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Bay Area


Clockwork is a vocal quartet who sing mostly close-harmony jazz but also our own twists on pop and rock tunes.

Clockwork, an award-winning San Francisco based vocal ensemble with a signature sound and style, performs a banquet of music from funk to gospel and R&B to standards. Rooted in the tradition of great vocal jazz groups such as the Hi-Lo's and Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, the Clockwork "sound" draws inspiration from all styles. As the great Duke Ellington said, "If it sounds good, it is good."

Experienced in both accompanied and a cappella performing, the group has arrangements for duos, trios and an 18-piece big band. Members of Clockwork have performed live with artists such as Bobby McFerrin, The Hi-Lo's , Meredith Monk, Don Shelton, Gene Puerling, Barbara Lewis, Sufjan Stevens, John Zorn, Barbara Morrison, Kent Nagano with the Deutches Symphonie Orchester and the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, The PM Singers, Heatwave, GQ, Barbara Lynn, Richie Cole, M-Pact!, the House Jacks, Boyz Nite Out, InFusion, Vocal Flight, and on Ward Swingle's Instructional video "Swingle Singing."

Members: Sara Nebeling, Angie Doctor, Eric Freeman, John Paddock, Jim Hale, Stephen Saxon


We are a vocal band based in San Francisco, CA. We perform a high energy mix of mind blowing vocal percussion, booming bass and screaming four-part harmony that is guaranteed to knock you out! We invite you to listen to our song clips, check out our new album, and sign our guestbook. We hope to see you soon at one of our concerts!

We were recently guests on an episode of the Discovery Channel program MythBusters, where we attempted to put out a fire by singing at it. Look for re-airings of the episode entitled Voice Flame Extinguisher on the Discovery Channel.

Members: Paul Anderson, Jon Pilat, George Hoffman, Mayank Thanawala


Intimate, witty and intelligent songsters, the award-winning Irrationals, are an a cappella ensemble acclaimed for their rich, complex vocal style. The delicious blending of their voices has been described as "cafe mocha for the ears." Singing together for almost twelve years, this six-member, Berkeley-based group is praised for its harmonic excellence and diverse repertoire. The Irrationals often perform songs about the unpredictable. They are dazzled by the irrationality of love, awed by the intuitive nature of life and intrigued by things that don't make sense.

The Irrationals' sound has an African American foundation that is used to explore pop, R&B, jazz, folk and rock. A core blend of three soulful women enhanced by bass, tenor and percussive vocal elements creates an exquisitely layered melodic mix. Whether it's Stevie Wonder with a rap twist, Annie Lennox, Talking Heads, the Neville Brothers or a romantic folk song, the Irrationals are playful, distinctive and sometimes irreverent.

Members: Renee Hayes, Tim Lukaszewski, Gwen McElwee, Sam Rogers, Linda Sanderson

111 of A Kind

111 of a Kind is a dynamic vocal trio from the Philippines formed in 1994 and is currently based in southern California. Comprised of soloists belonging to different music backgrounds. The three met when they joined the "UP Madrigal Singers"- a renowned Philippine choral group. With their deep passion for singing all kinds of music, from classical to jazz, R&B, mainstream pop and a cappella, they decided to form a "quartet". With a shortage of altos, they gave up looking for one and moved on as "III of a Kind". The union creates a memorable musical experience in each performance with their combination of high energy, powerful vocal chords and great passion for music.

Members: Gelo Francisco, Annie Nepomuceno, Edward Granadosin


Aquanettas are four women whose mission it is to make the world more beautiful. They perform their magic in an establishment called Hair, Thair and Everywhair- the location in which they also enjoy days filled with good humor and singing. The proprietress of this fine establishment is Trixie, the Tress Trainer. In addition to her extraordinary knowledge of hair and fashion, she provides a stable environment for the girls to work and a place that is relaxing and fun-filled for their customers. The group has a guru of sorts called Venus De Stylo. Venus is not only known for her incredible up-dos, but she is also responsible for keeping the girls and the salon’s entire clientele in touch with their inner selves. Not to be outdone, Bou Font, the Aquanettas answer to Marilyn Monroe, uses all her many attributes to their fullest advantage while performing incredible feats with hair spray. The fourth member of the group is the Duchess of Dippity Do. She is simply referred to as the "Duchess" the practical stylist. Imagine in this bunch! She does her best to keep the other three in line.

Members: Sydney Williams, Trish Sliter, Linda Kuester, Barbara Vander Putten


In the beginning of human existence, there was no music. Stories were created, told, and forgotten. BOHICA looked down from their lofty perch in the heavens and were greatly troubled. Ignoring the protestations of the other gods, BOHICA reached to the earth and created music. The other gods were angry, and punished BOHICA, stripping the four-in-one of their divinity and forcing them to walk the earth as mortals.

Members: Ian Bell, Chris Ferejohn, Elena Krasnovsky, Sara LaBatt


Dilemma is a 5-woman vocal band that challenges the traditional female a cappella sound. Their solid harmonies, impressive bass, vocal percussion and stand-out soloists combine to create a distinctive sound that successfully spans musical styles ranging from blues to ballads, disco to R&B, and swing to pop. Dilemma recently released a self-titled debut album. The 13 original and cover tracks on the CD have been well-received by the a cappella community (including a Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA) nomination for Best Pop/Rock Original Song, "Wishing") and have even converted fans who used to think they didn't like a cappella. Dilemma has performed at cafes, stadiums, fairs, private parties and other venues all around the San Francisco Bay Area since 1998.

