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Bay Area


Solstice is a female vocal ensemble specializing in music written by women or for women's voices. Our music spans many different genres with an emphasis on world, classical, pop, and jazz. We are also committed to performing new works for women's voices and regularly compose, commission, and arrange new songs.

Solstice has performed in many Bay Area venues including Freight and Salvage, La Pena, the San Francisco Community Music Center, Music on the Hill, the Berkeley Arts Center, Trinity Chamber Music series, and Villa Montalvo. Solstice has also performed on KALW's Folk Music and Beyond On-Air Folk Festival.

Members: Becca Burrington, Krista Enos, Sheryl Kaskowitz, Joanna Silver, Kim Warsaw

Ready, Willing and Mabel

This Los Angeles-based vocal jazz group has been singing together since 2003, and has developed a loyal and enthusiastic following for its unique A Cappella style and lively personality. The group's sound has been described as "compelling," "mesmerizing," and "a cocktail for the ears!" The foursome, who describe themselves as "self-confessed chord freaks", share a passion for "dangerously close harmonies" and "songs that can melt the heart!" A powerful combination indeed!

The Group Members: Caroline McLean, the group's lead singer, hails from Leeds, England.Kate Walker, alto, originates from beautiful Christchurch, New Zealand.Peter Neushul, tenor, is a native Los Angelino (claiming to be a descendent of Attila the Hun!). Jim Campbell, bass, has been singing professionally since 1991 when he moved to Los Angeles from Louisville, KY.

Members: Peter Neushul,, Ken Potter, Caroline Mclean, Mark Feiner, im Kline


+4db is an a cappella quintet who's sound is as diverse as it is smooth. With a repertoire that ranges from jazz standards to contemporary pop, +4db straight-up swings and surprises. Formed in 1996, this award-winning ensemble makes its home in the San Francisco Bay Area. 1998 saw them champions of the Harmony Sweepstakes San Francisco Regionals, where they also earned Best Arrangement for the second year in a row. Their local success harbingered national accolades, with their memorable sound securing Second Place and Best Arrangement at the 1998 Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals. Judges aren't the only ones who dig the delicious harmony of these five voices. +4db has also won Audience Favorite each time they've participated in Harmony Sweepstakes regional and national competitions. +4db released their eponymous debut CD to much fanfare just this January.

Members: David Duran, Michelle Ritche, Paul Cingolani, Jay Quibodeaux, Juliet Green

A Few Of God's Men

A Few of God's Men started as a group in the spring of 1995. They are members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. The group's primary objective is to minister through the fine art of a cappella music. They have a unique ability to blend gospel and spiritual songs with a touch of today's modern flavors. A Few of God's Men are very active in their community and church by singing at various events. They have been the opening act for groups such as "the Jackson Southenaires" and "the Mighty Clouds of Joy." The group as a whole thanks the Lord for their singing talent as they continue to praise His name in song.

Members: Chris Wright, Lawrence Holman, Elbert Holman, Cliff Wright,, Maced Owens, Ron Smith, Michael Glenn.

Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane is a female a cappella group whose seven members herald from around the Bay Area, including the East Bay, San Francisco, and the South Bay. The group performs its own unique, energetic arrangements of cover tunes ranging from 60's and Motown hits to current pop and rock songs. In 1999, Calamity Jane entered the world of original music and is proud to have completed three original songs which will they debuted in Fall 1999. In 1991, a few women who loved singing got together once a week to do just that. The members soon recognized that they wanted singing to be much more than just a casual hobby. They began performing on street corners and at open mike nights, and soon they had a dedicated following. In late 1993, many concerts, rehearsals, and auditions later, Calamity Jane became the group of talented and enthusiastic women it is today. The group has performed at venues such as the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, Border's Books in Palo Alto, the Cable Car Theater in San Francisco, at the1993 and 1998 regional Harmony Sweepstakes, and on Mornings on Two with Steve McPartlan on KTVU. The group also works with Bread and Roses to give pro bono concerts to organizations such as homeless shelters and schools. Calamity Jane, in the fall of 1998, released its first CD entitled "The Road Ahead" which is a lively compilation of the songs the group has perfected over the last 5 years.

Members: Donna Bessette, Tanya Carswell, Kimberly Filutze, Zoe Crowder, Shana Levy, Egidia Vergano, Lisa Waters


Take the power of rock, the grit of blues, and the smooth groove of R&B. Add a funky beat, commanding bass, and a lethal vocal and stylistic range. Founded in November 1998, Dilemma began with a group of women who wanted to take the foundation of their collegiate a cappella backgrounds and challenge the more traditional female sound. The result is dynamic and powerful music that has entertained private corporate audiences as well as Bay Area cafi and club denizens. With voices that command attention and performances that resonate, Dilemma is building a new tradition in female a cappella. Let six sassy songstresses show you that it's time to give the guys a run for their money.

Members: Rahela Abbas, Jane Lee, Georgi Rausch, Denise Shepherd, Suzanna Smith, Tracey Van Hooser

Schrodinger's Cat

Jackson Blacklock, Lester Chiu, John Pointer, Jr., William Blacklock, Coron Hardman. Singing is only half of it. The body delivers the rest. Slapping, clapping and stomping all over the stage, we have brought a new dimension to a cappella from deep in the heart of Texas. We're proud to say that our debut CD "Big Beat A Cappella," released last March, has been nominated for a CARA award and was tapped by RARB as one of the best of 1999. Just over a year old, we have already had a nationally televised appearance on the Roseanne show and have appeared in venues stretching from Texas to Alaska. Schrodinger's Cat walks the line between the highly innovative and the completely insane, with an energetic display of musical prowess, sadistic tendencies, and recklessly bad humor. Arguably the sweatiest singing group around, we look forward to bringing you the other half of a cappella.

