Crescendo - Mixed Vocal Jazz Quintet from Lakeville, CT United States

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2005 Los Angeles Regional


Mixed Vocal Jazz Quintet from Lakeville, CT

Crescendo proves that the United States is a land of opportunity for people from all around the globe. Composed of five members from very different ethnic backgrounds, this ensemble introduces a new twist to the genre (which they refer to as "popjazz") by incorporating the polish and discipline of classical music, the accessibility of pop, and the improvisations of jazz into a cool, lush, and sophisticated sound that has earned them numerous honors, including the championship prize in the Crystal Palace Casino International Talent Search Contest (1999), the Virgo Award for Best Musical Group (2000), and the Celebrity Chronicle's Best Musical Artist Award (2001).

Members: Grace Lieman, Amanda Martindale, Michael Konik, Charmaine Clamor, Bobbie Garcia

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