Members: Rahela Abbas, Christine Chang, Denise Shepherd, Suzanna Smith, Tracey Van Hooser


The spirit of Speedzoo. It is what gives a peaceful and pleasant mind to the human race. All the time, man seeks romance in Speedzoo. We have been working hard and carefully, and work on. To weave the romance and the fancy into each effort. This, at last, we have made up the "Speedzoo Harmony Challenge." If you hear the feeling and the spirit of Speedzoo which values tradition and living in the times, there is no pleasure better than it. Joel Harris, Ken Purchase, Damon McCormick, and Lisa Trevorrow especially, are Speedzoo since two years and best of friends. Join us with harmony. Can you do any less?

Members: Joel Harris, Lisa Trevorrow, Damon McCormick, Ken Purchase

Suspended Six

Music nerds may say there is no such thing as a suspended 6... Well there is now. We are a group comprised of six friends and schoolmates, a soprano who doubles as a pitch pipe, a bass who doubles as a one man Abba, a tenor and three girls who very often feel that they should either be tenors or drum sets. We formed in October 2001 because the voice is the most pure instrument and we love to sing. We have fun making music and we hope you'll enjoy it!

Members: Stephanie Chu, Myung Kim, Becky Potter, Chris Jordan, Katie Kurtzwell, Beth Silberman

Three 5 and 6

THREE 5 AND 6 is an Urban A Cappella group from Sacramento. They are the innovators of a new music style that incorporates gospel, hip-hop, funk and rap providing energizing vocal music that you can dance to. With its edgy brand of a capella and aggressive live shows, THREE 5 AND 6 has been on the cutting edge of the new music scene since the group debuted in 2000. In the last year alone, THREE 5 AND 6 has performed in front of thousands, providing them with the spice of racial and musical diversity. Check them out at Be forewarned! Their music can be addicting and habit forming.

Members: Dave Enns, Todd Halverson, Jason Isaac, Steve Pearce, Maximillian Reynolds


All About Buford

All About Buford is a pop-funk vocal band from Boston, New York City and Philadelphia who switch seamlessly between an a cappella format and an acoustic guitar format, delivering pure vocals, complex arrangements, and intricate harmonies. The rhythmic background of AAB is the complex vocal percussion (beatboxing) of Del Coy, who simultaneously does percussion AND bass. You might not believe the sound is being created vocally, but there are no drum tracks! Performing an eclectic mix of covers and originals, All About Buford has been described as both sexy AND sophisticated. They have performed steadily at venues large and small since their inception in 2000, and were the 2003 Boston Regional Harmony Sweepstakes champions (runner-up in 2002). All About Buford does a high-energy, surprising show that gets an audience involved.

Members: Amy Malkoff, Taunia Soderquist, Adeel Pandith, Shah Salmi

Similar Jones

Similar Jones is a vocal band with a combined sound that's bigger than their 7 voices. With a heavy focus on blues and rock, the vocal band uses a powerful rhythm section to get things pumping and tight, and bright background vocals to build the foundation for a wide variety of songs, including favorite covers and their own original tunes. SJ has been gigging around Boston for ... holy crap has it really been 15 years? ... at venues large and small. The current lineup features an opera singer, an astrophysicist, and one original member. Can you guess who they are?

Members: Ben Cohan, Frank Farach, Rob Opdycke, Jeremy Sacco, Mike Schwartz

Six Appeal

Is Six Appeal a comedy group, a vocal ensemble, or a rock band? Audiences have been trying to answer that question for years. Swearing off instruments, Six Appeal uses a cappella singing to span decades of classic oldies, current chart toppers, and catchy original tunes. Featuring vocal dexterity and adventurous song selection, the group explores all genres with a far-reaching repertoire that will surprise and captivate audiences regardless of the setting. Despite their cheeky group name, the antics of these six young gentlemen provide a good natured atmosphere for their electrifying performance. A Six Appeal show will split your sides, feed your musical sweet tooth, and leave you wondering how in the world they pulled it off just with voices.

Members: Christy Colburn, Julie Tucker, Dana Mann, Irene Antonellis, Dave West, Dylan Mroszczyk-McDonald

A.K.A. Pelican Groove

The members of A.K.A. Pelican Groove love to joke around, hence the name (phonetically, "A Cappella Can Groove!") But seriously, their sense of humor has sustained an 8-year-long collaboration that has brought them to many new and exciting places (both musically and geographically). Over their history, they¹ve performed at hundreds of venues, including corporate events, club dates, wedding gigs, outdoor shows, community concerts, and live appearances on television and radio. One morning last spring, the group made their "drive time" debut on Boston¹s Star 93.7 FM morning show. That same evening, they performed the National Anthem on the hallowed grass of Fenway Park (GO SOX!) Last summer, they had the privilege of sharing the stage at Boston¹s Hatch Memorial Shell with Nile Rodgers and Chaka Khan. A.K.A. Pelican Groove released its first CD "Plunge" in 1999. With a diverse repertoire that spans classic R&B, doo-wop, 70¹s soul, 90¹s alternative, pop originals, and more, A.K.A. Pelican Groove looks forward to entertaining you tonight, as they bring their own brand of groove-based, "funkified" a cappella into the new millennium.

