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Bay Area


We are a vocal band based in San Francisco, CA. We perform a high energy mix of mind blowing vocal percussion, booming bass and screaming four-part harmony that is guaranteed to knock you out! We invite you to listen to our song clips, check out our new album, and sign our guestbook. We hope to see you soon at one of our concerts!

We were recently guests on an episode of the Discovery Channel program MythBusters, where we attempted to put out a fire by singing at it. Look for re-airings of the episode entitled Voice Flame Extinguisher on the Discovery Channel.

Members: Paul Anderson, Jon Pilat, George Hoffman, Mayank Thanawala

Kinsey Sicks

With a phenomenal performance record that includes an Off-Broadway show, an extended run in Vegas, two feature films, seven albums and appearances throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia, the Kinsey Sicks hardly need an introduction. For over 16 years America's Favorite Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet has served up a feast of music and comedy to audiences at performing arts centers, music venues and comedy festivals in every kind of town you can imagine, in over 40 states! Their award-winning a cappella singing, sharp satire and over-the-top drag have earned the Kinsey Sicks a diverse and devoted following.

Members: Chris Dilley (aka Trampolina), Irwin Keller (aka Winnie)), Maurice Kelly (aka Trixie), Ben Schatz (aka Rachel)

Apex (KAI)

Kai is a pop vocal quintet from the San Francisco Bay Area. Kai is also an abbreviated form of the Tagalog word kaibigan which denotes the common bond among all people. The quintet chose a Tagalog moniker because four of its five members are Filipino-Americans. In addition to the Rhythm Crossover chart hit, "Say You'll Stay," Kai (Geffen Records) features a variety of harmony-drenched gems, ranging from silky ballads to funky, mid-tempo workouts, to shimmeriing, gospel-tingled spirit lifters. Formed in 1992 Kai has experienced every aspect of the music business. Since its inception Kai has traveled the world, appeared on numerous compilations and has released an album under Geffen records. Kai's lastest album, "The Promise," is receiving major attention in various markets and features a new and exciting arrangment of The House Jacks' standard, "Gone." Kai was produced by Tristan Bishop, a founding member of the rock/funk a cappella group The House Jacks.

Members: Errol Viray, Johnny Misa, AC Lorenz, Leo Chan, Audrey Silva


Take the power of rock, the grit of blues, and the smooth groove of R&B. Add commanding vocal percussion, an impressive bass line, a compelling vocal and stylistic range and you have the 5-woman group -- DILEMMA! Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dilemma was founded in November 1998 by a group of women who wanted to challenge the traditional female a cappella sound. The result is dynamic and powerful music encompassing a range of original compositions and covers. Audiences are continually impressed with solid harmonies, captivating melodies, engaging stage presence, and an infectious beat. Dilemma has entertained at corporate events to great acclaim and repeatedly dazzles local cafe and club audiences. With voices that command attention and performances that resonate, Dilemma is winning an instant fan base and breaking down the boundaries of female a cappella.

Members: Rahela Abbas, Christine Chang, Denise Shepherd, Suzanna Smith, Tracey Van Hooser


The Eclectics, who hail from the Sacramento area, were originally formed in 1997 (as Rogue Mercenary Christmas Carolers for hire). Since, they have expanded their musical styles, encompassing doo-wop, R&B, Motown, and contemporary POP. Their arrangements of classic hits include tight backrounds and vocal percussion. For most of its history, the Eclectics have been a quartet but with the recent addition of a fifth vocalist, they have become the 'World's Largest Quartet',weighing in at just over 1,000 lbs!

Members: David Adams, Lorin Miller, Cindy Shotwell, Guy Pilgrim, Sara Haas


Current Champions of the Far Western District, barbershop quartet Freestyle are known for not only their great singing but also their zany antics, characterized as "a few fries short of a Happy Meal." Recently named Entertainment Champions at the prestigious Buckeye Invitational, their memorable show is sure to please, and members of the group have appeared on countless stages and milk cartons throughout the land. Tenor Todd Kidder recently gave up his dream of being the first 5 ft. 9 in. center of the NBA, while bass Bruce Morgan is the (Volvo) owner of a (Volvo) dealership in (Volvo) Santa Rosa, but does not use this venue (Volvo) for his own personal (Volvo) gain. Baritone Andy Wallace is an unassuming financial mastermind, collecting paperclips in his spare time. Lead Rich Brunner is the best-looking member of the quartet and his mother really loves him. It’s Freestyle entertainment tonight!

Members: Todd Kidder, Bruce Morgan, Rich Brunner, Andy Wallace

The G-Notes

G-Notes are vocal/recording artist from Cottonwood Ca.. Shaneen(15), Gabriel(17), Lathanyo(19), and Larenzo(21), are a sister and three brothers who began singing together while waiting for electricity to be connected in their rural home town. Having no TV or radio for three weeks, the four began to entertain themselves by singing TV theme songs and jingles. The four began sing in public, and as request for performances increased, the group decided to call themselves G-Notes, the G coming from their last name Garth. G-Notes have performed in many events and venues throughout California, including opening for Bobby Blue Bland, San Jose Sharks All Star Celebration, Festival at The Lake in Oakland to name a few. With their angelic harmony, the group is able to draw from R&B, Jazz, Pop, Be-Bop and Hip-Hop, put a G-Note spin on it and consistently deliver a crowd pleasing performance

