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Bay Area

Beyond Zebra

Beyond Zebra is a newly formed a cappella group who enjoys expressing unique, intricate arrangements with heartfelt emotion. Like the Dr. Seuss book On Beyond Zebra about an alphabet beyond Z, the music of Beyond Zebra takes audiences beyond what they might know and expect. When you go Beyond Zebra, who knows what wonderful things you might hear?

Members: Fiona McCrae, Zareen Levien, Miya Kanzaki, Jonahan Pilat, John Kelley, John Rae-Grant

Take Flight

Take Flight is Napa's premier vocal group. Comprised of 5 Napa High School Choir alumni, they take on hit songs from a wide array of genres and artists and perform them all with a brand new twist! The group was recently voted Napa Valley Life Magazine's "Best Napa Valley Band" of 2017. With smooth, tight harmonies and pleasing upbeat music, they are the perfect addition to any event!

Members: Diana Corzo, Carlos Gonzalez, JourneyDay, Ted Reynolds, Henry Mattei
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Halfway to Midnight

Halfway to Midnight is a co-ed band of musical misfits who, having missed the thrill of the a cappella world and desiring an outlet to strengthen our individual instruments, serendipitously found each other in the midst of the great big beautiful Bay Area and begun gathering weekly to share in the blend of our voices together. Our life stories are as varied as our voices yet we find common ground in our love of instrument-free music-making and we truly hope you like what you hear.

Members: Scott Adler, Gonzalo Alonso, Michael Barrientos, Shanna Bengtson, Alicia Flor, Vivek Saraswat, Elana Zizmor
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Smorgaschord draws its name from ancient runic inscriptions of abundant food and music, the combination of which may lead to harmonic indigestion. We entertain at events around the Peninsula, including summer festivals, coffee shops, rehab centers, and occasionally, the checkout line of supermarkets. We could be right behind you in line. Look for the shoppers with a wide variety of musical styles and poorly-balanced nutritional choices. Hey, where did you find that bacon-flavored chocolate? Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and get your shopping cart harmonized.

Members: Alexandra Langston, Mia Whitfield, Patti Schank, Harold Zable, Bill Anderson, Larry Hamel

Find A Capella

We are a group of vocal singers, music lovers, and young professionals based in the Bay Area. We held our first concert on Oct 15, 2022, a few days past our first anniversary. We hosted 200 people and sang 14 songs throughout the concert. We found in music not only friendship, excitement, emotional support, but also most importantly, each other. We work on pop songs and musicals, and we also love jazz, folk, and church songs. We hope to deliver our good vibes to our audience and the community. We are 'Find A Cappella'.

Members: Charlotte Fu, Qingsen Wang, Jiawei Huang, Yulou Zhou, Xuanli Deng, Caiwei He, Zikai Cai, Rui Yang, Musheng He, Yeats Wu, Yi Zhou, Shuyuan Nie


Acanonymous is a 9-person a cappella group, originally formed from Concord High choir members looking to expand their music. With high energy pop tunes and familiar classics, they always put on a fun and engaging performance for their audience. Although the group was recently formed, most of the members have been singing together for 7 years.

Members: Caitlyn Hoshida, Savy Freitas, Marina Garcia, Saoirse Feiler, Hannah Morrell, Skye Knowles, Jumaiya Preston Tabayoyong, Bella Hernandez, Daniel Jones

The pH Scale

Coming from Pleasant Hill, The pH Scale is Diablo Valley College's newest a cappella group! They may be a group of 14, but BASIC is the last thing they are. Earlier this year, the group performed at the 2023 ICCA West Quarterfinal (awarded outstanding choreography for their entire set!). Whether they're showing their dance moves or belting ballads, The pH Scale is always ready to bring their all.

Members: Rjay Molo, Dennis Dunn, Jaden Talosig, Jeramey Watts, Marizel Mendoza, Rachel Lloyd, Mouse Tungpalan, Jeanelle Alelis, Keila Barrientos, Courtney Lucas, Sam Michael, Audrey Parco

The West of Us

The West of Us is a gender-inclusive performing a cappella group based in Monmouth, Oregon, and is the only group representing Western Oregon University! TWOU was founded in 2017 following the merging of the two groups that had previously represented the campus, the male-identifying 15 Miles West, and female-identifying Suspended. Following its formation, TWOU competed in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella in 2018 and is excited to re-enter the competitive field of a cappella this year.

