Mixed MetaFour - Mixed other Quartet from Berlin, MA, MA

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2020 Boston Regional

Mixed MetaFour

Mixed other Quartet from Berlin, MA, MA

Mixed MetaFour was very carefully named. We are a mixed group, and there are four of us.

We first got together with two men from the men's Fireside barbershop quartet and the women's All 4 One barbershop quartet. (Two of us were father and daughter, which didn't hurt.) We proceeded to entertain in New England and Old England, win an award in one of BHS's first mixed contests, and mix an awful lot of metaphors.

Now we've swapped one daughter for another, and changed our repertoire a little. But we remain ready to take you, musically, to a place where the hand of man has never set foot.

Members: Jen Blair, Dagny Dukach, Manoj Padki, Daniel Schwartz

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