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Bay Area

House Blend

HouseBlend is an a cappella male quartet performing its own pop, jazz, seasonal, folk, country, gospel and other assorted musical genres. The members of the group met through the music ministry at Concord United Methodist Church. As they sang together, they realized something special was developing. In 1998, HouseBlend was born. Almost immediately, they were in demand to sing at various occasions in the area. Their repertoire expanded with each performance, their style emerged and their sleek presentation unfolded.

Members: Jim McGuire, Kent Parr, Doug Emigh, Bill DeGarmo

Flying Without Instruments

Flying Without Instruments, also known as FWI (pronounced "fwee"), a quirky and versatile ensemble, is now in its 18th year. FWI mounts its own concerts in San Francisco and the East Bay and has also sung at private parties, weddings, halfway houses, and religious services, and has performed twice in the regional Harmony Sweeps competition. FWI's repertoire ranges from the ridiculous to the sublime, from the elegant to the uproarious. According to the non-profit group Bread & Roses, FWI's shows are "well-paced, moving nimbly from the sacred to the profane, keeping it interesting and entertaining every step of the way."

Members: Caia Brookes, Greg Campbell, Melissa Leventon, Gareth Loy, Charles Seagrave, Greg Tinfow, Clair Ward

Ready, Willing and Mabel

This Los Angeles-based vocal jazz group has been singing together since 2003, and has developed a loyal and enthusiastic following for its unique A Cappella style and lively personality. The group's sound has been described as "compelling," "mesmerizing," and "a cocktail for the ears!" The foursome, who describe themselves as "self-confessed chord freaks", share a passion for "dangerously close harmonies" and "songs that can melt the heart!" A powerful combination indeed!

The Group Members: Caroline McLean, the group's lead singer, hails from Leeds, England.Kate Walker, alto, originates from beautiful Christchurch, New Zealand.Peter Neushul, tenor, is a native Los Angelino (claiming to be a descendent of Attila the Hun!). Jim Campbell, bass, has been singing professionally since 1991 when he moved to Los Angeles from Louisville, KY.

Members: Caroline McLean, Kate Walker, Peter Neushul, Dave Taylor, Robert Clark

Dis Moi

'Dis Moi' is a powerfully soulful A Cappella trio of women (Samantha Keller, Tamar Fogel and Heather Houston), who enchant their audiences with songs sung straight from the heart! Their musical repertoire incorporates a wide range of styles from around the globe, as well as inspired originals, with themes of love, hope, healing and unity. 'Dis Moi' means 'tell me' in French, and reflects the members' belief and hope that their music will open people to expressing themselves as they feel called. As a visionary trio, they feel that their calling is to be an integral part of the healing movement of the planet. Their radiance is intoxicating, as they shine their deep love for one another, for their music, and for humanity as a whole; inspiring the crowd to open their hearts to the healing harmonies. Their thought provoking lyrics, and grounded words of wisdom, uplift spirits, stir souls, and inspire movement in consciousness. This is not your typical A Cappella music. Let the harmonies of these lovely women take you on a journey of heart, mind and soul as they weave their voices in a unique tapestry of spirited song.

Members: Heather Houston, Samantha Keller, Tamar Fogel

Ancora Piccola

These six high school-age singers have trained in the Piedmont Childrens Choirs organization for many years and they have performed individually or together in festivals around the world as members of various PCC ensembles. They are all members of the 15+ voice Ancora ensemble, and have met regularly outside of the normal Ancora schedule to select and prepare their Sweeps program.

Members: Kelsey, Michelle, Marjorie, Lindsay, Alice, Blythe

Mood Swing

Moodswing is the newest configuration of some of the Bay Area's most moody jazz singers. Sweeps award winners and +4db founders Dave Duran and Juliet Green have put aside their differences to team up with mercurial couple Paul and Julie Ford of the Renaissance-Jazz sextet Without Measure. They have sung together, in brief stints in such groups as InFusion, Vocal Flight, Vocal Underground, Oarkland Jazz Choir, Siemens Microelectronics Stealth Band, and on Ward Swingle's Instructional video "Swingle Singing." Combined, Moodswing brings almost 20 years of community college vocal jazz experience to each performance. Photos, mp3s, and anger management techniques are available at www.moodswing.us.

Members: Dave Duran, Julie Ford, Paul Ford, Juliet Green


'O-Face!' started on a fateful cold day in October of 2001, when a cople of verterans of Bay Area musical groups grew tired of lugging heavy equipment to innumerable gigs. The 5 members of 'O-Face!' come from a variety of non-musical backgrounds: a lawyer, a photographer, a student, a CPA and a database designer. What they have in common is a love of singing. Their eclectic a cappella repertoire includes straight-ahead rock and roll and the syncopations of a Latin groove, but they're at their best when they indulge their sense of humor: screaming Aronauts attack, a jilted boyfriend performs surgery on himself, and winsome bullfrogs are wooed. The broadly appealing result is what 'O-Face!' calls 'ear-catching entertainment' for everyone. 'O-Face!' has brought their vocal mayhem to festivals, charity events, and venues of just about every kind around Northern California

Members: Nate Austin, Mike Borchers, Deb Westergaard, Rob Westergaard, Grant Hughes


'Samsara' is an A Cappella women's trio who unite fierce, extraordinary vocal music with passionate struggles for justice. They strive to connect the music of struggle, freedom and tradition, creating the new generation of the culture of resistance and empowerment. 'Samsara's' repertoire ranges from traditional folksongs, sea songs, worksongs and spirituals with new arrangements, to original music on current issues, all with tight, searing, dissonant and bittersweet harmonies and intricate vocal percussions.

