan Savant, Julian Nesbitt, Louis Polcin, Conner Choi

Participated in: 2011

Vocal Music Workshop

Vocal Music workshop has gone through many changes over the years. Originally a show choir (with full band and choreography), Vocal is at present a 12-member a cappella sensation, exploring the music of all genres and time periods. Year-round they are called upon to entertain and inspire the community, performing at sports events and private special events. Over the years Vocal has been fortunate to share the stage with amazing performers such as Bobby McFerrin, Dick Van Dyke, The House Jacks, The EDLOS, OC Times, Straight No Chaser, Rockapella, The Exchange, VoicePlay, The Philharmonic and SixAppeal.

Members: Quentin Dervin, Cooper Stewart, Jason Pofi, Lane Hartless, Ashur Webster, Andrew Wiegers, Vivian Kammerer, Keaton Flynn, Jada Dunn, Angelina Adams, McCauley Smith

Participated in: 2020

Vocal Point SF

Vocal Point was founded in 1989 by Chris Miller and Mike Blanchard of Grass Valley. After several personnel changes, the group has had the distinct pleasure of performing in the Soviet Union, Italy, and Germany as well as standing-room-only concerts in their hometown and various clubs in the Sacramento area. In addition to their own arrangements of today's jazz, pop, rock and R&B, the group also benefits from original compositions from the songwriting tandem of Miller and Craig.

Members: Mike Blanchard, Chris Miller, Billy Craig, Tony Riechoure, Lisa Dowling

Participated in: 1992 1991


VOCAL -- of or pertaining to a vowel or voice sound; plus DELICIOUS -- delightful; greatly pleasing or entertaining; equals VOCALICIOUS -- scrumptious, appetizing, ambrosial, delightful, thrilling, captivating, delectable, tasty, luscious, savory, mouthwatering, yummy. When selecting the right vocal ingredients for Vocalicious, the same process was used as when creating any other high quality product: several trials and errors . . . a failure or two . . . but eventually, a successful recipe guaranteed to please even the most discriminate palates. The recipe for a VOCALICIOUS treat is as follows: Ingredients: Flour – Bassman Peter Govorchin Sugar and Spices – Harmony singers Celeste Decker and Anne Willis Flavorings – Lead singers Carol McMackin and Robert Lenoil Directions: In a comfortable room, add the first five ingredients and mix gently until well blended. Fold in several up-tempo songs and a couple of ballads. Then spread a mixture of friendship and laughter over everything and top with a layer of excitement. Sprinkle with fairy dust if desired. Rehearse at least 6 weeks before serving at room temperature. Bon appetit!

Members: Carol McMackin, Celeste Decker, Anne Wilis, Robert Lenoil, Peter Govorchin

Participated in: 2010


"Voices to move the spirit" - VocaMotion is a contemporary upbeat a cappella quartet from Santa Cruz. Their eclectic repertoire of rock, folk, soul, blues, doo-wop and original tunes, along with their friendly on-stage chemistry will lift your spirits, have you tapping your feet, clapping along and laughing out laud. They can rock, reflect, inspire, and get silly. They love what they do, and you will too. They are bound together by their joyful commitment to the positive power of music to touch our hearts. They feel privileged to be able to offer their voices, and join with their with their audiences in the service of lifting the human spirit and having a good time.

Members: Jonathan Arthur, Gail Clark, Michael Levy, Kath Robinson

Participated in: 2000 1999


Vocolot takes its name from the English word "vocal" and the Hebrew word "kolot" meaning voices. Since 1988, they have been performing for audiences across the United States in English and Hebrew, with a sprinkling of Yiddish, Latino, Arabic and American Sign Languages. Vocolot draws upon ancient and contemporary sources that evoke the power of centuries of women's repertoire, primarily composed by Linda Hirschhorn, and mixes traditional modes with Folk, Jazz and Classical idioms to create an innovative sound. They are a California Arts Council Touring Artist and perform internationally, uplifting and enthralling audiences of all ages with songs of celebration, community and Jewish heritage.

