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Remedy comes from different ends of Ohio to form the University of Dayton's first a cappella group. When they are not captivating their audience, Remedy enjoys spending time together as a group. From many walks of life and representing a vast number of majors, the group discovered camaraderie and harmony instantly. Remedy hopes to entertain and captivate the audience with their memorable performances.

Members: Kim Tielemans, Alex Golzynski, Katie Breslin, Alexis Taylor, Kat Smith, Sarah Yelsik, Cameron Page, Andy Villasenor, Angelo Knight, Chris Hemsath

Counterpoint Loyola

Counterpoint is Loyola University Chicago's premier competitive co-ed acapella group! They personally arrange and energetically perform a diverse range of music to feature at concerts, competitions, and on albums! Counterpoint provides not only a creative musical outlet for members and listeners, but take pride in sharing themselves with Chicago! Beginning as a conversation about the musical opportunities for Loyola University Chicago, a small group of students already involved in the acapella scene at Loyola found that the community was missing one component...competition! Counterpoint was born out of a call for musical excellence, a competitive atmosphere, and a performance like none before it. After hand selecting founding members and an amazing turnout of auditions for new members, Counterpoint fought for and won recoginition with the Student Activities and Greek Affairs board. Now, they are on a mission to continue the momentum they started with and provide a great experience for audiences and members. They have lofty goals that will most definitely be met with a "Get It Done" attitude for competition, recording, and arranging like never before.

Members: Reese Bailey, Adeline Azungue, Michael Ghuneim, Lia Monroy, Kaitlyn Wacker, Rachel Groth, Leah Tan, Camille Neuman
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Vocal Chaos

Vocal Chaos is in its 22nd year as a Chicagoland a cappella staple. This rotating cast of characters enjoys using the gift of song to force themselves out of the house at least once a week through the 8 month Chicago winter, and has been known to occasionally enjoy a post rehearsal, or mid-rehearsal drink. They may not be in college anymore, but at least they're trying to hang on to their glory days like a high school football player from Texas! Please enjoy the men of Vocal Chaos.

Members: Owen Stevenson, Shak Bhamani, Zachary Watts, Laz Estrada, Ryan Naimy, Trent Synder

Flux Vocals

We are an 8 part mixed, semi professional group composed of members from former collegiate groups all over Michigan. We strive to make music that will both have everyone on their feet, but also music that everyone is able to relate to, and feel, as we find that most important. This is such an incredible creative outlet, and we feel as though we have so much to show the world, as we're just getting our story started!

Members: Brian Jones, Joshua Raiford, Daniel Dade, Nicholas Borchardt, Nick Boyd, Svenja Penic, Kaley Mayrose, Carly Westcott


Impromptu is an 8 member contemporary a cappella group based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Founded in May of 2017, several members met at Ball State University or were good friends who wanted to come together, hang out and make music. Their unique sound is the result of a tight and soulful blend, some R&B and Jazz influences and a little sensuality.

Members: Andrea Greene, Jasmine Rowsey, Samantha Doub, Edric Mitchell, Kaleem McGill, Trevor Barnes, Zach Yarborough, Derek Hutchinson
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Currently the third ranked Barbershop Quartet for the Illinois District, having formed earlier in 2019. Each member is a District champion from other quartets who have competed at the higher level International contests winning many honors. Planning to compete this spring at the International Preliminaries in April

Members: Tim Carter, Mike Woods, Dennis Stern, Doug Smith

Take 4

Take 4 is an a cappella and barbershop quartet from Kansas City, MO and West Palm Beach, FL. Members include: Wendy Spilker, Kristin Drummond-Mance, Chacey Steen and Melissa VanHousen. The quartet formed in January of 2014 and proudly represents Sweet Adelines International, Harmony Incorporated and the Barbershop Harmony Society. They currently hold the ranking of Harmony Incorporated International 2nd Place Silver Medalists and SAI Region 5 Champions. Take 4 enjoys performing a diverse repertoire including barbershop, broadway, jazz and pop.

Members: Chacey Steen, Melissa VanHousen, Wendy Spilker, Kristin Drummond-Mance
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UT Noteworthy

Noteworthy A Cappella is a co-ed A Cappella group at The University of Texas at Austin founded in 2014. oteworthy presents an eclectic sound, bridging genres with their original arrangements. Members range from those with over 15 years of musical experience to those who have never read sheet music. As a diverse group, where every voice is heard, each member is valued for what they bring to the table.

Members: Irene Lee, Ella Moody, Mayson OBrien, Vidya Rajan, Sheena Nguyen, Joshua Oh, Neel Gopal, Obinna Okorie, Carlos Cisneros, Bryce Freund, Joshua Mathew


Mutual Agreement

In the fall of 1993, six young men formed and a capella sextet called Mutual Agreement, which means "A Covenant with God." Their intention is to spread the Word of God through song, bringing hope, strength and encouragement to all who will listen.

