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We sing smooth, soulful, & feel-good a cappella. It all started in the living room of a little apartment, wanting to sing. Combining our different music backgrounds and styles, we formed an a cappella group named after our apartment number. We laugh, we dance, & we play because expression is our shared passion. We are #FOURTY4B."

Members: Monica Mandapat, Jeanette Mangilit , Cara Blaxton, Jin Puertollan, Grayson Villanueva, Amer Quilala, James Moore

Participated in: 2014

Abinante Family Singers

Abinante Family Singers is a music group consisting of Father (Mark), Mother (Lieneyda) and their 5 children (Jacob, Rebeca, DeAna, Isaac and Callista). They have performed at conferences & festivals in several states; most recently being featured artists at the 5th annual Pan Pacific Film Festival, as well as at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center and Warner Grand Theatre.

Members: Jacob Abinante, Mark Abinante, Isaac Abinante, Deana Abinante, Lieneyda Abinante, Callista Abinante

Participated in: 2014

Alley Cats

By bringing their own contemporary style to tunes from the 1950s and 60s, The Alley Cats appeal to fans of all ages, breathing new life into everyone's favorite doo-wop classics. The four members of The Alley Cats are a perfect blend both vocally and personally. More than a decade after they began, Royce Reynolds, whose solid bass vocals create the Cats' musical foundation, and Mando Fonseca, the second tenor always ready with a pun or quick quip, have the ease of familiarity which make their camaraderie and vocal play radiate from the stage. Baritone Sean Devine, whose smooth vocals melt hearts the world over, and newest member Juan Del Castillo, re-creator of all of those soaring 50s first tenor lines, bring their freshness and talent to an already solid foundation of a cappella tradition. Together they are truly the Cat's meow!

Participated in: 1996 1994 1992


Back in the early 90s, Alpha brought imagination, determination, and integrity to their artistry when the model for groups of their kind was a safe commercial blend. Their superiority in every aspect of vocal arranging and performing began to get them known in Puerto Rico and Latin America. Their performances in major sporting events, as background vocalist with award winning vocalist and bands, and several appearances on entertainment TV programs has earned them their place as one of the most enduring and best-loved vocal groups in Puerto Rico. Truly inspired by groups like Boyzz to Men, Glad, and Take 6, Alpha fashioned their own a cappella style: „a Latin Jazz Gospel vocal band where ALL the instruments are sung instead of played¾. Get ready to have the most fun you can legally have while listening a cappella. Que sabor!

Members: Edgar Rios, Abel Martinez, Abi Hernandez, Ludwig Henderson, Sonlys Andino, Shalom Rodriguez, Johnny Davis Figueroa

Participated in: 2004


Arf is an independent avant garde pop vocal group based in Los Angeles. They started off in 2013 as a live a cappella re-imagining of Genevieve Artadi's solo music, and have evolved over the past year into a new beast, incorporating originals and arrangements by other Arf members, and adding synthesizers and drums to their live performances.

Members: Katharine Hoye, Jessica Freedman, Andrea Calderwood, Sean Fitzpatrick, Genevieve Artadi, Alexandra Domingo.

Participated in: 2014 2013


AVE (Advanced Vocal Ensemble) is the highest level ensemble within the Central Coast Children's Choir. CCCC affords the youth of San Luis Obispo county the joyful experience of singing together in live choral performances while offering a high-quality music education. The after-school program provides weekly rehearsals, which include musicianship and vocal training. Repertoire is varied and includes songs from world music to established choral classics to contemporary, popular styles. CCCC singers were chosen to represent California in National and Western State honor choirs in Las Vegas, New York, Honolulu, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Dallas and Florida.

Members: Cathryn Newlon, Hannah Fowler, Lauren Tarica, Lily Campbell, Elise Scheifele, Olivia Edmonds, Susan Roodsari, Layly Roodsari

Participated in: 2017

Beachfront Property

"Beachfront" is not a piece of real estate along the ocean, but it is a hot property nonetheless. Described as sounding like "Manhattan Transfer" meets "Take 6," their smooth singing style combines the rich sounds of jazz with the fun and energy of pop music. They have shared the stage with Mel Torme, "The Four Freshman," "The Hi-los," Kenny Rankin, Crystal Lewis, "The Brothers Four" and "Emerson, Lake & Palmer." The success of Beachfront Property is found not only in a successful blending of harmonies, but in a blending of personalities.

"Not everyone can sing in a group like this," says Tom Dustman, Beachfront's artistic director and bass vocalist. "It takes a special person to give, and give, and give." The object is to entertain while also preserving some of America's most beloved classics, he says. "No one person is the star." Achieving this feat takes a great deal of effort and a lot of self-control, as the key is to blend the voices. Beachfront's four-part blend is spun out in seemingly effortless fashion creating mellow and exciting, woven-together-like-cloth chords that treat the listener to arrangements of familiar songs with a whole new sound.

Members: Michelle Caroll, Stan Castongia, Jennifer Dustman, Tom Dustman, Bill Mumaw, Jill Mumaw, Alyce Ohl

Participated in: 1994

Bent Pitch

Established in 2010 as an all-female trio, Bent Pitch has since evolved into a coed ensemble of 8 passionate, proud and unpredictable people who share a desire to spread their love of a cappella throughout San Diego. No song is off limits for Bent Pitch. With each performance, the dynamic group aims to blur the boundaries of entertainment with creative covers and meaningful interpretations of yesterdays favorites and today's hits. On any given night, you may find Bent Pitch busking on the bustling streets of the Gaslamp Quarter, adding some aca-awesome music to the Finest City Improv stage, or belting out the National Anthem for the San Diego Derby Dolls. The 2016 Harmony Sweepstakes in Los Angeles will mark a double-milestone as the group's first competition and first performance outside of their home city of San Diego.

Members: Vanessa Teixeira, Robert Gordon, Matt Hemler, Vander Turner, Beverly Baker, Robyn Hartung, Allen Hopkins, Kris Celario

Participated in: 2016


Five voices, one outasight sound! This quintet likes to hit you out of nowhere with songs and arrangements you never saw coming. With influences ranging from opera to pop/rock to jazz to musical theater to singing in the shower, Blindside explores the outer limits of a cappella. Driving drums, booming bass, soaring solos, and not a single instrument in sight. Above all, Blindside aims to have fun and take the audience along for the ride. Buckle your seat belts and prepare to be blindsided!

Members: Jourdan Rystrom (Mezzo), Jay Long (Tenor), Tim Baptiste (Baritone), Chris Jones (Bass), Sean P. Gorecki (Vocal Percussion)

Participated in: 2016

The Bluesettes Quintet

All jazz musicians, The Bluesettes Quintet breathes new life into current popular tunes utilizing a modern jazz sound, featuring a vocal trio as well as a vocal rhythm section. The five members work together to create new, innovative arrangements with a retro feel, striving to preserve the classic jazz style of the 1930s and 1940s.

Members: Ian Brekke, tenor/vocal percussion, Katrina Kochevar, soprano, Miko Shudo, alto, Rachel St. Marseille, soprano II, Riley Wilson, bass

Participated in: 2015

Boyz Nite Out

No Instruments? No Problem! Specializing in cover, pop and rockin' upbeat music, this high energy group combines all-vocal drums, guitars, and horns with smooth 5-part harmony to make you think there's an entire band on stage!

For over 14 years, Boyz Nite Out has traveled throughout the world appearing at major festivals, corporate events and private performances. The group has worked with such artists as Ray Charles, ELO, Jay Leno, Kool & the Gang and Michael MacDonald and has released 3 full length CD projects selling over 20,000 copies in the United States and Japan.

Participated in: 2000

Business Casual

Business Casual is an a cappella band based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Combining elements of pop, jazz, and other genres, this young all-vocal group puts a fresh spin on vintage chart toppers and today's hits. Winners of the National Harmony Sweepstakes a cappella competition in 2018, Business Casual has performed at weddings, corporate events, and live public shows throughout the Bay Area since 2012.

Members: Michael Wang, Jacob Chamoun, Roshun Alur, Cassie Greene, Leslie Baker

Participated in: 2018

Classic Souls 4 Christ

Classic Souls 4 Christ is an all male vocal quartet based in LA/Bakersfield who met in high school singing motown, etc. in various venues, competitions or anywhere including walking through airports or street corners. The switch to gospel was an evolution to share their gifts with the world and to see the influence that music and their lives can give. The group feels they were born to be together because each member’s voice is specific to their harmony. The group has opened for various gospel artists and believe that no venue is too big or too small.

Members: B.R. Thomas , Gregory Warren, Ellis Gupton, Darryl Thomas

Participated in: 2010


Clockwork is a vocal quartet who sing mostly close-harmony jazz but also our own twists on pop and rock tunes.

Clockwork, an award-winning San Francisco based vocal ensemble with a signature sound and style, performs a banquet of music from funk to gospel and R&B to standards. Rooted in the tradition of great vocal jazz groups such as the Hi-Lo's and Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, the Clockwork "sound" draws inspiration from all styles. As the great Duke Ellington said, "If it sounds good, it is good."

Experienced in both accompanied and a cappella performing, the group has arrangements for duos, trios and an 18-piece big band. Members of Clockwork have performed live with artists such as Bobby McFerrin, The Hi-Lo's , Meredith Monk, Don Shelton, Gene Puerling, Barbara Lewis, Sufjan Stevens, John Zorn, Barbara Morrison, Kent Nagano with the Deutches Symphonie Orchester and the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, The PM Singers, Heatwave, GQ, Barbara Lynn, Richie Cole, M-Pact!, the House Jacks, Boyz Nite Out, InFusion, Vocal Flight, and on Ward Swingle's Instructional video "Swingle Singing."

Members: Angie Doctor, Dave Duran, John Paddock, Juliet Green

Participated in: 2011

Coast Vocal Collective

Coast Vocal Collective is an eclectic group of singers ranging in age from 17 to 50. Group members met at Coast Music in Hermosa Beach. Each singer brings individual style along with the ability to blend together to create one collective voice.

