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Bay Area

Beyond Zebra

Beyond Zebra is a newly formed a cappella group who enjoys expressing unique, intricate arrangements with heartfelt emotion. Like the Dr. Seuss book On Beyond Zebra about an alphabet beyond Z, the music of Beyond Zebra takes audiences beyond what they might know and expect. When you go Beyond Zebra, who knows what wonderful things you might hear?

Members: Fiona McCrae, Zareen Levien, Miya Kanzaki, Davy Lu, Jon Pilat, John Rae-Grant

Side Note

Side Note is a fun, funky, exuberant group of friends who jam together every week to sing pop, funk, disco, soul, R&B, jazz, and more. Though their diverse careers (writers, teachers, architects, engineers, dancers, nurses, entrepreneurs) make a cappella a "side note" in their lives, they work hard on their musical craft and are delighted to share it with you - let the good times roll!

Members: Ellen Le, Judy Furth, Priya Vijaykumar, Juan Carlos Martinez, Roi Matalon, Ben Cachapero, Hahns Shin, Richman Neumann
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Halfway to Midnight

Halfway to Midnight is a co-ed band of musical misfits who, having missed the thrill of the a cappella world and desiring an outlet to strengthen our individual instruments, serendipitously found each other in the midst of the great big beautiful Bay Area and begun gathering weekly to share in the blend of our voices together. Our life stories are as varied as our voices yet we find common ground in our love of instrument-free music-making and we truly hope you like what you hear.

Members: Scott Adler, Michael Barrientos, Vivek Saraswat, Gonzalo Alonso, Elana Zizmor, LeAnn Duong, Jamie Mercado

Find A Capella

We are a group of vocal singers, music lovers, and young professionals based in the Bay Area. We held our first concert on Oct 15, 2022, a few days past our first anniversary. We hosted 200 people and sang 14 songs throughout the concert. We found in music not only friendship, excitement, emotional support, but also most importantly, each other. We work on pop songs and musicals, and we also love jazz, folk, and church songs. We hope to deliver our good vibes to our audience and the community. We are 'Find A Cappella'.

Members: Charlotte Fu, Qingsen Wang, Jiawei Huang, Shuyuan Nie, Caiwei He, Di Zha, Zikai Cai


Straight outta Concord! Acanonymous was recently re-formed by Concord High School choir students seeking to expand their musical horizons. Many of our members began performing in middle school and have since covered a variety of vocal styles including barbershop and swing. We look forward to sharing our lively and funk-forward set with you!

Members: Saoirse Feiler, Caitlyn Hoshida, Amelia Erlick, Holly Hopkins, Elise Esterlin, Jumaiya Tabayoyong, Jacob Randazzo, Anthony West, Aldo Cervantes, Gabe Gonzalez Romero

Impulse A Cappella

Impulse A Cappella was founded in 2022 with the intention of offering spectacular a cappella & acoustic options for your entertainment needs. Composed of experienced musicians, Impulse aims to astound audiences with incredible a cappella renditions of your favorite songs, past and present. Whether it's a work event, celebration, or showcase, let Impulse help make your next event one to remember!

Members: Rachel Riley, Sam McCarthy, Andrew Smyth, Jen Zink, Matt Juandy

The pH Scale

Coming from Pleasant Hill, The pH Scale is Diablo Valley College s premier a Cappella group! They may be a group of 14, but BASIC is the last thing they are. Whether they are showing their dance moved or belting ballads, The pH Scale is ready to bring their all!

Members: Dennis Dunn, Casey Calderon, Ben Valdez, Rachel Lloyd, Mia Collins, Jessica Tran, Juliette Cochran, Bella Hernandez, Courtney Lucas, Anna-Lei Jones, Audrey Parco, Alysa Vassallo

Vocal Music Workshop

Vocal Music workshop has gone through many changes over the years. Originally a show choir (with full band and choreography), Vocal is at present a 12-member a cappella sensation, exploring the music of all genres and time periods. Year-round they are called upon to entertain and inspire the community, performing at sports events and private special events. Over the years Vocal has been fortunate to share the stage with amazing performers such as Bobby McFerrin, Dick Van Dyke, The House Jacks, The EDLOS, OC Times, Straight No Chaser, Rockapella, The Exchange, VoicePlay, The Philharmonic and SixAppeal.




