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We are four guys in our mid 20's who are passionate about barbershop. 4ManTent came together with a love for harmony and has been making music together since the winter of 2017. Our members have sung together in other contemporary groups including Bostonality and Fermata Town but decided to reunite as a quartet so we can share our love for barbershop with you!

Members: Tien Tran, Garrett Little, Evan Desrochers, Ben Lang

Participated in: 2018


The idea of 5-Alone was conceived in the fall of 1999. I approached four students about starting a jazz a cappella quintet with myself as the fifth member. Encouraged by the succss of our first performance, we continued singing throughout the spring and debuted officially as 5-Alone at the Iron Horse in June, 2000.

Now 5-Alone is an accredited performing arts class at PVPA. We've come a long way from the days of rehearsing at lunch and after school. 5-Alone has gained a considerable amount of attention in a very short time. Awards and honors have been piling up from DownBeat Magazine, C.A.S.A.,, The National Harmony Sweepstakes, R.A.R.B., Primarily A Cappella, Berklee College of Music, and the I.A.J.E. 5-Alone has performed all over the world, including New York, California, and The Netherlands, and has turned the world of high school a cappella upside down.

Members: Kimaya Diggs, Elliot Hartmann-Russell, Maisie Dolan, Hannah Levy, Imani Devi-Brown, Rose O'Connell-Marion

Participated in: 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004

A.K.A. Pelican Groove

The members of A.K.A. Pelican Groove love to joke around, hence the name (phonetically, "A Cappella Can Groove!") But seriously, their sense of humor has sustained an 8-year-long collaboration that has brought them to many new and exciting places (both musically and geographically). Over their history, they¹ve performed at hundreds of venues, including corporate events, club dates, wedding gigs, outdoor shows, community concerts, and live appearances on television and radio. One morning last spring, the group made their "drive time" debut on Boston¹s Star 93.7 FM morning show. That same evening, they performed the National Anthem on the hallowed grass of Fenway Park (GO SOX!) Last summer, they had the privilege of sharing the stage at Boston¹s Hatch Memorial Shell with Nile Rodgers and Chaka Khan. A.K.A. Pelican Groove released its first CD "Plunge" in 1999. With a diverse repertoire that spans classic R&B, doo-wop, 70¹s soul, 90¹s alternative, pop originals, and more, A.K.A. Pelican Groove looks forward to entertaining you tonight, as they bring their own brand of groove-based, "funkified" a cappella into the new millennium.

Members: Alice Burge, Charlie Deal, Scott Evrard, Andy Long, Bob Lutz, Chris Saulnier

Participated in: 2002 2001

Acapella Serenade

Acapella Serenade formed only a short time ago in the summer of 2003. They made their debut at the Bolton Landing Barbershop Festival on Labor Day weekend where they placed 2nd in a field of 64 quartets while also capturing the “Sexiest Quartet” Award! They like to do a wide variety of acapella music including pop, contemporary, and barbershop.

Members: Ruth Berman, Beth Green, Maria Gabriella, Laura Wonderlie

Participated in: 2004

Accidental Charm

We are four friends with a passion for a cappella music who love singing and performing in the barbershop style. As members of Sweet Adelines International (SAI), our repertoire includes arrangements from a variety of musical genres including turn of the century to contemporary pop and country. AxC initially formed in 2012, and replaced a tenor and baritone in 2016 with two new members, after which we earned our first medal, placing 4th in SAI's North Atlantic Region 1 out of 23 quartets. Our musical experience outside of the barbershop realm include formal musical training, performance in folk and classic rock bands, leading worship, and singing in church choirs. Collectively, we have more than 75 years of a cappella experience and enjoy sharing our art form with audiences of all types, performing at civic and community events, shows, and private parties. For more information, check out our Facebook page at @AccidentalCharmQuartet, or contact us directly via email at We'd love to entertain and charm your audience "on purpose."

Members: Kim Petersen, Diane Kelley, Patti Newman, Bev Barteaux

Participated in: 2019

aka Pelican Groove

The members of A.K.A. Pelican Groove love to joke around, hence the name (phonetically, "A Cappella Can Groove!") But seriously, their sense of humor has sustained an 8-year-long collaboration that has brought them to many new and exciting places (both musically and geographically). Over their history, they¹ve performed at hundreds of venues, including corporate events, club dates, wedding gigs, outdoor shows, community concerts, and live appearances on television and radio. One morning last spring, the group made their "drive time" debut on Boston¹s Star 93.7 FM morning show. That same evening, they performed the National Anthem on the hallowed grass of Fenway Park (GO SOX!) Last summer, they had the privilege of sharing the stage at Boston¹s Hatch Memorial Shell with Nile Rodgers and Chaka Khan. A.K.A. Pelican Groove released its first CD "Plunge" in 1999. With a diverse repertoire that spans classic R&B, doo-wop, 70¹s soul, 90¹s alternative, pop originals, and more, A.K.A. Pelican Groove looks forward to entertaining you tonight, as they bring their own brand of groove-based, "funkified" a cappella into the new millennium.

Participated in: 1997

All About Buford

All About Buford is a pop-funk vocal band from Boston, New York City and Philadelphia who switch seamlessly between an a cappella format and an acoustic guitar format, delivering pure vocals, complex arrangements, and intricate harmonies. The rhythmic background of AAB is the complex vocal percussion (beatboxing) of Del Coy, who simultaneously does percussion AND bass. You might not believe the sound is being created vocally, but there are no drum tracks! Performing an eclectic mix of covers and originals, All About Buford has been described as both sexy AND sophisticated. They have performed steadily at venues large and small since their inception in 2000, and were the 2003 Boston Regional Harmony Sweepstakes champions (runner-up in 2002). All About Buford does a high-energy, surprising show that gets an audience involved.

Members: Wes Carroll, Amy Malkoff, Shah Salmi, Taunia Soderquist

Participated in: 2003 2002

Alley Cats

Having met in 2000 as members of the international medalist, Coastline Show Chorus, this quartet bonded around the desire to bring their mischievous interpretations of old and new standards to a wider audience while exploring more contemporary styles that appeal to their eclectic tastes. The repertoire of these finicky felines spans jazz, bebop, and Motown with pop hits, and standards, all getting the unique Alley Cat treatment. From private performances to community events to the concert stage, their charming approach to a saucy mix of musical styles makes the Alley Cats a captivating harmonic treat, purrrfect for all venues.

Members: Lori Nelso, Carroll Venable, Chris Gagnon, Pat Taft

Participated in: 2009

Average Joes

Average Joes was formed in December of 2008. Since then the foursome has been working to build and hone an entertaining and varied repertoire to accomplish their stated goal of entertaining you, the audience. A dedication to the barbershop style and recognition of the hard work of the composer and arranger shapes the Joes’ presentation of the songs they sing. “The song’s the thing”

Members: Eric Ruthenberg, Matt Mercier, Dan Costello, Kirk Young

Participated in: 2010

Ball In The House

Following in the path of classic harmony groups like Boyz II Men, The Temptations, and Take 6, with a mix of the classic and the contemporary, the five-member vocal band Ball in the House brilliantly blends a wide range of influences, from classic R&B to pop, hip-hop & gospel. With their extensive tour schedule (averaging 250 dates a year), Ball in the House reaches millions and is arguably one of the hardest working, most successful indie bands today. They have performed with such artists as The Beach Boys, Gladys Knight, The Jonas Brothers, Jessica Simpson, Fantasia, Blondie, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, KC & The Sunshine Band, Kool & the Gang, and numerous others. All a cappella, but a sound that will astound and amaze you. 5 Guys, 5 Voices, THAT'S IT... A review from the Boston Globe put it very succinctly - "Ball in the House has everything you would expect to find in a successful pop/rock band....the one thing it doesn't have is instruments."

Members: Jon Ryan, Dave Guisti, Monterio Hill, Wallace Thomas, Benjamin Detty

Participated in: 2016 1998

Beast Mode

Beast Mode is a new vocal quartet from the Northeastern District of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Amongst the performers, they have 2 District Championships, 5 Division championships, and 10+ years of contest experience on the international BHS stage, including the international Collegiate Quartet championship in 2005. They are excited to take their boisterous vocal style into the Boston a cappella scene

Members: Nick Ruiz, Brandon Youngblood, Rodrigo Alvarez, Rhett Roberts

Participated in: 2013

Birdland Avenue

Birdland Avenue is a contemporary jazz collective with origins in Boston, MA. The five birds include Haley Castuera, Evan Linsey, Kayla Pichichero, Toria Rainey, and Adrienne Rube. After all meeting in their college a cappella group at Boston University, this collective formed as a side project when they did a cover of Ella Fitzgerald's take on "Summertime." Every since then, the birds have continued singing together, putting their own jazzy spin on songs old and new. Musical influences include Ella Fitzgerald, Andra Day, Lianne La Havas, and ThirdStory.

Members: Haley Castuera, Evan Linsey, Kayla Pichichero, Toria Rainey, Adrienne Rube

Participated in: 2017


Blacklight is a Salem/Boston based, high energy, beatbox heavy a cappella group made of 6 energetic, multi talented musicians and a cappella enthusiasts. Our aim is to bring a cappella fully into the 21st century, where the audience's experience is the most important. We want our audience to get on their feet.

Members: Diana Galeano, Shannon McNulty, Anna Morsillo, Arsanuos Abousetta, Tyler Gravelle, Craig Simonetti

Participated in: 2018


Hailing from Boston, Blueprint is an electrifying vocal band bringing a fresh, young energy to the stage. With their powerhouse solos and compelling harmonies, not to mention atomic dance skills and a guy named "Beast," you're guaranteed to write home about these captivating performers. They'll catch your attention from beat one with their carefree attitude and a repertoire that includes...every song they sing. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and, if they're lucky, you'll want to buy the t-shirt

Members: Alfredo Austin, Jeff Eames, Gary Gustavsen, Dustin Hyatt, Mark Joseph, Caleb Whelden

Participated in: 2012

Boston Accent Quartet

Boston Accent just can't seem to get enough of singing together, so they are members of Sweet Adelines International and Harmony, Incorporated - two international organizations of female barbershop singers. In November 2006, BA won the coveted gold medal at Harmony, Inc's International competition in Jacksonville Florida! In May of 2010, 2012 and 2013 they won first place in the Sweet Adelines North Atlantic Regional competition and competed internationally in Honolulu, HI. Their CD, CROWNED AND DANGEROUS, has been hailed as a "vocal symphony with an ACCENT on fun and entertainment".

Members: Ruth Berman, Cheryl Brusket, Julie Jeffery, Karen Rourke

Participated in: 2016 2014 2008


Bostonality is a Boston-based a cappella group comprised of young professional 20-somethings who share a passion for music and performance.

Members: Amanda Armillay, Tien Tran, Ben Lang, Dan Cormier, Jane Margolis, Brittany Stein, Dayna Fisk, Dylan Bushe, Jeff Bliss, Jarrod Stein, Kamisha Ferreira, Susie Ruppe

Participated in: 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2014

Carpe Singem

Our name, Carpe Singem, is a play on the Latin for Seize the Song! We sing for the sheer joy of singing and hope that in our love of music and singing we bring enjoyment to others. Our performances have included singing at the Hanover Theatre in Worcester and Symphony Hall in Springfield, caroling at Old Sturbridge Village, and performing at various corporate events, clubs, retirement communities, churches, and synagogues.

