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Bay Area

Levels of Vocal Expression (L.o.V.E.)

This 5-person Bay Area vocal band culminates their individual influences of jazz, funk, gospel, and electronica to create an eclectic, powerhouse pop a cappella sound and ultimately, spread love and positivity through their music.

Members: Carla Renee, Selena Soberal, Christian Baltazar, Alex Wolf, Martin Lejano

Beyond Zebra

Beyond Zebra is a newly formed a cappella group who enjoys expressing unique, intricate arrangements with heartfelt emotion. Like the Dr. Seuss book On Beyond Zebra about an alphabet beyond Z, the music of Beyond Zebra takes audiences beyond what they might know and expect. When you go Beyond Zebra, who knows what wonderful things you might hear?

Members: Doug Friedman, Miya Kanzaki, John Kelley, Fiona McCrae, Jon Pilat, John Rae-Grant


Woven was founded as a community of people who love to sing. We believe music has the power to inspire, cross boundaries and bring people together. We strive to create a space where every voice has value and to sing songs that reflect our members' experiences. Each song we sing is brought to the group by one of our members because it carries with it a personal connection, story, or emotion that moves them. Through the music we sing, we hope to give voice to these experiences and foster community between ourselves and others.

Members: Nicholas Biddle, Sharareh Sadaghiani, Shantelle Williams, Gustav Wellin, Charlie Yang, Aishwarya Vardhana, Kaley Boyce, Maya Delaney, Joey Fernandez, Brenden Larkin, Koyel Bhattacharyya

Jazz @ 8

We are a 16 piece vocal group made up of 9th - 12th graders. We sing Vocal Jazz (Songs by New York Voices, Kerry Marsh, Duke Ellington and many more. We have received high awards at Folsom Jazz Festival, Santa Cruz Jazz Festival and Reno Jazz Festival.

Members: Katie Maxson, Sop. 1, Kara Tangenberg, Sop. 1, Sziszi Hites, Sop. 2, Lauren Brasesco, Sop. 2, Gianna tippett, Alto , Haley Weeks, Alto, Julie Torres, Alto, Forrest Marion, Ten., Izak Barnett, Ten., Caleb Britt, Ten./Bari., Zion Johnson, Bari./Bass, Isaac Self, Bass


Yes we are. Formed in 2012, we have been performing original covers of everything from classic rock hits to contemporary pop tunes. As a 13 person a cappella group, we achieve a unique sound by fusing new and old music in sophisticated arrangements. We strive to bring joy to our audience and hope to share our Aca-love of singing to everyone within earshot!

Members: Dominique Medina, Mariana Jones, Sarah Brumfield, Ashley Franich, Amber Curley, Valeria Huaco, Marizel Mendoza, Nate Baumbach, Diego Lopez, Jake Lagrave, Ethan Sifferman, Rjay Molo
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Side Note

Hip. Imaginative. Fun. Fresh. Funky Fresh. Side Note is a group of seven twentysomethings, from wildly different musical backgrounds, who draw draw their diversity to create an all-new sound. It's contemporary a cappella - pushed to the limits of pop, R&B, funk, rock, musical theater and jazz. Get ready for some buzzin' beats, rockin' riffs and hot harmonies as Side Note delivers a show unlike nearly anything else in vocal music!

Members: Richman Neumann, Duncan Boehle, PD Santos, Juan Carlos Martinez, Rebecca Holtz, Tanya Rodman, Gayelan Tietje-Ulrich
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Halfway to Midnight

Halfway to Midnight is a co-ed band of musical misfits who, having missed the thrill of the a cappella world and desiring an outlet to strengthen our individual instruments, serendipitously found each other in the midst of the great big beautiful Bay Area and begun gathering weekly to share in the blend of our voices together. Our life stories are as varied as our voices yet we find common ground in our love of instrument-free music-making and we truly hope you like what you hear.

