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Bay Area


TonicEffect is a group of five talented musicians and truly gifted drinkers who transcend traditional a cappella roles to deliver an unexpected, exciting performance. Our modern, edgy music - including original mash-up arrangements, shared lead vocals, and rotating vocal percussion - brings a new energy to the Bay Area a cappella scene.

Members: Brian Arao, Colm Davis, Jennifer Exley, Syreeta Mussante, Andy Matuschak


Smorgaschord draws its name from ancient runic inscriptions of abundant food and music, the combination of which may lead to harmonic indigestion. We entertain at events around the Peninsula, including summer festivals, coffee shops, rehab centers, and occasionally, the checkout line of supermarkets. We could be right behind you in line. Look for the shoppers with a wide variety of musical styles and poorly-balanced nutritional choices. Hey, where did you find that bacon-flavored chocolate? Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and get your shopping cart harmonized.

Members: Larry Hamel, Harold Zable, Mia Whitfield, Patti Schank, Valerie Rose, Bill Anderson

Curious Blend

Curious Blend is two guys and two gals who refuse to be limited to one musical orientation. If we like it, we sing it! A Curious Blend performance is like tapas - tasty bites of different musical flavors. Our repertoire spans 12th to 21st centuries, with songs in seven languages. We are known for our tight harmonies, varied musical stylings, smooth blend, and spot-on humor. From Manhattan Transfer to medieval Iceland, from Claude Debussy to Gene Puerling, from an Irish lament to a rollicking parody - it's all part of an evening with Curious Blend!

Members: Jennifer Gil, Mike Pogue, Craig Rosen, Randi Zuckerberg

Honeybee Trio

Prior to the Honeybee Trio, its three young singers - Karli, Natalie, and Sarahohad heard each other sing at various school talent shows. In October, 2008, the three were asked to work together as a trio for a special performance at a local retirement community. Though there were originally no plans beyond that one performance, it was clear that their combined talents produced something very special. Through serendipity, the Honeybee Trio was born. Two years later, they are going strong and thrilling audiences wherever they go. The girls have had many wonderful opportunities to perform and are looking forward to exploring how far they can go with their singing.

Members: Natalie Angst, Karli Bosler, Torrance Airhart, Sarah McElwain

Brass Farthing

Brass Farthing is a group of stalwart lads brought together to sing songs, raise good cheer, and otherwise make merry in the company of friends both old and new. We take our inspiration from many periods and enjoy performing historical, traditional, and contemporary compositions in traditional styles.

George started the group in August 2006. We first performed at the Dickens Chistmas Fair and have performed there every year. We cut our self-published CD "Brass Farthing" in summer 2007. We also perform at the Northern California Ren Faire, Steam Punk Conventions and local bars.

Members: Rory Alden, Chris Callahan, George Chlentzos, Mark Donnelly, Jim Partridge, Tazz Richards, Bill Roper, Ben Wilson

Clef Divers

The Clef Divers put a fresh, hip spin on contemporary a cappella. Based in San Francisco, our members are an eclectic mix of classically-trained divas, soulful jazz crooners, rock gods, musical theatre nerds, bluegrass fiends, prodigious songwriters, and karaoke queens. We sing everything from popular rock, pop, jazz, and country hits to original songs that showcase our unique talents.

Members: Jason Hunter, Emily Bergen, Maura Geiszler, Eric Huang, Earl Rivard, Steve Medina, David Ojala, Sara Faith Altman

Na Leo Nahenahe

Na Leo Nahenahe (Sweet Voices) is a primarily a cappella group with the purpose to promote and preserve Hawaiian language, culture and song through choral music. Founded in 1999, Na Leo Nahenahe has been under the direction of Leolani Grace Renaud since 2008. The singers performing for the Harmony Sweepstakes Festival are a selection from the larger chorus, whose members span many generations, ethnicities, and choral experience levels. The music covers a broad spectrum, mostly in Hawaiian, from classic standards of the Lili'uokalani era to more contemporary works.

