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Bay Area

‘Til Dawn

Based in San Rafael, CA, 'Til Dawn is a 15 piece a cappella group made up of teens from different high schools around Marin. We perform at a variety of concerts, festivals, elementary schools, public events, private parties, and business functions in and around the bay area. We love to sing, performing on average 40-50 times a year.



The Euphorics (U4X) are a joyous, energetic a cappella quartet, who, since 1983, have been delighting audiences internationally on radio, television, and concert stages, at schools, festivals, and special events of all kinds. Individually, members of the Euphories are powerful lead singers. Joani Bye (alto), fronts her own band, the Homewreckers, and her voice has graced countless albums (including those of Bon Jovi, David Bowie, INXS, and Cher). Helen Davis (soprano) leads her own jazz quartet and has backed up Doug and She Slugs, and Kathi Hof Donald. Bing Jensen, bass, long-time Vancouver performer, winner of the 1993 CARAS award for best children's album and the West Coast Music Award for Best Children's album in 1998. David Steele, tenor, is a singer songwriter who has worked with numerous internationally recognized artists. Together, they create a rich and soulful blend with a repertoire of top-notch originals and innovative arrangements of covers in a wide variety of styles. The Euphorics celebrate their passion for music with plenty of humor and dynamic audience interaction.

Members: Nathan Aswell, Bing Jensen, Helen Davis, Joani Bye

Kinsey Sicks

With a phenomenal performance record that includes an Off-Broadway show, an extended run in Vegas, two feature films, seven albums and appearances throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia, the Kinsey Sicks hardly need an introduction. For over 16 years America's Favorite Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet has served up a feast of music and comedy to audiences at performing arts centers, music venues and comedy festivals in every kind of town you can imagine, in over 40 states! Their award-winning a cappella singing, sharp satire and over-the-top drag have earned the Kinsey Sicks a diverse and devoted following.

Members: Chris Dilley (aka Trampolina), Irwin Keller (aka Winnie)), Maurice Kelly (aka Trixie), Ben Schatz (aka Rachel)

Ro Sham Bo

Ro Sham Bo brings a surprising and exciting spark to the Bay Area vocal music scene. Ro Sham Bo's roots are steeped in jazz and funk, and their performances deliver an inspired blend of complexity and ease. Most group members are music educators or music educated, arrange, perform, and direct not only for Ro Sham Bo but for groups from San Jose to Black Rock City, and have taught students from Stanford University Jazz Workshop to Jazz Camp West to Blue Bear School of Music.

Members: Bonnie Doyle, Audrey Kauffman, Arsinoe Bacogiannis, Will Flash, Paul Daniels, Paul Kim

Copper Wimmin

Copper Wimmin are three obstreperous young women who set audiences on fire with their brilliant lyrics, haunting voices and fierce harmonies. They create a sacred hurricane of sound which leaves their audiences spellbound and often, in tears. Creating a buzz wherever they go, these vocal amazons have been singing together since they were twelve years old. They have evolved a sound so moving, so pure, that upon hearing them many recall a collective memory in which women sang together in caves and cathedrals before time began.

Copper Wimmin are a sonic epiphany. They weave their voices together so expertly that it is hard to know where one voice ends and the other begins. The combined impact of the arrangements, lyrical content and outrageous stage presence is that of a sublime sledgehammer effortlessly crashing through the door that separates the soulless from the sacred. Also appearing on the Bay Area Regionals stage in 1999, they were also finalists in the Lilith Fair talent search.

Members: Alyx Benham, Sophia Mallie, Tenaya Wallach


Freestyle is an energetic barbershop quartet that goes out of its way to provide beautiful music and memorable entertainment. They burst onto the music scene in 1996 by winning the Northern California Divisional Contest in their first public performance. Since then, they have entertained audiences throughout the country. They are the current and three-time Northern California Division Quartet Champions and were International Semi-Finalists this year at the International Barbershop Quartet Championships in Atlanta, Georgia.

Members: Todd Kidder, Bruce Morgan, Rich Brunner, Andy Wallace

Moe Cappella

Moe Cappella has never met a style of music they can't take the instruments out of. From pop to classical, jazz to reggae, tear-jerking ballad to high-energy rocker, Moe Cappella does it all - or at least some of it. At festivals, coffee houses and private parties, the band has been delighting audiences of all ages since 1995 with an eclectic blend of familiar - and a few not so familiar-tunes in a contemporary a cappella style. As arrangers, they put their unique signature on each song they perform (and they fight a lot over who gets to sing the melody). Their goal is to bring peace and harmony to the world.


Press Any Key

Press Any Key is a mixed a cappella sextet based in Emeryville, California, a suburb of San Francisco. They specialize in performing original songs and arrangements written by their members. Diverse audiences around the Bay have enjoyed the group's performances in many public and private venues. Press Any Key has performed in the San Francisco Regional Harmony Sweepstakes, the East Bay Pride Festival, and A Cappella Against Aids V. They were founded in 1995 by the brother-sister team of Paul & Barbara Sinasohn. The group has gained fans among both a cappella aficionados and first-time listeners.