Members: Vivek Saraswat, Gonzalo Alonso, Michael Barrientos, Elana Zizmor, Alicia Flor, Scott Adler, Shanna Bengtson

Ro Sham Bo

Ro Sham Bo brings a surprising and exciting spark to the Bay Area vocal music scene. Ro Sham Bo's roots are steeped in jazz and funk, and their performances deliver an inspired blend of complexity and ease. Most group members are music educators or music educated, arrange, perform, and direct not only for Ro Sham Bo but for groups from San Jose to Black Rock City, and have taught students from Stanford University Jazz Workshop to Jazz Camp West to Blue Bear School of Music.

Members: Bonnie Doyle, Audrey Kauffman, Juliet Green, Jimmy Kraft, Dave Duran, Bakari Holmes


AVE, the highest level ensemble within the Central Coast Children’s Choir, placed third in the 2017 Los Angeles Harmony Sweepstakes and was awarded audience favorite. CCCC affords the youth of San Luis Obispo county the joyful experience of singing together in live choral performances. The after-school program provides weekly rehearsals, which include musicianship and vocal training. Repertoire is varied and includes songs from world music to established choral classics to contemporary, popular styles. CCCC singers represented California in National and Western State honor choirs in Las Vegas, New York, Eugene, Honolulu, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Dallas and Florida.

Members: Lily Campbell, Olivia Edmonds, Hannah Fowler, Minori Jaggia, Cati Newlon, Susan Roodsari, Elise Scheiffele, Meg Stern, Lauren Tarica


Mass Whole Notes

The Mass Whole Notes are a semi-professional contemporary a cappella group, based in Somerville, Massachusetts. We have a modern sound that can also rock the classics with some style. The Mass Wholes are made of a diverse, zany, and individually unique group of fun-loving goofballs with a soft spot for making music with our mouths. The Mass Wholes also have a large range of a cappella renditions of everything from Paramore to Chance the Rapper.

Members: James Ham, Matthew Williams, Maria Vivas, Larry Ong, Lauren Jones, Ali Creeden, Andrea Gagnon, Taylor Guss, Kodo Elder-Groebe, Abby Merson, Patrick Roberts, Nick Cox
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Collective Measures

We are a co-ed post-collegiate A Cappella group in the Boston area in our 20's and early 30's who love to sing and have fun together. We enjoy performing for our friends and family at different venues around Boston and when we aren't doing that we are singing at different events like weddings, corporate parties, or even wedding proposals! We arrange our own songs and enjoy performing a wide variety of styles to ensure each member of the audience can connect to at least one song!

Members: Tiia Groden, Rob Katuska, Greg Price, Liz Wing, Ryan Ross, Laura Katuska, Linette Davis, Elyse Shenberger, Ben Chang, Olivia Butkowski
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Bostonality is a Boston-based a cappella group comprised of young professional 20-somethings who share a passion for music and performance.

Members: Sarah Hill, Tien Tran, Kamisha Ferreira, Susie Ruppe, Jane Margolis, Brittany Stein, Janice Nosal, Dan Cormier, Jeff Bliss, Evan Desrochers, Ben Lang
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Sound Off

Formed in 2013, Sound Off is an award-winning semi-professional a cappella group based in Boston, MA and proud member of the Contemporary A cappella League (CAL). We are young men and women from all different career fields brought together by an unabashed love for a cappella music and performance. While we perform regularly around the Greater Boston area, Sound Off continues to develop a diverse repertoire of modern pop with a soulful twist.

Members: Tyler Gravelle, Kevin Guest, Will Finlay, Jon Lavalley, James Cannon, Patrick Dennan, Diana Galeano, Alisha Hill, Emily Parker, Megan Kettmann, Eileen O'Hara, Leah Caruso
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We are four guys in our mid 20's who are passionate about barbershop. 4ManTent came together with a love for harmony and has been making music together since the winter of 2017. Our members have sung together in other contemporary groups including Bostonality and Fermata Town but decided to reunite as a quartet so we can share our love for barbershop with you!

