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Bay Area


Clockwork is a vocal quartet who sing mostly close-harmony jazz but also our own twists on pop and rock tunes.

Clockwork, an award-winning San Francisco based vocal ensemble with a signature sound and style, performs a banquet of music from funk to gospel and R&B to standards. Rooted in the tradition of great vocal jazz groups such as the Hi-Lo's and Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, the Clockwork "sound" draws inspiration from all styles. As the great Duke Ellington said, "If it sounds good, it is good."

Experienced in both accompanied and a cappella performing, the group has arrangements for duos, trios and an 18-piece big band. Members of Clockwork have performed live with artists such as Bobby McFerrin, The Hi-Lo's , Meredith Monk, Don Shelton, Gene Puerling, Barbara Lewis, Sufjan Stevens, John Zorn, Barbara Morrison, Kent Nagano with the Deutches Symphonie Orchester and the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, The PM Singers, Heatwave, GQ, Barbara Lynn, Richie Cole, M-Pact!, the House Jacks, Boyz Nite Out, InFusion, Vocal Flight, and on Ward Swingle's Instructional video "Swingle Singing."

Members: Angie Doctor, Eric Freeman, John Paddock, Jim Hale, Stephen Saxon
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Ready, Willing and Mabel

This Los Angeles-based vocal jazz group has been singing together since 2003, and has developed a loyal and enthusiastic following for its unique A Cappella style and lively personality. The group's sound has been described as "compelling," "mesmerizing," and "a cocktail for the ears!" The foursome, who describe themselves as "self-confessed chord freaks", share a passion for "dangerously close harmonies" and "songs that can melt the heart!" A powerful combination indeed!

The Group Members: Caroline McLean, the group's lead singer, hails from Leeds, England.Kate Walker, alto, originates from beautiful Christchurch, New Zealand.Peter Neushul, tenor, is a native Los Angelino (claiming to be a descendent of Attila the Hun!). Jim Campbell, bass, has been singing professionally since 1991 when he moved to Los Angeles from Louisville, KY.

Members: Caroline McLean, Kate Walker, Peter Neushul, Dave Taylor, Robert Clark

Richter Scales

The Richter Scales are a bevy of gentlemen songsters, all residents of the San Francisco Bay Area. They perform selections from a wide variety of genres, including American standards, Broadway, Motown, and contemporary music..

Formed originally as a band of semi-organized scavengers in the wreckage of the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, the "Richter Scabs" (as they were then known) didn't actually "sing a cappella" until the Fall of 2000. The intervening period, known as "The Lost Years" by current group members, was filled with raucous enterprises involving menial labor and incarceration. Most of those "tall tales" are, unfortunately, wholly inappropriate for these pages..

Members: Brian M Rosen, Jerry Cain, Gray Norton, Nolan Love, Nils Erdman

Copper Wimmin

Copper Wimmin are three obstreperous young women who set audiences on fire with their brilliant lyrics, haunting voices and fierce harmonies. They create a sacred hurricane of sound which leaves their audiences spellbound and often, in tears. Creating a buzz wherever they go, these vocal amazons have been singing together since they were twelve years old. They have evolved a sound so moving, so pure, that upon hearing them many recall a collective memory in which women sang together in caves and cathedrals before time began.

Copper Wimmin are a sonic epiphany. They weave their voices together so expertly that it is hard to know where one voice ends and the other begins. The combined impact of the arrangements, lyrical content and outrageous stage presence is that of a sublime sledgehammer effortlessly crashing through the door that separates the soulless from the sacred. Also appearing on the Bay Area Regionals stage in 1999, they were also finalists in the Lilith Fair talent search.

Members: Alyx Benham, Sophia Mallie, Tenaya Wallach

Corner Table

Corner Table brings you the elegance and romance of years past with the excitement and energy of the 21st century. We are a mixed vocal quartet specializing in the time-tested songs of the 1930s and 1940s, an era rife with such greats as Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Bing Crosby, Fats Waller, and Louis Armstrong. Corner Table presents this timeless music through the talents of four amazing young Bay Area singers, whose powerful and soulful voices will take your breath away!

Members: Mayank Thanawala, Larry Kass, Jennifer Yax, Janna Mordan

Midnight Special

A brand new vocal groups at a choral suppressed school. Half the group is completely devouted to jazz music while the other half wants to do nothing but modern/pop. This group is student created, and student run. All music is obtained through students as well as fundraising and perfromances.Midnight Special works in correlation, as a sub-group of the TRI-M chapter at West High School. We focus on vocal improvement and development while attempting to glorify the music program at West High School. Midnight Special is also greatly involved with TRI-M in raising money for charities. Being a completely student run orginiaztion we are not often taken seriously but we have a lot of talented individuals who are just trying to improve while improving our school's music reputation.

Members: Hannah, Royce, Rose, Kaylee, Sabrina, Claudia, Amanda


O Face started on a fateful cold day in October of 2001, when a couple of veterans of Bay Area musical groups grew tired of lugging heavy equipment to innumerable gigs. The 5 members of O-Face! come from a variety of non-musical backgrounds: a lawyer, a photographer, a student, a CPA, and a database designer. What they have in common is a love of singing. Their eclectic a cappella repertoire includes straight-ahead rock and roll and the syncopations of a Latin groove, but theyÕre at their best when they indulge their sense of humor: screaming Argonauts attack, a jilted boyfriend performs surgery on himself, and winsome bullfrogs are wooed. The broadly appealing result is what O-Face! calls “ear-catching entertainment” for everyone. O-Face! has brought their vocal mayhem to festivals, charity events, and venues of just about every kind around Northern California.

