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Bay Area

House Blend

HouseBlend is an a cappella male quartet performing its own pop, jazz, seasonal, folk, country, gospel and other assorted musical genres. The members of the group met through the music ministry at Concord United Methodist Church. As they sang together, they realized something special was developing. In 1998, HouseBlend was born. Almost immediately, they were in demand to sing at various occasions in the area. Their repertoire expanded with each performance, their style emerged and their sleek presentation unfolded.

Members: Doug Emigh, Bill DeGarmo, Kent Parr, Jim McGuire


Solstice is a female vocal ensemble specializing in music written by women or for women's voices. Our music spans many different genres with an emphasis on world, classical, pop, and jazz. We are also committed to performing new works for women's voices and regularly compose, commission, and arrange new songs.

Solstice has performed in many Bay Area venues including Freight and Salvage, La Pena, the San Francisco Community Music Center, Music on the Hill, the Berkeley Arts Center, Trinity Chamber Music series, and Villa Montalvo. Solstice has also performed on KALW's Folk Music and Beyond On-Air Folk Festival.

Members: Emily Bender, Becca Burrington, Lark Coryell, Krista Enos, Mari Marjamaa, Kim Warsaw, Sara Webb-Schmitz


Vocolot takes its name from the English word "vocal" and the Hebrew word "kolot" meaning voices. Since 1988, they have been performing for audiences across the United States in English and Hebrew, with a sprinkling of Yiddish, Latino, Arabic and American Sign Languages. Vocolot draws upon ancient and contemporary sources that evoke the power of centuries of women's repertoire, primarily composed by Linda Hirschhorn, and mixes traditional modes with Folk, Jazz and Classical idioms to create an innovative sound. They are a California Arts Council Touring Artist and perform internationally, uplifting and enthralling audiences of all ages with songs of celebration, community and Jewish heritage.

Members: Linda Hirschhorn, Shana Levy, Julia Bordanero, Elizabeth Stuart

Aurally Fix8ed

This talented bunch of high schoolers had been singing together for four years before deciding to create a student-run octet dedicated to arranging and performing A Cappella music. They love to sing and have been known to make their audiences Aurally Fix8ed.

Members: Alia Syed, Mercy Albaran, Jon Chen, Alex Bensick, Keith Doelling, Aliko Carter, Scout Katovich, Shayna Brown


O-Face! started on a cold fateful day in October of 2001, when a couple of veterans of Bay Area musical groups grew tired of lugging heavy equipment to innumerable gigs. The 4 members of O-Face! come from a variety of non-musical backgrounds: a lawyer, a photographer, a packaging designer and a database geek. What they lack in formal training they make up for in unbridled enthusiasm. Caution: fans in the first 5 rows may get drenched in unbridled enthusiasm, and everyone runs the risk of getting at least a little joi de vivre on them (don't say we didn't warn you). Since then, O-Face! has brought their vocal mayhem to festivals, charity events, and venues of just about every kind around Northern California. O-Face! is excited to appear at the Harmony Sweepstakes again with a veritable cornu... corny... cordoba... PLETHORA of new music. Remember, while other a cappella groups may smear cosmetics on helpless bunnies, O-Face! does not test its finished product on animals.,

Members: Nate Austin, Mike Borchers, Deb Westergaard, Rob Westergaard

Out On A Clef

Out On A Clef is a San Francisco Bay Area lesbian vocal quartet that has been entertaining Northern California audiences since 1997 with a variety of styles including swing, barbershop, and jazz. Savvy baby boomers with attitude, they are known for a blend of polished, tight harmonies performed in a unique and whimsical way. They often "de-range" their original and standard tunes, with humorous and twisted lyrics that poke fun at convention and at themselves, as well as conveying socially progressive messages. The group has a commitment to contribute to such community efforts as raising funds for AIDS services, assisting women with cancer, and in demonstrating validation and pride for people of all sexual identities.

Members: Emily Brooks, Pat Cull, Kris Gannon, Janet Rachel


SoulSemble, a recent addition to the Bay Area a cappella world is setting out to create a genre all it ís own. A quintet with decades of combined musical experience, SoulSemble is dedicated to performing the most artistic and soulful vocal jazz arrangements by Phil Mattson, The Real Group, Take 6 and others. SoulSemble is also creating a unique sound, performing original arrangements and compositions. Under the direction of vocalist and musician Kathleen Hollingsworth, SoulSemble is setting a new standard for a cappella vocal jazz in the Bay Area.

Members: Paul Kim, Sarah Matthews, Chris Evans, Jason Bush, Kathleen Hollingsworth



The idea of 5-Alone was conceived in the fall of 1999. I approached four students about starting a jazz a cappella quintet with myself as the fifth member. Encouraged by the succss of our first performance, we continued singing throughout the spring and debuted officially as 5-Alone at the Iron Horse in June, 2000.

Now 5-Alone is an accredited performing arts class at PVPA. We've come a long way from the days of rehearsing at lunch and after school. 5-Alone has gained a considerable amount of attention in a very short time. Awards and honors have been piling up from DownBeat Magazine, C.A.S.A., A-Capella.com, The National Harmony Sweepstakes, R.A.R.B., Primarily A Cappella, Berklee College of Music, and the I.A.J.E. 5-Alone has performed all over the world, including New York, California, and The Netherlands, and has turned the world of high school a cappella upside down.

