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Bay Area

House Blend

HouseBlend is an a cappella male quartet performing its own pop, jazz, seasonal, folk, country, gospel and other assorted musical genres. The members of the group met through the music ministry at Concord United Methodist Church. As they sang together, they realized something special was developing. In 1998, HouseBlend was born. Almost immediately, they were in demand to sing at various occasions in the area. Their repertoire expanded with each performance, their style emerged and their sleek presentation unfolded.

Members: Doug Emigh, Jim McGuire, Bill DeGarmo, Kent Parr

Dis Moi

'Dis Moi' is a powerfully soulful A Cappella trio of women (Samantha Keller, Tamar Fogel and Heather Houston), who enchant their audiences with songs sung straight from the heart! Their musical repertoire incorporates a wide range of styles from around the globe, as well as inspired originals, with themes of love, hope, healing and unity. 'Dis Moi' means 'tell me' in French, and reflects the members' belief and hope that their music will open people to expressing themselves as they feel called. As a visionary trio, they feel that their calling is to be an integral part of the healing movement of the planet. Their radiance is intoxicating, as they shine their deep love for one another, for their music, and for humanity as a whole; inspiring the crowd to open their hearts to the healing harmonies. Their thought provoking lyrics, and grounded words of wisdom, uplift spirits, stir souls, and inspire movement in consciousness. This is not your typical A Cappella music. Let the harmonies of these lovely women take you on a journey of heart, mind and soul as they weave their voices in a unique tapestry of spirited song.

Members: Samantha Keller, Tamar Fogel, Heather Houston

Ro Sham Bo

Ro Sham Bo brings a surprising and exciting spark to the Bay Area vocal music scene. Ro Sham Bo's roots are steeped in jazz and funk, and their performances deliver an inspired blend of complexity and ease. Most group members are music educators or music educated, arrange, perform, and direct not only for Ro Sham Bo but for groups from San Jose to Black Rock City, and have taught students from Stanford University Jazz Workshop to Jazz Camp West to Blue Bear School of Music.

Members: Bonnie Doyle, Audrey Kauffman, Moorea Ragab, Ben Fendel, Fadel Shukry, Paul Kim

The Blanks

We're The Blanks, a quartet of friends who sing a cappella music and perform sketch comedy. We love to sing, entertain and make people laugh, so our shows include skits, antics, choreography (the kind a 5-year old could memorize), talking toys as lead singers (!), and mildly effective costume changes. We appeared on eight seasons of the TV show Scrubs as "Ted's Band" or "The Worthless Peons" - yup, we're those same four guys. Our unique live show appeals to fans of Scrubs but just as equally to fans of the TV show Glee, the Marx Brothers, the Three Stooges, and Monty Python.

Members: George Miserlis, Samuel Lloyd, Paul F. Perry, Philip McNiven, Toluca Lake


Clockwork is a vocal quartet who sing mostly close-harmony jazz but also our own twists on pop and rock tunes.

Clockwork, an award-winning San Francisco based vocal ensemble with a signature sound and style, performs a banquet of music from funk to gospel and R&B to standards. Rooted in the tradition of great vocal jazz groups such as the Hi-Lo's and Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, the Clockwork "sound" draws inspiration from all styles. As the great Duke Ellington said, "If it sounds good, it is good."

Experienced in both accompanied and a cappella performing, the group has arrangements for duos, trios and an 18-piece big band. Members of Clockwork have performed live with artists such as Bobby McFerrin, The Hi-Lo's , Meredith Monk, Don Shelton, Gene Puerling, Barbara Lewis, Sufjan Stevens, John Zorn, Barbara Morrison, Kent Nagano with the Deutches Symphonie Orchester and the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, The PM Singers, Heatwave, GQ, Barbara Lynn, Richie Cole, M-Pact!, the House Jacks, Boyz Nite Out, InFusion, Vocal Flight, and on Ward Swingle's Instructional video "Swingle Singing."

Members: John Paddock, Angie Doctor, Jim Hale, Stephen Saxon, Eric Freeman


Aristically based on the sound harmonic principles of Psychoacoustics and Cymatics, “Life” is the intricate weaving of delicate harmonies balanced with interpretive nuances of each individual xperience woven together as one voice. “Life” spans an acoustice spectrum from Classical to Gregorian, rhythmic World Beats to New Age etherial, Gospel to Jazz, providing a unique interactive listening experience. Their fluid, non-static and in the moment improvisational style reflects a dance of haunting intricate harmnies that engages the audience at a deep level. This unique inspiration comes from the interaction with heart, surroundings, sounds and feelings of each member and the climate of the audience they are embracing. Their focus is to express a spontaneous vocalization, capturing the life experience of the moment with their wide range of tones, rhythms and harmonic vocal effects. They also combine their musicality with visual images kaleidescopically projected matching their vocals to spontaneous imagery of color and light.

