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Bay Area

Yes M'am!

Yes M'am made up of three dynamic female vocalists who teamed up in December of 2014 to create a trio with saucy, spicy and surprising harmonies. With roots deep in American folk traditions, Yes M'am! takes the stage with a capella songs that are at times funny, soaring, moving, and deeply powerful. They specialize in singing traditional folk songs, as well as music that wouldn't necessarily be thought of folk before they put our particular (if not peculiar) spin on it.

Members: Margaret Miles, Amelia Hogan, Mary Hill

Lucky Pitches

Lucky Pitches is a barbershop quartet. Three of us met singing in San Francisco Sound Wave Chorus, a Sweet Adelines Chorus. Our fourth member Molly is an honorary SFSW member by blood (Kelly's Sister). We've been singing together in this configuration since July of 2017. We are all fairly new to barbershop, but we have all loved singing since we were little girls.

Members: Dana Manochi, Dawn Bickett, Kelly Sopher, Molly Sopher

Beyond Zebra

Beyond Zebra is a newly formed a cappella group who enjoys expressing unique, intricate arrangements with heartfelt emotion. Like the Dr. Seuss book On Beyond Zebra about an alphabet beyond Z, the music of Beyond Zebra takes audiences beyond what they might know and expect. When you go Beyond Zebra, who knows what wonderful things you might hear?

Members: Fiona McRae, Miya Kanzaki, Doug Friedman, Jon Pilat, John Kelley, John Rae-Grant

Take Flight

Take Flight is Napa's premier a Cappella band. Comprised of 5 highly experienced vocalist, they take on hit songs from a wide array of genres and artists and perform them all without the use of any instruments! With smooth, tight harmonies and pleasing upbeat music, they can perform background for intimate dining or for larger groups focusing on entertainment.

Members: Emma Guerrieri , Diana Corzo, Carlos Gonzalez, JourneyDay, Ted Reynolds
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Yes we are. Formed in 2012, we have been performing original covers of everything from classic rock hits to contemporary pop tunes. As a 13 person a cappella group, we achieve a unique sound by fusing new and old music in sophisticated arrangements. We strive to bring joy to our audience and hope to share our Aca-love of singing to everyone within earshot!

Members: Dominique Medina, Mariana Jones, Sarah Brumfield, Amber Curley, Valeria Huaco, Marizel Mendoza, Nate Baumbach, Diego Lopez, Jake Lagrave, Daniel Jones, Ethan Sifferman, Rjay Molo
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Halfway to Midnight

Halfway to Midnight is a co-ed band of musical misfits who, having missed the thrill of the a cappella world and desiring an outlet to strengthen our individual instruments, serendipitously found each other in the midst of the great big beautiful Bay Area and begun gathering weekly to share in the blend of our voices together. Our life stories are as varied as our voices yet we find common ground in our love of instrument-free music-making and we truly hope you like what you hear.

Members: Vivek Saraswat, Gonzalo Alonso, Michael Barrientos, Elana Zizmor, Alicia Flor, Scott Adler, Shanna Bengtson


We are members of a youth a cappella harmony singing class called "Advanced A Cappella Ensemble" (AACE) taught by Krista Enos through Ms. Kitty's Harmony Road Music School in Half Moon Bay. We range in age from 15-22. We meet once a week for 90 minutes. We like singing in a variety of styles, and are very excited about the idea of learning from and singing alongside some of the best a cappella groups in the Bay Area!

Members: Veronica Gallegos, Taylor Olson, Maddie Rojas, Alyssa Turenne, Michelle Turenne

Vocal Edition

Vocal Edition is co-ed a cappella group based in San Francisco that infuses creativity, diversity, and musicality into unique vocal arrangements. We are young men and women from a variety of careers & professions brought together by a passion & love for music. Our repertoire is an eclectic mix of pop, alternative and R&B songs that masterfully intertwine the past and present. If you love complex harmonies, interesting arrangements, and soulful voices you'll love hearing our group.

