Duwende - Mixed Sextet from New York City, NY

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2004 New York Regional


Mixed Sextet from New York City, NY

  • 2004 New York 3rd place

    Duwende (Doo-WEN-day) is six voices with nothing between them and the audience but a bank of monitors and some wireless microphones. They wail, they scream, they sweat. They dispose of the fluff, stripping rock music down to its most essential elements and building it back up again, using nothing but lung power and soul. The result is thrilling, booty-shaking, refreshingly honest funk/pop unlike anything that's been seen or heard in quite some time. Since 1998 Duwende has been playing clubs, colleges and events up and down the East Coast, building a loyal following along the way. Their music has received critical acclaim in print publications and online, including The Boston Globe, garageband.com, and Billboard Magazine.

    Members: Edward Chung, Abbey Janes, Dexter Jones, Jason Baluyut, Morgan Phillips, Ari Picker

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