Left on Spruce - Mixed Quintet

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2006 Rocky Mountain Regional

Left on Spruce

Mixed Quintet

If you're driving through Boulder Colorado, take a left on Spruce. Look for the second house in, follow the walkway to the front door, and inside, five singers are speaking a cappella. No way, oh? Way, ah. Left on Spruce started as a creative outlet for its five members, all of whom have a rich history of vocal performance and music education - as rich as one can be at twentysomething. Every performance brings solos, vocal percussion and unique chords from all directions. Arranging music as a group, pushing each other's creativity and locking into a cappella are the things that drive Left on Spruce.

Members: Kevin Heinz, Cory Winding, Scott Callahan, Edwina Hebert, Brenda Poell

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