Voices to move the spirit"-VocaMotion is a contemporary upbeat a cappella quartet from Santa Cruz. Their eclectic repertoire of rock, folk, soul, blues, doo-wop and original tunes, along with their friendly on-stage chemistry will lift your spirits, have you tapping your feet, clapping along and laughing out laud. They can rock, reflect, inspire, and get silly. They love what they do, and you will too. They are bound together by their joyful commitment to the positive power of music to touch our hearts. They feel privileged to be able to offer their voices, and join with their with their audiences in the service of lifting the human spirit and having a good time.

Members: Jonathan Arthur, Gail Clark, Michael Levy, Kath Robinson


House Blend

HouseBlend is an a cappella male quartet performing its own pop, jazz, seasonal, folk, country, gospel and other assorted musical genres. The members of the group met through the music ministry at Concord United Methodist Church. As they sang together, they realized something special was developing. In 1998, HouseBlend was born. Almost immediately, they were in demand to sing at various occasions in the area. Their repertoire expanded with each performance, their style emerged and their sleek presentation unfolded.

Members: Allison Berger, Elisa Catalano, Colleen Flannery, Christian Force, Erin O'Connor, Stephanie Pappas

Random Association

Formed in November of 1997. Founders Joe Antonioli and John Hadden had worked together in preceeding years, John recording and producing several recordings for the UVM Top Cats of which Joe was the Musical Director. Both boys were aching to start up a professional group, so, when the time was ripe, they did! True to its name, RA found its musicians in a rather random way--through want ads in local Burlington, Vermont papers and via word of mouth. We think we lucked-out, finding us some very fine musicians!

Members: Joe Antonioli, Meg Chambers, Sharon Dorsey, Leigh Guptill, John Hadden, Jill O'Brien, Rich Redmond

Similar Jones

Similar Jones is a vocal band with a combined sound that's bigger than their 7 voices. With a heavy focus on blues and rock, the vocal band uses a powerful rhythm section to get things pumping and tight, and bright background vocals to build the foundation for a wide variety of songs, including favorite covers and their own original tunes. SJ has been gigging around Boston for ... holy crap has it really been 15 years? ... at venues large and small. The current lineup features an opera singer, an astrophysicist, and one original member. Can you guess who they are?

Members: Heath Dill, Mike LeBlanc, Tom Reid, Jeremy Sacco, Mike Schwartz, Judd Tomaselli

6 Day Week

6 Day Week is a six-man contemporary, a cappella band hailing from Portland, Maine. The guys first sang together in the Maine Steiners, the premiere a cappella group at the University of Maine at Orono. Wanting to continue singing together as the end of college crept near, the began the transition to the semi-professional a cappella scene. Since then, they have shared the stage with Five O'Clock Shadow, the House Jacks, and tonight's hosts, Ball In The House.

Members: Jonathan Gallant, Jonathan Goodine, Patrick McCarthy, Matt Murray, Jeff Sewell, Sterling Shepperd

After Eight

After Eight is a male a cappella group based in Boston, Massachusetts. It is comprised of graduates from Colby College in Waterville, Maine, ranging from the Class of 1990 to the Class of 1996. After Eight's members all sang in a 50+ year tradition at Colby - the male a cappella group on campus called the Colby Eight. After Eight's membership has changed over its four and a half years. However, this current group has been singing together for over two years. Our set lists consist of varied styles from classic barbershop to contemporary hits, and from doo-wop to spirituals. This variety of styles allows us to perform at various venues. We have enjoyed singing at the Comedy Connection in Faneuil Hall; the Keene Pumpkin Festival, with over 30,000 people in attendance; First Night Annapolis; First Night Providence; the National Anthem at Fenway Park and the Fleet Center; and many private parties, weddings, and other functions. Holding down professional day jobs, we look forward to weekly rehearsals to add to our growing repertoire - and probably more likely - to hang, eat pizza and drink some cold beverages.

Members: Peter Caruso, Jonathan Frothingham, Jonathan Howe, Mark Longsjo, David O'Shea, Jun Shirahama, Marc Winiecki

Faith in Action

Faith in Action is a women's a cappella group, combining gospel and jazz with a variety of musical backgrounds and intricate original arrangements. Founded in March, 1996, the ad hoc group sang the same song (Sweet Honey in the Rock's, "We Are") over several months for church-related events, culminating in a performance at Madison Square Garden in August, 1996 for church members from the District of Columbia to Maine. After Madison Square Garden, they decided maybe God had a plan for the group, and maybe it was time to learn more than one song. They chose a name, added another member, and learned some original tunes. In the Spring of 1997, Faith in Action started getting connected with the Boston a cappella community, and joined other groups in local performances, including a cappella showcases, clubs (Johnny D's and Ryles), and the 1997 East Coast A Cappella Summit.