Members: Rebecca Anders, Jamie Ben-Azay, Susan Appe


Three Men and A Tenor

For 19 years, Paul, Chuck, Mark and Glenn, have been winning over audiences in so many ways. With almost 2.500 performances, including sharing the stage with American legends like Chuck Berry, Dionne Warwick, Bob Newhart, Peter Cetera, Pat Boone, Lee Greenwood and The Beach Boys, 3MT has also been featured national entertainment for corporate conventions and conferences, as well as major festivals and fairs.

Paul, Chuck, Mark and Glenn formed a vocal group expecting to sing only one song together at Michigan State University to help fill concert time in a men's chorus concert. Since that very humble beginning over 18 years ago, these guys have had some amazing musical moments. In 2006, Three Men and a Tenor was voted the "Best Entertainment in Michigan", and the group is loved all over the world.

Members: Lucas Groth, Ryan Kasperski, Larry MacDonald, Boris Van Druff

Similar Jones

Similar Jones is a vocal band with a combined sound that's bigger than their 7 voices. With a heavy focus on blues and rock, the vocal band uses a powerful rhythm section to get things pumping and tight, and bright background vocals to build the foundation for a wide variety of songs, including favorite covers and their own original tunes. SJ has been gigging around Boston for ... holy crap has it really been 15 years? ... at venues large and small. The current lineup features an opera singer, an astrophysicist, and one original member. Can you guess who they are?

Members: Ben Cohan, Reena Freedman, Leigh Guptil, Rob Opdycke, Mike Stevens


The idea of 5-Alone was conceived in the fall of 1999. I approached four students about starting a jazz a cappella quintet with myself as the fifth member. Encouraged by the succss of our first performance, we continued singing throughout the spring and debuted officially as 5-Alone at the Iron Horse in June, 2000.

Now 5-Alone is an accredited performing arts class at PVPA. We've come a long way from the days of rehearsing at lunch and after school. 5-Alone has gained a considerable amount of attention in a very short time. Awards and honors have been piling up from DownBeat Magazine, C.A.S.A., A-Capella.com, The National Harmony Sweepstakes, R.A.R.B., Primarily A Cappella, Berklee College of Music, and the I.A.J.E. 5-Alone has performed all over the world, including New York, California, and The Netherlands, and has turned the world of high school a cappella upside down.

Members: Andrea Aguayo, Arla Berman, Emily Kaufman, Ian Littell, O.J. Martori, Erin Richardson, Rob Ventulett

East Side Story

A vocal band from the Boston area, East Side Story is an exciting group of people who are looking to turn some heads in 2005. ESS's songs will have you up out your seat and eager to sing along! The group performs covers of pop, rock, and current Top-40 hits, and is looking to expand its repertoire with original tunes. Originally formed with six men during the Summer of 2002, East Side Story has seen several changes to its original roster. With the current mix of Dan, Holeigh, Ken, Melanie, Nic and Sean, East Side Story has been performing all over Boston in coffeehouses, bars, and local college campuses, and was chosen to compete in the 2004 Harmony Sweepstakes Boston Regional Competition. East Side Story is a young, enthusiastic, passion-for-a-cappella-filled group of musicians looking to continue to make a name for themselves in the coming months. 2005 is going to be an incredible year for ESS - stay tuned for the next chapter in their story!

Members: Melanie Armstrong, Ken Bowers, Sean Dargie, Dan Huff, Holeigh Morin, Nic Tuttle


Firedrill! stepped back, got a big running start and LEAPED... And made a big splash at the 2005 Harmony Sweeps by winning the Boston regional. When the finals came around, though, the group bellyflopped. Two years later Firedrill! is back with bright-red bellies (see for yourself!) and the same disregard for what contemporary a cappella is supposed to be. Since its last appearance the group has stepped up its repertoire and performance schedule, appearing at SoJam in North Carolina and agreeing to host the ICCA Finals at Lincoln Center this April. Firedrill! even released its first EP, Rock Paper Scissors. Thanks for having Firedrill! at the Boston Harmony Sweepstakes!

Members: Nathan Altimari, Mike Barnicle, Michael Leblanc, Mark Manley, Victor Sandman, Judd Tomaselli, Matt "Twinkles" Wrobel

Integration By Parts

Integration By Parts is a six-member vocal band which has been performing in the greater Boston area since 2001. This merry band of music veterans has crafted a unique sound influenced heavily by jazz, breathing new life into everything from pop to folk to classic rock. The group has competed in the Boston Regional Harmony Sweepstakes for two years running, and was awarded Best Original Arrangement at the 2003 competition. Known for their tight vocal harmonies, but never in danger of taking themselves too seriously, the members of IBP infuse their performances with exuberance and a healthy shot of humor. The group released its first album, MetroGnome, in 2004. IBP also heads up the non-profit organization Vocal Band Aid, which brings a cappella performers together to help fund music education. Integration by Parts: a cappella without limits!