Members: Andrea Goodman, Faith Keskula, Donna Jackson, Megan McDonald

Participated in: 2017

Collective Measures

We are a co-ed post-collegiate A Cappella group in the Boston area in our 20's and early 30's who love to sing and have fun together. We enjoy performing for our friends and family at different venues around Boston and when we aren't doing that we are singing at different events like weddings, corporate parties, or even wedding proposals! We arrange our own songs and enjoy performing a wide variety of styles to ensure each member of the audience can connect to at least one song!

Members: Tiia Groden, Rob Katuska, Greg Price, Liz Wing, Ryan Ross, Laura Katuska, Linette Davis, Elyse Shenberger, Ben Chang, Olivia Butkowski

Participated in: 2018


An award-winning vocal band based in New York City, Concrete uses three-part harmonies and a low, rich sound to reimagine pop hits, classic rock and indie tunes. With lyric melodies and a smooth blend, their arrangements are uncomplicated and soulful. They have competed and performed internationally, and have 100% success rate for marriage proposals (she never says no)!

Members: Melina Marini, Caitlin Nelson, Jason Unger, Lior Melnick

Participated in: 2019

The Connotations

The Connotations have been singing together in and around Northampton since 2008. Though original members have moved on and new members join to fill our harmonies, we have always stood by our one and only creed: Singing while having fun with friends makes the harmonies that much sweeter. The Connotations have had the honor of singing at multiple benefits, town fairs, hospitals, and festivals in Western Mass. A usual performance could include motown, pop, spirituals, and anything in between...but it will always include our desire to let people in on our secret: the only reason we have day jobs is because no one has signed us yet.

Members: Allison Smartt, Janra Roberts, Mareika de Haas, Wryan Butler, Sarah Harvey, Hannah Ekwere, Helen O'Hara, Beckie Markarian

Participated in: 2015 2012

Daily Special

Sincere. Original. Silly. Theatrical. Hungry. These are all words that are often used to describe Daily Special.

Daily Special is an a barbershop quartet based in southern New England. They take pride in their goal of being model citizens of the a cappella world, sharing their music, knowledge, and leadership skills with their communities.

Always striving for musical excellence, they have won numerous accolades including 1st place at the 2019 Barbershop Harmony Society Northeastern District Championship, 2nd place at the 2018 Boston Regional Harmony Sweepstakes, and 40th place at the 2019 International BHS Quartet Championship.

Members: Isaac Swanson, tenor, Chad Putka, lead, Ben Lewin, baritone, Cay Outerbridge, bass

Participated in: 2020 2018


Deception is Danvers High School's 6-Person A Cappella group comprised of students from grades 10-12. Singers in Deception are also members of the school's larger, award-winning a cappella groups, Falconize and Ingrid Sound. Deception primarily performs current hits for school concerts, and just recently released three songs on the Danvers High School A Cappella album “Structure,” recorded with The Vocal Company.

Members: Jared Casey, Kali Sheppard, Trevor Hathaway, Hannah Kelsey, Mike Mahoney, Brianna Rivera

Participated in: 2018

Distilled Harmony

Originally founded in 2003 in the basement of a residence hall, Distilled Harmony has grown from humble beginnings into one of Northeastern University's most recognized a cappella groups.

The music they perform, which ranges from mainstream pop to indie rock, is just as varied as the interests and academic backgrounds of each of their members, forming a diverse and loving family.

They just recently released an album, HIGH DEFINITION, which can be found on all major streaming platforms!

Members: Karizma Kishnani, Mikaela Amundson, Marly Gallo, Breanna McClarey, Morgan Headden, Deanna Pahl, Peter Duncan, Evan Penn, Greg Myren, Steve Dresel, Abhi Muraleedaran

Participated in: 2020


DNA! - as the name implies, is a father-son-mother-daughter a cappella group based in central Massachusetts. They have opened for the Rockettes at the Boston City Christmas Spectacular and have appeared with the Worcester Men of Song in a variety of venues to promote the tight harmonies of Barbershop music. They have also performed at various local, civic, and church events throughout New England where they have readily demonstrated their unique blend of religious, secular and patriotic a cappella vocals.

Members: Jeff Letts, Cris Letts, Cristen Letts, Aurianna Letts

Participated in: 2011

Dorothy Mantooth and the Saints

Dorothy Mantooth and the Saints (DMaTS) was formed in 2012 and is without a doubt Albany’s newest a cappella sensation for people over 40. But don’t let this apparent newness fool you - the Saints have a combined total of 5 million years of a cappella experience, and are veterans of the largest a cappella stages to include the Harmony Sweeps finals and ICCA finals. DMaTS enjoys singing for food, beer, and making you laugh. Just don’t ask them to run any marathons because that ain’t happening. Members: Nate Altimari (guy w/beard and pot belly), Dave Rudnick (giant beard w/o pot belly), Ryan Haig (handsome guy), Carlton Able (ebony handsome guy), Al Orbinati (token bald guy), Don Ferlazzo (tall guy), Josh McMahon (short guy), and Darrell Belch (also short). DMaTS: Your favorite a-cappella group for a night.

Members: Al Orbinati, Nate Altimari, Don Ferlazzo, Ryan Haig, Dave Rudnick, Darrell Belch, Josh McMahon, Carlton Able

Participated in: 2015

Downtown Crossing

Downtown Crossing is an established Boston vocal band specializing in original songs and innovative, high-energy covers of alternative, modern rock, and R&B tunes. Past performance venues include the Somerville Theater, Ryles Jazz Club, Cantab Lounge, New Song Arts Center, Wellesley College, Tufts University, and WERS Radio (live and recorded). Four years strong, DTX is proud to be considered a mainstay of the dynamic Boston a cappella scene.

Members: Reena Freedman, Ariel Glassman, Edwin Johnson, Bradford McKeown, Kiel Mitchell, Jonathan Spring

Participated in: 2007 2004


Drive is the culmination of four musical journeys, and also just the beginning. Formed in 2016, each of its founding members spent years loving, listening to, and performing a wide variety of vocal music. Sharing a common background of stellar intonation, lyric expression, and expanded, ensemble sound found in barbershop harmony, they knew these fundamentals could allow a group to jump head-first into any piece that excited or moved its singers, regardless of style or genre.

Members: Josh Beswick, Jordan Kugler, Dan Allison, Ray Johnson

Participated in: 2019 2017


Since 1998, Duwende has been performing its own brand of genre-bending rock & roll in a variety of venues up and down the East Coast. The group has recently finished recording its first CD, a collection of ten original songs. More information about Duwende and their music can be found at.

Members: Jason Baluyut, Edward Chung, Abbey Janes, Dexter Jones, Morgan Phillips, Ari Picker

Participated in: 2001

East Coast Acappella

East Coast Acappella, a performance oriented vocal group for all occasions, brings to their audience a unique blend of 5 part harmonies, presenting only the best in 50s, 60s Doo Wop Rock & Roll and beyond - including some of your favorite songs from the 70's, 80's, 90's. The group tailors itself to each individual performance, whether it be a concert, wedding, corporate function, charitable event, or dinner theatre. Together, these five talented personalities bring to each audience an entertainment experience you are sure to remember. They have performed at venues ranging from Mohegan Sun, Cape Cod Melody Tent, Bayside Expo Center, Faneuil Hall, Marquis Theatre, Plymouth Memorial Hall, and the Plymouth Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Members: Rick Walsh, Ed Barker, Jack Pearson, Tom White, Mike Kelble

Participated in: 2012

The Eight Tracks

The Eight Tracks are a close-knit, semi-professional, Boston based a cappella group who bring a wealth of musical experience and passion to their singing. They perform regularly around the greater Boston area, singing energetic arrangements of crowd-pleasing hits and popular classics. Their debut performance was in the Fall of 2013 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, where they took third place/best vocal group among 11 other acts. For The Eight Tracks, it's all about sounding tight and letting loose.

Members: Nicholas Chadi, Jonathan Carpenter, Dennis Wong, Michela Gardner, Rebecca Corliss, Diana Barlaam, Ben Chang, Stephen Johns

Participated in: 2019 2014


In the early 1990s, a group of talented women saw a void in the Tufts vocal scene. As Black women, they felt that they, and the music they enjoyed singing, was absent. So, in an attempt to remedy this, and because of their general love of song, they came together to form a group called Spice. Spice sang together for a few years before becoming Essence in 1994. Over the years, the character of Essence has changed many times. Not only has Essence been through a musical make-over, some also see a shift in the purpose of the group. When it was first founded, Essence was intended, or perceived to be, only for women of color. But now we are proud to be one of the most diverse incarnations of Essence ever. The thing that will always link together every member of Essence, past and present, is our love of the music of the African Diaspora. We will always keep this meaning in our hearts out of respect for the founders of Essence.

Members: Angela Anderson, Faith Cummings, Melodie Eastmond, Kimberly Mitchell, Ursula Randolph, Mariel Montuori, Sharon Taylor, Rachel Engelberg and Kate Beal.

Participated in: 2007


F'loom is an avant cappella vocal trio that presents cutting-edge programs of "language music" - original pieces that inhabit the fertile, mysterious realm that lies between pure language (speech) and pure music (song). F'loom performs original all-vocal compositions seething with satire, social commentary, pop diatribe, slap, zap, melody, poetry, and comedy.

Members: Robert Kulik, Bess Phillips, Rick Scott

Participated in: 2004

Faith in Action

Faith in Action is a women’s a cappella group, singing gospel and spiritual songs with touches of jazz. Founded in March of 1996, the ad hoc group sang the same song (Sweet Honey in the Rock’s “We Are”) over several months for church-related events, culminating in a performance at Madison Square Garden in August 1996. After Madison Square Garden, they decided maybe God had a plan for the group, and maybe it was time to learn more than one song. Since then, FIA has performed with the Boston a cappella community (at a cappella showcases, clubs, and East Coast A Cappella Summits), in gospel concerts, for a variety of benefit events, and on WGBH-TV with Bobby McFerrin. FIA placed third in the 1999 Boston Sweeps, and is thrilled to be back with new members and new names.

Members: Janet Appleby, Darlene Burgess, Christine Federspiel, Toni Franklin, Rebecca Harrold, Jessica Lewis, Sharon Metzger

Participated in: 2003

Fermata Town

Founded in 2009, Fermata Town is now the newest member of the Contemporary A Cappella League (CAL). Inspired by the wealth of new talent in the a cappella world, we have worked hard to find our voice and put a unique stamp on the Boston a cappella scene. We pride ourselves in our original arrangements, the sound that we produce, and our ability to maintain a healthy balance between our music and active lifestyles.

Fermata Town was officially founded during the spring of 2009 stemming from the break up of the all male Boston based group The Testostertones (Boston). The founding duo of Dan Campagna and John Baptista recruited former Testostertones Dave Carr and Nathan Pierce to join forces and find other interested singers who shared the same passion for a cappella music. Be it through word or mouth, internet advertisements and craigslist posts - Fermata Town was able to quickly establish itself as one of Boston's freshest co-ed a cappella groups to hit the streets.