Members: Theo Olson, Reta Phillips, Steve LaBue

One of Each

One of Each ..what??? Hairstyle? Political attachment? Favorite soft drink? Nothing so deep. 'One of Each' represents our individual tastes in underwear: boxers, briefs, panties or commando. We believe that variety in intimate apparel can be the cornerstone of an a cappella group. We've performed in various Bay Area venues, ranging from the Herbst Theater to Espresso Gardern to the Gaslighter Theater to Lisa's living room. Most recently One of Each could be heard on the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento show with our instrument wielding friends of Pledge Drive. In short - One of Each is an a cappella band with an unhealthy love for our audiences. Hold us.

Members: Scott Adler, David Bender, Lisa Gallien, David Taylor


UnderAge is a group of four young ladies (ages 15-18) singing A Cappella 4-part harmony, mostly in the barbershop style. They have been working and performing together for three years. Each girl is an accomplished vocalist in her own right, thus makign their sound strong, full and mature. They not only sing with maturity and poise, but are also seasoned performers capturing their audiences with wit, humor and charm.

Members: Brittany Gilmore, Mia Dessenberger, Caitlin Smith, Mary Segura


Harmonious Soul

Harmonious Soul has a solid reputation of high caliber performances. Dedicated to peace and equality, this group boasts an incredible record, having entertained at many popular state events and venues in Connecticut. With an eclectic array of covers from traditional a cappella to country, jazz, and rock and roll, this group's music is as thought provoking as their sonority is deep. While drawing audiences with their blended sound and extensive range, this ensemble continues to perform throughout the New England area, singing from a self-invigorating and socially conscious repertoire.

Members: Andrea Barnes, Amy Bonneau, Beth D'Amato, Erika Herz, Nicole Kuca, Tobi Krutt, Amity Wahl


With their expansive vocal range, vocal dynamics, tight harmonies, "female bass" and hard hitting percussion, this NY based group offers a variety of musical styles and continually push the envelope of female vocals. Their wide range of musical influences-Gospel, Contemporar, Christian, Pop, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Spirituals, Caribbean and African, just to name a few-has lead them to create a unique style all their own. Over the years, the group has had some amazing experiences including singing churches, colleges, prisons and festivals

Members: Tia Fields, Keesha Gumbs, Kimberly Robinson, Bianka Kotee, Tameeka Gumbs


The idea of 5-Alone was conceived in the fall of 1999. I approached four students about starting a jazz a cappella quintet with myself as the fifth member. Encouraged by the succss of our first performance, we continued singing throughout the spring and debuted officially as 5-Alone at the Iron Horse in June, 2000.

Now 5-Alone is an accredited performing arts class at PVPA. We've come a long way from the days of rehearsing at lunch and after school. 5-Alone has gained a considerable amount of attention in a very short time. Awards and honors have been piling up from DownBeat Magazine, C.A.S.A., A-Capella.com, The National Harmony Sweepstakes, R.A.R.B., Primarily A Cappella, Berklee College of Music, and the I.A.J.E. 5-Alone has performed all over the world, including New York, California, and The Netherlands, and has turned the world of high school a cappella upside down.

Members: Alecia Chakour, Jorge Jones, Emily Kaufman, Tony Lechner, O.J. Martori

In The Moment

In The Moment is a group of seven women, dedicated to their passion for a cappella, amidst the complications of life with 7 husbands, 14 children, 2 dogs, 3 cats, and a variety of careers! Since 1999, they have been devoting their vocal talent and contagious sense of fun to entertaining audiences at concert halls, festivals, fundraisers, and private parties. From pop to jazz, doo-wop to hip hop, they do it all, and take pride in their versatility. Refusing to be "desperate housewives," they consistently challenge themselves to take musical risks, while remaining true to a quality sound that is uniquely their own.

Members: Ruthanne Larsen Brown, Debby Foner, Anne Kalis, Debbie Cohen Skelton, Rachel Reynolds, Betsy Morris Rosen, Amber Tol

Invisible Men

Invisible Men (IM) is a vocal band based in Manhattan, dedicated to performing tasty and propulsive arrangements of the choicest pop, rock and R-'n-B morsels.Coming out of the underground contemporary a-cappella scene, IM uses its voices-- including vocal percussion, well-amplified bass and the occasional audio effect-- to create performances as exciting and energetic as an instrumental combo. While most pop groups in the college a-cap scene (in which the IM guys honed their chops) are large and have the luxury of being able to literally recreate popular recordings using complex arrangements, IM and small bands like it are looking to create the excitement of popular music with efficient but powerful arrangements, so that while you know you're listening to voices, the sound is so full and convincing that you simply don't care. Invisible Men played its very first show on Feb. 26, 2005 at the New York Harmony Sweepstakes at Symphony Space, and took the metro vocal harmony scene by storm that night, winning Audience Favorite honors.

Members: Justin Blanding, Warren Bloom, Oliver Libby, Tyler Pennock, Angelo Rufino


Undertone is a dynamic addition to Boston's semi-pro a cappella scene, with its assortment of alumni from different college groups in the area. As they broke into the real world, they realized that careers such as information technology and investment banking didn't offer them opportunities to fulfill their rock star fantasies. Hence the birth of Undertone in 2004. Their repertoire consists of songs that pop up into Niel and Eric's heads, which usually include current and old school Pop, Rock, and R&B. Undertone's fresh sound has been permeating the region from street corners, to area middle schools and colleges, to the bars of Cambridge.