Members: Emily Yaffe, Daniel Plimpton, Olivia Littell, Isaac Richardson, Rose Whitcomb-Detmold, Andrew Lederman

Downtown Crossing

Downtown Crossing is an established Boston vocal band specializing in original songs and innovative, high-energy covers of alternative, modern rock, and R&B tunes. Past performance venues include the Somerville Theater, Ryles Jazz Club, Cantab Lounge, New Song Arts Center, Wellesley College, Tufts University, and WERS Radio (live and recorded). Four years strong, DTX is proud to be considered a mainstay of the dynamic Boston a cappella scene.

Members: Reena Freedman, Ariel Glassman, Edwin Johnson, Bradford McKeown, Kiel Mitchell, Jonathan Spring


In the early 1990s, a group of talented women saw a void in the Tufts vocal scene. As Black women, they felt that they, and the music they enjoyed singing, was absent. So, in an attempt to remedy this, and because of their general love of song, they came together to form a group called Spice. Spice sang together for a few years before becoming Essence in 1994. Over the years, the character of Essence has changed many times. Not only has Essence been through a musical make-over, some also see a shift in the purpose of the group. When it was first founded, Essence was intended, or perceived to be, only for women of color. But now we are proud to be one of the most diverse incarnations of Essence ever. The thing that will always link together every member of Essence, past and present, is our love of the music of the African Diaspora. We will always keep this meaning in our hearts out of respect for the founders of Essence.

Members: Angela Anderson, Faith Cummings, Melodie Eastmond, Kimberly Mitchell, Ursula Randolph, Mariel Montuori, Sharon Taylor, Rachel Engelberg and Kate Beal.


Firedrill! stepped back, got a big running start and LEAPED... And made a big splash at the 2005 Harmony Sweeps by winning the Boston regional. When the finals came around, though, the group bellyflopped. Two years later Firedrill! is back with bright-red bellies (see for yourself!) and the same disregard for what contemporary a cappella is supposed to be. Since its last appearance the group has stepped up its repertoire and performance schedule, appearing at SoJam in North Carolina and agreeing to host the ICCA Finals at Lincoln Center this April. Firedrill! even released its first EP, Rock Paper Scissors. Thanks for having Firedrill! at the Boston Harmony Sweepstakes!

Members: Wrobz, , Fozz, Judd, Mark, (Mailman), Vic, Mikey B, Nate

Men In Black

Men in Black is a young quartet bringing a fresh youthful sound and personality to barbershops classic standards and drawing appeal to its ever evolving sound in today's world. Their passion for the barbershop style was rewarded in July of 2005 when they were awarded he 2005 gold medal as the MBNA International Collegiate Quartet Champions. Once winning at this level, they immediately began to take on "the big boys" and in October of 2005 they were crowned the best in the Northeast.

Members: Ray Johnson, Karl Hudson, Tony Nasto, Oliver Merrill

Second Verse

Founded in Pittsburgh, PA in 2005, Second Verse is proud to be the second Pittsburgh vocal group ever to compete in the Harmony Sweepstakes, and are excited to make their first appearance in the Sweeps here in the home of the world's best a cappella scene -- Boston. They blend contemporary a cappella with the popular Pittsburgh area traditions of doo-wop and barbershop with the mission of creating performances that are as fun for audiences as they are for the singers. Second Verse has enjoyed performances in such venues as Pittsburgh's Benedum Center, KDKA Television, and PNC Park. The core of the group (Michael, Mike, and Eric) went on a year later to found contemporary sextet DoubleShot!, but still love to sing together in smaller groups -- and thanks to the addition of their newest fourth man, are able to come together for a unique reunion of sorts here at the Harmony Sweepstakes. Second Verse would like to thank their family and friends (especially the ones who are housing them here in Boston!) and the staff of the Harmony Sweeps for another great year of a cappella

Members: Michael Bodnar, Luke Clavey, Eric Manalo, Mike Yanchak


Sentinel started out as an in-house church quartet which a few years ago decided to go public. Members are now from three churches in the Syracuse area who sing for the love of music and as a type of ministry. We mostly do church concerts, services, benefits for charitable organizations, and visits to senior homes. You'll find some traces of barbershop harmony in our arrangements as we sing hymns, spirituals, gospel songs, and an occasional classical piece.

Members: Steve Arnold , Archie McEvers, George Carruth , Joe Browne


Vocal Chaos

Vocal Chaos is an award-winning a cappella group from right here in Chicago! They have been making incredible music all over the Windy City since 1996, from Soldier Field and Cellular Field to Chicago Public Radio. They can also be heard singing a cappella in the Jennifer Aniston/Vince Vaughn movie "The Break Up". To foster collaboration and promote the art form of a cappella, they founded ACappellaFest, which in its eighth year has grown into the Midwest's largest a cappella festival. Vocal Chaos is thrilled to be back at the Harmony Sweepstakes. Look for their new EP to drop later this year!

