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Bay Area

House Jacks

The House Jacks of San Francisco are the original rock band without instruments. Using nothing more than their five voices (and mouths), they deliver everything from blistering funk to screaming rock to heart-melting ballads for their ever-growing legions of fans.

These pioneering musicians have performed over 1,000 shows and have shared the stage with some of the biggest names in music, having performed for live crowds of 100,000+, with appearances on at least 3 continents each year.

They can be heard on movie soundtracks and their jingles for everything from radio stations to theme parks have been heard (and seen) by millions around the world. The House Jacks of San Francisco are the original rock band without instruments. Using nothing more than their five voices (and mouths), they deliver everything from blistering funk to screaming rock to heart-melting ballads for their ever-growing legions of fans.

Members: Tristan Bishop, Andrew Chaikin, Marty Mahoney, Bert Okpokwasili, Robert Penn, Deke Sharon


Baysics has been making a cappella funk/jazz music since the summer of '89. They are a group of reserved yet passionate musicians, and as such, have assembled a repertoire that is both sophisticated and gutsy. Last year, after winning the Best Original Arrangement award at their Harmony Sweepstakes debut, Baysics went on to win the Pacific Coast Collegiate Jazz Festival.

Members: Beth Puryear, Emiko Okada, Martin Puryear, Dan Dermer, Scott Douglas

Full House

Full House was formed in 1991 and consists of five active vocal group singers with a wide range of musical interests. The group's sound features the use of five and six part harmonies as much as possible, and the use of jazz oriented syncopations. The rich sound of the group is due largely to the fact that we have five in our quartet.

Members: Rob Bell, T. Jack Foster III, Gene Groen, Alex Hargrave, Jack Rogers

The Harmonic Convergents

This vibrant group sings a variety of fun a cappella and has been entertaining since May of 1990. The Convergents met while performing in various singing groups at U.C. Berkeley. You may remember them as "Moonlighting," last year's Harmony Sweepstakes Audience Favorite

Members: Jon Spencer, Suszi Luri, Hal Brunette, Keith Barlow, Kara Broderick

Joyful Noise

Joyful Noize is music made by vocal instrumentation. It is gospel; it is fresh, jazzy-rap a cappella! The group has performed with Bill Cosby, the Winans, Commissioned, Tramaine Hawkiins, Mario Van Peebles, Gladys Knight, and on the Arsenio Hall Show.

Members: Shawn Lloyd, Epheann Lloyd, Greg Cobbs, Janice Cobbs, Lisa DeVore, Michael Nelson


Sh'Boom! Pure a cappella onomatopoeia, evolved from the Pacific Mozart Ensemble to the stage at Vacaville Prison. They have also sung at Freight and Salvage, Foothill College, the Firehouse, WPLJ's, the War Memorial Green Room and on Television. Top tenor Doug Boyd is a studio musician with a thousand voices. Peter Sly began singing a cappella harmony at the age of three. Baritone Tom Carpender is always retooling Sh'Boom arrangements. Bass Don Kelley croons, booms, and blows a mean sax (but not tonight!) Sh'Boom stars in 57 home videos, all shot from the top of Lombard Street during the 1991 San Francisco Hillstride.

Members: Doug Boyd, Larry Moore, Peter Sly, Tom Carpender, Don Kelley


The Sirens are one of New York City's premiere female a cappella groups, dedicated to musical excellence and quality performance. A group of fabulous and talented women, they strive to break new music ground by choosing songs that have never been attempted by others in the cappella world in order to challenge themselves and surprise the audience. They balance fresh and innovative songs with numerous well-known and recognizable favorites. The result is a diverse repertoire including contemporary, pop, jazz, rock classics and oldies, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Members: Mary Ann Boyd, Danielle Nice, Pamela Nissley, Lilli Oldfield, Tina Osinski, Doni Tamblyn

Street Sounds

Street Sounds was founded in 1989 by Louise Robinson, a founding member of the acclaimed vocal group Sweet Honey In The Rock. Street Sounds performs a mixed bag of jazz, gospel, blues, civil rights anthems and African Hymns. The Group gained immediate recognition with their strong combination of talent and spirit, winning featured appearances with Pete Seeger at the Middle East Children's Alliance benefit concert, and with the San Francisco Symphony's "Adventures In Music" program, representing the most primal of all instruments, the human voice.