Members: Beth Rohde, Soprano, Sawyer Fuller, Soprano, Max Rohde, Bass & VP, Kira Levin, Alto, DJ Stanfill, Tenor, Jeremy Adler, Baritone

Participated in: 2018

Coast Youth Choir

Coast Youth Choir features talented young singers who are thrilled to have this opportunity to perform at the Harmony Sweepstakes! The group rehearses at Coast Music Conservatory and this is their first a cappella performance. They are very excited to perform for you!

Members: Samantha de Gyarfas, Nicole Marasco, Maxwell Rohde, Jack Whitney, Kira Levin, Jeremy Adler, Cole Marcus

Participated in: 2012

Collectively Kenny

Collectively Kenny - is the name of the group (or so Colleen's 3-year-old figured when he started announcing the arrival of each member of the group as 'KENNY!!') Timing is everything and that's what finally brought CK together. The group is made up of some old, some new vocal collaborations to put a fresh new spin on this perfect a cappella alliance. You may have heard these songs before but you haven't heard 'em like this!

Members: Colleen Cowley, Dalyn Sale-Whaley, Carolyn Leenerts, Jay Welch, Kenny Kurtz

Participated in: 2008

Corner Pocket

Corner Pocket is an a cappella quartet based out of LA that performs doo-wop, barbershop and contemporary pop tunes. They have performed onboard 5-Star Cruise Ships, in Las Vegas and around Southern California.

Members: Michael Luginbill, Michael Landau, Joel Dalton, George Artope

Participated in: 2007

The Crush

The Crush is a young, exciting barbershop quartet from the Far Western District of the Barbershop Harmony Society compiled of four energetic young men in their 20s. Formed in 2006, this foursome is based out of Orange County, CA, and has entertained audiences at competitions, shows, and private parties near and far. In 2010, The Crush captured the Far Western District Quartet Championship! Known for their tight, bright harmonies and youthful, toe-tapping energy, The Crush hopes to become a household name with barbershop and a cappella fans throughout the country! Music performed by the group consists of barbershop, swing and vocal jazz arrangements influenced by the Big Band Era of 20's, 30's and 40's. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the jazzy feel and swingin' sound of The Crush!

Members: Matt Gray - Tenor, Josh Szolomayer - Lead, John Brockman - Baritone, Paul Tabone - Bass

Participated in: 2011

Diva Complex

What do you do with four women who crave constant attention? Diva Complex started in 1995 when these not-exactly-demure women realized the mere adulation they received as professional choral conductors was not sufficient - they wished to be revered as singers also. (And to be perfectly honest, they wanted to spend more quality time together discussing men, massages and M&Ms.) From the moment the Divas take the stage, audiences realize this is no typical girl group. With repertoire ranging from Renaissance to rock and roll, the controlled chaos of the show swings from sensuous to sublime to saucy. You wouldn't expect a group like this to agree on everything; however, they do confess a collective susceptibility to gorgeous harmony, and have been known to weep ecstatically at a really good chord progression (a highly technical phrase learned in their many years of schooling). Diva Complex's exuberant appearances on radio, TV and in sold-out concerts continue to amaze and delight audiences all over California. As expressed by one audience member, "This group brings impeccable musicianship and an irreverent sense of humor together in a performance which can't be missed! Wait a minute? that's the King Singers. Well, Diva Complex is pretty good, too. Great dresses!"

Members: Amy Fogerson, Ruth Ballenger, Alison, Lori

Participated in: 1999 1998 1997 1996

Down 4 The Count

Down 4 The Count began in 2003, when six CSU Northridge students in the University's vocal jazz ensemble found they shared a common interest: wanting to sing ensemble vocal jazz without those pesky instrumentalists: in other words, A Cappella! Since that time, Down 4 The Count has won multiple awards (including three song-arrangement awards and 1st place at the 2009 San Diego A Cappella Competition) and they have performed at venues all over the greater Los Angeles and San Diego area, including the Jazz Bakery, The Coach House, The Coffee Gallery Backstage, San Diego IndieFest, and many more.

Members: Colleen Keene, Gregg Haueter, Christine Tavares, Jason Lingle, Jalin Hsu

Participated in: 2014 2012 2010 2008 2007 2005 2004


Dynamic is a newly formed 8 member a cappella group from sunny San Diego, CA. The group consists of previous members from the collegiate a cappella groups at San Diego State University. Dynamic's goal is to blend r&b, pop & EDM with a cappella to create a new genre of music. Dynamic aims to bring the club to a cappella. With their colorful personalities and powerful singing, Dynamic will get you dancing in your seat.

Members: Perry Lee, Linda Wang, Naiomi Clinchard, Jason Nagata, Grayson Coney, Alessja Morales, Joey Erece, Matthew Ignacio

Participated in: 2016

Elemental Harmony

Elemental Harmony - is a trio of women who delight in sharing their love of vocal music. Their eclectic a cappella repertoire includes selections from madrigals to modern, whimsical to world music, and everything in between. The trio shares their beautiful harmonies and original arrangements in a wide variety of venues, including music festivals, concert stages, private parties, and corporate events. The ladies of Elemental Harmony are very excited about sharing their music with you at Harmony Sweepstakes!

Members: Kris Wildman, Silvia Sarkissian, Terry Lieberstein

Participated in: 2009


EVOLUTION - is, astonishingly fun and creative… a clear winner for the Audience!” proclaims Amy Engelhard of The Bobs . “Good Singing (dawg)” says Randy Jackson of American Idol. And, The RAY Magazine described EVOLUTION as “Inspiring, funny, and super hip”. “With amazing, rock solid, monster vocals and mad sex appeal” (Karman Kruschke, Actress/Image Consultant), EVOLUTION has moved audiences from laughter to tears with their harmonies and performance antics. EVOLUTION takes traditional A Cappella to new amplitudes. EVOLUTION is always excited to share their music with the listeners of the world. They are thrilled to be back once again on the Harmony Sweepstakes stage. As always, they wish to leave you with a smile on your face, a skip in your step, and a tune in your heart.

Members: Michael Maury (Bari), Rono Smith (Lead), Seth Shapiro (Tenor), Adam Sears (Bass), Joshua Silverstein (Beats & Rhythm)

Participated in: 2011 2009


An energetic, talented foursome that entertains audiences by presenting a program of music in multiple styles including modern, barbershop, etc.

Members: Graham Pence , Ken Potter, Chris Stewart, Brian Harmon

Participated in: 2009


Flipside's been entertaining folks for years with their simple style and unique arrangements of audience favorites. "We just have so much fun with this! The real joy is in sharing it with the people that come to see us." Based in Orange County and performing mainly around the southland, they go wherever the music takes them. From cafes to concert halls - rock, jazz, R&B, and more - Flipside's got something for every audience.

Members: Colleen Cowley - Soprano, Linda Cicino - Alto, Jay Welch - Tenor, Kenny Kurtz - Bass

Participated in: 2015 2013

Forever Paisley

The name - whimsy: the sound perfection. Singing together since 2002 Forever Paisley have already earned the reputation as a classic quartet who knows how to keep the troops happy!

Members: Sarah Hamor, Caroline McLean, Kate Walker, Jan Wyckoff

Participated in: 2006

Four Shadow

Four Shadow, the famous a cappella group from Minneapolis, Minnesota, performs for crowds across the nation, singing over 150 shows a year in over 40 states for audiences of all ages and musical tastes. In addition to a number of original songs, they perform tunes by artists like the Beatles, Paul Simon, the Dave Matthews Band, and Howie Day. Four Shadow has shared the stage with Huey Lewis, the Persuasions, and Lonestar, and performed live on NBC's "Today" show.

Every Four Shadow show is filled with a winning mix of audience interaction, infectious energy, friendly humor and strong a cappella vocals. One of the nation's hottest a cappella groups, these guys demonstrate beyond a doubt that the most powerful and versatile instrument of all is one which we each possess - the human voice.

Participated in: 2000


Award-winning Frequency is a vocal band founded in 2009 and dedicated to performing songs from the 70s to today with a focus on the story in the music. Music is part of the living soundtrack of our lives-the music that plays in the background of important moments and that we associate with our most important memories. With a passionate and thoughtful delivery, we take the audience on a personal trip through music they know and grew up with, inviting them to remember the moments and experience the emotions all over again. Like the old analog radio frequencies that first delivered many of these songs, all-vocal Frequency brings the audience a reminder of some of their favorites.

Members: Jessica Hayes, Marleena Barber, Emily Simmons, Elan Jimenez, Joaquin Nunez, Tom Keyes, Ian Simmons

Participated in: 2019 2015 2014 2012 2010

The Funtones

The Funtones are a group of serious singers who are anything but serious. They love to laugh, and always endeavor to bring a smile to their audiences as they inspire them with fresh, original arrangements of songs with positive messages. Their repertoire incorporates music from many diverse styles and eras.

Members: Jahna Perricone, Kim Van Hoven, Ken Busick, Brian Mescher

Participated in: 2019

Gotta Sing!

We are (4) veterans of the barbershop art form. As members of the Santa Monica Chapter of Sweet Adelines we serve the chorus in numerous roles: Laura is the Director, Tove is the Associate Director and membership Chairperson, Jennifer is the Education Chair and Anna Pia is the Visual/Choreography Chair. To sing is not an option we Gotta Sing!

Members: Laura Pallas Singer, Jennifer Febre, Tove Hoch, Anna Pia Hubacher

Participated in: 2019

Have Pitchpipe, Will Travel

Have Pitchpipe, Will Travel, comprises twelve women, all members of the locally acclaimed and award-winning L.A. South Towns Show Chorus. This fun-loving a cappella group entertains audiences throughout the South Bay and beyond with its signature close harmonies, upbeat repertoire and colorful style.