Members: Rob, Mike, Grant, Deb, Nate

One Of Each

...what??? Hairstyle? Political attachment? Favorite soft drink? Nothing so deep. 'One of Each' represents our individual tastes in underwear: boxers, briefs, panties or commando. We believe that variety in intimate apparel can be the cornerstone of an a cappella group. We've performed recently in various Bay Area venues, from the San Francisco Cabaret competition to pharmaceutical company Christmas parties to workshops for local children's choirs. Not to be confused with the identically named (and virtually unknown) rock band from Portland, the One of Each you'll hear tonight is an a cappella band with an unhealthy love for our audiences. Hold us.

Members: Scott Adler, David Bender, Lisa Gallien, David Taylor

Public Apology

This ambitious young quartet formed in high school three years ago when they each scored a scholarhsip to Harmony Camp. There, they discovered their sweet blend of sounds AND acquired their name. With their passion for harmony, these four guys are the perfect candidates for being kicked out of public places for singing too much, but on stage they think you will enjoy their performance as much as they will enjoy performing for you. Their styles range from barbershop, do-wop, contemporary a cappella, to R & B.

Members: Matt Freeman, Matt Holsinger, Dewight Mitchell, Enrique Ruiz

Three 5 and 6

Three 5 & 6 is an urban a cappella band from Sacramento that utilizes the human voice to incorporate gospel, hip-hop, funk and rap into energizing, danceable music. This all male vocal band imitates the full depth of instrumental sounds found in a classic R&B or funk band as opposed to the traditional "blended, one-voice" A Cappella sound. Their powerful beats drive a truly dynamic musical experience that fully engages and energizes the listener. THREE 5 AND 6's full length debut CD,"Urban A Cappella" was released in December of 2003. Be forewarned! Their music can be addicting and habit forming.

Members: Steve Pearce, Dave Enns, Maximillian Reynolds, Todd Halverson, Jason Isaac



F'loom is an avant cappella vocal trio that presents cutting-edge programs of "language music" - original pieces that inhabit the fertile, mysterious realm that lies between pure language (speech) and pure music (song). F'loom performs original all-vocal compositions seething with satire, social commentary, pop diatribe, slap, zap, melody, poetry, and comedy.

Members: Robert Kulik, Bess Phillips, Rick Scott


Fretless made its debut in June of 1999 at the First Parish Unitarian Church in Bedford, MA. In 2004, we competed at the Eastern Regional Harmony Sweepstakes at Tufts University's Cohen Auditorium, winning third place. In 2005, we produced our first CD entitled "All the Things We Are".

Fretless weaves the soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass voices of five accomplished performers into a tapestry of lush harmonies and fascinating lyrics. Our repertoire includes an adventurous mix of lively pop songs, Broadway classics, demanding classical works, and off-beat selections from the great American songbook.

Members: Anna S. Choi, Sue Wellington, David Getty, Bill Reed, Charlie Hodges

Road Show

Road Show performs for Barbershop Chapters of the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS), Sweet Adelines, Int. (SAI) Harmony Inc. (HI) as well as many non-barershop events and private occations. In addition to winning the Northeastern District Championship, Road Show won the N.E. Harmony Sweeps Acapella contest which is the premier American showcase for vocal harmony music.

Members: Mike Gabriella, Mike Maino, Bob O’Connell, Rick Spencer


The idea of 5-Alone was conceived in the fall of 1999. I approached four students about starting a jazz a cappella quintet with myself as the fifth member. Encouraged by the succss of our first performance, we continued singing throughout the spring and debuted officially as 5-Alone at the Iron Horse in June, 2000.

Now 5-Alone is an accredited performing arts class at PVPA. We've come a long way from the days of rehearsing at lunch and after school. 5-Alone has gained a considerable amount of attention in a very short time. Awards and honors have been piling up from DownBeat Magazine, C.A.S.A., A-Capella.com, The National Harmony Sweepstakes, R.A.R.B., Primarily A Cappella, Berklee College of Music, and the I.A.J.E. 5-Alone has performed all over the world, including New York, California, and The Netherlands, and has turned the world of high school a cappella upside down.

Members: Erin Richardson, Arla Berman, Emily Kaufman, Andrea Aguayo, O.J. Martori, Ian Littell, Rob Ventulett

Acapella Serenade

Acapella Serenade formed only a short time ago in the summer of 2003. They made their debut at the Bolton Landing Barbershop Festival on Labor Day weekend where they placed 2nd in a field of 64 quartets while also capturing the “Sexiest Quartet” Award! They like to do a wide variety of acapella music including pop, contemporary, and barbershop.

Members: Ruth Berman, Beth Green, Maria Gabriella, Laura Wonderlie

Downtown Crossing

Downtown Crossing (DTX) is one of the newest vocal bands on the Boston scene. Originally founded as an all-male group in January 2003, the men of DTX quickly realized they needed some female influence. Now mixed and six members strong, DTX specializes in original songs and innovative, high-energy covers of alternative, modern rock, and R&B tunes.