Members: Shannon Garth, Gariel Garth, Lathanyo Garth, Larenzo Garth


If they were a building, they'd be Fallingwater. If they were a sensation, they'd be vertigo. If they were a game, they'd be Quidditch. If they were a flower, they'd be a trillium. If they were weather, they'd be the light after the storm. If they were land, they'd be Atlantis. If they were food, they'd be a warm chocolate torte with wild raspberries and creme fraiche. [Mmmmm... chocolate]. But they're not. Lisa, RJ, Damon, Ken, and Joel are a health educator, custom publisher, two engineers, and a linguist, and together they're speedzoo. Combining experience in collegiate a cappella, rock bands and touring theater, these singers set out in 2000 with the simple purpose of making music they love. From passionate to whimsical, familiar to hyperbolic, fantastic to sophisticated, their enthusiasm and eccentricity recently earned them the diagnosis "obsessive creativity disorder." See for yourself, and to hear more, visit www.speedzoo.com. Have a listen to their mp3's and sign up for their email list. There. We said it without using the words "tapestry" or "cornucopia," isn't that great?

Members: Lisa Trevorrow, RJ Smith, Damon McCormick, Joel Harris, Ken Purchase

Three 5 and 6

These five guys were born for this, though they only found each other a few months ago. From day one, passion was written on their songs and emblazoned on their hearts. Call it dance -- call it groove -- call it Motown with a blissful funk. However you choose to describe it, their music is hot and they're doin' it right. As a group, "Three 5 and 6" has only been in existence since October 2000 but it's members have individually performed professionally for years throughout the United States and Europe. Collectively, they have performed on over 30 nationally and internationally released albums covering styles ranging from gospel and jazz to rap and hip-hop. These guys are big...big on the groove that will make you move. So hold on to your seat and absorb the beat! Can you feel it?

Members: Dave Enns, Todd Halverson, Jason Isaac, Steve Pearce, Maximillian Reynolds

Total Chaos

When the efforts of finding a name integrated into a void of "Total Chaos," it was then this quartet was born. These four gentlemen from Santa Rosa and Kenwood have spent the past two years dazzling audiences all over the state providing an eclectic, harmonic experience of Barbershop, Doo Wop, and Contemporary A Cappella music. Bringing the gift of music to eager listeners, Dave, Willis, Paul, and Ben have extended the influence of A Cappella to festivals, benefits, private parties and high schools, as well as other youth outreach programs, in order to attract future performers and appreciators to the A Cappella world. After their start in 1999, TC were crowned the Far Western District High School Barbershop Quartet Champs, and later were ranked seventeenth in the world after competing in the MBNA International Collegiate Competition in Kansas City, Missouri, sponsored by SPEBSQSA. From day one, these two high school seniors and two sophomores from Santa Rosa Junior College have been singing songs, making harmony, and meeting many beautiful girls who thankfully appreciate what they do. So take a seat and hold on tight, and you will experience Chaos tonight!

Members: Dave Hawkey, Willis Cook, Paul Peglar, Ben McLain


Similar Jones

Similar Jones is a vocal band with a combined sound that's bigger than their 7 voices. With a heavy focus on blues and rock, the vocal band uses a powerful rhythm section to get things pumping and tight, and bright background vocals to build the foundation for a wide variety of songs, including favorite covers and their own original tunes. SJ has been gigging around Boston for ... holy crap has it really been 15 years? ... at venues large and small. The current lineup features an opera singer, an astrophysicist, and one original member. Can you guess who they are?

Members: Shawn Madden, Rob Opdycke, Jeremy Sacco, Joseph Salonga, Mike Schwartz, Judd Tomaselli

A.K.A. Pelican Groove

The members of A.K.A. Pelican Groove love to joke around, hence the name (phonetically, "A Cappella Can Groove!") But seriously, their sense of humor has sustained an 8-year-long collaboration that has brought them to many new and exciting places (both musically and geographically). Over their history, they¹ve performed at hundreds of venues, including corporate events, club dates, wedding gigs, outdoor shows, community concerts, and live appearances on television and radio. One morning last spring, the group made their "drive time" debut on Boston¹s Star 93.7 FM morning show. That same evening, they performed the National Anthem on the hallowed grass of Fenway Park (GO SOX!) Last summer, they had the privilege of sharing the stage at Boston¹s Hatch Memorial Shell with Nile Rodgers and Chaka Khan. A.K.A. Pelican Groove released its first CD "Plunge" in 1999. With a diverse repertoire that spans classic R&B, doo-wop, 70¹s soul, 90¹s alternative, pop originals, and more, A.K.A. Pelican Groove looks forward to entertaining you tonight, as they bring their own brand of groove-based, "funkified" a cappella into the new millennium.

Members: Alice Burge, Charlie Deal, Scott Evrard, Andy Long, Bob Lutz, Chris Saulnier

da Capo Vocal Band

The da Capo Vocal Band Born out of the Binghamton University a cappella community, da Capo is a high powered, raucous male vocal band founded in the fall of 2000 committed to bringing professional a cappella to central New York. Literally translated, da Capo means "from the beginning" and the group aims to stay true to its roots: award winning groups with an emphasis on entertainment and fun for their audience while expanding their sound to creative new heights. A full, rich sound, intense percussion, outstanding vocalists and an eclectic repertoire make da Capo a group to look for in the future.