Members: Greg Suzukawa, Eddie Mendiola, Tom Herz, Tama Blough, Saralie Pennington, Dale Hopkins, Grace Renaud


PDQ is a 4-part a cappella group that enjoys singing in the barbershop style. We sing jazz, pop, Americana, comedy, traditional barbershop, gospel and anything else. Basically, if you want to hear it, we'd love to sing it! We are the current 2009 Region 12 Fifth Place Medalist Quartet

Members: Karrie Colette, Leah Brooks, Kathy Hebert, Laura Conners

Vocal Minors

These boys love to sing! Vocal Minors is an all-male treble ensemble composed of middle school boys. The genesis of the group came from the boysí own inspiration after they attended the Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals last year. With the support of their families, the boys hired a musical director, selected songs, created arrangements, and rehearsed after school in the evenings and on weekends. As students of the Pacific Boychoir Academy in Oakland, California, they have a wealth of singing experience. Their youthful energy, dynamic personalities, and vocal talents create a unique a cappella sound!

Members: Sam Siegel, Zachary Salsburg-Frank, Nathan Savant, Julian Nesbitt, Louis Polcin, Conner Choi


North Shore A Cappella

For the last 26 years, North Shore Acappella has entertained and excited thousands of listeners throughout the Boston area, adding an experienced blend of harmony, rhythm and tempo to songs from the 40's right up through today. This special art of delivering music without instrumental accompaniment is what North Shore Acappella is all about. The award-winning group offers a continuously fresh repertoire of hundreds of popular hits that cover the last five decades. Each number and performance is arranged in a way that showcases each member in a role of lead singer - a trait that very few acappella groups in the country can claim.

Members: Tommy Duarte, Paul Lopes, Jimmy Martin, Vinny Straccia, Guy Chiapponi


Founded in the spring of 2006 by current director Nicholas Girard, Overboard is a male a cappella group from Boston, MA. Although Overboard's repertoire consists primarily of contemporary pop/rock songs, including covers from such artists as Rascall Flatts, Stevie Wonder and The Beatles, the group remains true to its a cappella roots and continues to perform classic selections such as "Blue Moon," "In The Still of the Night" and "Stand By Me."

First conceived as a street performance group intent on entertaining audiences around coastal New England during the summer months, Overboard has come a long way in a short time. The group's first album, Shipwrecked, was recorded in Nick's living room and was released during that first summer. Shipwrecked was distributed during frequent busking stops in Newburyport, MA; Freeport, ME and Burlington, VT, as well as around the group's hometown of Boston.

Members: Scott Cobban, Jeff Eames, Nick Girard, Alfredo Austin III, Caleb Whelden.


DNA! - as the name implies, is a father-son-mother-daughter a cappella group based in central Massachusetts. They have opened for the Rockettes at the Boston City Christmas Spectacular and have appeared with the Worcester Men of Song in a variety of venues to promote the tight harmonies of Barbershop music. They have also performed at various local, civic, and church events throughout New England where they have readily demonstrated their unique blend of religious, secular and patriotic a cappella vocals.

Members: Jeff Letts, Cris Letts, Cristen Letts, Aurianna Letts

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange is not a house of currency but an a cappella group consisting of four ladies from 3 different countries who love to harmonize. They mostly sing barbershop, but their repertoire varies from old standards, to broadway numbers to disco and everything in between. They are happy to sing anytime anywhere until the wee hours of the morning as long as the chords keep ringing. Amanda, Maria, Morgan and Nanda all currently live in the US and are happy to be representing Harmony, Inc. on the Boston Harmony Sweepstakes stage.

Members: Amanda Holloway, Maria Gabriella, Morgan LaCroix, Nanda Landers

Mainely Acappella

Mainely Acappella is a Maine based competitive women’s barbershop quartet who sing a wide range of songs from heartfelt ballads, patriotic standards, to jazzy up tunes and popular hits. The quartet is comprised of two sisters -Debbie Arenberg (lead) from South Berwick and sister Barb Hynes (baritone) from Freeport, Wendi Bailey (tenor) from Stowe and Irene Rounds (bass) from North Windham, Maine. They maintain dual membership in both Sweet Adeline International and Harmony Inc. women’s barbershop organizations. The quartet is affiliated with barbershop Sounds of the Seacoast Chorus, Newington, NH and Coastline Show Chorus of Rhode Island..