Members: Linda Hirschhorn, Shana Levy, Julia Bordanero, Elizabeth Stuart

Participated in: 2007 1994

Voz en Punto

This exceptional ensemble, founded by its director Jose Galvan in 1990, has focused its artistic energy on the highly colorful arena of Mexican culture; nevertheless, it is capable of interpreting with equal success a wide variety of music, from pieces of Mexican colonial polyphony from the 16th and 17th centuries, songs in native tongues and/or with African influences, up to folklore and music of living Mexican concert composers. As if this repertoire weren't versatile enough, the group has also presented programs consisting of European composers, including motets and madrigals; Latin-American music, from tangos to Cuban music and Brazilian bossa-nova; negro spirituals, etc., etc.

It is within the context of this great talent, vocal aplomb, charisma, and interpretative flair, in which each member of Voz en Punto places his or her own seal. The end result is an audience which becomes-to quote the group's press notes-"Ecstatic", "On Fire", or "Delirious". Such adjectives would hardly seem to describe a vocal group which achieves its effects without the aid of microphones or other paraphernalia. Voz en Punto is, indeed, the irrefutable proof that the voice is the most glorious instrument which humankind has always had at its disposition.

Members: Jose Galvan, Mariana Lorenzo, Vanessa Millan, Sonia Solozano, Luis Martinez, Santiago Menedez

Participated in: 2010

What Four

"What Four" described themselves as "a frustrated, rag-tag group of misfits that love to yell in each others faces". Phil, Jason and Joe are previous members of the "Phil Mattson and the PM Singers" vocal group. They have all done "jingle after jingle" in the bay area and joined forces to experience some challenging harmony!

Members: Joe Finetti, Jason Smith, Phil Schroeder, Doug Boyd

Participated in: 1988

Where’s Gesualdo

Where’s Gesualdo is an a cappella quartet based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Its members have performed and / or recorded Andy Williams, Bobby McFerrin, Chanticleer, Dave Gruisin, David Grisman, Don Shelton, John Williams, Jose Feliciano, Mark Murphy, Michael Tilson Thomas, Phil Mattson, Richie Cole, Stanley Jordan, and Frank Zappa, among others. They've also sung on video games such as Guitar Hero, Karaoke Revolution, Dance Dance Revolution, and Garage Band.

Members: Moorea Dickason, Kathleen Hollingsworth, Paul Kim, Stephen Saxon

Participated in: 2008

Woogie Women

On a vacation in SF in 1987, Andrea and Rebecca did some spontaneous singing on board a cable car and caused such a sensation, they were compelled to put together a performing vocal group. Back home in Manhattan, they added Lizz and the trio dazzled audiences on the streets at Rockefeller University, in central park, at sorority clubs and private parties, on the radio, at Ultra Violet's book publishing ceremony, and on the Manhattan subway. The group broke up when the members' "careers" took them far away from New York, and by coincidence, they all ended up in San Francisco! Combining opera, musical theater and musical education, the Woogiw Women have thus regrouped and expect to be playing private parties, cable cars and BART in the bay Area!

Members: Andrea Thornock, Rebecca Sowers, Lizz Hodgin

Participated in: 1991


Woven was founded as a community of people who love to sing. We believe music has the power to inspire, cross boundaries and bring people together. We strive to create a space where every voice has value and to sing songs that reflect our members' experiences. Each song we sing is brought to the group by one of our members because it carries with it a personal connection, story, or emotion that moves them. Through the music we sing, we hope to give voice to these experiences and foster community between ourselves and others.

Members: Nicholas Biddle, Sharareh Sadaghiani, Shantelle Williams, Gustav Wellin, Charlie Yang, Aishwarya Vardhana, Kaley Boyce, Maya Delaney, Joey Fernandez, Brenden Larkin, Koyel Bhattacharyya

Participated in: 2018

Yes M'am!

Yes M'am made up of three dynamic female vocalists who teamed up in December of 2014 to create a trio with saucy, spicy and surprising harmonies. With roots deep in American folk traditions, Yes M'am! takes the stage with a capella songs that are at times funny, soaring, moving, and deeply powerful. They specialize in singing traditional folk songs, as well as music that wouldn't necessarily be thought of folk before they put our particular (if not peculiar) spin on it.