Members: Tim Gallagher, Paul Peterson, Jeff Swearingen, Karl Solis, Anthony Roberts, Jordan Stoner, Mike Svacha, Sean Gorecki

Home Free

A cappella. It's technically what we do. But we're not your bow-tie barbershop quartet. We're a vocal band. Which means we do more than sing - we perform - engaging audiences in a rich blend of harmonies while entertaining them.

Home Free has performed for a diverse and extensive clientele, ranging from the Minnesota Vikings, to Fortune 500 companies, Celebrity and Norwegian Cruise Lines, Allied Concert touring services, the Dutton Family from America's Got Talent and many, many more. It also devotes its time to educating and encouraging music in the public schools through innovative workshops and concert fundraising. To date, its programs have already raised tens of thousands of dollars for schools in Minnesota.

Members: Matt Atwood, Chris Rupp, Joe Fine, Adam Rupp, Andrew Umphrey


Nightwatch was formed in 1998 as a result of a lost bet, or at least it seems that way. "Stik" (Fireman - ask to see his Dalmatian), "Flip" (Security pro - he breaks in and cleans out your fridge), "Leo" (Nursing home crooner/heartthrob) and "Nooge" (Nacho cheese pump problems? He’s your man!) have been berating each other ever since meeting at a local Sadie Hawkins dance (they were the ones "holding up the wall"). Their consistent refusal to get serious actually paid off in August of 2000 - they were crowned the Buckeye Invitational Comedy Quartet Champions after performing their now infamous (this means 'more than famous', right?) Diner Set© in front of tens of people. Since then, they've hoodwinked their way into a 2001 Division Quartet Championship and a spot in the 2003 Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals. Scores of unsuspecting audience members across the country have made it through a “Nightwatch Experience”; the lucky ones brought a tarp. No matter what the venue, you can expect a wide array of musical styles from this group. What you cannot expect is for them to go to bed early or to have serious conversations with each other, or anyone else for that matter.

Members: Scott Hettig, Daniel Naumann, Paul Wolf, Mathew Martin

offBeat Acappella

offBeat Acappella is a five voice, co-ed, semi-professional vocal band performing out of Madison, WI. They perform an eclectic mix of contemporary rock, pop, jazz, and doo wop; all without the use of instruments. All sounds are made by human voice and appendages. Their sound is characterized by tight harmonies, driving bass lines, and explosive vocal percussion. offBeat's music, as well as their "off beat" sense of humor, make them as much fun to see as they are to hear. If you like what you hear, order their CD, No Instruments.

Members: Jon Baxter, Colin Gagnon, Lauren Millar, Eric Pantano, Emily Petersen


THNX & WLCM 2 OMG! JTLYK a lil more about OMG! Nobody is really sure what the letters stand 4; One More Group, Oh My God...On Musical Genius...but they do know exactly what they stand 4 when it comes 2 entertaining an audience! IMHO fun is a natural byproduct when you take a baker, a chocoholic, the mother of the cutest baby known to man, a baseball fan who claims that the only real team in Chicago is the Cubs, a drum machine, an MBA, a garage pianist and Ian...who BTW wants you to know that although he may play the fool at times, he is more than just a pretty blonde girl with a butt that won't quit!...LOL You're thinking OMG right? FWIW, OMG! is here to bring u exciting arrangements that take elements from contempo a cappella, jazz, blues, BBS, musicals, pop and OMG flare, it's no wonder OMG is the hottest thing to hit Chicago since the fire! HTH...HAND...C U L8R! (J/K)

Members: Jennifer Wallus, Cara Shugoll, Lauren Herpe, Justin Raczak, Ian Field, Matthew Finder, John Magana, Sean Gorecki


Shircago is Chicago's premier Jewish a cappella ensemble. They have performed everywhere from local synagogues to Philadelphia's Independence Square. Their high-energy performances and creative arrangements are accessible to audiences of all ages. Shircago has recorded an eponymous studio album and had one of its tracks featured on the recent Best Of Jewish A Cappella album. This is the group's third appearance in the Harmony Sweepstakes. They will be debuting two new arrangements tonight!

Members: Loren Shevitz, Vicky Glikin, Danny Appelbaum, Becca Gruenspan

Sound Up

Sound Up is an a cappella quintet from the city of Akron, Ohio. Mixing together the styles of R&B, soul, funk, jazz and pop into a cappella singing, they write, record, and perform their own original music and arrangements. Starting as the septet "7stacked" in high school, all members of the quintet are graduates from Harvey S. Firestone High School in Akron, Ohio. With a new sound and completely new music, the newly named "Sound Up" is a fresh blend of a wide mix of style, musicality and personality.

Members: Phil Anderson (Tenor), Spencer Davis (Vocal Percussion/Tenor), Brandon Morton (Tenor), Nick Harper (Baritone), Doug Larsen (Bass)

Los Angeles

Swing Shift

Swing Shift is a vocal jazz mixed ensemble. The group's signature sound is heard in their rich harmonic treatment of pop, jazz, and Broadway standards. Over the years the group has drawn on local resources like the SMC Vocal Jazz Ensemble from which five of Swing Shift's present roster are current or past members. We are proud that many of Swing Shift's alumni have gone on to advance their careers in prestigious ensembles like the LA Master Chorale and LA Choral Lab. If you love lush sounds, complex harmonies, and creamy-smooth blend, you'll love hearing this group.