Members: Dave Blauch, Niel Francisco, Mary Hunt, Ehsan Iraniparast, Ellen Langhans, Amanda Mercier, Eric Tjonahen

The VariAsians

The VariAsians are Boston's premiere Asian American a cappella group. Their music is best described as a fusion of traditional Asian folk songs with modern pop and R&B. The VariAsians have performed at numerous venues in Boston, including the Boston Celtics FleetCenter, 2004 Democratic National Convention, 2004 Boston Folk Festival, Borders Bookstore, Ritz Carlton, Urban Nutcracker, NAAAP, Forest Hills Cemetery Lantern Festival, and various community events and fundraisers.

Members: Thuy Tran, Diep Nguyen, Robin Lang, Huy Hoang, Cleoanne Estrera, Jonathan Liu

Vote For Pedro

They're training to be cagefighters, but if that doesn't work out maybe the a cappella thing will! Vote For Pedro is a Boston-based group made up of three great-looking guys and one sexy, blonde mama. (Ok, ok. Taunia wrote this.) VFP likes to mix it up with jazz-influenced originals and standards, and they like to bring on the funny. They're just finishing up their debut CD of (mostly) originals and are excited about showcasing a few of the new tunes. VFP wishes all of the groups the best of luck! For more information about Vote For Pedro, visit the website at www.pedroband.com.

Members: Ben Jackson, Dan Lennon, Shah Salmi, Taunia Soderquist


Vocal Chaos

Vocal Chaos is an award-winning a cappella group from right here in Chicago! They have been making incredible music all over the Windy City since 1996, from Soldier Field and Cellular Field to Chicago Public Radio. They can also be heard singing a cappella in the Jennifer Aniston/Vince Vaughn movie "The Break Up". To foster collaboration and promote the art form of a cappella, they founded ACappellaFest, which in its eighth year has grown into the Midwest's largest a cappella festival. Vocal Chaos is thrilled to be back at the Harmony Sweepstakes. Look for their new EP to drop later this year!

Members: Anthony Roberts, Jeff Swearingen, Karl Solis, Paul R. Peterson, Tim Gallagher, Jordan Stoner, Sean Gorecki, Johnathan Hawkins


Moosebutter is a four-man comedy a cappella group. They have won awards from the Contemporary A Cappella Society(Best Comedy Song, 2004), The Harmony Sweepstakes (2003 International Finals runners-up), had their music included on compilation albums (Doctor Demento Basement Tapes 2005, Sing II 2005) and played live shows in front of audiences around the United States. Their tight harmony and eclectic humor have charmed audiences through two albums and countless live performances.

To handle all the performance requests they receive, moosebutter has several casts of performers. They perform with three, four, or five singers, depending on the show, and have done just about every kind of show you can imagine (Punk rock show? Check. National television? Check. Wedding reception? Check.).

Members: Tim Y. Jones, Glen Sawyer, Chris Harris, Ron Gilgamesh, Weston Wride

Home Free

A cappella. It's technically what we do. But we're not your bow-tie barbershop quartet. We're a vocal band. Which means we do more than sing - we perform - engaging audiences in a rich blend of harmonies while entertaining them.

Home Free has performed for a diverse and extensive clientele, ranging from the Minnesota Vikings, to Fortune 500 companies, Celebrity and Norwegian Cruise Lines, Allied Concert touring services, the Dutton Family from America's Got Talent and many, many more. It also devotes its time to educating and encouraging music in the public schools through innovative workshops and concert fundraising. To date, its programs have already raised tens of thousands of dollars for schools in Minnesota.

Members: Matt Atwood, Chris Rupp, Joe Kent, Joe Fine, Adam Rupp


Stripped is a vocal band that continues to stretch ideas about what a cappella music can be. Their concerts are highly focused on improvisation, audience participation, and making music that moves the spirit. The voices gathered here have blend and unity, but frequently remind the listener that individual expression can flourish within the context of a group sound, like a single flower enhances the garden with its own particular bouquet and color.

Stripped has performed throughout Chicago, singing original vocal jazz music at the Green Mill, HotHouse, Fitzgerald's, Lyon's Den, Uncommon Ground, Beat Kitchen, and 4th Presbyterian Church. Stripped received awards at the Chicago Cultural Center Cx2 competition and the 2004 Harmony Sweepstakes Regional competition. Stripped opened for jazz and R&B legend Patti Austin in summer 2004. Keep your eyes open for performances coming your way, then open your ears and prepare to be Stripped!

Members: Mariama Torruella, Amanda Crumley, Leslie Beukelman, Sean Archer, Tim Reid

An Octave Above

An Octave Above is a group of eight professional vocalists who blend years of experience and a love of a cappella harmony to every style of music they sing. From doo-wop to jazz, standards to pop, Bacharach to The Beatles, An Octave Above creates a new standard for excellence on the Chicago music scene.