Remedy is a co-ed contemporary a cappella group from the University of Dayton. Remedy was founded in 2012 as the University of Dayton's first a cappella group. They have been able to travel, compete, and achieve many awards in different competitive circuits. Remedy has also released an EP, 'The Compilation', on their Spotify in the summer of 2021. Remedy loves sharing their passion for a cappella and is honored to have had opportunities to entertain their audiences across the country.

Members: Ariel Radinovic, Kate Proctor, Kate Tucker, Sarah Spaulding, Cedric Mwizerwa, Deven Cannon, Jeremy Page, Jack Lynch, Evanson Good

Flannel Folk

Flannel Folk is a contemporary a cappella group based in Cedarburg, WI. Since its founding in 2018, Flannel Folk has gone on to become a household name in the greater Milwaukee area through their unique arrangements of fun and energetic music. Flannel Folk prides itself on singing many genres, including 80's Rock, Modern Hits, Barbershop, and Originals. Flannel Folk's impressive resume of performances includes the AHOU International Conference, Harley Davidson s 120th Anniversary Festival, the Wisconsin Center, Taste of Highland Park, the Bitter Jester Music Festival, and countless local venues.

Members: Edward Sherman, John Sherman, Robert Danner, Hailey Bault, Renee Bilsborough

Lake Shore Drive

Lake Shore Drive started in May, 2021 and on September 18th, 2021 was crowned the Illinois District of the Barbershop Harmony Society 2021 Quartet Champions. Lake Shore Drive's musical variety encompasses the heart and soul of the Chicago music scene from Blues, Rock and Roll and of course Barbershop.

Members: Steve Davis, Jeff Lathom, Mitch Greenberg, Steve Schoultz

Minor Mischief

A fun Twin Cities-based music group with five fabulous friends! We ve been singing together for over 10 years and don t plan to stop anytime soon. We like to do a little bit of everything. From Beach Boys to Beyonc , th ere s a little something for everyone!

Members: Anna Torgerson, Christina Case, Ricky Pierce, Nic Fairbanks, Luke Ericksen

Stiletto Quartet

Stiletto is a registered quartet with Sweet Adelines International, a worldwide organization of women singers committed to advancing the musical art form of barbershop harmony through education, competition and performance. Stiletto Quartet formed in 2017, after meeting as members of The Choral-aires Chorus of Addison, IL. Stiletto has received medals at each of their annual regional competitions. They were especially proud to become the Midwest Harmony Region 3 Quartet Champions in 2023, earning a spot to compete at the Sweet Adelines International Competition this past fall!

Members: Lindsey Bondi, Kim Blair, Cat Gattone, Linda Herza


Up All Night Quartet

Up All Night Quartet is based in the DC area. While barbershop is the main style of music that they sing, they enjoy singing a wide variety of songs and genres. Up All Night enjoys having fun and spending time together outside of rehearsal with good food and good wine. They have represented Sweet Adelines Heart of the Blue Ridge Region 14 at International Competition in 2017, 2018, and 2019. They placed in the top 15 at the Sweet Adelines International competition in 2018. Most recently, Up All Night won Sweet Adelines Heart of the Blue Ridge Region 14's contest and will be representing the region at International in Louisville in 2023. Up All Night has also competed in the National Finals for the Harmony Sweepstakes placing 3rd in 2018 and 2022. They have been singing and competing together for six years.

Members: Allison Lynskey, Sara Duffy, Heidi Wilson, Kristen Thomas

Capital Blend

Capital Blend formed in the spring of 2008 when several coworkers learned they shared a common interest in singing. Now, consisting of women from a wide variety of professions, Capital Blend is mostly comprised of former college a cappella performers and other musically inclined individuals. Capital Blend performs in and around the DC Metro area at venues ranging from the Washington Nationals Stadium to retirement communities and corporate events. The group's repertoire includes popular music, oldies but goodies, international hits, and original compositions.

Members: Zoe Bluffstone, Caity Gillooley , Alea Bell, Skylar Hamblen, Anya Kaszubowski, Sadie Aram, Julia Clunn, Liz Mueller, Cristina Watson, Brandi Rose, Mandy McHale
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Chord of Appeals

A group of all ages and all genders, singing A Cappella renditions of traditional to modern songs. Auditions every late summer/early fall and occasionally as needed.