Members: Sadie Martin, Erica Guddat, Erin Mackey, Julie Schuerger, Daphne Malpass, Olivia Jacobs, Autumn Beck, Connor Eyler, Maximus Sing, Cole Somers, Julian Visda, Jasper Beck

Vocal Music Workshop

Vocal Music workshop has gone through many changes over the years. Originally a show choir (with full band and choreography), Vocal is at present a 12-member a cappella sensation, exploring the music of all genres and time periods. Year-round they are called upon to entertain and inspire the community, performing at sports events and private special events. Over the years Vocal has been fortunate to share the stage with amazing performers such as Bobby McFerrin, Dick Van Dyke, The House Jacks, The EDLOS, OC Times, Straight No Chaser, Rockapella, The Exchange, VoicePlay, The Philharmonic and SixAppeal.




Radius is an all-male identifying vocal ensemble, hailing from different corners of the country. Radius was formed in the midst of the global pandemic with the intention of creating top-tier virtual content and bringing some light to the world during the lockdown period. After working on virtual projects for several months, the group started to hit their stride and was fortunate enough to spend a week together in Chicago the following summer. From that point on, it was apparent that Radius was more than just a quarantine passion project: it was a group of talented, passionate, and hardworking friends who wanted to take their artistry to the next level. Radius released their first EP, Silver Lining, in July 2021, available on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. The group intends to release several studio-length albums, and is currently on tour throughout various parts of the United States!

Members: Gabe Schonman, Ben Boutell, Ethan Mooney, Dylan Melville, Sam Baker
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Counterpoint A Cappella

Counterpoint A Cappella is the premier all-gendered acapella group at Loyola University Chicago. Our group is composed of 11 freshman, sophomore, and junior full-time Loyola undergraduate students. We create all of our arrangements ourselves and love to create music together as one big family! Counterpoint competes as well as puts on a fall and spring concert on campus!

Members: Helen Dobbelmann, Olivia Hodge, Colin OSullivan, Bella Diaz, Gift Dokie, Alexandra Arrell, Charlie Chengary, Emma Fischer, Jenelle Sangster, Joey Sawyer, Kelly Kroeger
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For Your Consideration

Our group name is a play on the process of an Academy Awards submission. You get a little taste of something great... for your consideration. We are all veteran quartet singers, having finished on the podium in various Barbershop Harmony Society contests on a regular basis. We have all sung on the International stage as chorus singers, and we all have plenty of experience in front of audiences large and small. This all-star quartet pools our experience and strengths to create a seasoned sound.

Members: Noah Miller, Chris Bateson, Loren Shevitz, Conner Motzkus


HRMNX is a five-person contemporary a cappella group that was brought together in November 2022 to build a fun, high-impact 2-hour show. 40+ performances, 500+ positive reviews, and an olympic pool-sized amount of peppermint tea later, they're ready to take the world by storm with their tight harmonies, charming personalities, and undeniable chemistry. When watching HRMNX perform, you never know what to expect, and only one thing is for sure: you're bound to have a great time.

Members: Charlie Arthur, Adam King, Ryan Slone, Mason Van Gieson, Dan Zimberg

Lake Shore Drive

Lake Shore Drive started in May, 2021 and on September 18th, 2021 was crowned the Illinois District of the Barbershop Harmony Society 2021 Quartet Champions. Lake Shore Drive's musical variety encompasses the heart and soul of the Chicago music scene from Blues, Rock and Roll and of course Barbershop.

Members: Steve Davis, Jeff Lathom, Greg Lee, Steve Schoultz

Minor Mischief

Though the quintet itself is new, all of its musicians have been singing together for almost ten years, beginning their musical journeys together within the Vocal Jazz ensembles at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. With UMD Vocal Jazz, they have performed in over 50 concerts together, including most prominently as an opening act at the legendary Apollo Theater in New York, and in St. Mary's Cathedral in Limerick, Ireland.