Members: Deborah Arenberg, Wendilee Bailey, Irene Rounds, Barbara Hynes

Southeast Light Quartet

Southeast Light Quartet - What is Southeast Light? The dictionary may say....Southeast Light: 1. a beacon for ships off the coast of Block Island 2. a lighthouse that was moved 300 feet back from the edge of the cliff 3. the light of day from the southeast point of the compass 4. a group of friends singing close a capella harmony. Southeast Light is all of the above. The Southeast Light quartet is a husband and wife and 2 other men (with supporting wives) singing a capella music in the barbershop style. Throw in a little comedy and some Abbott and Costello and you have entertainment at it's best. Southeast Light got it's name from the members' love of lighthouses. Southeast Light on Block Island is a special favorite so that became the name. This quartet provides fine musical entertainment for audiences large and small.

Members: Carol Kingsbury, Jerry Xavier, Fred Kingsbury, Tony Daniels

Tuckermans at 9

Tuckermans at 9 - "Well known pop, rock, blues, and light jazz... like Boston, Mark Cohn, James Taylor, Three Dog Night, The Beatles, Steam, Linda Ronstadt, The Kingston Trio, The Temptations, Eric Clapton, Badfinger, Orleans, Abba, Cyndi Lauper, George Michael... performed a cappella? As in, no instruments? Uh-huh. So... what do you really do?" Yeah, we get that a lot. But that's what we really do. Contemporary a cappella. And you're gonna love it

Members: Ashly Gove, Bill Hersman, Daryl Robertson, Francis Lipe, Kam Raiselis, Mark Miller, Tony Berke, Walt Porter


Six Appeal

Is Six Appeal a comedy group, a vocal ensemble, or a rock band? Audiences have been trying to answer that question for years. Swearing off instruments, Six Appeal uses a cappella singing to span decades of classic oldies, current chart toppers, and catchy original tunes. Featuring vocal dexterity and adventurous song selection, the group explores all genres with a far-reaching repertoire that will surprise and captivate audiences regardless of the setting. Despite their cheeky group name, the antics of these six young gentlemen provide a good natured atmosphere for their electrifying performance. A Six Appeal show will split your sides, feed your musical sweet tooth, and leave you wondering how in the world they pulled it off just with voices.

Members: Jordan Roll, Michael Brookens, Sean Steiner, Andrew Bettenhausen, Reuben Hushagen, Andrew Berkowitz
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Breath of Soul

Cutting-edge arrangements, tight vocal percussion and spirited harmonies are just some of the phrases used to describe Nashville based vocal group Breath of Soul. Since 2006, the group has brought their unique a cappella tunes to festival, concert, and church audiences throughout the United States and abroad.

Before their relocation from the midwest to Nashville, TN, Breath of Soul was formerly titled 5one - so named for the familiar music cadence, V-I. The group originated at Millikin University in Decatur, IL and three of the five founding members of 5one still perform with the group today.

Members: Jake Black, Tony Marx, Jesse Upah, David Kempton

Listen Up!

Harmony, humor and vocal pyrotechnics. Listen Up! delivers a truly unique approach to Jewish entertainment. Our performances create a special connection families and communities across the US. See our website (link below) for testimonials, videos of our rehearsal and performances, and information about our recordings.

Members: Steve Singer, Michael Mann, A.Y. Karsh, Kevin Kirshenbaum, Noah Mishkin

3 Men and A Melody

Start with two music educators, add one preacher, stir in a financial planner, and you could have the basic ingredients for any barbershop quartet. But 3 Men & A Melody is not your basic quartet. Tenor, Rob Mathieu, 2nd generation barbershopper, is a Kansas City based children's musician/performer. Not only does he teach preschool music, he performs interactive musical kids shows under the alias, Rockin Rob, geared for children 2-10 years old. Eric Derks leads the foursome musically but admits that telling jokes is not his forte. Brian Bellof is a second generation barbershop bass with a natural ability for showmanship. Baritone, Brad Stephens is the out-of-control comic of the four who keeps 3 Men & A Melody's audiences laughing.

3 Men & A Melody love what they do and have a high respect for the barbershop style. Their talent, energy, and enthusiasm are truly exciting for everyone to watch. 3 Men & A Melody's love of performing continues to escalate every day in hopes that they will be known throughout the Barbershop Harmony Society and the United States for their fun-filled entertainment and singing excellence.