Members: Nisha Anand, Margaret Gordon, Cephra Stuart, Tiffanie Yu, Cliff Reilly, Richie Magallon, Alex Bignell, Danny Olefsky


Neapolitan Quartet

Neapolitan Quartet features Anand Sitaram on Lead, Sarah McNamee on Tenor, Linda Noble on Baritone, and Ray Johnson on Bass. Neapolitan is registered with the Mixed Barbershop Harmony Association and placed second in the first mixed quartet contest at Harmony Incorporated's Area 2 contest and convention in 2018. We are proud to add to the diversity of barbershop harmony!

Members: Sarah McNamee, Anand Sitaram, Linda Noble, Raymond Johnson

Accidental Charm

We are four friends with a passion for a cappella music who love singing and performing in the barbershop style. As members of Sweet Adelines International (SAI), our repertoire includes arrangements from a variety of musical genres including turn of the century to contemporary pop and country. AxC initially formed in 2012, and replaced a tenor and baritone in 2016 with two new members, after which we earned our first medal, placing 4th in SAI's North Atlantic Region 1 out of 23 quartets. Our musical experience outside of the barbershop realm include formal musical training, performance in folk and classic rock bands, leading worship, and singing in church choirs. Collectively, we have more than 75 years of a cappella experience and enjoy sharing our art form with audiences of all types, performing at civic and community events, shows, and private parties. For more information, check out our Facebook page at @AccidentalCharmQuartet, or contact us directly via email at kimberly_petersen@yahoo.com. We'd love to entertain and charm your audience "on purpose."

Members: Kim Petersen, Diane Kelley, Patti Newman, Bev Barteaux

Greenlight Quartet

Greenlight Quartet rang their first chords in the summer of 2016 at a youth harmony workshop near Worcester, MA. Since forming, they've won the 2018 Barbershop Harmony Society's Northeastern District Quartet Championship, as well as the 2017 NED Youth Quartet Championship. They have also competed on the International stage twice, placing 7th in their most recent appearance in the 2018 Next Generation Varsity Quartet Contest (formerly YBQC). Originally consisting of only leads and basses scattered around the Northeast District, two members (Louis and Will) selflessly committed themselves to becoming the Tenor and Baritone of the quartet, respectively. In spite of the part switches and the long-distance setup, it's been a winning combination!

Members: Chris Cutler, Sebastian Massa, William Rogers, Louis Ades
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Tomato Staccato

Tomato Staccato (təˈmeɪto stəˈkadō) is a mixed-voice barbershop quartet based out of Arlington, MA. Since our formation in the summer of 2017, Tomato Staccato has aimed to bring joy to all of our audiences through barbershop and jazz renditions of catchy, memorable songs. We love to sing songs about our favorite foods, songs full of puns, and songs from our childhood. We spend most of our rehearsal time laughing, and we hope we can bring as big a smile to your face as we bring to our own!

Members: Ryan Jordan, Harmony Brown, Ben Lewin, Jeremy Marcus


Drive is the culmination of four musical journeys, and also just the beginning. Formed in 2016, each of its founding members spent years loving, listening to, and performing a wide variety of vocal music. Sharing a common background of stellar intonation, lyric expression, and expanded, ensemble sound found in barbershop harmony, they knew these fundamentals could allow a group to jump head-first into any piece that excited or moved its singers, regardless of style or genre.

Members: Josh Beswick, Jordan Kugler, Dan Allison, Ray Johnson
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An award-winning vocal band based in New York City, Concrete uses three-part harmonies and a low, rich sound to reimagine pop hits, classic rock and indie tunes. With lyric melodies and a smooth blend, their arrangements are uncomplicated and soulful. They have competed and performed internationally, and have 100% success rate for marriage proposals (she never says no)!

Members: Melina Marini, Caitlin Nelson, Jason Unger, Lior Melnick
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The Eight Tracks

The Eight Tracks are a close-knit, semi-professional, Boston based a cappella group who bring a wealth of musical experience and passion to their singing. They perform regularly around the greater Boston area, singing energetic arrangements of crowd-pleasing hits and popular classics. Their debut performance was in the Fall of 2013 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, where they took third place/best vocal group among 11 other acts. For The Eight Tracks, it's all about sounding tight and letting loose.

