Samsara - Female World Trio from San Francisco, CA United States

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2005 Bay Area Regional


Female World Trio from San Francisco, CA

  • 2005 Bay Area 3rd place

    'Samsara' is an A Cappella women's trio who unite fierce, extraordinary vocal music with passionate struggles for justice. They strive to connect the music of struggle, freedom and tradition, creating the new generation of the culture of resistance and empowerment. 'Samsara's' repertoire ranges from traditional folksongs, sea songs, worksongs and spirituals with new arrangements, to original music on current issues, all with tight, searing, dissonant and bittersweet harmonies and intricate vocal percussions.

    Members: Rebecca Anders, Jamie Ben-Azay, Susan Appe

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    Samsara: Wild Roses

    Susan, Jamie and Rebecca are activists, teachers, musicians and artists, whose inspirations include Rhiannon, Copperwimmin, Sweet Honey in the Rock and many others. This a cappella women's trio "unites fierce, passionate struggles for justice with extraordinary vocal music." "Wild Roses" is a collection of 12 songs, some, "I Painted Peace," "Take Care" and "This Battle's Harvest," originals written by group members; others , like the title tune, which began as a few lines of a Clayoquot lullaby, and "Jasper, TX," based on a poem from Samsara's Prison Poetry Project, were given melody, arrangement and even new verses by the group. Songs like the traditional Bulgarian folk song "Mo lih ta," "Eli, Eli," the Yiddish songs "Es Brent" and "Mayn Ruhe Platz," "Oh, Death Have Mercy" and "Bread and Roses" inspire while they break the heart. "Roses" is filled with beautifully sung feeling that touches and moves us in many ways.

    9861 1 CD $14.98

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