Members: Jeff Alderson, Liz Baraff, Mike King, Carolyn Schneyer, Anna Sergel, Greg Simpson


Undertone officially formed in the beginning of 2003, and has been slowly working its way into the Boston a cappella scene ever since. This group is a random concoction of seven wild and fun-loving people, who also just happen to love to sing. Their repertoire mostly consists of Pop, Rock, and R&B covers, but they have started to dabble in the world of original songs. They have performed at several colleges in the area, as well as the All Asia Cafe, Faneuil Hall, and Copley Plaza. Undertone's claim to fame is finishing second place to a belly dancer while competing at a local variety show. If that doesn’t show you that they’re up for anything, what will?!

Members: Dave Blauch, Erica Featherstone, Niel Francisco, Ehsan Iraniparast, Amanda Mercier, Eric Tjonahen, Adri Torres


Vocal Chaos

Vocal Chaos is an award-winning a cappella group from right here in Chicago! They have been making incredible music all over the Windy City since 1996, from Soldier Field and Cellular Field to Chicago Public Radio. They can also be heard singing a cappella in the Jennifer Aniston/Vince Vaughn movie "The Break Up". To foster collaboration and promote the art form of a cappella, they founded ACappellaFest, which in its eighth year has grown into the Midwest's largest a cappella festival. Vocal Chaos is thrilled to be back at the Harmony Sweepstakes. Look for their new EP to drop later this year!

Members: Anthony Roberts, Jeff Swearingen, Karl Solis, Drew Dahan, Jim Pretkelis, Jason VanCauwenberge, Paul Peterson, Tim Gallagher

An Octave Above

An Octave Above is a group of eight professional vocalists who blend years of experience and a love of a cappella harmony to every style of music they sing. From doo-wop to jazz, standards to pop, Bacharach to The Beatles, An Octave Above creates a new standard for excellence on the Chicago music scene.

Also members of prestigious Chicago-area choral ensembles including the Chicago Symphony Chorus, An Octave Above members hold degrees from Elmhurst College, Northern Illinois University, Bradley University, University of Illinois at Champaign, Western Michigan and the University of Miami.

Members: Meredith Morris, Melinda Voss, Deb Wilder, Nick Falco, Drew Dahan, Rob McNeill, Chris Moan, Jennifer Gingrich


Stripped is a vocal band that continues to stretch ideas about what a cappella music can be. Their concerts are highly focused on improvisation, audience participation, and making music that moves the spirit. The voices gathered here have blend and unity, but frequently remind the listener that individual expression can flourish within the context of a group sound, like a single flower enhances the garden with its own particular bouquet and color.

Stripped has performed throughout Chicago, singing original vocal jazz music at the Green Mill, HotHouse, Fitzgerald's, Lyon's Den, Uncommon Ground, Beat Kitchen, and 4th Presbyterian Church. Stripped received awards at the Chicago Cultural Center Cx2 competition and the 2004 Harmony Sweepstakes Regional competition. Stripped opened for jazz and R&B legend Patti Austin in summer 2004. Keep your eyes open for performances coming your way, then open your ears and prepare to be Stripped!

Members: Mariama Torruella, Gayle Bisesi, Leslie Beukelman, Sean Archer

Straight No Chaser

The group originally came together in the fall of 1996 at IU, basically as "10 guys who happened to be good friends who also liked to sing." Choosing the members carefully for personality as well as vocal talent - Stine, Mechling, Jerome Collins, David Roberts and Walter Chase remain from the original lineup -- SNC set itself apart from other a cappella groups with its contemporary repertoire and dynamic approach, quickly headlining concerts both in Bloomington and on road dates. SNC recorded three independent albums, and John Mellencamp even invited the group to his home for a private performance.

When the founders began graduating in 1999 and went on to jobs mostly outside of music, they chose replacements and established SNC as an ongoing group on campus with future generations of ambitious IU undergrads. More than 50 members have passed through the group's ranks so far.

Members: Adam Basey, Sargon Isho, Jeff Tanski, Chris Ryan, Steve Wolf, Adam Stulberg, Corey Frye, Adam Rich
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Four Bettys

The Four Bettys are the 2008 Sweet Adelines International Champion Quartet. With a combined 40+ years singing and numerous national and international awards, they share a passion for performing. The Bettys just love an audience, and have enjoyed a wide variety of performance situations including concerts, barbershop chapter shows, special events, serenades, or even drive-by singings. The Bettys have sung for audiences in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Nevada, Kansas, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Florida, Canada, Maryland and can soon be seen in Oregon, California and Hawaii. Last May, the Bettys had the rare honor of headlining a show at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

Members: Joan Boutilier, Lynda Keever, Cori Albrecht, Heather Mears


Pride (and 2003 Champions) of SPEBSQSA's Illinois District, Alchemy has been rising steadily through the Barbershop competition in their quest for the Gold. These 15 songs show us how much this group has polished and refined their sound in the process. 'Old St. Louie,' 'Birth of the Blues,' 'I Only Have Eyes for You,' the very apt 'Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans,' 'Dayton, Ohio) 1903,' the very funny 'Mississippi Squirrel Revival,' the deathless 'Lida Rose' in medley with 'Will I Ever Tell You,' 'Gospel Medley' and 'Stars Fell On Alabama' are pure Barbershop entertainment, that play on our heartstrings and nostalgia strings with the best of them. Sweet harmonies, pure ringing chords-this is the good stuff. Enjoy!