Members: Melissa Abreu/Dan Campagna, Mandy Cook/Johnny DelToro, Chris Giordano/Jeffrey Herrera, Garrett Little/Alex Margarite, Taylor Meltzer/Anna Miller, Liz Mongrello/Becky Vinci, Philipp Walzer

Participated in: 2017 2015 2013


Firedrill! stepped back, got a big running start and LEAPED... And made a big splash at the 2005 Harmony Sweeps by winning the Boston regional. When the finals came around, though, the group bellyflopped. Two years later Firedrill! is back with bright-red bellies (see for yourself!) and the same disregard for what contemporary a cappella is supposed to be. Since its last appearance the group has stepped up its repertoire and performance schedule, appearing at SoJam in North Carolina and agreeing to host the ICCA Finals at Lincoln Center this April. Firedrill! even released its first EP, Rock Paper Scissors. Thanks for having Firedrill! at the Boston Harmony Sweepstakes!

Members: Wrobz, , Fozz, Judd, Mark, (Mailman), Vic, Mikey B, Nate

Participated in: 2007 2005

Fireside Quartet

We are four good friends who love to sing four-part barbershop harmony. We were thrilled to be the 2017 Boston Regional Champions of the Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival, where we also won the Audience Favorite award and our lead David Adams also won the Best Male Soloist award. Fireside is a registered quartet of the Barbershop Harmony Society, and we participate in the Patriot Division and Northeastern District conventions and contests. We also perform at public and private venues, including corporate events, birthday parties, barbershop chapter shows, minor league baseball games, and senior living communities.

Members: Jesse Heines, David Adams, Manoj Padki, Daniel Schwartz

Participated in: 2017

Five o’Clock Shadow

Five O'Clock Shadow (FOCS) is a Boston based, all vocal rock/pop band. By using amplification and some basic effects added onto their voices, FOCS is able to create the same sound and energy as any rock band....but without using any instruments!

FOCS has been featured on VH-1's "//break.through/", FOX News, WB's Morning Show, A&E, ESPN, PBS, and more. They have also sung for the Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, and the NFL Hall of Fame. And through their Vocal Challenge program, FOCS has presented concerts and workshops to thousands of music students from coast to coast.

Participated in: 1997 1995 1994

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange is a female foursome made up of members from 3 different countries, brought together by the power of music. We formed in 2009 and have loved making music together ever since. We are officially a barbershop quartet, but we sing everything from jazz to disco to broadway classics. Over the last year we have been quite busy, traveling throughout the Northeast and performing for various groups. The cherry on top was when we became the Harmony, Inc. International Quartet Champion of 2011 in November. In March we began the process of recording our first CD which will drop in the fall. Check out our website or facebook page to find out more and to see if we'll be performing near you!

Members: Amanda Holloway , Morgan La Croix, Maria Gabriella, Nanda Landers

Participated in: 2012

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange is not a house of currency but an a cappella group consisting of four ladies from 3 different countries who love to harmonize. They mostly sing barbershop, but their repertoire varies from old standards, to broadway numbers to disco and everything in between. They are happy to sing anytime anywhere until the wee hours of the morning as long as the chords keep ringing. Amanda, Maria, Morgan and Nanda all currently live in the US and are happy to be representing Harmony, Inc. on the Boston Harmony Sweepstakes stage.

Members: Amanda Holloway, Maria Gabriella, Morgan LaCroix, Nanda Landers

Participated in: 2011


Fretless made its debut in June of 1999 at the First Parish Unitarian Church in Bedford, MA. In 2004, we competed at the Eastern Regional Harmony Sweepstakes at Tufts University's Cohen Auditorium, winning third place. In 2005, we produced our first CD entitled "All the Things We Are".

Fretless weaves the soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass voices of five accomplished performers into a tapestry of lush harmonies and fascinating lyrics. Our repertoire includes an adventurous mix of lively pop songs, Broadway classics, demanding classical works, and off-beat selections from the great American songbook.

Members: Vicki Righettini, soprano, Sue Wellington, alto, David Getty, tenor, Matt Etttore, baritone, Charlie Hodges, bass

Participated in: 2008 2004 2003

Funkin' A

Boston-based Funkin’ A! is seven voices of irreverence offering up an eclectic mix of tunes, including some you’re not sure you’ve ever heard, from six decades of (mostly) popular music. Covering Passion Pit to Michael Jackson to Blossom Dearie, their repertoire is sure to confuse DJs but please everyone else for at least three minutes. Over the past several years they’ve been proud to perform at Harvard Square’s massive Mayfair and Oktoberfest street festivals, WERS’s All A Cappella Live competition, Ball in the House’s A Cappella Concert Series, Boston’s AIDS walk, and the swank Liberty Hotel.

Members: Dayna Brown, Mike Kadin, Kyle Lad, Mo Lotman, Nikole Luebbe, Joe Pierandozzi, Liz Vaughan

Participated in: 2013

Greenlight Quartet

Greenlight Quartet rang their first chords in the summer of 2016 at a youth harmony workshop near Worcester, MA. Since forming, they've won the 2018 Barbershop Harmony Society's Northeastern District Quartet Championship, as well as the 2017 NED Youth Quartet Championship. They have also competed on the International stage twice, placing 7th in their most recent appearance in the 2018 Next Generation Varsity Quartet Contest (formerly YBQC). Originally consisting of only leads and basses scattered around the Northeast District, two members (Louis and Will) selflessly committed themselves to becoming the Tenor and Baritone of the quartet, respectively. In spite of the part switches and the long-distance setup, it's been a winning combination!

Members: Chris Cutler, Sebastian Massa, William Rogers, Louis Ades

Participated in: 2019


Groove is Boston's newest acappella sensation. Formed in December of 2001, this seven man vocal band specializes in arranging and performing pop/rock songs in a contemporary style. Though this lineup is new, individually, Groove's members have performed in over 2000 acappella shows as past and current members of: Binghamton Crosbys, Buffalo Chips, Boston College Acoustics, Boston College Bostonians, UMASS Doo wop Shop, The Gentlemen of UNH, Jyde, Four Shadow, The Hyannis Sound, Jigsaw and Five o'Clock Shadow. This exciting new septet strives to combine a high level of musicality with a vibrant stage energy

Members: Roopak Ahuja, Nate Altimari, Darrell Belch, Michael Burrows, Jim Harrington, Matt Lane, Michael LeBlanc

Participated in: 2002

Grundy's Magic Shop

Welcome to the magic shop... That is Grundy's Magic Shop of course! We are an vocal quartet based in the Greater Boston Area bringing more than 25 years of combined experience to audiences of all ages. Even though Barbershop is where we all met and started singing together, we each bring our own style and unique vocal qualities to make music ring. We enjoy singing everything from Jazz and swing to classics and contemporary genres. Taking the Music to the top is our very own Jonathan Hinkle as Tenor, with the Leading role being played by Kadin-Seth Binkley. Laying down the foundation is Steve Moore as Bass and our mysterious guru of musical magic is Ben Brown, who occasionally doubles as a baritone. We look forward to seeing you soon and maybe singing a song with you or for you. Let the Show begin!

Members: Jonathan Hinkle, Kadin-Seth Binkley, Ben Brown, Steven Moore

Participated in: 2013

Harmonic North

Harmonic North is a recording project, unique, eclectic and unforgettable. This trio of men have been singing together since 1991 when they founded the original Five O'Clock Shadow, a Boston-based vocal band (long since left in other hands). Although they all trained in classical vocal performance, in their regular lives these gentlemen are husbands, fathers, a doctor, an engineering manager, an office manager and many other things besides musicians.

They are grateful for this oasis into one of the things they love most, which is harmonizing together. Harmonic North is like a compass in that sense, and periodically brings them together in search of the perfect chord.

Members: James Meyers (tenor), Bill Eddy (tenor), Warren Tessier (baritone/bass)

Participated in: 2015

Harmonious Soul

Harmonious Soul has a solid reputation of high caliber performances. Dedicated to peace and equality, this group boasts an incredible record, having entertained at many popular state events and venues in Connecticut. With an eclectic array of covers from traditional a cappella to country, jazz, and rock and roll, this group's music is as thought provoking as their sonority is deep. While drawing audiences with their blended sound and extensive range, this ensemble continues to perform throughout the New England area, singing from a self-invigorating and socially conscious repertoire.

Members: Beth D'Amato, Nicole Daigle (not attending), Maureen Goulet, Tobi Krutt, Siobhan Leonard, Ashley Sheridan, Marinne Cheney (not attending), Kristin Peterson

Participated in: 2017 2006


In the world of a cappella music, Harmonytryx (Har-mo-NEE-trix) is a breath of fresh air! Self-managed and independent, these women entertain audiences with an eclectic mix of pop, folk and world music that ranges from sexy and provocative to soulful and spiritual. Their unique combination of tightly-crafted vocal harmonies, powerful solos, funky vocal percussion and lively humor has captivated audiences throughout the NYC metropolitan area and beyond.

Members: Erica Cohn, Janet Crowley, Joia Ladd, Elena LaRoca, Jenifer Starr, Anne Walsh

Participated in: 1996

The Honeymooners

Formed in April 2004, The Honeymooners is a mixed quartet from the Upper Valley area of Vermont and New Hampshire. Two married couples (you can guess who goes with whom based on vertical similarities!), The HM enjoy performing a wide variety of a cappella music, and audience interaction is always the main goal. Doo-wop, barbershop, gospel and novelty songs... lots of humor and some choreography, for good measure; audiences always seem to want more, because this group looks as though they are having so much fun together! You never really know what their next song might be, but when you hear it, you will be tempted to sing along. A pharmacist, a vice president, a director of manufacturing and a choral music teacher – can you guess who does what? Regardless of what The HM do in “real life,” singing with people they love is a passion, and it keeps that creative energy… and laughter… flowing.

Members: Lisa Henderson, Chris Henderson, Gaye Signor, Dan Signor

Participated in: 2010

In The Moment

In The Moment is a group of seven women, dedicated to their passion for a cappella, amidst the complications of life with 7 husbands, 14 children, 2 dogs, 3 cats, and a variety of careers! Since 1999, they have been devoting their vocal talent and contagious sense of fun to entertaining audiences at concert halls, festivals, fundraisers, and private parties. From pop to jazz, doo-wop to hip hop, they do it all, and take pride in their versatility. Refusing to be "desperate housewives," they consistently challenge themselves to take musical risks, while remaining true to a quality sound that is uniquely their own.

Members: Ruthanne Larsen Brown, Debby Foner, Anne Kalis, Debbie Cohen Skelton, Rachel Reynolds, Betsy Morris Rosen, Amber Tol

Participated in: 2006

Integration By Parts

Integration By Parts is a six-member vocal band which has been performing in the greater Boston area since 2001. This merry band of music veterans has crafted a unique sound influenced heavily by jazz, breathing new life into everything from pop to folk to classic rock. The group has competed in the Boston Regional Harmony Sweepstakes for two years running, and was awarded Best Original Arrangement at the 2003 competition. Known for their tight vocal harmonies, but never in danger of taking themselves too seriously, the members of IBP infuse their performances with exuberance and a healthy shot of humor. The group released its first album, MetroGnome, in 2004. IBP also heads up the non-profit organization Vocal Band Aid, which brings a cappella performers together to help fund music education. Integration by Parts: a cappella without limits!