Members: Janet Appleby, Sharon Belville, Suzanne Clark, Toni Franklin, Maureen Griffis, Rebecca Harrold, Julie Kinscheck

Pickup 6

At the crossroads between swinging jazz, sultry soul, and upbeat pop, Pickup 6 delights and entertains audiences with a high-energy a cappella sound. Since 1996, we have journeyed down the musical highway, constantly straddling the double- yellow line between sophistication and fun. Most of our arrangements are by members of the sextet, including standards like "Route 66," blustery, heated ballads like "Fever," or more off-beat fare like "You Never Give Me Your Money" and "Cool" from West Side Story. Performing at jazz clubs and private parties, or spending long nights rehearsing or producing new arrangements, we find joy, challenge, companionship and inspiration in our singing.

Members: John Paquette, Adam Scotville, Valery Northrop, Kirsten Findell, Lisa MacAlaster, Christian Nolen


SoRare is thrilled to be performing once again in the Harmony Sweepstakes! Since last year's performance here at Tufts University. We have had the pleasure of appearing at various venues throughout New England. Some of our engagements included: Boston's Hampshire House (water glasses on a silver tray), many restrooms and stairwells (great acoustics), various restaurants (a quartet has to eat), and Bridgewater's Fourth of July celebration (a guaranteed standing ovation). Having seen too many Hollywood musicals as children, we keep waiting for passersby to burst into song and follow us dancing through the streets, but, as of this date, we have attracted only one cat in heat and several howling dogs. Nevertheless, SoRare's Karen Christofi, Jannis Moylan, Donna Manoogian and Arlene Isaac will continue to sing wherever and whenever the opportunity arises and we look forward to sharing our "joyful noise" with you this evening.

Members: Karen Christofi, Arlene Isaac, Donna Manoogian, Jannis Moylan


Chicago Voice Exchange

CVX is an entertaining award-winning five-member a cappella group based in Chicago. CVX is a three -time winner of the Midwest Harmony Sweepstakes competition, and has entertained crowds at venues such as sports events (Cubs, Sox and Bulls games, the World Cup), holiday events, festivals, industry conferences and bake sales.

One of the first actions of the group was to argue long and hard about what the name of the group should be. There were a whole host of possible names: WeWopDoo (from Peter Harlan, master of cheese), New Caboose, Vox Populi, Digital Voice Exchange, Five Guys named Moe, etc. Eventually, a compromise was reached with Chicago Voice Exchange. Hurrah.

Members: John Milne, Joe Dennis, Tim Eaton, Andrew Blendermann, Bryan Chadima

Blue Skies


Delusions of Grandeur


Schrodinger's Cat

Jackson Blacklock, Lester Chiu, John Pointer, Jr., William Blacklock, Coron Hardman. Singing is only half of it. The body delivers the rest. Slapping, clapping and stomping all over the stage, we have brought a new dimension to a cappella from deep in the heart of Texas. We're proud to say that our debut CD "Big Beat A Cappella," released last March, has been nominated for a CARA award and was tapped by RARB as one of the best of 1999. Just over a year old, we have already had a nationally televised appearance on the Roseanne show and have appeared in venues stretching from Texas to Alaska. Schrodinger's Cat walks the line between the highly innovative and the completely insane, with an energetic display of musical prowess, sadistic tendencies, and recklessly bad humor. Arguably the sweatiest singing group around, we look forward to bringing you the other half of a cappella.

Members: Jackson Blacklock, Lester Chiu, John Pointer, Jr., William Blacklock, Coron Hardman

Los Angeles

Inner Voices

Inner Voicesare Los Angeles-based session singers led by vocal arranger Morgan Ames. They have been performing together since the 80s. They have been profiled on CBS Sunday Morning, have toured Japan, performed on KCET, KTLA Morning News, the Jim Belushi Show and many others. They have recorded albums for Rhino, Laurel, Song River and Japanese Victor. They have performed for the Juvenile Diabetes Association, the Betty Ford Center, the Society of Singers, the AME Church and twice for President Reagan. They have sung and/or recorded with Kenny Loggins, David Benoit, Dave Grusin, Johnny Mathis, Dori Caymmi, Smokey Robinson and others. Each Christmas season they perform their highly acclaimed, sold out a cappella show in Los Angeles.

Between them, they have performed, recorded and/or toured with almost every major artist in the business.

Members: Morgan Ames, Shelby Flint, Melissa Mackay, Michael Mishaw


allright is a men's a cappella sextet from the University of Southern California. The group was founded by Michael Landau and Jonathan Redford in the fall of 1998. Bringing East Coast men¹s a cappella style to Southern California, they added the spice and intensity of r&b harmonies. Inspired by groups like Take 6 and Boyz II Men, allright is about singing to and from the soul. allright’s first concert was at an a cappella festival on December 11th, 1998 at Bovard Auditorium. An instant hit, a vision suddenly became a reality. Things fell into place from there as allright quickly emerged into the a cappella community.