Members: Tien Tran, Garrett Little, Evan Desrochers, Ben Lang


Blacklight is a Salem/Boston based, high energy, beatbox heavy a cappella group made of 6 energetic, multi talented musicians and a cappella enthusiasts. Our aim is to bring a cappella fully into the 21st century, where the audience's experience is the most important. We want our audience to get on their feet.

Members: Diana Galeano, Shannon McNulty, Anna Morsillo, Arsanuos Abousetta, Tyler Gravelle, Craig Simonetti

Daily Special

Daily Special is a barbershop quartet based in southern New England, and although they came together less than a year ago, they are quickly rising in the ranks of competitive barbershop. They love to bring silliness, authenticity, energy, and sincerity to every performance, connecting with audiences of all kinds. Friendship is at the core of their music-making and mission--and they love making new friends wherever they sing.

Members: Isaac Swanson, Chad Putka, Ben Lewin, Cay Outerbridge
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Deception is Danvers High School's 6-Person A Cappella group comprised of students from grades 10-12. Singers in Deception are also members of the school's larger, award-winning a cappella groups, Falconize and Ingrid Sound. Deception primarily performs current hits for school concerts, and just recently released three songs on the Danvers High School A Cappella album “Structure,” recorded with The Vocal Company.

Members: Jared Casey, Kali Sheppard, Trevor Hathaway, Hannah Kelsey, Mike Mahoney, Brianna Rivera
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Due North

We are Due North. Hailing from the Twin Cities area, Due North is one of the Midwest's newest a cappella ensembles. The name was inspired from Minnesota's formally adopted French motto "L'Etoile du Nord" meaning "Star of the North".

Due North prides itself on being the perfect fit for any audience. Whether the setting is calm and mellow, or energized and wild; Due North will bring a refreshing taste to the music you know and love, while adding new songs to file away in your personal playlist. Available for weddings, corporate events, parties, fairs, national anthems; you name it! With a fresh outlook, immense passion, and a vibrant energy - there is only one direction to go - Due North.

Members: Kaynen Harris, Alissa Peanasky, Matt Laudenbach, Maddie Forrest, Barry Bakunowicz
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The Northsiders

Since 2013, the Northsiders have been a staple of Chicago's a cappella scene. They have performed their mix of classic and contemporary barbershop and beyond at chapter shows, street festivals, and TV shows such as WCIU's "The Jam." They have finished "on the podium" at every Barbershop Harmony Society contest they've entered. They have been active with the Chicago Harmony Sweepstakes since 2016 and are two-time runners-up.

Members: Noah Miller, Oliver Merrill, Loren Shevitz, Steve Schoultz
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Remedy comes from different ends of Ohio to form the University of Dayton's first a cappella group. When they are not captivating their audience, Remedy enjoys spending time together as a group. From many walks of life and representing a vast number of majors, the group discovered camaraderie and harmony instantly. Remedy hopes to entertain and captivate the audience with their memorable performances.

Members: Kerry Speed, Alexandria Bennett, Taylor Manway, Alex Neal, Chris Hemsath, Sam Gyenes, Kat Smith, Carolyn Karutz, Katie Breslin

Counterpoint Loyola

Counterpoint is Loyola University Chicago's premier competitive co-ed acapella group! They personally arrange and energetically perform a diverse range of music to feature at concerts, competitions, and on albums! Counterpoint provides not only a creative musical outlet for members and listeners, but take pride in sharing themselves with Chicago! Beginning as a conversation about the musical opportunities for Loyola University Chicago, a small group of students already involved in the acapella scene at Loyola found that the community was missing one component...competition! Counterpoint was born out of a call for musical excellence, a competitive atmosphere, and a performance like none before it. After hand selecting founding members and an amazing turnout of auditions for new members, Counterpoint fought for and won recoginition with the Student Activities and Greek Affairs board. Now, they are on a mission to continue the momentum they started with and provide a great experience for audiences and members. They have lofty goals that will most definitely be met with a "Get It Done" attitude for competition, recording, and arranging like never before.