Members: Margaret Miles, Amelia Hogan, Mary Hill

Participated in: 2020 2019

‘Til Dawn

Based in San Rafael, CA, 'Til Dawn is a 15 piece a cappella group made up of teens from different high schools around Marin. We perform at a variety of concerts, festivals, elementary schools, public events, private parties, and business functions in and around the bay area. We love to sing, performing on average 40-50 times a year.

Participated in: 1999

A Few Of God's Men

A Few of God's Men started as a group in the spring of 1995. They are members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. The group's primary objective is to minister through the fine art of a cappella music. They have a unique ability to blend gospel and spiritual songs with a touch of today's modern flavors. A Few of God's Men are very active in their community and church by singing at various events. They have been the opening act for groups such as "the Jackson Southenaires" and "the Mighty Clouds of Joy." The group as a whole thanks the Lord for their singing talent as they continue to praise His name in song.

Members: Chris Wright, Lawrence Holman, Elbert Holman, Cliff Wright,, Maced Owens, Ron Smith, Michael Glenn.

Participated in: 2000


A.K.A (A Capppella for the terminally hip) consists of top vocalists from the Davis/Sacramento region of Northern California. Founding members Frank Fox (aka Dr. Doo-Wop,) Dianna Craig and Joseph Rodriguez, along with the newest spectactularly talented members Catherine LeBlanc and Chris Sanborn, tackle everything from rock, jazz, and gospel; to funk, country, and surf instrumentals. Although sticklers for detail, members have been known to break into new material in the middle of a "heavy gig" just to see if the others can "hack it." Says Fox, "…if it makes noise, we can sing it!" In real accounting life, all musicians (multi-instrumentalists) artists, poets and dancers, augmenting their incomes with the occasional accounting gig ("remember kids, always have something to fall back on!). They live by their motto… "WE DON"T NEED NO STINKING BAND!"

Members: Frank Fox, Dianna Craig, Joseph Rodriguez, Catherine LeBlanc, Chris Sanborn

Participated in: 1995

Alchemy (86)

Alchemy’s repertoire reflects their social, political, and spiritual values: their commitment to peace, equality, and the earth as a healing force. Influences as varied as Eastern European fold songs, Renaissance, contemporary classical music, and the works of performers such as Holly near and Sweet Honey in the Rock can be found in the music of Alchemy. In the Summer of 1987, the trio will embark on a peace tour of Eastern Europe and the U.S.S.R. To finance the venture, performances throughout Northern California are being scheduled and the group has released a new cassette tape of their most popular songs.

Members: Sharon Hansen, Cynthia Frank, Jess River

Participated in: 1986

Ancora Piccola

These six high school-age singers have trained in the Piedmont Childrens Choirs organization for many years and they have performed individually or together in festivals around the world as members of various PCC ensembles. They are all members of the 15+ voice Ancora ensemble, and have met regularly outside of the normal Ancora schedule to select and prepare their Sweeps program.

Members: Kelsey, Michelle, Marjorie, Lindsay, Alice, Blythe

Participated in: 2005


Aquanettas are four women whose mission it is to make the world more beautiful. They perform their magic in an establishment called Hair, Thair and Everywhair- the location in which they also enjoy days filled with good humor and singing. The proprietress of this fine establishment is Trixie, the Tress Trainer. In addition to her extraordinary knowledge of hair and fashion, she provides a stable environment for the girls to work and a place that is relaxing and fun-filled for their customers. The group has a guru of sorts called Venus De Stylo. Venus is not only known for her incredible up-dos, but she is also responsible for keeping the girls and the salon’s entire clientele in touch with their inner selves. Not to be outdone, Bou Font, the Aquanettas answer to Marilyn Monroe, uses all her many attributes to their fullest advantage while performing incredible feats with hair spray. The fourth member of the group is the Duchess of Dippity Do. She is simply referred to as the "Duchess" the practical stylist. Imagine in this bunch! She does her best to keep the other three in line.

Members: Sydney Williams, Trish Sliter, Linda Kuester, Barbara Vander Putten

Participated in: 2002


Attitude is a trio of very fine voices that first got together as the trio in the Novato Community Players highly acclaimed production of "Little Shop of Horrors" in 1988.