Members: Adrian Fontanilla, George Artope, Nikhi Korula, Michael Landau, Tyan Bolger, Rob Powell, Rob Ruiz

Diva Complex

What do you do with four women who crave constant attention? Diva Complex started in 1995 when these not-exactly-demure women realized the mere adulation they received as professional choral conductors was not sufficient - they wished to be revered as singers also. (And to be perfectly honest, they wanted to spend more quality time together discussing men, massages and M&Ms.) From the moment the Divas take the stage, audiences realize this is no typical girl group. With repertoire ranging from Renaissance to rock and roll, the controlled chaos of the show swings from sensuous to sublime to saucy. You wouldn't expect a group like this to agree on everything; however, they do confess a collective susceptibility to gorgeous harmony, and have been known to weep ecstatically at a really good chord progression (a highly technical phrase learned in their many years of schooling). Diva Complex's exuberant appearances on radio, TV and in sold-out concerts continue to amaze and delight audiences all over California. As expressed by one audience member, "This group brings impeccable musicianship and an irreverent sense of humor together in a performance which can't be missed! Wait a minute? that's the King Singers. Well, Diva Complex is pretty good, too. Great dresses!"

Members: Amy Fogerson, Ruth Ballenger, Alison, Lori


They started together as a group in Octover of last year. The Dreamtimers take you back to the era of The Pied Pipers, The Modernaires, and the Four Freshmen. With many years of combined experience, including solo work, vocal jazz, and barbershop, Ron Adrienne, Dean, and Bonnie come together for their debut performance with a dreamy new sound.



This phenomenal Gospel Ensemble was established in January of 1989 at the North Pasadena Church of Christ in Pasadena, California. The two Brothers whose input was instrumental in establishment of the group are Dwyane Lundy and Marcus Jerome Lundy. The age range of the group members are 19 - 40 and over. Infusion consists of 6 uniquely talented young Christians and they were joined together by mutual inner desire to share the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Ministry of Song. The group has made a tremendous impact on all kinds of audiences, with their rare blend of synchronized A Cappella harmony. Infusion¹s self-produced studio recording projects included: ³Infused by the Word of God² and their recent project ³Infusion Live!² They overwhelm audiences both young and old with their authentic style and breathtaking presentation. Their outstanding, multi-talented lead vocalists bringing the roof down every time they touch the microphone. They are prolific and unexhausted with constantly new and upcoming appearances in various lcations and on a variety of settings - private and public, including their radio shows and live performances.



When you think of Ja'a, think deep, "funkafied" harmonies. These six gentlemen give you the power and the blend of soulful music that settles into the heart. Their vocal sounds give a smooth and sophisticated flow to all the songs that they touch. These brothers of harmony have continued to move beyond the boundaries of contemporary sound displaying their musical influences from jazz, R&B, contemporary a cappella, funk, pop, and gospel. The members of Ja'a share the vision of transcending the conventional barriers in music and are prepared for "Just About Anything," the operative theme which characterizes their music, attitudes, personalities, and the essence of Ja©ˆa. Since their origin at UCLA back in 1995, Ja'a has been acclaimed for their complex harmonies, a knack for vocal instrumentation, and a flair for appealing original arrangements. Their sophisticated sound is a testament to the heart and soul that they invest in their music and performances. Showcasing their versatile style, this sextet has performed from Vegas to LA, San Diego to the Bay and Asia soon on the way. Their spirit and belief in their dream has led to the release of their second CD "Outside the Lines". This group of friends looks forward to sharing their gifts with all who will listen.

Members: Francis Alcantara, Roger Mationg, Lars Sahanaja, Paul Santos, Mike Trias, Mikey Whitfield

Naked Voices

Naked Voices have been singing since September 1998 and they offer "no excuses" a Cappella music. They sing whatever they want to. Their six members' tastes are so eclectic that they pick a song on a whim. They do their arranging and stretch each other's imagination to the limit.

Members: Leslie Andrew, Cynthia Colbert, Mark Israel, Marie Johnson, Andy Oliver, David Silva

Primitive Soul

Primitive Soul, (formerly Pandora's Vox) blends R&B with World Beat and mixes in jazzy harmonies to create original a cappella music that has gotten the attention of AL's live music scene. They've done the Sunset Strip, appearing at The Whiskey-A-Go-Go, The Roxy and The Key Club, as well as Hollywood's Genghis Cohen, and Highland Grounds. Come hear what happens when five people with diverse backgrounds and musical tastes get together!

Members: Emile Hassan Dyer, Carla Bellefeuille, Malayna Khalid, Byron Torres, Even Dorn

Sons of Anacreon

Sons of Anacreon are the ultimate devotees to the esteemed personage of Anacreon, possibly the first poet to write of Wine, Women, and Song. They are an a cappella, Victorian themed, plaid-encrusted, rowdy and rousing comedy team which has played a variety of venues in the LA area ranging from English and Irish pubs and Horse-Drawn Carriages to the Santa Monica Pier and Dickens and Renaissance Festivals.