Members: Alice Burge, Charlie Deal, Scott Evrard, Andy Long, Bob Lutz, Chris Saulnier


Groove is Boston's newest acappella sensation. Formed in December of 2001, this seven man vocal band specializes in arranging and performing pop/rock songs in a contemporary style. Though this lineup is new, individually, Groove's members have performed in over 2000 acappella shows as past and current members of: Binghamton Crosbys, Buffalo Chips, Boston College Acoustics, Boston College Bostonians, UMASS Doo wop Shop, The Gentlemen of UNH, Jyde, Four Shadow, The Hyannis Sound, Jigsaw and Five o'Clock Shadow. This exciting new septet strives to combine a high level of musicality with a vibrant stage energy

Members: Roopak Ahuja, Nate Altimari, Darrell Belch, Michael Burrows, Jim Harrington, Matt Lane, Michael LeBlanc

Peking and the Mystics

Peking and the Mystics was formed in 1973 by four alumni of both Tufts and the Beelzebubs. Over the years, PATM has: toured nationally and internationally, including trips to the Far East and South America; recorded a CD (and, with a recent recording session in Petaluma, Calif., now in the books, is well on the road to its second disc); appeared on television and radio programs; and been featured in the local and national print media. The group's eclectic repertoire, comprising original arrangements by PATM members themselves, features swing, jazz, doo-wop, and pop music of every decade from the '20s to the '90s. In December 2001, PATM was proud to participate in the Bubs Foundation-sponsored Generations concert at Tufts, and with its inclusion in Harmony Sweepstakes 2002, is again pleased to assist the Foundation in its mission of supporting music curricula in secondary education.

Members: Gene Blake, Andrew Cranin, Chris Parker, Tim Vaill


soniCrush is the product of five women and one man who have sung both professionally and leisurely over the past fifteen or more years. Founded in 1996, as HOUSE BLEND, their ultimate goal is to share its love of a cappella music with its audiences, hoping that they have as much fun listening as soniCrush has singing. The soniCrush sound is an equal mix of covers, both old and new, and originals. From opera to jazz to Broadway to funk, the members of soniCrush have sung every kind of music in every kind of venue. Having all enjoyed singing a cappella in college (they are graduates of Boston College, Brown, Dartmouth, MIT & UNH), they have pooled their diverse musical talents and years of experience to produce a strong and versatile band focused on the human voice.

Members: Stephanie Pappas, Erin O'Connor, Allison Berger, Kate Matsutani, Vanessa Sanborn, Christian Force

The Works

The Works is a five-part a cappella group, three men and two women, founded in 1994. Comprised of former college chorus dropouts trying to resurrect their vocal chords in what some people call middle age, The Works performs an eclectic (trying to live up to the group title) mix of contemporary close harmony, from the B-52s to Gershwin, from Ricki Lee Jones to James Brown. Based in Hyannis, Wenham, Sherborn, Concord and Wellesley, we¹ve performed in a wide variety of settings, from intimate anniversary parties to business meetings with large gatherings of 3,000 people in a room to empty squash courts (unbelievable acoustics). The group is characterized by an absence of conflict in rehearsals, perfect pitch, and a subliminally brilliant marketing approach that swayed the French Harmony Sweepstakes judge to select us for the upcoming competition.

Members: Dan Gorin, Bev Jaques, Fred Jordan, Sarah Lazarus, Patrick Rafter


Blue Jupiter

Blue Jupiter's all-vocal performance is nothing short of explosive! The world-touring a cappella quartet has been described as "The real deal," by rock legend, Gene Simmons; "Simply terrific" by Scott Conant of Food Network, "Incredible!" by Jane Pauly from NBC; "Nothing short of magic," by the Sands Casino Entertainment Department, and "Simply the best music act we've ever had at our schools," by the Connecticut Public Schools Board. Blue Jupiter's energetic blend of pop lead vocals, jazzy a cappella harmony and funky beatbox has garnered standing ovations in over 40 states and around the world.

Members: Marty Gasper, Chris Chatham, Toby Donnelly, Chris Thomas

Chapter 6

The group's boundless range and appeal has resulted in one of the most diverse touring schedules in the music industry. Whether at an opera house, symphony hall, campus, church, corporate or community event, or aboard a cruise ship, Chapter 6 is right at home. Opera houses are often repeat clients, while the Association for the Promotion of Collegiate Activities' audiences named Chapter 6 "Entertainer of the Year" (2005). Chapter 6 has performed theatrical pops programs with over ten major metropolitan symphony orchestras in association with The Symphonic Pops Consortium, yet returns to the intimate classroom where the group has conducted over a hundred master-classes for high school choirs. Finally, their Christmastime concert is a favorite among churches and arts venues offering holiday programming.

Members: Mark Grizzard, Aarion D. Stonecipher, Charles Bosworth, Luke Menard, Jarrett Johnson, John Musick

Listen Up!

Harmony, humor and vocal pyrotechnics. Listen Up! delivers a truly unique approach to Jewish entertainment. Our performances create a special connection families and communities across the US. See our website (link below) for testimonials, videos of our rehearsal and performances, and information about our recordings.


Straight No Chaser

The group originally came together in the fall of 1996 at IU, basically as "10 guys who happened to be good friends who also liked to sing." Choosing the members carefully for personality as well as vocal talent - Stine, Mechling, Jerome Collins, David Roberts and Walter Chase remain from the original lineup -- SNC set itself apart from other a cappella groups with its contemporary repertoire and dynamic approach, quickly headlining concerts both in Bloomington and on road dates. SNC recorded three independent albums, and John Mellencamp even invited the group to his home for a private performance.

When the founders began graduating in 1999 and went on to jobs mostly outside of music, they chose replacements and established SNC as an ongoing group on campus with future generations of ambitious IU undergrads. More than 50 members have passed through the group's ranks so far.