Members: Connie Weintraub, Marta Bailey, Susie Cox, Lynn Iosty, Sharon Savene, Donna Lawrence, Janet Reid, Linda Borg, Caroline McLean, Debbie Smith, Diana Barber, Allison Tsukimura

Participated in: 2018


Hi-Fidelity is considered to be one of the top a cappella show quartets in the country with a locked sound, creative packages and an extremely unique sense of humor (perhaps twisted?). Hi-Fidelity is the current Champions of the Barbershop Harmony Society's Far Western District. They have also taken top honors at another national "mixed" a cappella contest in 2002 when they were crowned the Buckeye Invitational Grand Quartet Champions. Their CD, "Almost Live" has been a big hit, and one cut (Blackbird Parody) was nominated for a CASA award in 2005. You may have seen them in some commercials too! Either as the Roto-Rooter plumbers or promoting the popular X-Box game "Tao Feng, Fist of the Lotus" (a very "painful" commercial - Check it out at www.hifidelityquartet.com). The guys are also members of the current International chorus champions, Masters of Harmony.

Members: Craig Ewing (tenor), Tom Moore (lead), Gregg Bernhard (baritone), Martin Fredstrom (bass)

Participated in: 2006

Honey Whiskey Trio

Honey Whiskey Trio blends sounds and styles from folk, bluegrass and jazz. This trio found its roots in the vocal jazz department of CSU Long Beach where the members all studied with Christine Guter, though at different times. Years later, well into their own careers as musicians and educators, the need for a new outlet for musical exploration brought Courtney, Ann and Christina together and the Honey Whiskey Trio was formed.

Members: Courtney Gasque, Ann Louise Thaiss , Christina Wilson

Participated in: 2013


The six-man, all-vocal group, InsideOut, is rapidly establishing a reputation for exceptional entertainment. With their musical capability, surprising vocal percussion, and captivating performances, InsideOut has entertained both small and large audiences across the West.

Before becoming a part of InsideOut, each member of the group was involved in performing in other vocal groups, such as the well-known BYU Men's Chorus. The group had its beginning in the winter of 1997. Two brothers, Ben and Layne Haacke, pulled in Kimball Brown, a home town friend, Ryan Hinton, a "real" bass, and some other local singers to form InsideOut. It started as a hobby, and they performed for friends and the local a cappella club. A couple of members left the group at the end of the school semester, so InsideOut recruited the last two members of the current group to replace them. Paul Hatch was brought on as a high tenor, and Jason Smith filled in with his exceptional vocal percussion.

Participated in: 2000


When you think of Ja'a, think deep, "funkafied" harmonies. These six gentlemen give you the power and the blend of soulful music that settles into the heart. Their vocal sounds give a smooth and sophisticated flow to all the songs that they touch. These brothers of harmony have continued to move beyond the boundaries of contemporary sound displaying their musical influences from jazz, R&B, contemporary a cappella, funk, pop, and gospel. The members of Ja'a share the vision of transcending the conventional barriers in music and are prepared for "Just About Anything," the operative theme which characterizes their music, attitudes, personalities, and the essence of Ja©ˆa. Since their origin at UCLA back in 1995, Ja'a has been acclaimed for their complex harmonies, a knack for vocal instrumentation, and a flair for appealing original arrangements. Their sophisticated sound is a testament to the heart and soul that they invest in their music and performances. Showcasing their versatile style, this sextet has performed from Vegas to LA, San Diego to the Bay and Asia soon on the way. Their spirit and belief in their dream has led to the release of their second CD "Outside the Lines". This group of friends looks forward to sharing their gifts with all who will listen.

Members: Francis Alcantara, Roger Mationg, Lars Sahanaja, Paul Santos, Mike Trias, Mikey Whitfield

Participated in: 1999


JIVIN' is the premiere vocal jazz ensemble at Santa Monica College. The group has been singing in its current formation since last September and is exited to give their first off-campus performance at the Harmony Sweepstakes.

Members: Galoran Amos, Mackynze Roten, Brittany Mellini, Allan Vasquez, Myungwan Kim, Byungsoo Kim

Participated in: 2017

Joy of Six

Have been together for one year and have performed at the Moonlight Tango Café in Sherman Oaks, The Rose Garden-Back Rom in West Hollywood. Matty's on Melrose and Genghis Cohen on Fairfax. JOS also sang the title song of the soon to be released film SANDMAN and were featured Christmas Eve on KPFK's "City on the Rim" show host: Lenard Brown. They are all professional singers with varied backgrounds - from rock to opera to jazz.

Members: Faye Brenner, Mary Hylan, Cece Bullard, Ariana Attie, Wendy Charles-Acey, Christina Sjoblom

Participated in: 1993


The King lives – in quadruplicate! Live from Las Vegas, four sweet harmony crooning Elvi keep the spirit of the King of Rock & Roll burning strong… burning like a hunka hunka burnin love. Singing the greatest hits of the King, as well as songs he would have sung had he lived long enough, the King4 shake their collective pelvises regularly on Las Vegas stages, for corporate clients and private events, and at arts festivals and in concert halls. Viva Las Vegas!

Members: Bryce Robinson, Michael Rene, Paul Johnson, Tim Jones

Participated in: 2009

The Knudsen Brothers

SIX are six real brothers. They actually come from a family of ten brothers, no sisters and are the six oldest in the family. Apparently their mom and dad (Arnold and Joyce Knudsen) wanted a girl.

Barry Knudsen is the eldest and was born in Davenport, Iowa. Kevin Knudsen is second and was born in Farmington, New Mexico. Lynn Knudsen is third and was born in Mesa, Arizona. Jak Knudsen is fourth and was born in El Paso, Texas. Owen Knudsen is fifth and was born in Seattle, Washington and Curtis Knudsen, number six, was born in Seattle as well. Their father worked where he could to support his family which explains their nomadic beginnings.

The four younger brothers are a huge support to their six older performing brothers and play an important part behind the scenes.

Members: Barry Knudsen, Kevin Knudsen, Lynn Knudsen, Jak Knudsen, Owen Knudsen, Curtis Knudsen

Participated in: 1990

Liquid Hotplates

The Liquid Hotplates are in their third year of existence. Comprised of current and former students from the University of California at Davis, their repertoire extends throughout the pop music universe, including songs originally performed by Faith Hill, Metallica, Cake, Cher, Stevie Ray Vaughn, the Brian Seltzer Orchestra and others, and they have recently begun to venture into performing group members’s original compositions. Their performance venues have included the 2002 California State Fair, shows in Berkeley, Sacramento, and Napa, and several prominent events in Davis. The Liquid Hotplates proudly recorded their first CD last spring, entitled “Told It Equals Hip”

Members: Steve Geller, Anna Brink, Sabrina Fong, Chris Nucho, Keith Rode, Jeremy Borum, Katy Williams

Participated in: 2003


M6 - (formally Minor 6) is a group of talented young singers ages 14-16 who love to harmonize. The group rehearses weekly at Coast Music Conservatory in Hermosa Beach, and they have performed at the Hermosa Beach Pier, Saint Rocke, Culver Studios and more! They love a wide variety of music and are inspired by the many great vocal groups including The Real Group, Take6 , Singers Unlimited, Pentatonix and Level. m6 is so excited to be back performing at the Harmony Sweepstakes again this year!

Members: Ella Papouchado (Soprano), Natalie Bogert (Soprano), Kira Levin (Alto, Emily Dietz (Alto/Tenor/VP), Jeremy Adler (Tenor/Baritone), Cooper Breus (Baritone/Bass)

Participated in: 2016


Formed in February of 1994, Metropolis has come to the attention of national television audiences within the past few years, beginning with their appearance on the pilot episode of Four Floor Show on E! Entertainment Television in June 1995 and the filming of a national Dr. Pepper commercial later that same year. They continue to make appearances in various media, most recently singing jingles for radio commercials and having appeared in the limited release film entitled "Pacino is Missing." The members of Metropolis have performed in a cappella groups on national and local television, film, radio, and in 28 different states and provinces including Florida, Michigan Minnesota, Hawaii, Alberta, Ontario, California, Arizona, and Nevada. They have competed in numerous different vocal styles encompassing Jazz, Doo-Wop, Broadway, R&B, Dixieland, Madrigal, and Opera.

Members: Bob Hartley, Brian Philbin, Mike McGee, James Sabina

Participated in: 1998

Minor 6

Minor 6 is an a cappella group comprised of talented 14 and 15 year-old singers who met at Coast Music Conservatory. They may be young, but they take their music seriously. The group loves to sing a variety of music including pop, jazz, classical and rock styles. Their videos "All of Me" and "Thriller" have received almost 30,000 views on Youtube. The group's influences include the Pentatonix, The Real Group, The Singers Unlimited, New York Voices and many more. They are thrilled to be part of this incredible competition.

Members: Samantha de Gyarfas, Gracie Bernard, Kira Levin, Emily Dietz, Jeremy Adler, Maxwell Rohde

Participated in: 2015

Mixed Q

The two male members belong to the Santa Monica Oceanaires Barbershop chorus and have sung with each other for many years. The ladies joined the Oceanaires in January 2010 as part of an extension course offered by the Oceanaires through West Los Angeles College. After the spring show in April 2010 (Graduation Day for the members of the class ) the women were asked if they would like to form a mixed quartet, and they said YES! Since then they have sung at various occasions for the Oceanaires, on behalf of the Masters of Harmony for their annual Christmas Float Parades held in Santa Fe Springs, Ca. and at various private functions and parties

Members: Judith Hithe, David Zasloff, Eileen Erickson, David Erickson

Participated in: 2012

Moira Smiley and VOCO

Moira Smiley & VOCO is a visionary blend of voices - redefining harmony singing with the power & physicality of folksong, the avant-garde fearlessness of Bela Bartok and the delicious, vaudevillian accompaniment of cello, banjo, accordion and body percussion. Moira Smiley leads an ensemble of extraordinary musicians who share a passion for spreading powerful, emotional music with lush four-part vocal harmony, cello, accordion and banjo. Original improvisation-built songs steeped in Appalachia and Eastern Europe.