Members: Jackson Blacklock, Lester Chiu, John Pointer, Jr., William Blacklock, Coron Hardman

Special Feature

Special Feature is an a cappella vocal group whose high energy, tight harmonies and dazzling showmanship has been thrilling audiences across North America for over ten years. They formed originally as a barbershop quartet in 1988, and quickly rose to the championship level in the Barbershop Society, building a loyal following from California to New Hampshire and from British Columbia to Florida. Ever since their participation in Reno's "Hot August Nights," their musical focus has been shifted more towards popular music from the fifties and sixties. Special Feature continues to polish their act and develop their music. They strive to obtain additional professional gigs in Reno, sufficient to say goodbye to their day jobs.

Members: Jamie Arrington, B. J. Hill, Paul Olguin, Raymond Davis


"Voices to move the spirit" - VocaMotion is a contemporary upbeat a cappella quartet from Santa Cruz. Their eclectic repertoire of rock, folk, soul, blues, doo-wop and original tunes, along with their friendly on-stage chemistry will lift your spirits, have you tapping your feet, clapping along and laughing out laud. They can rock, reflect, inspire, and get silly. They love what they do, and you will too. They are bound together by their joyful commitment to the positive power of music to touch our hearts. They feel privileged to be able to offer their voices, and join with their with their audiences in the service of lifting the human spirit and having a good time.

Members: Jonathan Arthur, Gail Clark, Michael Levy, Kath Robinson

Wicki 6

Wicki 6 is an energetic mixed a cappella sextet that combines excellent harmonies, rockin' percussion and powerful solo voices. Their mission is to bring a new brand of a cappella to the San Francisco Bay Area, one that is fun, entertaining, daring, courageous, spirited, animated, and yes, even a little wacky! Wicki 6 features very talented and versatile vocalists that have a tight blend and a powerful dynamic. Add to this harmonic mix a premier vocal percussionist handling the beat, a cool groove rhythm bass, and several incredible soloists and you have a dynamite sound that characterizes the Wicki 6 experience.

Members: Bhakti Klein, Vanessa Santiago, Dubie Dubendorfer, Jeff Falk, Elaine Chao, Shannon Pierce


Random Association

Formed in November of 1997. Founders Joe Antonioli and John Hadden had worked together in preceeding years, John recording and producing several recordings for the UVM Top Cats of which Joe was the Musical Director. Both boys were aching to start up a professional group, so, when the time was ripe, they did! True to its name, RA found its musicians in a rather random way--through want ads in local Burlington, Vermont papers and via word of mouth. We think we lucked-out, finding us some very fine musicians!

Members: Joe Antonioli, Anne Cameron, Heather Finley, Leigh Guptill, John Hadden, Susannah Magee, Rich Redmond

After Eight

After Eight is a male a cappella group comprised of graduates from Colby College in Waterville, Maine. The guys range from the class of ‘90 to the class of ‘96, and they all sang in the male a cappella group on campus called The Colby Eight. Now all living in the Boston area and holding onto day jobs, they get together weekly to rehearse and enjoy this chance to continue to sing together. They have had a variety of performance venues around New England and beyond over the past five years, including First Night Annapolis (MD), First Night Providence (RI), shows in Brattleboro, VT, Worcester, MA, Cape Cod, and ­ of course ­ central Maine. They are happy to be returning to the Harmony Sweepstakes and look forward to another fun evening of a cappella music.

Members: Kris Boynton, Peter Caruso, Jonathan Frothingham, Jonathan Howe, Mark Longsjo, Jun Shirahama, Marc Winiecki


Flashback has been performing a cappella music throughout New England for over a decade. The group first gained notoriety as street performers in Harvard Square before honing their act for clubs, concert series, and special events. Their Swing Hits Radio Hour is an annual Boston theater event. Critically acclaimed for their Happy Holidays Radio Show and recording "Swinging On a Star," Flashback is delighted to strut their non-holiday stuff for Boston area audiences this March 17th, 18th, and 28th. On a personal note, they have three husbands (there’ll be a fourth this May), four children, three dogs and two cats among them.

Members: Debba Andree, Laurel Browne, Kit Emory, Kathryn Feinmann

Live Wire

LiveWire is the pre-eminent vocal rock sensation out of Atlanta, GA. Since 1998, these seven talented musicians have been thrilling Atlanta TV, radio and live audiences with their unique "rock-band-without-the-band" sound: they perform musically accurate arrangements of rock songs with only one instrument -- the human voice. Their shows combine jaw-dropping musicality, contagious high energy, and a pinch or three of wackiness. They have entertained thousands of people around the Atlanta area, appeared all over the Atlanta media -- from morning news magazine appearances on the local NBC and FOX affiliates to news appearances on FOX, CBS, and ABC to radio appearances on 99X (WNNX FM - Atlanta's modern rock radio station) and Magic 96.7 (WMKJ-FM) --and are just as comfortable performing in a raucous club setting as they are in an intimate corporate cocktail party.