Dare To Breathe

Dare To Breathe has won acclaim and affection for its innovative and dynamic programs since its debut in May of 1996. Its vast and colorful repertoire spans the globe and eight centuries. Concerts by the group include folk music and popular songs from all over the world, contemporary vocal chamber music, close harmony standards from the ‘30s and ‘40s, Renaissance madrigals, and musical theater, all performed with energy, polish, and good humor. The members of Dare To Breathe all have classical training and experience performing in a wide range of styles and settings. Each brings his or her own unique gifts and musical passions to create the group’s sound and personality. Dare To Breathe has recorded three CDs, premiered many new works, and is the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including a $25,000 Fellowship for Performing Artists last year through the McKnight Foundation and the MacPhail Center for the Arts in Minneapolis.

Members: David Moore, Linda Kachelmeier, Jordan Sramek, Kathy Lee, Mark Dietric


Returning for their fifth and perhaps final time to the Sweeps quintet elmoTHUMM are looking to improve upon their 3rd place finish in 2001. With the release of their first CD in the fall of 2001 entitled elmoTHUMM "LIVE!" the group has plans for a very busy concert schedule in 2002 & are looking forward to seeing their fans out on the road.

Members: Greg Vaden, Adam Westmoreland, Jason Miller, Ed Pendleton, Paul Ellinger

Hot Vox

Hot Vox is a Chicago based acappella group of seven men who collectively have over a hundred years of studio and live performing experience. As individuals they have performed and recorded with such luminaries as Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand, Kenny Rogers, Gladys Knight, Luther Vandross, Dionne Warwick, Ray Charles, Bob Hope, Lee Ann Womack, Bobby McFerrin and Rosemary Clooney, among others. Their acappella and choral credits include performing with and writing for Glad, Voices of Liberty (Epcot), Phil Mattson, Robert Shaw and VoiceTrek (National Harmony Sweeps Finalists 2001). As jingle singers in Chicago, Nashville, Orlando and New York, you have heard their voices on radio and TV commercials representing hundreds of products like McDonald's, Nintendo, Oldsmobile, Kellogg's and Minute Maid. As the group HotVox, their music reflects their love for the soulful sounds of R & B and extended jazz harmonies. A chance to hear them live is sure to be memorable!


No Limit

No Limit the hottest new vocal band out of the midwest, has been captivating audiences everywhere. With soaring, soulful lead voices; tight harmonies; killer percussion; energetic stage presence; exciting choreography; and contemporary, 98 Degrees/*NSYNC looks, NO LIMIT has great audience appeal. Already being featured on regional U.S. radio with its debut single, "All My Love," and having appeared at schools, colleges, fairs, festivals and other public, civic and private/corporate events, the group is currently being considered for its debut in Japan. With a repertoire covering pop hits and original songs, there really *is* NO LIMIT to how far this 5-man vocal band can go!


Los Angeles

Undivided Musical Group

With ten years of musical career, four albums, a Latin Grammy nomination, six CARA nominations and two awards this year 2010 for best religious album and best song of religion, among other numerous awards, combined with thousands of records sold worldwide, the charismatic and cheerful style Undivided continues to conquer hearts in the U.S. and Latin America.

Undivided is a vocal group made up of six young people who play music a cappella style. Breaking the language barrier, playing their songs in Spanish, English and Portuguese. The group enjoys a variety of musical influences such as gospel, R & B, Jazz, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Salsa, Merengue and other Latin fusions are achieved by the skill and facility to play music with their voices.

These young people are not satisfied with what they have achieved, but are always looking for innovative and different ways to reinvent his style within the genre a cappella, a feature that allowed you to excel as one of the best vocal groups in the world. These young people have a musical talent that not only captures the ear with modern harmonies and musical arrangements, but they combine their voices with the visual aspect to provide a show without boundaries.

Members: Greg Gordon, Ruben Aponte, David Cortes, Hector Sanchez, Richard Aponte, Mel Ramirez

The Perfect Gentlemen

The Perfect Gentlemen provide the perfect blend of harmony and humor harkening back to the days of Vaudeville. Preserving America's great vocal sounds from a time when music was music, The Perfect Gentlemen recreate the close harmonies of such legendary groups as The Ink Spots and the Pied Pipers, while including the era's great comic songs made famous by the likes of Louis Jordan and The Hoosier Hotshots.

A typical performance by The Perfect Gentlemen includes marvelous melodious music mingled with masterful mirth, mischief, and merry-making. The group's versatility allows for effortless shifts between vocal styles with an air of ease, whether singing a cappella or accompanied by guitar or ukulele. Their signature piece, Salute to the 20th Century, is a humorous take on the de-evolution of music over the last century, illustrated by singing the same song in the style of Barbershop, Dixieland, Blues, Big Band, Doo-Wop, Bluegrass, Disco, Techno Punk, and Rap, complete with visuals that delights audiences of all ages time and time again.

Members: Dan Jordan, Tim Reeder, Mike Economou, Jim Campbell


They are an a cappella quartet that performs songs from the Doo-Wop, Jazz and Pop genre. The Accafellas began in 1999 as a small ensemble group at Cal Poly Pomona. They have performed the National Anthem during graduatioon ceremonies for the college of Business Administration and Environmental Design, and for the CCAA Women¹s Basketball Champions at Cal Poly Pomona.

Members: Bryan Dourdle, Chris Lindish, Tom Reid, Kacy Sakous, Jared Yohsiki

California Blend

When you combine good looks (well, one of us anyway) with good talent (most of us) and a love for a cappella harmony, you get an interesting blend ­ a California Blend. The members of this fine quartet come from three different Barbershop Society chapters and all are interested in a variety of music styles.