Also members of prestigious Chicago-area choral ensembles including the Chicago Symphony Chorus, An Octave Above members hold degrees from Elmhurst College, Northern Illinois University, Bradley University, University of Illinois at Champaign, Western Michigan and the University of Miami.

Members: Jennifer Gingrich, Meredith Morris, Melinda Voss, Debra Wilder, Nick Falco, Andrew Dahan, Kris Monn

The Carpenter's Tools

The Carpenter's Tools are from First Baptist Church of Crawfordsville Indiana, under the direction of Joyce Fry, is adult small ensemble with a year-round traveling outreach of testimony and song. The current members are, Dale Thompson, David Kline, Jamie Menard, Kathy Tobias, Linda Wilson, Bronna Utterback, and Julia Fry. The Tool's have been singing for over 20 years, performing at Churches, sporting events, and festivals. The group has performed at State and National conferences for the American Baptist Churches. For Booking information Contact: Joyce Fry : Minister of Music,First Baptist Church of Crawfordsville Indiana 1-765-362-6504

Members: Linda Wilson, Dave Kline, Kathy Tobias, Dale Thompson, Bronna Utterback, Jamie Menard, Julia Fry


ElmoTHUMM In the summer of 2000, elmoTHUMM began performing for a few local events to rave reviews. Today, elmoTHUMM’s hard rockin’, high energy, fun filled show is featured entertainment at many of the Midwest’s top fairs, festivals & events. Their arrangements of such classics as “Some Kind of Wonderful”, “Come Go with Me”, “Ain’t that Peculiar” & “America the Beautiful”, using only their voices & percussion, will leave you shocked, amazed & applauding for more.

Members: Ed Pendleton, Jason Miller, Paul Ellinger, Greg Vaden, Adam Westmoreland

Heart To Heart

is a mixed A cappella quartet. Their eclectic mix is often compared to that of The Manhattan Transfer but what sets them apart is their unique personality and presentation, as the group comprises two married couples. It seems as though this group of people was destined to sing together. Kirk and Brad met in high school and shortly thereafter sang together in their first quartet...just the beginning of a long friendship. Kirk and Barb met while singing a duet on a community show. They married in 1986 and have been harmonizing together ever since. Nancy has sung in several vocal combinations and met Brad when introduced by a mutual friend. They married in 2001. All four have sung in vocal combinations that have achieved many accolades over the years. It made sense when the opportunity arose in 2003 that they would get together to sing.....Heart to Heart.

Members: Kirk Hyder, Barb Hyder, Nancy Charles, Brad Charles

Los Angeles

Swing Shift

Swing Shift is a vocal jazz mixed ensemble. The group's signature sound is heard in their rich harmonic treatment of pop, jazz, and Broadway standards. Over the years the group has drawn on local resources like the SMC Vocal Jazz Ensemble from which five of Swing Shift's present roster are current or past members. We are proud that many of Swing Shift's alumni have gone on to advance their careers in prestigious ensembles like the LA Master Chorale and LA Choral Lab. If you love lush sounds, complex harmonies, and creamy-smooth blend, you'll love hearing this group.

Members: Tyler Azelton, Michaela Page, Linda Richter, Solomon Katz, Andy Wolf, Phil Azelton, Richard Gilinsky


Vybration was formed in 2001 to perform at Disney's California Adventure under the name "Groove 66". The band quickly became the park's most popular atmosphere group. Its members are some of the most powerful, versatile, and in demand vocalists in all of Southern California with resume credits spanning from broadway, television, and film, to orignial rock bands, and pioneering modern music projects. Vybration is unlike many acapella sextets out there, covering a variety of music that includes traditional jazz tunes like Blue Skies and Fly Me to the Moon, rock n roll songs like Lenny Kravitz's Fly Away, pop hits such as Michael Jackson's Wanna Be Startin Something and many many more. All that have witnessed the magic in music that Vybration creates can tell you that, "Vybration is a force to be reckoned with!"

Members: Heather McMasters, Laura Dickinson, Tomasina Abate, Terron Brooks, Michael Washington, Bryan Chadima


Hi-Fidelity is considered to be one of the top a cappella show quartets in the country with a locked sound, creative packages and an extremely unique sense of humor (perhaps twisted?). Hi-Fidelity is the current Champions of the Barbershop Harmony Society's Far Western District. They have also taken top honors at another national "mixed" a cappella contest in 2002 when they were crowned the Buckeye Invitational Grand Quartet Champions. Their CD, "Almost Live" has been a big hit, and one cut (Blackbird Parody) was nominated for a CASA award in 2005. You may have seen them in some commercials too! Either as the Roto-Rooter plumbers or promoting the popular X-Box game "Tao Feng, Fist of the Lotus" (a very "painful" commercial - Check it out at www.hifidelityquartet.com). The guys are also members of the current International chorus champions, Masters of Harmony.