Members: Eric Chung, Val Hildebrant, Ben Jackson, Mike Linnetz, Erika Tower, Tehshik Yoon

East Side Story

A vocal band from the Boston area, ESS is an exciting new group of people who are looking to turn some heads in 2004. ESS's songs will have you up out your seat and eager to sing along! The group performs covers of pop, rock, and current Top-40 hits, and is looking to expand its repertoire with original tunes! Originally formed with six men during the Summer of 2002, East Side Story has seen several changes to its original roster. With the additions of Candice, Holeigh, Melanie, and Nic in the fall of 2003, and Sean a few months later, East Side Story has transformed into the group it is today - a young, enthusiastic, passion-for-a-cappella-filled group of musicians looking to make a name for themselves in the coming months. 2004 is going to be an incredible year for ESS - stay tuned for the next chapter in their story!

Members: Melanie Armstrong, Ken Bowers, Sean Dargie, Candice Gomes, Dan Huff, Holeigh Morin, Nic Tuttle

Integration By Parts

Integration By Parts is a six-member, co-ed group which as been performing in the greater Boston area since 2001. This merry band of music veterans has crafted a unique sound influenced heavily by jazz, and was awarded Best Original Arrangement at the 2003 Boston Harmony Sweeps. Known for their tight vocal harmonies, but never in danger of taking themselves too seriously, the members of IBP infuse their performances with exuberance and a healthy shot of humor. In recent months, IBP has headlined local venues including the Cantab Lounge and the Barking Crab, and been featured in a range of festivals as disparate as "The Tribe Presents." comedy showcase and the Mary Baker Eddy Library's "Circle of Song" concert series. Integration by Parts: a cappella without limits!

Members: Jeff Alderson, Liz Baraff, Mike King, Carolyn Schneyer, Anna Sergel, Greg Simpson


Vocal Chaos

Vocal Chaos is an award-winning a cappella group from right here in Chicago! They have been making incredible music all over the Windy City since 1996, from Soldier Field and Cellular Field to Chicago Public Radio. They can also be heard singing a cappella in the Jennifer Aniston/Vince Vaughn movie "The Break Up". To foster collaboration and promote the art form of a cappella, they founded ACappellaFest, which in its eighth year has grown into the Midwest's largest a cappella festival. Vocal Chaos is thrilled to be back at the Harmony Sweepstakes. Look for their new EP to drop later this year!

Members: Anthony Roberts, Jeff Swearingen, Karl Solis, Drew Dahan, Jim Pretkelis, Jason VanCauwenberge, Paul Peterson, Tim Gallagher


Stripped is a vocal band that continues to stretch ideas about what a cappella music can be. Their concerts are highly focused on improvisation, audience participation, and making music that moves the spirit. The voices gathered here have blend and unity, but frequently remind the listener that individual expression can flourish within the context of a group sound, like a single flower enhances the garden with its own particular bouquet and color.

Stripped has performed throughout Chicago, singing original vocal jazz music at the Green Mill, HotHouse, Fitzgerald's, Lyon's Den, Uncommon Ground, Beat Kitchen, and 4th Presbyterian Church. Stripped received awards at the Chicago Cultural Center Cx2 competition and the 2004 Harmony Sweepstakes Regional competition. Stripped opened for jazz and R&B legend Patti Austin in summer 2004. Keep your eyes open for performances coming your way, then open your ears and prepare to be Stripped!

Members: Mariama Torruella, Gayle Bisesi, Leslie Beukelman, Sean Archer

Chapter 6

The group's boundless range and appeal has resulted in one of the most diverse touring schedules in the music industry. Whether at an opera house, symphony hall, campus, church, corporate or community event, or aboard a cruise ship, Chapter 6 is right at home. Opera houses are often repeat clients, while the Association for the Promotion of Collegiate Activities' audiences named Chapter 6 "Entertainer of the Year" (2005). Chapter 6 has performed theatrical pops programs with over ten major metropolitan symphony orchestras in association with The Symphonic Pops Consortium, yet returns to the intimate classroom where the group has conducted over a hundred master-classes for high school choirs. Finally, their Christmastime concert is a favorite among churches and arts venues offering holiday programming.

Members: Luke Menard, Nathan Pufall, A.D. Stonecipher, Jarrett Johnson, John Musick, Mark Grizzard, Charles Bosworth

Straight No Chaser

The group originally came together in the fall of 1996 at IU, basically as "10 guys who happened to be good friends who also liked to sing." Choosing the members carefully for personality as well as vocal talent - Stine, Mechling, Jerome Collins, David Roberts and Walter Chase remain from the original lineup -- SNC set itself apart from other a cappella groups with its contemporary repertoire and dynamic approach, quickly headlining concerts both in Bloomington and on road dates. SNC recorded three independent albums, and John Mellencamp even invited the group to his home for a private performance.

When the founders began graduating in 1999 and went on to jobs mostly outside of music, they chose replacements and established SNC as an ongoing group on campus with future generations of ambitious IU undergrads. More than 50 members have passed through the group's ranks so far.