Members: Mike Boxer, Kevin Doherty, Jim Fowler, Charles Howard, Dave Levy, Al Orbinati, Chris Sheppard


Since 1998, Duwende has been performing its own brand of genre-bending rock & roll in a variety of venues up and down the East Coast. The group has recently finished recording its first CD, a collection of ten original songs. More information about Duwende and their music can be found at.

Members: Jason Baluyut, Edward Chung, Abbey Janes, Dexter Jones, Morgan Phillips, Ari Picker

The Georgian Six

The vocal sextet The Georgian Six was founded in 1998 in Tbilisi, capital of the Republic of Georgia. The group¹s repertoire includes jazz, folk, and church songs, as well as classical and popular music arranged in a new style. The group collaborates continuously with the Georgian State Orchestra and has begun collaborating with the Georgian National Ballet. While the group regularly performs with an instrumental quintet, the members of the ensemble enjoy singing a cappella music and their first album contains only a cappella songs. The Georgian Six has received many awards and accolades, including winning the Georgian national radio hit parade, winning the Grand Prize at the Georgian Student Festival and winning the Grand Prize at the International Contest For Vocal Ensembles in Tampere, Finland. The group was recognized as the best vocal group in Georgia in September 1998. The main goal of the group is to popularize Georgian music all over the world.

Members: Revaz Abaishvili, Buka Kartozia, David Kiknadze, Nana Korakhashvili, Magda Papiashvili, Tamta Urushadze


Realia is a six-woman vocal band from Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1997 and ever-evolving, we are on a mission to create consistently entertaining, energizing, gorgeous music. While we don¹t limit our repertoire to any particular genre, we are all soul/rock/R&B devotees, so that¹s usually what you¹ll find flying from our big loud mouths. Realia has made appearances at venues throughout New England, from saloons to radio shows to fraternal organization Christmas parties. We have also just completed our debut EP "b¹zilla baby", to be released within days of the Harmony Sweepstakes. We are thrilled to be making our second appearance at the Boston Regional with such a talented group of bands.

Members: Emily Fisher, Val Hildebrant, Christy Maver, Evie Southwick, Sofia Trapotsis, Courtney Wheaton


So Rare is an award-winning women's a cappella quartet singing smooth sounds and intricate harmonies. No vocal percussion here, just perfectly blended chords in a varied repertoire including swing, jazz, modern and contemporary. Brought together by their love of close harmony, these talented ladies have been entertaining audiences for six years. SoRare! has been 1st runner up in the Boston Area Harmony Sweepstakes Competition for 1998, 1999, and 2000 before becoming this year's winners. They are a five-time medalist quartet in the North Atlantic Regional Quartet Competition of Sweet Adelines International. They have performed extensively throughout New England including, Worcester's 1st Night Celebrations, Bridgewater’s 4th of July featured entertainers and performer of the National Anthem, Stellar A Cappella, A Cappella Gold, opening night for the Boston Celtics where they performed for Bill Russell, several area shows, clubs and private parties. They have recently released their 1st CD entitled, SoRare! Well Done!

Members: Karen Christofi, Jannis M. Williams, Donna Manoogian, Arlene Isaac

Soundstage 7

Soundstage 7 is the scroobiest band in Boston! We¹ve been rehearsing, performing, and chowing on sushi together since the spring of 1997, and we perform whatever music takes our fancy, as long as it¹s fun, crazy, energetic, hip, or just plain groovy, baby! We dig Œ80s and Œ90s pop tunes (you know you do too, admit it), but our repertoire also includes neo-swing, soul, and funk, among other styles. We¹re psyched to be back in the Boston Regional Harmony Sweepstakes, and we¹d like to thank the Beelzebubs Foundation for sponsoring this great show year after year! Go Boston a cappella!

Members: Greg Bowne, Mike Daly, Andrea Heyda, Hyoun Park, Liz Ruark, Maddie Welch


Voice Trek

Voice Trek has been thrilling listeners with their impeccable vocal skills since 1987. Their astonishing adaptability and inventive arrangements have defined this vocal quintet as one of the topmost in their genre. Based in Minnesota, the all-original members of Voice Trek are Shelley, Vicki, and Rae Plaster - three sisters who are known for their dazzling vocal mix; the group's tenor, Denis Allaire, specialist in vocal percussion and vocal instrumental sounds; and bringing up the bass is the dynamic Kevin Smith - the irreplaceable bottom line.

A multitalented and prolific group with numerous CD's in their catalog, Voice Trek has appeared in performance venues around the globe. Voice Trek's newly released CD "An A cappella Trek" is already receiving enthusiastic reviews from fans and critics alike.

Members: Shelley Plaster, Vicki Plaster, Rae Plaster, Denis Allaire, Kevin Smith

'Round Midnight

'Round Midnight is an award-winning "a cappella" quartet of music educators from the Long Island/Manhattan area of New York. While they sing primarily in the barbershop style, their eclectic influences range from jazz to classical and everything in between. The group is a two-time Semi-Finalist in the Barbershop Harmony Society's (BHS) International Barbershop Quartet Contest and they are also the BHS 2010 Mid-Atlantic District Quartet Champions. In addition, the foursome won the New York City Harmony Sweepstakes Championship and was bestowed with the coveted "Audience Favorite" award by overwhelming crowd vote. The quartet has received praise for their self-titled debut recording too, receiving a Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA) nomination in the category of "Best Barbershop Song" for their rendition of "Try A Little Tenderness". 'Round Midnight has been featured in an array of showcases, contests, and educational workshops spanning the United States from New York to California.

