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Bay Area

Boyz Nite Out

No Instruments? No Problem! Specializing in cover, pop and rockin' upbeat music, this high energy group combines all-vocal drums, guitars, and horns with smooth 5-part harmony to make you think there's an entire band on stage!

For over 14 years, Boyz Nite Out has traveled throughout the world appearing at major festivals, corporate events and private performances. The group has worked with such artists as Ray Charles, ELO, Jay Leno, Kool & the Gang and Michael MacDonald and has released 3 full length CD projects selling over 20,000 copies in the United States and Japan.

Members: Mark Baldi, Tom Grifffin, Tony Ridenour, Bill Craig, Dave Menken, Ted Tolman


A.K.A (A Capppella for the terminally hip) consists of top vocalists from the Davis/Sacramento region of Northern California. Founding members Frank Fox (aka Dr. Doo-Wop,) Dianna Craig and Joseph Rodriguez, along with the newest spectactularly talented members Catherine LeBlanc and Chris Sanborn, tackle everything from rock, jazz, and gospel; to funk, country, and surf instrumentals. Although sticklers for detail, members have been known to break into new material in the middle of a "heavy gig" just to see if the others can "hack it." Says Fox, "…if it makes noise, we can sing it!" In real accounting life, all musicians (multi-instrumentalists) artists, poets and dancers, augmenting their incomes with the occasional accounting gig ("remember kids, always have something to fall back on!). They live by their motto… "WE DON"T NEED NO STINKING BAND!"

Members: Frank Fox, Dianna Craig, Joseph Rodriguez, Catherine LeBlanc, Chris Sanborn

Front Page

The Front Page is a mixed quartet who came down all the way from Seattle to be involved in tonight's program. The group has been together for only ten months and in that time has performed for thousands of people throughout the Northwest. Their crowds at fairs, festivals, middle and high schools, colleges, and theatres all around have enjoyed the exciting and Fun Show of The Front Page. The Group started as friends in highly respected music department of Edmunds Community College in Seattle. There, all four sang in the nationally known jazz group, Soundsation. Their music reflects on every generation, from The Coasters, Under The Boardwalk, to 94's hot group Green Day.

Members: Jeremy Anglin, Jim Castaneda, Niki Vaughan, Jake Moulton


For over three years, the a cappella trio Mayim has blended their intricate harmonies at parties, weddings, cafes, university and community events. One review described their "incredibly sweet harmonies, perfectly blended that kept the crowd spellbound." Audiences have been impressed with their unique sound and dynamic energy. Their style of music includes classical, sacred, jazz, contemporary and ethnic. They regularly perform at the Gabriella Café in Santa Cruz and many other invited locations throughout the Bay Area.

Members: Jemila Alldis, Ariel Thiermann, Natalie Bridgeman

On Q

On Q is a medalist quartet in Sweet Adeline's International's Region 12 (Northern California.) All four members of On Q also harmonize with the Pacific Empire Chorus, a 125 woman Barbershop chorus based in Petaluma, which will be competing as a Region 12 Champions in the Sweet Adelines International competition this fall in New Orleans. When not singing, they manage to find time for theirs and families.

Members: Leah Brooks, Debi Thomas, Barbara Harp, Donna Spitzer

Pinay Divas

Formed in May of 1993 by Maylene Briones, Irma de los Santos, Angelica Abiog and Jocelyn Enriquez with the original intent of performing for a U.C. Berkeley campus organization, the four vocalists realized their music was an essential part of their lives, and they decided they would continue to sing together…as the Pinay Divas. Now, Maylene, Irma, Angelica and the newest member, Loredie Reyes are ther Pinay Divas. With their message of peace and cultural pride, the Pinay Divas will use their artistic talent to gain visibility for talented Asian musicians and give voice to Filipina women. Because of the important role education and community service has played in their lives, they hope to serve as positive models for youth.

Members: Angelica Abiog, Maylene Briones, Irma de los Santos, Loredie Reyes

Screaming Divas

"The Screaming Divas totally blew me away…I hooted and applauded and pumped my fist in the air…" was Jon Carroll's response to the Screaming Divas' 1994 Harmony Sweepstakes performance (San Francisco Chronicle 2/23/94.) It's been quite a year since then: debuting at the Paradise Lounge and the Fillmore, singing for Dianne Feinstein and Hillary Rodham Clinton, and winning a SF Weekly Whammie award in the Beyond Category. These gals redefine a cappella with a Harmony Sweepstakes award for the best original arrangement of Ravel's "Bolero."

Members: Mary Ann Boyd, Danielle Nice, Pamela Nissley, Lilli Oldfield, Tina Osinski

Vocal Underground

"A cappellafunksoulrockingospeljazz" is the only word that describes the VU, short of "amazing". Since 1992 this 6 person vocal ensemble has seamlessly blended their individual voices to create the unique sounds that set them apart from all other vocal groups. The diversity of the singers is immediately apparent just by looking over their song list. It features contemporary tunes and familiar favorites with a new twist. By the end of each set, you have been taken on a musical journey. Members include: Paul Culala, Brady Fishler, Sally Jackels, Andrew Smith, Amy Williams, Marcia VanDerVinne.