Members: Tyler Azelton, Kathy Hoye, Linda Richter, Michael Kohl, Andy Wolf, Phil Azelton, Richard Gilinsky

Down 4 The Count

Down 4 The Count began in 2003, when six CSU Northridge students in the University's vocal jazz ensemble found they shared a common interest: wanting to sing ensemble vocal jazz without those pesky instrumentalists: in other words, A Cappella! Since that time, Down 4 The Count has won multiple awards (including three song-arrangement awards and 1st place at the 2009 San Diego A Cappella Competition) and they have performed at venues all over the greater Los Angeles and San Diego area, including the Jazz Bakery, The Coach House, The Coffee Gallery Backstage, San Diego IndieFest, and many more.

Members: Colleen Keene, Francesca Delfin, Genevieve Artadi, Matt Reynolds, Andreas Preponis

Moira Smiley and VOCO

Moira Smiley & VOCO is a visionary blend of voices - redefining harmony singing with the power & physicality of folksong, the avant-garde fearlessness of Bela Bartok and the delicious, vaudevillian accompaniment of cello, banjo, accordion and body percussion. Moira Smiley leads an ensemble of extraordinary musicians who share a passion for spreading powerful, emotional music with lush four-part vocal harmony, cello, accordion and banjo. Original improvisation-built songs steeped in Appalachia and Eastern Europe.

Named #1 a cappella group in the U.S. in 2007, VOCO is the energy of street singing and the elegance of a string quartet. Recently featured in Dirty Linen and on more than 100 radio stations nationwide on NPR's "Harmonia", VOCO has released two critically acclaimed CDs in '08-'09: "Small Worlds" and "Circle, Square, Diamond & Flag". VOCO is sweet, hard-driving Americana mixed with crooked eastern European dance and dissonance. It's all rounded out with body-stompin' percussive movement and joyous, magnificent, hair-raising harmonies - music that mourns and dances at the same time.

Members: Moira Smiley, Jess Basta, Christine Enns, John Ballinger, Jessica Catron


Vybration was formed in 2001 to perform at Disney's California Adventure under the name "Groove 66". The band quickly became the park's most popular atmosphere group. Its members are some of the most powerful, versatile, and in demand vocalists in all of Southern California with resume credits spanning from broadway, television, and film, to orignial rock bands, and pioneering modern music projects. Vybration is unlike many acapella sextets out there, covering a variety of music that includes traditional jazz tunes like Blue Skies and Fly Me to the Moon, rock n roll songs like Lenny Kravitz's Fly Away, pop hits such as Michael Jackson's Wanna Be Startin Something and many many more. All that have witnessed the magic in music that Vybration creates can tell you that, "Vybration is a force to be reckoned with!"

Members: Heather McMasters (soprano), Laura Dickinson (mezzo), Tomasina Abate (alto), Terron Brooks (tenor), Michael Washington (bass), Bryan Chadima (vocal percussion)

Corner Pocket

Corner Pocket is an a cappella quartet based out of LA that performs doo-wop, barbershop and contemporary pop tunes. They have performed onboard 5-Star Cruise Ships, in Las Vegas and around Southern California.

Members: Michael Luginbill, Michael Landau, Joel Dalton, George Artope

Out of Context

Out of Context is a 14+-1 person (only 8 will be performing on any given number) mixed a cappella group that performs various styles of contemporary music, ranging from easy listening to hard rock and beyond, without any instruments besides the human voice. We are strongly committed to having fun on and off the stage, and our screening process ensures every member is willing to make a fool of him/herself in public. Since its beginnings in 1997, OoC has grown in talent and notoriety, and a week doesn't go by when we prove ourselves aptly named. Members:

Members: Emily Russell, Jessica Edwards, Dahye Song, Chithra Krishnamurthy, Soyoung Park, Borching Su, Douglas Tham, Arthur Fitzmaurice


Renaissance is an all a cappella quintet, dedicated to showcasing and preserving the critical art form of street corner style; doo-wop singing. The group is equally adaptable to film, TV & stage as they are beneath the street lamp. Not just another singing group, Renaissance intertwines social and cultural awareness themes in their music offering "food for the spirit" as well as the soul. Whether it's a soul stirring tribute to the legendary Sam Cooke, love songs for the ladies, Black History themed conscious music or a rousing Gospel celebration, their superb vocal skills shine through. These Cats can flat out sing and their infectious energy is quite entertaining as they transport their audience to another space and time.