Members: Richard Neufield, lead, Robert Urierte, Baritone, Robert Urierte, Baritone, Dave Gunther, Tenor


Grace is a Los Angeles based a cappella group of four women who are not actually named Grace - although their “Grace nicknames” have evolved over time. Lisa (alias “Baby Grace”) is the youngest and newest member of the group, and serves as their chief financial officer. Jeanette (alias “Crazy Grace”), groomed in Germany, provides on-going psychiatric evaluations (for free) as need arises. Paula (alias “Angst Grace”) serves as spiritual advisor and dutifully informs the group when the glass is twice as large as it needs to be. Marta (alias “Sassy Grace”) is their resident expert on feng-shui - despite the fact that, although close, they do not live together. Grace delivers tight harmonies, vibrant energy and an imaginatively reinvented mix of music from the 1920’s to the present. This group of seasoned performers shares a unique brand of blending that demonstrates the voice as an instrument like no other.

Members: Lisa Linehan, Jeanette Meyer, Jeanette Meyer, Maria Weisskopf


Heartfire is a female a cappella trio that delights in sharing their music with children and adults of all ages. Drawn together by the sheer joy of making music, these three multi-talented performers light up any stage or street with their enthusiasm, vocal harmonies and gentle sense of humor. Their repertoire ranges from swing and jazz to spiritual selections to various popular songs of the ages. Heartfire also offers an Andrews Sisters repertoire, complete with costumes and wigs


Zhena Bulgarian Singers

Based in San Pedro, Zhena Folk Chorus appears in festivals and concerts throughout greater Los Angeles. The group¹s mission is to preserve and present the haunting a cappella music of Eastern Europe as sung by village women and by stage folk singers of Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Macedonia, Russia and Ukraine. Appearances have included the Getty Center, Cal State Long Beach and the Dalai Lama¹s World Festival of Sacred Music. Zhena means woman or wife in Slavic languages.



High Five

High Five is an award winning, mixed voice, 5-part, a cappella jazz quintet from the Baltimore-Washington area creating music and fun wherever music lovers can be found. With more than a century of combined musical experience, this full-chord sound and tight harmonies are indicative of their unique style. This, combined with an undisputable jazz influence & champion arranger, makes Janet, Christy, Lori, Joe and Mike the ensemble that is unmistakably High Five.

Members: Susan Dargusch, Janet Montrie, Lori Dreyer, Joe Mannherz, Mike Kelly

The Chromatics

People often ask us how the Chromatics got started. It's a complicated story, but here's a brief summary:

Back in 1993, a group called the OK Chorale was formed at NASA'S Goddard Space Flight Center by Anne Raugh and Steve Leete. The OK Chorale was 12 members strong and sang mostly doo-wop tunes, standards, and classics from Sesame Street. None of the current Chromatics were in the group at its inception, but Padi Boyd and Karen Smale joined in 1993, followed by Alan Smale and Deb Nixon in 1994.

After numerous further changes in personnel, including the departure of co-founder Anne Raugh, the group decided to refocus and reinvent itself as The Chromatics. The Chromatics were incorporated in 1995, and have been performing continuously under that name ever since.

Members: Padi Boyd, Lisa Kelleher, Paul Kolb, John Meyer, Deb Nixon, Karen Smale, Alan Smale

Tone Rangers

This award-winning Washington D.C.-based vocal group is celebrating their 25th anniversary delighting audiences from coast to coast with its dynamic blend of tight harmonies, inventive arrangements and keen wit. In a few choreographed minutes, the Tone Rangers propel through 900 years of Western music--from Gregorian chant to classic rock to TV theme songs--in a fresh approach to contemporary a cappella music and comedy.

Nominated for seven Wammies by the Washington Area Music Association in the past four years, the Tone Rangers were voted the Best A Cappella Group four consecutive years (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010) and even won Best A Cappella Recording in 2007! They were also national finalists in the 2002 Harmony Sweepstakes (the Superbowl of a cappella), and three-time winners of Mid-Atlantic "Audience Favorite" and "Best Arrangement" awards. To listen, go our MySpace page.

Members: Joel Malina, Jamey McNamara, Gil Keteltas, Kenyon Erickson, Mike Beresik, John Bader, Gene Stomecki

4 Girls Only

Who are they? They are specialists in bringing their unique blend of creativity, femininity, and sophistication to the a cappella arena. For 10 years, this Orlando-based group has written and produced specialty themed a cappella shows for Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, Florida. Using their vocal talent and theatre experience they have created shows covering various eras from the Wild, Wild West to 1940's Swing and 1950's Do-Wop, all the way to a modern James Bond type spoof of the Spice Girls. They also write and produce jingles for radio. Friends and soul-sisters, these ladies love to use their God-given gifts for song, and they devote their lives to sharing the enjoyment of a cappella harmonies. 4 Girls Only is a perfect example that a cappella isn't just a "boys club"!

Members: Stacy Mock, Melody Miller, Jenn Rafferty, Belinda Flores


Glasshouse (Atlanta sub-regional champions) is a seven member contemporary vocal group from Troy State University in Troy, AL. Glasshouse specializes in entertaining not only with an occasional cover tune, but by writing their own original music as well. While competing in a cappella music, Glasshouse has been awarded with titles such as "Best Musicality" and "Best Original Music." The members of Glasshouse range from as far south as Nassau, Bahamas to as far north as Wilmington, DE.

Members: Randy Boone (Baritone/VP), Kemuel Forbes (Bass), Rob McFarland (Baritone), Tommy Newman (Tenor), Calvin "Kirby" Scott (Tenor), Jeremy Thomas (Baritone), Courtney West (Alto)


Formed in 1999, The Humbuckers, a vocal rock band from the Washington D.C. area, perform an eclectic mix of modern a cappella originals and covers. In addition to performing at the 2000 and 2001 Harmony Sweepstakes, the group has performed for events such as Congressional Night at the National Press Club, Vintage Virginia, Taste of Baltimore and the Shenandoah Valley Hot Air Balloon and Wine Festival. Following the tragic events of September 11, The Humbuckers donated all September proceeds from their debut CD, "Never Said Thanks," to the New York Firefighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund, raising $800 for the organization. In January 2002, the Recorded A Cappella Review Board selected "Never Said Thanks" as one of its 11 "Picks of 2001."