Members: Jeff Alderson, Liz Baraff, Mike King, Carolyn Schneyer, Anna Sergel, Greg Simpson

Participated in: 2005 2004

Integration by Parts

Integration by Parts is a six-member, co-ed group which has recently burst forth onto Boston a cappella scene. A merry band of a cappella veterans happy to have found a home, the group is quickly becoming known for its tight vocal harmonies and exuberant performance style. IBP has crafted a unique sound influenced heavily by jazz, breathing new life into everything from pop to folk to classic rock. Integration by Parts. a cappella without limits!

Members: Jeff Alderson, Melanie Armstrong, Liz Baraff, Michael King, Carolyn Schneyer, Greg Simpson

Participated in: 2003

Invisible Men

Invisible Men (IM) is a vocal band based in Manhattan, dedicated to performing tasty and propulsive arrangements of the choicest pop, rock and R-'n-B morsels.Coming out of the underground contemporary a-cappella scene, IM uses its voices-- including vocal percussion, well-amplified bass and the occasional audio effect-- to create performances as exciting and energetic as an instrumental combo. While most pop groups in the college a-cap scene (in which the IM guys honed their chops) are large and have the luxury of being able to literally recreate popular recordings using complex arrangements, IM and small bands like it are looking to create the excitement of popular music with efficient but powerful arrangements, so that while you know you're listening to voices, the sound is so full and convincing that you simply don't care. Invisible Men played its very first show on Feb. 26, 2005 at the New York Harmony Sweepstakes at Symphony Space, and took the metro vocal harmony scene by storm that night, winning Audience Favorite honors.

Members: Justin Blanding, Warren Bloom, Oliver Libby, Tyler Pennock, Angelo Rufino

Participated in: 2006

Iris Vocal Trio

Iris is a vocal trio based in New York City that was formed in 2018. The group re-imagines classic songs beloved by all audiences. With just three voices, the group demonstrates the versatility of the human voice through unique and intricate vocal arrangements. Iris has had the opportunity to perform in a number of notable venues including Berklee Performance Center, Green Room 42 and Carnegie Hall.

Members: Andrew John Kim, Dara Orland, David Rowen

Participated in: 2020


We are in our twentieth year! KnightSong is a group of friends from diverse backgrounds who share a love of singing beautiful music. We have two regular concerts a year, have performed for many seasons of "Christmas Candlelight Nights" at Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, and perform at private functions and community events throughout the year. We have two CDs available for sale and are about to release our third, "Twentig," in honor of our first twenty years.

Members: Pat Buonodono, Brad Ketch, Keith Duggan, Becky Strickland, Rebecca Ballard, David Pylate, Dave Ballard, Courtney Strickland

Participated in: 2009


The Lifestyles feature a modern, post-war sound. You pick the war. Lifestyles founder, Ned Claflin, was also the founder of the beloved bay area a cappella group, The Baltimores, who charmed local audiences in the 1980's.

Members: Ned Claflin, Patty Barkis, Nick Clark, John Pinkney

Participated in: 1992

Live Wire

LiveWire is the pre-eminent vocal rock sensation out of Atlanta, GA. Since 1998, these seven talented musicians have been thrilling Atlanta TV, radio and live audiences with their unique "rock-band-without-the-band" sound: they perform musically accurate arrangements of rock songs with only one instrument -- the human voice. Their shows combine jaw-dropping musicality, contagious high energy, and a pinch or three of wackiness. They have entertained thousands of people around the Atlanta area, appeared all over the Atlanta media -- from morning news magazine appearances on the local NBC and FOX affiliates to news appearances on FOX, CBS, and ABC to radio appearances on 99X (WNNX FM - Atlanta's modern rock radio station) and Magic 96.7 (WMKJ-FM) --and are just as comfortable performing in a raucous club setting as they are in an intimate corporate cocktail party.

Members: Michelle Arrascue, Jennifer Bond, Carl Christie, Benjy Rose, Jordan Small, Rob Sylvester, Kris Walker

Participated in: 2000

The Lotus Sound

The Lotus Sound is an experimental circle singing group based in Boston. Inspired by the African roots of the practice and the wonderful music of Bobby McFerrin, they strive to spread a message of unity and joy through a unique kind of performance. Because its members are from all over the world, each of their performances becomes uniquely new by improvising on a great variety of genres and languages, and by mixing cultures, life experiences and musical backgrounds to create one incredibly inclusive performance.

Members: Paola Munda, Marina Vinogradova, Eleonora Rancati, Swara Swaramitaru, Micaella Cattani, Carlotta Amato, Serle Siliani, Isabel Rodriguez, Manfredi Caputo, Agney Mulay, Matheus Maciel, Andres Cannas

Participated in: 2020

Mainely Acappella

Mainely Acappella is a Maine based competitive women’s barbershop quartet who sing a wide range of songs from heartfelt ballads, patriotic standards, to jazzy up tunes and popular hits. The quartet is comprised of two sisters -Debbie Arenberg (lead) from South Berwick and sister Barb Hynes (baritone) from Freeport, Wendi Bailey (tenor) from Stowe and Irene Rounds (bass) from North Windham, Maine. They maintain dual membership in both Sweet Adeline International and Harmony Inc. women’s barbershop organizations. The quartet is affiliated with barbershop Sounds of the Seacoast Chorus, Newington, NH and Coastline Show Chorus of Rhode Island..

Members: Deborah Arenberg, Wendilee Bailey, Irene Rounds, Barbara Hynes

Participated in: 2011

Mass Whole Notes

The Mass Whole Notes are a semi-professional contemporary a cappella group, based in Somerville, Massachusetts. We have a modern sound that can also rock the classics with some style. The Mass Wholes are made of a diverse, zany, and individually unique group of fun-loving goofballs with a soft spot for making music with our mouths. The Mass Wholes also have a large range of a cappella renditions of everything from Paramore to Chance the Rapper.

Members: Shannon Muscatello, Abby Merson, Lauren Jones, Andrew Levin, Meade Atkeson, Patrick Roberts, Lauren Carey, Erica Hassink, Sara Saltzer, Rebecca Elowe, Nick Cox, Larry Ong-Goldring

Participated in: 2020 2018

Men In Black

Men in Black is a young quartet bringing a fresh youthful sound and personality to barbershops classic standards and drawing appeal to its ever evolving sound in today's world. Their passion for the barbershop style was rewarded in July of 2005 when they were awarded he 2005 gold medal as the MBNA International Collegiate Quartet Champions. Once winning at this level, they immediately began to take on "the big boys" and in October of 2005 they were crowned the best in the Northeast.

Members: Ray Johnson, Karl Hudson, Tony Nasto, Oliver Merrill

Participated in: 2007

The Metropolitones

Founded in 2001, The MetropoliTones is a New York City based a cappella group composed of graduates from the Seven Sisters colleges. When not working our day jobs (running conferences, crunching numbers on Wall Street or digging for fossils), we can be found adding musical pizazz to corporate, private and sporting events in the tri- state area. The MetropoliTones have performed at Cipriani, The New York Athletic Club, The Bitter End, The Pierre Hotel, Ronald McDonald House, The Bronx Zoo, Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum, Madison Square Garden, Prudential Center and Giants Stadium.

Participated in: 2013

Mixed MetaFour

Mixed MetaFour was very carefully named. We are a mixed group, and there are four of us.

We first got together with two men from the men's Fireside barbershop quartet and the women's All 4 One barbershop quartet. (Two of us were father and daughter, which didn't hurt.) We proceeded to entertain in New England and Old England, win an award in one of BHS's first mixed contests, and mix an awful lot of metaphors.

Now we've swapped one daughter for another, and changed our repertoire a little. But we remain ready to take you, musically, to a place where the hand of man has never set foot.

Members: Jen Blair, Dagny Dukach, Manoj Padki, Daniel Schwartz

Participated in: 2020 2016 2015


Meet Hannah, Angela, Courtney, Jo, and Mel - together they are Musae; America's top Female Vocal Band. Since 2011, members of Musae have made television appearances on NBC's The Sing-Off, MTV's MADE, and ICCA Finals. Musae has headlined some of the most prominent music festivals both in the U.S. and abroad. Members have also written, engineered and produced chart topping tracks for artists around the globe. Alongside their world-class performances, they seek to reach out to and educate young artists and performers through their inspiring, industry-leading workshops.

Members: Lauren Barreiro, Angela Ugolini, Hannah Juliano, Courtney Godwin, Johanna Vinson, Kari Francis

Participated in: 2012

Neapolitan Quartet

Neapolitan Quartet features Anand Sitaram on Lead, Sarah McNamee on Tenor, Linda Noble on Baritone, and Ray Johnson on Bass. Neapolitan is registered with the Mixed Barbershop Harmony Association and placed second in the first mixed quartet contest at Harmony Incorporated's Area 2 contest and convention in 2018. We are proud to add to the diversity of barbershop harmony!

Members: Sarah McNamee, Anand Sitaram, Linda Noble, Raymond Johnson

Participated in: 2019

None of the Above

Celebrating 15 plus years of music-making and camaraderie, None of the Above (NOTA) is an a cappella octet performing an eclectic mix of early polyphony, cutting-edge modern harmony, familiar folk songs, uplifting spirituals, catchy pop tunes, and lush jazz standards. Based in Wellesley, MA, NOTA has performed all over New England at coffeehouses, libraries, churches and other aca-friendly performance spaces. We have won multiple cultural council grant awards in Natick and Wellesley, MA for our diverse programming - including our annual showcase concert, Spring Fev-ah. In 2009, NOTA took third place here at Boston Sweeps, our first and only appearance to date. Our wildly popular inaugural CD, "multiple choice", is now in its second printing, and is available at numerous online outlets. We are delighted to perform today for such a great aca-savvy audience!

Members: Alisa Manning, Elena Rabinowitz, Deb Abberton, Elyssa Miller, Charlie Hodges, Tony Vuolo, Matt Ettore, Jeff Auerbach

Participated in: 2014

None Of The Above

Celebrating 15 plus years of music-making and camaraderie, None of the Above (NOTA) is an a cappella octet performing an eclectic mix of early polyphony, cutting-edge modern harmony, familiar folk songs, uplifting spirituals, catchy pop tunes, and lush jazz standards. Based in Wellesley, MA, NOTA has performed all over New England at coffeehouses, libraries, churches and other aca-friendly performance spaces. We have won multiple cultural council grant awards in Natick and Wellesley, MA for our diverse programming - including our annual showcase concert, Spring Fev-ah. In 2009, NOTA took third place here at Boston Sweeps, our first and only appearance to date. Our wildly popular inaugural CD, "multiple choice", is now in its second printing, and is available at numerous online outlets. We are delighted to perform today for such a great aca-savvy audience!

Members: Alisa Manning, Elena Krasnovsky, Deb Abberton, Elyssa Miller, Charlie Hodges, Tony Vuolo, Matt Ettore , Jeff Auerbach

Participated in: 2009

North Shore A Cappella

For the last 26 years, North Shore Acappella has entertained and excited thousands of listeners throughout the Boston area, adding an experienced blend of harmony, rhythm and tempo to songs from the 40's right up through today. This special art of delivering music without instrumental accompaniment is what North Shore Acappella is all about. The award-winning group offers a continuously fresh repertoire of hundreds of popular hits that cover the last five decades. Each number and performance is arranged in a way that showcases each member in a role of lead singer - a trait that very few acappella groups in the country can claim.