Members: Laurie Jones, Kayla Gold, Julie Johnston

Participated in: 1988


The Bachelors met during the workshop production of “Boardwalk” (at T.A.M) and were immediately drawn together because of their (collective) inability to get a date since 1978. These dating woes contributed to the boys spending many a Friday night singing in the Canal area for no apparent reason. Composed of three of the more dynamic entertainers in the North , MURRAY AND STAN HAVE COMBINED THEIR TALENTS TO PUT TOGETHER THEIR OWN FASCINATING BRAND OF SINGING THEY DUB “KNUCKLEHEAD A CAPPELLA”. THE BACHELORS Recently appeared on ABC in Good Morning bay Area’s first annual talent contest and came away with 1st place! When not performing a cappella the boys sing with the band “About Face” at local venues.

Members: Murray Orrick, Stan Johnson, Mat Silverman

Participated in: 1989


Mona, Martin, Mel and Vern, veterans of Corner Market, 1993 Bay Area Regional Second Place winners, are joined by Elisa Smith, to create the rockin' hot sounds of The Banned. With five of the best solo vocalists/composers/arrangers/recording artists from the South Bay and beyond, this sensational new a cappella machine will fire you up and melt you down with its incendiary, percussive arrangements of pop-rock originals and cover tunes.

Members: Mona Dena, Martin Puryear, Mel McMurrin, Vern Smith, Elisa Smith

Participated in: 1994

Bobby Banlon and The Four Trels

Jim "Bobby" Oven, a local boy from NYC, has been working as an actor/singer only until he can find full time work at what he really loves: BARTENDING! John "Bobby" Elke, the seventh child of a poor sharecropper family in Detroit, he has moved from town to town until he finally found where he wanted to be: in the 50's and 60's (he has been there ever since). David "Bobby" Musser, born on the steps of the Washington Capital, has been performing since he was knee—high to the reflecting pool. His favorite corner is the Capital Circle. Johnathan "Bobby" Zeichner got his start singing in Chicago where he retired immediately from three to five years. His career has included appearances at Cook County, Folsom, and, during the 60s, a brief stay at Leavenworth.

Members: John "Bobby" Elke, David "Bobby" Musser, Jim "Bobby" Owen, Johnathan "Bobby" Ziechner

Participated in: 1985


In the beginning of human existence, there was no music. Stories were created, told, and forgotten. BOHICA looked down from their lofty perch in the heavens and were greatly troubled. Ignoring the protestations of the other gods, BOHICA reached to the earth and created music. The other gods were angry, and punished BOHICA, stripping the four-in-one of their divinity and forcing them to walk the earth as mortals.

Members: Chris Ferejohn, Elena Krasnovsky, Ian Bell, Sara LaBatt

Participated in: 2003 2002

Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane is a female a cappella group whose seven members herald from around the Bay Area, including the East Bay, San Francisco, and the South Bay. The group performs its own unique, energetic arrangements of cover tunes ranging from 60's and Motown hits to current pop and rock songs. In 1999, Calamity Jane entered the world of original music and is proud to have completed three original songs which will they debuted in Fall 1999. In 1991, a few women who loved singing got together once a week to do just that. The members soon recognized that they wanted singing to be much more than just a casual hobby. They began performing on street corners and at open mike nights, and soon they had a dedicated following. In late 1993, many concerts, rehearsals, and auditions later, Calamity Jane became the group of talented and enthusiastic women it is today. The group has performed at venues such as the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, Border's Books in Palo Alto, the Cable Car Theater in San Francisco, at the1993 and 1998 regional Harmony Sweepstakes, and on Mornings on Two with Steve McPartlan on KTVU. The group also works with Bread and Roses to give pro bono concerts to organizations such as homeless shelters and schools. Calamity Jane, in the fall of 1998, released its first CD entitled "The Road Ahead" which is a lively compilation of the songs the group has perfected over the last 5 years.

Members: Donna Bessette, Tanya Carswell, Kimberly Filutze, Zoe Crowder, Shana Levy, Egidia Vergano, Lisa Waters

Participated in: 2000

Celtic Elvis

A satiric quartet working in the acoustic-rock genre, Celtic Elvis describes themselves as “the party band for people who think too much” and “Paul and Mary meet the Talking Heads”. Celtic sort of refers to the folk roots and harmony, and Elvis refers to the rock, the beat, the energy. The band has performed at clubs, concerts, festivals, TV and radio in Canada, Colorado, and New York, New Hampshire, Virginia, Maryland, Texas and all over California.