Members: Ian, Matthew, Joshua, Jason, Jim
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Three Men and A Tenor

For 19 years, Paul, Chuck, Mark and Glenn, have been winning over audiences in so many ways. With almost 2.500 performances, including sharing the stage with American legends like Chuck Berry, Dionne Warwick, Bob Newhart, Peter Cetera, Pat Boone, Lee Greenwood and The Beach Boys, 3MT has also been featured national entertainment for corporate conventions and conferences, as well as major festivals and fairs.

Paul, Chuck, Mark and Glenn formed a vocal group expecting to sing only one song together at Michigan State University to help fill concert time in a men's chorus concert. Since that very humble beginning over 18 years ago, these guys have had some amazing musical moments. In 2006, Three Men and a Tenor was voted the "Best Entertainment in Michigan", and the group is loved all over the world.


Delusions of Grandeur

Delusions of Grandeur is a semi-professional a cappella group from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Since its inception in 1995, D.O.G. has competed both on the collegiate and professional level, always putting the audience above all else. D.O.G. has competed in the National Championship of Collegiate A cappella, and has hosted the semi-finals for the past two years. Delusions was named crowd favorite at the 1998 and 1999 Chicago Harmony Sweepstakes. With a repertoire ranging from N'Sync to Kenny Loggins, Delusions of Grandeur performs with a combination of comedy and musicality that will leave any audience smiling.



Who is elmoTHUMM? elmoTHUMM is a group of contemporary a cappella musicians based in Michigan. Now a quintet, including Greg Vaden, Jason Miller, Adam Westmoreland, Ed Pendleton & new-comer Paul Ellinger, elmoTHUMM is ready to take its show on the road in 2001. Perfect for school events, corporate functions, fairs, festivals, & anywhere there is a need for great a cappella entertainment, elmoTHUMM is sure to please. This will be elmoTHUMM‚s fourth appearance at the Chicago Harmony Sweepstakes and as always look forward to having a great time.

Members: Greg Vaden, Jason Miller, Adam Westmoreland, Ed Pendleton, Paul Ellinger

Fifth Element

Fifth Element is a six-man vocal band from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Since their start in 1998, 5E has performed their eclectic mix of cover tunes and award-winning original material all over the Midwest, twice advancing to the semifinals of the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella. Their debut CD, "Plead the Fifth," was released in spring 2000. Fifth Element brings together the soaring vocal firepower of Nathan Cummings, the silky smoothness of Joe Turba, the vast stage experience of Brandon Richards, the thundering bass of Steve Clarke and Matthew Steiner, and what more than one ICCA judge has called "professional quality vocal percussion" from the vocal apparati of Tom Anderson, melding six young men into the sound, look, and feel of what some people insist on calling a "real band."

Members: Tom Anderson

Prime Vocal Jazz

Prime Vocal Jazz is one of the leading exponents of American vocal jazz in the Detroit area. The ensemble of three men and three women performs a wide variety of audience-pleasing music, ranging from jazz to pop/rock to classical. PRime has recorded two CDs, toured Russia, and recently performed by invitation at the North Sea Jazz Festival (Netherlands) and Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland). The group gigs regularly in the metro Detroit and tri-state area for private parties, concerts and festivals and conducts student workshops.

Members: Cat Hadrian, Ginny Lundquist, Gwen Jacques, Steve SeGraves, Carl Rinne, Mike Begian

Route 66

Route 66 made its spectacular debut in 1994 in The Netherlands under the direction of Leslie Gray and proved to be a success in a wide variety of venues all over Europe, performing to a 'standing room only' audience in the 9,000 seat AHOY amphitheatre in Rotterdam, as well as intimate dinner parties, trade shows and corporate events. Leslie returned to the United States in 1996 and recreated this successful group here in Chicago. ROUTE 66 sings popular hits from nostalgic Swing to contemporary Rock 'n Roll, and everything in between. Enjoy the best of the Beatles, Queen, Tina Turner, James Taylor, Sheryl Crow, and many more, all in fabulous four-part a cappella harmony! Audiences nation-wide enjoy traveling on America's musical highway with these four talented ladies!


Los Angeles

Sixth Wave

January 2005 brought on a season of change for us, as Amy Fogerson left the group and was replaced by Jennifer Barnes. Shortly thereafter, both Gerald White and Gary Rosen also made the decision to leave the group to pursue other ventures, which created openings filled by tenor Greg Whipple and baritone Greg Jasperse. This 50% new group is now eagerly working towards the goal of being a powerful and cohesive musical unit, adding exciting new repertoire while maintaining the spirit and integrity for which Sixth Wave has always been known. Please keep checking back for new and exciting news and updates as things progress.....