Members: Michelle Arrascue, Jennifer Bond, Carl Christie, Benjy Rose, Jordan Small, Rob Sylvester, Kris Walker

The Neighbor’s Kid

The Neighbor’s Kid is a new all-male vocal band composed of members of Brandeis University¹s Voicemale from its 1997-1998 year. That year helped propel Voicemale onto the national scene. We’re very proud of the fact that we finished as runner-up in the semi-final round of the NCCA’s; we also won best arrangement and runner-up awards for two of our arrangements that year. We had such a good time singing together that we¹ve gotten together numerous times since then to meet and perform around Boston (of course, it helps that everyone who graduated is still in the area!). We’ve added some new tunes, and have been performing locally as The Neighbor’s Kid over the past year. While we have a varied repertoire, our style is best classified as 70s and 90s rock & soul; in our performance and in our arrangements, we like to emphasize energy, rhythm, and groove. We’re looking forward to performing for you tonight, and hope you enjoy the show.

Members: Keith Berman, Bill Folman, Nate Merrill, Sam Meyrowitz, Mike Schwartz, Jason Taylor


Take six alluring, young women, give them each a killer set of pipes, a passion for good music, and regularly scheduled pizza breaks, and you have Realia, one of the most up-and-coming vocal bands from Boston. Formed in 1997 and ever-evolving, Realia primarily performs contemporary pop, funk and R&B, with a delectable power that is anything but your typical female a cappella. The premier national publication of a cappella has described Realia as "a group to watch, maybe the first all-women¹s group to become really big, like Rockapella and M-Pact!" Flattering, of course ­ although we¹ve been trying to master that cool M-Pact! disco-arm-swing-thing, and it just ain’t happening. Still, a girl can dream.

Members: Kirsten Chidley, Emily Fisher, Val Hildebrant, Christy Maver, Evie Nagy, Courtney Wheaton

Serious Fun

Serious Fun began in the fall of 1993, under the oft-misspelled and incorrectly remembered name of Vocomotive. In 1998, the group produced its first CD ("Serious Fun") which features its broad range of material: from popular music to jazz standards to TV theme songs to traditional folk, with a few original tunes thrown in for good measure. When assuming their not-so-secret identities, the group’s members work as a romance writer, a teacher, a real estate agent, lawyers, computer analysts, actors and folk rock musicians.

Members: Suz Brockmann, Deede Bergeron, Brice Buchanan, Ed Gaffney, Bill Kuhlman, Kathy Lague, Eric Ruben


SoRare is thrilled to be competing once again in the Harmony Sweepstakes! Since last year¹s competition, we’ve had the pleasure of appearing at various venues throughout New England including: Stellar A Cappella, A Cappella Gold, Bridgewater’s 4th of July Celebration and several area shows. We¹ve added some cool modern arrangements to our repertoire and look forward to sharing them with you.

Members: Karen Christofi, Jannis Moylan, Donna Manoogian, Arlene Isaac


AC Rock

Ac Rock is one of America's great a cappella quartets, singing classic rock 'n roll favorites from the 1950s through the 1980s. Ac Rock sings boomer rock in stunning vocal harmony without instrumental accompaniment. It's an engaging mix of tightly-crafted music and freewheeling humor that pleases audiences of all ages. Ac Rock performs for corporate events, conventions, industrial shows, charity auctions and stunt marketing events all over the country. Centrally based in Chicago, Ac Rock has easy access to all parts of the US and Canada. Summer festivals, school shows and private parties, too. Ac Rock is the right group for your group.

Members: Paul Iams, JD Mathein, Chris Brown, Mark MacLean

Chapter 6

The group's boundless range and appeal has resulted in one of the most diverse touring schedules in the music industry. Whether at an opera house, symphony hall, campus, church, corporate or community event, or aboard a cruise ship, Chapter 6 is right at home. Opera houses are often repeat clients, while the Association for the Promotion of Collegiate Activities' audiences named Chapter 6 "Entertainer of the Year" (2005). Chapter 6 has performed theatrical pops programs with over ten major metropolitan symphony orchestras in association with The Symphonic Pops Consortium, yet returns to the intimate classroom where the group has conducted over a hundred master-classes for high school choirs. Finally, their Christmastime concert is a favorite among churches and arts venues offering holiday programming.

Members: John Musick, Jarrett Johnson, Brian Owens, Aarion D. Stonecipher, Charles Bosworth, Luke Menard

Listen Up!

Harmony, humor and vocal pyrotechnics. Listen Up! delivers a truly unique approach to Jewish entertainment. Our performances create a special connection families and communities across the US. See our website (link below) for testimonials, videos of our rehearsal and performances, and information about our recordings.

Members: Michael Mendelson, Rebecca Singer, Steve Singer, Moshe Mann

Three Men and A Tenor

For 19 years, Paul, Chuck, Mark and Glenn, have been winning over audiences in so many ways. With almost 2.500 performances, including sharing the stage with American legends like Chuck Berry, Dionne Warwick, Bob Newhart, Peter Cetera, Pat Boone, Lee Greenwood and The Beach Boys, 3MT has also been featured national entertainment for corporate conventions and conferences, as well as major festivals and fairs.

Paul, Chuck, Mark and Glenn formed a vocal group expecting to sing only one song together at Michigan State University to help fill concert time in a men's chorus concert. Since that very humble beginning over 18 years ago, these guys have had some amazing musical moments. In 2006, Three Men and a Tenor was voted the "Best Entertainment in Michigan", and the group is loved all over the world.

Members: Glenn, Paul, Chuck, Mark

Blue Skies

Blue Skies, consisting of Patti Lupo, Susan Prischmann, Paul Zimmerman, and Greg Jasperse, has been performing in the Chicagoland area for 3 years. This versitile group has played the Taste of Chicago, festivals, corporate functions, Broadway nights and Oscar parties. Their love of vocal music and group singing brought them together, and during the month of December they sing with the acclaimed Christmas group, The Caroling Party. While not performing with Blue Skies, these singers work in all aspects of music...recording, arranging, teaching, theatre, bands and concert work.