Members: Chris Walsh, Bradley Terrill, Eric Olsen, David Lieber, Dave Trendler


PhilHarmonix is an award winning mixed a cappella quartet that blends the rich harmonies and precision singing of the barbershop style with the classic tunes of yesterday and today. Based in the Philadelphia area, they have performed on local radio stations, as well as community concerts and events, including the Republican National Convention and Jersey Shore attractions. On the national scene, they are top competitors, having won gold medals in both the 1999 Mid-America Barbershop Quartet Expo in St. Louis, Missouri and the 2000 Buckeye Invitational in Columbus, Ohio. In February 2001, they were named runners-up in the New York Regional Harmony Sweepstakes. Known as "Phil" to their friends, these singers can perform melody and harmony with ease, making every song they sing a showcase for their unique ability and versatility. They recently released their first CD, entitled "Lazy Day," which includes "This Little Piggy Went to Market," a 2002 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA) nominee for Best Barbershop Song.

Members: Donna Perrone, Amy Carr, Tom Halley, Rick Serpico

New York

Key of She

Key Of She started in 2001 and a year later won the coveted "Audience Favorite" title and runner-up at the 11th Annual New York Harmony Sweepstakes. Since then, they've been on quite a ride. In May 2002, they opened for Ray Charles at the 1400-seat Union County Arts Center in Rahway, NJ. In December 2004, they appeared on the nationally-syndicated Jane Pauley Show. In between, Key of She has performed at Philadelphia's Annual Paradigm Award Luncheon, the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania's Women's Initiative, Philadelphia's Heart Ball Patrons Party, Phoenixville PA's A Cappella Jam, New Hope, PA's Bastille Day Celebration, Philadelphia's Annual Women of Distinction Awards Dinner, Montgomery Township's Cultural Arts Center. and annual fundraisers for Princeton Friends School and The Princeton Girlchoir. On New Year's Eves 2002, 2003 and 2004, Key of She took center stage at Newtown, PA's annual First Night.



Formed in 1993, the seven-member vocal band started their humble journey in small NYC music clubs and worked their way up to win the Audience Favorite Award at the 2000 Harmony Sweepstakes national finals in San Francisco. Along the way, they appeared on VH1, Nickelodeon, TNN, NBC's Today Show as well as several appearances on The Howard Stern Show. They performed regularly at NYC rock club Mercury Lounge and their classic rock roots even earned them opening act slots with the likes of The Marshall Tucker Band and The Edgar Winter Group.

Their debut CD, A Cappella's Dead (1999) was called the "classic rock album a cappella has been waiting for" (Recorded A Cappella Review Board). The album features inventive covers of Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Yes, and Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight". Their follow-up CD Karaoke Bar Brawl (2002) gained even more praise. Produced by Rockapella vocal percussionist Jeff Thacher, the album was nominated for two Contemporary A Cappella Recording Association (CARA) awards: Best Album and Best Cover Song ("25 or 6 to 4") and was one of RARB's "Picks of 2003" for favorite albums of the year. Karaoke Bar Brawl (named after a true event involving several band members) features loud & raw covers of The Who, Alice In Chains, Queen as well as two original songs.

Members: Brian Reichelt, David Curry, David Kern, Ari Pickart, Jeremy Lipkin, Jeff Leibert, Xerxes Eclipse


The vocal ensemble Sixation first formed in Tbilisi ,Georgia in 1996. At first their program contained only jazz standards but later included folk and contemporary jazz. In 1997 the ensemble won the nomination "Best Vocal Group of the Year" on the Hit-Parade of National Radio in Georgia. In 1999 Sixation became the prize winner of the International Festival in Tampere, Finland and got invitations to Vienna, Moscow, Kaunas and Kiev. The same year the group won the grant of George Soros Foundation in the nomination "Modern Opinion of Folklore". In 2000, Chevron Corporation became the sponsor of the group and the first demo album was released. The same year Sixation was invited to Holland to collaborate with the famous artist Andre Rieu in recording his new album. In 2001 the group participated the Boston Regional Harmony Sweepstakes. The same year the sextet was reorganized into quartet and took the name "2+2".

Members: Tamta Urushadze, Nana Korakhashvili, David Kiknadze, Buka Kartozia


Founded in 1998, the Duwende (doo-WEN-day) performs all-vocal funk/rock originals and covers in New York City clubs as well as universities, music showcases, festivals and charity events along the East Coast. The six-member, co-ed band was voted Audience Favorite at the 2001 Boston Harmony Sweeps.

Members: Jason Baluyut, Edward Chung, Abbey Janes, Dexter Jones, Morgan Phillips, Ari Picker

The Fonic

The Fonic is a five-man vocal band based in New York City. Founded in 1999 and recently described as "a rock band who left their guitars in the van," The Fonic has appeared at area clubs including Triad, The Elbow Room and The Bitter End. On the road, The Fonic has performed at The East Coast A Cappella Summit in Boston, MA and The Arlington A Cappella Festival in Arlington, VA.

Members: Aaron Belinfanti, Bryan Johnson, Damon Maida, Orlando Powers, Jeff Smithson


Moondance is a barbershop quartet that has been singing together for a little over a year. Although classified as "barbershop," they sing many different styles of music. We love to sing songs we grew up with and therefore have a varied performance package ranging from Desperado by the Eagles to Queens' Bohemian Rhapsody.