Members: Nicholas Chadi, Jonathan Carpenter, Dennis Wong, Michela Gardner, Rebecca Corliss, Diana Barlaam, Ben Chang, Stephen Johns
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Bostonality is a Boston-based a cappella group comprised of young professional 20-somethings who share a passion for music and performance.

Members: Jeff Bliss / Dylan Bushe, Nate Caso / Ben Lang, Dan Cormier, Evan Desrochers, Kamisha Ferriera, Dayna Fisk / Amanda Sweat, Sarah Hill, Tien Tran, Jane Margolis, Susie Ruppe, Brittany Stein, Jarrod Stein
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Vintage Mix

Vintage Mix is an American a cappella group of 17-year-old quadruplets based out of Milwaukee, WI. VM started making appearances at local venues and in 2013 worked with a coach in Nashville. They created their first studio album "Timeless" which debuted in 2018, and they continue to record more projects. VM has toured both locally and nationally to include various International A Cappella Conventions, National A Cappella Shows, Military Events, and performances on Internationally Syndicated TV. Their most recent accomplishment consisted of competing in the World Mixed Quartet Competition in Munich, Germany where they were honored to receive Silver Medals.

Members: Ian Shoppach, Kelsey Shoppach , Anika Shoppach , Julia Shoppach
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Deliberate Vibration

What happens when five guys from Madison, Wisconsin get together to move air around? You get Deliberate Vibration! Formed in 2012, Deliberate Vibration combines the vocal talents of Jon Baxter, Colin Gagnon, Ravi Manghnani, Eric Pantano, and Matthew Porcelli. The group's eclectic sound includes classics of the '70s, '80s, and beyond, all without instruments. Whether singing at coffee shops, open mics, or just out on the street corner, Deliberate Vibration puts its emphasis on fun, harmony, and good music.

Members: Jon Baxter, Colin Gagnon, Ravi Manghnani, Eric Pantano, Matthew Porcelli


Harmonium is an a cappella ensemble comprised of a banker, a teacher, a dentist, and an I.T. guy. Party waiting to happen, right? Wait until you hear them sing. In the short 2 1/2 years this quartet of guys have been together, they've reached the levels of 2015 Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) Semifinalist, 2016 BHS Semifinalist, and taken the 2016 BHS Central States District Championship. When they are not competing, Harmonium is busy headlining annual chapter shows, performing at community benefit events and guiding young voices at Youth In Harmony and Harmony Explosions around the midwest. Listeners go crazy for their tight harmonies and entertaining antics. Audiences of all ages always leave with a smile on their face, song in their heart and warmth in their soul.

Members: Micah Jeppesen , Mark Fortino, Michael Troyer, Brian Bellof


Polarity is one of the most exciting youth groups to win a regional event in many years and are directed by previous Harmony Sweeps national finalist Matt Radford. These young voices blend into a particularly delightful mix of harmony voices and they sing arrangements with ease that would be challenging for even the very experienced singers. A true discovery they are sure to delight the audience tonight!

Members: Camrin Craig, Fabiola Corwin, Mattie Elliott, Kayleah Shiland, Andrew Pfeifer, Jack Pfeifer, Noah Clifton

The Northsiders

Since 2013, the Northsiders have been a staple of Chicago's a cappella scene. They have performed their mix of classic and contemporary barbershop and beyond at chapter shows, street festivals, and TV shows such as WCIU's "The Jam." They have finished "on the podium" at every Barbershop Harmony Society contest they've entered. They have been active with the Chicago Harmony Sweepstakes since 2016 and are two-time runners-up.

