Vocal Tonic - Male Contemporary Sextet

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2000 Mid-Atlantic Regional

Vocal Tonic

Male Contemporary Sextet

This 6-man vocal band is based in Atlanta, which is rapidly becoming THE a cappella hub of the nation... well, at least in the South. Their repertoire is mainly progressive pop/rock, with a touch of jazz and R&B thrown in for good measure. Their recent recording garnered a CARA nomination for Best Original Song.

Members: Graham Kuhn, Dave Gilbert, Dave Sperandio, Paul Tate, Paul Collar, Joey Chen

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Vocal Tonic: Chaser

Five members, including alto singer Marya Grandy explain the five floors, though Monica remains unaccounted for. Almost entirely comprised of original songs, "Superwoman" is quirkily offbeat, and the group has a tight and punchy sound that will conjure up visions of the Bobs in some places. The sardonic intelligence and poetic imagery of lyrics such as "now he runs and she hides and they fill the phone with alibis" are intriguing. The standout arrangement is "Blackbird," where the bass and percussion rhythms establish a rolling countermotif to the familiar melody. This development of texture is also observed in "Sorry Susan," as the treble, bass and melody lines traverse countervailing patterns that gradually converge. Smartpop.With the production assistance of Rockapella's vocal percussionist Jeff Thacher, who also contributes vocal percussion to four tracks, Vocal Tonic's second CD is a dramatic step forward for the group. Current pop hits (the ubiquitous "Livin' La Vida Loca") and classic rock (Edgar Winter's "Free Ride"), along with six originals, are the vital ingredients; the formula, the solid arrangements. Vocal Tonic's easy rock style, as exemplified by "LightHouse" and "Whisper," is consonant and melodic, without becoming fatally trite. Clever touches such as their insertion of a verse of "Sunshine Of Your Love" into their own "Let It End," and the "instrumental" breakdown in "Free Ride" - which is super-tight and heavy - give this "Chaser" a flavor all its own.

2534 1 CD $12.95

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