Members: Jim Ocean, Mary Straw, Randy Anger, Rich Wescott

Participated in: 1990

Corner Market

Since their public debut last May, Corner Market has been winning raves for their intricate jazz/funk arrangements, laser-sharp harmonies, exquisite intonation and classy moves. Lead by Grammy-nominee Jason A. Smith, the group anchors its sound on the pops, snaps, crashes and cracks of master vocal percussions Vern A Smith. Ttopping off an appearanc with the Neville Brothers with a five-day run with jazz great George Benson, Corner Market went on to amaze crowds at music fairs and festivals around the bay and on local TV. Harmonically rich, rhythmically playful, Corner Market proved six vioices can indeen be a jazz/funk "band."

Members: Jason A. Smith, Jennifer Newell, Mona Dena, Mel McMurrin, Vern Smith, Martin Puryear

Participated in: 1993


Evolution is four talented and ambitious young men who found each other through their passion for song and determination to carry out their vision of global unity through music. Guy, Will, Tone and John are vocalists who have formed a multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural group united by their similarities and strengthened by their diversity. Founded three years ago, Evolution has always incorporated songwriting , arranging and producing to their established repertoire of intricate harmonies and soulful interpretation. Individually, they represent a microcosm of today¹s world; collectively, they represent the future and all its possibilities; vocally, they capture the human experience.

Members: John “JB” Boyd, Anthony “Tone” Cherry, Will Nada, Guy Baruch

Participated in: 2003

Fat Chance

Members: Gina DeLuca, Kyla Kent, Kevin Quinn, Ken Groves, Carl Gabrielson, Fritz Stewart

Participated in: 1990

The Five Options

The Five Opinions have been together since January '87, and share approximately 30 years of barbershop harmony experience between them. Their peers and audiences alike revere special award winners in the 1986 and 1987 Harmony Sweepstakes competitions, their vocal blend and musical technique.

Members: Charles Feltman, Al Zemsky, Ron Gorlin, Ron Losk

Participated in: 1988 1987

Full House

Full House is a vocal a cappella quintet which performs in the doo-wop, blues, jazz, gospel, and folk music styles in the Davis/Sacramento area. In addition to their own monthly live evenings at the Fox & Goose pub in Sacto, at 10th and R Streets (last Friday of every month: they have opened for Taj Mahal, The BOBS, and Jesse Winchester at the Palms Public Playhouse in Davis. They have also opened for Bobby Hutcherson, the Jazz Vibraharpist, at Sacto’s Crest Theater. they appear regularly at malarkey's in Sacramento, and the Blue Mango in Davis.

Members: Heidi Bekebrede, Bill Cavins, Robert Davis, Frank Fox, Antoinette Zachem-Rau

Participated in: 1989


Inspiracy was conceived in December 1993 as a lesbian and gay chamber vocal ensemble focusing on excellence in vocal production, expertise in musical ability, and depth of performance. Emphasis has been placed upon the spiritual values of the material performed. In the spirit of this vision, Inspiracy has performed for the San Francisco City/County Fair, John Sims Center for the Performing Arts, Kairos Support for Caregivers, the Source Center For Spiritual Growth and Development, the First Unitarian Church of San Francisco, and St. John's United Church Of Christ.

Participated in: 1996

Johnny Vocal

A hot new a cappella group drawn from such Bay Area institutions as The Flips, The Del Becks and Max's Opera Cafe. In addition to entertaining audiences up and down the coast, JV has been featured in radio jingles, promotional videos and at corporate functions. Each member has a distinctive solo style, and together, they are one voice - creative in its inspiration and powerful in its execution. From Harrah's to Candlestick, from the World Trade Club to countless 16th birthday parties (each one is a special event!), they've unleashed a groovy style of a cappella which doesn't rely on tricks or fads--just precise, heartfelt song.

