OMG - Mixed Collegiate Octet from Chicago, IL

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2007 Chicago Regional


Mixed Collegiate Octet from Chicago, IL

THNX & WLCM 2 OMG! JTLYK a lil more about OMG! Nobody is really sure what the letters stand 4; One More Group, Oh My God...On Musical Genius...but they do know exactly what they stand 4 when it comes 2 entertaining an audience! IMHO fun is a natural byproduct when you take a baker, a chocoholic, the mother of the cutest baby known to man, a baseball fan who claims that the only real team in Chicago is the Cubs, a drum machine, an MBA, a garage pianist and Ian...who BTW wants you to know that although he may play the fool at times, he is more than just a pretty blonde girl with a butt that won't quit!...LOL You're thinking OMG right? FWIW, OMG! is here to bring u exciting arrangements that take elements from contempo a cappella, jazz, blues, BBS, musicals, pop and OMG flare, it's no wonder OMG is the hottest thing to hit Chicago since the fire! HTH...HAND...C U L8R! (J/K)

Members: Cara Shugoll, Jennifer Wallus, Lauren Herpe, Justin Raczak, Ian Field, Matthew Finder, John Magana, Sean P. Gorecki

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