Screaming Divas - Female Contemporary Quintet

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1995 Bay Area Regional

Screaming Divas

Female Contemporary Quintet

"The Screaming Divas totally blew me away…I hooted and applauded and pumped my fist in the air…" was Jon Carroll's response to the Screaming Divas' 1994 Harmony Sweepstakes performance (San Francisco Chronicle 2/23/94.) It's been quite a year since then: debuting at the Paradise Lounge and the Fillmore, singing for Dianne Feinstein and Hillary Rodham Clinton, and winning a SF Weekly Whammie award in the Beyond Category. These gals redefine a cappella with a Harmony Sweepstakes award for the best original arrangement of Ravel's "Bolero."

Members: Danielle Nice, Pamela Nissley, Lilli Oldfield, Mary Ann Boyd, Tina Osinski

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