Members: Noah Miller, Jeff Lathom, Loren Shevitz, Steve Schoultz
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Counterpoint Loyola

Counterpoint is Loyola University Chicago's premier competitive co-ed acapella group! They personally arrange and energetically perform a diverse range of music to feature at concerts, competitions, and on albums! Counterpoint provides not only a creative musical outlet for members and listeners, but take pride in sharing themselves with Chicago! Beginning as a conversation about the musical opportunities for Loyola University Chicago, a small group of students already involved in the acapella scene at Loyola found that the community was missing one component...competition! Counterpoint was born out of a call for musical excellence, a competitive atmosphere, and a performance like none before it. After hand selecting founding members and an amazing turnout of auditions for new members, Counterpoint fought for and won recoginition with the Student Activities and Greek Affairs board. Now, they are on a mission to continue the momentum they started with and provide a great experience for audiences and members. They have lofty goals that will most definitely be met with a "Get It Done" attitude for competition, recording, and arranging like never before.

Members: Rachel Groth, Daria Derda, Reese Bailey, Leah Tan, Taylor Beck, Joey Delaney, Michael Ghuneim, Sophia Manternach , Adeline Azungue
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Vocal Chaos

Vocal Chaos is in its 22nd year as a Chicagoland a cappella staple. This rotating cast of characters enjoys using the gift of song to force themselves out of the house at least once a week through the 8 month Chicago winter, and has been known to occasionally enjoy a post rehearsal, or mid-rehearsal drink. They may not be in college anymore, but at least they're trying to hang on to their glory days like a high school football player from Texas! Please enjoy the men of Vocal Chaos.

Members: Trent Snyder, Christian Sung, Ross Matsuda, Ryan Naimy, Colin Commager, Mike Novak, Zachary Watts, Laz Estrada, Erik Brand, Jackson Reighard, Owen Stevenson
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Los Angeles

The Funtones

The Funtones are a group of serious singers who are anything but serious. They love to laugh, and always endeavor to bring a smile to their audiences as they inspire them with fresh, original arrangements of songs with positive messages. Their repertoire incorporates music from many diverse styles and eras.

Members: Jahna Perricone, Kim Van Hoven, Ken Busick, Brian Mescher

Gotta Sing!

We are (4) veterans of the barbershop art form. As members of the Santa Monica Chapter of Sweet Adelines we serve the chorus in numerous roles: Laura is the Director, Tove is the Associate Director and membership Chairperson, Jennifer is the Education Chair and Anna Pia is the Visual/Choreography Chair. To sing is not an option we Gotta Sing!

Members: Laura Pallas Singer, Jennifer Febre, Tove Hoch, Anna Pia Hubacher

Something Major A Cappella

Something Major A Cappella (SMAC) is the premiere a cappella group from the University of New Mexico. Made up of students with a diverse range of majors and backgrounds, we create unique spins on a variety of genres from contemporary to jazz. We enjoy performing original arrangements by many of our own members and seek to bring the a cappella sound to both the UNM and Albuquerque communities.

Members: Justin Ludwig, Alexandra Truby, Kaitlyn Norman, Kyle Kennard, Dakson Byle, Branden McCurley, Chris Mather, Jerry Moyle, Emma Highland, Valeria De Lira Richards, Mary E. Martin, Maren Talbot


Voxy is a San Diego vocal group, created to deliver a fun a cappella vibe to the SoCal region. We like to perform funky fresh jams - songs to entertain for a good time and get you singing and dancing along with us.

Members: Jessica Gottdank, Jenna Jones, Emily Liu, Karen Lindenberg, Laura Todd
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The Sound of Musical

The Sound of Musical sings musical theatre songs from any era or genre a cappella. We bring character, story and emotional commitment to each song and craft our sets to take the audience on a journey. We join the passion and energy of musical theatre with the a cappella tradition. Our members are professional actors with great voices who love musical theatre.

Members: Carrie Gibson, Alex Boling, Barbara Niles, Jessica Buda, Devin Collins
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Top Shelf Vocal

Top Shelf Vocal is an award-winning, semi-professional a cappella choir in Los Angeles, California. Top Shelf members are from all different career fields brought together by a love for vocal music and performance. As a group, Top Shelf performs regularly around the Greater LA Area and continues to develop a diverse repertoire of off-the-beaten-path pop a cappella.

