The Pillage People - Male other Quintet from Portland, OR, OR

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2023 Pacific Northwest Regional

The Pillage People

Male other Quintet from Portland, OR, OR

  • 2023 Pacific Northwest 3rd place

  • 2023 Pacific Northwest Best Original Arrangement
    Mike Mendyke of Pillage People for "Row, Me Bully Boys"

    Avast, me hearties! We be The Pillage People of Portland, Oregon. We sailed all the way here to sing, fight, talk like pirates, and attempt to steal the Prize they say be here, guarded only by a small team of judges. Be forewarned, for tonight ye'll hear original pirate songs, parody covers, bad jokes, and even worse pirate jokes. Those among ye of a certain respectable age, with a sharp eye (or two, if ye're lucky!), might observe that our crew bears a passing familiarity with a group once known around these parts as Strangers In Harmony. Tis merely a coincidence, I'm sure.

    Members: RC Cowlishaw, Mike Haines, Mike Mendyke, Shawn Dudley, Roy Rasera

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