Realia - Female Contemporary Sextet

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2000 Boston Regional


Female Contemporary Sextet

Take six alluring, young women, give them each a killer set of pipes, a passion for good music, and regularly scheduled pizza breaks, and you have Realia, one of the most up-and-coming vocal bands from Boston. Formed in 1997 and ever-evolving, Realia primarily performs contemporary pop, funk and R&B, with a delectable power that is anything but your typical female a cappella. The premier national publication of a cappella has described Realia as "a group to watch, maybe the first all-womenıs group to become really big, like Rockapella and M-Pact!" Flattering, of course ­ although weıve been trying to master that cool M-Pact! disco-arm-swing-thing, and it just ain’t happening. Still, a girl can dream.

Members: Emily Fisher, Val Hildebrant, Kirsten Chidley, Christy Maver, Evie Nagy, Courtney Wheaton

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