Members: Brad Hopper, Kirk Livingston, Jacques Pryor, Tom Tucker

Participated in: 1994

Joyful Noise

Joyful Noize is music made by vocal instrumentation. It is gospel; it is fresh, jazzy-rap a cappella! The group has performed with Bill Cosby, the Winans, Commissioned, Tramaine Hawkiins, Mario Van Peebles, Gladys Knight, and on the Arsenio Hall Show.

Members: Shawn Lloyd, Epheann Lloyd, Greg Cobbs, Janice Cobbs, Lisa DeVore, Michael Nelson

Participated in: 1992

Lip Service

Lip Service is a semi-professional vocal quartet comprised of two men and two women. Originally formed for the purpose of performing Christmas music for private parties and public holiday events, the group has expanded its musical repertoire to include jazz, swing, pop, contemporary, and classical styles.

Members: Mary Beth Halsing, Grant “Buzz” Halsing, Annette Lindemann, David “Woody” Woodford

Participated in: 1986

Mama Sez

Mama Sez is an a cappella vocal ensemble dedicated to experimenting with a variety of vocal styles and skills including vocal instrumentation and orchestration. All vocal arrangements are original with an emphasis on Jazz, gospel, and R&B. Their repertoire also includes rock, pop, folk, and blues. Their music is described as eclectic. They love a good rhythm, a memorable phrase, and music that transcend time and culture. Mama Sez group members believe that, like the spirit, the voice was meant to soar. When the spirits and voices of four friends get together, the sound produced is limited only by the margins of their voices and their combined imaginations.

Members: Marleen Quint, Michelle Shattock, Kathleen Baumgardner

Participated in: 1996

Men Of Pause

All of the members of the Men of Pause are also members of the Mayflower Community Chorus which performed its’ annual concert here at Forest Meadows in early July. The Men of Pause, a newly formed group, got together two weeks after this concert. Larry Vargo, founder of the Men Of Pause, explains in his twofold philosophy which inspired the group's curious name, "In music, the pauses are at least as important to the whole product as the notes themselves. And in life, pauses are important too, especially if you get tired a lot." Anyone wishing to hire the Men Of Pause should get in touch with them at least 12 hours before performance time so they can have time to rehearse!

Members: Larry Zee, Tom Wagner, Kevin Brooks, Bill Mallouk, Larry Vargo

Participated in: 1985

Midnight Special

A brand new vocal groups at a choral suppressed school. Half the group is completely devouted to jazz music while the other half wants to do nothing but modern/pop. This group is student created, and student run. All music is obtained through students as well as fundraising and perfromances.Midnight Special works in correlation, as a sub-group of the TRI-M chapter at West High School. We focus on vocal improvement and development while attempting to glorify the music program at West High School. Midnight Special is also greatly involved with TRI-M in raising money for charities. Being a completely student run orginiaztion we are not often taken seriously but we have a lot of talented individuals who are just trying to improve while improving our school's music reputation.

Members: Hannah, Royce, Rose, Kaylee, Sabrina, Claudia, Amanda

Participated in: 2004


Moonlighting formed in May 1990. The group's members first got to know each other through various singing groups in student musical activities, vocal at UC Berkeley. The love of singing draws them together.

Members: Keith Barlowe, Kara Ciraulo, Hal Brunette, Suszi Lurie, Jon Spencer

Participated in: 1991

New Originals

Former members of Quintessence, Table For Five, In The Buff, The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, and one aspiration have Banded together to form one unique sound. Their balance of humor, energy, and heart can be habit forming.

Participated in: 1996

Notes of Interest

Notes of Interest is a quartet composed of members of the San Francisco Chapter of the Barbershop Society and is proof that this unique American art form is alive and well. They have been together less than a year and are becoming a popular act for private parties, specialty shows, conventions, and tourist attractions, and have competed at various Barbershop competitions.

Members: Rob Gorlin, Alex Aikman, Ron Losk, Tom Shipp

Participated in: 1986

Pointless Sisters

In the beginning, there was the Mayflower Community Chorus. Then, in the seventh year, the Pointless Sisters were born. Sharing a love for singing, these ladies have a repertoire of songs from the 20's to the 80's. The "Sisters" have been together for nine months and have been sighted in Fairfax, Sausalito and most frequently at the Mayflower Inne in San Rafael. Already infamous for their rousing rendition of ‘Chiquita Banana“, the Pointless Sisters are accompanied by Ruth Bunnell — when not singing a capella!

