Life - Mixed World Trio from Los Gatos, CA

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2006 Bay Area Regional


Mixed World Trio from Los Gatos, CA

Aristically based on the sound harmonic principles of Psychoacoustics and Cymatics, “Life” is the intricate weaving of delicate harmonies balanced with interpretive nuances of each individual xperience woven together as one voice. “Life” spans an acoustice spectrum from Classical to Gregorian, rhythmic World Beats to New Age etherial, Gospel to Jazz, providing a unique interactive listening experience. Their fluid, non-static and in the moment improvisational style reflects a dance of haunting intricate harmnies that engages the audience at a deep level. This unique inspiration comes from the interaction with heart, surroundings, sounds and feelings of each member and the climate of the audience they are embracing. Their focus is to express a spontaneous vocalization, capturing the life experience of the moment with their wide range of tones, rhythms and harmonic vocal effects. They also combine their musicality with visual images kaleidescopically projected matching their vocals to spontaneous imagery of color and light.

Members: Theo Olson, Reta Phillips, Steve LaBue

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