Members: Elin Carlson, Cindy Bourquin, Amy Fogerson, Gerald White, Gary Rosen, Eric Bradley

Deadly Sins

Deadly Sins formed after a slothful six-month audition process in Los Angeles. Gluttons for collegiate a cappella and semi-professional singing, they hope to be the envy of the open mic scene in 2001. They pride themselves on a mix of catchy originals and lusty covers.


L.A. Harmonics

The veteran foursome, all of whom can sing both the high and low parts, began singing together last summer as "Three Tenors and a Baritone". They mostly perform barbershop as well as modern jazz four part arrangements such as those of their idols, The Four Freshmen.


The Matz


Venus Envy

After performing together with the USC Sirens, the members of Venus Envy decided to venture into the world of semi-pro a cappella. Within the male-dominated nature of a cappella today, Venus Envy sets out to prove that all-female groups are able to hold their own--not only that but bring a refreshing style and flavor unique only to the double X chromosome.


Zhena Folk Chorus

The mission of the Zhena Folk Chorus is to perpetuate the rich village of Eastern European choral music and culture, to heighten awareness of this beautiful and vigorous heritage and to signify the primary role of women in preserving this important genre world music. Zhena means women or wife in Slavic languages. This all female group, four of whom are of Slavic descent, sing the folk songs of Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania, Russia and the Ukraine.




BlueLine is an award-winning, mixed quintet that performs jazz, gospel and pop a cappella music from the DC Area. Started in the fall of 1999 by friends whose day jobs weren't providing enough time on stage, the group has achieved a tight blend and performed at competitions, music festivals and private events. Washington City Paper called BlueLine "exciting" and "exhilarating." BlueLine gets its name from the subway line and is a tribute to the great Duke Ellington's "Take the 'A' Train" - the kind of bluesy jazz that the group loves to sing

Members: Anita Willis, Ashley Burt, Kakki Reynolds, Brian Lewis, J. P. Vidas, Sam Janniere

Mutual Agreement

In the fall of 1993, six young men formed and a capella sextet called Mutual Agreement, which means "A Covenant with God." Their intention is to spread the Word of God through song, bringing hope, strength and encouragement to all who will listen.

Each member brings his own individual gifts, talents and creativity to the group. The group uses the human voice as the chief instrument of their performance. Each member mutually agrees that their music ministry will not be kept confined within the traditional walls of the church, their mission field consists of ministering to the sick and shut-in, incarcerated youth and adults, hospitals, evangelistic meetings and wherever there is a need to provide encouragement through song.

Members: Gerald Best, James (Slim) Davis, Dunbar Henri, Eddie Hicks, Mark Allen, Donald Jackson


4:2:Five is not your parents' a cappella. What used to be street-corner barbershop and doo-wop, has now evolved into a fresh new sound and 4:2:Five is right at the breakpoint. With driving vocal bass, slamming vocal percussion, and tight harmonies, these five young men create a sound that is all their own using nothing more than their highly trained mouths. 4:2:Five has performed at the 2000 Orlando International Fringe Festival, on several radio stations, and won Ed McMahons internet based talent search www.Nextbigstar.com. The guys have been seen at NBC's Today Show, every news station in the Orlando area, and you might even catch 4:2:Five on a television commercial or doing a jingle on the radio. 4:2:Five's unique sound is derived from the diverse backgrounds of its members, the individual talents possessed by each, and the belief that the music always has and always will come first.

Members: Earl Elkins Jr, James May, Layne Stein, Geoff Castellucci, Scott Porter


In 1987, a high school quartet named The Braxmen was formed at Indiana Senior High in Indiana, Pennsylvania. As students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, The Braxmen expanded their sound and extended their audience beyond the university¹s walls. Original members left and new members joined ­ a new name of Mixed Emotions was adopted. Despite their successes, the group ultimately parted ways. Two years passed before some members ran into each other at a local concert ­ and the magic was still there. That was three years ago. Today, 4real is an a cappella quintet that delivers your favorite songs from the Fifties, Sixties and Nineties with an unmistakable modern sound that can only be called 4real!

Members: Sean Moran, Chris Murphy, Mark Ferrari, Ben Tinker, Devon Lippmann


Formed in April 1999, The Humbuckers perform contemporary rock originals and covers. The Humbuckers have performed throughout the Washington D.C. area and beyond at venues such as the National Press Club, the Willard Intercontinental Hotel, Taste of Arlington, Borders Books and Music, and the Shenandoah Valley Hot Air Balloon and Wine Festival. In March 2000, The Humbuckers performed at the Mid-Atlantic regional for the Harmony Sweepstakes. In January 2001, The Humbuckers were voted "Artist of the Month" by a cappella enthusiasts across the country who voted on vocaluniverse.com. The Humbuckers plan to release their debut CD in May 2001, and will be performing at fairs and festivals in D.C., Virginia, and Maryland during the Spring and Summer.

Members: Chris Walsh, Bradley Terrill, Eric Olsen, David Lieber, Dave Trendler


InDEciSIon is a vocal quartet which performs a capella music in the grand style of American barbershop. Formed in 1999, the popular group has delighted large and small audiences with their close harmonies and unique brand of humor. InDEciSIon is comprised of men with accumulated experience of more than 100 years in vocal music. Not that they are OLD, mind you, but its important for you to know! InDEciSIon provides an unusual and thoroughly entertaining addition to your gathering or special occasion.