Members: Patti Lupo, Susan Prischmann, Paul Zimmerman, Greg Jasperse

The Dazzling Diamonds

Four young High School girls from Grand Ledge, Michigan have spent the last year on their U.S. "tour"--an experience never dreamed of when the quartet was formed just over two years ago. Since then, the girls have taken first place in a central Michigan high school barber shop competition (while still in middle school), won the 1999 International Rising Star, Young Women in Harmony competition in San Antonio, Texas last July and made guest appearances at the 1999 Sweet Adeline International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. Kelli, Katie, Ashley and Kristen are all members of the Water Wonderland Chorus, active in their high school music program, participate in several sports and are all honor students.


Delusions of Grandeur

Delusions of Grandeur is an all male septet hailing from Blooington, Indiana. The group has come a long way since it's humble beginnings in Fall of 1995. Undergoing massive reconstruction just this past year, D.O.G. only holds one returning founder. The younger members have vowed to keep the group strong at IU and with the same performance quality of the original, created five years ago. Delusions combines high-impact songs with vocal percussion and an award-winning stage presence. With shows all over the U.S., D.O.G. is available to travel at all times.

Members: John Flower, Mickey Seidenstein, Mike Landau, Micheal Jordan, Todd Gallet, Matt Scheaffer, Todd Pritts


elmoThumm formed in 97 as a gathering of a cappella lovers, has collectively been on the scene from Broadway to barbershop, cruise lines and major tours. Openings include: The Beach Boys, Ben Vereen, Bobby McFerrin, and numerous competitions under the names The Sound (Chicago) and Speakeasy (Detroit). elmo Thumm's first performance was as a national finalist in the Lever "Singing In the Shower" contest. As more requests arrive, ET continues to work on a full-length stage show as well as recording demo materials and jingles for local radio and TV.

Members: Greg Vaden, Adam Westmoreland, Ed Pendleton, Jason Miller

Los Angeles

Sixth Wave

January 2005 brought on a season of change for us, as Amy Fogerson left the group and was replaced by Jennifer Barnes. Shortly thereafter, both Gerald White and Gary Rosen also made the decision to leave the group to pursue other ventures, which created openings filled by tenor Greg Whipple and baritone Greg Jasperse. This 50% new group is now eagerly working towards the goal of being a powerful and cohesive musical unit, adding exciting new repertoire while maintaining the spirit and integrity for which Sixth Wave has always been known. Please keep checking back for new and exciting news and updates as things progress.....

Members: Elin Carlson, Cindy Bourquin, Amy Fogerson, Gerald White, Gary Rosen, Eric Bradley

Boyz Nite Out

No Instruments? No Problem! Specializing in cover, pop and rockin' upbeat music, this high energy group combines all-vocal drums, guitars, and horns with smooth 5-part harmony to make you think there's an entire band on stage!

For over 14 years, Boyz Nite Out has traveled throughout the world appearing at major festivals, corporate events and private performances. The group has worked with such artists as Ray Charles, ELO, Jay Leno, Kool & the Gang and Michael MacDonald and has released 3 full length CD projects selling over 20,000 copies in the United States and Japan.


Four Shadow

Four Shadow, the famous a cappella group from Minneapolis, Minnesota, performs for crowds across the nation, singing over 150 shows a year in over 40 states for audiences of all ages and musical tastes. In addition to a number of original songs, they perform tunes by artists like the Beatles, Paul Simon, the Dave Matthews Band, and Howie Day. Four Shadow has shared the stage with Huey Lewis, the Persuasions, and Lonestar, and performed live on NBC's "Today" show.

Every Four Shadow show is filled with a winning mix of audience interaction, infectious energy, friendly humor and strong a cappella vocals. One of the nation's hottest a cappella groups, these guys demonstrate beyond a doubt that the most powerful and versatile instrument of all is one which we each possess - the human voice.



The six-man, all-vocal group, InsideOut, is rapidly establishing a reputation for exceptional entertainment. With their musical capability, surprising vocal percussion, and captivating performances, InsideOut has entertained both small and large audiences across the West.

Before becoming a part of InsideOut, each member of the group was involved in performing in other vocal groups, such as the well-known BYU Men's Chorus. The group had its beginning in the winter of 1997. Two brothers, Ben and Layne Haacke, pulled in Kimball Brown, a home town friend, Ryan Hinton, a "real" bass, and some other local singers to form InsideOut. It started as a hobby, and they performed for friends and the local a cappella club. A couple of members left the group at the end of the school semester, so InsideOut recruited the last two members of the current group to replace them. Paul Hatch was brought on as a high tenor, and Jason Smith filled in with his exceptional vocal percussion.


Perfect Gentlemen

The Perfect Gentlemen provide the perfect blend of harmony and humor harkening back to the days of Vaudeville. Preserving America's great vocal sounds from a time when music was music, The Perfect Gentlemen recreate the close harmonies of such legendary groups as The Ink Spots and the Pied Pipers, while including the era's great comic songs made famous by the likes of Louis Jordan and The Hoosier Hotshots.

A typical performance by The Perfect Gentlemen includes marvelous melodious music mingled with masterful mirth, mischief, and merry-making. The group's versatility allows for effortless shifts between vocal styles with an air of ease, whether singing a cappella or accompanied by guitar or ukulele. Their signature piece, Salute to the 20th Century, is a humorous take on the de-evolution of music over the last century, illustrated by singing the same song in the style of Barbershop, Dixieland, Blues, Big Band, Doo-Wop, Bluegrass, Disco, Techno Punk, and Rap, complete with visuals that delights audiences of all ages time and time again.