Members: Tommy Duarte, Paul Lopes, Jimmy Martin, Vinny Straccia, Guy Chiapponi

Participated in: 2011 1991


NoteAbles is a group of teenagers from various high schools throughout Northeast Ohio, began singing together eight years ago and are still current members of the world-renowned mixed youth chorus, The Singing Angels, but have formed The NoteAbles to arrange and perform a capella music on their own. During their years with the Singing Angels, they have traveled nationally and internationally including tours of the Mediterranean, Scandanavia, Russia and China, and have performed before Pope Benedict XVI and President George Bush. The NoteAbles arrange and perform their music independently and are known for their smooth sounds and tight harmonies.

Participated in: 2012

Our Town

Comprised of four men with championship ranking in both the Barbershop Harmony Society and a cappella circles, OUR TOWN won both the prestigious Harmony Sweepstakes (the oldest a cappella competition in America) and Barbershop Harmony Society Northeastern Districts in 2009.

Known for their "big sound" and pure style of harmony, the quartet recently appeared at the iconic New York City nightclub, Birdland. Intent on singing familiar songs for the enjoyment of varying audiences - college students to traditional song buffs - OUR TOWN boasts a repertoire reflective of musical tastes ranging from contemporary up-tunes to nostalgic ballads.

Members: Jamie Carbone, Scott Brannon, Terry Clarke, Larry Tully

Participated in: 2009


Founded in the spring of 2006 by current director Nicholas Girard, Overboard is a male a cappella group from Boston, MA. Although Overboard's repertoire consists primarily of contemporary pop/rock songs, including covers from such artists as Rascall Flatts, Stevie Wonder and The Beatles, the group remains true to its a cappella roots and continues to perform classic selections such as "Blue Moon," "In The Still of the Night" and "Stand By Me."

First conceived as a street performance group intent on entertaining audiences around coastal New England during the summer months, Overboard has come a long way in a short time. The group's first album, Shipwrecked, was recorded in Nick's living room and was released during that first summer. Shipwrecked was distributed during frequent busking stops in Newburyport, MA; Freeport, ME and Burlington, VT, as well as around the group's hometown of Boston.

Members: Scott Cobban, Jeff Eames, Nick Girard, Alfredo Austin III, Caleb Whelden.

Participated in: 2011 2010 2008

Phonic Uproar

Phonic Uproar was founded at the University Of Dayton and features six male vocalists. The group has performed in various venues including church conferences, university functions, and concert settings. This eclectic ensemble derives its roots in various genres such as Motown, R&B, Rock, Pop, Classical, Jazz, and many others.

Members: Jelani Stokes, Josh Forman, D.j. Yantis, Garrett Woods, Joel Sullivan, Brandon Hrkman

Participated in: 2016

Pickup 6

At the crossroads between swinging jazz, sultry soul, and upbeat pop, Pickup 6 delights and entertains audiences with a high-energy a cappella sound. Since 1996, we have journeyed down the musical highway, constantly straddling the double- yellow line between sophistication and fun. Most of our arrangements are by members of the sextet, including standards like "Route 66," blustery, heated ballads like "Fever," or more off-beat fare like "You Never Give Me Your Money" and "Cool" from West Side Story. Performing at jazz clubs and private parties, or spending long nights rehearsing or producing new arrangements, we find joy, challenge, companionship and inspiration in our singing.

Members: John Paquette, Adam Scotville, Valery Northrop, Kirsten Findell, Lisa MacAlaster, Christian Nolen

Participated in: 1999

The Pinkertones

Originally created as a barbershop quartet, the Pinkertones are now Pinkerton Academy’s male a cappella group, from Derry, NH. They perform a mixture of original compositions as well as arrangements of well known songs. While they perform various styles of music, they would most easily be classified under the genre of pop/rock. Though relatively new to the a cappella scene, the Pinkertones have performed in a variety of venues and events; these include school performances, benefit concerts, weddings, and recently the opening act for Rockapella. They are excited to perform with so many experienced and talented groups, and hope to bring new energy and life to the stage.

Members: Kaleb Wells, Jeff Scott, Trevor Wells, Jameson Wells, Jon Gaines

Participated in: 2010

Plumbers of Rome

While serving as court musicians/crepe chefs at the court of Charles VII in the 13th century (they were not allowed to serve as the Royal Plumbers, since plumbing was at that time considered to be a form of witchcraft) the Plumbers of Rome invented a device to hurl food and concert T-shirts into the starving peasant section of the King's Concert Hall. Adapted for military use, and named the Trebuchet, this modest invention lead the French army to many victories, as well as adding to the festive atmosphere of French wedding receptions and modern day Renaissance Festivals. While history has all but forgotten the inventors of the Trebuchet, the Plumbers are commemorated in the traditional French carol ballade de l'arme romaine aim'e de plombier.

Members: Randy Jackson, Ron Gilgamesh, Ernie Stuckowitz

Participated in: 2010


Since its inception four decades ago, the New England Conservatory’s jazz program has been producing an impressive roster of young singers, largely due to the presence of JazzProject Recording Artist and virtuosic vocalist/composer, Dominique Eade. The newest crop of current students and alumni are no exception and they have decided to put their education and their voices together to create Prism, an all-star vocal ensemble featuring original arranging, masterful solo singing and lush harmonies. "Hearing any one of these innovative young singers live would be a treat, but to have their impressive talents combined in one group gives a glimpse of the future of vocal jazz group singing not to be missed," comments Eade, who served as a mentor to nearly every member.

Members: Aubrey Johnson, Tammy Scheffer, Katie Seiler, Laura Grill, Richard Saunders, Tomas Cruz, J.C. Coffey

Participated in: 2010


Prosper is an inspirational a capella group that originated in one of the most musical places in the U.S.-Oakwood University in Huntsville, AL. Musicians like: Brian Mcknight, Take 6, and Committed-the season 2 champions of the hit NBC televesion show 'the sing-off'. We are very excited that our first album will be produced by Committed's Lead vocalist Theron Thomas on our newest album) Arion Mills originated the group by literally walking around campus and listening to various singers sing in and outside of classes! We assembled a bass, 3 tenors and a counter-tenor and the sound was phenomenal! Singing gospel arrangements around campus at various functions slowly turned into us performing pop music for large masses in AL. We are excited to take on the challenge of expanding our sound outside our state and showing musicians and people around the globe that we are hungry to perform and excited to share in the fun and camaraderie that only a cappella music can bring!

Members: Arion Mills, Brian McDaniel, Shianne O'Connor, Cheon Brathwaite, Randel Hall

Participated in: 2014


Quintet delivers a mix of classic vocal jazz a cappella and contemporary harmony. Comprised of an eclectic and seasoned cadre of music professionals, the 5-voice group features first-class, modern arrangements of the Great American Songbook’s finest composers. Lead soprano, Christine Tamer, offers an uncompromisingly pure solo voice and technique that is the hallmark of Quintet’s sound. Alto, Jacqueline Duryea, is a highly sought-after vocalist and performer in NY where she has recorded and performed with the leading club-date acts for over a decade. Counter-tenor, Stephen Gleason, is a college professor, veteran NYC guitarist, vocalist and music director who lends-a-hand in arranging and curating the group’s repertoire. Tenor, Marc Silverberg, is a denizen of the contemporary a cappella scene and renowned clinician, with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things “a cappella”. Virtuoso pianist and bass, Yuki Yamaguchi, cultivated his early career accompanying opera singers in Japanese conservatories. He is now celebrated as a NYC jazz recording artist, regularly performing in top NYC venues, such as Birdland and The Blue Note.

Members: Marc Silverberg, Yuki Yamaguchi, Stephen Gleason, Christine Tanner, Erica Tamburo

Participated in: 2015


The Rainbows is a group from Quebec City started in 2007, comprised of six professional signers. The six voices brought together forms en explosive sound full of rich harmonies. They take their inspiration from Jazz, Pop music and always surprise their public with original arrangements that come to life after several jam sessions. Why are they called ''The Rainbows''? We'll let you figure it out.

Members: Genevieve Paré, Julie Vandal, Hera Ménard, Marc-André Bean, Nicholas Grynzspan, Alexandre Hudon

Participated in: 2012

Relative Ring

Relative Ring - Hailing from four distant corners of Maine, Relative Ring is comprised of two cousins, both former chorus directors, and two sisters, all Sweet Adeline members. They are thrilled to be fulfilling a life-long dream of singing together and sharing their love of traditional barbershop music.

Members: Deborah Arenberg, Barbara Hynes, Sherry Sprague, Wendi Bailey

Participated in: 2008

Road Show

Road Show performs for Barbershop Chapters of the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS), Sweet Adelines, Int. (SAI) Harmony Inc. (HI) as well as many non-barershop events and private occations. In addition to winning the Northeastern District Championship, Road Show won the N.E. Harmony Sweeps Acapella contest which is the premier American showcase for vocal harmony music.

Members: Mike Gabriella, Bob O’Connell, Mike Maino , Jimmy Berger

Participated in: 2009 2004


Saffron formed in January 2015 and burst onto the Region 1 Sweet Adelines scene a few months later with a 4th place medal. They medaled each year since, until in April of 2018 they became Region 1 Sweet Adelines International Champions. They earned their blue ribbons while also breaking the Region 1 record with a score of 637! Their repertoire covers an eclectic variety of charts ranging from folk ballads, to toe-tapping jazzy standards, to southern rock melodies, all arranged in classic and tight barbershop chording that is sure to put a tear in your eye and a smile in your heart!

Members: Christine Bulgini, Amanda Fowski, Valeri Reynolds, Susan Berry

Participated in: 2020 2016

Satellite Lane

Satellite Lane is a Long Island-based a cappella group that currently belongs to the Contemporary A cappella League. Made up of seven teachers, Satellite Lane specializes in spreading a cappella education to music programs and performing spontaneous original compositions. In March 2013, Satellite Lane competed in the New York Regional Harmony Sweepstakes, where they won "Audience Favorite," "Best Arrangement," and a special "Honorable Mention" for originality. Currently, they are working on their first studio album and several original music videos.

Members: Christine Benedetti, Andrew Duca, Andrew Fallu, Evan Feist, Rachel Karmel, Melanie Malusa, Marc Silverberg

Participated in: 2016

Second Verse

Founded in Pittsburgh, PA in 2005, Second Verse is proud to be the second Pittsburgh vocal group ever to compete in the Harmony Sweepstakes, and are excited to make their first appearance in the Sweeps here in the home of the world's best a cappella scene -- Boston. They blend contemporary a cappella with the popular Pittsburgh area traditions of doo-wop and barbershop with the mission of creating performances that are as fun for audiences as they are for the singers. Second Verse has enjoyed performances in such venues as Pittsburgh's Benedum Center, KDKA Television, and PNC Park. The core of the group (Michael, Mike, and Eric) went on a year later to found contemporary sextet DoubleShot!, but still love to sing together in smaller groups -- and thanks to the addition of their newest fourth man, are able to come together for a unique reunion of sorts here at the Harmony Sweepstakes. Second Verse would like to thank their family and friends (especially the ones who are housing them here in Boston!) and the staff of the Harmony Sweeps for another great year of a cappella

Members: Michael Bodnar, Luke Clavey, Eric Manalo, Mike Yanchak

Participated in: 2007


Sentinel started out as an in-house church quartet which a few years ago decided to go public. Members are now from three churches in the Syracuse area who sing for the love of music and as a type of ministry. We mostly do church concerts, services, benefits for charitable organizations, and visits to senior homes. You'll find some traces of barbershop harmony in our arrangements as we sing hymns, spirituals, gospel songs, and an occasional classical piece.