Members: Joan Brown, Mary Gwynn, Mary Hughes , Joyce Comach, Ruth Bunnell , Karen Current, Jackie Rivero, Barbara Dudley

Participated in: 1985

Public Apology

This ambitious young quartet formed in high school three years ago when they each scored a scholarhsip to Harmony Camp. There, they discovered their sweet blend of sounds AND acquired their name. With their passion for harmony, these four guys are the perfect candidates for being kicked out of public places for singing too much, but on stage they think you will enjoy their performance as much as they will enjoy performing for you. Their styles range from barbershop, do-wop, contemporary a cappella, to R & B.

Members: Matt Freeman, Matt Holsinger, Dewight Mitchell, Enrique Ruiz

Participated in: 2004

Ro Sham Bo

Ro Sham Bo brings a surprising and exciting spark to the Bay Area vocal music scene. Ro Sham Bo's roots are steeped in jazz and funk, and their performances deliver an inspired blend of complexity and ease. Most group members are music educators or music educated, arrange, perform, and direct not only for Ro Sham Bo but for groups from San Jose to Black Rock City, and have taught students from Stanford University Jazz Workshop to Jazz Camp West to Blue Bear School of Music.

Members: Bonnie Doyle, Audrey Kauffman, Arinoe Bacogiannis, Will Flash, Tim Lukaszewski, Paul Kim

Participated in: 1997 1996


Savvy, is a vocal jazz trio characterized by complex harmonies and tight rhythmic ensembles. After enjoying solo careers in jazz, poop and opera the three singers came together in '85 to rehearse under the direction of pianist/arranger Randal Collen and have been pleasing audiences with original arrangements of Motown, Bebop and get-down rhythm and blues ever since! Savvy is jazzy. Savvy's got…savvy!

Members: Bonnie Brooks, Fran Carbonaro, Pablo Rodriguez

Participated in: 1988


Sh'Boom! Pure a cappella onomatopoeia, evolved from the Pacific Mozart Ensemble to the stage at Vacaville Prison. They have also sung at Freight and Salvage, Foothill College, the Firehouse, WPLJ's, the War Memorial Green Room and on Television. Top tenor Doug Boyd is a studio musician with a thousand voices. Peter Sly began singing a cappella harmony at the age of three. Baritone Tom Carpender is always retooling Sh'Boom arrangements. Bass Don Kelley croons, booms, and blows a mean sax (but not tonight!) Sh'Boom stars in 57 home videos, all shot from the top of Lombard Street during the 1991 San Francisco Hillstride.

Members: Doug Boyd, Larry Moore, Peter Sly, Tom Carpender, Don Kelley

Participated in: 1992


The Sirens are one of New York City's premiere female a cappella groups, dedicated to musical excellence and quality performance. A group of fabulous and talented women, they strive to break new music ground by choosing songs that have never been attempted by others in the cappella world in order to challenge themselves and surprise the audience. They balance fresh and innovative songs with numerous well-known and recognizable favorites. The result is a diverse repertoire including contemporary, pop, jazz, rock classics and oldies, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Members: Mary Ann Boyd, Danielle Nice, Pamela Nissley, Lilli Oldfield, Tina Osinski, Doni Tamblyn

Participated in: 1992

Suspended Six

Music nerds may say there is no such thing as a suspended 6... Well there is now. We are a group comprised of six friends and schoolmates, a soprano who doubles as a pitch pipe, a bass who doubles as a one man Abba, a tenor and three girls who very often feel that they should either be tenors or drum sets. We formed in October 2001 because the voice is the most pure instrument and we love to sing. We have fun making music and we hope you'll enjoy it!

Members: Stephanie Chu, Myung Kim, Becky Potter, Chris Jordan, Katie Kurtzwell, Beth Silberman

Participated in: 2002


The Syrens are an all-female a cappella quartet based in the Bay Area. Its members are all currently music students at SFSU. This eclectic mix brings together a dynamic range of vocal styles, incorporating concise, horn-like harmonies, percussive textures, combined with soulful leads by each member. The Syrens perform a versatile and unique set of original composers combining soul, pop and jazz. Members include: Jessica Grace, Jenni Little, Christy Winn, Karina Schwartz.