Named #1 a cappella group in the U.S. in 2007, VOCO is the energy of street singing and the elegance of a string quartet. Recently featured in Dirty Linen and on more than 100 radio stations nationwide on NPR's "Harmonia", VOCO has released two critically acclaimed CDs in '08-'09: "Small Worlds" and "Circle, Square, Diamond & Flag". VOCO is sweet, hard-driving Americana mixed with crooked eastern European dance and dissonance. It's all rounded out with body-stompin' percussive movement and joyous, magnificent, hair-raising harmonies - music that mourns and dances at the same time.

Members: Moira Smiley, Jess Basta, Christine Enns, John Ballinger, Jessica Catron

Participated in: 2007


Moosebutter is a four-man comedy a cappella group. They have won awards from the Contemporary A Cappella Society(Best Comedy Song, 2004), The Harmony Sweepstakes (2003 International Finals runners-up), had their music included on compilation albums (Doctor Demento Basement Tapes 2005, Sing II 2005) and played live shows in front of audiences around the United States. Their tight harmony and eclectic humor have charmed audiences through two albums and countless live performances.

To handle all the performance requests they receive, moosebutter has several casts of performers. They perform with three, four, or five singers, depending on the show, and have done just about every kind of show you can imagine (Punk rock show? Check. National television? Check. Wedding reception? Check.).

Members: Tim Y. Jones, Glen Sawyer, Weston Wride, Chris Harris

Participated in: 2005

Ms Cellaneous

Ms. Cellaneous Quartet - all share a common love of four legged creatures, road trips and Jack In The Box tacos at 3 am. Put it all together and you have four ladies who like to live, laugh and love life to the fullest via their barbershop harmony! Together since 2010 and all members of Sweet Adelines Region 21, we've placed as high as 2nd in this highly competitive region.

Members: Chris Robertson, Mary Slade-Branham, Sarah Slade-Branham, Susan Phinney

Participated in: 2016

Out of Context

Out of Context is a 14+-1 person (only 8 will be performing on any given number) mixed a cappella group that performs various styles of contemporary music, ranging from easy listening to hard rock and beyond, without any instruments besides the human voice. We are strongly committed to having fun on and off the stage, and our screening process ensures every member is willing to make a fool of him/herself in public. Since its beginnings in 1997, OoC has grown in talent and notoriety, and a week doesn't go by when we prove ourselves aptly named. Members:

Members: Emily Russell, Jessica Edwards, Dahye Song, Chithra Krishnamurthy, Soyoung Park, Borching Su, Douglas Tham, Arthur Fitzmaurice

Participated in: 2007

The Over Tones

The Over Tones was founded in early 2015 in the San Fernando Valley. We perform a mixture of a cappella styles to fit all occasions. Ranging from arrangements of the latest hits, classic rock standards, upbeat jazz tunes, and even esoteric choir music, we adapt to our audience and have something fun for everyone. Our 40-person choir features both male and female vocalists whose ages span five decades! We perform all over Southern California and are excited to be returning to Harmony Sweepstakes!

Members: Rachel Zumberge, Aaron Fish, Taylor Turner, Royce Nelson, Lisa Hill-Callaway, Erika Matricia, J Omer Shrem, Brian Sowell, Joey Kadin

Participated in: 2019 2018 2017


This award-winning vocal band, formerly known as Veritas, has been entertaining audiences all across SoCal since 2012. The seven members of Overhaul breathe new life into the world of music without instruments by "overhauling" their arrangements to create their own, indie/pop/rock sound. They've been seen performing at festivals, schools, private events, Los Angeles Harmony Sweepstakes and even reached final casting for season 4 of The Sing-Off. If you want innovative arrangements, bone-shaking bass, heart-pounding percussion and the intensity of a full-on rock band, complete with killer leads, using nothing but the human voice, look no further than Overhaul!

Members: Anh Nguven, Danielle Dissmore, Emily Morris, Jeremy Hitch, Jourdan Rystro, Richie Ferris, Sean P. Gorecki

Participated in: 2014

Pacific Swingline

The sophistication of swing, the energy of jazz, the warmth of the human voice...this is Pacific Swingline - five voices with extensive backgrounds in the recording studios and on the stages of Southern California. Voices that can be heard on the soundtracks of films and television shows. Five voices singing unaccompanied, immersing the finest musical literature of the 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's in intricate vocal arrangements that bring the soul of the music to the surface.

Members: Cindy O'Connor (soprano 1), Kim Switzer (soprano 2), Marta Weiskopf (alto), Perry Schjolin (tenor), Jim Raycroft (bass)

Participated in: 2005

The Perfect Gentlemen

The Perfect Gentlemen provide the perfect blend of harmony and humor harkening back to the days of Vaudeville. Preserving America's great vocal sounds from a time when music was music, The Perfect Gentlemen recreate the close harmonies of such legendary groups as The Ink Spots and the Pied Pipers, while including the era's great comic songs made famous by the likes of Louis Jordan and The Hoosier Hotshots.

A typical performance by The Perfect Gentlemen includes marvelous melodious music mingled with masterful mirth, mischief, and merry-making. The group's versatility allows for effortless shifts between vocal styles with an air of ease, whether singing a cappella or accompanied by guitar or ukulele. Their signature piece, Salute to the 20th Century, is a humorous take on the de-evolution of music over the last century, illustrated by singing the same song in the style of Barbershop, Dixieland, Blues, Big Band, Doo-Wop, Bluegrass, Disco, Techno Punk, and Rap, complete with visuals that delights audiences of all ages time and time again.

Members: Dan Jordan, Tim Reeder, Mike Economou, Jim Campbell

Participated in: 2002 2000

Pitch, Please!

In 2010, Pitch, Please! erupted onto the a cappella scene in response to growing “anti-instrument” sentiment in the greater Los Angeles area. Made up of occasionally hard-working professionals in TV, film, market research, studio recording, advertising and teaching arenas, Pitch, Please! has a collective 56 years of a cappella experience. So unofficially speaking, our first performance took place in 1954, when vocal percussion was still considered some type of witchcraft. Pitch, Please! aint yo’ daddy’s a cappella. It aint yo mama’s neither. But it might be your sister’s…and that’s the way we like it.

Members: Stephanie Chan, Sara Collins, Ben Fuller , Arathi Govind, Ian Koff , Adam Shepard, Scotty Pierce, Cate Wright

Participated in: 2010

Premiere A Cappella

Premiere is a contemporary, all-female a cappella group in Los Angeles. Bringing a diverse repertoire and range of voices, the group sings with attitude, dynamic leads, and messages of female empowerment. Premiere has had the honor of performing at such venues as the House of Blues Sunset Strip, hosting the Los Angeles A Cappella Festival twice, signing with the AwesomenessTV Network, and collaborating with acclaimed groups from across the country. Each woman brings a unique musical background and balances commitment to Premiere with her individual professional career. As a group, Premiere seeks to create powerful music and raise the bar of all-female a cappella.

Members: Kirby Welsh, Kim Nguyen, Morgan Mrohs, Meron Mogos, Shaye Torres, Sara Steinberg, Leia Feazel, Lindsey Garrison

Participated in: 2017 2015 2014

Prime Note Ensemble

Prime Note Ensemble was the 1st all male Filipino choral group based in Saudi Arabia, where it was founded in 2001. Originally 25-strong, the 17 members now call Southern California home since 2009. The group's first international competition was in Xiamen, China in 2006, and Graz, Austria in 2008 at the World Choir Games. Prime Note was awarded the bronze & silver medals respectively, in the male chamber choir category. In 2007, the group was among the 15 invited participating choirs at the 14th Festival International Chant de Choral in Nancy, France. After participating in the 2nd California International Choral Festival & Competition in San Luis Obispo in June 2009, the choir has had performances in the Bay area and continues to hold performances in Southern California.

Members: Novem Cabios, Jonar Sara,, Efren Cardoza, Leo Abalos, Joel Macapas, Yagi Brisenio, Eric Yabut, Hero Emolaga

Participated in: 2011

Prime Note Ensemble

Prime Note Ensemble - was the 1st all male Filipino choral group based in Saudi Arabia, where it was founded in 2001. Originally 25-strong, the 17 members now call Southern California home since 2009. The group's first international competition was in Xiamen, China in 2006, and Graz, Austria in 2008 at the World Choir Games. Prime Note was awarded the bronze & silver medals respectively, in the male chamber choir category. In 2007, the group was among the 15 invited participating choirs at the 14th Festival International Chant de Choral in Nancy, France. Participated in last year’s LA Regional Harmony Sweepstakes, where they placed 3rd and was voted “audience favorite”.

Members: Novem Cabios, Jonar Sara,, Efren Cardoza, Leo Abalos, Joel Macapas, Yagi Brisenio, Eric Yabut, Hero Emolaga

Participated in: 2010


Although this quartet has only been together a little over a year, the members of the group have decades of quartet experience. In October of 2011, they competed against 25 other quartets from the Evergreen District & ultimately won the contest holding the highest scores in all three judging categories of Music, Singing and Presentation.

Members: Ken Potter, Dean Waters, Bryan Jones, Steve Morin

Participated in: 2012

Red Harmony

Based in Los Angeles, California, Red Harmony tailors its selection of songs to the voices and personalities of its singers in order to present a fresh and original performance. Each member brings a very unique style, specialty, and energy to the table, creating a synergistic culture where ideas are shared and creativity is celebrated. From accompanying each other with rhythmic vocals to reveling in crunchy jazz chords, Red Harmony creates a personal experience with every note.