Members: Sylvia Posso, Carol Bill, Karen Mullen, Harriette Walters

Mystery Date

Award-winning a cappella sensation Mystery Date sings to entertain and inspire. This gay male a cappella group has roots as diverse as rock and roll, classical music, musical theater, soul, and collegiate a cappella. They delight audiences with their jazzy sound and sweet, sassy ( and sometimes irreverent) stage presence. Their repertoire defies categorization, ranging from Spike Jones and Gershwin classics to the B52s and contemporary songwriters like Alanis Morrisette and Desiree. They have performed nationwide sharing stages with a cappella legends “The Bobs”, Sweet Honey and the Rock’s Y’saye Barnwell, Lea DeLaria, The Persuasions, Kate Clinton, and Naturally Seven, among others. From New York cabarets and concert halls to theaters and arenas across the country, their performances are fueled with uncompromising musicianship, explosive energy and offbeat humor.

Members: Ken Browne, Bob Stern, Joshua Koffman, John Whitley


NexTime is a mixed quartet comprised of two female Sweet Adeline members and two male SPEBSQSA members. NexTime has had the pleasure of singing at several Minor League Baseball Stadiums around the country. They are also very popular on Valentine 's Day with their Singing Telegrams. They are proud of their newest trophy for the Funniest Quartet at the Bolton Landing Barbershop Celebration; as well as taking 6th place overall out of 60 mixed quartets!

Members: Tom Brucia, Gary Wilson, Marsha Baron, Bette Silver

Pacific Northwest

Groove For Thought

Infectious grooves, stunning arrangements, and electrifying solos are just some of the phrases used to describe Seattle based vocal group Groove For Thought. Since 1998, GFT has brought their unique brand of jazz and R&B infused tunes to festival, concert, school, and nightclub audiences throughout the United States and abroad.

Members: Randy Taylor, Hannah Vierness, James Niles, Kelly Kunz, Kevin Kuna, Jeff Horenstein

The Akafellas

The Akafellas hail from Olympia, Washington and have been a group for over five years. This six-member male a cappella group sings several styles of music from Doo-Wop to Barbershop to Pop and everything in between, including Country and Comedy. They describe their performances as "unique" because of "our own warped brand of humor." The group's self-titled CD was recently released.

Members: Scott Stilson, Tony Benjamins, Lee Tran, Jon Morgan, Greg Fryhling, Jon Murdock


Backbeat is Harmonious Funk and covers Motown, Classic Rock, Disco, Soul, R&B, 80's Wave, 90's Rock and Millennium Hits. This six-member ensemble (4 men, 2 women) enjoys bringing their unique sound to nostalgic music to make it fresh and exciting. Each member has individual experiences and strengths which range from composing Indie Rock tunes to training in African music and from performances in musical theater to creating a wide repertoire in vocal percussion. When they put their voices together, the results are a musical feast.

Members: Chava Mirel, Emily Debow, Andrew Nunez, Mike Giles, Brian Kinyon, Otha Major


Mockingbird is comprised of three women who are good friends who have brought their musical interests and diversity together to form a blend of a cappella harmonies. They have been making music together for seven years and sing a wide variety of songs, including several originals. They have released two CDs, "Drenched" and "Magic Everywhere," and have plans for a third. A recent review of "Drenched" in Victory Review stated, "These women are obviously having fun. You can hear their warmth and friendship. What a delightful album they've created."

Members: Robin Wallbridge, Sherrie Lutsch, Lesley Rigg

The Righteous Mothers

The Righteous Mothers are four women who have performed together for over 20 years, while raising seven children and having dual careers as a high school teacher, professors, a children's book author and a lawyer. This feminist, folk-rock group pride themselves on songs surrounded by warm sentiments and mind-bending tales and on fearless displays on wit, drama, and choreography. Each performance is a celebration of the human spirit, warts (and courage) and all.

Members: Lisa Brodoff, Wendy Crocker, Marla Beth

Slugger Jones

Slugger Jones combines four distinct voices and musical backgrounds to create a new and unique show for every audience. Infusing elements of Jazz, Funk, Rock, and Classical into their original arrangements, these four men perform their energetic style of music around Western Washington. With members coming from such groups as Kickshaw, Soundsation, Seattle's VocalPoint!, and Rapid Pulse, their wealth of experience is visible in both their unique arrangements and obvious joy of performing.

Members: Brian Kirkness, Brian Atkinson, Russ Bright, Joe Johnson


True that it is rare to find such a talent like this among five brothers. A brotherhood that is sure to inspire, motivate and entertain anyone. The Standards - Music for everyone. The human voice, that's how it all started for five brothers who shared a passion for music. Singing together at an early age, they began the makings of this one of a kind vocal group, forging a relationship beyond brotherhood and taking harmony to perfection. Today, they are known as The Standards.The Standards have taken vocal music to a new dimension by creating their own unique style of music with an infectious harmony that speaks to all generations and cultures of music lovers.

Members: Jordan Williams, Morgan Williams, Nicholas Williams, Nathan Williams


Unplugged...the name says it all! These four talented women wow audiences with their distinctive sound, dynamic expression and delightful comedy. They came together from a variety of award-winning ensembles to form Unplugged in January 2001, and went straight to the top of the a cappella/barbershop scene in the Pacific Northwest. Teresa, Julie and Anna live in the Seattle/Tacoma area and Judy hails from Vancouver, BC, making Unplugged truly an international experience of harmony. An eight-hour round-trip drive is just a normal part of rehearsals.