Members: Rob Mathieu, Eric Derks, Brad Stephens, Brian Bellof

Brotherhood Singers

The Brotherhood Singers (from Covington, KY and Cincinnati, OH) are among the very few remaining quartet style groups that still perform in the old-school acappella fashion. The Singers specialize in the intricate and emotional four-part harmony "jubilee" style pioneered by such legendary groups as the Dixie Hummingbirds. the Golden Gate Quartet, the Soul Stirrers and The Harptones of Cincinnati. The Brotherhood Singers started singing at the 9th Street Baptist Church in Covington, KY in 1986 and has performed in churches, secular music venues and television spots throughout the U.S., Canada and in Spain (which they have toured 17 times).

Members: Eric Riley, Ric Jennings, Greg Page, Stace Darden, Demetrius Davenport

Route 66

Route 66 made its spectacular debut in 1994 in The Netherlands under the direction of Leslie Gray and proved to be a success in a wide variety of venues all over Europe, performing to a 'standing room only' audience in the 9,000 seat AHOY amphitheatre in Rotterdam, as well as intimate dinner parties, trade shows and corporate events. Leslie returned to the United States in 1996 and recreated this successful group here in Chicago. ROUTE 66 sings popular hits from nostalgic Swing to contemporary Rock 'n Roll, and everything in between. Enjoy the best of the Beatles, Queen, Tina Turner, James Taylor, Sheryl Crow, and many more, all in fabulous four-part a cappella harmony! Audiences nation-wide enjoy traveling on America's musical highway with these four talented ladies!

Members: Leslie Gray Robbins, Caitlin Simone Buffa, Carrie Marcotte, Nancy Jane Nelson


Shout was formed in 1998 and consisted of Art Sarkkinen, Dan Drouillard, Dave Drouillard and Willy Scott. In 2010 Marv Stump was added to fill out the group. With well over 80 years of vocal experience between them, their influences include barbershop, doo-wop, gospel, pop and rock. Dan, Willy and Dave were in a barbershop quartet, doo-wop group, and a rock band all during their high school years. Although they went their separate ways, they found success in many areas! Dave was a member of the Ivy League, a barbershop quartet that qualified for international competitions four years in a row. Dan continued in barbershop as well as rock bands singing in the U.S., Canada and Germany. Willy has toured the U.S. as well as Europe with different groups as well as playing the club circuits. Marv spent many of his “younger years” in a gospel quartet and has led worship at his church for many years. Art was a natural selection for "lead" when the original three reunited having performed in various bands and churches throughout his career.

Members: Art Sarkkinen, Willy Scott, Dan Drouillard, Dave Drouillard, Marv Stump

Up ‘Til 2

Established in 2005 and named after late-night rehearsals, Up 'til 2 rocks out with unique style. This hard-hitting group of vocalists is indeed a "band." Minimally equipped with their voices and microphones, they cover low to high, and dazzle audiences of all ages. With backgrounds in classical voice, a cappella, rock, musical theater and jazz, each Up 'til 2 member adds a unique element to the band. Their blend of live music and theater will have you laughing to the sounds of current and classic radio hits, Motown, jazz, and funk.

Members: Barry Patrick, Donovan Germain, Eric Buegler, Brandon Sommers, Jason Price, Ben Foster

Los Angeles

Swing Shift

Swing Shift is a vocal jazz mixed ensemble. The group's signature sound is heard in their rich harmonic treatment of pop, jazz, and Broadway standards. Over the years the group has drawn on local resources like the SMC Vocal Jazz Ensemble from which five of Swing Shift's present roster are current or past members. We are proud that many of Swing Shift's alumni have gone on to advance their careers in prestigious ensembles like the LA Master Chorale and LA Choral Lab. If you love lush sounds, complex harmonies, and creamy-smooth blend, you'll love hearing this group.

Members: Holly Pitrago, Janette LaBella, Joel Dalton , Phil Azelton, Richard Gilinsky


Clockwork is a vocal quartet who sing mostly close-harmony jazz but also our own twists on pop and rock tunes.

Clockwork, an award-winning San Francisco based vocal ensemble with a signature sound and style, performs a banquet of music from funk to gospel and R&B to standards. Rooted in the tradition of great vocal jazz groups such as the Hi-Lo's and Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, the Clockwork "sound" draws inspiration from all styles. As the great Duke Ellington said, "If it sounds good, it is good."