Members: David Springhorn, Patrick Franz, Michael Norris, Damien Elwood, Jonathan Graff

Three of Hearts

Prepare to be charmed, astonished, amused and entertained by Three of Hearts. Drawn together by the sheer joy of making music, these three talented performers light up any stage or event with their harmonies and off-beat humor. They offer an unusual eclectic mix of music, blended with their own brand of humor and panache. Their repertoire ranges from swing, jazz to popular songs of the ages, plus original material written by members of the group. They have a full interactive Holiday Repertoire for seasonal celebrations. The energy and enthusiasm that Three of Hearts brings to their stage presentations is guaranteed to leave you with smiles on your faces and songs in your hearts.

Members: Kris Kennedy, Terry Lieberstein, Ellen Rand


The Chromatics

People often ask us how the Chromatics got started. It's a complicated story, but here's a brief summary:

Back in 1993, a group called the OK Chorale was formed at NASA'S Goddard Space Flight Center by Anne Raugh and Steve Leete. The OK Chorale was 12 members strong and sang mostly doo-wop tunes, standards, and classics from Sesame Street. None of the current Chromatics were in the group at its inception, but Padi Boyd and Karen Smale joined in 1993, followed by Alan Smale and Deb Nixon in 1994.

After numerous further changes in personnel, including the departure of co-founder Anne Raugh, the group decided to refocus and reinvent itself as The Chromatics. The Chromatics were incorporated in 1995, and have been performing continuously under that name ever since.


Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage is a group that can only be described as inventive, insane and delightful! Picture the Marx Brothers, Forever Plaid and the Flying Karamozov Brothers rolled into one. Por example, one might witness a lecture on Spatula techniques that goes hilariously awry. Or a capricious, musical history lesson about the "'Histoire du le Burger." Or even a rap number with wildly eclectic choreography. They won a Bistro award for Outstanding Musical Comedy Act by BackStage Magazine and in 1999 they were chosen as the Mid Atlantic Harmony Sweepstakes Champions and went on to win "Audience Favorite" in the National Finals. They can be seen pseudo- regularly on the Food Network's, Doorknock Dinners and other TV appearances include The Fox Network, Comedy Central, Good Day New York, The Veronica Network and America's Funniest People(Grand Prize Winners).

Members: Jeff Lagreca, Brad Barton, Charlie Lagreca, Sean Harris

Toxic Audio

In 1998, Toxic Audio launched its quirky show in an abandoned storefront at the Orlando International Fringe Festival. To their amazement, people began cramming into that storefront to see them. The show caught the attention of Disney executives who hired them as featured performers at the Disney/MGM Studios. Soon after, the group was crowned champion at the National Harmony Sweepstakes in California.

In the year 2003, Toxic Audio's album, Chemistry was named "Album of the Year" by the Contemporary Acappella Society of America. The group has made national TV appearances with Ed McMahon and Wayne Brady, and even got to sing a reggae-style weather report on ESPN2's morning show "Cold Pizza". Toxic Audio won the 2004 Drama Desk Award for "Unique Theatrical Experience" for their Off-Broadway Show in New York's John Houseman Theatre where they continue to electrify audiences by exploring the boundaries of the human voice.

Members: Rene Ruiz, Jeremy James, Shalisa Sloan, Michelle Mailhot, Paul Sperrazza

Bay Rum Runners

Bay Rum Runners are a registered male quartet with the Alexandria chapter of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America (SPEBQSA). Their "ringing sounds from the lower latitudes leave nothing but good times in their wake.

Members: Ed Cazenas (tenor), Lynn Conaway (lead), Steve White (bass), Barry Galloway (bari)

Fair Game

Fair Game is a five member co-ed a cappella group from the Washington, DC area, performing its own unique blend of pop, jazz, and swing. Recently heard on WHFS 99.1FM, the group amuses audiences with their sometimes zany, always "cheesy" a cappella.


Live Wire

Live Wire is the newest vocal rock sensation out of Atlanta, GA. These six male and one female musicians put together complex arrangements, witty banter, and epic stage shows as they thrill Atlanta radio and live audiences with their jaw-dropping musicality, contagious high energy and a pinch or three of wackiness.

Members: Michelle Arrascue, Jennifer Bond, Carl Christie, Benjy Rose, Jordan Small, Rob Sylvester, Kris Walker

Not To Scale

Not To Scale is a collection of three male and three female a cappella jazz vocalists from vibrant Raleigh-Durham, NC. The group gets audiences cooing to their mellifluous tones at such events as the North Carolina Jazz Festival, the Wilmington Riverfest, and Raleigh's Artsplosure.


Venus d Minor

We have been together for about 15 years; performing a wide variety of styles including jazz, pop, folk, classical, and novelty songs. We specialize in original lyrics set to familiar tunes.


New York


Formed in 1993, the seven-member vocal band started their humble journey in small NYC music clubs and worked their way up to win the Audience Favorite Award at the 2000 Harmony Sweepstakes national finals in San Francisco. Along the way, they appeared on VH1, Nickelodeon, TNN, NBC's Today Show as well as several appearances on The Howard Stern Show. They performed regularly at NYC rock club Mercury Lounge and their classic rock roots even earned them opening act slots with the likes of The Marshall Tucker Band and The Edgar Winter Group.