Members: Paul Culala, Brady Fishler, Sally Jackels, Andrew Smith, Amy Williams, Marcia VanDerVinne


Five o’Clock Shadow

Five O'Clock Shadow (FOCS) is a Boston based, all vocal rock/pop band. By using amplification and some basic effects added onto their voices, FOCS is able to create the same sound and energy as any rock band....but without using any instruments!

FOCS has been featured on VH-1's "//break.through/", FOX News, WB's Morning Show, A&E, ESPN, PBS, and more. They have also sung for the Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, and the NFL Hall of Fame. And through their Vocal Challenge program, FOCS has presented concerts and workshops to thousands of music students from coast to coast.

Members: JoJo David, Bill Eddy, Dave Harrison, Mike Mendyke, Warren Tessier, Wes Carroll


AC Rock

Ac Rock is one of America's great a cappella quartets, singing classic rock 'n roll favorites from the 1950s through the 1980s. Ac Rock sings boomer rock in stunning vocal harmony without instrumental accompaniment. It's an engaging mix of tightly-crafted music and freewheeling humor that pleases audiences of all ages. Ac Rock performs for corporate events, conventions, industrial shows, charity auctions and stunt marketing events all over the country. Centrally based in Chicago, Ac Rock has easy access to all parts of the US and Canada. Summer festivals, school shows and private parties, too. Ac Rock is the right group for your group.


Chicago Voice Exchange

CVX is an entertaining award-winning five-member a cappella group based in Chicago. CVX is a three -time winner of the Midwest Harmony Sweepstakes competition, and has entertained crowds at venues such as sports events (Cubs, Sox and Bulls games, the World Cup), holiday events, festivals, industry conferences and bake sales.

One of the first actions of the group was to argue long and hard about what the name of the group should be. There were a whole host of possible names: WeWopDoo (from Peter Harlan, master of cheese), New Caboose, Vox Populi, Digital Voice Exchange, Five Guys named Moe, etc. Eventually, a compromise was reached with Chicago Voice Exchange. Hurrah.

Members: Joe Dennis, Tim Eaton, Peter Harlan, Dan MacDonald, John Milne

Four Shadow

Four Shadow, the famous a cappella group from Minneapolis, Minnesota, performs for crowds across the nation, singing over 150 shows a year in over 40 states for audiences of all ages and musical tastes. In addition to a number of original songs, they perform tunes by artists like the Beatles, Paul Simon, the Dave Matthews Band, and Howie Day. Four Shadow has shared the stage with Huey Lewis, the Persuasions, and Lonestar, and performed live on NBC's "Today" show.

Every Four Shadow show is filled with a winning mix of audience interaction, infectious energy, friendly humor and strong a cappella vocals. One of the nation's hottest a cappella groups, these guys demonstrate beyond a doubt that the most powerful and versatile instrument of all is one which we each possess - the human voice.


4 On The Floor




The Sound


Throat Culture

Describing themselves as "eclectic a cappella," Throat Culture's diverse material draws upon a variety of influences, including gospel, doo-wop, classic pop and Motown. Alto Betsy Brickey puts her creamy tone to good use on "Chameleon" and "Sweet Dreams" (Eurythmics). "Damaged Goods" is reminiscent of the style and vocal inflection of Stevie Wonder. Their songwriting style is personal and original, and tends toward dark themes of love and loss, but with an irreverent twist.


Voice By Choice


Los Angeles

Heart & Soul

Heart & Soul is a male a cappella quartet singing songs from the doo wop era of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Over the past 4 years Heart & Soul has performed at various hotels, shopping centers, and private parties. Cuttently they perform at Sea World of California in San Diego.

Members: Steve Kofalas, Juan Del Castillo, Jason Castillo, Simon Graves


Tone Rangers

This award-winning Washington D.C.-based vocal group is celebrating their 25th anniversary delighting audiences from coast to coast with its dynamic blend of tight harmonies, inventive arrangements and keen wit. In a few choreographed minutes, the Tone Rangers propel through 900 years of Western music--from Gregorian chant to classic rock to TV theme songs--in a fresh approach to contemporary a cappella music and comedy.

Nominated for seven Wammies by the Washington Area Music Association in the past four years, the Tone Rangers were voted the Best A Cappella Group four consecutive years (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010) and even won Best A Cappella Recording in 2007! They were also national finalists in the 2002 Harmony Sweepstakes (the Superbowl of a cappella), and three-time winners of Mid-Atlantic "Audience Favorite" and "Best Arrangement" awards. To listen, go our MySpace page.


