Full House - Mixed Vocal Jazz Trio

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1999 New York Regional

Full House

Mixed Vocal Jazz Trio

Full House was born three years ago when, at a choral rehearsal for a P.D.Q. Bach concert in Carnegie Hall, Michelle approached Mark and asked him if he was interested in putting together a vocal jazz ensemble. Mark jumped at the idea and the two of them hand picked their favorite singers to join them. They are newcomers to the Harmony Sweepstakes, but not to a cappella music: all of the members of Full House have extensive classical training and have sung with the premier vocal ensembles in New York Collegium, Canticum Novum, and Voices of Ascension. Their professional activities also include composing, teaching, and research, but they all make time in their busy schedules to rehearse. Because two of its members are also arrangers, Full House has several original pieces, and the group is proud to be presenting two of them in tonights performance.

Members: Michael Steinberger, Mark Johnson, Elizabeth Farnum

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