Members: Sophia Manternach, Daria Derda, Chloe Antrobus, Taylor Beck, Rachel Groth, Reese Bailey, Malcolm Charles, Joseph Kraemer
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Vocal Chaos

Vocal Chaos is in its 22nd year as a Chicagoland a cappella staple. This rotating cast of characters enjoys using the gift of song to force themselves out of the house at least once a week through the 8 month Chicago winter, and has been known to occasionally enjoy a post rehearsal, or mid-rehearsal drink. They may not be in college anymore, but at least they're trying to hang on to their glory days like a high school football player from Texas! Please enjoy the men of Vocal Chaos.

Members: Owen Stevenson, Ryan Naimy, Trent Snyder, Ross Matsuda, Nik Eden, Colin Commager, Richard Pridgen, Michael Novak, Zachary Watts, Daniel Meeks

Crimson Cadence

Pop/Vocal Jazz

Members: Jeremy Gussin, Jacob Seo, Noah Nordman, Milan Babic, Melissa Krueger, Sarah Rauch, Ella Clary, Chelsea Bonhotal

Final Melody Acapella

Final Melody Acapella Started As A "Dream." A Dream That Not Everyone Understood Or Supported Because Of The Fact That, "It's Not Realistic That We Could Be Able To Prosper As A Group."

We Began Our Group By Singing At Open-Mic Events At A Local McDonald's Restaurant; Inviting Our Closest Family Members, Teachers, & Friends To The Various Events. When We Finally Realized That It Was Time To Step Out And Broaden Our Horizons, We Auditioned For America's Got Talent. We Did Not Receive A Call-Back From AGT, But It Was A Learning Experience And Showed Us How Well We Work Under Pressure And How We Come Together As A Group To Achieve A Goal.

Members: Josh Metoyer (Tenor), Robert Downer Jr. (Tenor), Shawn Denton (Bass), Brendan Stewart (Vocal Percussion/Barito, Darius Gleghorn (Baritone)

Los Angeles


Voxy is a San Diego vocal group, created to deliver a fun a cappella vibe to the SoCal region. We like to perform funky fresh jams - songs to entertain for a good time and get you singing and dancing along with us.

Members: Jessica Gottdank, Jenna Jones, Kristin Taylor, Laura Todd, Emily Liu
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Business Casual

Business Casual is an a cappella band based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Combining elements of pop, jazz, and other genres, this young all-vocal group puts a fresh spin on vintage chart toppers and today's hits. Winners of the National Harmony Sweepstakes a cappella competition in 2018, Business Casual has performed at weddings, corporate events, and live public shows throughout the Bay Area since 2012.

Members: Michael Wang, Jacob Chamoun, Roshun Alur, Cassie Greene, Leslie Baker
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Swing Shift

Swing Shift is a vocal jazz mixed ensemble. The group's signature sound is heard in their rich harmonic treatment of pop, jazz, and Broadway standards. Over the years the group has drawn on local resources like the SMC Vocal Jazz Ensemble from which five of Swing Shift's present roster are current or past members. We are proud that many of Swing Shift's alumni have gone on to advance their careers in prestigious ensembles like the LA Master Chorale and LA Choral Lab. If you love lush sounds, complex harmonies, and creamy-smooth blend, you'll love hearing this group.

Members: Galoran Amos, Anne Palmer, Mackynze Roten, Brittany Mellini, Allan Vasquez, Phil Azelton, Richard Gilinsky

Coast Vocal Collective

Coast Vocal Collective is an eclectic group of singers ranging in age from 17 to 50. Group members met at Coast Music in Hermosa Beach. Each singer brings individual style along with the ability to blend together to create one collective voice.

Members: Beth Rohde, Soprano, Sawyer Fuller, Soprano, Max Rohde, Bass & VP, Kira Levin, Alto, DJ Stanfill, Tenor, Jeremy Adler, Baritone
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Have Pitchpipe, Will Travel

Have Pitchpipe, Will Travel, comprises twelve women, all members of the locally acclaimed and award-winning L.A. South Towns Show Chorus. This fun-loving a cappella group entertains audiences throughout the South Bay and beyond with its signature close harmonies, upbeat repertoire and colorful style.