Members: Mariah Lancaster, Dani Advani, Tori Roth, Anna Hagstrom, Amanda Mundell, Lexi Schorr, Zahra Jilani, Josh Abraham, Julian Ring, Patrick Bryant, Will Slack, Aaron Conrado
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SolFire is a barbershop quartet comprised of members of Harmony, Inc., International second place winners Bella Nova Chorus. Coming together in 2022 out of the foursome s longing to re-engage with our love of barbershop and singing after the isolation of the pandemic, Allyn, Erin, Rachael, and Emily spent time talking about their desires as a group, agreeing to be first and foremost musically entertaining, to sing a fun mix of genres, and possibly earn a medal in competition. They collectively bring many years of music experience and creativity to the stage, will always add their own particular spice to a song arrangement, and also love to delight audiences with some original songs and arrangements. SōlFire rehearses together as often as they can and has a future so bright, they ve gotta wear shades!

Members: Allyn Lloyd, Erin Cassidy-Whong, Rachael Storey-Chase, Emily Faalasli


After more than 30 years in the business, STEP4 are still performing before adoring fans and sellout crowds. STEP4 was formed in 1983 at a house party in ALEXANDRIA Va. The original members of the group are STEVN THURMAN KEVIN THURMAN ANTWAN DRAYTON REGINALD FLOOD. STEP4,s first tasted success in 1983 with the release of its first album entitled SHADYGROOVE ON THE MOVE This album produced local favorites " like LONG WAY UP & FORTUNE & SOONER OR LATER The release propelled them into the national limelight, producing several connoisseurs of falsetto based soul music of the mid 80, s Dazzling hooks and a solid false tenor propelled My Soul" STEP4 received both national and international notoriety for its tight harmony and the impeccable falsetto of lead singers,. To this day, STEP4 would not be complete without an audience singing along to "YOU REALLY NEEDED ME!! & THE WAY TOO MY HEART AND SOONER OR LATER

Over the course of their more than 30 years of performing STEP4 have shared the stage with legendary and a virtual who's who of nationally acclaimed acts.


New York

Flex Pitch

FLEX PITCH is an a cappella group based out of NYC. Originally formed as a virtual acapella group during the pandemic, they have sung in numerous different styles of music including jazz, R&B, and pop. After coming in second at the New York Harmony Sweepstakes FLEX PITCH is ready to take on the live stage with their high energy and creativity!

Members: Will Farnham , Julian James, Chelsea Melnick, Gabrielle Piacentile, Winston Yang

Mezzo A Cappella

Established in 2015, Mezzo is a all-female a cappella group that has been performing all over the tri-state area. They pride themselves on cool arrangements of contemporary tunes, as well as reinventions of classic hits. To learn more about Mezzo, check out their website at www.mezzonyc.com or follow them on social media @mezzonyc!

Members: Jenn Rodriguez, Amanda Lim, Sophia Brooks, Briana Hall, Bree Lalor, Reynetta Sampson, n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a
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Echo A Cappella

We are a semi-professional a cappella group here in New York City that pulls together singers from multiple different walks of life. Although we all have our day jobs, our love of music brought us together and Echo was formed.

Aside from working in a range of different fields, we also travel around the NYC metropolitan area performing a cappella covers of yesterday and today's hits.

Members: Abigail Clarke, Sam Gambardella, Renae Raymond, Julia Biedry, Allie Torres, Gina Amsellem, Ryan McCann, Jaryd Frankel, Andrew Nietes, Kyle Garcia, David York, David Van Dongen / Justin Heim (we have 13 members
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Juxtaposing the traditional and the contemporary, New York City's Six13 is bringing an unprecedented style and energy to Jewish music with nothing but the power of the human voice.

You may have seen them online, where they've garnered over 15 million views on YouTube and Facebook; in national media outlets like The Today Show, The View, CBS, CNN or Huffington Post; or on Bruno Mars' Facebook page (he liked their Passover version of his song so much, he posted it there himself). They've also performed at the White House for a private audience of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Six13 is anchored by a strong Jewish identity, fueled by soulful harmonies, intricate arrangements and their signature dynamic, full-band-like sound, and driven by a mission to connect Jews around the world with their heritage through music.