Members: Steve Arnold , Archie McEvers, George Carruth , Joe Browne

Participated in: 2007


How fitting the name Showcase is for this foursome! They love to sing, to show their best to audiences, and to present special events (songs) in order to tug on the heart-strings of their listeners! Showcase, an a cappella quartet, started singing together in March 2007 and just two and a half years later became the 2009 International Championship Quartet of Harmony, Inc. All are members of New England Voices in Harmony, an Internationally ranked fourth place women's barbershop chorus from Nashua, New Hampshire. Showcase released their debut cd "Birds Gotta Fly" in November of 2012. An eclectic mix of jazz, blues, Broadway tunes all done in the barbershop a capella style.

Members: Katrine Dickaur, Kathleen Macdonald, Renee Tramack, Kari-Lynn Knight

Participated in: 2013

Similar Jones

Similar Jones is a vocal band with a combined sound that's bigger than their 7 voices. With a heavy focus on blues and rock, the vocal band uses a powerful rhythm section to get things pumping and tight, and bright background vocals to build the foundation for a wide variety of songs, including favorite covers and their own original tunes. SJ has been gigging around Boston for ... holy crap has it really been 15 years? ... at venues large and small. The current lineup features an opera singer, an astrophysicist, and one original member. Can you guess who they are?

Members: Eric Chung, Dave Cushing, Reena Freedman, Rob Opdycke, Nate Piper, Jeremy Sacco, Mike Stevens

Participated in: 2014 2005 2002 2001 1999 1998

Six Appeal

Is Six Appeal a comedy group, a vocal ensemble, or a rock band? Audiences have been trying to answer that question for years. Swearing off instruments, Six Appeal uses a cappella singing to span decades of classic oldies, current chart toppers, and catchy original tunes. Featuring vocal dexterity and adventurous song selection, the group explores all genres with a far-reaching repertoire that will surprise and captivate audiences regardless of the setting. Despite their cheeky group name, the antics of these six young gentlemen provide a good natured atmosphere for their electrifying performance. A Six Appeal show will split your sides, feed your musical sweet tooth, and leave you wondering how in the world they pulled it off just with voices.

Members: Irene Antonellis, Christy Colburn, Kim Armstrong, Ben Sigwarth, Julie Tucker, Matt Wrobel

Participated in: 2003


Six-man vocal band Six13 brings an unprecedented style of Jewish music to the stage. With songs that range from hip-hop dance tracks to rock anthems, their albums have been the recipients of five Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards and selections to nine different "best of" compilations. This summer, they were chosen as finalists in the casting process for NBC's prime-time series The Sing-Off, and the group has also become an internet sensation, with over 500,000 views on YouTube.

Members: Mike Boxer, Eric Dinowitz, Rob Operman, Craig Resmovits, Jacob Spadaro, Mordy Weinstein

Participated in: 2014


Snowday, a DC based vocal band of seasoned performers, has emerged in music education to a world of applause throughout the East Coast. New harmonies combined with upbeat dialogue engage students in learning about music while listening to the popular music they love. Through varied vocal techniques, four voices and four mics, Snowday creates the full sound of a band with just voices! In addition to public performances, Snowday performs as part of the Class Acts Art roster for schools and libraries throughout DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Members: Amanda, Becky, Marco, Hugh, Ward

Participated in: 2009


soniCrush is the product of five women and one man who have sung both professionally and leisurely over the past fifteen or more years. Founded in 1996, as HOUSE BLEND, their ultimate goal is to share its love of a cappella music with its audiences, hoping that they have as much fun listening as soniCrush has singing. The soniCrush sound is an equal mix of covers, both old and new, and originals. From opera to jazz to Broadway to funk, the members of soniCrush have sung every kind of music in every kind of venue. Having all enjoyed singing a cappella in college (they are graduates of Boston College, Brown, Dartmouth, MIT & UNH), they have pooled their diverse musical talents and years of experience to produce a strong and versatile band focused on the human voice.

Members: Stephanie Pappas, Erin O'Connor, Allison Berger, Kate Matsutani, Vanessa Sanborn, Christian Force

Participated in: 2002


So Rare is an award-winning women's a cappella quartet singing smooth sounds and intricate harmonies. No vocal percussion here, just perfectly blended chords in a varied repertoire including swing, jazz, modern and contemporary. Brought together by their love of close harmony, these talented ladies have been entertaining audiences for six years. SoRare! has been 1st runner up in the Boston Area Harmony Sweepstakes Competition for 1998, 1999, and 2000 before becoming this year's winners. They are a five-time medalist quartet in the North Atlantic Regional Quartet Competition of Sweet Adelines International. They have performed extensively throughout New England including, Worcester's 1st Night Celebrations, Bridgewater’s 4th of July featured entertainers and performer of the National Anthem, Stellar A Cappella, A Cappella Gold, opening night for the Boston Celtics where they performed for Bill Russell, several area shows, clubs and private parties. They have recently released their 1st CD entitled, SoRare! Well Done!

Members: Karen Christofi, Jannis M. Williams, Donna Manoogian, Arlene Isaac

Participated in: 2001


Soulstice is Cheverus High School from Portland, Maine's award winning a cappella vocal jazz group. In just their second year of existence they have already won one Maine State championship in jazz choir and in March of this year, placed 2nd at the Berklee College of Music jazz festival. In January they were selected as one of the few high school groups to perform at the Jazz Education Network convention in Louisville, Kentucky. The group is directed by Chris Humphrey, formerly a member of the Boston-based vocal jazz group The Ritz. The group has performed at the Maine Red Claws (NBA D league team) and at The Press Room in Portsmouth, NH. They will record their first CD this spring.

Members: Erin Fitzpatrick, Samantha SaVaun, Bobbiella Andoh, Jake Boyce, Christian Cilley, Nathan Caso

Participated in: 2012

Sound Off

Formed in 2013, Sound Off is an award-winning semi-professional a cappella group based in Boston, MA and proud member of the Contemporary A cappella League (CAL). We are young men and women from all different career fields brought together by an unabashed love for a cappella music and performance. While we perform regularly around the Greater Boston area, Sound Off continues to develop a diverse repertoire of modern pop with a soulful twist.

Members: Tyler Gravelle, Kevin Guest, Will Finlay, Jon Lavalley, James Cannon, Patrick Dennan, Diana Galeano, Alisha Hill, Emily Parker, Megan Kettmann, Eileen O'Hara, Leah Caruso

Participated in: 2018 2016

Soundstage 7

Soundstage 7 is the scroobiest band in Boston! We¹ve been rehearsing, performing, and chowing on sushi together since the spring of 1997, and we perform whatever music takes our fancy, as long as it¹s fun, crazy, energetic, hip, or just plain groovy, baby! We dig Œ80s and Œ90s pop tunes (you know you do too, admit it), but our repertoire also includes neo-swing, soul, and funk, among other styles. We¹re psyched to be back in the Boston Regional Harmony Sweepstakes, and we¹d like to thank the Beelzebubs Foundation for sponsoring this great show year after year! Go Boston a cappella!

Members: Greg Bowne, Mike Daly, Andrea Heyda, Hyoun Park, Liz Ruark, Maddie Welch

Participated in: 2001 1998

Southeast Light Quartet

Southeast Light Quartet - What is Southeast Light? The dictionary may say....Southeast Light: 1. a beacon for ships off the coast of Block Island 2. a lighthouse that was moved 300 feet back from the edge of the cliff 3. the light of day from the southeast point of the compass 4. a group of friends singing close a capella harmony. Southeast Light is all of the above. The Southeast Light quartet is a husband and wife and 2 other men (with supporting wives) singing a capella music in the barbershop style. Throw in a little comedy and some Abbott and Costello and you have entertainment at it's best. Southeast Light got it's name from the members' love of lighthouses. Southeast Light on Block Island is a special favorite so that became the name. This quartet provides fine musical entertainment for audiences large and small.

Members: Carol Kingsbury, Jerry Xavier, Fred Kingsbury, Tony Daniels

Participated in: 2011


The Boston Globe calls Syncopation "the 21st Century Manhattan Transfer or Lambert, Hendricks and Ross" and it is easy to see why. Like those legendary vocal groups, Syncopation performs jazz and pop music in four-part harmony with a style that is both timeless and up-to-the-minute. As an added treat each of the singers also plays an instrument or two like trumpet, trombone piano and percussion providing the excitement of a band much larger in size.

You may have seen Syncopation on WBZ-TV singing with the Boston Pops on their 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular (2009). The group often performs with instrumental accompaniment of piano, bass and drums, but they are equally renowned for their a cappella singing, which has earned them regional and national awards from Harmony Sweepstakes.

Members: Aubrey Logan, Christine Fawson, David Thorne Scott, Tsunenori “Lee” Abe

Participated in: 2008

Talk to the Hand

Talk To The Hand is a women's a cappella quartet, rocking out in venues in and around Boston. These foxy ladies use no instruments, except their four voices. Listen to some clips, and marvel that such a full, luscious sound can emanate from these four wee lasses. Hang on to your hat, as you experience Talk To The Hand covers of a mind-boggling variety of pop, rock, and country artists - all rendered with the magical touch of The Hand. Can you handle The Hand?

Members: Emily Iarocci, Laura Larson, Sarah Littlefield, Liz Whitelam

Participated in: 1998

Talk To The Hand

Talk To The Hand is a women's a cappella quartet, rocking out in venues in and around Boston. These foxy ladies use no instruments, except their four voices. Listen to some clips, and marvel that such a full, luscious sound can emanate from these four wee lasses. Hang on to your hat, as you experience Talk To The Hand covers of a mind-boggling variety of pop, rock, and country artists - all rendered with the magical touch of The Hand. Can you handle The Hand?

Members: Emily Iarocci, Laura Larson, Sarah Littlefield, Liz Whitelam

Participated in: 1997


We are Threadbare, a voices only band. After a couple of years of life out in the "real world", we wanted to go back to our roots- we all sang together in college and built a special bond there. We have come together again with one purpose- to make music that will connect your head, your heart, and your soul.

Members: Adam Whitman, Alli Brooks, Chad Robin, Chris Abramson, Christopher Diaz, Katie Schuman, Michele Truhe

Participated in: 2012

Three Men and A Tenor

For 19 years, Paul, Chuck, Mark and Glenn, have been winning over audiences in so many ways. With almost 2.500 performances, including sharing the stage with American legends like Chuck Berry, Dionne Warwick, Bob Newhart, Peter Cetera, Pat Boone, Lee Greenwood and The Beach Boys, 3MT has also been featured national entertainment for corporate conventions and conferences, as well as major festivals and fairs.

Paul, Chuck, Mark and Glenn formed a vocal group expecting to sing only one song together at Michigan State University to help fill concert time in a men's chorus concert. Since that very humble beginning over 18 years ago, these guys have had some amazing musical moments. In 2006, Three Men and a Tenor was voted the "Best Entertainment in Michigan", and the group is loved all over the world.