Members: Craig Ewing (tenor), Tom Moore (lead), Gregg Bernhard (baritone), Martin Fredstrom (bass)

Forever Paisley

The name - whimsy: the sound perfection. Singing together since 2002 Forever Paisley have already earned the reputation as a classic quartet who knows how to keep the troops happy!

Members: Sarah Hamor, Caroline McLean, Kate Walker, Jan Wyckoff


Scatitude is the newest jazz vocal group to hit the Los Angeles area. In just two months the group has established a repertoire of five challenging arrangements. Group members include a mix of seasoned professionals and gifted up and coming vocalists who are new to vocal jazz ensemble singing. The group is currently seeking new members. Interested singers can contact Beth Rohde at (310) 213-5299.

Members: Beth Rohde-Chantel, Farah Kidwai, Marti Deters, Nicholas Hiegel, Patrick Storey

Vocal Ease

Vocal Ease is the University of Arizona's premeire women's a cappella ensemble. This year, Vocal Ease is 7 members strong and performing a wide variety of music, including pop, gospel, R&B, jazz, and country. Vocal Ease has a reputation for being one of the hottest all-female a cappella groups around. The VE ladies released their first full-length album in December 2004, and followed that with the release of an EP in February of 2006. Vocal Ease just competed in the West region's ICCA quarterfinals at the University of Southern California, where they took third place honors. Vocal Ease is very honored and excited to be involved in Harmony Sweepstakes again .

Members: Aubrey Arrington, Tamara Bill, Jennifer Blodgett, Alison Davis, Lauren Freed, Julia Higgins, Kelly Montoya



Glorious has been together since 1997. During this time we have become a group of tight knit, polished and professional performers. Our unique A Cappella style leaves very little room for imperfections in our sound. Drawing from our individual spiritual backgrounds, and combining tried and true spirituals with an upbeat tempo. We create a unique listening experience. Worship, Punctuality and Professionalism are the cornerstones to our organization.

Members: Barry Fleming, Michael Lemon, Eugene Gleaton, Julius Smith, John Elliott

New Release

Imagine a laser tenor, a perfect pitch lead, a solfege-singing bari, and a monster bass, from three different states... and you've got New Release! Formed in April 2005, this extreme-energy ensemble earned silver medals three months later at the International Collegiate Quartet Contest in Salt Lake City. Believing strongly in uplifting youth in harmony, New Release has toured 11 states from Florida to Oregon, leading master classes and coaching at college campuses, high school quartet adjudications, and a cappella festivals, including SoJam in North Carolina.

Members: Ryan Griffith, Shawn Thomas, Joe Eckert, Noah Morrison

Rare Blend

Hailing from central Florida, Rare Blend fuses gospel, vocal jazz classical, swing and doo wop. Whether singing for thousands at a festival, hundreds at a convention, dozens in church or an intimate private party, Rare Blend is striking a heart-chord with Central Floridians. This will be Rare Blend's second appearance at the Mid-Atlantic Regional.

Members: Betsy Reid, Rebecca Roberson, Shannon Elswick, Greg Patterson


Regency is a five man a cappella vocal group from Baltimore Maryland. They are often called the Temptation of the twenty first century. Their musical magic has fascinated fans throughout the United States. They sing everything from 40's Swing, Elvis, Motown and Classics and Pop Tunes in their own special a cappella style that is not quite doo wop, not quite R&B, but altogether wonderful. They have won Entertainer of The Year on the college market many times, have done national commercials and have opened for many of today's leading musicians. They have NEVER performed without receiving a standing ovation. Their biggest fans are musicians who marvel at their vocal ability. Regency won the New York Regionals several years back and have not competed in several years.

Members: Dewayne McNeill, Milton Ames, Aubrey Brown Jr., John Tiller, Isaiah Simmons


Combining soaring leads, smooth harmonies, and a thumping rythm section, Transit demonstrates the power, versatility, and emotion of the most natural instrument of all - the human voice.

Members: Joseph Bates, Nick Lyons, Dave Sperandio, Brent Stephens, James Wallace

Vocal Obsession

Vocal Obsession consists of five friends who have sung in various ensembles for the past twenty years, and decided to form a group devoted to a cappella music. They have performed separately, gaining recognition in ensembles and as soloists in the US and Europe (including Orlando, Chicago, Amsterdam, Montreux, Vienna, Strasbourg, and Liege). In 2003 Vocal Obsession decided to band together to sing sans instruments. While they began primarily as a jazz group, they enjoy singing all types of contemporary a cappella tunes. This is Vocal Obsession's third appearance at the Sweeps. They won Best Original Song in 2005 and 2006. Maybe there are better things in the cards for them this year

Members: Marianne Pastelak, Donna Youngberg, Dotti Smith, Charles Braungard, Harry

New York

'Round Midnight

'Round Midnight is an award-winning "a cappella" quartet of music educators from the Long Island/Manhattan area of New York. While they sing primarily in the barbershop style, their eclectic influences range from jazz to classical and everything in between. The group is a two-time Semi-Finalist in the Barbershop Harmony Society's (BHS) International Barbershop Quartet Contest and they are also the BHS 2010 Mid-Atlantic District Quartet Champions. In addition, the foursome won the New York City Harmony Sweepstakes Championship and was bestowed with the coveted "Audience Favorite" award by overwhelming crowd vote. The quartet has received praise for their self-titled debut recording too, receiving a Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA) nomination in the category of "Best Barbershop Song" for their rendition of "Try A Little Tenderness". 'Round Midnight has been featured in an array of showcases, contests, and educational workshops spanning the United States from New York to California.

