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Philosophy and Goals

The purpose of the Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival is to promote the appreciation and performance of vocal harmony. It achieves this purpose by showcasing groups in the exciting atmosphere of a competition and by attracting an audience that is largely "a cappella friendly" to provide singers with an exceptional performance experience.

Our essential purpose is twofold:
1. To provide the performers with a positive experience, and with tools to help them progress in the performance of vocal music.
2. To put on a highly entertaining show.

Although it is a competition, it should always be a friendly and supportive one where the common goal is to create a special evening of camaraderie and intimacy for singers and audience alike. We do not have a "winner takes all" concept but rather support and encourage all of our performers by having a "somebody wins but nobody loses" philosophy.

The Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival is a widely-recognized and long-running American showcase for vocal musicians, enabling its participants to achieve their goals through exposure to large audiences along with music industry and media attention. We seek to broaden the scope and appreciation of a cappella as an art form and to help the practitioners advance the exposure of their music. Our aim is to keep our events friendly and supportive, emphasizing the spirit of "harmony through harmony." We want to offer growth experiences for singers as they advance their careers through our festivals and the opportunity to develop a following within our audience of tens of thousands of a cappella fans who have been attending our events for decades.

But most important of all is we want everybody to have fun!

How We Can Help Participating A Cappella Groups

Tour Support has been selling a cappella music for over 25 years has grown a huge data base of a cappella enthusiasts who have been buying arrangements and CDs etc. These are folks who have signed up to receive our email notifications of a cappella news and always want to know if touring a cappella groups are performing in their town.

Getting gigs
The Sweepstakes web site has become the go to place when talent buyers are looking for a cappella performers. A quick Google search soon brings up the relevant regional Sweeps page where we list all the local groups along with their contact info. All kind of good performances opportunities have come simply by being listed.

We often get calls for interesting / well paid / media a cappella type gigs and are happy to refer to appropriate groups. We usually never take a commission (except on those nice corporate gigs) and we have had all kind of fun gigs pass our way.

Selling Recordings has sold hundreds of thousands of a cappella CDS over the years and we have many ways to help promote an artist's new CD release.

Finding group members
Looking for a new group member? Most of our customers and audience members are singers themselves so they always want to hear about singing opportunities. We can target by zip code any area and be sure to have singers from our data bases.

We include active Harmony Sweepstakes groups on the main a cappella groups listing hosted at This site gets significant weekly page views and is further exposure for your group.

Over 30 years we have had almost every a cappella luminary imaginable attend our events along with hundreds of thousands of vocal harmony enthusiasts. People pay attention to who wins and we always keep them well informed.

We have been producing, booking and managing a cappella groups on a professional level for decades and have a working knowledge and relationships with a cappella friendly music professionals in most all major markets along with plenty of nice off-the-beaten tracks type opportunities as well.

To really make it professionally takes a commitment of time and energy but those a cappella groups, like Chapter 6 and Women of the World, who followed their Sweeps win by taking the right steps that the opportunity provided, can go on to have successful professional careers singing a cappella!

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