Midnight Special - Mixed Contemporary Septet from Tracy, CA

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2004 Bay Area Regional

Midnight Special

Mixed Contemporary Septet from Tracy, CA

A brand new vocal groups at a choral suppressed school. Half the group is completely devouted to jazz music while the other half wants to do nothing but modern/pop. This group is student created, and student run. All music is obtained through students as well as fundraising and perfromances.Midnight Special works in correlation, as a sub-group of the TRI-M chapter at West High School. We focus on vocal improvement and development while attempting to glorify the music program at West High School. Midnight Special is also greatly involved with TRI-M in raising money for charities. Being a completely student run orginiaztion we are not often taken seriously but we have a lot of talented individuals who are just trying to improve while improving our school's music reputation.

Members: Hannah, Royce, Rose, Kaylee, Sabrina, Claudia, Amanda

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