Members: Connie Weintraub, Marta Bailey, Susie Cox, Lynn Iosty, Sharon Savene, Donna Lawrence, Janet Reid, Linda Borg, Caroline McLean, Debbie Smith, Diana Barber, Allison Tsukimura
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The Over Tones

The Over Tones was founded in early 2015 in the San Fernando Valley. We perform a mixture of a cappella styles to fit all occasions. Ranging from arrangements of the latest hits, classic rock standards, upbeat jazz tunes, and even esoteric choir music, we adapt to our audience and have something fun for everyone. Our 40-person choir features both male and female vocalists whose ages span five decades! We perform all over Southern California and are excited to be returning to Harmony Sweepstakes!

Members: Lisa Hill-Callaway, Lauren Talaga, Amanda Chitarra, Mark Henkin, J Omer Shrem, Aaron Fish, Joey Kadin, Andrew Borchert-Isaacs, Taylor Turner
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Up All Night Quartet

Up All Night Quartet is based in the DC area. While barbershop is the main style of music that they sing, they enjoy singing a wide variety of songs and genres. Up All Night enjoys having fun and spending time together outside of rehearsal with good food and good wine. They have represented Sweet Adelines Heart of the Blue Ridge Region 14 at International Competition for the past three years, and have competed in the National Finals for the Harmony Sweepstakes, placing 3rd in 2018. They have been singing and competing together for just over three years, enjoying the ride!

Members: Sara Duffy, Allison Lynskey, Kristen Lebryk, Heidi Wilson


Polarity is one of the most exciting youth groups to win a regional event in many years and are directed by previous Harmony Sweeps national finalist Matt Radford. These young voices blend into a particularly delightful mix of harmony voices and they sing arrangements with ease that would be challenging for even the very experienced singers. A true discovery they are sure to delight the audience tonight!

Members: Grace Brown, Mattie Elliott, Fabiola Corwin, Kayleah Shiland, Alex Teeters, Jacob Smathers, Jonathon Sattler , Noah Clifton, Matt Radford


HALO represents the first Barbershop quartet of African American singers to compete on the international stage of a Barbershop organization. We sing a Capella- hip hop and Barbershop. Our quartet also represents our organization HALO, Inc. working to use the Barbershop genre as a framework for our Community Music Therapy initiative using the listening and singing experience of Barbershop music to confront issues of racism in the United States with productive dialogue.

Members: Portia Pitts, Jasmine Barnes , Niambi Powell , Shana Oshiro
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King's Post

King's Post - named after an architectural term - is a contemporary pop and pop-culture a cappella group with jazz and classic rock leanings. Based in Blacksburg, VA, this five person vocal band is wrangled by baritone/VP/eye-roller Jordan Truesdell (Blacksburg), and features Jennifer Nardine (Blacksburg) on soprano/VP/duck quack, Liza Roop (Blacksburg) on mezz-alto/VP/hula moves, Jesse Janowiak (Blacksburg) on high tenor/goofy voices, and Eric Brown on second tenor/baritone/puns (Christiansburg). While often overly amused by themselves, King's Post takes pride in the mix of harmony, heart, and humor they bring to the realm of a cappella.

Members: Jordan Truesdell, Eric Brown, Jennifer Nardine, Liza Roop, Jesse Janowiak

The District

The District was formed in Washington, D.C. in late 2012. A contemporary all-female a cappella group, The District embodies an empowered, energetic, and versatile sound through an array of pop, rock, country, and R&B covers. Characterized by complex arrangements, tight harmonies, fierce soloists, and crisp vocal percussion, The District performs throughout the DMV area at fundraisers, community and corporate events, and regional competitions. Most recently, The District performed at legendary music hall, The Birchmere, where they placed second and won "Audience Favorite" at the 2018 Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival.