Members: Dan Jordan, Tim Reeder, Mike Economou, Jim Campbell

Desperate Measures


Side Effect


South Street Jones

South Street Jones' recipe for high octane harmony: lay a funky beat down on the grill, pepper with a touch of jalapeno giddy-up bass. Deep fat fry that funk up until golden brown. Serve hot. Enjoy.



Susanna Ridler - born in Austria. Studied at the University of Music & Performing Arts in Vienna with the emphasis on Theatre and Music. She worked for four years as an actress in different theaters throughout Vienna, thereafter studying Jazz and Vocals at the Conservatory in Amsterdam. In 1998 Susanna attended the Musician's Institute in LA and was granted the "Student of the Year" Award. Her female a cappella trio TREASURE won a band contest in Hollywood, which was followed by many performances of the group in LA, until one singer moved back to Europe and the group was forced to break up. In the Fall of 1999 Susanna moved to San Francisco for a new start where she found two great singers: Leah Holtan - born in Minnesota. At an early age she was educated in playing piano, flute, and clarinet. Her parents, both musicians and singers taught her the art of singing. Leah sang in various choirs and was performing in different musicals such as "The Wizard of Oz," "The Boyfriend," and the lead character in "Bye Bye Birdie." She studied ballet, tap dance and ballroom instructions. She learned how to play the guitar, and presently, she works as a singer/songwriter in the San Francisco area. She had also done work as a singer and voiceover artist for TV and radio. Betina Hershey - born in New York City. Studied voice with Betsy Nordeon (soloist at the Metropolitan Opera), dance at the NHC High School of Performing Arts, and she has a BFA in acting from Marymount Manhattan College. Betina has performed with many modern dance companies and regional musical theatre productions. Her favorite role was Luisa in the "Fantasticks." The last two years she played Meg in the National Tour of the Phantom of the Opera. She has her own jazz duo "Clem-en-tina" and works as a singer/songwriter in San Francisco.

Members: Susanna Ridler, Leah Holtan, Betina Hershey

We 3 Sing




BlueLine is an award-winning, mixed quintet that performs jazz, gospel and pop a cappella music from the DC Area. Started in the fall of 1999 by friends whose day jobs weren't providing enough time on stage, the group has achieved a tight blend and performed at competitions, music festivals and private events. Washington City Paper called BlueLine "exciting" and "exhilarating." BlueLine gets its name from the subway line and is a tribute to the great Duke Ellington's "Take the 'A' Train" - the kind of bluesy jazz that the group loves to sing

Members: Anita Willis, Ashley Burt, Kakki Reynolds, Brian Lewis, J. P. Vidas, Jeff Knishkowy

Toxic Audio

In 1998, Toxic Audio launched its quirky show in an abandoned storefront at the Orlando International Fringe Festival. To their amazement, people began cramming into that storefront to see them. The show caught the attention of Disney executives who hired them as featured performers at the Disney/MGM Studios. Soon after, the group was crowned champion at the National Harmony Sweepstakes in California.

In the year 2003, Toxic Audio's album, Chemistry was named "Album of the Year" by the Contemporary Acappella Society of America. The group has made national TV appearances with Ed McMahon and Wayne Brady, and even got to sing a reggae-style weather report on ESPN2's morning show "Cold Pizza". Toxic Audio won the 2004 Drama Desk Award for "Unique Theatrical Experience" for their Off-Broadway Show in New York's John Houseman Theatre where they continue to electrify audiences by exploring the boundaries of the human voice.

Members: Rene Ruiz, Jeremy James, Shalisa Sloan, Michelle Mailhot, Paul Sperrazza


Crossroads is the new "superquartet" on the Barbershop Block, formed of four singers who are former BHS International Gold medalists in their own right, tenor Fred Farrell, lead Mike Slamka, bass Jim Henry and baritone Brandon Guyton. Henry won Gold in 1993 as a founding member and arranger of the legendary Gas House Gang, and is currently musical and artistic director of the 160-voice Ambassadors of Harmony. Guyton pocketed Gold in 2002 with Four Voices, Slamka sang his way to Gold with 2003 champs Power Play, and Farrell wore Gold with 1989 Quartet champs Second Edition. With this much vocal and arranging talent and experience, it came as no great surprise that newly-formed Crossroads struck Gold again in Anaheim, CA in 2009!

Members: Linda Beaver, Anne Willis, Bob Schellhamer, Tom Felgen


Since 1992 4real has been wowing crowds of all ages with their exciting and unique sound. These four male singers from western Pennsylvania use a variety of styles ranging from doo-wop to country to swing and just about anything in between. Coming from different parts of the country, with varied interests and fields of study, they combine high-energy harmonics with on-stage antics to create a show everyone will love.

Members: Sean Moran, Chris Murphy, Devon Lippmann, Richard Beaulè


This 5-man vocal band that performs contemporary rock and pop songs throughout the Washington metro area. They pride themselves on unorthodox cooking techniques, obsolete geographical trivia-and they song too. The name, the Humbuckers, refers to a coil in microphones used to warm and smooth out the sound-it is also a sure deal for an Internet domain name.

Members: Larry France, Adrian Collazo, Eric Olsen, David Lieber, Dave Trendler

Midnight Voices

A male group of seven that started in 1996 when a bunch of guys got together to serenade their "female friends" the night before high school graduation in Bucks County, PA. They specialize in classical, pop-contemporary, doo-wop, and barbershop. What is amazing about this group right now is that they all attend different colleges.