Members: Lucas Groth, Ryan Kasperski, Larry MacDonald, Boris Van Druff

Participated in: 2005


Timepiece was formed on December 16, 2013—a chilly winter night—on a stairwell in Boston University's College of Arts and Sciences. In their first year alone, Timepiece has captured numerous accolades, including the 2014 Northeastern District Quartet Championship, as well as the privilege of representing the Northeastern District (NED) at the 2015 Barbershop Harmony Society International Open Quartet Contest in Pittsburgh, PA. Timepiece identifies as a "KIB-ber" (Keep-It-Barbershop) quartet, and, as such, primarily sings barbershop arrangements from the 20th century—they pay homage to the quartets and the chord-ringing from barbershop antiquity. On top of cherishing their own bright, brassy, ringing sound, the quartet loves getting lost within the power of the music they sing—a trait inspired in them by the last NED gold medalist quartet: Boston Common.

Members: Francesco Logozzo, Kadin-Seth Binkley, Travis Roy, Rodrigo Alvarez

Participated in: 2015

Tomato Staccato

Tomato Staccato (təˈmeɪto stəˈkadō) is a mixed-voice barbershop quartet based out of Arlington, MA. Since our formation in the summer of 2017, Tomato Staccato has aimed to bring joy to all of our audiences through barbershop and jazz renditions of catchy, memorable songs. We love to sing songs about our favorite foods, songs full of puns, and songs from our childhood. We spend most of our rehearsal time laughing, and we hope we can bring as big a smile to your face as we bring to our own!

Members: Ryan Jordan, Harmony Brown, Ben Lewin, Jeremy Marcus

Participated in: 2019


With their expansive vocal range, vocal dynamics, tight harmonies, "female bass" and hard hitting percussion, this NY based group offers a variety of musical styles and continually push the envelope of female vocals. Their wide range of musical influences-Gospel, Contemporar, Christian, Pop, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Spirituals, Caribbean and African, just to name a few-has lead them to create a unique style all their own. Over the years, the group has had some amazing experiences including singing churches, colleges, prisons and festivals

Members: Tia Fields, Keesha Gumbs, Kimberly Robinson, Bianka Kotee, Tameeka Gumbs

Participated in: 2006

Tuckermans at 9

Tuckermans at 9 - "Well known pop, rock, blues, and light jazz... like Boston, Mark Cohn, James Taylor, Three Dog Night, The Beatles, Steam, Linda Ronstadt, The Kingston Trio, The Temptations, Eric Clapton, Badfinger, Orleans, Abba, Cyndi Lauper, George Michael... performed a cappella? As in, no instruments? Uh-huh. So... what do you really do?" Yeah, we get that a lot. But that's what we really do. Contemporary a cappella. And you're gonna love it

Members: Ashly Gove, Bill Hersman, Daryl Robertson, Francis Lipe, Kam Raiselis, Mark Miller, Tony Berke, Walt Porter

Participated in: 2011 2009


Undertone is a semi-professional, co-ed group based out of the Boston area. Since starting out in 2004, the seven dynamic and experienced members of Undertone have solidified their melodic arranging style, precise harmonies, and intricate vocal percussion. Their high-powered and eclectic repertoire integrates styles of pop, rock, jazz, blues, and funk. These songs include hits from the 70's through today. Learn more about Undertone at and keep your eye out for their new CD!

Members: Dave Blauch, Rebecca Blum, Niel Francisco, Ehsan Iraniparast, Amanda Mercier, Mary Hunt, Eric Tjonahen

Participated in: 2008 2006 2005

The Uninvited Bridesmaids

Four female warrior voices came together from various other post-collegiate Boston a cappella groups to form the eclectic quartet that is the Uninvited Bridesmaids. We like to think of ourselves as the love child of Sara Bareilles and Kristen Wiig and collaborate on reimagined arrangements of contemporary pop songs.

Members: Jane Margolis, Brittany Stein, Eileen O'Hara, Liz Mongrello

Participated in: 2015

The VariAsians

The VariAsians are Boston's premiere Asian American a cappella group. Their music is best described as a fusion of traditional Asian folk songs with modern pop and R&B. The VariAsians have performed at numerous venues in Boston, including the Boston Celtics FleetCenter, 2004 Democratic National Convention, 2004 Boston Folk Festival, Borders Bookstore, Ritz Carlton, Urban Nutcracker, NAAAP, Forest Hills Cemetery Lantern Festival, and various community events and fundraisers.

Members: Thuy Tran, Diep Nguyen, Robin Lang, Huy Hoang, Cleoanne Estrera, Jonathan Liu

Participated in: 2006

Vote For Pedro

They're training to be cagefighters, but if that doesn't work out maybe the a cappella thing will! Vote For Pedro is a Boston-based group made up of three great-looking guys and one sexy, blonde mama. (Ok, ok. Taunia wrote this.) VFP likes to mix it up with jazz-influenced originals and standards, and they like to bring on the funny. They're just finishing up their debut CD of (mostly) originals and are excited about showcasing a few of the new tunes. VFP wishes all of the groups the best of luck! For more information about Vote For Pedro, visit the website at

Members: Ben Jackson, Dan Lennon, Shah Salmi, Taunia Soderquist

Participated in: 2006

Vox One

Vox One is an award-winning a cappella jazz quintet that combines elements of blues, funk, gospel, and folk into their own brand of vocal music, which is "most adventurous and distinctive." - San Francisco Examiner. The group, formed in 1988, has since developed a unique style considered to be the cutting edge of a cappella. "This jazz quintet puts all kinds of throat sounds to such funky good use that listeners break into applause and - better - feel like dancing." - Boston Magazine.

Vox One has performed internationally, and has opened for Ray Charles, Chicago, the Persuasions, the Bobs, the Woody Herman Orchestra, and the Count Basie Orchestra. The group earns wide acclaim for their performances and CDs. Their awards include "Best A cappella Group, Jazz" - Boston Magazine. Vox One's eponymous debut CD was named "Best Album" and awarded "Best Song" by the Contemporary A Cappella Society of America (CASA): "Creative arrangements and soulful spark... fabulous lead vocalists, and exquisite blend, a great vocal percussion sound, and lots of class." Their second US release "Out There," won "Album of the Year," "Best Jazz Song," and "Best R&B song" by CASA. " defining an album for vocal jazz as Singers Unlimited "A Capella" and Take 6's debut's that good." - Primarily A Cappella. With their 1998 album "Chameleon," Vox One was named "Artist of the Year," and once again it earned "Best Jazz Album" and "Best Jazz Song."

Members: Tom Baskett, Jodi Jenkins, Yumiko Matsuoka, Paul Pampinella, Paul Stiller

Participated in: 1994

Women of the World

Women of the World was formed to bring women musicians from across the globe onto a common platform to collaborate and create, not only through the sharing of music, but also to explore and celebrate the differences in ideologies, and cultural tenets that exist in the daily lives of women all over the world.

Honoring global folk traditions, their repertoire spans music in 29 languages. In many ways, the ensemble is a microcosm of the world, with members working closely together, not just to create and perform music, but also learning about each other's countries, cultures, languages, beliefs and practices.

2014 Harmony Sweepstakes champions, nominees for the 2013 Boston Music Awards and 2014 Independent Music Awards, Women of the World has toured North America and Asia, having collaborated with many industry legends including Grammy-award winning vocalist, Bobby McFerrin and African vocal icon, Angelique Kidjo. Women of the World continues to serve as cultural ambassadors of peace and unity through music and has delighted audiences at venues like Carnegie Hall, Blue Note Jazz Club, Boston Symphony Hall, as well as through collaborations with the United Nations, amongst others.

Members: Ayumi Ueda , Annette Philip, Giorgia Renosto, Deborah Pierre

Participated in: 2014

6 Day Week

6 Day Week is a six-man contemporary, a cappella band hailing from Portland, Maine. The guys first sang together in the Maine Steiners, the premiere a cappella group at the University of Maine at Orono. Wanting to continue singing together as the end of college crept near, the began the transition to the semi-professional a cappella scene. Since then, they have shared the stage with Five O'Clock Shadow, the House Jacks, and tonight's hosts, Ball In The House.

Members: Jonathan Gallant, Jonathan Goodine, Patrick McCarthy, Matt Murray, Jeff Sewell, Sterling Shepperd

Participated in: 1999

After Eight

After Eight is a male a cappella group comprised of graduates from Colby College in Waterville, Maine. The guys range from the class of ‘90 to the class of ‘96, and they all sang in the male a cappella group on campus called The Colby Eight. Now all living in the Boston area and holding onto day jobs, they get together weekly to rehearse and enjoy this chance to continue to sing together. They have had a variety of performance venues around New England and beyond over the past five years, including First Night Annapolis (MD), First Night Providence (RI), shows in Brattleboro, VT, Worcester, MA, Cape Cod, and ­ of course ­ central Maine. They are happy to be returning to the Harmony Sweepstakes and look forward to another fun evening of a cappella music.

Members: Kris Boynton, Peter Caruso, Jonathan Frothingham, Jonathan Howe, Mark Longsjo, Jun Shirahama, Marc Winiecki

Participated in: 2000 1999

Big City Fish

Participated in: 1994

Copley Square

Participated in: 1994

Corner Pocket

Participated in: 1998

da Capo Vocal Band

The da Capo Vocal Band Born out of the Binghamton University a cappella community, da Capo is a high powered, raucous male vocal band founded in the fall of 2000 committed to bringing professional a cappella to central New York. Literally translated, da Capo means "from the beginning" and the group aims to stay true to its roots: award winning groups with an emphasis on entertainment and fun for their audience while expanding their sound to creative new heights. A full, rich sound, intense percussion, outstanding vocalists and an eclectic repertoire make da Capo a group to look for in the future.

Members: Mike Boxer, Kevin Doherty, Jim Fowler, Charles Howard, Dave Levy, Al Orbinati, Chris Sheppard

Participated in: 2001

Drawn To Scale

Participated in: 1997

East Side Story

A vocal band from the Boston area, East Side Story is an exciting group of people who are looking to turn some heads in 2005. ESS's songs will have you up out your seat and eager to sing along! The group performs covers of pop, rock, and current Top-40 hits, and is looking to expand its repertoire with original tunes. Originally formed with six men during the Summer of 2002, East Side Story has seen several changes to its original roster. With the current mix of Dan, Holeigh, Ken, Melanie, Nic and Sean, East Side Story has been performing all over Boston in coffeehouses, bars, and local college campuses, and was chosen to compete in the 2004 Harmony Sweepstakes Boston Regional Competition. East Side Story is a young, enthusiastic, passion-for-a-cappella-filled group of musicians looking to continue to make a name for themselves in the coming months. 2005 is going to be an incredible year for ESS - stay tuned for the next chapter in their story!