Members: Anna Torgerson - Soprano, Christina Case - Alto, Ricky Pierce - Tenor, Nate Ringdal - Bass, Luke Ericksen - VP

Remedy: The Collective

'Remedy: The Collective' is made up of both current members and Remedy alumni from the University of Dayton. The group represents a wide variety of majors and careers, and is so excited to compete together once again. They've loved the chance to reconnect members across four generations and instantly discovered camaraderie and harmony. Remedy: The Collective hopes to entertain and captivate the audience with their performance tonight.

Members: Ariel Radinovic, Alexis Thornton, Kat Smith , Alexis Taylor, Josalyn Abrams, Cedric Mwizerwa, Jeremy Page, Deven Cannon, Cameron Page, Angelo Knight, Jack Lynch, Julian Massey


Iris Vocal Trio

Iris is a vocal trio based in New York City that was formed in 2018. The group re-imagines classic songs beloved by all audiences. With just three voices, the group demonstrates the versatility of the human voice through unique and intricate vocal arrangements. Iris has had the opportunity to perform in a number of notable venues including Berklee Performance Center, Green Room 42 and Carnegie Hall.

Members: Andrew John Kim, Dara Orland, David Rowen
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New York


FLEX PITCH is an a cappella group based out of NYC. Originally formed as a virtual acapella group during the pandemic, they have sung in numerous different styles of music including jazz, R&B, and pop. After coming in second at the New York Harmony Sweepstakes FLEX PITCH is ready to take on the live stage with their high energy and creativity!

Members: Will Farnham , Julian James, Marwan Ramen, Jenna Barbieri, Gabrielle Piacentile

Mezzo A Cappella

Established in 2015, Mezzo is a all-female a cappella group that has been performing all over the tri-state area. They pride themselves on cool arrangements of contemporary tunes, as well as reinventions of classic hits. To learn more about Mezzo, check out their website at www.mezzonyc.com or follow them on social media @mezzonyc!

Members: Amanda Lim, Liz Chapman, Erin Mazuera, Reynetta Sampson, Bree Lalor, Maggy Kucera, Sophia Brooks
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Saffron formed in January 2015 and burst onto the Region 1 Sweet Adelines scene a few months later with a 4th place medal. They medaled each year since, until in April of 2018 they became Region 1 Sweet Adelines International Champions. They earned their blue ribbons while also breaking the Region 1 record with a score of 637! Their repertoire covers an eclectic variety of charts ranging from folk ballads, to toe-tapping jazzy standards, to southern rock melodies, all arranged in classic and tight barbershop chording that is sure to put a tear in your eye and a smile in your heart!

Members: Christine Bulgini, Amanda Fowski, Valeri Reynolds, Susan Berry

The Current

Founded in January 2011, we are presently a 12-strong group of a cappella-philes - mostly college group alums - now kicking off our eighth year on the scene. What we loved most about our former groups has been where we've always strived to start and end: a solid sonic blend, with some A-major value placed on camaraderie in the process - plus as much stage action as we can stir up.

Members: Juliet Samuels, Larissa Jaye, Alvic Plan, Jake Samuels, A ssa Guindo, Christina Torres, Eric Yang, Sean Costello, Kevin DeLisa, Anna Fondiller, Calvin Baker, Rob McNeil
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'Round Midnight

'Round Midnight is an award-winning "a cappella" quartet of music educators from the Long Island/Manhattan area of New York. While they sing primarily in the barbershop style, their eclectic influences range from jazz to classical and everything in between. The group is a two-time Semi-Finalist in the Barbershop Harmony Society's (BHS) International Barbershop Quartet Contest and they are also the BHS 2010 Mid-Atlantic District Quartet Champions. In addition, the foursome won the New York City Harmony Sweepstakes Championship and was bestowed with the coveted "Audience Favorite" award by overwhelming crowd vote. The quartet has received praise for their self-titled debut recording too, receiving a Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA) nomination in the category of "Best Barbershop Song" for their rendition of "Try A Little Tenderness". 'Round Midnight has been featured in an array of showcases, contests, and educational workshops spanning the United States from New York to California.