Members: Ken Gillie, George Sotos, Rick Anthoney, Mark Keever


Fiveplay, Chicago's 2005 Midwest Harmony Sweepstakes Champions, is not your typical vocal group. In a world where musical trends change on a weekly basis, Fiveplay's style is timeless and enduring. With fresh interpretations of the standards of yesterday, classic arrangements of the hits of today and their own critically-acclaimed original compositions, Fiveplay demonstrates stunning versatility and razor-sharp precision with every song. Their diverse repertoire is virtually a 20th century songbook, covering everything from Sinatra to The Temptations to The Beatles and U2. More than simply a musical showcase, Fiveplay's refined choreography and unique brand of humor will entertain audiences of all ages.

Members: Aaron Siedband, Brian Siedband, David Reeder, Dave Wagner, David Wilner

Local Vocal

Local Vocal is a dynamic vocal ensemble of individuals who each have an extensive musical background and somewhat eclectic musical taste. The result is an a cappella group performing jazz, doo-wop, and popular standards in unique arrangements which highlight the group's tight harmonies, toe-tapping rhythms, and smooth vocal blend. Founded in 2001, Local Vocal made its debut appearance as special guest artists at the Lewis University Vocal Jazz Ensemble Concert in May 2002. They have performed at various public and private events throughout the Chicagoland area, including political fundraising events and the inaugural convention of DuPage United.

Members: Dennis Treadwell, Patti Madison, Karen Krueger, Rex Wilkinson, Vicki Bryant, Gwen Holst, Bob Holst

Los Angeles

Swing Shift

Swing Shift is a vocal jazz mixed ensemble. The group's signature sound is heard in their rich harmonic treatment of pop, jazz, and Broadway standards. Over the years the group has drawn on local resources like the SMC Vocal Jazz Ensemble from which five of Swing Shift's present roster are current or past members. We are proud that many of Swing Shift's alumni have gone on to advance their careers in prestigious ensembles like the LA Master Chorale and LA Choral Lab. If you love lush sounds, complex harmonies, and creamy-smooth blend, you'll love hearing this group.

Members: Richard Gilinsky, Solomon Katz, Fletcher Sheridan, Lisa Dunn, Colleen Keene


Crescendo proves that the United States is a land of opportunity for people from all around the globe. Composed of five members from very different ethnic backgrounds, this ensemble introduces a new twist to the genre (which they refer to as "popjazz") by incorporating the polish and discipline of classical music, the accessibility of pop, and the improvisations of jazz into a cool, lush, and sophisticated sound that has earned them numerous honors, including the championship prize in the Crystal Palace Casino International Talent Search Contest (1999), the Virgo Award for Best Musical Group (2000), and the Celebrity Chronicle's Best Musical Artist Award (2001).

Members: Charmaine Clamor (alto), Grace Lieman (1st soprano), Amanda Martindale (2nd soprano), Michael Konik (tenor), Bobbie Garcia (bass/baritone)

Down 4 The Count

Down 4 The Count began in 2003, when six CSU Northridge students in the University's vocal jazz ensemble found they shared a common interest: wanting to sing ensemble vocal jazz without those pesky instrumentalists: in other words, A Cappella! Since that time, Down 4 The Count has won multiple awards (including three song-arrangement awards and 1st place at the 2009 San Diego A Cappella Competition) and they have performed at venues all over the greater Los Angeles and San Diego area, including the Jazz Bakery, The Coach House, The Coffee Gallery Backstage, San Diego IndieFest, and many more.

Members: Colleen Keene, Francesca Delfin, Genevieve Artadi, Lisa Dunn, James Adams, Matt Reynolds

Undivided Musical Group

With ten years of musical career, four albums, a Latin Grammy nomination, six CARA nominations and two awards this year 2010 for best religious album and best song of religion, among other numerous awards, combined with thousands of records sold worldwide, the charismatic and cheerful style Undivided continues to conquer hearts in the U.S. and Latin America.

Undivided is a vocal group made up of six young people who play music a cappella style. Breaking the language barrier, playing their songs in Spanish, English and Portuguese. The group enjoys a variety of musical influences such as gospel, R & B, Jazz, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Salsa, Merengue and other Latin fusions are achieved by the skill and facility to play music with their voices.

These young people are not satisfied with what they have achieved, but are always looking for innovative and different ways to reinvent his style within the genre a cappella, a feature that allowed you to excel as one of the best vocal groups in the world. These young people have a musical talent that not only captures the ear with modern harmonies and musical arrangements, but they combine their voices with the visual aspect to provide a show without boundaries.

Members: Gregory Gordon, Ruben Aponte, David Cortes, Jose Rodriguez, Richard Aponte, Melvinsky Ramirez, Aldino Parchment, Miramar


Moosebutter is a four-man comedy a cappella group. They have won awards from the Contemporary A Cappella Society(Best Comedy Song, 2004), The Harmony Sweepstakes (2003 International Finals runners-up), had their music included on compilation albums (Doctor Demento Basement Tapes 2005, Sing II 2005) and played live shows in front of audiences around the United States. Their tight harmony and eclectic humor have charmed audiences through two albums and countless live performances.

To handle all the performance requests they receive, moosebutter has several casts of performers. They perform with three, four, or five singers, depending on the show, and have done just about every kind of show you can imagine (Punk rock show? Check. National television? Check. Wedding reception? Check.).