Members: Caleb Kim, Kim Nguyen, Jeff Locker, Angela Huang, Anthony "ACE" Galang, Fabian Castro, JackieYanguyen, Kat Duarte, Lindsay Zana, Natasha Laraway, Sam Kotchmar, Topher Ngo
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Award-winning Frequency is a vocal band founded in 2009 and dedicated to performing songs from the 70s to today with a focus on the story in the music. Music is part of the living soundtrack of our lives-the music that plays in the background of important moments and that we associate with our most important memories. With a passionate and thoughtful delivery, we take the audience on a personal trip through music they know and grew up with, inviting them to remember the moments and experience the emotions all over again. Like the old analog radio frequencies that first delivered many of these songs, all-vocal Frequency brings the audience a reminder of some of their favorites.

Members: Jessica Hayes, Marleena Barber, Emily Simmons, Elan Jimenez, Joaquin Nunez, Tom Keyes, Ian Simmons
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The Over Tones

The Over Tones was founded in early 2015 in the San Fernando Valley. We perform a mixture of a cappella styles to fit all occasions. Ranging from arrangements of the latest hits, classic rock standards, upbeat jazz tunes, and even esoteric choir music, we adapt to our audience and have something fun for everyone. Our 40-person choir features both male and female vocalists whose ages span five decades! We perform all over Southern California and are excited to be returning to Harmony Sweepstakes!

Members: Rachel Zumberge, Aaron Fish, Taylor Turner, Royce Nelson, Lisa Hill-Callaway, Erika Matricia, J Omer Shrem, Brian Sowell, Joey Kadin
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The Velvet Frogs

The VELVET FROGS are an entertaining vaudeville barbershop quartet. We love singing the songs and doing the routines an audience eagerly anticipates, and we are proud to "look the part". We are Far Western District (CA, AZ, NV, HI) Senior Quartet Champions and have been voted "audience favorite" at the past 5 district contests. It is toad-ally awesome that we are 2-time International Senior Medalists and have been named the "Top Performer" with booking agency GIG SALAD. NBC's sitcom "Superstore" featured the Frogs in an episode this season - type casted as a barbershop quartet delivering a singing valentine.

Members: Craig Ewing - TENOR, David Livingston - LEAD, CJ Sams - BARITONE, Bill Wilson - BASS


Mix It Up

Mix It Up is a Barbershop quartet, initially formed as a Valentines quartet. Its members are all Sweet Adelines, and are members of Harbor City Music Company, an international level Sweet Adelines Chorus.

Members: Ericka McLeod, Angel Kidwell, Amy Kinder, Natalie McIntyre


Forecast is a men's a cappella quartet singing together since 2014. Mike, Tyler, Travis, and Kevin travel from North Carolina to Virginia to put their 4 voices together. Their unique "feel-good" repertoire of songs spanns from traditional early American vocal standards in the barbershop style all the way to four-part harmony versions of contemporary hits by Michael Buble, Big Bad VooDoo Daddy, and the Jive Aces! Competitive success for the quartet includes Southern Division Champions of the Mid-Atlantic District in 2016, Second Place M-AD District Finalist in 2017, and Quarterfinalists at the international Barbershop Harmony Society contests in 2017 and 2018.

Members: Mike Fitch, Tyler Rackley, Kevin Jones, Travis Murray


ember is a 6-piece vocal band from Baltimore, MD. They seek to create energetic live performances with the combination of dynamic vocalists, an internationally-ranked beatboxer, and a high-class blend. In the past year, ember competed at Carnegie Hall during the Varsity Vocals Open finals, debuted their original single "Bad Romantic", and have performed around the country from L.A. to North Carolina, to Boston, and their home of Baltimore. You can find more of them everywhere online, @embervocals!

Members: Alyce McNulty, Michael Wingate, Lauren Redditt, Marcella Astore, Winston Harris, Lamont Pierce
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Supreme Chord

Supreme Chord is a DC-area based a cappella group made up of young professionals who have a love of singing and come from all walks of life. We are a diverse group of people that span the realm of arts, medicine, technology, and more in our "real" lives. Many of us sang in college a cappella groups all over the country before finding each other in DC. Our repertoire includes alternative, pop, and R&B music, and is always expanding.

