Offbook A Cappella - Mixed Contemporary Group from San Francisco, CA

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2020 Bay Area Regional

Offbook A Cappella

Mixed Contemporary Group from San Francisco, CA

Step 1) Get the music. 2) Learn your part. 3) Try to be Offbook! Offbook is a new a cappella group based in the Bay Area. This 10-person singing collective started when a contingent of Facebook employees, who share a love of making music with their mouths, wanted to continue their passion for singing outside the office. Offbook sings a wide variety of music from top 40 hits to classic rock, pop, and more. Despite being new on the scene, they are determined to make a name for themselves. OffBook is excited to share their love for music to all ears!

Founded: 2019

Members: Lia Jundt, Abby Bechstein, Shruti Subramanian, Janelle Tong, Addy Mendoza, Daniel Gomez, Daniel Cavero, Keenan Monks, Evan Smith, Walker Eacho

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7 Rings/God Is A Woman (Ariana Grande Cover)

7 Rings/God Is A Woman (Ariana Grande Cover)

Introducing Offbook A Cappella, a co-ed contemporary ensemble based in the Bay Area, CA. We hope you enjoy our first video! For more, subscribe and follow us on Instagram/Facebook

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