Members: Jessica Grace, Jenni Little, Christy Winn, Karina Schwartz

Participated in: 1994

True Spirits

True Spirits is a modern-day, highly uplifting gospel singing group, that is based in the greater Oakland area. A vision was sent from heaven and the group came together in March 1996. God divinely selected each member for this ministry and each is devoted to His service. We are confident that prayer is the key, out faith in God shall lead us and sustain us through all our endeavors. Our mission is to glorify God through song and praise.

Participated in: 1997


This group is a newly formed vocal band all the way from Reno, Nevada. They have 5 talented singers from various musical backgrounds. Though their tastes differ, they've immersed themselves in 50's & 60's Doo-Wop with a splash of contemporary style. After drowning in an ocean of unacceptable names. they caught the wave that is......Tune-ami. A tidal wave of vocal harmony!

Members: Dave Margolis, Mikki Madison, Joseph Gonda, Jamie Arrington, B.J. Hill

Participated in: 2003

Vocal Point

Once upon a time, in a far off jungle four people met quite by accident (something like this could never happen on purpose). There was Richard, who was found tree slamming as jumping off cliffs hurt so much: Bill, who was about to become supper for a group of hungry cannibals until they realized he was totally tasteless; Dan, who was found nearly gummed to death by a ferocious pride of toothless lions; and Kathleen, a frustrated salesperson from Cleveland selling vacuum cleaners hut-to-hut. Feeling down on their luck they applied to a cappella correspondence course that included a free Ronco pitch piep (some assembly required) and graduated Summa Sing Laude and thus was born Vocal Point

Members: Kathleen Kuebelbeck, Dan Cudworth, Bill Anderson, Richard Maddux

Participated in: 1989

Vocal Underground

"A cappellafunksoulrockingospeljazz" is the only word that describes the VU, short of "amazing". Since 1992 this 6 person vocal ensemble has seamlessly blended their individual voices to create the unique sounds that set them apart from all other vocal groups. The diversity of the singers is immediately apparent just by looking over their song list. It features contemporary tunes and familiar favorites with a new twist. By the end of each set, you have been taken on a musical journey. Members include: Paul Culala, Brady Fishler, Sally Jackels, Andrew Smith, Amy Williams, Marcia VanDerVinne.

Members: Paul Culala, Brady Fishler, Sally Jackels, Andrew Smith, Amy Williams, Marcia VanDerVinne

Participated in: 1995 1994

Warp Three

Holotropic breath and Mongolian overtones, primeval screams,and haunting - texturally woven passages best describe the uses to which these singers individually put their voice: in teaching (Susan), in musicals (Greg), and in recording studios (Catheryn)

Members: Susan Casey, Greg Grabow, Catheryn Zaro

Participated in: 1989

What Four

Members: Nancy LeVan Claire, Gail Clark, Carol Valentine

Participated in: 1992

What Now

What Now is a student-run, 12-member, high school a cappella group from the Branson School. The group was founded two years ago, and, as members graduate, new students are recruited to fill the empty ranks - Wiffenpoofs watch out! What Now has performed at various schools and private parties throughout the Bay Area.

Members: Delee Har, Matt Bowden, George Petersen, Jeremy Kirk, Ian Kirk, Chris Gewald

Participated in: 1991

Wicki 6

Wicki 6 is an energetic mixed a cappella sextet that combines excellent harmonies, rockin' percussion and powerful solo voices. Their mission is to bring a new brand of a cappella to the San Francisco Bay Area, one that is fun, entertaining, daring, courageous, spirited, animated, and yes, even a little wacky! Wicki 6 features very talented and versatile vocalists that have a tight blend and a powerful dynamic. Add to this harmonic mix a premier vocal percussionist handling the beat, a cool groove rhythm bass, and several incredible soloists and you have a dynamite sound that characterizes the Wicki 6 experience.

Members: Bhakti Klein, Vanessa Santiago, Dubie Dubendorfer, Jeff Falk, Elaine Chao, Shannon Pierce

Participated in: 2000


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