Their debut CD, A Cappella's Dead (1999) was called the "classic rock album a cappella has been waiting for" (Recorded A Cappella Review Board). The album features inventive covers of Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Yes, and Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight". Their follow-up CD Karaoke Bar Brawl (2002) gained even more praise. Produced by Rockapella vocal percussionist Jeff Thacher, the album was nominated for two Contemporary A Cappella Recording Association (CARA) awards: Best Album and Best Cover Song ("25 or 6 to 4") and was one of RARB's "Picks of 2003" for favorite albums of the year. Karaoke Bar Brawl (named after a true event involving several band members) features loud & raw covers of The Who, Alice In Chains, Queen as well as two original songs.

Members: Brian Reichelt, David Curry, David Kern, Lehhop Rebaso, Jeremy Lipkin, Jeff Leibert, Xerxes Eclipse

Naturally 7

The origins of the group date back to New York City in 1999 when Roger Thomas started the group with his brother, Warren, and five other talented singers they had come to know over the years from singing around the city. Having been in and out of several traditional male groups over the years, Roger developed an affinity for a cappella sounds and a unique ability to create distinct harmony arrangements. When invited to sing at a major a cappella competition in New York, they won the competition, moved onto the nationals and took away two more wins.

Riding the wave of this newfound success and still unable to decide if Naturally 7 were going to be an a cappella group or a traditional band, Roger had a novel idea: they could be both.

Members: Roger Thomas, Warren Thomas, Dwight Stewart, Garfield Buckley, Roderick Elderidge, Marcus Davis, David Laroche
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10 FM

10 FM has undergone two years of metamorphosis since it was founded in June 1996. From a traditional nine-woman lineup to the tight, six-voice female group to today, the funky, fearless, 10 FM femmes have been blowing audiences away with their like buttah voices, innovative arrangements, and penchant for bringing a little extra glamour, as well as more irreverence, to the world of female a cappella. These self proclaimed Velveeta Divas will take on anything from R&B to eighties rock - even a showtune originated by a drag queen. They have trashed the upright reputation of no boys allowed a cappella and have proven that an all-woman group can sound gorgeous, get in the groove, and be goofy too. Just imagine the damage they could do if they quit their day jobs...

Members: Kelly Armstrong, Alicia Hutchison, Teru Bower, Kelly McCann, Shoshand Silverman, Donna Winnicki


Afterglow is a four-part jazz vocal group which began as an A Cappella group in 1993. They specialize in the Big Band sound of the 40s. They also perform the doo-wop, boogie, and the be-bop sounds of the 50s and 60s. They have entertained at numerous clubs, corporate, and private parties. Occasionally, you may see them performing with a full orchestra. They have appeared on local television and radio shows, and have been privileged to open shows for The Guy Lombardo Orchestra and Little Anthony & The Imperials. This quartet also records and performs various original material for noted songwriters. Afterglow will be appearing at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City this year.

Members: Jim Beliveau, Janie Del, Lou Orrichio, Dan Rival

Back Seat Toys

The Back Seat Toys formed in January of this year at the insistence of a cappella guru Dave Kern. In fact, the Toys are a sub-group of the well-known West Side Sounds; Binghamton Universitys only post collegiate a cappella group.The varying interests and backgrounds of the group members range from pop, R&B, rock, and jazz. Although they sing a wide range of material, they often find themselves street singing in the tradition of barbershop and doo-wop. They are excited to perform with their counterparts in the Harmony Sweepstakes festival.

Members: Jane McIntosh, Vanessa Manuel, Jeremy Fulton, Thea McCarter, Jessica Dolinger, Xerxes Eclipse, Lehho Rebassoo

Christ Sent

Christ Sent is a gospel group consisting of four men; each possessing a rock solid foundation built on Jesus Christ, a unique gift of song and the calling to go forth and share His message of salvation. Over the years, Christ Sent has received countless blessings; one of which was to sing at Carnegie Hall in New York City as the featured artist for record company, Jackobs Ladder. The group was invited to open for Gladys Knight at the National Urban Leagues annual benefit in Indiana. At the Church Center for the United Nations in New York, the group was honored to sing during the memorial service of internationally known, fashion illustrator and artist, Harvey Thomas Boyd. Media credits include and interview and performance on Channel 2, The People, a special on up and coming Gospel groups hosted by J.J. Gonzalez. They have also been seen on Positively Black, Good Day, New York, and Gospel Today as well as local and national cable broadcasts.

Members: Barry Addison, Richard Norman, Todd Brennan, Myron Williams

Conn Artists

The Conn Artists is a 7-man a cappella ensemble that performs throughout Connecticut. Available for hire for all occasions, including musical performances, their musical repertoire ranges from Doo-Wop standards to complex vocal jazz to rock classics to sacred songs. The ensemble specializes in the "classic blend", execution of the musical phrase and crafting wicked original arrangements.