Members: Nicole Gilmore, Julie Lukeman, Charnice Frazier, Michelle Gahagan, Natalie Wyman, Campbell Keyser, Dani Dredger, Jill Tetirick, Bea Becette, Melissa Canu, Laura Fender, Caroline DiStefano
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Top of the Seventh

Top of the Seventh is a Washington DC-based vocal group that specializes in tight harmonies and takes on styles that range from jazz to spiritual, from barbershop to rock and pop, in pursuit of fun and musical nirvana!

Members: Marty Brennan, Clay Kaufman, Dave Welter, Simon Kantor, Bert Ifill, Dylan Kaufman

New York


Saffron formed in January 2015 and burst onto the Region 1 Sweet Adelines scene a few months later with a 4th place medal. They medaled each year since, until in April of 2018 they became Region 1 Sweet Adelines International Champions. They earned their blue ribbons while also breaking the Region 1 record with a score of 637! Their repertoire covers an eclectic variety of charts ranging from folk ballads, to toe-tapping jazzy standards, to southern rock melodies, all arranged in classic and tight barbershop chording that is sure to put a tear in your eye and a smile in your heart!

Members: Susan Berry, Amanda Fowski, Penny Schroeder, Christine Bulgini


New York City's Jazz R&B group, Feedback is a group of professional musicians who have been seen and heard by millions around the world -both live and via broadcast. Turning artists like Usher and Jazmine Sullivan on their head, the group pushes the boundaries of both jazz and R&B. Feedback boasts a spellbinding variety of talents: Doug and Garrett make jingles and songs for major corporations; TEDx Beatboxer, Ben Mirin brings the beats, and can also perfectly imitate 50 bird calls; Mike takes helm at a recording studio; Alec arranges choral works, with some seeing performances at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall; Sam is a studio singer and professional whistler (which he insists is "actually a thing"). This will be Feedback's 2nd appearance at Harmony Sweeps, and they're pumped about it!

Members: Mike Gullo, Sam Nulton, Doug Larsen


An award-winning vocal band based in New York City, Concrete uses three-part harmonies and a low, rich sound to reimagine pop hits, classic rock and indie tunes. With lyric melodies and a smooth blend, their arrangements are uncomplicated and soulful. They have competed and performed internationally, and have 100% success rate for marriage proposals (she never says no)!

Members: Caitlin Nelson, Catherine Macaluso, Jason Unger, Lior Melnick, Melina Marini, Philippe Marquis
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Satellite Lane

Satellite Lane is a Long Island-based a cappella group that currently belongs to the Contemporary A cappella League. Made up of seven teachers, Satellite Lane specializes in spreading a cappella education to music programs and performing spontaneous original compositions. In March 2013, Satellite Lane competed in the New York Regional Harmony Sweepstakes, where they won "Audience Favorite," "Best Arrangement," and a special "Honorable Mention" for originality. Currently, they are working on their first studio album and several original music videos.

Members: Christine Benedetti, Melanie Malusa-Wink, Andrew Duca, Andrew Fallu, Marc Silverberg, Christopher Hoffman, Deanna Albro


Established in 2015, Mezzo is a all-female a cappella group that has been performing all over the tri-state area. They pride themselves on cool arrangements of contemporary tunes, as well as reinventions of classic hits. To learn more about Mezzo, check out their website at www.mezzonyc.com or follow them on social media @mezzonyc!

Members: Erin Mazuera, Amanda Lim, Liz Chapman, Reynetta Sampson, Angie Kim, Jen Kipley
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Repeat Offenders

Repeat Offenders is made up of four women who love to laugh, perform, and sing four-part harmony, mostly, in the barbershop style. We got together while singing with the deeply fabulous Sirens of Gotham, and are proud to represent both them and the Harmony Celebration Chorus. Our repeat offenses range from parodying anything and everything, creative lyric delivery, very loud singing, and constant use of phrases like “your mom” and “totes”. While we specialize in the barbershop style (experience ranging from a few years, to more than 10 years, to since birth) we love to sing anything we can find in four parts – and sometimes things we can’t too!