Members: Mandy Wilson; Soprano I, Marissa Dubois; Soprano II, Elizabeth Matson; Alto I, Leah Hamilton; Alto II, Aaron Schumacher; Tenor I, Ryan Espinosa; Tenor II, Nate George; Baritone, Christopher Thaxter; Bass

Participated in: 2015 2014 2013 2010 2009


Renaissance - is an all a cappella quintet, dedicated to showcasing and preserving the critical art form of street corner style; doo-wop singing. The group is equally adaptable to film, TV & stage as they are beneath the street lamp. Not just another singing group, Renaissance intertwines social and cultural awareness themes in their music offering "food for the spirit" as well as the soul. Whether it's a soul stirring tribute to the legendary Sam Cooke, love songs for the ladies, Black History themed conscious music or a rousing Gospel celebration, their superb vocal skills shine through. These Cats can flat out sing and their infectious energy is quite entertaining as they transport their audience to another space and time.

Members: Maurice Kitchen, Torre Brannon, Kwame Alexander, Anthony Snead , Charles (Sonny) Banks

Participated in: 2008 2007

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis, in only its third year of existence, has quickly become the hottest co-ed a cappella group at the University of Southern California. The group normally features sixteen of the top singers at USC and tonight will perform with less than half of their normal personnel. Following their appearance at last year’s International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, RO hurried into the recording studio to lay down tracks for what would become their premiere album, “Aural Pleasure”.

Members: Jon Byron, Ryan Chun, Sue Connors, Hillary Fraser-Thompson, Brendan Jennings, Kathryn McGowan, Jason Monma

Participated in: 2003


RockNacappella is a vocal performance group specializing in pop, rock, musical theatre, gospel, and patriotic selections. The program was founded in early 2014 by their 17-year-old arranger and director, Lindsay Ryan. In a relatively short amount of time, the group has garnered a lot of success and attention. RockNacappella performs at concerts, events, and ceremonies all around the Los Angeles area, including the Pantages Theatre and the GRAMMY Museum, and they have appeared on KCAL9 and CBS-LA. RockNacappella’s performers at Harmony Sweepstakes are 13 to 17-years-of-age, and they are well supported by twenty-six other talented performers in their full group.

Members: Lindsay Ryan (VP/Mezzo), Connor Hahm (Bass), Matt Villar (Baritone), James Meske (Tenor), Grace Hyland (Alto 2), Maddie Roberto (Alto 1), Lizzy Keiser (Soprano 2), Kailei West (Soprano 1)

Participated in: 2015


Scatitude - is a talented group of teenage and adult singers who enjoy singing a variety of vocal arrangements ranging from pop to jazz standards. The group is based in Hermosa Beach, California and is directed by Beth Rohde at Coast Music Conservatory.

Members: Faith Memmo, Beth Rohde, Cierra Sample, Kieran Moriah, Patrick Storey

Participated in: 2011 2006

Simply Put

Simply Put is a Los Angeles-based cappella group that, less than one year from its inception, has created an entire original repertoire, performed huge live shows to standing ovations, recorded and released a full-length album, and been praised by critics and a cappella fanatics as “a diamond in the rough.” Singing everything from jazz standards to pop and rock, Simply Put infuses each of their songs with a uniquely simple, yet highly musical texture which supports soulful leads and celebrates both the power and simplicity of the human voice. Individually, the six energetic vocalists that comprise Simply Put bring seasoned backgrounds to the group and have performed at the Staples Center, Disney Concert Hall, Lincoln Center, the Kennedy Center, the Shrine Auditorium, and Carnegie Hall. Simply Put brings vibrancy and love to every performance, and they hope to share this positive energy with the audience.

Members: Andi Gibson, Marisa Esposito, Drew Tablak, Loren Smith, David Stal

Participated in: 2012

Sixth Wave

January 2005 brought on a season of change for us, as Amy Fogerson left the group and was replaced by Jennifer Barnes. Shortly thereafter, both Gerald White and Gary Rosen also made the decision to leave the group to pursue other ventures, which created openings filled by tenor Greg Whipple and baritone Greg Jasperse. This 50% new group is now eagerly working towards the goal of being a powerful and cohesive musical unit, adding exciting new repertoire while maintaining the spirit and integrity for which Sixth Wave has always been known. Please keep checking back for new and exciting news and updates as things progress.....

Members: Elin Carlson, Cindy Bourquin, Amy Fogerson, Gerald White, Gary Rosen, Eric Bradley

Participated in: 2001 2000

Something Major

We are a collegiate a cappella group from the University of New Mexico. We love to sing current pop and R&B songs mixed with older classics as well improvisational jazz.

Members: Ellen Lusetti, Branden McCurley, Dakson Byle, Lindsey Stutz, Catherine Cole, Justin Ludwig, Ally Truby, Jacob Chavez

Participated in: 2017

Something Major A Cappella

Something Major A Cappella (SMAC) is the premiere a cappella group from the University of New Mexico. Made up of students with a diverse range of majors and backgrounds, we create unique spins on a variety of genres from contemporary to jazz. We enjoy performing original arrangements by many of our own members and seek to bring the a cappella sound to both the UNM and Albuquerque communities.

Members: Justin Ludwig, Alexandra Truby, Kaitlyn Norman, Kyle Kennard, Dakson Byle, Branden McCurley, Chris Mather, Jerry Moyle, Emma Highland, Valeria De Lira Richards, Mary E. Martin, Maren Talbot

Participated in: 2019

The Sound of Musical

The Sound of Musical sings musical theatre songs from any era or genre a cappella. We bring character, story and emotional commitment to each song and craft our sets to take the audience on a journey. We join the passion and energy of musical theatre with the a cappella tradition. Our members are professional actors with great voices who love musical theatre.

Members: Carrie Gibson, Alex Boling, Barbara Niles, Jessica Buda, Devin Collins

Participated in: 2019


SoundStage constantly impresses audiences both at home and abroad with their tight, unexpected harmonies and passionate delivery. Founded in 2006, their 2008 win of the LA Regional Harmony sweepstakes has catapulted them to appear on ABC's "The View" as well as a touring headline performance for the 2009 International Contemporary A Cappella Festival in Taipei, Taiwan. Their consistent jazz sensibility (with an infusion of funk) has taken them from shopping malls, to professional sporting events, to international conferences, to high school auditoriums, to county fairs, and local churches, where they have been described as "the white, suburban step-child of Take 6 and Earth, Wind, and Fire."

Members: Jammie Hampton, Kim Reed, Bradley Hampton, Joseph Livese, Kyle Bowen, Ryan Williams

Participated in: 2010 2008


Storeytime - is an upbeat, versatile vocal group featuring five talented singers including the incredible Patrick Storey. Patrick was born with autism and a great gift for music. He is an incredible musician who thrills and inspires audiences. The group was founded in 2009, and they have since performed at various clubs and events throughout the Los Angeles area. Storeytime is honored to be part of the Harmony Sweepstakes this year!

Members: Beth Rohde, Kieran Moriah, Michael Kohl, Jamey Schrick, Patrick Storey

Participated in: 2012

Swing Shift

Swing Shift is a vocal jazz mixed ensemble. The group's signature sound is heard in their rich harmonic treatment of pop, jazz, and Broadway standards. Over the years the group has drawn on local resources like the SMC Vocal Jazz Ensemble from which five of Swing Shift's present roster are current or past members. We are proud that many of Swing Shift's alumni have gone on to advance their careers in prestigious ensembles like the LA Master Chorale and LA Choral Lab. If you love lush sounds, complex harmonies, and creamy-smooth blend, you'll love hearing this group.

Members: Galoran Amos, Anne Palmer, Mackynze Roten, Brittany Mellini, Allan Vasquez, Phil Azelton, Richard Gilinsky

Participated in: 2018 2017 2015 2013 2011 2010 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003


Swingshift - This stylish vocal jazz group was formed in Santa Monica in 2002. Swing Shift draws on a variety of sources: from swing tunes to Broadway, from groove to folk, from Latin to contemporary. All of these styles inform the group’s sound and character. The group is lucky to count three accomplished arrangers among its members. Phil Azelton’s work is widely sung in jazz and school ensembles, and his ballads are much-admired for their lush harmonies. Founder Richard Gilinsky contributes many of the group’s current repertoire, ranging from up-tempo swing to reharmonized folk and show tunes. One of the newest members, Michael Kohl, has demonstrated his considerable talent as an up-and-coming vocal jazz arranger. Swing Shift will entertain you with swinging groove pieces embodying scat solos to show off the group’s versatility. They will lull you with rich, warm ballads. They will surprise you with unexpected turns of phrase and rich and surprising chord progressions. Swing Shift loves to sing, and hopes to share its vocal joy with all who care to listen.

Members: Tyler Azelton, Jessica Freedman, Katharine Hoye, Michael Kohl, Phil Azelton, Richard Gilinsky

Participated in: 2008

These Guys A Cappella

These Guys - have been Thrilling audiences since 2005. They have made network T.V. appearances, opened for platinum recording artists, and been awarded in numerous music competitions. This all male ensemble sings Jazz, Hip Hop, R and B, Barbershop, Doo Wop, Rock , and Boogaloo. "These Guys" spent all of 2010 performing on Celebrity cruise lines, and are happy to be back in Southern California!

Participated in: 2011 2009


Throat is a collective of singer-musicians that perform original music. Hard-rocking beats, cerebral songwriting and a full, in-your-face band sound...that just happens to all be produced without instruments. Throat is a vocal band that sings 100% original music. Influenced by great rock groups of the past 50 years, as well as the pioneers of the contemporary a cappella vocal band movement, THROAT is dedicated to performing fresh, rocking music for the masses.

Members: Aaron Paul , Cian Coey, Karisma Skye, Richard Steighner, Mister Tim

Participated in: 2009

Top Shelf Vocal

Top Shelf Vocal is an award-winning, semi-professional a cappella choir in Los Angeles, California. Top Shelf members are from all different career fields brought together by a love for vocal music and performance. As a group, Top Shelf performs regularly around the Greater LA Area and continues to develop a diverse repertoire of off-the-beaten-path pop a cappella.

