Grace - Female Quartet

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2002 Los Angeles Regional


Female Quartet

Grace is a Los Angeles based a cappella group of four women who are not actually named Grace - although their “Grace nicknames” have evolved over time. Lisa (alias “Baby Grace”) is the youngest and newest member of the group, and serves as their chief financial officer. Jeanette (alias “Crazy Grace”), groomed in Germany, provides on-going psychiatric evaluations (for free) as need arises. Paula (alias “Angst Grace”) serves as spiritual advisor and dutifully informs the group when the glass is twice as large as it needs to be. Marta (alias “Sassy Grace”) is their resident expert on feng-shui - despite the fact that, although close, they do not live together. Grace delivers tight harmonies, vibrant energy and an imaginatively reinvented mix of music from the 1920’s to the present. This group of seasoned performers shares a unique brand of blending that demonstrates the voice as an instrument like no other.

Members: Jeanette Meyer, Jeanette Meyer, Maria Weisskopf, Lisa Linehan

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