Members: Michael Leach, Justin Guarini, Cole Simcox, Kevin Powell, Paul Griffin, Nick Cisik, Jay Herbert


A male trio from Ohio that has been performing together since 1983. The style of music they perform is as diverse as their voices; they sing country, doo-wop, gospel, and rhythm and blues. The group sings on a weekly basis taking their unique brand of humor and harmony on the road wherever opportunity takes them.

Members: Doug Miller, Bob MacLeod, David Beck

Vocal Tonic

This 6-man vocal band is based in Atlanta, which is rapidly becoming THE a cappella hub of the nation... well, at least in the South. Their repertoire is mainly progressive pop/rock, with a touch of jazz and R&B thrown in for good measure. Their recent recording garnered a CARA nomination for Best Original Song.

Members: Paul Collar, Graham Kuhn, Dave Gilbert, Dave Sperandio, Paul Tate, Joey Chen

New York


Formed in 1993, the seven-member vocal band started their humble journey in small NYC music clubs and worked their way up to win the Audience Favorite Award at the 2000 Harmony Sweepstakes national finals in San Francisco. Along the way, they appeared on VH1, Nickelodeon, TNN, NBC's Today Show as well as several appearances on The Howard Stern Show. They performed regularly at NYC rock club Mercury Lounge and their classic rock roots even earned them opening act slots with the likes of The Marshall Tucker Band and The Edgar Winter Group.

Their debut CD, A Cappella's Dead (1999) was called the "classic rock album a cappella has been waiting for" (Recorded A Cappella Review Board). The album features inventive covers of Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Yes, and Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight". Their follow-up CD Karaoke Bar Brawl (2002) gained even more praise. Produced by Rockapella vocal percussionist Jeff Thacher, the album was nominated for two Contemporary A Cappella Recording Association (CARA) awards: Best Album and Best Cover Song ("25 or 6 to 4") and was one of RARB's "Picks of 2003" for favorite albums of the year. Karaoke Bar Brawl (named after a true event involving several band members) features loud & raw covers of The Who, Alice In Chains, Queen as well as two original songs.

Members: Brian Reichelt, David Curry, David Kern, Ari Pickart, Jeremy Lipkin, Jeff Leibert, Xerxes Ecclips

Ball In The House

Following in the path of classic harmony groups like Boyz II Men, The Temptations, and Take 6, with a mix of the classic and the contemporary, the five-member vocal band Ball in the House brilliantly blends a wide range of influences, from classic R&B to pop, hip-hop & gospel. With their extensive tour schedule (averaging 250 dates a year), Ball in the House reaches millions and is arguably one of the hardest working, most successful indie bands today. They have performed with such artists as The Beach Boys, Gladys Knight, The Jonas Brothers, Jessica Simpson, Fantasia, Blondie, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, KC & The Sunshine Band, Kool & the Gang, and numerous others. All a cappella, but a sound that will astound and amaze you. 5 Guys, 5 Voices, THAT'S IT... A review from the Boston Globe put it very succinctly - "Ball in the House has everything you would expect to find in a successful pop/rock band....the one thing it doesn't have is instruments."

Members: Scott Harris, Jason Downie, David Guisth, Stephan McNulty, Jon Ryan, Michael Benard

5th Element

If you're looking for "Great" musical entertainment for your organization, the 5th Element is the solution. This is a barbershop quartet with the flexibility to sing the old songs in the old style, or to swing your favorites, like Frank Sinatra or Nat-King Cole. With an average age of the late 20's, this is not your father's barbershop quartet (although we can do that too). This is an a cappella delight for all ages. These four started singing together in April of 1998 and are currently the highest-ranking barbershop quartet in the New York-Metro area in the Barbershop Harmony Society. All four members belong to the Big Apple Chorus, the New York chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society which regularly delights audiences around the country and throughout the New York area. Both the lead and the bass are very active leaders in the chorus. The Big Apple Chorus consistently ranks in the Top Ten of all barbershop choruses.

Members: Fern Sicilia, Neil Dingle Jr., Mark Paul, Paul Santino

Bob Ross Juice Box Seven

What do you get when you put an actress, a composer, a lyricist, a lawyer, an architect, an international arts liason and a college administrator/Diva in a room together? Well, if they have a love of making music and the right wardrobe, you might get Bob Ross Juice Box, a unique blend of funky and fun - performing hot new versions of old favorites as well as original material. BRJB is proud to be making its New York City debut at the Harmony Sweepstakes.



Duwende aims to transcend musical boundaries and provide listeners with a smorgasbord of diverse and memorable contemporary songs. With an open spirit of musical experimentation and a unique style evolved from various musical genres, we deliver a crowd-pleasing show that showcases shopisticated vocal percussion, powerful bass, dynamic soloists and innovative songwriting. Duwende¹s musical selection consists of original all-vocal compositions and cover songs in a wide range of styles, including funk, rock, R&B, folk, and world beat. Since its inception in the winter of 1998, Duwende has been winning over audiences in venues throughout the New York City area, including high school and college campuses, private functions, ad clubs and theaters like Gaslight, The Triad, Arlene Grocery, HERE Center for the Performing Arts, New York Comedy Club, and Le Bar Bat.