Members: Adam Basey, Sargon Isho, Jeff Tanski, Chris Ryan, Steve Wolf, Adam Stulberg, Corey Frye, Adam Rich
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Four Bettys

The Four Bettys are the 2008 Sweet Adelines International Champion Quartet. With a combined 40+ years singing and numerous national and international awards, they share a passion for performing. The Bettys just love an audience, and have enjoyed a wide variety of performance situations including concerts, barbershop chapter shows, special events, serenades, or even drive-by singings. The Bettys have sung for audiences in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Nevada, Kansas, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Florida, Canada, Maryland and can soon be seen in Oregon, California and Hawaii. Last May, the Bettys had the rare honor of headlining a show at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

Members: Wendy Ahlgrim-Bellandi, Lynda Keever, Cori Albrecht, Heather Mears


Rendezvous is a mixed a cappella quartet from the Chicago area. They have very diverse interests and careers, but share a common joy in singing a cappella music. All four are accomplished singers in the barbershop style, now they get together to sing in a style that is truly their own. Their repertoire ranges from popular songs to jazz, folk and gospel, and there is sure to be something for everybody in each of their performances. Rendezvous has performed in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Oregon, New Mexico, and as far away as St. Petersburg, Russia. They recently recorded a new jingle that will be airing nationwide on radio and television for Empire Today (formerly Empire) Carpets.

Members: Lynda Keever, Jennifer Schwarz, Mark Keever, Andy Isbell


Pride (and 2003 Champions) of SPEBSQSA's Illinois District, Alchemy has been rising steadily through the Barbershop competition in their quest for the Gold. These 15 songs show us how much this group has polished and refined their sound in the process. 'Old St. Louie,' 'Birth of the Blues,' 'I Only Have Eyes for You,' the very apt 'Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans,' 'Dayton, Ohio) 1903,' the very funny 'Mississippi Squirrel Revival,' the deathless 'Lida Rose' in medley with 'Will I Ever Tell You,' 'Gospel Medley' and 'Stars Fell On Alabama' are pure Barbershop entertainment, that play on our heartstrings and nostalgia strings with the best of them. Sweet harmonies, pure ringing chords-this is the good stuff. Enjoy!

Members: Ken Gillie, George Sotos, Rick Anthoney, Mark Keever

The Coverdales

The Coverdales formed in the Spring of 2003 as graduation from Indiana University was rapidly approaching. Having performed together in IU's nationally renowned men's a cappella group, Straight No Chaser, Ryan Ahlwardt, Michael Luginbill, Jon Mulholland, and Michael Seidenstein soon set off for the high seas. The quartet sailed onboard the Celebrity Cruise Line vessel, GTS Summit, performing for six months in various locales such as Alaska, Latin America, and the Caribbean. These four gentlemen proudly bring their love for singing and performing together to you tonight and hope you enjoy their tight harmonies, outstanding soloists, and dynamic charisma.


Los Angeles

Swing Shift

Swing Shift is a vocal jazz mixed ensemble. The group's signature sound is heard in their rich harmonic treatment of pop, jazz, and Broadway standards. Over the years the group has drawn on local resources like the SMC Vocal Jazz Ensemble from which five of Swing Shift's present roster are current or past members. We are proud that many of Swing Shift's alumni have gone on to advance their careers in prestigious ensembles like the LA Master Chorale and LA Choral Lab. If you love lush sounds, complex harmonies, and creamy-smooth blend, you'll love hearing this group.

Members: Lisa Clark, Arlene Evans, Macain Treat, Lisa Dunn, Richard Gilinsky, Joe Obermueller

Down 4 The Count

Down 4 The Count began in 2003, when six CSU Northridge students in the University's vocal jazz ensemble found they shared a common interest: wanting to sing ensemble vocal jazz without those pesky instrumentalists: in other words, A Cappella! Since that time, Down 4 The Count has won multiple awards (including three song-arrangement awards and 1st place at the 2009 San Diego A Cappella Competition) and they have performed at venues all over the greater Los Angeles and San Diego area, including the Jazz Bakery, The Coach House, The Coffee Gallery Backstage, San Diego IndieFest, and many more.

Members: Colleen Keene, Francesca Delfin, Genevieve Artadi, Andreas Preponis, Tara Romine, Matt Reynolds


Back in the early 90s, Alpha brought imagination, determination, and integrity to their artistry when the model for groups of their kind was a safe commercial blend. Their superiority in every aspect of vocal arranging and performing began to get them known in Puerto Rico and Latin America. Their performances in major sporting events, as background vocalist with award winning vocalist and bands, and several appearances on entertainment TV programs has earned them their place as one of the most enduring and best-loved vocal groups in Puerto Rico. Truly inspired by groups like Boyzz to Men, Glad, and Take 6, Alpha fashioned their own a cappella style: „a Latin Jazz Gospel vocal band where ALL the instruments are sung instead of played¾. Get ready to have the most fun you can legally have while listening a cappella. Que sabor!

Members: Edgar Rios, Abel Martinez, Abi Hernandez, Ludwig Henderson, Sonlys Andino, Shalom Rodriguez, Johnny Davis Figueroa

Funk Divas

The Funk Divas are an a cappella force to be reckoned with. Hailing from all over the world, (Sweden, Chile, Russia, New Caledonia, and the United States) these five women are blending their voices as one with a fresh, contemporary sound. Each a dynamic soloist in her own right, these five artists represent the best vocal talent that Musicianis Institute has to offer. With custom tailored arrangements by Douglas Wood (formerly of the award-winning Chicago Voice Exchange) the Funk Divas will rock the house with soul, passion & air-tight harmonies.

Members: Mini Neufeld, Sonia Baicheva, Maiya Sykes, Natacha Volk, Shawna Basick

Paradigm 7

Started off as members of an adult church choir based in Lakewood, CA. There, they developed an appreciation and love for harmony that would lead them to venture into other categories of music from jazz to R&B, to Broadway tunes. Aside from performing at numerous business functions and private gatherings, this quintet plans to focus more on developing their original arrangements in the coming year.