Members: Michael Boxer, Craig Resmovits, Mordy Weinstein, Josh Sauer, Lior Melnick, Aaron Kohl
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West Side 5

West Side 5, an award-winning vocal jazz ensemble based in New York City, is known for its refined sound and sophisticated approach to jazz. Inspired by greats like Manhattan Transfer, New York Voices, and The Real Group, WS5 has crafted its own unique sound, characterized by highly original arrangements, complex harmonies, and outstanding musicianship.

The group formed in the summer of 2009, bringing together five old college friends on the west side of Manhattan. They immediately garnered acclaim, winning the Mid-Atlantic Harmony Sweepstakes while being voted Audience Favorite and winning Best Arrangement for "Pure Imagination". They went on to be featured artists at the SingStrong A Cappella Festival, and have performed alongside groups including Blue Jupiter, Streetcorner Symphony, and The Bobs, as well as for Mayor Michael Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion in New York.

Members: Aubrey Johnson, Katie Seiler, Tomas Cruz, Eric Hughes, Dylan Pramuk

Full Score

Meet Full Score, the dynamic post-collegiate a cappella team that is striking chords in the heart of New York City. Hailing from diverse universities across the city, our talented members unite their voices to create mesmerizing acapella renditions spanning pop, R&B, and jazz. Each year, we hit the stage at various a cappella festivals and competitions, showcasing our passion for competitive innovation in acapella. But we don't stop there Full Score hosts electrifying shows every year, captivating audiences with our soulful arrangements and energetic performances. Full Score aims to inspire our audiences by delivering creative and dynamic performances that innovate the competitive a cappella scene.

Members: Tasnim Ahmed, Oz McClamrock, Kenneth Li, Sarvesh Shivnauth, Kristoff Modeste, Valentina Gomez, Liezl Gamboa, Michelle Moe, Julia Hayden, Christy Do

Sri Chinmoy Centre Choir

Students of Sri Chinmoy who perform Sri Chinmoy’s songs, with vocal arrangements by Paree Atkin. The songs themselves are spiritual in nature, very soulful and haunting, sometimes powerful, sometimes playful. Sri Chinmoy composed over 22,000 songs in his lifetime (1931-2007), both in his native language Bengali and English, and we are devoted to keeping his astounding and breathtaking legacy alive.

Members: Paree Atkin, Kanala , Chandika Kapalika, Tanima Bossart, Anjali Das


Founded in 1996, Tizmoret is Queens College Hillel s professional Jewish a cappella group. They draw singers from colleges throughout the New York City area and have taken Jewish collegiate a cappella to the next level, with a robust repertoire of classic Jewish melodies, American pop music, contemporary Israeli tunes, and everything in between. By performing at countless temples, synagogues, and bar- and bat-mitzvahs, annually touring the east coast, with eight full-length albums, two EPs and a growing list of accolades, they have garnered national acclaim as one of the best Jewish singing groups in the country.

Members: Rena Angel, Talia Leifer, Chanah Rosenberg, Shira Simchon, Rebecca Nason, Tali Isaacs, Daniel Henkin, Eli Deutsch, Noam Weinstock, Tsvi Benschar, Eitan Davidovics, Itai Segev
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Vocalight is a five-member professional a cappella group that brings a unique and modern twist to the world of a cappella music. With our seamless harmonies and dynamic arrangements, we create an unforgettable musical experience for all audiences.

Members: Natalie DiPietro, Cara DiPietro, Sydney Korpusik, Joel Korpusik, Sammy Villalva
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Pacific Northwest


Verdant is an award-winning professional a cappella group located in Eugene, Oregon. Established in 2016, our name is inspired by the lush greens of our home state. From our 2nd place win at Harmony Sweepstakes 2022, to creating our recent EP Daybreak, we imbue everything we do with our unique style and flair. Together we shape dynamic, compelling arrangements of songs from a variety of genres, including Top-40, indie pop, classic rock, and more.