Members: Maurice Kitchen, Maurice Kitchen, Kwame Alexander, Anthony Snead, harles (Sonny) Banks

Vocal Ease

VocalEase is the University of Arizona's premiere women's a cappella ensemble. This year, Vocal Ease is 7 members strong and performing a wide variety of music, including pop, gospel, R&B, jazz, and country. Vocal Ease has a reputation for being one of the hottest all-female a cappella groups around. The VE ladies released their first full-length album in December 2004, and followed that with the release of an EP in February of 2006. The past year's competitive accomplishments for Vocal Ease include Best Vocal Percussion at the ICCA West Region Quarterfinals (University of Oregon) and 2nd place at the 2006 Harmony Sweepstakes Los Angeles Regional. Additionally, Ali Davis received Best Arrangement at the 06 LA regional for "I Believe in a Thing Called Love"..

Members: Aubrey Arrington, Kristy Barrett, Jennifer Blodgett, Ali Davis, Lauren Freed, Genny Gaus, Michelle Sharpton



Since 2006, the guys have blended traditional and contemporary all- vocal music with energy and humor to create six decades of hits live on stage at every show. Every sound - vocals, bass, effects, even the drums - is created using only the voice. They have performed all over their native Pittsburgh, and nationwide from Washington, D.C. to the San Francisco Bay, as well as features on local news, television, and radio. In the Harmony Sweepstakes, they were Mid-Atlantic Champions and Audience Favorite in 2007 and have received two awards for Best Arrangement.

Members: Mike Yanchak, Eric Manalo, Luke Clavey, Nate Wildfire, Dave Wilson, Michael Bodnar


From their humble roots of Craig's List and the Metro Center Caribou coffee shop, seven young singers are about to take the capital's breath away with joyful a cappella harmonies. Euphonism is Washington, DC's newest a cappella group, composed of four men and three women with diverse musical backgrounds including theater, jazz, classical, barbershop and choir ˜ who share a passion for the pure, electrifying blending of voice. Members of Euphonism will bring a mixture of angelic harmonies, driving beats and moving rhythms to audiences in the capital area.

Members: Amanda Cornaglia, Gillian Sowray, Jenny Libster, Joseph Kang, Jason Sam, Guy Divita, Hugh Gee


Glorious has been together since 1997. During this time we have become a group of tight knit, polished and professional performers. Our unique A Cappella style leaves very little room for imperfections in our sound. Drawing from our individual spiritual backgrounds, and combining tried and true spirituals with an upbeat tempo. We create a unique listening experience. Worship, Punctuality and Professionalism are the cornerstones to our organization.

Members: John Elliott, Michael Lemon, Larry Arrington, Barry Fleming, Eugene Gleaton


The Pelicans are an octet drawn from a group of singers based in Laurel, MD, who enjoy performing various styles of music. They launched the group during Laurel Mill Playhouse's youth production of The Music Man in the summer of 2005. They had such a good time singing barbershop that they just kept on harmonizing. They have been pleased to perform at various church and community functions, including Laurel's Main Street Festival and Riverfest. They are also proud to have been invited twice to perform the National Anthem at RFK stadium in Washington, DC. The members of the group, aged teens to grandparents, have performed an amazing variety of genres, from lounge acts to opera, as wedding singers and country & western singers. In addition to barbershop, the group loves singing styles ranging from Broadway show tunes to big band and doo-wop.

Members: Kathryn Binney, Erika Cogliani, Kirby Forssell, Heather Heaps, Jocelyn Knazik, Stu Knazik, Martha O'Hehir, Barbara Strang

Top of the Seventh

Top of the Seventh is a Washington DC-based vocal group that specializes in tight harmonies and takes on styles that range from jazz to spiritual, from barbershop to rock and pop, in pursuit of fun and musical nirvana!

Members: Marty Brennan, Jim Connaughton, Rob Ginsberg, Clay Kaufman, Bert Ifill, Elliot Roseman, Dave Welter

Vocal Obsession

Vocal Obsession consists of five friends who have sung in various ensembles for the past twenty years, and decided to form a group devoted to a cappella music. They have performed separately, gaining recognition in ensembles and as soloists in the US and Europe (including Orlando, Chicago, Amsterdam, Montreux, Vienna, Strasbourg, and Liege). In 2003 Vocal Obsession decided to band together to sing sans instruments. While they began primarily as a jazz group, they enjoy singing all types of contemporary a cappella tunes. This is Vocal Obsession's third appearance at the Sweeps. They won Best Original Song in 2005 and 2006. Maybe there are better things in the cards for them this year

Members: Marianne Pastelak, Donna Youngberg, Dotti Smith, Charles Braungard, Harry Maloy

New York

The Fault Line

AfterShock is a five person a cappella band based in Albany, NY, that takes traditional a cappella and smashes it against the wall. The remains are rebuilt into AfterShock's funky musical style for all the world to enjoy. These five musicians come from a variety of musical experiences, but are drawn together with an incredible passion to bring the funk and soul to the a cappella world.