Members: Hau'oli Guerrero (tenor), Adrian Martin, Kristian Martin (bass), Melissa Martin (soprano), Elena Zamuner (alto)


Bringing a fresh and exciting style to barbershop music, Starstruck are a treat for the ears - and the eyes. These sparkling 15 years old are the 2002 Sweet Adelines Region 11 Young Women in Harmony quartet champions, and they'll show you what it's all about. Ventura County favorites Starstruck recently appeared (for the third year) with Dick Van Dyke and his Vantastix on the 7th Annual Ventura County High School Choral Benefit Show

Members: Joanna Wilkinson (tenor), Erin Cardin (lead), Tracey Tipton (bass), Alison Wilkinson (baritone)


1. A system of prioritizing need to ensure the most efficient use of facilities (i.e.: notes). 2. A system used to allocate a scarce commodity (notes) to those capable of deriving the greatest benefit. Formed in 2002, the musical group Triage is a mix of eclectic backgrounds and a shared love of harmony. They arrange and perform a cappella and accompanied music in a wide range of styles, including classical, jazz, and rock-and-roll. Never have so few done so much with three little notes (apologies to Winston Churchill).

Members: Daryl Lubinsky, Sheila Coyazo, Stacey Morse

Vocal Ease

Blended harmonies filling the hall with symmetry of sound, that's Vocal Ease, University of Arizona's premier, female, a cappella vocal ensemble. From being featured artists at the Tucson Jazz Society's Primavera concert in Spring 2001 to providing music while customers enjoy a cup of java, this versatile performing group is in their third season of performing.

Members: Katherine Byrnes, Tamara Bill, Kim Henry, Carolyn Johnston, Eliza Tebo, Julia Higgins, Alison Davis

Vocal Muse

Five women, all creative, all unique, in a group that strives to reinvent itself with each performance. Vocal Muse is part jazz, part R&B and part rock - all arranged by members of the group and reformulated through the lens of our own musical tastes. Good songs performed in a new way - that is what inspires us.

Members: Julie Delgado, Lynn Kowal, Kris Matheny, Kendra Lavon, Amalia Stephenson


Blue Jupiter

Blue Jupiter's all-vocal performance is nothing short of explosive! The world-touring a cappella quartet has been described as "The real deal," by rock legend, Gene Simmons; "Simply terrific" by Scott Conant of Food Network, "Incredible!" by Jane Pauly from NBC; "Nothing short of magic," by the Sands Casino Entertainment Department, and "Simply the best music act we've ever had at our schools," by the Connecticut Public Schools Board. Blue Jupiter's energetic blend of pop lead vocals, jazzy a cappella harmony and funky beatbox has garnered standing ovations in over 40 states and around the world.

Members: Marty Gasper, Chris Chatham, Toby Donnelly, Chris Thomas

Cartoon Johnny

Cartoon Johnny is an energetic vocal band that pushes the limits of traditional a cappella. Drawing on influences from classic soul to modern alternative, they've crafted an exciting sound that is often mistaken for an instrumental band - but it's all vocal.

Based in the Washington DC area, Cartoon Johnny performs a variety of sure-fire audience favorites and their own original music, bringing audiences to their feet show after show. They are two-time National Harmony Sweepstakes finalsists, winning the title for the Mid-Atlantic Region in 2005, and in New York in 2009.

Cartoon Johnny has shared the stage with some of the best in a cappella and beyond. Highlights include headlining ACappellaFest Detroit in 2010, and performing with Marvin Hamlisch in his Christmas special at the Kennedy Center in 2008. Hamlisch invited the group to join him for his July 4th concerts in San Diego in 2009.

Members: Kieran Daly, Kevin Dixon, Ben Feeney, Mike Henrickson, Darcy Romano, Mike Webb

The Chromatics

People often ask us how the Chromatics got started. It's a complicated story, but here's a brief summary:

Back in 1993, a group called the OK Chorale was formed at NASA'S Goddard Space Flight Center by Anne Raugh and Steve Leete. The OK Chorale was 12 members strong and sang mostly doo-wop tunes, standards, and classics from Sesame Street. None of the current Chromatics were in the group at its inception, but Padi Boyd and Karen Smale joined in 1993, followed by Alan Smale and Deb Nixon in 1994.

After numerous further changes in personnel, including the departure of co-founder Anne Raugh, the group decided to refocus and reinvent itself as The Chromatics. The Chromatics were incorporated in 1995, and have been performing continuously under that name ever since.



Brylcream got it1s start in 1992 with Tommy "Cool T" Welter, John "Wopp" Mina, Richard "Richie" Beattie, Gary "G Man" Groneman, and Roy "Wolfman" Conklin. Since thier beginnings, Brylcream has graced the stages across the Southeast with many ledgendary performers such as The Coasters, Joey D and The Startlighers, Davey Jones and The Monkees, Johnny Maestro and his Brooklyn Bridge, The Temptations, The Four Tops, and many more. Today, Cool T, Wopp, and Richie join Jason "Jay Bird" Sullivan and Billy "Billy D" Louth, to form one of Southwest Florida's most requested Doo Wop Groups.


Almost Recess

Almost Recess is a five-man vocal band from the Washington, DC area whose mission is to bring kickin' a cappella music to every single person in the world. This is Almost Recess's second time around at the Mid-Atlantic and we are happy to have them back, and not just because they are going to videotape the performance!



