Undercover - Mixed Contemporary Septet

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2007 New York Regional


Mixed Contemporary Septet

  • 2007 New York 2nd place

  • 2007 New York Best Original Arrangement
    "You're Daddy Don't Know / 80's Medley" Arr. Nicholas Fox

    Once upon a time, there were seven New Yorkers who were in the middle of their career and school rat races. During the course of their journey towards fame and fortune, they all recognized that all work and no public singing made both jack and Jill very cranky and annoying to their co-workers and loved ones. Rather than take a vow of silence (or get debarked!), they each decided to go on a covert mission: find people to sing with and make other cool noises. They quickly found each other through pheromones, sonar, and internet boards and formed what is now known today as Undercover New York. There are now many nights where you may walk by an office, apartment, or street corner, and hear their soulful and rocking sound!

    Members: Tari Suprapto, James Trani, Kelly Goggins, Robert Corradi, Nick Fox, Jennifer Nycz, Di Zhang

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