Members: Tim Y. Jones, Glen Sawyer, Weston Wride, Chris Harris


Vybration was formed in 2001 to perform at Disney's California Adventure under the name "Groove 66". The band quickly became the park's most popular atmosphere group. Its members are some of the most powerful, versatile, and in demand vocalists in all of Southern California with resume credits spanning from broadway, television, and film, to orignial rock bands, and pioneering modern music projects. Vybration is unlike many acapella sextets out there, covering a variety of music that includes traditional jazz tunes like Blue Skies and Fly Me to the Moon, rock n roll songs like Lenny Kravitz's Fly Away, pop hits such as Michael Jackson's Wanna Be Startin Something and many many more. All that have witnessed the magic in music that Vybration creates can tell you that, "Vybration is a force to be reckoned with!"

Members: Heather McMasters, Laura Dickinson, Tomasina Abate, Terron Brooks, Michael Washington, Bryan Chadima


A division of the Youth Singers of Calgary, is one of Canada’s premier a cappella ensembles, and was launched in 1996. Youth Singers is a 500-member choral organization that offers a comprehensive training program for young people in choral singing, dance, and drama. OnCue is a flagship for the Youth Singers program, incorporating harmony and showmanship in each dynamic performance.

Members: Jennifer Andersen (soprano), Lisa Ryan (soprano), Caroline Delaney (mezzo-soprano), Beth McLean Wiest (alto), Krista Strome (alto), Oliver Ho (tenor), Chris Thompson (tenor), John Edmonds (bass)

Pacific Swingline

The sophistication of swing, the energy of jazz, the warmth of the human voice...this is Pacific Swingline - five voices with extensive backgrounds in the recording studios and on the stages of Southern California. Voices that can be heard on the soundtracks of films and television shows. Five voices singing unaccompanied, immersing the finest musical literature of the 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's in intricate vocal arrangements that bring the soul of the music to the surface.

Members: Cindy O'Connor (soprano 1), Kim Switzer (soprano 2), Marta Weiskopf (alto), Perry Schjolin (tenor), Jim Raycroft (bass)


Cartoon Johnny

Cartoon Johnny is an energetic vocal band that pushes the limits of traditional a cappella. Drawing on influences from classic soul to modern alternative, they've crafted an exciting sound that is often mistaken for an instrumental band - but it's all vocal.

Based in the Washington DC area, Cartoon Johnny performs a variety of sure-fire audience favorites and their own original music, bringing audiences to their feet show after show. They are two-time National Harmony Sweepstakes finalsists, winning the title for the Mid-Atlantic Region in 2005, and in New York in 2009.

Cartoon Johnny has shared the stage with some of the best in a cappella and beyond. Highlights include headlining ACappellaFest Detroit in 2010, and performing with Marvin Hamlisch in his Christmas special at the Kennedy Center in 2008. Hamlisch invited the group to join him for his July 4th concerts in San Diego in 2009.

Members: Kieran Daly, Kevin Dixon, Ben Feeney, Mike Henrickson, Darcy Romano, Mike Webb

Almost Recess

Almost Recess is a five-man vocal band from the Washington, DC area whose mission is to bring kickin' a cappella music to every single person in the world. This is Almost Recess's second time around at the Mid-Atlantic and we are happy to have them back, and not just because they are going to videotape the performance!


Rare Blend

Hailing from central Florida, Rare Blend fuses gospel, vocal jazz classical, swing and doo wop. Whether singing for thousands at a festival, hundreds at a convention, dozens in church or an intimate private party, Rare Blend is striking a heart-chord with Central Floridians. This will be Rare Blend's second appearance at the Mid-Atlantic Regional.

Members: Betsy Reid, Rebecca Roberson, Shannon Elswick, Greg Patterson


Regency is a five man a cappella vocal group from Baltimore Maryland. They are often called the Temptation of the twenty first century. Their musical magic has fascinated fans throughout the United States. They sing everything from 40's Swing, Elvis, Motown and Classics and Pop Tunes in their own special a cappella style that is not quite doo wop, not quite R&B, but altogether wonderful. They have won Entertainer of The Year on the college market many times, have done national commercials and have opened for many of today's leading musicians. They have NEVER performed without receiving a standing ovation. Their biggest fans are musicians who marvel at their vocal ability. Regency won the New York Regionals several years back and have not competed in several years.

Members: Dewayne McNeill, Milton Ames, Aubrey Brown Jr., John Tiller, Isaiah Simmons


Staticflow is a band with a unique, vocally-generated sound. The group focuses on creating original music filled with passion, drive, and soul, but also performs a number of popular covers. Each singer in the group brings their own influences to bear on the sound, filling the music with rich vocal textures, soaring leads, and thumping bass and vocal percussion. This will be Staticflow’s second appearance at the Mid-Atlantic Regional.


Tonic & Gin

Tonic & Gin - In the spring of 2004, a group of musicians-at-heart gathered together in the hopes of creating a new, fresh mix of voices. What evolved from that first meeting was a collection of six singers ready to take on the DC a cappella scene. Rehearsals began, gigs presented themselves, and the group began to mesh. After endless discussions about what to call ourselves it finally hit us ‚ Tonic & Gin!Today, Tonic & Gin continues on as a vibrant co-ed group of seven members dedicated to sharing a wide variety of music with intriguing arrangements, amazing soloists, and a whole lot of fun!