Members: Laura Packer, Sabrina Doolittle, Kiara Contreras, Alexis DePersia-Norelli

Ten and Change

Ten and Change began performing in 2001 and has since performed all over NYC, from humble beginnings on the top floor of a member's apartment (with the not-so-humble NYC skyline in the background) to such well-known venues as CBGB, the Knitting Factory, Upright Citizen Brigade Theater, Arlene's Grocery and Crash Mansion. The group has performed the National Anthem at Shea Stadium and Harbor Yard (home of the Bridgeport Bluefish) and frequently entertains in large venues such as Central Park (for NYC Parks & Recreation). See our calendar for a complete listing. Ten and Change also regularly does volunteer concert work at various locales in New York City. Since the beginning, Ten and Change has entertained its audiences with tight harmonies, side-splitting humor and its hallmark trait -- complete unorganized chaos.

Members: Sam Houston, Nicholas Curcio, Michael Whitehouse, Tom Anthony, Brian Wollman, Patrick Dillon, Cheiku Camara

Pacific Northwest

B-Side Book Club

Established in 2015, B-Side Book Club A Cappella emerged from a group of close-knit friends who all shared a love for singing. All of the group members participated in collegiate A Cappella during their undergrad and wanted to continue singing together beyond graduation.

Members: Adriana Hernandez, Alison Noe, Kushi Beauchamp, Siani Donnelian, Becky Friedman, Charlie Best, Louis Umbarger, Kimo Camat, Trevor Sargent, Mason Wordell, Robert Pirtle, Sam Wellander
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20/20 is a collection of current and former college friends who have formed a lifelong bond through sharing their love of music. With their skills from music school at hand, the group combined already has decades of performing experience including leading opera roles, national festival performances, and professional choral recording sessions. Since grauating from Central Washington University they have all taken different career paths but still find time to come together in order to pursue musical excellence and share their passion for performing as 20/20.

Members: Emelia Blunt, Theo Olson, Matt Mayrhofer, Isaiah Ragland, Jacob Cecil
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Altra Volta

Altra Volta is a 7-voice a cappella vocal ensemble founded in 1998, from Calgary, Canada. A creative community comprised of talented singers, arrangers and songwriters, the group's diverse repertoire includes classical choral, vocal jazz and pop music. In recent years the group has gone from performing published works to also creating arrangements and original songs of their own, exploring the many facets of the human voice to emulate various musical instruments. In addition to their own concerts, Altra Volta has performed for weddings and other special events around the city.

Members: Charishe Amante, Noel Amante, Hilary Aubin Amante, Sarah Hayduk, Keith Knudsen, Kristen Simpson, Ryan Wagner
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Fourcast first sang together in November of 2015...it was an audition for a baritone...and almost instantly we knew this was something special. Since then, we've competed twice in North-by-Northwest Region 13's Annual Convention and placed 3rd both times.

Members: Anna Martin, Lisa Martin, Carol Ward, Sue Beck

S'Pacific Sounds

S'Pacific Sounds is an elite group of ladies from the Pacific Sound Chorus in Bellevue, WA. This subset group of the chorus features exceptional singers and energetic performers, and they augment the chorus's shows with their expanded and varied repertoire. Their goal is to be able to continue to expand each individual's performing skills while bringing their style of a cappella music to audiences! They are so thrilled to be able to perform tonight in this competition. They hope the audience has as much fun as they do!

Members: Susan Kegley, Diane Lee, Tami Kamp, Janice McKenna, Michaela Phillips, Tricia Kastrop, Rebecca Strenge, Evy Young, Stephanie Potter, Michelle DeFreece, Cheryl Blasich, Terri B'Hymer

Stumptown Fellas

Stumptown Fellas is an all male R&B A Cappella from Portland, OR. They sing anything from Motown classics, 80's & 90's R&B, to songs by artists including Bruno Mars, John Legend, Robin Thicke, and Amy Winehouse. The group was founded by Matt Biller, Aisea Poulivaati, and Daniel Jeppesen back in 2014.

Members: Matt Biller, Aisea Poulivaati, Armond Frazier, Jason Bourke

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