Experienced in both accompanied and a cappella performing, the group has arrangements for duos, trios and an 18-piece big band. Members of Clockwork have performed live with artists such as Bobby McFerrin, The Hi-Lo's , Meredith Monk, Don Shelton, Gene Puerling, Barbara Lewis, Sufjan Stevens, John Zorn, Barbara Morrison, Kent Nagano with the Deutches Symphonie Orchester and the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, The PM Singers, Heatwave, GQ, Barbara Lynn, Richie Cole, M-Pact!, the House Jacks, Boyz Nite Out, InFusion, Vocal Flight, and on Ward Swingle's Instructional video "Swingle Singing."

Members: Angie Doctor, Dave Duran, John Paddock, Juliet Green
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Vybration was formed in 2001 to perform at Disney's California Adventure under the name "Groove 66". The band quickly became the park's most popular atmosphere group. Its members are some of the most powerful, versatile, and in demand vocalists in all of Southern California with resume credits spanning from broadway, television, and film, to orignial rock bands, and pioneering modern music projects. Vybration is unlike many acapella sextets out there, covering a variety of music that includes traditional jazz tunes like Blue Skies and Fly Me to the Moon, rock n roll songs like Lenny Kravitz's Fly Away, pop hits such as Michael Jackson's Wanna Be Startin Something and many many more. All that have witnessed the magic in music that Vybration creates can tell you that, "Vybration is a force to be reckoned with!"

Members: Heather McMasters Orosco,, Jill Burke, Bryan Chadima, Trist Curless, Laura Dickinson, Jeff Smith

The Crush

The Crush is a young, exciting barbershop quartet from the Far Western District of the Barbershop Harmony Society compiled of four energetic young men in their 20s. Formed in 2006, this foursome is based out of Orange County, CA, and has entertained audiences at competitions, shows, and private parties near and far. In 2010, The Crush captured the Far Western District Quartet Championship! Known for their tight, bright harmonies and youthful, toe-tapping energy, The Crush hopes to become a household name with barbershop and a cappella fans throughout the country! Music performed by the group consists of barbershop, swing and vocal jazz arrangements influenced by the Big Band Era of 20's, 30's and 40's. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the jazzy feel and swingin' sound of The Crush!

Members: Matt Gray - Tenor, Josh Szolomayer - Lead, John Brockman - Baritone, Paul Tabone - Bass


EVOLUTION - is, astonishingly fun and creative… a clear winner for the Audience!” proclaims Amy Engelhard of The Bobs . “Good Singing (dawg)” says Randy Jackson of American Idol. And, The RAY Magazine described EVOLUTION as “Inspiring, funny, and super hip”. “With amazing, rock solid, monster vocals and mad sex appeal” (Karman Kruschke, Actress/Image Consultant), EVOLUTION has moved audiences from laughter to tears with their harmonies and performance antics. EVOLUTION takes traditional A Cappella to new amplitudes. EVOLUTION is always excited to share their music with the listeners of the world. They are thrilled to be back once again on the Harmony Sweepstakes stage. As always, they wish to leave you with a smile on your face, a skip in your step, and a tune in your heart.

Members: Michael Maury (Bari), Rono Smith (Lead), Seth Shapiro (Tenor), Adam Sears (Bass), Joshua Silverstein (Beats & Rhythm)

Prime Note Ensemble

Prime Note Ensemble was the 1st all male Filipino choral group based in Saudi Arabia, where it was founded in 2001. Originally 25-strong, the 17 members now call Southern California home since 2009. The group's first international competition was in Xiamen, China in 2006, and Graz, Austria in 2008 at the World Choir Games. Prime Note was awarded the bronze & silver medals respectively, in the male chamber choir category. In 2007, the group was among the 15 invited participating choirs at the 14th Festival International Chant de Choral in Nancy, France. After participating in the 2nd California International Choral Festival & Competition in San Luis Obispo in June 2009, the choir has had performances in the Bay area and continues to hold performances in Southern California.