Members: Jason Baluyut, Edward Chung, Abbey Janes, Dexter Jones, Morgan Phillips, Susan Hills, Brett Hopkins

Hearts of Stone

Hearts of Stone originated in the 1970's as a Motown recording group. Motown, however, is not the only musical style found in this group. R&B, rock'n'roll, and doo-wop are also among the styles heard during performances. Hearts of Stone appears either "a cappella" or with the Touch Band. In either situation, they demonstrate their smooth sound and terrific harmonies. Carl Cutler, in the original recording group, re-vived the Hearts of Stone about ten years ago, re-teaming with Idells member Benny Rodgers. Each member of this quintet has been singing since his youth. Individually or in various group configurations, the Hearts of Stone have appeared with Eddie Holman, the Delphonics, Ray Charles, Benny King, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, Pookine Hudson and the Spaniels, Bobby Rydell, and Teddy Pendegrass among others. Hears of Stone is currently performing in a variety of venues throughout the Philadelpnia area and New Jersey. Hearts of Stone appeared on NIN-TV in 1998 as part of the Harvey Holiday Street Corner extravaganza.

Members: Charles Murkey, Carl Cutler, Benny Rogers, Stanford Laws, Elliotte Jenkins


Meet Philharmonix, a mixed a cappella quartet that is thrilling audiences in the Philadelphia are, as well as up and down the East Coast. These four talented singers, each with a strong background in the close harmonies and precision singing of the barbershop world, have joined forces to create an exciting new sound in the style of the Modernaires and the Manhattan Transfer. Organized in 1997, Philharmonix performed at the Mixed Harmony Showcase at the 1998 SPEBSQSA International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, were a featured quartet at the 1998 &1999 Buckeye Invitational in Columbus, Ohio and performed at the Ohio State Fair. Their busy schedule includes appearing in community concerts, conventions, banquets, and festivals. In January 1999, they received first-place medals in their first national contest, the Mid-America Barbershop Quartet Expo in St Louis, Missouri. Philharmonix combines a natural sound and fun-loving style that their audiences truly enjoy. These accomplished musicians can perform melody and harmony with ease, making every song they sing a showcase for their unique ability and versatility. Their repertoire includes favorites from the 30’s and 40’s, as well as pop tunes, gospel, Broadway, and Jazz.

Members: Donna Perrone, Amy Carr, Tom Halley, Rick Serpico

Special Delivery

Since it's inception in 199, Special Delivery has developed into one of the Northeast's premier acappella groups. This seven man vocal ensemble continues to captivate audiences with it's sophisticated arrangements, intricate harmonies an powerful lead vocals applied to the popular American music from the 1930's through the 1990's.

Members: Michael Barchetto, Bud Cuttito, Jim Espallat, Jim Hammill, Mike Mulligan, Phil Ruggiero

Sunday Morning News

Members: Dan Driscoll, Ed Hiligar, Tom McMueency, Dave White

Uncle Baz and the Jive Street Five

Cryogenically frozen in the late 70s, Uncle Bazz and the Jive Street Five returned to life at the cusp of the new Millennium to continue performing all music that is funky. While "getting its groove back" proved more complicated than first anticipated, the group has finally adjusted to life in the present and plans to start singing Latin pop music any day now.

Members: Bryan Frederick, Amir Herman, Xerxes Eclipse, Jane McIntosh, Vanessa Manuel, Thea McCartan, Mike Van Allen

Pacific Northwest


Kickshaw has been performing in the Northwest for about five years now. They have been involved in hundreds of shows, where each audience is a part of a unique mouth-music experience.

In early 1997, Kickshaw won first place in the Regional Harmony Sweepstakes competition. This is a title only awarded to nine groups throughout the nation each year. Following the 1997 competition, Kickshaw decided that they were ready to pursue music full time.

In search of their own sound, Kickshaw began working with some effects to extend their already eclectic repertoire. This addition was an instant hit with their audiences as they were able to create the sounds of a full band, effects and all, with just their voices giving Kickshaw a sound all their own.

Members: Jim Castaneda, Danny Figgins, Andy Marshall, Blake Lewis, Dan Scheumacher


Hailed by critics as "a high-energy vocal phenomenon that'll simply knock your socks off!" (JazzBeat), measureXmeasure (measure by measure) is an a cappella sensation that proves the human voice is indeed the most versatile of all instruments. Despite what the listeners' ears may tell them, mXm uses no drum machines, synthesizers, pre-recorded material or instruments of any kind. Every sound - whether it be soaring five-part vocal harmonies, jaw-dropping vocal bass, or astonishing beat-box vocal percussion - is produced live by the voices of these five young men. Originally formed in the mid-1990's as a student group at the University of Kansas, the Kansas City-based quintet now travels coast-to-coast year-round headlining concerts halls, festivals and college campuses everywhere.

Members: Jeff Smith, Jon Stutler, David Stutler, Erich Timkar, Cardell Edwards


Akafellas, from Olympia, WA, have enjoyed bringing their unique style of a cappella music and comedy to Northwest audiences for almost three years now. They have sung for Vice President Al Gore, produced and performed their own two-hour (whew!) a cappella show, and, one occasion, even induced labor (we sang at a baby shower and a few hours later, mom¹s water broke). Note ­ the Akafellas will not be held responsible for any children born as a result of tonight¹s performance.

Members: Jon, Neol, Kurt, Scott, Greg

Rapid Pulse

Rapid Pulse is a high energy A Cappella group based in Ellensburg, Washington. Since their formation in early 1999 these five guys have "Wowed" audiences all over the Northwest with only the power of the voice. So sit back and get ready to let The Pulse rock you with a little Jazz, Funk, and Pop, all without ever picking up an instrument.


The SassyCats

The SassyCats are purrrfectly thrilled to be on stage for the Sweeps after watching from the back row last year as a newly formed group. With extensive backgrounds in musical theatre, Jen, Rebekka, and Monica love creating innovative presentations of great tunes from many genres and strutting their stuff in many settings.