Vocal Obsession

Vocal Obsession consists of five friends who have sung in various ensembles for the past twenty years, and decided to form a group devoted to a cappella music. They have performed separately, gaining recognition in ensembles and as soloists in the US and Europe (including Orlando, Chicago, Amsterdam, Montreux, Vienna, Strasbourg, and Liege). In 2003 Vocal Obsession decided to band together to sing sans instruments. While they began primarily as a jazz group, they enjoy singing all types of contemporary a cappella tunes. This is Vocal Obsession's third appearance at the Sweeps. They won Best Original Song in 2005 and 2006. Maybe there are better things in the cards for them this year

Members: Marianne Pastelak, Donna Youngberg, Dotti Smith, Charles Braungard, Harry

New York


With their expansive vocal range, vocal dynamics, tight harmonies, "female bass" and hard hitting percussion, this NY based group offers a variety of musical styles and continually push the envelope of female vocals. Their wide range of musical influences-Gospel, Contemporar, Christian, Pop, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Spirituals, Caribbean and African, just to name a few-has lead them to create a unique style all their own. Over the years, the group has had some amazing experiences including singing churches, colleges, prisons and festivals

Members: Tia Fields, Keesha Gumbs, Kimberly Robinson, Bianka Kotee, Tameeka Gumbs

Sound Celebration

Sound Celebration consists of two members of Sweet Adelines International and two members of SPEBSQSA, the Society for Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America. Formed in March of 2000, Sound Celebration has been entertaining the Southern Tier of New York at barbershop performances and shows, fundraisers, community concerts, corporate events, banquets, and private parties. Their repertoire includes country, blues, folk, spiritual, doo-wop and novelty selections. The quartet is a member of Mixed Harmony Barbershop Quartet Association, and in March of 2003 stretched their skills by competing in the Harmony Sweepstakes a cappella contest in Arlington, VA.

Members: Jerry Schmidt, Marcia O’Neil, Sheryl Allyn, Gerry O’Neil


The Decibelles perform both popular and rare Doo Wop gems for the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut crowds. Founded over eight years ago, they have made their New York theatrical debut in "The Frog Prince" as the Andrews Sisters (top favorable reviews from the New York Times and Baskstage) and released their album "Wish That You Were Here."

Members: Kimberly Bowers, Donna Coney Island, Cindy Taylor, Debbie Wilkinson


F'loom is an avant cappella vocal trio that presents cutting-edge programs of "language music" - original pieces that inhabit the fertile, mysterious realm that lies between pure language (speech) and pure music (song). F'loom performs original all-vocal compositions seething with satire, social commentary, pop diatribe, slap, zap, melody, poetry, and comedy.

Members: Robert Kulik, Bessi Phillips, Rick Scott

The Georgians Vocal Ensemble

The Georgians Vocal Ensemble was first known as "Sixation" in Tbilisi, Georgia (Russia) in 1996. At first their program contained only jazz standards but later included folk and contemporary jazz. In 1997 the ensemble won the nomination "Best Vocal Group of the Year" on the Hit-Parade of National Radio in Georgia. In 1999 Sixation became the prize winner of the International Festival in Tampere, inland and won the grant of George Soros Foundation in the nomination "Modern Opinion of Folklore". In 2002 the sextet became a quartet, called "2x2" and won the New York regional Harmony Sweepstakes and went on to place second at the Nationals. The current group, with new members, is maintained under the direction Buka Kartozia.


Invisible Men

Invisible Men (IM) is a vocal band based in Manhattan, dedicated to performing tasty and propulsive arrangements of the choicest pop, rock and R-'n-B morsels.Coming out of the underground contemporary a-cappella scene, IM uses its voices-- including vocal percussion, well-amplified bass and the occasional audio effect-- to create performances as exciting and energetic as an instrumental combo. While most pop groups in the college a-cap scene (in which the IM guys honed their chops) are large and have the luxury of being able to literally recreate popular recordings using complex arrangements, IM and small bands like it are looking to create the excitement of popular music with efficient but powerful arrangements, so that while you know you're listening to voices, the sound is so full and convincing that you simply don't care. Invisible Men played its very first show on Feb. 26, 2005 at the New York Harmony Sweepstakes at Symphony Space, and took the metro vocal harmony scene by storm that night, winning Audience Favorite honors.

Members: Oliver Libby, Warren Bloom, Angelo Rufino, Tyler Pennock, Justin Blanding, David Fountain, Michael Birnbaum

Mystery Date

Award-winning a cappella sensation Mystery Date sings to entertain and inspire. This gay male a cappella group has roots as diverse as rock and roll, classical music, musical theater, soul, and collegiate a cappella. They delight audiences with their jazzy sound and sweet, sassy ( and sometimes irreverent) stage presence. Their repertoire defies categorization, ranging from Spike Jones and Gershwin classics to the B52s and contemporary songwriters like Alanis Morrisette and Desiree. They have performed nationwide sharing stages with a cappella legends “The Bobs”, Sweet Honey and the Rock’s Y’saye Barnwell, Lea DeLaria, The Persuasions, Kate Clinton, and Naturally Seven, among others. From New York cabarets and concert halls to theaters and arenas across the country, their performances are fueled with uncompromising musicianship, explosive energy and offbeat humor.

Members: Ken Browne, Jeff Domoto, Joshua Koffman, Bill Poock

Uncle Baz and the Jive Street Five

Uncle Baz and the Jive Street Five is a six-piece a cappella group based in New York City. We formed in late 2004 to perform music covering the whole spectrum from Jazz to Rock with passion and enthusiasm. The group is diverse in age, nationality and musical preference, and the inevitable resulting turf wars find their release in the dynamism and energy of our performances. Uncle Baz is 72 and lives in Arkansas.

