Peking and the Mystics - Male Quartet from Boston, MA

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2002 Boston Regional

Peking and the Mystics

Male Quartet from Boston, MA

Peking and the Mystics was formed in 1973 by four alumni of both Tufts and the Beelzebubs. Over the years, PATM has: toured nationally and internationally, including trips to the Far East and South America; recorded a CD (and, with a recent recording session in Petaluma, Calif., now in the books, is well on the road to its second disc); appeared on television and radio programs; and been featured in the local and national print media. The group's eclectic repertoire, comprising original arrangements by PATM members themselves, features swing, jazz, doo-wop, and pop music of every decade from the '20s to the '90s. In December 2001, PATM was proud to participate in the Bubs Foundation-sponsored Generations concert at Tufts, and with its inclusion in Harmony Sweepstakes 2002, is again pleased to assist the Foundation in its mission of supporting music curricula in secondary education.

Members: Andrew Cranin, Chris Parker, Gene Blake, Tim Vaill

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