Mosaic is a six-man a cappella group with an off-the wall style, intricate harmony, and a "get up out yo' seat" beat. They cover a wide range of popular music in new and exciting ways. Mosaic is a collaboration of minds and talents that form a truly unique show you don't want to miss.

Members: Corwyn, Josh, Sean, John, Troy, Andrew


Staticflow is a band with a unique, vocally-generated sound. The group focuses on creating original music filled with passion, drive, and soul, but also performs a number of popular covers. Each singer in the group brings their own influences to bear on the sound, filling the music with rich vocal textures, soaring leads, and thumping bass and vocal percussion. This will be Staticflow’s first appearance at the Mid-Atlantic Regional.


New York

High Five

High Five is an award winning, mixed voice, 5-part, a cappella jazz quintet from the Baltimore-Washington area creating music and fun wherever music lovers can be found. With more than a century of combined musical experience, this full-chord sound and tight harmonies are indicative of their unique style. This, combined with an undisputable jazz influence & champion arranger, makes Janet, Christy, Lori, Joe and Mike the ensemble that is unmistakably High Five.

Members: Janet Montrie, Christy Brannock, Lori Dreyer, Joe Mannherz, Mike Kelly


Crossroads is the new "superquartet" on the Barbershop Block, formed of four singers who are former BHS International Gold medalists in their own right, tenor Fred Farrell, lead Mike Slamka, bass Jim Henry and baritone Brandon Guyton. Henry won Gold in 1993 as a founding member and arranger of the legendary Gas House Gang, and is currently musical and artistic director of the 160-voice Ambassadors of Harmony. Guyton pocketed Gold in 2002 with Four Voices, Slamka sang his way to Gold with 2003 champs Power Play, and Farrell wore Gold with 1989 Quartet champs Second Edition. With this much vocal and arranging talent and experience, it came as no great surprise that newly-formed Crossroads struck Gold again in Anaheim, CA in 2009!

Members: Brandon Brooks, Brian Schreiner, Jeremiah Brooks, Chad Tully


Duwende (Doo-WEN-day) is six voices with nothing between them and the audience but a bank of monitors and some wireless microphones. They wail, they scream, they sweat. They dispose of the fluff, stripping rock music down to its most essential elements and building it back up again, using nothing but lung power and soul. The result is thrilling, booty-shaking, refreshingly honest funk/pop unlike anything that's been seen or heard in quite some time. Since 1998 Duwende has been playing clubs, colleges and events up and down the East Coast, building a loyal following along the way. Their music has received critical acclaim in print publications and online, including The Boston Globe, garageband.com, and Billboard Magazine.

Members: Jason Baluyut, Edward Chung, Abbey Janes, Dexter Jones, Morgan Phillips, Ari Picker


Israel is an acappella ensemble taken from the larger Mass Choir of the Church of God & Saints of Christ. Influenced by the likes of recording artists such as Take 6, Israel promises to refine a cappella music.

Members: Rev. Jesse Hendricks, Erikka Hendricks, April Grant, Crystal Grant, James Grant, Delilah Marshall, Robert Grant


Seul (pronounce "Soul") is a vocal group of five women with the love of a cappella jazz, pop and R&B music. Based in New York City and heavily influenced by Jazz and Christian music, they are sure to give a wide range of vocals with beautiful textures.

Members: Ronnie Rochester, Keesha Gumbs, Kimberly Robinson, Beverly Anne Burton, Tamika Gumbs


The Sirens are one of New York City's premiere female a cappella groups, dedicated to musical excellence and quality performance. A group of fabulous and talented women, they strive to break new music ground by choosing songs that have never been attempted by others in the cappella world in order to challenge themselves and surprise the audience. They balance fresh and innovative songs with numerous well-known and recognizable favorites. The result is a diverse repertoire including contemporary, pop, jazz, rock classics and oldies, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Members: Marnie Black, Joanna Lovell, Yeraz Markarian, Tari Suprapto, Rachel Wallins, Wendy White

Sons of Pitches

Sons of Pitches is new to the professional music world although they span four years as college favorites. Their spectacular harmonies coupled with striking arrangements and originals have earned them dozens of sold out shows in theatres across upstate NY including Ithaca's 1650 seat State Theatre. They have shared the bill with The Four Tops and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame artists, The Temptations. Their third CD earned them accolades for their versatility and style matched with sales totaling 20,000 to date. These five talented guys are also master showmen whose music, charisma and humor leave audiences hungering for more. This is the first competition for Sons of Pitches and they are excited to perform in Harmony Sweepstakes.

Members: Ryan James Ainsworth, Ross Mizrahi, Thomas Morris, Eric Toyama, James Wheal

Vox Bop

Vox Bop is a mixed a cappella quartet that performs a wide variety of musical styles, from the lyrical beauty of the Renaissance to the lush harmonies of the Jazz Era to eclectic arrangements of pop classics. Vox Bop won the best award for Best Original Song at the 2001 National Harmony Sweepstakes after winning many awards at the New York City Regionals in 2001. The group was interviewed and featured in a 12-minute piece on National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" in December 1999. They also appeared as the house band on a Christmas taping of NBC-TV's "The Ainsley Harriott Show" and in a national television ad for Amazon.com. During the summer of 2000, Vox Bop was a featured performer at the Alandia Jazz Festival in Finland.