Members: Larry Bomback, T.J. Carollo, Wayne Grimmer, Jeff Glemboski
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Blue Jupiter

Blue Jupiter's all-vocal performance is nothing short of explosive! The world-touring a cappella quartet has been described as "The real deal," by rock legend, Gene Simmons; "Simply terrific" by Scott Conant of Food Network, "Incredible!" by Jane Pauly from NBC; "Nothing short of magic," by the Sands Casino Entertainment Department, and "Simply the best music act we've ever had at our schools," by the Connecticut Public Schools Board. Blue Jupiter's energetic blend of pop lead vocals, jazzy a cappella harmony and funky beatbox has garnered standing ovations in over 40 states and around the world.

Members: Marty Gasper, Chris Chatham, Toby Donnelly, Chris Thomas

The Acchords

This group's dedication to perfection emulates uncany insight and expression into melodic tones and incredibly smooth harmony. Their distinctive combination of vocal talent and showmanship engenders a feeling of all that was right with the world during an era that fashioned the greatest rock and roll music of all time.

Members: Tommy McManus, Brian Connolly, Pete Chacona, Marty Badamo

Crush on Janice

Crush on Janice formed in August 2005 and has been singing in the halls of 11 Penn Plaza ever since. We are united by a love of a cappella music and The Muppets, particularly members of the Electric Mayhem band.

Members: Sean Berg, Sarah Corman, Xerxes Eclipse, Jeff Liebert, Jane McIntosh, Lehho Rebasso, Anna Ulrich

High 5 Vocalworks

High 5 Vocalworks is one of NYC’s most dynamic vocal groups whose trademark harmonies are accompanied by wit and charm, and whose performances are notable for their total absence of reverence. (Amen.) Whether you’re a fan of Ellington, Mozart, The Beatles or Queen, this group knows how to deliver a show. Their annual Holiday concerts have been sell-outs for the last 8 years and their Broadway evenings attract crowds of all ages. Their eclectic mix is often compared to The Manhattan Transfer but what sets H5VW apart is their unique personality and presentation.

Members: Doborah Ivry, Ray Lagstein, Raina Saul, Michael Flemming, Yuval Cohen

Mystery Date

Award-winning a cappella sensation Mystery Date sings to entertain and inspire. This gay male a cappella group has roots as diverse as rock and roll, classical music, musical theater, soul, and collegiate a cappella. They delight audiences with their jazzy sound and sweet, sassy ( and sometimes irreverent) stage presence. Their repertoire defies categorization, ranging from Spike Jones and Gershwin classics to the B52s and contemporary songwriters like Alanis Morrisette and Desiree. They have performed nationwide sharing stages with a cappella legends “The Bobs”, Sweet Honey and the Rock’s Y’saye Barnwell, Lea DeLaria, The Persuasions, Kate Clinton, and Naturally Seven, among others. From New York cabarets and concert halls to theaters and arenas across the country, their performances are fueled with uncompromising musicianship, explosive energy and offbeat humor.

Members: Ken Browne, Jeff Domoto, Joshua Koffman, Bill Poock


Exciting, enthusiastic, and always entertaining, Reveille qualified for the SPEBSQSA International barbershop competition in its very first year, and is the 2002 Mid-Atlantic District quartet champions. A versatile quartet, Reveille commands a repertoire remarkable in its variety, ranging from traditional ballads, to original comedy, to Sinatra, to contemporary swing, and featuring hot charts from a variety of top arrangers, many from the fertile brain of tenor Roger Payne. All four members are also active leaders in the top-ranked Big Apple Chorus of New York City.

Members: Roger Payne, John Ward, Mark Paul, Joe Hunter


The joy of creating that magical vocal blend that singers crave brought about, in 1998, the formation of StreetHeart, New Jersey's favorite all female acappella group. In the grand tradition of doowop, StreetHeart is a five-member ensemble, singing street corner harmony with an upbeat sound, adding their beauty and fun as well. All from Central New Jersey - Betty, Dee, Bethe, Melodie, and Vicki are StreetHeart, who offer up stylish songs that employ their voices as their sole instruments.

Members: Betty Semel, Vicki Warnock, Dee Fisher, Bethe Burns, Melodie Somers

Pacific Northwest

The Baudboys

Back around 1990, a couple of the founding members of the coed Microtones decided that they wanted to form a men's a cappella group at Microsoft so that they could sing the charts from their college groups. The original quartet consisted John Rae-Grant, bass and musical director, Bill Pope, baritone, Bob Gunderson, 2nd tenor, and David Olsen, 1st tenor. True to their profession, the group's chosen name, The Baudboys, referred to the method by which modem speeds were rated. The group performed only a few times in its first years of existence, doing lunch time gigs on the Microsoft campus.