Members: Melanie Armstrong, Ken Bowers, Sean Dargie, Dan Huff, Holeigh Morin, Nic Tuttle

Participated in: 2005 2004

Faith in Action

Faith in Action is a women's a cappella group, combining gospel and jazz with a variety of musical backgrounds and intricate original arrangements. Founded in March, 1996, the ad hoc group sang the same song (Sweet Honey in the Rock's, "We Are") over several months for church-related events, culminating in a performance at Madison Square Garden in August, 1996 for church members from the District of Columbia to Maine. After Madison Square Garden, they decided maybe God had a plan for the group, and maybe it was time to learn more than one song. They chose a name, added another member, and learned some original tunes. In the Spring of 1997, Faith in Action started getting connected with the Boston a cappella community, and joined other groups in local performances, including a cappella showcases, clubs (Johnny D's and Ryles), and the 1997 East Coast A Cappella Summit.

Members: Janet Appleby, Sharon Belville, Suzanne Clark, Toni Franklin, Maureen Griffis, Rebecca Harrold, Julie Kinscheck

Participated in: 1999


Flashback has been performing a cappella music throughout New England for over a decade. The group first gained notoriety as street performers in Harvard Square before honing their act for clubs, concert series, and special events. Their Swing Hits Radio Hour is an annual Boston theater event. Critically acclaimed for their Happy Holidays Radio Show and recording "Swinging On a Star," Flashback is delighted to strut their non-holiday stuff for Boston area audiences this March 17th, 18th, and 28th. On a personal note, they have three husbands (there’ll be a fourth this May), four children, three dogs and two cats among them.

Members: Debba Andree, Laurel Browne, Kit Emory, Kathryn Feinmann

Participated in: 2000

From the Edge

From the Edge is a female foursome that sings a variety of a cappella music--usually in the barbershop style. They have performed all over the New England area and have recently released their first CD. Lynne Morgan, tenor, from Fairfield, CT, is an illustrator; Penny Schroeder, baritone, from Trumbull, CT, is a medical transcriptionist; Sue Broudy, lead, from Weston, CT, worked in the field of advertising; and Marion Devokaitis, bass, from Farmington, CT, is a retired elementary school teacher. The group is presently the North Atlantic Regional championship quartet of Sweet Adelines International, and is honored to have been chosen to participate in tonight's event.

Members: Sue Broudy, Marion Devokaitis, Lynne Morgan, Penny Schroeder

Participated in: 2003

The Georgian Six

The vocal sextet The Georgian Six was founded in 1998 in Tbilisi, capital of the Republic of Georgia. The group¹s repertoire includes jazz, folk, and church songs, as well as classical and popular music arranged in a new style. The group collaborates continuously with the Georgian State Orchestra and has begun collaborating with the Georgian National Ballet. While the group regularly performs with an instrumental quintet, the members of the ensemble enjoy singing a cappella music and their first album contains only a cappella songs. The Georgian Six has received many awards and accolades, including winning the Georgian national radio hit parade, winning the Grand Prize at the Georgian Student Festival and winning the Grand Prize at the International Contest For Vocal Ensembles in Tampere, Finland. The group was recognized as the best vocal group in Georgia in September 1998. The main goal of the group is to popularize Georgian music all over the world.

Members: Revaz Abaishvili, Buka Kartozia, David Kiknadze, Nana Korakhashvili, Magda Papiashvili, Tamta Urushadze

Participated in: 2001

Happy Cat

Participated in: 1997

House Blend

HouseBlend is an a cappella male quartet performing its own pop, jazz, seasonal, folk, country, gospel and other assorted musical genres. The members of the group met through the music ministry at Concord United Methodist Church. As they sang together, they realized something special was developing. In 1998, HouseBlend was born. Almost immediately, they were in demand to sing at various occasions in the area. Their repertoire expanded with each performance, their style emerged and their sleek presentation unfolded.

Members: Allison Berger, Elisa Catalano, Colleen Flannery, Christian Force, Erin O'Connor, Stephanie Pappas

Participated in: 1999

The Neighbor’s Kid

The Neighbor’s Kid is a new all-male vocal band composed of members of Brandeis University¹s Voicemale from its 1997-1998 year. That year helped propel Voicemale onto the national scene. We’re very proud of the fact that we finished as runner-up in the semi-final round of the NCCA’s; we also won best arrangement and runner-up awards for two of our arrangements that year. We had such a good time singing together that we¹ve gotten together numerous times since then to meet and perform around Boston (of course, it helps that everyone who graduated is still in the area!). We’ve added some new tunes, and have been performing locally as The Neighbor’s Kid over the past year. While we have a varied repertoire, our style is best classified as 70s and 90s rock & soul; in our performance and in our arrangements, we like to emphasize energy, rhythm, and groove. We’re looking forward to performing for you tonight, and hope you enjoy the show.

Members: Keith Berman, Bill Folman, Nate Merrill, Sam Meyrowitz, Mike Schwartz, Jason Taylor

Participated in: 2000

Northeast Connection

Northeast Connection presents barbershop quartet music in a style reminiscent of the vaudeville era. Precise harmonies and beautiful old songs, wrapped up in an entertaining and folksy package are the trademark of this quartet. Since this foursome began singing together in 1996, they have won the Northeastern District Quartet Championship, and represented the Northeastern District four times at the SPEBSQSA International Contest and Convention. Their personnel comes to the table with a combined total of over 50 years of entertaining audiences all over the country. Be sure to take time to introduce yourself to Northeast Connection. They are, quite simply, four pretty good guys who love to meet new folks!

Members: Rob Lynds, Matt Mercier, Ralph St. George, Dan Washington

Participated in: 2003

Peking and the Mystics

Peking and the Mystics was formed in 1973 by four alumni of both Tufts and the Beelzebubs. Over the years, PATM has: toured nationally and internationally, including trips to the Far East and South America; recorded a CD (and, with a recent recording session in Petaluma, Calif., now in the books, is well on the road to its second disc); appeared on television and radio programs; and been featured in the local and national print media. The group's eclectic repertoire, comprising original arrangements by PATM members themselves, features swing, jazz, doo-wop, and pop music of every decade from the '20s to the '90s. In December 2001, PATM was proud to participate in the Bubs Foundation-sponsored Generations concert at Tufts, and with its inclusion in Harmony Sweepstakes 2002, is again pleased to assist the Foundation in its mission of supporting music curricula in secondary education.

Members: Gene Blake, Andrew Cranin, Chris Parker, Tim Vaill

Participated in: 2002

Random Association

Formed in November of 1997. Founders Joe Antonioli and John Hadden had worked together in preceeding years, John recording and producing several recordings for the UVM Top Cats of which Joe was the Musical Director. Both boys were aching to start up a professional group, so, when the time was ripe, they did! True to its name, RA found its musicians in a rather random way--through want ads in local Burlington, Vermont papers and via word of mouth. We think we lucked-out, finding us some very fine musicians!

Members: Joe Antonioli, Anne Cameron, Heather Finley, Leigh Guptill, John Hadden, Susannah Magee, Rich Redmond

Participated in: 2000 1999


Realia is a six-woman vocal band from Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1997 and ever-evolving, we are on a mission to create consistently entertaining, energizing, gorgeous music. While we don¹t limit our repertoire to any particular genre, we are all soul/rock/R&B devotees, so that¹s usually what you¹ll find flying from our big loud mouths. Realia has made appearances at venues throughout New England, from saloons to radio shows to fraternal organization Christmas parties. We have also just completed our debut EP "b¹zilla baby", to be released within days of the Harmony Sweepstakes. We are thrilled to be making our second appearance at the Boston Regional with such a talented group of bands.

Members: Emily Fisher, Val Hildebrant, Christy Maver, Evie Southwick, Sofia Trapotsis, Courtney Wheaton

Participated in: 2001 2000

Rhythm N’ Blue

Participated in: 1994

Serious Fun

Serious Fun began in the fall of 1993, under the oft-misspelled and incorrectly remembered name of Vocomotive. In 1998, the group produced its first CD ("Serious Fun") which features its broad range of material: from popular music to jazz standards to TV theme songs to traditional folk, with a few original tunes thrown in for good measure. When assuming their not-so-secret identities, the group’s members work as a romance writer, a teacher, a real estate agent, lawyers, computer analysts, actors and folk rock musicians.

Members: Suz Brockmann, Deede Bergeron, Brice Buchanan, Ed Gaffney, Bill Kuhlman, Kathy Lague, Eric Ruben

Participated in: 2000 1998

Seven Seconds

Participated in: 1997

Shawnee River Rats

The Shawnee River Rats perform their own arrangements of Broadway show tunes and songs from contemporary songwriters near the banks of a certain river in Bedford, MA. Shortly after getting 12 years ago, the Rats settled into a close harmony style and developed a distinct, clear sound reminiscent of the Hi-Lo's and Four Freshmen. Each member brings many years of singing experience to the group from musical theatre, Barbershop and college ensembles, including the Yale Wiffenpoofs, Tufts Beezlebubs and Stanford's Mendicants.

Members: Bill Ingraham, Bill Reed, David Getty, Larry Arend, Charlie Hodges, Charlie Schwerin

Participated in: 1993


Participated in: 1997

Six Appeal

Is Six Appeal a comedy group, a vocal ensemble, or a rock band? Audiences have been trying to answer that question for years. Swearing off instruments, Six Appeal uses a cappella singing to span decades of classic oldies, current chart toppers, and catchy original tunes. Featuring vocal dexterity and adventurous song selection, the group explores all genres with a far-reaching repertoire that will surprise and captivate audiences regardless of the setting. Despite their cheeky group name, the antics of these six young gentlemen provide a good natured atmosphere for their electrifying performance. A Six Appeal show will split your sides, feed your musical sweet tooth, and leave you wondering how in the world they pulled it off just with voices.

Members: Christy Colburn, Julie Tucker, Dana Mann, Irene Antonellis, Dave West, Dylan Mroszczyk-McDonald

Participated in: 2002


SoRare is thrilled to be competing once again in the Harmony Sweepstakes! Since last year¹s competition, we’ve had the pleasure of appearing at various venues throughout New England including: Stellar A Cappella, A Cappella Gold, Bridgewater’s 4th of July Celebration and several area shows. We¹ve added some cool modern arrangements to our repertoire and look forward to sharing them with you.

Members: Karen Christofi, Jannis Moylan, Donna Manoogian, Arlene Isaac

Participated in: 2000 1999 1998

The Steiners

Participated in: 1998


Participated in: 1998

The Digressions

Members: Tony Berke

Participated in: 1997

Think Twice

Members: Eden White

Participated in: 1994

White Noise

Participated in: 1994

The Wicked Pitches

Participated in: 1997


Participated in: 1997

The Works

The Works is a five-part a cappella group, three men and two women, founded in 1994. The group is comprised of a public relations guru at a start-up company, a vascular surgeon, a stay-at-home Dad, a stay-at-home Mom, and a stay-at-home Mom that does marketing communications on the quasi-side. The Works perform an eclectic mix of contemporary close harmony, from the B-52s to Gershwin, from Ricki Lee Jones to James Brown. Based in Hyannis, Wenham, Sherborn, Concord and Wellesley, we’ve performed in a wide variety of settings, from intimate anniversary parties to business meetings with large gatherings of 3,000 people in a room to empty squash courts. The group is characterized by an intense rehearsal regimen (wine, chat, some singing), an absence of conflict when we all agree, and a shameless research-based, in-depth knowledge of tonight’s judges.

Members: Dan Gorin, Beverly Jaques, Fred Jordan, Sarah Lazarus, Patrick Rafter

Participated in: 2003 2002


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