Members: David Deschamps, Peter Fisher, Maura May, Melissa Munn

Yasna Voices

Yasna Voices (yasna means "clear" in Bulgarian) is Brooklyn's only Bulgarian women's choir, founded in late 2002. This all-female vocal group, led by singer and musician Vlada Tomova, specializes in Bulgarian Folk music and other international vocal traditions and techniques. Yasna's mission is to introduce audiences to this rich vocal tradition. Yasna Voices has recently been awarded a Community grant from the Brooklyn Arts Council to present a program of "women's work woven through song".

Members: Vlada Tomova, Corinna Snyder, Kristin Espeland, Rachel Freeman, Sarah Small, Erin Stratford, Sue Dennis

Pacific Northwest


The Heebee-jeebees are an a cappella quartet formed in 1993, and in the past 13 years have sung thousands of performances, appeared on local, national and international radio, television and print. The group has a reputation for being hilarious, entertaining and extremely talented. The Heebee-jeebees have released 6 recordings, all to international recognition including 4 CARA nominations and 2 CARA Awards. They have won the Canadian Championships of Harmony twice, as well as Championships in the USA. They continue to impress and entertain audiences with their voices, and are considered the best of comedic a cappella entertainment. .... The Heebee-jeebees are: Cedric Blary, Chris Herard, Ken Lima-Coelho and Jonathan Love. .... NOTE: Some incorrect spellings of the Heebee-jeebees are: .. ..heebie geebies.. ..heebee jeebies.. ..heebie jeebies.. ..heebee jeebees (needs the - ).. .. These are put here so the search engines pick up our profile.

Members: Chris Herard, Jonathan Love, Ken Lima-Coelho, Cedric Blary


Realtime has been together since March of 2003, when John Newell arrived in Canada and mutual friends helped bring the group together. Since then it's been a musical whirlwind of activity, with three recordings, hundreds of shows and a world championship and a whole lot of fun under their belt. In 2008, Doug Broersma became the official lead singer, when John retired. Realtime became the 2005 International Quartet Champions of the Barbershop Harmony Society in Salt Lake City. So having reached the pinnacle of the barbershop contest world, they have sung in their last contest, and received their final score in the barbershop genre.

Members: Tom Metzger, Mark Metzger, John Newell, Tim Broersma

The Baudboys

Back around 1990, a couple of the founding members of the coed Microtones decided that they wanted to form a men's a cappella group at Microsoft so that they could sing the charts from their college groups. The original quartet consisted John Rae-Grant, bass and musical director, Bill Pope, baritone, Bob Gunderson, 2nd tenor, and David Olsen, 1st tenor. True to their profession, the group's chosen name, The Baudboys, referred to the method by which modem speeds were rated. The group performed only a few times in its first years of existence, doing lunch time gigs on the Microsoft campus.

As members left Microsoft over the years, they would also leave the Baudboys, prompting natural turnover in the membership. During the 1990's, the group expanded it's membership, aiming to have two full quartets within the group. Since that time, the group has remained at 7-9 members, but the expanded membership has allowed the group to sing more complex arrangements than the 4-part charts that the founders envisioned.

Members: Jon Schwartz, Graham Sheldon, David Adelsman, Owen Braun, Dave McEwen, Tom Cooper, Mark Adolph

In Voice

a six member a cappella group based out of Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington. It is a cappella that blends funk, groove, and melody to create an innovative style of music. They have been together for four years, singing at different events around the state of Washington

Members: Joel Cummings, Adam Utley, Dustin Smith, Matt Coughlin, Bryan Hinschberger, Dalton Shotwell

Klapa Doo Wopella

Klapa Doo Wopella is one of the world's oldest ongoing musical ensembles devoted exclusively to singing a cappella. KlapaDooWopella specializes in traditional Croatian "Klapa" singing. Klapa singers are a cappella minstrels that hang out on boat docks and street corners along the Adriatic coast of Croatia. The passionate harmonic blend of traditional Klapa songs evokes uncaught fish, raging seas, and lost love. Despite forays into other genres, the quartet always returns to its first love, the moan of the sea that is the primal chord of the Klapa song.

Members: Bill Weis, Phil Parham, Jim Hoath, Ted Hunter


What do you get when you combine a Starbucks manager/dance instructor, a traveling computer salesman, a Behavorial Specialist, a Human Resource Supervisor, a Restaurant Manager/bartender and a Massage Therapist/private music teacher? You get Olympia's newest a cappalla group - Notorious. Members of Notorious are all veterans of other performing groups such as the Akafellas, DoubleShot, Chanteuse, and The Silhouettes. Notorious is from the Olympia area and was formed about a year ago. Last year, four of its members competed in the Northwest Harmony Sweepstakes as Double Shot. This year, they gained an extra pair of voices to broaden their musical horizons. They enjoy singing many styles of music and are constantly trying to find unique songs to put through the "a cappella filter". Despite their many busy schedules, Amber, Jon, Stephanie, Michi, Tony, and Lee find time to get together, eat, drink, laugh... and sometimes even sing. Their love for music and warped sense of humor combine to make them Notorious... but in a good way.