Members: Martin Brayboy, John Carlson, Dave Callahan, Mike Costantino, Charles Dear, Doug Rollins, Peter Sachner


The members of Duwende (Doo-Wen-Day) recently discovered that their combined middle names are an anagram for A Cappella is both fun and cool. Duwende is a Tagalong word derived from the Spanish term duende. Non of Duwendes members speak Spanish, but they believe the term has something to do with either goblins or hypnotism. Or possibly cattle ranching. Duwende would like to dedicate this performance to Uncle Jack, but non of its members have an uncle named Jack.

Members: Jason Baluyut, Edward Chung, Abbey Janes, Dexter Jones, Morgan Phillips, Susan Hills, Brett Hopkins

Full House

Full House was born three years ago when, at a choral rehearsal for a P.D.Q. Bach concert in Carnegie Hall, Michelle approached Mark and asked him if he was interested in putting together a vocal jazz ensemble. Mark jumped at the idea and the two of them hand picked their favorite singers to join them. They are newcomers to the Harmony Sweepstakes, but not to a cappella music: all of the members of Full House have extensive classical training and have sung with the premier vocal ensembles in New York Collegium, Canticum Novum, and Voices of Ascension. Their professional activities also include composing, teaching, and research, but they all make time in their busy schedules to rehearse. Because two of its members are also arrangers, Full House has several original pieces, and the group is proud to be presenting two of them in tonights performance.

Members: Elizabeth Farnum, Michael Steinberger, Mark Johnson

Sons & Lovers

Sons & Lovers has been delighting audiences for nearly six years with their sophisticated a cappella music and warm, inviting stage presence. Their musical style is fresh and lively with a repertoire that defies categorization. Sons & Lovers performs regularly in New York City and throughout the New England area. They have participated in New York City programs that include the Metropolitan Transportation Authorities "Music Under New York" program and "A Day At the Movies" where they performed their a cappella rendition of Bernstein's "New York, New York" with new lyrics by the award winning team of Comden & Green. Sons & Lovers has appeared on television, on radio, an in numerous publications including Today in New York, New York 1 News, Party Talk, Alternating Currents, Igny, HX, New York Blade, Bay Windows, New York Newsday, and In the Life.

Members: Joshua Koffman, Ken Browne, Bob Stern, John Whitley

Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned was born in 1991, with little more than a pitch pipe and a dream. A handful of Penn alumni - for years of a cappella singing were obviously not enough - had been gathering each Christmas to sing carols at Rockefeller Center. Each occasion reminded them how much they missed the thrill of naked voices blending in harmony. Over the last seven years, the group has gone through various stages of change and growth; what began as a 24 (!!) member club with a swing jazz repertoire, has evolved into a tight configuration of seven musicians who eagerly experiment with pop, rock, jazz, kitsch, and classical. Stay Tuned performs steadily throughout Manhattan for corporate events, conventions, private parties, weddings, and proposals of marriage; at downtown clubs like Duplex, and uptown clubs, like Triad. At the slightest provocation, any member would be happy to tell you about the impromptu jam session with Bill Joel in the lobby of the St. Regis Hotel and/or (depending on how much time you have) the RC Cola radio commercial that ran for four months in three major Eastern markets. Go ahead, make their day.

Members: Donna Eng, Collette Thompson, Indu Viswanathan, Eric Chung, Jonathan Bennet, Mark Shone, Scott Paley

Vox Bop

Vox Bop is a mixed a cappella quartet that performs a variety of musical styles from the lyrical beauty of the Renaissance to the lush harmonies of the Jazz Erato eclectic arrangements of pop classics. Founded in 1995 by David Deschamps, who also does the arranging, Vox Bop has performed at St. Luke in the Fields and Rudin Managements" Mostly A Cappella Festival" as well as Old South Church and The French Library, both in Boston. Jazzy Holiday repertoire has become a specialty of Vox Bop and their many clients range from Bloomingdales and Borders to J.P. Morgan and the Brooklyn Museum. They have also started to attract a devoted following which includes Liesl Schillinger of the New Republic who wrote in the December 16, 1996 issue: There are a few groups that I like, and I trail them around the city worshipfully...[among them is] Vox Bop.

Members: Jennifer Nelson, David Deschamps, Jeffrey Sprugeon, Maura May

Pacific Northwest


5-Track was born out of an arranging and recording project that Jan and Martin put together. A constant lure for the two, they managed to pursue a cappella singing and arranging in forming an increasingly permanent group. Rehearsing together Since September '99 on evenings and weekends, the current groups plans include a tour of Japan in July.



Acapella-Go! Is composed of three exceptional women with extensive and varied performance backgrounds; ranging from nightclub singing, musical theatre, classical ballet, to jazz dance, grand opera, and sympho ny orchestra. They have joined forces to create an eclectic and exciting performance experience in the tradition of the great girl groups of the past; such as the Boswells, Dinnings, Maguire and Andrews Sisters.





Impromp2 does not limit their music to any style or form. Jazz, Funk, Pop, the idea is to stretch the limits of A Cappella and with smooth p recision, bring our message that any instrument can be created with the natural voice. Impromp2 is Five part and based from Lynnwood, Washington.