Members: Justin Adams, Jeff Bratz, Adam Decker, Matt Olmstead, Josh Logan

Invisible Men

Invisible Men (IM) is a vocal band based in Manhattan, dedicated to performing tasty and propulsive arrangements of the choicest pop, rock and R-'n-B morsels.Coming out of the underground contemporary a-cappella scene, IM uses its voices-- including vocal percussion, well-amplified bass and the occasional audio effect-- to create performances as exciting and energetic as an instrumental combo. While most pop groups in the college a-cap scene (in which the IM guys honed their chops) are large and have the luxury of being able to literally recreate popular recordings using complex arrangements, IM and small bands like it are looking to create the excitement of popular music with efficient but powerful arrangements, so that while you know you're listening to voices, the sound is so full and convincing that you simply don't care. Invisible Men played its very first show on Feb. 26, 2005 at the New York Harmony Sweepstakes at Symphony Space, and took the metro vocal harmony scene by storm that night, winning Audience Favorite honors.

Members: Oliver Libby, Warren Bloom, Angel Rufino, Tyler Pennock, Justin Blanding

Mystery Date

Award-winning a cappella sensation Mystery Date sings to entertain and inspire. This gay male a cappella group has roots as diverse as rock and roll, classical music, musical theater, soul, and collegiate a cappella. They delight audiences with their jazzy sound and sweet, sassy ( and sometimes irreverent) stage presence. Their repertoire defies categorization, ranging from Spike Jones and Gershwin classics to the B52s and contemporary songwriters like Alanis Morrisette and Desiree. They have performed nationwide sharing stages with a cappella legends “The Bobs”, Sweet Honey and the Rock’s Y’saye Barnwell, Lea DeLaria, The Persuasions, Kate Clinton, and Naturally Seven, among others. From New York cabarets and concert halls to theaters and arenas across the country, their performances are fueled with uncompromising musicianship, explosive energy and offbeat humor.

Members: Ken Browne, Jeff Domoto, Joshua Koffman, Bill Poock

Nu Millennium

Nu Millennium is an R&B a cappella singing group from Brooklyn, NY.? Their sweet, irresistible, street corner, gospel flavored, Doo Wop style harmonies and soulful melodic interpretations of groups like the Drifters, Temptations, Limelites and the Dells are winning fans world wide. Performing at street festivals, weddings, corporate events and benefits and opening up for legends of music from Bo Diddley to The Delfonics, Nu Millennium has dazzled audiences young and old who are swept away by their sweet soul music and Doo Wop style harmonies. Currently recording an album of original songs in the style of our favorite artists of yesterday fused together with today’s hot new sounds, Nu Millennium is also quite content performing and singing at events up and down the east coast. With a class act and years of musical experience, these four guys are forever ‘looking for an echo'.? They’ll bring you back to an era of great music and take you with them on a journey under the stars and through the Nu Millennium.

Members: Lenny, Bobby, Henry, Mike

Spare Parts Vocal Band

Spare Parts Vocal Band produces music using their hearts, souls, and voices. We perform an eclectic mix of pop music from whatever genre may catch our fancy. Spare Parts can perform unplugged for a casual atmosphere, or wired to really rock your house, garage, corporate facility, bar mitzvah, or wherever we happen to play. Spare Parts is always on the lookout for exciting gigs. We once sang outside Princeton University when it was only 10 degrees out (that's Fahrenheit degrees... really!). Please help us by booking us someplace warm.

Members: Big’ Steve, Julianna, Jordan, Dr. Mike, Amy, Steve

Tools in a Cab?

Tools in a Cab? is a 7-member co-ed group which formed up in late 2006 as a spin-off group from Emerson College's Noteworthy. Several alumnus and current students alike came back together to sing some sweet tunes and enjoy each others' company. We enjoy good wholesome a cappella music, burritos, and riding around together in taxi cabs at all hours of the night.

Members: Caitlin Reid, Sarah Jane Yurek, Rita O'Connell, Jeff Marcus, Adam Shepard, Matt Starring, Ben Stockman


Once upon a time, there were seven New Yorkers who were in the middle of their career and school rat races. During the course of their journey towards fame and fortune, they all recognized that all work and no public singing made both jack and Jill very cranky and annoying to their co-workers and loved ones. Rather than take a vow of silence (or get debarked!), they each decided to go on a covert mission: find people to sing with and make other cool noises. They quickly found each other through pheromones, sonar, and internet boards and formed what is now known today as Undercover New York. There are now many nights where you may walk by an office, apartment, or street corner, and hear their soulful and rocking sound!

Members: James Trani, Tari Suprapto, Kelly Goggins, Robert Corradi, Nick Fox, Jennifer Nycz, Di Zhang

Vocal Heights

Vocal Heights is an eight member, co-ed, New York a cappella group with an eclectic style, performing a wide range of music from the 60's, all the way to the 2000's. With a repertoire that is predominantly rock and pop, We also like to mix it up with some doo-wop, jazzy standards, blue grass, non-secular selections, and even the occasional madrigal thrown in for good measure! While predominantly using original arrangements of covers we are psyched to now have several original songs in our repertoire as well. Our mission is simple: to put on a great show with great music!

Members: Ken Brady, Jim Longo, Laura Dunn, Erik Levitt, Andrea Levitt, Mindy Gordon, Susan Jeffers, Lauren Kuczala

Wizards of AH

Wizards of AH is a contemporary a cappella group from New Jersey that delivers harmonies that are both soulful and upbeat. Influenced by a wide range of styles and artists, they sing music from such greats as the Beatles, Queen, Indigo Girls, Rockapella, as well as selections from the legendary doo-wop era. The Wizards of AH are vocals...four friends who understand blend and know how to keep it fun for everyone.