Members: Cameron Graham-Mask, Cassidy Finch, Chad Lowe, Connor Eyler, David Fowler, Chloe Scheid, Esack Grueskin
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Emerald City Voices

Emerald City Voices is a Seattle-based a cappella ensemble whose members have been singing together since 2005. Originally started as a group of friends who met in a community choir, they now sing extensively during the holidays, at Mariners games, and around the Seattle area, as well as host multiple concerts benefiting local charities. The members of ECV are committed to high-quality a cappella music, entertaining performances, and having fun together!

Members: Emma Volk, Shannon Ludeman, Pam Reich, Betsy Hall, Sarah Robinson, Jess Chung, Jason Fu, Matt Smith, Patrick Daly, Andrew Williams, Andy Robinson, Jared Blatterman
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Minor Adjustment

Minor Adjustment is a contemporary co-ed a cappella group from Seattle. Catch them at various concerts in the area, or reach out for a private event!

Members: Marissa Kranz, Mykhanh Pham, Ashley Watt, Emily Aoka Yamashita, Shreya Manjunath, Don Zheng, Neil Little, Kevin Zhao, Duncan Boehle

Seatown Sound

Seatown Sound is a refuge for a cappella nerds for whom college is only a happy memory. Part social group, part professional chorus, our goal is to bring community members together to create and perform a unique variety of challenging choral pieces. Our group draws inspiration from independently-labeled artists, popular and traditional works, as well as the work of members and friends. United by our love of music, we've created a collaborative community of talented performers.

Members: Aimee Rizzo, Katie Hall, Shelby Windom, Kate Brouns, Lauren DiRe, Kathleen Brasington, Alex Entrikin, Aaron Lichtner, Evan Kuykendall, Michael Latham, Mark Engelberg, Jon Courtney
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J209 is a contemporary Christian a cappella group with a mission to uplift the younger generations of today. Based out of South Jordan Utah, this brand new group is set to hit the ground running with covers of popular Christian rock songs. With powerful arrangements and compelling harmonies, J209's 7 mixed member group is sure to set hearts on fire.

Members: Jarom Hess, Ethan Holliday, Jimmy Mohlman, Neal Stucki, Abi Urton, Kim Hess, Hailey Murphy
Website Instagram

Quayside Voices

Since 2014, Canadian Vocal Band Quayside has been entertaining audiences with their energizing a cappella take on their favourite pop hits. They ve been voted 'favourite local band', won the People s Choice at Vancouver s Yule Duel, and have been recipients of various grants and artist residencies. Quayside is celebrating their 10th birthday in 2024, and you can follow their adventures on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok at @QuaysideV. Be sure to stream their content on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube.

Members: Stephanie Lam, Troy Martell, Danjel Young, Aerhyn Lau, Elyse Kantonen
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Sorella is the contemporary vocal ensemble of Seattle Girls Choir. Directed by Lauren Kastanas, the high-school ensemble performs in pop, folk, and contemporary styles, with a focus on independent ensemble singing. Seattle Girls Choir, directed by Artistic Director Sarra Sharif Doyle, is a community that provides young singers with a high-quality music education and a place to belong. Founded in 1982, Seattle Girls Choir provides a comprehensive and progressive choral education with an emphasis on vocal technique, musical literacy, and ensemble performance. The organization provides six progressive levels of instruction for choristers in kindergarten through high school, and an elementary school training choir.

Members: Addy Smith, Adele Shuman, Bryn Fleck, Josie O'Brien, Julia Wright, Lilliana Wald, Makena Shephard, Mathilde McFadden

The Pillage People

Avast! Harken ta me as I tells ye about this here crew. We be The Pillage People, and we are of a mind to shanghai yer stage for a wee spot o' piratical caterwaulin', sure ta leave ye cheering and stomping yer feet (or pegs, as may be). We loves ta sing traditional shanties as well as parodys, or 'piratys' if ye will. We steal most of our songs, the ones we don't write ourselves. We hails from the great Land of the Port, or just Portland, if ye prefers. I can't rightly remember how many times we've dropped anchor ta perform here in the past, but it's higher than I can count. 'Course that's a mightly low bar, truth be told. We're right glad ta be here, anyway, and look forward ta a night ta remember! Yar!

Members: Roy Rasera, RC Cowlishaw, Mike Haines, Mike Mendyke, Shawn Dudley

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