Members: Ryan Ong, Barbara Pando-Behnke, Shivangi Moghe, Julia Clunn, Alejandra Rodriguez-Gitler, Bonnie Pancoast, Brad Edelman, Marc Yudson
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The District

The District was formed in Washington, D.C. in late 2012. A contemporary all-female a cappella group, The District embodies an empowered, energetic, and versatile sound through an array of pop, rock, country, and R&B covers. Characterized by complex arrangements, tight harmonies, fierce soloists, and crisp vocal percussion, The District performs throughout the DMV area at fundraisers, community and corporate events, and regional competitions. Most recently, The District performed at legendary music hall, The Birchmere, where they placed second and won "Audience Favorite" at the 2018 Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival.

Members: Nicole Gilmore, Campbell Keyser, Melissa Canu, Mallory McKenzie, Natalie Walden, Elizabeth Bundy, Laura Fender, Hannah Donnelly, Michelle Gahagan, Charnice Frazier, Charlotte Cummins, Hannah Montanez
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Capital Blend

Capital Blend formed in the spring of 2008 when several coworkers learned they shared a common interest in singing. Now, consisting of women from a wide variety of professions, Capital Blend is mostly comprised of former college a cappella performers and other musically inclined individuals. Capital Blend performs in and around the DC Metro area at venues ranging from the Washington Nationals Stadium to retirement communities and corporate events. The group's repertoire includes popular music, oldies but goodies, international hits, and original compositions.

Members: Brandi Rose, Caity Gillooley, Carrie Holt, Cristina Watson, Erika Cogliani, Jessica Maloney, Kelsey Carroll, Lizzy Bassen, Miriam Abaya, Shana Jacobus, Tiffany Haigler, Elisa Talmage
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Hall Pass

Hi! We're a middle school a cappella group at A. Mario Loiederman Middle School. Don't let our age or energy fool you into thinking we don't work hard! We come from a diverse background of people that are dancers, singers, actors, instrumentalist, artist, gymnast, sportist... wait... would it be sporters and not sportist if we play sports? Oh well, it actually doesn't matter: we have a Hall Pass to say it however we want. We love meeting new people, going to other venues to sing, and if you ever need a hall pass for anything, we're your tribe!

Members: Owaine Achiume Holdway, Via Coffey, Hiwan Desta, Esther Dzinedza, Aura Gallanar, Kaiya Gilgeous, Isabel Hook, Beze Nkemanjong, Seger Ott-Rudolph, Aria Princivil, Chiebuka Soribe, Mackenzie Taylor

New York


Just4(Kicks) is a quartet of four good friends who formed back in 2000 and whose mission is to sing well, entertain, and share our love of barbershop music. Ask us to sing a song and we'll never say no! We love entertaining and making our audiences smile. Our repertoire consists of songs we've borrowed(!) from some of the very best men's and women's quartets to ever sing in the barbershop style and also some original arrangements in the Just4(Kicks) style! It has been said that "Music can change the world because it can change people." We have been changed for the better by our love of music!

Members: Diane Sussuma, Jean Schoenlank, Beth Fulton, Janet Cebula

The Perfect Fifths

We are the Perfect Fifths! We would love to perform at the Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival. Our singers have performed on Broadway, Broadway National Tours, Off-Broadway, on cruise ships, at Disney World, and on YouTube videos with over a million views. As a group, you can see us on Scary Mommy's The Lullaby League, and you can hear our original song 'Sleepy Emma' on Apple Music.

Members: Matthew Webster, Taylor Ferrera, MaryJoanna Grisso, Chasdan Mike, Dale Sampson
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RESOLVE is a vocal jazz quartet based out of Central Florida. Inspired by legendary vocal groups such as the Manhattan Transfer and the New York Voices, these four young vocalists bring a flair and musicality to the stage that is all their own!

When they're not creating music as RESOLVE, they spend their time performing for the Walt Disney Company. Collectively, they can be seen performing at various stages throughout Walt Disney World, including: The Dapper Dans, Finding Nemo - The Musical, and The Voices of Liberty!