Members: Teresa McCafferty, Julie Hagstrom, Anna Chamberlain, Judy Pozsgay

Rocky Mountain

Good Company

Good Company is a seven-member vocal group based out of Midland, Michigan. They began singing together in 1999. Their repertoire covers classical to jazz with an emphasis on contemporary vocal harmonies and blends; Good Company is under the direction of Jim Hohmeyer. They have performed with Steve Zegree's Jazz Quartet from Western Michigan University and opened for the well-known Michigan Comedy Ensemble "Three Men and a Tenor", Kirby Shaw's vocal group "Just 4 Kicks", the fabulous "Four Freshmen" and for Doc Severinson and his big band on the MCFTA stage. In 2004, they were one of three vocal jazz groups invited to perform in Los Angeles for the ACDA National Conference.

Members: Dona, Voni, Tracy, Becky, Debbie

Groove Society

Groove Society, formed by Bianca Herbert & Joe Herbert, is an award winning vocal jazz sextet that is among the top rising stars on the world a cappella scene. In 2006, the group was named "Vocal Group of the Year" by the JPF International Music Awards, as well as being honored for "Best A Cappella Album", and "Best A Cappella Song". And in 2007, Groove Society received the prestigious "IAJE Award for Outstanding Service to Jazz Education" at the International Association for Jazz Education convention in New York City.

With the release of their critically acclaimed debut CD, Groove Society is receiving airplay on major-market jazz and NPR stations from coast to coast and around the world. They have appeared at international jazz festivals across the Mainland U.S., Hawaii, and Canada, sharing the billing with, and/or opening for top artists including Bonnie Raitt, Herbie Hancock, Bobby McFerrin, The Neville Brothers, Eddie Palmieri, Paquito D'Rivera, Freddy Cole, Patty Austin, The Rippingtons, Bobby Hutcherson, Jimmy Heath, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Dr. John, The Bad Plus, Paul Taylor, Nelson Rangell, Soulive, Styx, and many more!

Members: Bianca Herbert, Cameron Chinatti, Damion Massey, Joe Herbert, Dave Sheehan, Brendan Currin

Eclipse 6

Eclipse is a vocal group of six creating explosive sound, driving rhythms, and lush harmonies using only one instrument: the human mouth.

The six members of Eclipse originally met while performing in a public relations /ambassador-oriented group that was part of the department of Programs and Entertainment at Utah State University. They began by arranging their own vocal covers of popular songs and performing them on campus and in the Logan area. Increasing public interest and performance opportunities led to the recording of their first album, "Once," which was released in April 2001.

Members: Paul Hansen, Kevin Jones, Dan Kartchner, Kirk Mecham, Patrick Rose, Shayne Taylor


Hailed by critics as "a high-energy vocal phenomenon that'll simply knock your socks off!" (JazzBeat), measureXmeasure (measure by measure) is an a cappella sensation that proves the human voice is indeed the most versatile of all instruments. Despite what the listeners' ears may tell them, mXm uses no drum machines, synthesizers, pre-recorded material or instruments of any kind. Every sound - whether it be soaring five-part vocal harmonies, jaw-dropping vocal bass, or astonishing beat-box vocal percussion - is produced live by the voices of these five young men. Originally formed in the mid-1990's as a student group at the University of Kansas, the Kansas City-based quintet now travels coast-to-coast year-round headlining concerts halls, festivals and college campuses everywhere.

Members: Jeff Smith, Jon Stutler, David Stutler, Erich Timkar, Cardell Edwards

Saturday Evening Post

The quartet hails from Colorado Springs, Colorado.The Saturday Evening Post are proud members of the Southwest District (District of Champions) with Allen, Johnny and Bobby being members of the Town North Plano Chapter and Brian being a member of the Dallas Vocal Majority. They also are the music team for the Colorado Springs Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. The quartet is currently ranked as one of the top 10 in the World of Barbershop having finished 9th in the 2002 International Competition held in Portland, Oregon.

Allen Gasper, a former professional opera singer with Masters degree in Voice is the Lead singer. Allen is a renowned attorney in the Colorado Springs area, although we don't hold that against him. He is a certified "Singing" Category Judge and is a member of the Plano, Texas and Colorado Springs, Co. Chapter. Allen is the quartet's only bonafide "Cajun".

Members: Allen Gasper, Scott Delude, Brian Beck, Bobby Gray, Jr.

Jazz Katz

Members: Rob Baltensberger, Rosemary Baltensberger, Linne Bueche, Ryan Wilson

Special Effects

A fresh face on the a cappella scene, Special Effects joins four top vocalists to create a wonderful blend and entertaining style that has quickly endeared them to audiences throughout the Denver area. This quartet combines an exciting sound with a diverse repertoire, customized to guarantee an unforgettable entertainment experience.Witih many individual years of musical training and professional experience, together the quartet has achieved top honors in many area competitions. Recent champions at the Aspen Barbershop Festival, they are also currently 2nd place quartet medallists throughout an 8-state region with Sweet Adelines International

Members: Pat Crum, Rebecca Richards, Kim Andrews, Trudy Pardee


Energetic and fun, SurrounSound performs a blend of upbeat pop, R & B and funk with tight harmonies and driving percussion. SurrounSound was formed by five people who sang together in high school, and their mom (as she is known to a majority of the band.) Passionate about vocal music, this ensemble incorporates the sultry and sweet, the rowdy and raucous into harmonious contemporary a cappella.

Members: Helen Ayala, Benjamin Faber, Debbie Faber, Travis Heryla, Shannon Hewitt, Miquel Rodriguez


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