Me And The Boys

Me And The Boys have dazzled audiences for eight years with their style, creativity and showmanship becoming one of the very few performing "quote a cappella" groups in the Greater Vancouver area. With only high school bathroom furnishings as their initial audience, Me and The Boys have taken their sound out of the stalls and on to the stage.



SoundDesign met and sang together for the first time in late September 1998 but didn't start rehearsing regularly until November. Since that time, they have sung for several private parties and other special events. Each is a member of the Pacific Sound Chorus in Bellevue, Washington and each has years of experience singing in quartets. This is the first time, however, for this particular foursome to be singing together.


Special Feature

Special Feature has been harmonizing across North America for more than ten years. Their unique brand of high energy a cappella has been applied to classics from the 50's and 60's as as well as original songs written by the group.

Members: Jamie Arrington, B. J. Hill, Paul Olguin, Raymond Davis

The Standards

True that it is rare to find such a talent like this among five brothers. A brotherhood that is sure to inspire, motivate and entertain anyone. The Standards - Music for everyone. The human voice, that's how it all started for five brothers who shared a passion for music. Singing together at an early age, they began the makings of this one of a kind vocal group, forging a relationship beyond brotherhood and taking harmony to perfection. Today, they are known as The Standards.The Standards have taken vocal music to a new dimension by creating their own unique style of music with an infectious harmony that speaks to all generations and cultures of music lovers.

Members: Jordon Williams, Morgan Williams, Nicholas Williams, Nathan Williams, Quinn Williams


Voce's vision is to promote philanthropy and education through excellence in the performing arts. Art in all of its different forms represents the highest form of human creative expression - and Voce firmly believes that the arts can and must be used to help others. Voce, Inc. was incorporated in 2006 to realize this vision.


Rocky Mountain

The Fleeners

The Fleeners named themselves after a local bakery in northern Colorado and have been performing for 6 years in that area. Since their appearance in the 1997 Harmony Sweepstakes they have been baking up new melodies, some of which will be released on their first CD this summer.


Graffiti Tribe

Graffiti Tribe is back after winning the Denver Regionals in 1995 as the Silk Threads then again in 1997, having changed their name to Graffiti Tribe. The Tribe is one of the most popular college groups in America and are looking forward to making their talents known on an international level. This spring they will release their second CD project.

Members: Richard Jordan, Dan Perkins, Tim Rosendo, Marc Young

Jazz Katz

The Jazz Katz discovered their musical chemistry 2 years ago when these 4 singers decided to combine their talents. Rob, Doug, Monica and Rosemary stylize their music after such groups as Manhattan Transfer, Singers Unlimited, The Arbors and the Hi-Lo's. Each member of this group is devoted to entertaining their audiences with great tunes form the past and present...entertainment is the name of the game.


LoDo AirBand

Since winning the Audience Favorite and Best Original Song awards in the 1997 Denver Regional, fans have continued to enjoy this group for it's unique style of original, contemporary a cappella. They have performed all over Colorado for over a quarter million people. Denver audiences should prepare for take off and enjoy the non-stop a cappella sound of the LoDo AirBand.



They first formed in 1994 as an octet with piano accompaniment while students in the School of Music at Northern Illinois University. They released their first CD, "High Performance" in this format and became strictly a cappella in 1996. Their local performance experience includes 2 summer retreats for the American Choral Directors Association, 4 performances of the National Anthem and half time shows for the Chicago Bears, second place in the 1997 Midwest Regional Harmony Sweepstakes, summer festivals throughout the midwest, guest entertainers for the Miss Iowa pageant, and many concerts and workshops at schools throughout the area. They performed as representatives of Softline, Inc. at the Sapphire '98 trade show in Los Angeles and were the resident a cappella ensemble from January to July 1998 aboard Celebrity Cruise Lines in the Caribbean and Alaska. Their second CD, "Grand Slam" was recorded while on board. They can also be heard on a Baker and Taylor Entertainment Services christmas compilation CD along with artists Kenny Rodgers, Michael Bolton, James Galway, and Vanessa Williams. They will return to Celebrity Cruises in May of 1999.

Members: Sean O’Connor, Eathan O’Connor , Jason Bayale , Kevin Schoenbach , Tyler Ball

On The Town

On The Town is an all female a cappella group! Sisters Cecily and Karen have been singing together since childhood. Their group "Girls' Night Out With Bob" participated in the 1996 Denver Regional Harmony Sweepstakes. Since then Bob moved on and they added Peg, Lara and Andrea to create On The Town's musical magic.

Members: Cecily, Karen, Peg, Lara, Andrea

Raging Harmonies

Raging Harmonies met in high school where they started singing arrangements from the Urban Harmony Movement. Now they're blending their unique personalities & styles to create their own arrangements. This group has had the honor to host the Colorado American Choral Director's Association A Cappella Festival for the last 2 years. We hope Denver audiences will agree that their harmonies are raging!


Special Effects

Special Effects is the second all female a cappella group to compete in the 1999 Denver Regional. These four ladies bring many years of musical training and professional experience to their peformances. Special Effects became Silver medalists in May of 1998 in the Sweet Adeline's regional competition. They are simply exciting!


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