The Pillage People - Male other Quintet from Portland, Or, OR

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2024 Pacific Northwest Regional

The Pillage People

Male other Quintet from Portland, Or, OR

Avast! Harken ta me as I tells ye about this here crew. We be The Pillage People, and we are of a mind to shanghai yer stage for a wee spot o' piratical caterwaulin', sure ta leave ye cheering and stomping yer feet (or pegs, as may be). We loves ta sing traditional shanties as well as parodys, or 'piratys' if ye will. We steal most of our songs, the ones we don't write ourselves. We hails from the great Land of the Port, or just Portland, if ye prefers. I can't rightly remember how many times we've dropped anchor ta perform here in the past, but it's higher than I can count. 'Course that's a mightly low bar, truth be told. We're right glad ta be here, anyway, and look forward ta a night ta remember! Yar!

Members: Roy Rasera, RC Cowlishaw, Mike Haines, Mike Mendyke, Shawn Dudley

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