Each member brings his own individual gifts, talents and creativity to the group. The group uses the human voice as the chief instrument of their performance. Each member mutually agrees that their music ministry will not be kept confined within the traditional walls of the church, their mission field consists of ministering to the sick and shut-in, incarcerated youth and adults, hospitals, evangelistic meetings and wherever there is a need to provide encouragement through song.

Members: David Simons, James Slim Davis, Gerald Best, Lester Black, Eric Hodges, Donald Jackson


ember is a 6-piece vocal band from Baltimore, MD. They seek to create energetic live performances with the combination of dynamic vocalists, an internationally-ranked beatboxer, and a high-class blend. In the past year, ember competed at Carnegie Hall during the Varsity Vocals Open finals, debuted their original single "Bad Romantic", and have performed around the country from L.A. to North Carolina, to Boston, and their home of Baltimore. You can find more of them everywhere online, @embervocals!

Members: Alyce McNulty, Marcella Astore, Lauren Redditt, Lamont Pierce, Winston Harris, Michael Wingate
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An award-winning vocal band based in New York City, Concrete uses three-part harmonies and a low, rich sound to reimagine pop hits, classic rock and indie tunes. With lyric melodies and a smooth blend, their arrangements are uncomplicated and soulful. They have competed and performed internationally, and have 100% success rate for marriage proposals (she never says no)!

Members: Aldon Knolls, Caitlin Nelson, Jason Unger, Karaline Rosen, Lior Melnick, Melina Marini
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Capital Blend

Capital Blend formed in the spring of 2008 when several coworkers learned they shared a common interest in singing. Now, consisting of women from a wide variety of professions, Capital Blend is mostly comprised of former college a cappella performers and other musically inclined individuals. Capital Blend performs in and around the DC Metro area at venues ranging from the Washington Nationals Stadium to retirement communities and corporate events. The group's repertoire includes popular music, oldies but goodies, international hits, and original compositions.

Members: Shana Jacobus, Caity Stuhan, Brandi Rose, Tiffany Haigler, Carrie Holt, Elisabeth Bassen, Miriam Abaya, Kelsey Carroll, Elisa Talmage, Cristina Watson, Julia Clunn, Erika Cogliani
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Quadrophonic is a mixed barbershop and vocal jazz quartet based in NC's Triangle area. Quad has a diverse repertoire that includes rock & pop classics, show tunes and jazz standards. Outside of performances and actively competing in Mixed Barbershop competitions, Quad offers clinics to young singers and high school students. Quad is the current proud reigning champions of the Carolina's District through Mixed Barbershop Harmony Association and the Barbershop Harmony Society for 2018 and 2019.

Members: Bill Adams, Lacey Knapp, Melissa Martin, Kenneth Tice

Better Together

We are an award winning mixed barbershop quartet composed of two married couples, Anthony and Elizabeth Colosimo and Andrew and Heather Havens.

Members: Elizabeth Colosimo, Anthony Colosimo, Heather Havens, Andrew Havens

Epiphony A Cappella

Epiphony A'cappella was formed in 2018 with 5 ladies who have performed together for over 10 years. At the beginning of this season we added a beat-boxing dude! We perform creative arrangements of pop, rock and soul classics in a variety of environments throughout Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Members: Carrie Taft, Jessie-Marie Haynes, Megan King, Amanda Cipoletti, Kimm Santa, Bradley Blumer
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Note-oriety is James Madison University's premier award winning all female a cappella group, founded in 1998 by Kelly Myer & Bonnie Estes. You can find the lovely ladies of Note-oriety performing all around the JMU campus and at various events up and down the east coast. We are a sisterhood bound by a love for music and lifelong friendship.

Members: Makenzie Rodriguez, Emma Wagner, Trish Hoang, Caroline Mork, Emilie Bozik, Emily Chapman, Dani Rye, Thea Simpson, Marjorie Bonga, Charlotte Thomas, Angeline Ignacio, Hannah Cummings
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HALO represents the first Barbershop quartet of African American singers to compete on the international stage of a Barbershop organization. We sing a Capella- hip hop and Barbershop. Our quartet also represents our organization HALO, Inc. working to use the Barbershop genre as a framework for our Community Music Therapy initiative using the listening and singing experience of Barbershop music to confront issues of racism in the United States with productive dialogue.

Members: Shana Oshiro, Portia Pitts, Niambi Powell, Jasmine Barnes
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Up All Night Quartet

Up All Night Quartet is based in the DC area. While barbershop is the main style of music that they sing, they enjoy singing a wide variety of songs and genres. Up All Night enjoys having fun and spending time together outside of rehearsal with good food and good wine. They have represented Sweet Adelines Heart of the Blue Ridge Region 14 at International Competition for the past three years, and have competed in the National Finals for the Harmony Sweepstakes, placing 3rd in 2018. They have been singing and competing together for just over three years, enjoying the ride!

Members: Sara Duffy , Allison Lynskey , Heidi Wilson, Kristen Lebryk


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