Members: Christopher Keough, Ashley Rosa, Elodie Germain, Joshua Waddy
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Saffron formed in January 2015 and burst onto the Region 1 Sweet Adelines scene a few months later with a 4th place medal. They medaled each year since, until in April of 2018 they became Region 1 Sweet Adelines International Champions. They earned their blue ribbons while also breaking the Region 1 record with a score of 637! Their repertoire covers an eclectic variety of charts ranging from folk ballads, to toe-tapping jazzy standards, to southern rock melodies, all arranged in classic and tight barbershop chording that is sure to put a tear in your eye and a smile in your heart!

Members: Christine Bulgini, Amanda Fowski, Penny Schroeder, Susan Berry

The Workshop

The Workshop is a New York-based a cappella group spicing up the post-collegiate scene with its alternative style, unique repertoire, and down to earth personalities. Formed in 2011, The Workshop has performed all over NYC at venues including The Bitter End, Arlene's Grocery, The Triad, 54 Below and more. In recent years the group has experienced great success with growing their online presence. With a focus on Instagram, they have grown their account to over 8 thousand followers, and are filming their own web series which will debut later this spring! Currently the group is comprised of ten talented and unique members from all walks of life.

Members: Cara Klewin, Claire Tomes, Hannah Sands, Stephanie Corder, Jon Basla, Jake Sussman, Riley Paul, Matt Bonaccorso, Will Gross, William Horton
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The Tee-Tones

With their brand of R&B soul, The Tee-Tones are quickly making a name for themselves in the NYC tri-state area, The Tee-Tones are an amazing a cappella singing group from Brooklyn, NY who combine soulful, group harmony with passionate vocal performances in the classic Doowop, RnB and Motown genres everyone loves.

Members: James R. , L Scout F. , Gerard B. , Bernard T. , Gerard G.
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Juxtaposing the traditional and the contemporary, New York City's Six13 is bringing an unprecedented style and energy to Jewish music with nothing but the power of the human voice.

You may have seen them online, where they've garnered over 15 million views on YouTube and Facebook; in national media outlets like The Today Show, The View, CBS, CNN or Huffington Post; or on Bruno Mars' Facebook page (he liked their Passover version of his song so much, he posted it there himself). They've also performed at the White House for a private audience of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Six13 is anchored by a strong Jewish identity, fueled by soulful harmonies, intricate arrangements and their signature dynamic, full-band-like sound, and driven by a mission to connect Jews around the world with their heritage through music.

Members: Michael Boxer, Mordy Weinstein, Nathaniel Ribner, Lior Melnick
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Martini Glass A Cappella

Martini Glass A cappella is a semi-professional group comprised of eleven ladies from the greater Danbury, Connecticut area. Started in 2004 with students from Danbury High School, Martini has been confusing people with their name for almost fifteen years. In recent years, Martini has had the opportunity to perform and compete throughout the region, including back to back participation in the Varsity Vocals Aca-Open. With a wide range of styles in our repertoire, from jazz and pop to Broadway and gospel, there is sure to be something for everyone when they perform.

Members: Amanda Sousa, Jessica Savage, Shea Westlake, Vannissa Lewis, Courtney Shanley, Katie Schuessler, Lauren Brown, Deanna Broga, Gillian Tedeschi, Megan Corbett, Cat Biolsi


Reverb is a New York City based a cappella group founded in 2017. Starting with six female voices coming together, Reverb has built a foundation to progress a cappella performance through a variety of genres, focusing mainly on pop, rock, alternative, and whatever speaks to them. Currently, the group is a co-ed group that has expanded to include nine members.

Members: Dena Ayzikovich, Abena Roman, Alison Lynch, Ben Conlon, Dani Bennett, Jake Sachs, Lauren Rich, Caryn Kelleher, Danny Gentile
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Pacific Northwest

Up to Something

These four have been Up to Something since July of 2015. They have a combined total of over 60 years experience as members of Sweet Adelines Intl and are all members of the Northwest Harmony Chorus. It wasn't long before they agreed that comedy was the way to go for them. They are not your "typical" quartet and have been known to do parodies and things just a little out of the ordinary. The received the the Audience Choice Award for most entertaining quartet at the 2017 and 2018 North by Northwest Region 13 competition. They placed 8th in the 2018 All Northwest Barbershop Contest. Their name fits them well. Anyone that knows them will agree, always expect the unexpected because they are always Up to Something!