Members: Jen, Rebekka, Monica

Seattle Style

These four ladies have been together for three years this month. They earned the right to represent the Pacific Northwest Region, for the 3rd time at the most recent Sweet Adeline International contest held in Atlanta, GA.. last October. Not only are they the current 1999 Regional champions, but he have also won an a cappella contest at Freighthouse Squire in Tacoma competing against both men and women. They have performed at numerous community events and shows in the Pacific Northwest including being the first FEMALE guest quartet in years to grace the stage at the men¹s Forest Grove competition weekend


Studio One

Studio One is an a cappella quartet from the Pacific Northwest. Members hail from Seattle and Lynden Washington, and Calgary Alberta. Singing together since 1977, we enjoy singing a variety of music styles, including Doo-Wap, Vocal Jazz, Barbershop and Gospel. Studio One is also involved in conducting workshops for a cappella groups and musical youth outreach programs.


Total Experience Gospel Choir

Total Experience Gospel Choir, (Pacific NW) under the direction of its founder and director, Patrinell Wright, bursts with love, joy and enthusiasm humanity! It is hailed as one of the Paciifc Northwests finest and most soulful ensembles. The group began in 1973 in SE Seattle, the heart of one of the nations most diverse neighborhoods. Today’s choir is of all ages.

Members: Patrinell Wright, Gena Brooks, Tanisha Brooks, Mary Brooks, Lulu Strange, Tessa Studebaker, Leah Vladowski

Rocky Mountain

All Star Vocal Band

In 1995 the All-Star Vocal Band began rebuilding their vocal ensemble around the talents of the two exceptional voices of Jackie Farrell and Rita Dean. With the addition of seasoned a cappellans, tenor, Jimi Alexander and, baritone, Tony Huerta and the continuing participation of, bass, Norm Silver, the All-Star Vocal Band has moved forward to bring a new style and a fresh perspective to the group's sound. Powerhouse percussionist, Zach Freeman, adds the drive and the beat to make the new All-Stars really rock.

Members: Norman Silver, Tony Huerta, Jimi Alexander, Zack Freeman, Jacklyn Farrela, Rita Dean

Baby Needs Shoes

This female trio is from Lincoln Nebraska, they are sweeping the midwest with their warm audience appeal and breathtaking harmonies. Close your eyes when they sing in unison and you will believe it is one voice! Baby Needs Shoes is known for their entertaining singing in the style of the Andrews and McGuire sisters, but they are also comfortable singing folk, jazz, blues and gospel, making for a very versatile show. Baby Needs Shoes is three beautiful voices, three talented women and three exhausted moms!


Graffiti Tribe

Graffiti Tribe was founded in 1990 by Dan Perkins and has had an interesting decade. They took home the awards of Regional Champions in 1995 and again in 1997 for the Denver Regional Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival. Since touring most of the country as one of America's most popular college acts, The Tribe has signed an exclusive record deal with Jakarta Records and will soon be touring and distributing their CDs on an international level. The Tribe is working on a new CD project which will somewhat stray from their a cappella roots. Fear not a cappella fans! This group won't leave their first love all together. Be on the lookout for the Tribe to be doing bigger and better things than ever before in the new millennium!

Members: Richard Jordan, Dan Perkins, Tim Rosendo, Marc Young

Jazz Katz

This group took the award as 1st Runners-up in last years Denver Regional Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival. They discovered their musical chemistry two years ago when these four singers decided to combine their talents. Rob, Ben, Linne and Rosemary stylize their music after such groups as Manhattan Transfer, Singers Unlimited, The Arbors and the Hi-Lo's. Each member of this group is devoted to entertaining their audiences with great tunes from the past and present.


Our Mothers' Daughters

Probably best known for their inspired arrangements of fully orchestrated music, Our Mothers' Daughters have "a cappella-ized" tunes from The Beatles and Amy Grant, to Queen and Friedrich Handel, just to name a few. This four woman vocal group has energized audiences with their diverse arrangements and creative harmonies for over ten years. Our Mothers' Daughters will tickle your eardrums whether you're eight or eighty!


Raging Harmonies

This group is from Westminster High School where they blend their unique personalities and styles to create their own a cappella arrangements. They have opened for such groups as Graffiti Tribe, M-PACT and Toxic Audio. For the last two years, Raging Harmonies has hosted the Colorado American Choral Director's Association A Cappella Festival. In the 1999 Denver Regional Harmony Sweepstakes they won the award of Audience Favorite. We hope you'll agree that their harmonies are RAGING!!!


The Fleeners

Fleener - what does it mean? No one can say for sure. Entertaining? Outrageous? Spontaneous? Funny? These guys are all that and more. The Fleeners - five men who are natives of Fort Collins with one goal - bring quality a cappella music and genuine enjoyment to all audiences. Audiences from Cheyenne to Denver have found out exactly what a Fleener is and what a Fleener can be - a wild, crazy, hilarious good time that will leave you laughing in your seats and loving the music. Their motto "A Cappella....and then some" means anything can happen!


The Other Side of Soul

Rudy, Mike, Brian, Jake, Scott and Adam are TOSOS! These gentlemen exploded into the a cappella scene in 1996 as a five part, male group from the Denver metro area. Now, as their voices and their college careers mature, they are happy to introduce their newest member, Brian. He has made their sound complete as they progress into the future with a new six-part sound! Their backgrounds in rock, jazz, musical theatre, doo-wop, opera and gospel meld together to create their unique a cappella style. TOSOS will amaze you while their harmony and rhythm will get you dancing in your seats!

Members: Rudy, Mike, Brian, Jake, Scott

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