Members: Bob Yelton, Ed Avery, Bill Hickman, Shelby Robert

One-Handed Catch

One-Handed Catch is an award-winning women¹s barbershop quartet. These four women registered the quartet in 1992 and have enjoyed singing and being together ever since. They have entertained audiences just about anywhere you might imagine, from the Greek Islands to the White House to hotel lobbies, churches, living rooms and at celebrations of all kinds.

Members: Sherry Stanton, Melissa Panagides Busch, Jinny Guy, Nancy Machado

Take Note!

Take Note! is a mixed a cappella quintet based in northern Virginia. The group sings a variety of popular and jazz standards from the 1920s to today. Performing at area festivals, private receptions and public concerts, Take Note!’s signature sound hones in on melodic, blended arrangements rather than the traditional chord/solo-based charts of our college years. Take Note!’s most recent exciting event was a performance at the packed steps of the Lincoln Memorial in the First Annual A Cappella Festival in Washington, DC. A favorite singing spot for Take Note! is the corner coffee shop on any evening. Combining a love of music and the fellowship of harmony singing, the group inspires crowds everywhere to, Take Note!

Members: Sara Newman, Mary Stewart, Barry Astrow, Nick Amatuzzi, Jeff Sands

New York


Voxy is seven dynamic and talented women who have day jobs, but at night love entertaining with the power of their voices alone. Voxy was founded in February of 1999 by several Cornell University grads who recruited new members and now perform at many New York venues and private functions. Members Aley, Allie, Angel, Indu, Margaret 1, Margaret 2 and Maria-Stella already won the award for the most daring video submission.

Members: Aley Schoonmaker, Allie Shaper, Angel D'Antonio, Indu Raghuraman, Margaret Laszczak, Maria-Stella Fountoulakis, Margaret
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All About Buford

All About Buford is a pop-funk vocal band from Boston, New York City and Philadelphia who switch seamlessly between an a cappella format and an acoustic guitar format, delivering pure vocals, complex arrangements, and intricate harmonies. The rhythmic background of AAB is the complex vocal percussion (beatboxing) of Del Coy, who simultaneously does percussion AND bass. You might not believe the sound is being created vocally, but there are no drum tracks! Performing an eclectic mix of covers and originals, All About Buford has been described as both sexy AND sophisticated. They have performed steadily at venues large and small since their inception in 2000, and were the 2003 Boston Regional Harmony Sweepstakes champions (runner-up in 2002). All About Buford does a high-energy, surprising show that gets an audience involved.

Members: Amy Malkoff, Taunia Soderquist, Adeel Pandith, Shah Salmi


Dobsonfly is a six-person rock/pop/R&B vocal band based in Manhattan. Out of a series of online notices, trade-paper ads and personal contacts came the current lineup of a group which has rehearsed in one form or another since mid-1999. This most recent conglomerate (since mid-2000) has performed at the East Coast A Cappella Summit in Boston and a variety of New York 's well-known venues.

Members: Warren Bloom, Lorelle Holway-Smith, Jason Menkes, Evan Smith, Debbie Tassone, Colette Thompson


The Flatiron5 is a male quintet performing doo wop, barbershop and alternative music. Founded in 1995, they have played such venues as Macy 's, Chelsea Piers, Sony Plaza, Rockefeller Center and the Cunard 's famous ocean liner, the QE2. Some favorite performances were on NBC 's Today show and at the Yankees 1996 American League Championship Dinner. Members Jonathan Berkun, Charles Matthew Eddy, Mark Curtis Filstrup, Thomas Kitt and John Scott have a repertoire of over 60 songs & one of which impressed Tony Randall enough to exclaim, "Bravo, Lads!".


Mystery Date

Award-winning a cappella sensation Mystery Date sings to entertain and inspire. This gay male a cappella group has roots as diverse as rock and roll, classical music, musical theater, soul, and collegiate a cappella. They delight audiences with their jazzy sound and sweet, sassy ( and sometimes irreverent) stage presence. Their repertoire defies categorization, ranging from Spike Jones and Gershwin classics to the B52s and contemporary songwriters like Alanis Morrisette and Desiree. They have performed nationwide sharing stages with a cappella legends “The Bobs”, Sweet Honey and the Rock’s Y’saye Barnwell, Lea DeLaria, The Persuasions, Kate Clinton, and Naturally Seven, among others. From New York cabarets and concert halls to theaters and arenas across the country, their performances are fueled with uncompromising musicianship, explosive energy and offbeat humor.

Members: Ken Brown, Bob Stern, Joshua Koffman, John Whitley


NexTime is a mixed quartet comprised of two female Sweet Adeline members (Marsha Baron, and Bette Silver) and two male SPEBSQSA members (Tom Brucia and Gary Wilson). NexTime has had the pleasure of singing at several Minor League Baseball Stadiums around the country. They are also very popular on Valentine 's Day with their Singing Telegrams. They are proud of their newest trophy for the Funniest  Quartet at the Bolton Landing Barbershop Celebration; as well as taking 6th place overall out of 60 mixed quartets!