Members: Chris Carey, Ken Hess, Tom Donelan, Bob Lanza

Pacific Northwest


The premiere a cappella group from the Willamette Valley, Oregon, the gentlemen of Rezonate sing R&B, Gospel, Pop, Soul, Jazz, Funk, and even some Hard Rock, including deftly arranged covers and original songs. The group started singing together as Rezonate in December 2004, and have sung at many venues since. At the Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals in May of 2009, Rezonate won both Third Place and the coveted award for Best Original Arrangement. With thick, lush, true six and seven part harmonies and a difficulty level second to none, Rezonate can evoke the smooth sounds of the Four Freshman, the Funk flavor of Rare Earth, or the pop excitement of acts like Bruno Mars and Kelly Clarkson.

Members: Aaron Matthew, Chris Dobson, David Fertal, Tyson Biggerstaff, Jason Caffarella, Justin Diller


Realtime has been together since March of 2003, when John Newell arrived in Canada and mutual friends helped bring the group together. Since then it's been a musical whirlwind of activity, with three recordings, hundreds of shows and a world championship and a whole lot of fun under their belt. In 2008, Doug Broersma became the official lead singer, when John retired. Realtime became the 2005 International Quartet Champions of the Barbershop Harmony Society in Salt Lake City. So having reached the pinnacle of the barbershop contest world, they have sung in their last contest, and received their final score in the barbershop genre.

Members: Tom Metzger, Mark Metzger, John Newell, Tim Broersma

The Baudboys

Back around 1990, a couple of the founding members of the coed Microtones decided that they wanted to form a men's a cappella group at Microsoft so that they could sing the charts from their college groups. The original quartet consisted John Rae-Grant, bass and musical director, Bill Pope, baritone, Bob Gunderson, 2nd tenor, and David Olsen, 1st tenor. True to their profession, the group's chosen name, The Baudboys, referred to the method by which modem speeds were rated. The group performed only a few times in its first years of existence, doing lunch time gigs on the Microsoft campus.

As members left Microsoft over the years, they would also leave the Baudboys, prompting natural turnover in the membership. During the 1990's, the group expanded it's membership, aiming to have two full quartets within the group. Since that time, the group has remained at 7-9 members, but the expanded membership has allowed the group to sing more complex arrangements than the 4-part charts that the founders envisioned.

Members: Jon Schwartz, Graham Sheldon, Owen Braun, Elliot Lewis, Mark Adolph, Dave McEwen, Paul Eng, Leonard Chung


is three women who sing every kind of music under the sun-a cappella, of course. Their voices and their musical influences are equally diverse, and their repertoire includes gospel, folk, pop, jazz, 1920s dancehall numbers, and original works. They consider their arrangements to be some of their strongest assets. Bella takes advantage of their different vocal qualities by trading and interweaving parts, striving for harmonies that are surprising and exhilarating. They are all solo performers as well as members of Bella, have known each other for years, and had their first concert as a group in October 2004.

Members: Emily Groff, Susan Welch, Georgia Browne


Detour is made of four women who have sung for years with Green Heart Chorus, a local chapter of Sweet Adelines International in Abbotsford, BC. After a few years of good intentions and excellent excuses, their love of music and fun finally brought them together two years ago to form a quartet. Now they sing to anyone who will listen, and have been known to crash anniversary parties and birthday get-togethers. They even deliver singing telegrams for no particular reason. In May they will be competing at the Sweet Adeline Regional Convention in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Members: Deb Young, Roxane Carlisle, Deb Williams, Deb Williams

Double Deuce

Double Deuce was formed in early 1998, and each of the members brought years of singing experience to the quartet. In the beginning they concentrated on barbershop, but as time went on, they incorporated contemporary harmonies from groups like the Four Freshman and the gospel sounds of the Gaither Quartet. Working exclusively a cappella, Double Deuce has entertained audiences throughout the Northwest and the lower mainland performing virtually everywhere from concert stage to small coffee houses to private homes. Rick Smith, Jerry Potter and Matt Yorkston are from Bellingham, and Dan Evans is from White Rock, BC.

Members: Rick Smith, Dan Evans, Jerry Potter, Matt Yorkston

Four Real

Four Real is a women's a cappella quartet from Abbotsford, British Columbia. They are also members of Green Heart Chorus, a chapter of Sweet Adelines International. Four Real started singing as a quartet in the Fall of 2004 and have developed a harmonious friendship over and above the music they make together. They have had a busy year with several local performances, from singing Christmas carols in the mall to private engagements. Four Real's biggest achievement to date was competing in their first regional competition last spring in Edmonton, Alberta and placing in the top ten. Four Real:

Members: Cindy Rintoul, Erin Toews, Linda Dickinson, Leigh Fadden


V-Chords is a high-energy sextet based in Portland, Oregon. Established as a four-man group in early 2006, the ensemble increased its membership to five several months later and began performing at parties, outdoor summer festivals, and weddings. Recently V-Chords added a sixth voice in order to expand their hamonic textures to the rich, full sound they bring you today. V-Chords takes pride in the wide breadth of their musical offering - from pop/rock to jazz to country to funk to doo-wop - and is very excited to perform in the 2007 NW Harmony Sweepstakes competition.