Members: Deb Loundagin, Ruth Peterson, Claudia Jamison, B. Gail Hillyer

Emerald City Voices

Emerald City Voices is a Seattle-based a cappella ensemble whose members have been singing together since 2005. Originally started as a group of friends who met in a community choir, they now sing extensively during the holidays, at Mariners games, and around the Seattle area, as well as host multiple concerts benefiting local charities. The members of ECV are committed to high-quality a cappella music, entertaining performances, and having fun together!

Members: Sarah Robinson, Matt Smith, Andy Robinson, Jared Blatterman, Pam Reich, Betsy Hall, Meredith Harrigan, Katie Watson, Molly Tomlinson, Jason Fu, Andrew Williams, Patrick Daly
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The Supertonics

An ensemble of Seattle Men's Chorus and Seattle Women's Chorus It's a brand new small group under the Seattle Choruses' banner! This mixed ensemble comprises members from both Seattle Women's Chorus and Seattle Men's Chorus, with a focus on singing tight-harmony a cappella repertoire. The Supertonics are directed by Nikki Blackmer, who brings 15 years of experience singing, directing, and teaching a cappella music.

Members: Aaron Carasco, Alex Kloehn, Amanda Vilbrandt, Cara Anderson - Ahrens, Chelsea Quinn, David Nilsson, Jennifer Beth, Joel Kimmel - Staebler, Nich Anderson, Nick Wishaar, Nikki Blackmer, Rohan Chandra

Restless Vocal Band

Restless Vocal Band is a vocal powerhouse from Seattle, WA. Voted as the #2 best band in Seattle for 3 years in a row and the 2016 Pacific North West Harmony Sweepstakes Champions, there is never a dull moment when you're part of Restless. Comprised of six people who genuinely love to perform together, Restless creates a high energy, fun and exciting stage show complete with music spanning almost 10 decades of music.

Members: Sean Braxton, Jordyn Day, Erik Eliason, Angelo Allard, Sam Waterhouse, KM Gospel
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KlapaDooWopella specializes in traditional Croatian "Klapa" singing. Klapa singers are a cappella minstrels that hang out on boat docks and street corners along the Adriatic coast of Croatia. The passionate harmonic blend of traditional Klapa songs evokes uncaught fish, raging seas, and lost love. Despite forays into other genres, the quartet always returns to its first love, the moan of the sea that is the primal chord of the Klapa sInger.

Members: Bozo Lovatz, James Horvatz, William Weiskov, Justin Ferris , Jeff Carter

Bodacious Ladyhood

Bodacious Ladyhood is a Seattle-based trio of women who have been singing together since 2002. Carolyn, Loretta and Jenny are excited to be back for their fourth time at Sweeps, having placed in the top three in their prior three appearances! They have opened for The Baudboys and have performed at Chateau Ste. Michelle (and on live, national radio) as guests on "A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor." They have been called "distinctive", "vibrant-voiced", and "show-stopping." Bodacious Ladyhood is three parts harmony, one part comedy and a whole lot of fun.

Members: Carolyn Hastings, Jenny Buehler, Loretta Deranleau Howard
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The Bauds

The Bauds are an eight-voice a cappella group composed entirely of Microsoft employees and alumni. Driven by their love of both music and technology, they have a decorated history of competing in vocal competitions such as National Harmony Sweepstakes (placing 3rd in 2019) and Pacific Regional Northwest Harmony Sweepstakes (won 3 times, earned Audience Favorite 5 times & awarded Best Original Arrangement 3 times). They have also opened for vocal greats Take 6 and the Manhattan Transfer. Music can be found under the Baudboys on Amazon Music, iTunes, Spotify & CD Baby.

Members: Jonathan Schwartz, Mike Thomsen, Owen Braun, Graham Sheldon, Martin Puryear, Elliot Lewis, Mark Adolph, Paul Eng

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