Three 5 and 6 - Male Contemporary Quintet from Sacramento, ca

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2001 Bay Area Regional

Three 5 and 6

Male Contemporary Quintet from Sacramento, ca

  • 2001 Bay Area Audience Favorite

    These five guys were born for this, though they only found each other a few months ago. From day one, passion was written on their songs and emblazoned on their hearts. Call it dance -- call it groove -- call it Motown with a blissful funk. However you choose to describe it, their music is hot and they're doin' it right. As a group, "Three 5 and 6" has only been in existence since October 2000 but it's members have individually performed professionally for years throughout the United States and Europe. Collectively, they have performed on over 30 nationally and internationally released albums covering styles ranging from gospel and jazz to rap and hip-hop. These guys are big...big on the groove that will make you move. So hold on to your seat and absorb the beat! Can you feel it?

    Members: Dave Enns, Todd Halverson, Jason Isaac, Steve Pearce, Maximillian Reynolds

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