Members: Jon Morgan, Amber Riley, Stephanie Claire, Tony Benjamins, Michi Imaura, Lee Tran


SoundDesign is all about a cappella - great a cappella. SoundDesign met and sang together for the first time in November of 1998 and we've been at it ever since - with one change: we now have a new bass, Kari Metzger, from Vancouver, B.C. She's awesome and we're having fun getting acquainted, learning new music, laughing, and planning new shtick. We are Carolyn Huber (tenor), Katy Sansburn (lead), Sue Beck (baritone), and Kari Metzger (bass). We each have experience with other successful quartets and choruses but bringing this foursome together is magical.

Members: Carolyn Huber, tenor, Sue Beck, baritone, Kari Metzger, bass, Katy Sansburn, lead

Rocky Mountain


Face is a nationally recognized all-vocal rock band from Boulder, Colorado, bringing a new edge and attitude to the human voice. Using just five voices and a vocal drummer, or "beat-boxer," Face creates a rock-music phenomenon that has to be seen to be believed. No other instruments or special effects - just six guys. Considered "among the top 10 singing groups in the country," (Norm Johnson, Las Vegas Leisure Guide) they regularly wow sold-out audiences throughout Colorado, including such classic venues as Boulder Theater and The Soiled Dove.

Face was recently named "Best Local Musician/Group" by Boulder Weekly's 2009 Best of Boulder Reader Survey. In addition, Face is a two-time winner of the National Audience Favorite Award at the Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals, as well as National Runner-Up in 2005 and 2007. Face was also runner-up for Favorite Pop/Rock Group in the 2007 Contemporary A Cappella Society's Community Awards. Face has been headlining in Las Vegas periodically since 2007 to rave reviews, paving the way for even more national attention.

Members: Ben Lunstad, Cody Qualls, Ryan Driver, Forest Kelly, Joseph DiMasi, Mark Megibow


Based in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, InPulse is a rocking vocal band whose five members are all classically trained vocalists. They entertain all kinds of audiences with an energetic concert performance that includes famous vocal percussionist Paul Donnelly. The ensemble has won the National Harmony Sweepstakes Denver competition. InPulse also endeavors to advance the art of a cappella through original music, and the education of young singers. The group has worked with nearly 3,000 students in the past year with its educational outreach clinic to teach and promote the art of vocal music through hands-on experience.

Members: Michael Espinoza, Gabe Koxlien, Matt McDonald, Paul Donnelly, Marcus Hanson


Moosebutter is a four-man comedy a cappella group. They have won awards from the Contemporary A Cappella Society(Best Comedy Song, 2004), The Harmony Sweepstakes (2003 International Finals runners-up), had their music included on compilation albums (Doctor Demento Basement Tapes 2005, Sing II 2005) and played live shows in front of audiences around the United States. Their tight harmony and eclectic humor have charmed audiences through two albums and countless live performances.

To handle all the performance requests they receive, moosebutter has several casts of performers. They perform with three, four, or five singers, depending on the show, and have done just about every kind of show you can imagine (Punk rock show? Check. National television? Check. Wedding reception? Check.).

Members: Tim Y. Jones, Chris Hallis, Weston Wride, Glen Sawyer

No Better Cause

No Better Cause is an award winning pop/soul/funk vocal band hailing from Lincoln, Nebraska. Through a combination of jaw-dropping performances and innovative studio musicianship, their music has put them on a national platform since their humble beginnings in 2002. With a unique assortment of both original songs and uniquely arranged covers, No Better Cause is guaranteed to deliver a show that people of all ages can appreciate and enjoy, whether it be of a rock, pop, funk, soul, jazz or gospel influence... and it's all done using NOTHING but their voices!

Whether it's the rumbling resonance of the bass, the spectacularly soaring high tenors, or the bold beatboxing of the incredible vocal percussion, No Better Cause is sure to catch your eyes and ears, as each unique component of this seasoned a cappella sensation works together to make their harmonized sound a sonic movement. As the group continues to perform, they have made tremendous strides with each new member, demonstrating that the current lineup is one that can be mentioned with the a cappella elites.

Members: Nate Kellison, Luke Kellison, Justin Runge, Adam McCarville, Zakk Wooten, Zack Bjornsen

Curious Gage

One of Colorado's newest contemporary vocal bands, 'Curious Gage' from Fort Collins has a unique blend of rock, jazz, pop and soul. Using only the instruments they were born with, these five guys capture the intensity and energy of today's rock bands.

Members: Nic Widhalm, Justin Curtis Adams, Christian Nielsen, Ryan Smykil, Tom Miles

LoDo Air Band

Since 1996, Denver's LoDo Air Band has sung only original arrangements along with many original tunes, delivered with non-stop high energy. Prepare for a wild ride through a cappella hilarium with the six-voice group's renditions of Classic Rock and R&B.

Members: Kelly Hays, Kristen Brown, Art Ortega, Christine Young, Jonathan Smith, Doug Tisdale

Raging Harmonies

These seven teens are all students at Colorado's Westminster High School. The young men and women of 'Raging Harmonies' strive to share the spotlight fairly and comprise the only high school-aged a cappella group to appear in the Harmony Sweepstakes.

Members: Lisa Baer, Jessican Israel, Denine Lopez, Chris Vasquez, Tez Diaz, Mike Ladner, Derik Padilla Rojas


Since 1996, Transformed of Littleton, Colorado has performed mainly for women's conferences, special events and fundraisers in the area, and as far as Kyiv in the European Ukraine. The group's four female songsters use their God-given talents to encourage others.

Members: Laura Gournie, Rita Robbins, Kathy Spencer, Lisa Welsh

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