Hall Pass - Mixed Contemporary Group from Silver Spring, MD

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2019 Mid-Atlantic Regional

Hall Pass

Mixed Contemporary Group from Silver Spring, MD

  • 2019 Mid-Atlantic Audience Favorite

    Hi! We're the flagship middle school a cappella group at A. Mario Loiederman Middle School. Don't let our age or energy fool you into thinking we don't work hard! We come from a diverse background of people that are dancers, singers, actors, instrumentalist, artist, gymnast, sportist… wait… would it be sporters and not sportist if we play sports? Oh well, actually it doesn’t matter: we have a Hall Pass to say it however we want, because we’re creative like that. Aside from this, we love meeting new people, going to other venues to sing, making friends with everyone, and making food disappear faster than you can make an analogy about it. We wish everyone we meet good luck in the aca world and if you need a Hall Pass to do something, call on us. We have what it takes! Note: We also have the following students that we will be switching in and out of our sets: Jessica Walburn-Blake Joele Washington Micayah Washington Makayla Yussuf Thanks!

    Founded: 2015

    Members: Owaine Achiume Holdway, Via Coffey, Hiwan Desta, Esther Dzinedza, Aura Gallanar, Kaiya Gilgeous, Isabel Hook, Beze Nkemanjong, Seger Ott-Rudolph, Aria Princivil, Chiebuka Soribe, Mackenzie Taylor

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