5-3 Woodland

Like most “doo wop” a cappella groups, 5-3 Woodland got started on the street corner. Not just any corner, the particular corner was 53rd & Woodland Avenue in Philadelphia. Actually, there were two groups – the ‘Old Heads’ and the ‘Young Boys’ – teaching each other and learning from one another. During the 70’s and 80’s, they saw each other at parties and would sing together to everyone’s enjoyment. In 1993, they got together at the urging of Gene Volpe, an original ‘Young Boy’, to sing on stage at the recently started Lansdowne Folk Club. The group has been together for 20 years and has performed in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area

Members: Joe O'Donnell, Al Loughead, Tom Tait, Frank Maiorano

Da Vinci’s Notebook

Da Vinci's Notebook, Washington, D.C.'s award-winning a cappella quartet, takes four part harmony and stands it on its ear. Described as "Bobby McFerrin and 'Weird Al' Yankovic colliding on stage," their tight vocal blend, infectious humor, and madcap antics have made them a favorite on stages and at festivals throughout the country. Since the group's founding in 1993, their eclectic blend of a cappella harmony - a fusion of doo-wop, jazz, bluegrass, calypso, opera, and rock - has evolved into a unique show that the Washington Post called "exuberance...crashing off the walls!"

The quartet has appeared at music clubs and fine arts series throughout the East Coast, including the Bitter End, the Birchmere, the Barns of Wolf Trap, and the Kennedy Center. Equally at home in front of large crowds, they have also performed at Birmingham's City Stages, the Taste of D.C., the Fairfax Fair, and dozens of other festivals. Internationally, they have toured France and the Caribbean. Winners of the 1997 Mid-Atlantic Harmony Sweepstakes Festival, Da Vinci's Notebook has been featured on NBC's Today Show, on Comedy Central, in the Washington Post and Washington City Paper, and are frequent guests on local radio stations.

Members: Paul Sabourin, Richard Hsu, Greg "Storm" DiCostanzo, Bernie Muller-Thym

Fourth Avenue

Take a pinch of soul, add a bit Motown, mix it all together with a little doo-wop and you have the makings of the a cappella sounds of 4th Avenue. Formed in 1993, this quintet features bass Jim Brown, baritones Scott Dawson, Ryan Holway and Chris Steward, tenor and vocal percussionist Maurice Harris. Together their diverse musical backgrounds and influences create a unique blend of music unlike any other group. 4th Avenue has performed before the Cincinnati Reds, opened for the Beach Boys, and are featured performers at Paramount's Kings Island. This group combines their voices and unique personalities to create a show of humor and harmony sure to bring audiences to their feet.

Members: Jim Brown, Scott Dawson, Ryan Holway, Chris Steward, Maurice Harris

The Metronomes

The Metronomes is a Washington DC based a cappella singing group. Formed in 1991 by former collegiate a cappella singers, The Metronomes perform an array of popular music dating from the forties to the present. The group’s unique harmonies and vast repertoire appeal to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. In addition to entertaining people on the streets of Georgetown, The Metronomes have performed at the White House for President Clinton, The US Supreme Court, The House of representatives, The Senate and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Members: John Cattaneo, Richard Oren, Kevin Page, Brad Saffer, Garth Ross, Andreas Smith



Return to Zero

Members: Doug Teel

Tongue & Groove


New York

The Accidentals

A unique mixed voice octet, The Accidentals are known for their sophisticated harmonies, off-beat sense of humor, and an eclectic repertoire of original songs and distinctive arrangements. Their many awards include MAC and Back Stage Bistro Awards for Best Vocal Group. They were also the 1995 National Champions of the Harmony Sweepstakes. The Accidentals' CDs have won several Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards, and their songs have been included in feature films and on television.

Members: Emily Bindiger, Dennis Deal, Kevin DiSimone, Margaret Dorn, Bill Mitchell, Marcia Pelletiere, Rosie Vallese, Jim Vincent

Club Spanky


The Echelons




In Rare Form


Margeaux Hayes






The Lords


The Notables


Rocky Mountain

Cool Shooz


Et Cetera


Graffiti Tribe

Graffiti Tribe was founded in 1990 by Dan Perkins and has had an interesting decade. They took home the awards of Regional Champions in 1995 and again in 1997 for the Denver Regional Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival. Since touring most of the country as one of America's most popular college acts, The Tribe has signed an exclusive record deal with Jakarta Records and will soon be touring and distributing their CDs on an international level. The Tribe is working on a new CD project which will somewhat stray from their a cappella roots. Fear not a cappella fans! This group won't leave their first love all together. Be on the lookout for the Tribe to be doing bigger and better things than ever before in the new millennium!

Members: Zack Freeman, Man Martinez, Tim Rosendo, Ray Paris, Dan Perkins, Derrick Pope



Poor Boys


Silk Threads



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