A.K.A. - Mixed Contemporary Quintet

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1995 Bay Area Regional


Mixed Contemporary Quintet

A.K.A (A Capppella for the terminally hip) consists of top vocalists from the Davis/Sacramento region of Northern California. Founding members Frank Fox (aka Dr. Doo-Wop,) Dianna Craig and Joseph Rodriguez, along with the newest spectactularly talented members Catherine LeBlanc and Chris Sanborn, tackle everything from rock, jazz, and gospel; to funk, country, and surf instrumentals. Although sticklers for detail, members have been known to break into new material in the middle of a "heavy gig" just to see if the others can "hack it." Says Fox, "…if it makes noise, we can sing it!" In real accounting life, all musicians (multi-instrumentalists) artists, poets and dancers, augmenting their incomes with the occasional accounting gig ("remember kids, always have something to fall back on!). They live by their motto… "WE DON"T NEED NO STINKING BAND!"

Members: Dianna Craig, Joseph Rodriguez, Catherine LeBlanc, Frank Fox, Chris Sanborn

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