Members: Caleb Kim, Kim Nguyen, Jeff Locker, Angela Huang, Anthony "ACE" Galang, Fabian Castro, JackieYanguyen, Kat Duarte, Lindsay Zana, Natasha Laraway, Sam Kotchmar, Topher Ngo

Participated in: 2019 2017 2016

Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam drives all over Southern California to perform for you at county fairs, farmers markets, festivals, competitions, coffee shops, open mic nights, holiday parties, and private functions. TJ's out-of-the-box arrangements and chill attitude make every show fascinating, fun, and always worth the drive.

Members: Joanna Silverman, Carmen Sicherman, Sara Steinberg, Tavis Larkham, Paul Mendoza, Ryan Berman, Richard Kennedy

Participated in: 2013 2012

Trojan Men

Trojan Men - Formed in January 2005, The Trojan Men are the first and only all-male a cappella ensemble at the University of Southern California. The group has garnered awards and accolades, and in their short history, they have established themselves as a USC tradition. In December 2007, they became the first group in USC history to host a solo concert in USC's Bovard Auditorium. But, let's face it, their favorite thing to do is get caught by campus police trying to wake up sorority houses in the wee hours of the morning. Their debut studio album will soon be available at www.thetrojanmen.com.

Members: Tien Nguyen, Evan Bregman, Jared Scheib, Eitan Nir, Mario Sawaya, Rob Ellis, Todd Levin, Kevin Ikuta

Participated in: 2008

Undivided Musical Group

With ten years of musical career, four albums, a Latin Grammy nomination, six CARA nominations and two awards this year 2010 for best religious album and best song of religion, among other numerous awards, combined with thousands of records sold worldwide, the charismatic and cheerful style Undivided continues to conquer hearts in the U.S. and Latin America.

Undivided is a vocal group made up of six young people who play music a cappella style. Breaking the language barrier, playing their songs in Spanish, English and Portuguese. The group enjoys a variety of musical influences such as gospel, R & B, Jazz, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Salsa, Merengue and other Latin fusions are achieved by the skill and facility to play music with their voices.

These young people are not satisfied with what they have achieved, but are always looking for innovative and different ways to reinvent his style within the genre a cappella, a feature that allowed you to excel as one of the best vocal groups in the world. These young people have a musical talent that not only captures the ear with modern harmonies and musical arrangements, but they combine their voices with the visual aspect to provide a show without boundaries.

Members: Gregory Gordon, Ruben Aponte, David Cortes, Jose Rodriguez, Richard Aponte, Melvinsky Ramirez, Aldino Parchment, Miramar

Participated in: 2005 2003 2002

Unnecessary Breakdowns

Unnecessary Breakdowns is a mixed a cappella group performing Top 40 radio hits and classic pop standards. They have performed for the past 2 seasons at a well-known Southern California theme park and have become an entertainment staple in Hollywood and West Hollywood clubs and performance venues. They have recently released their first music video and are currently working on their first studio album.

Members: Kathleen Paul , Jessie Norman, Alyssa Grant, David Kenny, Tuck Atkins, Alex Smith, Chester McCurry

Participated in: 2013

The Velvet Frogs

The VELVET FROGS are an entertaining vaudeville barbershop quartet. We love singing the songs and doing the routines an audience eagerly anticipates, and we are proud to "look the part". We are Far Western District (CA, AZ, NV, HI) Senior Quartet Champions and have been voted "audience favorite" at the past 5 district contests. It is toad-ally awesome that we are 2-time International Senior Medalists and have been named the "Top Performer" with booking agency GIG SALAD. NBC's sitcom "Superstore" featured the Frogs in an episode this season - type casted as a barbershop quartet delivering a singing valentine.

Members: Craig Ewing - TENOR, David Livingston - LEAD, CJ Sams - BARITONE, Bill Wilson - BASS

Participated in: 2019 2014


The award-winning Velvetones include some of San Diego's finest singers, creating our unique and smooth a cappella sound. From classic rock to classical, motown to jazz, we sing it all. With diverse experience in songwriting, musical theater, opera, early music, graphic design, business, and architecture, each performer brings their own talent and fresh perspective to this group. Our voices come together to create a stirring, rich, and soulful sound that is undeniably our own... and we are not your grandpa's a cappella!

Members: Angelica Eclar, Erin Ferguson, Jo Jo Ito, Pamela Narbona, Ben Willis, Mark Wischkamper

Participated in: 2012

Veritas A Cappella

L.A.'s hot new seven member a cappella vocal band - is here to entertain you! Veritas covers all styles of music, with a strong Indie pop/rock foundation. Their innovative arrangements coupled with an amazing combination of voices is something that should not be missed. Veritas will not only give you vivacious vocal solos, but your ears will be treated to a veritable variety of drums, electric guitars, trumpets, and a booming bass that will rattle the floorboards. This eclectic group of dynamic vocalists delivers a spectacular show you'll have to experience first-hand.

Members: Ashlyn Kindberg, Jessie Norman , Emily Morris, Jeremy Hitch , Nick Tubbs , Richie Ferris , Sean P. Goreck

Participated in: 2013

Vocal Ease

VocalEase is the University of Arizona's premiere women's a cappella ensemble. This year, Vocal Ease is 7 members strong and performing a wide variety of music, including pop, gospel, R&B, jazz, and country. Vocal Ease has a reputation for being one of the hottest all-female a cappella groups around. The VE ladies released their first full-length album in December 2004, and followed that with the release of an EP in February of 2006. The past year's competitive accomplishments for Vocal Ease include Best Vocal Percussion at the ICCA West Region Quarterfinals (University of Oregon) and 2nd place at the 2006 Harmony Sweepstakes Los Angeles Regional. Additionally, Ali Davis received Best Arrangement at the 06 LA regional for "I Believe in a Thing Called Love"..

Members: Aubrey Arrington, Kristy Barrett, Jennifer Blodgett, Ali Davis, Lauren Freed, Genny Gaus, Michelle Sharpton

Participated in: 2007 2006 2004

Vocal Magic

Vocal Magic has been entertaining audiences since before the turn of the century. Their smooth vocal jazz style is inspired by groups such as Manhattan Transfer, the P.M. Singers, the Real Group, and Happy Jackson & the Quintessentials. The group is always scouring the globe for unique and interesting performance opportunities. Some of their favorites include music & arts festivals, park concerts, and Area 51 (CLASSIFIED). In a quest to promote the art of a cappella singing, Vocal Magic hosts "Javapella"- A monthly showcase of a cappella music in Orange County. Mix mirth with a cup of java, and add a sprinkle of magic- that's Vocal Magic!

Members: Glenn Phillip Wanke, Gabriella Rollins , Willem Van der Pol, Linda Cicino, Ariana Attie

Participated in: 2009 2008

Vocal Motion

Vocal Motion is a unique a cappella group comprised of six versatile vocalists who carefully blend musicianship and entertainment. In addition to their vocal abilities, each member is a composer and arranger, three group members are Grammy award winners, and one is a Grammy nominee. Equally adept on the concert stage and in the recording studio, Vocal Motion is capable of performing virtually every style of music. Individually and collectively, Vocal Motion has sung at over 10,000 recording sessions, 1,000 national commercials, countless TV shows and major motion pictures, and albums with or for artists as varied as Bette Midler, Michael Jackson, Sergio Mendes, Michael Bolton, Lionel Ritchie, Crystal Gayle, Peter Cetera, Frank Sinatra, Natalie Cole, Ronnie Milsap, Air Supply, Joe Sample, Water Becker, Ray Charles, Rod Stewart and David Byrne. Vocal Motion is the sound and energy to capture the spirit of the 90's.

Members: Randy Crenshaw, Angie Jaree, Peter Hix, Bob Joyce, David Joyce, Patti Linsky

Participated in: 1991

Voices A Cappella

Voices - is an a cappella singing ministry currently in it's sixth year. Of the many performances they have opened for Take 6, sung the National Anthem for the minor league baseball team the 66ers, and have worked with various charities and community events. They participate in the annual "Festival of Lights" Christmas celebration at Mission Inn, Riverside, California. The five member group sings a variety of styles such as spirituals, jazz, Christian contemporary, and gospel. They also do original pieces and arrangements of familiar songs.

Members: Reggie Paschal, Melanie Richardson, Kandace Fields, Hyomara Homs, Anthony Paschal,Sr.

Participated in: 2013


Voxy is a San Diego vocal group, created to deliver a fun a cappella vibe to the SoCal region. We like to perform funky fresh jams - songs to entertain for a good time and get you singing and dancing along with us.

Members: Jessica Gottdank, Jenna Jones, Emily Liu, Karen Lindenberg, Laura Todd

Participated in: 2019 2018


Vybration was formed in 2001 to perform at Disney's California Adventure under the name "Groove 66". The band quickly became the park's most popular atmosphere group. Its members are some of the most powerful, versatile, and in demand vocalists in all of Southern California with resume credits spanning from broadway, television, and film, to orignial rock bands, and pioneering modern music projects. Vybration is unlike many acapella sextets out there, covering a variety of music that includes traditional jazz tunes like Blue Skies and Fly Me to the Moon, rock n roll songs like Lenny Kravitz's Fly Away, pop hits such as Michael Jackson's Wanna Be Startin Something and many many more. All that have witnessed the magic in music that Vybration creates can tell you that, "Vybration is a force to be reckoned with!"

Members: Heather McMasters Orosco,, Jill Burke, Bryan Chadima, Trist Curless, Laura Dickinson, Jeff Smith

Participated in: 2011 2007 2006 2005


WestBeat is comprised of the most incredible professional vocal talent in Southern California. The singers have accomplished a wide variety of work from releasing their own albums, contestants on American Idol, Broadway and Broadway tours, voiceover and session work, lead singers at several local theme parks, performing all over the world, cruise ships, award winning competition singers, and television! WestBeat performs all over Southern California and has also been seen performing at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV. They can also have been seen performing throughout the year at the Disneyland Resort!