Members: Sarah Corman, Amanda Durham, Xerxes Eclipse, Jane McIntosh, Andrew Ormson, Lehho Rebasso

Yasna Voices Trio

Vlada Tomova, Corinna Snyder, and Kristin Espeland sing the close and ethereal harmonies of Bulgaria's traditional village and arranged styles. Tomova, Yasna's founder and director, is a Bulgarian national, a Berklee College of Music graduate, and full-time performer and arranger. Snyder, who holds a doctorate in anthropology and works for a multi-national consultancy, has been performing Balkan music for decades with Yasna and other ensembles. Espeland, a graduate student in journalism, has been performing with Yasna since its inception in 2003.

Members: Vlada Tomova, Corinna Snyder, Kristin Espeland

Pacific Northwest

Groove For Thought

Infectious grooves, stunning arrangements, and electrifying solos are just some of the phrases used to describe Seattle based vocal group Groove For Thought. Since 1998, GFT has brought their unique brand of jazz and R&B infused tunes to festival, concert, school, and nightclub audiences throughout the United States and abroad.

Members: Kelly Kunz, Jeffrey Horenstein, James Niles, Randy Taylor, Kevin Kunz, Peter Jones

T Minus 5

T Minus 5 is the hottest vocal band to come out of the Rocky Mountains. They have been together for over four and half years and have traveled the country performing for Universities, Arts Councils, city events, large corporations, for both young and old audiences. Simulating all instrument sounds with just their mouths, T Minus 5 is a high-energy a cappella group with comedic timing and fun for the whole family to enjoy. They will "wow" you with their tight vocal harmonies and endless energy. T Minus 5 was the Rocky Mountain Regional Harmony Sweepstakes Champions in 2001 at Denver and their music is featured on the album showcasing the best performances at the 2001 Harmony Finals in San Rafael, California. In the spirit of Gene Roddenberry's preamble to the Star Trek television series, T Minus 5' goal is Fame-the final frontier. These are the voyages of T Minus 5. Its five-man mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations… to boldly go where no a cappella group has gone before.


The Akafellas

The Akafellas are five guys from Olympia and Tacoma that love singing a cappella music. You may remember the name...a few in this group (Jon, Tony & Jon) sang with the original group of the same name back in the late 90's. A few of us have sang with some other groups since, but we've reformed again as The Akafellas and want to continue on with new voices and fun music. We really love coming to the Harmony Sweepstakes and getting to hear and meet other groups that love a cappella music as much as we do. Our name is not new, but our sound is. We've added vocal percussion and new voices but, as with the last group, we enjoy singing many different styles of a cappella music from doo-wop to pop, barbershop, rock, soul and yes, even country. We sing some old and some new, but overall, we just get a kick out of getting together to sing and have fun!


The Baudboys

Back around 1990, a couple of the founding members of the coed Microtones decided that they wanted to form a men's a cappella group at Microsoft so that they could sing the charts from their college groups. The original quartet consisted John Rae-Grant, bass and musical director, Bill Pope, baritone, Bob Gunderson, 2nd tenor, and David Olsen, 1st tenor. True to their profession, the group's chosen name, The Baudboys, referred to the method by which modem speeds were rated. The group performed only a few times in its first years of existence, doing lunch time gigs on the Microsoft campus.

As members left Microsoft over the years, they would also leave the Baudboys, prompting natural turnover in the membership. During the 1990's, the group expanded it's membership, aiming to have two full quartets within the group. Since that time, the group has remained at 7-9 members, but the expanded membership has allowed the group to sing more complex arrangements than the 4-part charts that the founders envisioned.


Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction: We've been around for a while in different quartets, but when this foursome came together, we knew it was the sound we'd been looking for! We've been singing together for about two years, enjoying the sound, enjoying each other's company, and most of all enjoying performing! Placing 10th, after setting our goal for top 10 in our first regional Sweet Adeline's competition, taught us to set our goals much higher and to realize that they are achievable. In April we'll be back on the Sweet Adeline's regional competition stage in Spokane looking for a medal! We're here to dispel the myth that all Sweet Adeline's are blue-haired ladies! We are all professional women with similar office positions. Mari Coffee and Bonnie Crockett both work for the State of Washington. Patty Hale manages some of the most beautiful apartment properties in the state, and Nancy Carlson keeps their family business, Carlson Electric, running like clockwork.


Klapa Doo Wopella

Klapa Doo Wopella is one of the world's oldest ongoing musical ensembles devoted exclusively to singing a cappella. KlapaDooWopella specializes in traditional Croatian "Klapa" singing. Klapa singers are a cappella minstrels that hang out on boat docks and street corners along the Adriatic coast of Croatia. The passionate harmonic blend of traditional Klapa songs evokes uncaught fish, raging seas, and lost love. Despite forays into other genres, the quartet always returns to its first love, the moan of the sea that is the primal chord of the Klapa song.


Rocky Mountain

The Plumbers of Rome

While serving as court musicians/crepe chefs at the court of Charles VII in the 13th century (they were not allowed to serve as the Royal Plumbers, since plumbing was at that time considered to be a form of witchcraft) the Plumbers of Rome invented a device to hurl food and concert T-shirts into the starving peasant section of the King's Concert Hall. Adapted for military use, and named the Trebuchet, this modest invention lead the French army to many victories, as well as adding to the festive atmosphere of French wedding receptions and modern day Renaissance Festivals. While history has all but forgotten the inventors of the Trebuchet, the Plumbers are commemorated in the traditional French carol ballade de l'arme romaine aim'e de plombier.