Members: Larry Bomback , Wayne Grimmer , T.J. Carollo, Jeff Glemboski
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Moon Sessions

Moon Sessions is a gen-z vocal group and collective based out of NY, composed of members and alumni of NYU Vocollision and its surrounding community. It is directed by Marwan Ramen, an award-winning arranger and videographer for acapella. The group enjoys exploring and creatively arranging modern songs in a vocal jazz leaning style. They enjoy vintage aesthetics and not taking themselves too seriously.

Members: Marwan Ramen, Christa Ciesil, Nathalia Nicolalde, Claire McGuire, Trem Ampeloquio

Pacific Northwest


Outpour is composed of eight voices from all around the greater Seattle area. As live performances became available in 2022, Outpour aimed to emphasize self-expression, interconnectedness, and collaboration with audiences and other musicians in the PNW. Our set is a diverse collection of pop, r&b, jazz, and nostalgia, and each song is arranged by one of our very own creative members. Originally formed during the pandemic, the initial focus of the group was to bring awareness to resources in their local communities by pairing information with vintage and contemporary pop songs. Today, the group continues to look for ways to collaborate and connect with their community.

Members: Jade Perry, Joette Dunnihoo , Rachel Border, Arthur Verdusco, Isaiah Ragland , Collin Donoghue , Jacob Cecil, Matthew Mayrhofer
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Highlight Quartet

Highlight Quartet is an all-women's barbershop group that features performances for kids! (And not-kids!) Catch them around the Northwest searching for their bestest bathtime friend during the summer, and learning about the holidays during winter.

Members: Kat Erickson, Claire Cook, Asia Comeau, Leah Schremp
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Hailing from greater Portland OR and bringing together numerous backgrounds of vocal performance, 'InVoice' blends together 4 guys with the love of music in classical, choral, gospel, musical theater and of course barbershop styles to create a unique and exciting experience for the audience.

Members: Paul Carter, Jake Yoakum, Dean Waters, Kevin Stinson

The New Originals

The New Originals are an a capella quartet originating from Bellingham, WA in 2008 Starting as a Collegiate Barbershop Quartet, TNO has evolved into many different genres including vocal jazz, gospel, classic rock and top 40. With various members over the years they have been entertaining audiences over the Pacific Northwest and Canada. The New Originals also have acted as the house Barbershop Quartet for The Men's Room Radio Show on 99.9FM KISW in Seattle since 2014

Members: Ted Stiers, Turner Stiers, Josh Honrud, Kyle Mitchell

The Pillage People

Avast, me hearties! We be The Pillage People of Portland, Oregon. We sailed all the way here to sing, fight, talk like pirates, and attempt to steal the Prize they say be here, guarded only by a small team of judges. Be forewarned, for tonight ye'll hear original pirate songs, parody covers, bad jokes, and even worse pirate jokes. Those among ye of a certain respectable age, with a sharp eye (or two, if ye're lucky!), might observe that our crew bears a passing familiarity with a group once known around these parts as Strangers In Harmony. Tis merely a coincidence, I'm sure.

Members: RC Cowlishaw, Mike Haines, Mike Mendyke, Shawn Dudley, Roy Rasera

Up to Something Quartet

These ladies have been Up to Something since July of 2015. As members of Sweet Adelines Intl. they primarily sing in the Barbershop Style. It wasn't long before they agreed that comedy was the way to go for them. They are not your 'typical' quartet and have been known to do parodies and things just a little out of the ordinary. Their Comedic sets have earned them the Audience Choice Award for most entertaining quartet at the 2017, 2018 and 2022 Region 13 competitions. They placed 8th in the 2018 All Northwest Barbershop Contest. Their name fits them well. Anyone that knows them will agree, always expect the unexpected because they are always Up to Something!

Members: Deb Loundagin, Amy Ripee, Denise Thompson, B.Gail Hillyer

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