Members: Jeremy Miller, Chris Moore, Bryan Podwys, Rick Pullen, Scott Townsend, Darin Wirth

Rocky Mountain

The Plumbers of Rome

While serving as court musicians/crepe chefs at the court of Charles VII in the 13th century (they were not allowed to serve as the Royal Plumbers, since plumbing was at that time considered to be a form of witchcraft) the Plumbers of Rome invented a device to hurl food and concert T-shirts into the starving peasant section of the King's Concert Hall. Adapted for military use, and named the Trebuchet, this modest invention lead the French army to many victories, as well as adding to the festive atmosphere of French wedding receptions and modern day Renaissance Festivals. While history has all but forgotten the inventors of the Trebuchet, the Plumbers are commemorated in the traditional French carol ballade de l'arme romaine aim'e de plombier.

Members: Ernie Stuckowitz, Ron Gilgamesh, Randy Jackson


Face is a nationally recognized all-vocal rock band from Boulder, Colorado, bringing a new edge and attitude to the human voice. Using just five voices and a vocal drummer, or "beat-boxer," Face creates a rock-music phenomenon that has to be seen to be believed. No other instruments or special effects - just six guys. Considered "among the top 10 singing groups in the country," (Norm Johnson, Las Vegas Leisure Guide) they regularly wow sold-out audiences throughout Colorado, including such classic venues as Boulder Theater and The Soiled Dove.

Face was recently named "Best Local Musician/Group" by Boulder Weekly's 2009 Best of Boulder Reader Survey. In addition, Face is a two-time winner of the National Audience Favorite Award at the Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals, as well as National Runner-Up in 2005 and 2007. Face was also runner-up for Favorite Pop/Rock Group in the 2007 Contemporary A Cappella Society's Community Awards. Face has been headlining in Las Vegas periodically since 2007 to rave reviews, paving the way for even more national attention.

Members: Mark Megibow, Forest Kelly, Ben Lunstad, Cody Qualls, Ryan Driver, Stephen Ross, Jayson Throckmorton

Cross Examined

Cross Examined is an 8 person a cappella group from Longmont, Colorado. CrossX has been busy lifting hearts and bringing smiles to faces throughout Colorado and beyond since the fall of 2000. With a variety of styles, including Christian Contemporary, Southern Gospel, Traditional, Praise and Worship and even a bluegrass tune now and then, this group is sure to keep your hearts smiling and your toes tapping.

Members: Laura Eldred, Calisse Staggs, Paul Schneider, Debbie Smith, Sheri Smith, Matt Eldred, Donna Craine, Tim Staggs

Placental Armageddon

The hard rocking boys of Placental Armageddon all hail from Topeka, Kansas (not true - but Topeka does rock!) where they learned the ways ofmetal music while singing amongst the rows of corn at the Alice Cooper memorial Corn Hatchery (you decide if that's true). They will make their debut at Harmony Sweepstakes with their own brand of "extreme shredding" a cappella. (Topeka rocks!)

Members: Tim Y Jones, Mark Megibow, Ryan Driver, Joseph DiMasi, Cory Wendling

Raging Harmonies

Raging Harmonies is a contemporary a cappella group from Westminster High School started by Lois Peterson 15 years ago. The group has been widely recognized and acclaimed. The group regularly performs at the Colorado Music Educators Conference in Colorado Springs, as well as performances for numerous community groups and events.

Members: Angelica Cain, Amber Cameron, Katarina Lobato, Vanity Rivera, Michael Beaver "Beaver", Chris Ladner, Taylor Medrano, Jeovanny Torres

The UCD7

The UCD7 is an up and coming collegiate a cappella group from the University of Colorado. Their blend of pop, jazz and comedy will have folks coming back for more.

Members: Claire Grout, John Paul Sharp, Greg Jacyszyn, Kirk Dugan, Lucas Reeves, Anthony Limon, Michael Brown


VOCALITY is an a cappella quartet with a wide ranging repertoire from 60's and 70's classic rock tunes to gospel to musical theater to barbershop. They are an animated ensemble who love singing together and entertaining audiences with a passion for igniting the spark of music in young people everywhere. VOCALITY formed in January, 2007 and was immediately recognized as an entertaining quartet with flawless harmonies and exciting delivery. They were crowned District Champions in the Land 'O Lakes district of the Barbershop Harmony Society and quickly rose to the elite ranks of the Top 20 in the International Barbershop Quartet contest. Their debut recording was honored with two Contemporary A Cappella Recording nominations by the Contemporary A Cappella Society: Best Barbershop Album and Best Barbershop Song. In fall of 2011 VOCALITY released their second recording, Alleluia, which features gospel music.

Members: Tim Y. Jones, Merilee Tobin, Jeremih Jamson, Sean Bean, Dave Matthews

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