The repertoire consists of top 40 hits from the 1930's all the way to what you are listening to on the radio today and performed with their own unique flair. We also have a large Disney repertoire and a vast holiday repertoire for everything from Halloween to Christmas. The wide variety of music and styles are sure to please guests of all ages.

Members: David Sager, Richie Ferris, Ricky Wagner, Nick Tubbs, Lucas Cabantac, Jenna Gillespie, Emily Morris, Ashley Jones

Participated in: 2017

What Four!

What Four! - One of the newest foursomes in the Verdugo Hills stable of talented quartets, What Four! has quickly established themselves as popular entertainers, having already appeared at numerous community events, country clubs, local businesses and private parties. The group is made up of four talented ladies who collectively have a wealth of experience in singing & a cappella music.

Members: Susan Smith, Catherine Peters, Dee Cardello, Ellen Totleben

Participated in: 2008

Who's Your Daddy!

Who's Your Daddy! -isn’t just Jerry Springer’s favorite question. It’s also the name of the most unique, rockin' and successful a cappella singing group in America – well, in the northwestern third of the San Fernando Valley, anyway. Formed one year ago by three longtime friends and another guy who brought the sandwiches, W.Y.D. -- which is a short and hip way of saying “Who’s Your Daddy!” – brings a whole new approach to performing those amazing songs that made our fists pump and our Mullets sway back in the day. Now, you’re probably saying to yourself, “Hey, what’s so special about four dudes who think they’re so hot they can put out an album? (Okay, it’s a CD, if you want to get all modern about it.) Well, there’s a couple of good answers. First is, “Who the hell do you think you are, asking us a question like that?” Second is, we’re really good singers. So good, in fact, that we don’t even need musical instruments to accompany us. Which is why it’s called a cappella singing in the first place, Mister Ask-A-Million-Questions.

Members: Freddy Curci, Rick Neigher, Adam Gorgoni, Chris Cote

Participated in: 2011


They are an a cappella quartet that performs songs from the Doo-Wop, Jazz and Pop genre. The Accafellas began in 1999 as a small ensemble group at Cal Poly Pomona. They have performed the National Anthem during graduatioon ceremonies for the college of Business Administration and Environmental Design, and for the CCAA Women¹s Basketball Champions at Cal Poly Pomona.

Members: Bryan Dourdle, Chris Lindish, Tom Reid, Kacy Sakous, Jared Yohsiki

Participated in: 2002


allright is a men's a cappella sextet from the University of Southern California. The group was founded by Michael Landau and Jonathan Redford in the fall of 1998. Bringing East Coast men¹s a cappella style to Southern California, they added the spice and intensity of r&b harmonies. Inspired by groups like Take 6 and Boyz II Men, allright is about singing to and from the soul. allright’s first concert was at an a cappella festival on December 11th, 1998 at Bovard Auditorium. An instant hit, a vision suddenly became a reality. Things fell into place from there as allright quickly emerged into the a cappella community.

Members: Adrian Fontanilla, George Artope, Nikhi Korula, Michael Landau, Tyan Bolger, Rob Powell, Rob Ruiz

Participated in: 1999

Angel City

Participated in: 1998


Participated in: 1998

Awaken A Cappella

Participated in: 1997

California Blend

When you combine good looks (well, one of us anyway) with good talent (most of us) and a love for a cappella harmony, you get an interesting blend ­ a California Blend. The members of this fine quartet come from three different Barbershop Society chapters and all are interested in a variety of music styles.

Members: Richard Neufield, lead, Robert Urierte, Baritone, Robert Urierte, Baritone, Dave Gunther, Tenor

Participated in: 2002

Car Pool Folk Quartet

Participated in: 1996


Crescendo proves that the United States is a land of opportunity for people from all around the globe. Composed of five members from very different ethnic backgrounds, this ensemble introduces a new twist to the genre (which they refer to as "popjazz") by incorporating the polish and discipline of classical music, the accessibility of pop, and the improvisations of jazz into a cool, lush, and sophisticated sound that has earned them numerous honors, including the championship prize in the Crystal Palace Casino International Talent Search Contest (1999), the Virgo Award for Best Musical Group (2000), and the Celebrity Chronicle's Best Musical Artist Award (2001).

Members: Charmaine Clamor (alto), Grace Lieman (1st soprano), Amanda Martindale (2nd soprano), Michael Konik (tenor), Bobbie Garcia (bass/baritone)

Participated in: 2005

Deadly Sins

Deadly Sins formed after a slothful six-month audition process in Los Angeles. Gluttons for collegiate a cappella and semi-professional singing, they hope to be the envy of the open mic scene in 2001. They pride themselves on a mix of catchy originals and lusty covers.

Participated in: 2001

Desperate Measures

Participated in: 2000


They started together as a group in Octover of last year. The Dreamtimers take you back to the era of The Pied Pipers, The Modernaires, and the Four Freshmen. With many years of combined experience, including solo work, vocal jazz, and barbershop, Ron Adrienne, Dean, and Bonnie come together for their debut performance with a dreamy new sound.

Participated in: 1999


Participated in: 1994

Funk Divas

The Funk Divas are an a cappella force to be reckoned with. Hailing from all over the world, (Sweden, Chile, Russia, New Caledonia, and the United States) these five women are blending their voices as one with a fresh, contemporary sound. Each a dynamic soloist in her own right, these five artists represent the best vocal talent that Musicianis Institute has to offer. With custom tailored arrangements by Douglas Wood (formerly of the award-winning Chicago Voice Exchange) the Funk Divas will rock the house with soul, passion & air-tight harmonies.

Members: Mini Neufeld, Sonia Baicheva, Maiya Sykes, Natacha Volk, Shawna Basick

Participated in: 2004 2003

The G-Notes

Members: Shannon Garth, Gariel Garth, Lathanyo Garth, Larenzo Garth

Participated in: 1998


Grace is a Los Angeles based a cappella group of four women who are not actually named Grace - although their “Grace nicknames” have evolved over time. Lisa (alias “Baby Grace”) is the youngest and newest member of the group, and serves as their chief financial officer. Jeanette (alias “Crazy Grace”), groomed in Germany, provides on-going psychiatric evaluations (for free) as need arises. Paula (alias “Angst Grace”) serves as spiritual advisor and dutifully informs the group when the glass is twice as large as it needs to be. Marta (alias “Sassy Grace”) is their resident expert on feng-shui - despite the fact that, although close, they do not live together. Grace delivers tight harmonies, vibrant energy and an imaginatively reinvented mix of music from the 1920’s to the present. This group of seasoned performers shares a unique brand of blending that demonstrates the voice as an instrument like no other.

Members: Lisa Linehan, Jeanette Meyer, Paula McMath, Marta Weisskopf

Participated in: 2003 2002

Hats Off

Participated in: 1998

Heart & Soul

Heart & Soul is a male a cappella quartet singing songs from the doo wop era of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Over the past 4 years Heart & Soul has performed at various hotels, shopping centers, and private parties. Cuttently they perform at Sea World of California in San Diego.

Members: Steve Kofalas, Juan Del Castillo, Jason Castillo, Simon Graves

Participated in: 1995


Heartfire is a female a cappella trio that delights in sharing their music with children and adults of all ages. Drawn together by the sheer joy of making music, these three multi-talented performers light up any stage or street with their enthusiasm, vocal harmonies and gentle sense of humor. Their repertoire ranges from swing and jazz to spiritual selections to various popular songs of the ages. Heartfire also offers an Andrews Sisters repertoire, complete with costumes and wigs

Participated in: 2002


This phenomenal Gospel Ensemble was established in January of 1989 at the North Pasadena Church of Christ in Pasadena, California. The two Brothers whose input was instrumental in establishment of the group are Dwyane Lundy and Marcus Jerome Lundy. The age range of the group members are 19 - 40 and over. Infusion consists of 6 uniquely talented young Christians and they were joined together by mutual inner desire to share the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Ministry of Song. The group has made a tremendous impact on all kinds of audiences, with their rare blend of synchronized A Cappella harmony. Infusion¹s self-produced studio recording projects included: ³Infused by the Word of God² and their recent project ³Infusion Live!² They overwhelm audiences both young and old with their authentic style and breathtaking presentation. Their outstanding, multi-talented lead vocalists bringing the roof down every time they touch the microphone. They are prolific and unexhausted with constantly new and upcoming appearances in various lcations and on a variety of settings - private and public, including their radio shows and live performances.

Participated in: 1999 1998

Inner Voices

Inner Voicesare Los Angeles-based session singers led by vocal arranger Morgan Ames. They have been performing together since the 80s. They have been profiled on CBS Sunday Morning, have toured Japan, performed on KCET, KTLA Morning News, the Jim Belushi Show and many others. They have recorded albums for Rhino, Laurel, Song River and Japanese Victor. They have performed for the Juvenile Diabetes Association, the Betty Ford Center, the Society of Singers, the AME Church and twice for President Reagan. They have sung and/or recorded with Kenny Loggins, David Benoit, Dave Grusin, Johnny Mathis, Dori Caymmi, Smokey Robinson and others. Each Christmas season they perform their highly acclaimed, sold out a cappella show in Los Angeles.

Between them, they have performed, recorded and/or toured with almost every major artist in the business.

Members: Morgan Ames, Shelby Flint, Melissa Mackay, Michael Mishaw

Participated in: 1999


Participated in: 1996


Participated in: 1997

Jumblebee Jive

Participated in: 1994


Kaleioscope, a Sweet Adelines International quartet, was awarded first prize at the organization's 1990 Region 11 novice quartet contest. The quartet has done a wide variety of performances around southern California, including Disneyland and on the Queen Mary. Kaleidoscope was the featured quartet in a July 1991 Chaannelaire Chorus concert tour of Great Britain, performing to enthusiastic audiences in England, Scotland, and Wales. The quartet has performed for the Doo-Wop Society of Southern California, at The Hop in Lakewood, at the Ventura County Fair, and at the annual 1993 through 1996 KVEN "Dave and Bob Talent Shows" raising funds for special Olympics.