As members left Microsoft over the years, they would also leave the Baudboys, prompting natural turnover in the membership. During the 1990's, the group expanded it's membership, aiming to have two full quartets within the group. Since that time, the group has remained at 7-9 members, but the expanded membership has allowed the group to sing more complex arrangements than the 4-part charts that the founders envisioned.

Members: Mark Adolph, Owen Braun, Dave McEwen, Jonathan Schwartz, Paul Eng, Graham Sheldon, Elliot Lewis


DISH formed in late 2004 with the intention of creating sassy, original and musically excellent a cappella. They recruited potential singers through the magic of Craigslist, and after a rigorous audition process found the seven sparkling vocal personalities they call DISH. Dirty, Delisha, Diva, Sugar, Candy, Saucy, and Deep DISH offer up some scrumptious a cappella. Their lyric-writing bursts usually happen in the middle of rehearsals, and they store these disruptions in a book fondly called the DISHionary. Because traditional a cappella music doesn't cater to the bottom range of women's voices, they write many of their own arrangements. Their self-titled first album was released this year.

Members: Devon Webster, Hayley German, Shauna Hill, Llyra de la Mere, Natalie White, Laney Williams

Double Deuce

Double Deuce was formed in 1998, even though they discovered each other about 15 years ago. Each of the members brought years of singing experience to the quartet, and they soon found that audiences enjoyed their combined a cappella sound. In the beginning they concentrated on barbershop, but as time went on, they incorporated contemporary harmonies from groups like the Four Freshman and the gospel sounds of the Gaither Quartet. They have entertained audiences throughout the Northwest, performing virtually everywhere from concert stages to small coffee houses to private homes.

Members: Matt Yorkston, Rick Smith, Dan Evans, Jerry Potter

Four Real

Four Real, quartet hails from Abbotsford, British Columbia, as a registered quartet with Sweet Adelines International. They started singing together in the Fall of 2004, and have developed a harmonious friendship over and above the music by sharing their personal challenges and victories in life. Most of their rehearsals end up having more storytelling time than singing time! They are proud members of Green Heart Chorus, the 2004 Small Chorus Champions of Western Canada with Sweet Adelines International. Four Real is excited to have the opportunity to participate in this Northwest Regional A Cappella Festival.

Members: Cindy Rintoul, Linda Dickinson, Erin Toews, Leigh Fadden

Klapa Doo Wopella

Klapa Doo Wopella is one of the world's oldest ongoing musical ensembles devoted exclusively to singing a cappella. KlapaDooWopella specializes in traditional Croatian "Klapa" singing. Klapa singers are a cappella minstrels that hang out on boat docks and street corners along the Adriatic coast of Croatia. The passionate harmonic blend of traditional Klapa songs evokes uncaught fish, raging seas, and lost love. Despite forays into other genres, the quartet always returns to its first love, the moan of the sea that is the primal chord of the Klapa song.

Members: Phil Parham, James Hoath, Bill Weis, Ted Hunter


Mockingbird is an acappella trio, consisting of Robin Wallbridge, Sherrie Lutsch and Lesley Rigg. They have been delighting audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest for over eight years. Brewing their own songs, both humorous and heartfelt, about daily life (motherhood, coffee, rain, relatives and love), they also sing messages about tolerance, unity, and peace. Mockingbird is available for benefit concerts, special events, library programs, fairs, festivals, and private parties.

Members: Robin Wallbridge, Sherrie Lutsch, Lesley Rigg

Tongue Tied

Tongue Tied A Cappella has been dazzling audiences since 2002. Their distinctive arrangements create a very unique sound in the a cappella world. From classic '80s rock to original heartfelt ballads, Tongue Tied A Cappella covers a broad spectrum of previously unattempted a cappella sounds. This group of five from Northern Utah has entertained thousands, sharing stages with The Standards, T Minus 5, Eclipse, and many others. They have performed all over the Western US, and competed in the Northwest Regional Harmony Sweepstakes in 2003. Their first album "Mix It Up" showcases their mix of incredible sound, luscious bass, and original harmony.

Members: Jake Tesch, Jason Mark Tesch, James A. Case, Ryan J Brierley, Todd Becraft

Transit Quartet

Transit, is an international women's barbershop quartet, adding equal parts of Canadian and American flavors to their mix. This group of creative and lively women offers a twist on familiar tunes like "Hooked on a Feeling," they do a hot swing rendition of "Jazz Me Blues," and audiences warm to their Celtic arrangement of "The Parting Glass." Transit has performed throughout the US and Canada over the past 15 years, bringing individual talents from backgrounds in musical comedy, cabaret and choral singing. This eclectic group will be sure to conjure up fond memories as well as create new ones!