Members: Louise Robinson, Larry Walton, Steve Thoms, Michelle Jacques, Darlene Spears

Vocal Point SF

Vocal Point was founded in 1989 by Chris Miller and Mike Blanchard of Grass Valley. After several personnel changes, the group has had the distinct pleasure of performing in the Soviet Union, Italy, and Germany as well as standing-room-only concerts in their hometown and various clubs in the Sacramento area. In addition to their own arrangements of today's jazz, pop, rock and R&B, the group also benefits from original compositions from the songwriting tandem of Miller and Craig.

Members: Mike Blanchard, Chris Miller, Billy Craig, Tony Riechoure, Lisa Dowling

What Four

Members: Nancy LeVan Claire, Gail Clark, Carol Valentine



The Lifestyles feature a modern, post-war sound. You pick the war. Lifestyles founder, Ned Claflin, was also the founder of the beloved bay area a cappella group, The Baltimores, who charmed local audiences in the 1980's.

Members: Ned Claflin, Patty Barkis, Nick Clark, John Pinkney


Acme Vocals

Acme Vocals performs a wide variety of musical styles - bluegrass, gospel, folk, pop, heavy metal, and rap - and combine a comedic flair with incredibly rich sounding vocals. Their performances have produced critical acclaim and a national following. Their credits include performing on "CBS this Morning" and on Garrison Keller's American Radio Company. They have also displayed their talents at such nation events as the NBA Playoffs and MLB's All-Star Game and have opened for such national opened for stars as David Brenner and Jay Leno. Acme Vocals recently was nominated the top entertainment act in the nation by colleges belonging to the National Association for Campus Activities, the largest college entertainment booking organization in the country. They have harmonized together for more than five years and have traveled extensively throughout the United States, performing at more than 200 concerts yearly.

Members: Steve Anders, Tom Ciappa, Beth Frank, Kevin Poise, Faadl Shukry

Los Angeles

Alley Cats

By bringing their own contemporary style to tunes from the 1950s and 60s, The Alley Cats appeal to fans of all ages, breathing new life into everyone's favorite doo-wop classics. The four members of The Alley Cats are a perfect blend both vocally and personally. More than a decade after they began, Royce Reynolds, whose solid bass vocals create the Cats' musical foundation, and Mando Fonseca, the second tenor always ready with a pun or quick quip, have the ease of familiarity which make their camaraderie and vocal play radiate from the stage. Baritone Sean Devine, whose smooth vocals melt hearts the world over, and newest member Juan Del Castillo, re-creator of all of those soaring 50s first tenor lines, bring their freshness and talent to an already solid foundation of a cappella tradition. Together they are truly the Cat's meow!

Members: Armando Fonseca, Royce Reynolds, Sean Devine, Juan Del Castillo


Rick And The Masters

Formed in the early 1960's by a group of young men from the South Philadelphia area. During the first few years of their existence they made numerous recordings of previously recorded material, as well as some of their own arrangements. During the mid-1960's the group broke up for various reasons including Military and family obligation. Then in 1988 they reformed.

Members: Chuck Holloway, Dennis Gillen, Bill Diamond, Frank Condo, Tom Di Pietro

New York


Since their public debut in 1991, the intricate harmonies and fun-loving spirit of Doo-Wop-Zoo have been enjoying rave reviews wherever they go. In one show you may experience anything from a provocative love song to Rhythm& blues with a hint of gospel, or a buoyant arrangement Deep Purple's "Hush." Their repertoire is also spiced with original compositions that range from country blues to haunting up-tempo dance number. The group has appeared on "The Doo Wop Shop" with Don K. Reed on CBS in NYC, and they continue to support the efforts of the United in Group Harmony Association.

Members: Debbi Hollie, Lorelle Holway, Andrea Leigh, Gregory Paulnack, Michael Werkhizer

Rocky Mountain

Poor Boys

The Poor Boys are entering their 5th year of existence in Colorado, or anywhere else for that matter. They have been through many changes including the addition of two fresh new sounds in a tenor and a bass four months ago. Mark, Shawn and Glenn are the oldest members of the group.

Members: Mark Epperson, Glenn Rice, Shawn Ko Iterman, Aaron Hoffman, Kevin Duren


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