Members: Tom Brucia, Gary Wilson, Marsha Baron, Bette Silver


Based in the Philadelphia area, PhilHarmonix is a mixed quartet that performs at regional venues from central Pennsylvania to the Jersey shore. They are a popular feature quartet on chapter shows, community concerts, banquets and trade shows. In August 2000, PhilHarmonix performed at Political Fest, in conjunction with the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia. On the national scene, PhilHarmonix won gold medals in both the 1999 Mid-America Barbershop Quartet Expo in St. Louis, Missouri and the 2000 Buckeye Invitational in Columbus, Ohio.

Members: Donna Perrone, Amy Carr, Tom Halley, Rick Serpico

Vox Bop

Vox Bop is a mixed a cappella quartet with ultra-smooth voices reminiscent of The Manhattan Transfer and a wry baby-boomer sensibility. Founded in 1995 by David Deschamps, who also does the arranging, Vox Bop was interviewed and featured in a 12-minute piece on National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" on Christmas Eve 1999. They can be currently heard in a national Amazon.com TV ad and were featured as the house band on NBC-TV "The Ainsley Harriott Show." Vox Bop's first CD, THE VOX BOP CHRISTMAS VARIETY HOUR, has been much acclaimed: it was nominated for a 1998 CARA award, with one of the cuts ("Mission of The Three Kings") winning Best Arrangement at the 1999 NYC Harmony Sweepstakes. In the summer of 2000 Vox Bop performed at The Alandia Jazz festival in Finland and has also made a name for itself performing for a variety of clients throughout the Northeast, including Bloomberg Financial, Bloomingdales, Borders Books, The Brooklyn Museum, Filene, The New Press, Starbucks, and many others. The group finished in the top five at the NYC regionals of the 1998 and 1999 Harmony Sweepstakes and is currently at work on their new CD, "Affluenza."

Members: John Bischoff, David Deschamps, Johanna Grussner, Maura May

Pacific Northwest

Eclipse 6

Eclipse is a vocal group of six creating explosive sound, driving rhythms, and lush harmonies using only one instrument: the human mouth.

The six members of Eclipse originally met while performing in a public relations /ambassador-oriented group that was part of the department of Programs and Entertainment at Utah State University. They began by arranging their own vocal covers of popular songs and performing them on campus and in the Logan area. Increasing public interest and performance opportunities led to the recording of their first album, "Once," which was released in April 2001.

Members: Paul Hansen, Kevin Jones, Shayne Taylor, Pat Rose, Dan Kartchner, Kirk Mecham


Kickshaw has been performing in the Northwest for about five years now. They have been involved in hundreds of shows, where each audience is a part of a unique mouth-music experience.

In early 1997, Kickshaw won first place in the Regional Harmony Sweepstakes competition. This is a title only awarded to nine groups throughout the nation each year. Following the 1997 competition, Kickshaw decided that they were ready to pursue music full time.

In search of their own sound, Kickshaw began working with some effects to extend their already eclectic repertoire. This addition was an instant hit with their audiences as they were able to create the sounds of a full band, effects and all, with just their voices giving Kickshaw a sound all their own.

Members: Jim Castaneda, Danny Figgins, Andy Marshall, Blake Lewis, Dan Scheumacher


Rescue is drawing in listeners of all ages. Their sound is described as fresh and exciting, as they have developed their own captivating style that brings listeners into an entertaining and worshipful arena. Influences include the well-known Take 6, Rockapella, and Acappella. With the doors that the Lord is continuing to open, Rescue is looking to take their music to every corner of the globe.

It all started in the spring of 1996 when Jason Overstreet had just finished his senior college recital, in which he had written and performed several a cappella songs. Impressed with his performance, his professors urged him to pursue his musical talents in the field of a cappella music. Having had previous conversations regarding a shared passion for singing, Jason got in touch with high-school and college friends Jason McKenney, and former members: Chad Krober and Matt Lusk. Together they formed a quartet and committed to learning, writing and performing a cappella songs.

Members: Jason Overstreet, Jason Pearce, Josh McKenney, Jason McKenney

Fretless Quartet

Fretless, from Redmond, Washington, may be only a year old, but its members are experienced veterans of the music world. Martin was a member of The Banned, which won the Northern California Harmony Sweepstakes in the mid '90s. He and Beth were both members of the award-winning a cappella group Baysix. Fretless is rounded out by Sean, a professional actor, and Linda, a nightclub singer and symphony violinist. Fretless performs an unusual variety of styles from English Madrigals to Motown to original pieces. They're still figuring out how they found each other-but the result is magic.

Members: Beth Puryear, Linda Vogt, Martin Puryear, Sean Mitchell

Studio One

Studio One is an a cappella quartet with members from Seattle and Lynden, Washington. Together since 1977, they enjoy singing a variety of musical styles. Originally a barbershop quartet, the group is proud to support the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America through coaching, leadership, and administrative roles. The goals of Studio One include excellence in performance, great singing, musical leadership, and the delight of friends. They share a vision that drives them to seek the unknown, to boldly go where no a cappella quartet has gone before.

Members: John Rae-Grant, Doug Broersma, Dave Warkentin, Tim Broersma

Vocal Tangent

Vocal Tangent is Laugh-Cry-Smile-Sigh a cappella from Eugene, Oregon. Their six voices have been blending (and clashing!) since 1995, when they went off on a tangent from the Eugene Peace Choir-and didn't come back! Since then, they've left good vibrations at many of the Northwest's premier music festivals. Vocal Tangent loves to sing about issues ranging from the personal to the universal in a variety of styles. Northwest songwriters in particular have provided them with great material. In short, heart + humor + six-voice a cappella harmony = Vocal Tangent.