Members: Chris Bogert, Tim Y Jones, Dan Testa


Face is a nationally recognized all-vocal rock band from Boulder, Colorado, bringing a new edge and attitude to the human voice. Using just five voices and a vocal drummer, or "beat-boxer," Face creates a rock-music phenomenon that has to be seen to be believed. No other instruments or special effects - just six guys. Considered "among the top 10 singing groups in the country," (Norm Johnson, Las Vegas Leisure Guide) they regularly wow sold-out audiences throughout Colorado, including such classic venues as Boulder Theater and The Soiled Dove.

Face was recently named "Best Local Musician/Group" by Boulder Weekly's 2009 Best of Boulder Reader Survey. In addition, Face is a two-time winner of the National Audience Favorite Award at the Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals, as well as National Runner-Up in 2005 and 2007. Face was also runner-up for Favorite Pop/Rock Group in the 2007 Contemporary A Cappella Society's Community Awards. Face has been headlining in Las Vegas periodically since 2007 to rave reviews, paving the way for even more national attention.

Members: Cody Qualls, Mark Megibow, Ben Lunstad, Forest Kelly, Jayson Throckmorton, Stephen Ross

T Minus 5

As a nationally-acclaimed and award-winning a cappella group, T Minus 5 is known for delivering a high-energy musical performance that combines pop, classic rock, a bit of country, and even elements of comedy

The group has been together since 2000 and traveled throughout the country performing for Universities, Arts Councils, city events, and corporate conventions. Simulating all instrument sounds with just their voices, T Minus 5 is a high-energy a cappella group providing fun for the whole family.

T Minus 5 claimed first prize at the Denver Harmony Sweepstakes in 2001. Having only been a group for a year, they advanced to the national competition, and have been on a performing rampage ever since. Their energy and humor win them new fans wherever they go.


No Better Cause

No Better Cause is an award winning pop/soul/funk vocal band hailing from Lincoln, Nebraska. Through a combination of jaw-dropping performances and innovative studio musicianship, their music has put them on a national platform since their humble beginnings in 2002. With a unique assortment of both original songs and uniquely arranged covers, No Better Cause is guaranteed to deliver a show that people of all ages can appreciate and enjoy, whether it be of a rock, pop, funk, soul, jazz or gospel influence... and it's all done using NOTHING but their voices!

Whether it's the rumbling resonance of the bass, the spectacularly soaring high tenors, or the bold beatboxing of the incredible vocal percussion, No Better Cause is sure to catch your eyes and ears, as each unique component of this seasoned a cappella sensation works together to make their harmonized sound a sonic movement. As the group continues to perform, they have made tremendous strides with each new member, demonstrating that the current lineup is one that can be mentioned with the a cappella elites.

Members: Nate Kellison, Luke Kellison, Zack Bjornsen, Ryan Chappelle, Michael Evans, Eric Kiple

Curious Gage

Still new to the contemporary vocal scene, ‘Curious Gage’ from northern Colorado brings its unique blend of talents to the stage. Their entertaining mix of original and familiar songs is surpassed only by the intensity and energy of their performance. The band’s deeply complex harmonies combine with the best vocal percussion in Northern Colorado. Competing in 2004, Curious Gage won Best Arrangement award.

Members: Ryan Smykil, Nic Widhalm, Justin Curtis Adams, Tom Miles

The Earl Family Singers

The Earl Family Singers began their musical story singing hyms and Christmas carols at nursing homes. They added Barbershop to their repertoire, auditioned at Silver Dollar City in Branson and have done more than 50 shows there since. They sang the U.S. and Canadian National Anthems at Kansas City Royals games and have appeared on television in Missouri. Last summer they competed in the semi-finals of the Gospel Music Association.

Members: Joshua Earl, Josiah Earl, Jessica Earl, Judah Earl


Harmonix was established in the fall of 2004. The group formed as a result of the need to have a mixed a cappella presence in the northern Metro area. The group performs a musical genre consisting of Rock, Pop, Jazz, R&B, Blues and Classical with five vocal parts and vocal percussion.

Members: Vicki Squires, Heidi Bryant, Scott Dunn, Tyra Dixon, Rick Landrum, Arthur Ortega


“Launched” in March of 2004, Ignition! First competed as the Rocky Mountain District’s International Prelinary Competition in April, taking second place after only a few weeks in existence. Ignition’s goal is not simply to entertain, but to ignite audiences with a show that will leave them completely blown away. Their show is a stellar mix of styles and songs over which audiences of all ages will go “ballistic.”

Members: Roger Olson, Curtis Terry, James Taylor, Dennis Malone

The Northern Colorado Voices

The vocal jazz heritage instilled in a consistently excellent educational experience in Greeley is broadly recognized across the country. Northern Colorado Voices is the premier vocal jazz ensemble at the University of Northern Colorado. This sextet, comprised of six singers, 3 women and 3 men, performs a wide variety of repertoire, from mainstream jazz to contemporary arrangements of pop songs.

Members: Emily Thompson, Kim Dawson, Kelsi Shiba, Wilson Skomal, Pierre Houssney, Paul Pavlik

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