Members: Theresa Carey, Linda Ragsdale, Bron Latta, Peggy Hels

Participated in: 1996 1994

L.A. Harmonics

The veteran foursome, all of whom can sing both the high and low parts, began singing together last summer as "Three Tenors and a Baritone". They mostly perform barbershop as well as modern jazz four part arrangements such as those of their idols, The Four Freshmen.

Participated in: 2001


Participated in: 1998

Main Street

Mike McGee, Myron Whittlesey, Tony DeRosa and Roger Ross bring a combined 100+ years of barbershop experience to the stage. Notable past quartets include Keepsake, Max Q, Metropolis, Platinum and Rounders. While their involvement within the Barbershop Harmony Society is impressive, all four members have been or currently are performers at Walt Disney World with the Dapper Dans of Main St. USA and/or the Voices of Liberty. Entertaining audiences outside of barbershop venues include performances in film, television, radio and musical theater.

Participated in: 1997

Naked Voices

Naked Voices have been singing since September 1998 and they offer "no excuses" a Cappella music. They sing whatever they want to. Their six members' tastes are so eclectic that they pick a song on a whim. They do their arranging and stretch each other's imagination to the limit.

Members: Leslie Andrew, Cynthia Colbert, Mark Israel, Marie Johnson, Andy Oliver, David Silva

Participated in: 1999 1998


A division of the Youth Singers of Calgary, is one of Canada’s premier a cappella ensembles, and was launched in 1996. Youth Singers is a 500-member choral organization that offers a comprehensive training program for young people in choral singing, dance, and drama. OnCue is a flagship for the Youth Singers program, incorporating harmony and showmanship in each dynamic performance.

Members: Jennifer Andersen (soprano), Lisa Ryan (soprano), Caroline Delaney (mezzo-soprano), Beth McLean Wiest (alto), Krista Strome (alto), Oliver Ho (tenor), Chris Thompson (tenor), John Edmonds (bass)

Participated in: 2005

Pandora's Box

Participated in: 1998

Paradigm 7

Started off as members of an adult church choir based in Lakewood, CA. There, they developed an appreciation and love for harmony that would lead them to venture into other categories of music from jazz to R&B, to Broadway tunes. Aside from performing at numerous business functions and private gatherings, this quintet plans to focus more on developing their original arrangements in the coming year.

Members: Hau'oli Guerrero (tenor), Adrian Martin, Kristian Martin (bass), Melissa Martin (soprano), Elena Zamuner (alto)

Participated in: 2004


Participated in: 1996

Primitive Soul

Primitive Soul, (formerly Pandora's Vox) blends R&B with World Beat and mixes in jazzy harmonies to create original a cappella music that has gotten the attention of AL's live music scene. They've done the Sunset Strip, appearing at The Whiskey-A-Go-Go, The Roxy and The Key Club, as well as Hollywood's Genghis Cohen, and Highland Grounds. Come hear what happens when five people with diverse backgrounds and musical tastes get together!

Members: Emile Hassan Dyer, Carla Bellefeuille, Malayna Khalid, Byron Torres, Even Dorn

Participated in: 1999

Public I

Participated in: 1998


Participated in: 1996


Participated in: 1994

Side Effect

Participated in: 2000

Social Experiment

Probing the no-man's land between conventional hard rock and contemporary a cappella, Social Experiment rips through a wide range of rock music -- from classics like Van Halen and Pat Benatar to alternative and modern styles like Linkin Park and Ben Folds Five. Their contagious intensity combines with a playful, tongue-in-cheek style to make for a compelling stage show.

Members: Jill Burke, Patty Lund, Paul Vigil, Joe Cook, Scott Van Essen, Evan Dorn

Participated in: 2003

Somewhare in Time

Participated in: 1996

Sons of Anacreon

Sons of Anacreon are the ultimate devotees to the esteemed personage of Anacreon, possibly the first poet to write of Wine, Women, and Song. They are an a cappella, Victorian themed, plaid-encrusted, rowdy and rousing comedy team which has played a variety of venues in the LA area ranging from English and Irish pubs and Horse-Drawn Carriages to the Santa Monica Pier and Dickens and Renaissance Festivals.

Members: David Springhorn, Patrick Franz, Michael Norris, Damien Elwood, Jonathan Graff

Participated in: 1999

South Street Jones

South Street Jones' recipe for high octane harmony: lay a funky beat down on the grill, pepper with a touch of jalapeno giddy-up bass. Deep fat fry that funk up until golden brown. Serve hot. Enjoy.

Participated in: 2000


Bringing a fresh and exciting style to barbershop music, Starstruck are a treat for the ears - and the eyes. These sparkling 15 years old are the 2002 Sweet Adelines Region 11 Young Women in Harmony quartet champions, and they'll show you what it's all about. Ventura County favorites Starstruck recently appeared (for the third year) with Dick Van Dyke and his Vantastix on the 7th Annual Ventura County High School Choral Benefit Show

Members: Joanna Wilkinson (tenor), Erin Cardin (lead), Tracey Tipton (bass), Alison Wilkinson (baritone)

Participated in: 2004


Participated in: 1996

The Matz

Participated in: 2001

This Side Up

Participated in: 1997 1996

Three of Hearts

Prepare to be charmed, astonished, amused and entertained by Three of Hearts. Drawn together by the sheer joy of making music, these three talented performers light up any stage or event with their harmonies and off-beat humor. They offer an unusual eclectic mix of music, blended with their own brand of humor and panache. Their repertoire ranges from swing, jazz to popular songs of the ages, plus original material written by members of the group. They have a full interactive Holiday Repertoire for seasonal celebrations. The energy and enthusiasm that Three of Hearts brings to their stage presentations is guaranteed to leave you with smiles on your faces and songs in your hearts.

Members: Kris Kennedy, Terry Lieberstein, Ellen Rand

Participated in: 1999


Susanna Ridler - born in Austria. Studied at the University of Music & Performing Arts in Vienna with the emphasis on Theatre and Music. She worked for four years as an actress in different theaters throughout Vienna, thereafter studying Jazz and Vocals at the Conservatory in Amsterdam. In 1998 Susanna attended the Musician's Institute in LA and was granted the "Student of the Year" Award. Her female a cappella trio TREASURE won a band contest in Hollywood, which was followed by many performances of the group in LA, until one singer moved back to Europe and the group was forced to break up. In the Fall of 1999 Susanna moved to San Francisco for a new start where she found two great singers: Leah Holtan - born in Minnesota. At an early age she was educated in playing piano, flute, and clarinet. Her parents, both musicians and singers taught her the art of singing. Leah sang in various choirs and was performing in different musicals such as "The Wizard of Oz," "The Boyfriend," and the lead character in "Bye Bye Birdie." She studied ballet, tap dance and ballroom instructions. She learned how to play the guitar, and presently, she works as a singer/songwriter in the San Francisco area. She had also done work as a singer and voiceover artist for TV and radio. Betina Hershey - born in New York City. Studied voice with Betsy Nordeon (soloist at the Metropolitan Opera), dance at the NHC High School of Performing Arts, and she has a BFA in acting from Marymount Manhattan College. Betina has performed with many modern dance companies and regional musical theatre productions. Her favorite role was Luisa in the "Fantasticks." The last two years she played Meg in the National Tour of the Phantom of the Opera. She has her own jazz duo "Clem-en-tina" and works as a singer/songwriter in San Francisco.

Members: Susanna Ridler, Leah Holtan, Betina Hershey

Participated in: 2000


1. A system of prioritizing need to ensure the most efficient use of facilities (i.e.: notes). 2. A system used to allocate a scarce commodity (notes) to those capable of deriving the greatest benefit. Formed in 2002, the musical group Triage is a mix of eclectic backgrounds and a shared love of harmony. They arrange and perform a cappella and accompanied music in a wide range of styles, including classical, jazz, and rock-and-roll. Never have so few done so much with three little notes (apologies to Winston Churchill).

Members: Daryl Lubinsky, Sheila Coyazo, Stacey Morse

Participated in: 2004 2003

Venus Envy

After performing together with the USC Sirens, the members of Venus Envy decided to venture into the world of semi-pro a cappella. Within the male-dominated nature of a cappella today, Venus Envy sets out to prove that all-female groups are able to hold their own--not only that but bring a refreshing style and flavor unique only to the double X chromosome.

Participated in: 2001

Vocal Muse

Five women, all creative, all unique, in a group that strives to reinvent itself with each performance. Vocal Muse is part jazz, part R&B and part rock - all arranged by members of the group and reformulated through the lens of our own musical tastes. Good songs performed in a new way - that is what inspires us.

Members: Julie Delgado, Lynn Kowal, Kris Matheny, Kendra Lavon, Amalia Stephenson

Participated in: 2004


Participated in: 1996

We 3 Sing

Participated in: 2000

Wild Card

Participated in: 1998

Yer Father’s Mustache

Participated in: 1996

Zhena Bulgarian Singers

Based in San Pedro, Zhena Folk Chorus appears in festivals and concerts throughout greater Los Angeles. The group¹s mission is to preserve and present the haunting a cappella music of Eastern Europe as sung by village women and by stage folk singers of Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Macedonia, Russia and Ukraine. Appearances have included the Getty Center, Cal State Long Beach and the Dalai Lama¹s World Festival of Sacred Music. Zhena means woman or wife in Slavic languages.

Participated in: 2002

Zhena Folk Chorus

The mission of the Zhena Folk Chorus is to perpetuate the rich village of Eastern European choral music and culture, to heighten awareness of this beautiful and vigorous heritage and to signify the primary role of women in preserving this important genre world music. Zhena means women or wife in Slavic languages. This all female group, four of whom are of Slavic descent, sing the folk songs of Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania, Russia and the Ukraine.

Participated in: 2001


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