Members: Craig LaFollette, Lori Deskin, Karen Hyatt, Karen Perkins, Wanda Walker, Wayne Leeds Contact


This five-member vocal sensation has succeeded in carving out a sound and a style that's fresh and new and uniquely Voce. Since forming in 1993, Voce has sung a wide variety of material from doo-wop and gospel to barbershop and traditional. Their sound is clean, energized "pop" and their powerful, energetic performance is always a crowd pleaser. In 1998 they won the Specialty Artists of the Year ARIA (Alberta Recording Industry Award), and three top awards from the 1998 Northern Harmony Festival, a Canadian a cappella competition. Their debut album, "So Many Ways," was released in 1996 and followed last year with their second album, "People Change." The five men of Voce and their undeniable passion for music bring lush harmonies and innovative arrangements to life.

Members: Bruce Cable, Orville Cameron, Martin Murphy, Trent Worthington, Jeff Watt

Rocky Mountain


The six-man, all-vocal group, InsideOut, is rapidly establishing a reputation for exceptional entertainment. With their musical capability, surprising vocal percussion, and captivating performances, InsideOut has entertained both small and large audiences across the West.

Before becoming a part of InsideOut, each member of the group was involved in performing in other vocal groups, such as the well-known BYU Men's Chorus. The group had its beginning in the winter of 1997. Two brothers, Ben and Layne Haacke, pulled in Kimball Brown, a home town friend, Ryan Hinton, a "real" bass, and some other local singers to form InsideOut. It started as a hobby, and they performed for friends and the local a cappella club. A couple of members left the group at the end of the school semester, so InsideOut recruited the last two members of the current group to replace them. Paul Hatch was brought on as a high tenor, and Jason Smith filled in with his exceptional vocal percussion.


T Minus 5

As a nationally-acclaimed and award-winning a cappella group, T Minus 5 is known for delivering a high-energy musical performance that combines pop, classic rock, a bit of country, and even elements of comedy

The group has been together since 2000 and traveled throughout the country performing for Universities, Arts Councils, city events, and corporate conventions. Simulating all instrument sounds with just their voices, T Minus 5 is a high-energy a cappella group providing fun for the whole family.

T Minus 5 claimed first prize at the Denver Harmony Sweepstakes in 2001. Having only been a group for a year, they advanced to the national competition, and have been on a performing rampage ever since. Their energy and humor win them new fans wherever they go.

Members: Kent Hyer, Jason Salmond, Joe Cheney, Jeff Petersen, Jared Allen

Cool Shooz

Cool Shooz are former regional Harmony Sweepstakes Denver champions (1998 and 1996). What they do is classic rock n’ roll a cappella and they can be seen at such summer festivals as the Northglenn Fourth of July celebration, Longmont’s Rhythm on the River, the Greeley Arts Festival, among many others. The group has been together since 1990. Their unique sound is a blend of many years of experience in opera, voacal, jazz, musical theater and rhythm and blues.


In Unity

In Unity has been on fire for the Lord since the formation of the group in September of 1991. Since then they have performed at various schools, churches, and youth rallies. Audiences around the world have been blessed by their music ministry. Having eight members has brought diversity to the group that sets them apart from most a capella groups. They have been able to incorporate different genres of music into their songs, ranging from gospel, to jazz, to a modern pop style. With so many people in the group, In Unity is able to reach out to people in a more personal manner after concerts and during other group functions. In Unity writes and/or arranges all of its music, giving the group a unique and original sound.


Jazz Katz

Jazz Katz will be performing at the Denver Regional Harmony Sweepstakes for the third year. They hope to warm your hearts with their silky vocals and smooth renditions of vocal jazz standards.


LoDo Airband

This group calls itself the "Air Band" because air is the only instrument they play… all a cappella, all the time. Since starting as a house band for Elitch’s Amusement Park in 1996, the LoDo Air Band has provided non-stop a cappella service to Denver and the World, and has performed for more than a million people. The group is currently promoting its second album, "Upright and Locked."


Raging Harmonies

Raging Harmonies is from Westminster High School where they blend their unique personalities and styles to create their own a capella arrangements. They’ve performed at various metro locations such as the Arvada Center, the Governor’s mansion, and the Soiled Dove. They’ve also opened for groups such as Toxic Aide and M-PACT. For the past two years, Raging Harmonies has hosted the Colorado American Choral Director’s Association A Cappella Festival, and in 1999 they were honored to perform for the Colorado Music Educators Clinic Conference. Their fine musicianship has helped them become well known within the Westminster community and throughout Colorado. They have just released their second CD, which has been nominated for the CARA award.



Tangent is a contemporary vocal band consisting of six members, ranging from 18 to 25. While their style varies from doo-wop to pure vocal instrumentalism, one thing is constant: entertainment! The group excels in giving energetic performances that are always specialized for the audience. Tangent emphasizes pure vocal blend and contrast in their arrangements, and they combine these with powerful bass and driving vocal percussion lics to achieve a strong, memorable sound that audiences can’t help but enjoy. If you want to hear a cappella that will make you laugh, cry and dance, you’ll want to see Tangent!


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