The G-Notes - Mixed Christian Quartet from Cottonwood, CA

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2001 Bay Area Regional

The G-Notes

Mixed Christian Quartet from Cottonwood, CA

G-Notes are vocal/recording artist from Cottonwood Ca.. Shaneen(15), Gabriel(17), Lathanyo(19), and Larenzo(21), are a sister and three brothers who began singing together while waiting for electricity to be connected in their rural home town. Having no TV or radio for three weeks, the four began to entertain themselves by singing TV theme songs and jingles. The four began sing in public, and as request for performances increased, the group decided to call themselves G-Notes, the G coming from their last name Garth. G-Notes have performed in many events and venues throughout California, including opening for Bobby Blue Bland, San Jose Sharks All Star Celebration, Festival at The Lake in Oakland to name a few. With their angelic harmony, the group is able to draw from R&B, Jazz, Pop, Be-Bop and Hip-Hop, put a G-Note spin on it and consistently deliver a crowd pleasing performance

Members: Shannon Garth, Gariel Garth, Lathanyo Garth, Larenzo Garth

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