Members: Katy Hawley, Leslie Liberman, Corinna Barriock, Rose Epp

Rocky Mountain

The Plumbers of Rome

While serving as court musicians/crepe chefs at the court of Charles VII in the 13th century (they were not allowed to serve as the Royal Plumbers, since plumbing was at that time considered to be a form of witchcraft) the Plumbers of Rome invented a device to hurl food and concert T-shirts into the starving peasant section of the King's Concert Hall. Adapted for military use, and named the Trebuchet, this modest invention lead the French army to many victories, as well as adding to the festive atmosphere of French wedding receptions and modern day Renaissance Festivals. While history has all but forgotten the inventors of the Trebuchet, the Plumbers are commemorated in the traditional French carol ballade de l'arme romaine aim'e de plombier.

Members: Randy Jackson, Ernie Stuckowitz, Ron Gilgamesh


Ignition! was formed in February 2004. Despite a couple of personnel changes, Ignition! has stayed together. In the summer of 2005, Ignition! added Dan Testa as the new Tenor and recently added Matt Swann as the new Baritone. Ignition! has been fortunate to perform several shows and travel to many places thus far...and hope to do a lot more of it in the future! They made their contest debut in April 2004 after just a few weeks of rehearsal; the quartet was a few points away from a wild card invitation to the 2004 International contest. The following fall Ignition! placed 2nd in the Rocky Mountain District contest. The quartet posted a qualifying score for the 2005 international contest in Salt Lake City, but due to personnel changes were unable to compete. Ignition! became RMD champions in October of 2005, and placed 21st at the 2006 international contest in Indianapolis. In 2007 in Denver the quartet rose significantly in the rankings and finished in 12th place at International.

Members: Dan Testa, James Taylor, Curtis Terry, Denny Malone

Cool Shooz

Cool Shooz is an amazing group of six singers who perform classic Rock and R&B, sprinkled with some gospel and jazz. They have performed along the Front Range for ten years, wowing crowds with great harmony and making them laugh in the process. The guys started out singing for tips on Boulder‚s Pearl Street Mall and have built a solid reputation as professional entertainers and top notch musicians. “Fun, amazing, funny” is how one fan described our show. Cool Shooz can be seen (and heard) regularly at clubs and festivals in the Denver area and along the Front Range anywhere harmony is appreciated.

Members: Dave Small, Chase Darnell, Jeff King, Marc Johnson, Dutch Miller, Tom Conner

Curious Gage

Working out of Fort Collins, Curious Gage has been a fixture in the contemporary a cappella scene for over three years. With performances throughout Colorado, including the Denver Coliseum, this award-winning a cappella ensemble flawlessly captures the energy and intensity of today‚s hottest Rock bands. Their unique blend of pop, jazz, Rock and soul unites in strikingly vibrant harmony, complemented by their extensive professional backgrounds. With commanding solos, powerful bass and driving vocal percussion, Curious Gage is one group you don‚t want to miss!

Members: Nic Widhalm, Zach Tait, Phil Thompson, Tom Miles, Carleen Widhalm

Left on Spruce

If you're driving through Boulder Colorado, take a left on Spruce. Look for the second house in, follow the walkway to the front door, and inside, five singers are speaking a cappella. No way, oh? Way, ah. Left on Spruce started as a creative outlet for its five members, all of whom have a rich history of vocal performance and music education - as rich as one can be at twentysomething. Every performance brings solos, vocal percussion and unique chords from all directions. Arranging music as a group, pushing each other's creativity and locking into a cappella are the things that drive Left on Spruce.

Members: Scott Callahan, Kevin Heinz, Cory Winding, Edwina Hebert, Brenda Poell

Six Guys Named Blake

Six Guys Named Blake actually consists of seven guys, but of course, there are eight guys in our photo and six of them aren‚t actually named Blake. Never mind. ŒSix Guys‚ discovered their love of a cappella music at Fairview High School via three great vocal music directors who have opened doors for many performers. A cappella has become a creative outlet for the young men of this group as well as an opportunity to "let loose" and perform with Œflare.‚ Since all but one of the seven guys are seniors, lessons learned through this vocal band adventure will be carried on elsewhere as they continue their musical quest.

Members: Blake Stepan, Trevor Babb, Jesse Thurston, D.L. Mungo, David Paxman, Daniel Cooper, Peter Driscoll

Stayin, Outa Treble

Stayin‚ Outa Treble is one of the newest and most exciting vocal bands to appear on the Rocky Mountain scene. Refugees of such prestigious choral groups as Colorado Chorale and as sublime as folk trio Cottonwood, our collective stage and studio accomplishments are awesome. Our common bond is love of mountains, and the fact we are a band of borderline schizophrenics drawn together by an eclectic assortment of a cappella. Our music includes pop, Rock, folk, show tunes and straight-ahead jazz. We do it the big vocal band style with a wonderfully perverse sense of humor. That’s how we are Stayin‚ Outa Treble.

Members: Julie Cotton, Nikki King, Sandy Buckstein, Ray Podjasek, Eva Bridgeforth, Barb Henry, Bill Wilton


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