Members: Novem Cabios, Jonar Sara,, Efren Cardoza, Leo Abalos, Joel Macapas, Yagi Brisenio, Eric Yabut, Hero Emolaga


Scatitude - is a talented group of teenage and adult singers who enjoy singing a variety of vocal arrangements ranging from pop to jazz standards. The group is based in Hermosa Beach, California and is directed by Beth Rohde at Coast Music Conservatory.

Members: Faith Memmo, Beth Rohde, Cierra Sample, Kieran Moriah, Patrick Storey

These Guys A Cappella

These Guys - have been Thrilling audiences since 2005. They have made network T.V. appearances, opened for platinum recording artists, and been awarded in numerous music competitions. This all male ensemble sings Jazz, Hip Hop, R and B, Barbershop, Doo Wop, Rock , and Boogaloo. "These Guys" spent all of 2010 performing on Celebrity cruise lines, and are happy to be back in Southern California!


Who's Your Daddy!

Who's Your Daddy! -isn’t just Jerry Springer’s favorite question. It’s also the name of the most unique, rockin' and successful a cappella singing group in America – well, in the northwestern third of the San Fernando Valley, anyway. Formed one year ago by three longtime friends and another guy who brought the sandwiches, W.Y.D. -- which is a short and hip way of saying “Who’s Your Daddy!” – brings a whole new approach to performing those amazing songs that made our fists pump and our Mullets sway back in the day. Now, you’re probably saying to yourself, “Hey, what’s so special about four dudes who think they’re so hot they can put out an album? (Okay, it’s a CD, if you want to get all modern about it.) Well, there’s a couple of good answers. First is, “Who the hell do you think you are, asking us a question like that?” Second is, we’re really good singers. So good, in fact, that we don’t even need musical instruments to accompany us. Which is why it’s called a cappella singing in the first place, Mister Ask-A-Million-Questions.

Members: Freddy Curci, Rick Neigher, Adam Gorgoni, Chris Cote


Da Capo

The da Capo Vocal Band Born out of the Binghamton University a cappella community, da Capo is a high powered, raucous male vocal band founded in the fall of 2000 committed to bringing professional a cappella to central New York. Literally translated, da Capo means "from the beginning" and the group aims to stay true to its roots: award winning groups with an emphasis on entertainment and fun for their audience while expanding their sound to creative new heights. A full, rich sound, intense percussion, outstanding vocalists and an eclectic repertoire make da Capo a group to look for in the future.

Members: Ryan Griffith, Tony Colosimo, Wayne Adams, Joe Sawyer

The Agency

The Agency is comprised of seven secret agents whose international exploits have transported them to stages across the globe, from Tokyo to London and New York to San Francisco. When not engaged in covert operations, The Agency enjoys creating crunchy chords and dabbling in genres from classical to classic rock. For intrigue and vocal adventure, come explore the more clandestine side of a cappella... with The Agency."

Members: Amanda Aldag, Heather Montague, Kieran Daly, Ward Ferguson, Kate Brick, Chris Abramson

4 The Record

4 The Record - Formed in 2009, 4 The Record is a six member contemporary a cappella group that focuses on bringing to life radio hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's and today. The group is influenced by the diverse performance and music education background of its members, as well as being based at a cross-roads of American music, from the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame on Lake Erie's northern shore to the country and bluegrass influences of the Ohio River valley in the south.

Members: Kiersten Bowmer, Kevin Child, Michael Frankart, John Garnes, Brittany Roszman, Wayne Rowe


Since 2006, the guys have blended traditional and contemporary all- vocal music with energy and humor to create six decades of hits live on stage at every show. Every sound - vocals, bass, effects, even the drums - is created using only the voice. They have performed all over their native Pittsburgh, and nationwide from Washington, D.C. to the San Francisco Bay, as well as features on local news, television, and radio. In the Harmony Sweepstakes, they were Mid-Atlantic Champions and Audience Favorite in 2007 and have received two awards for Best Arrangement.

Members: Luke Clavey, Steve Donnelly, Dre Johnson, Chris Rue, Mike Yanchak

Harmonization Without Representation

Harmonization Without Representation is the premiere all-male a cappella group in the DC area whose twelve-syllable name is derived from a popular Revolutionary War era battle cry. We're six fun-loving guys whose ever-expanding repertoire ranges from Barbershop to Pop, Spirituals to Rock, and Soup to Nuts. Our mission is to rock people's faces off. Seriously. That goal is in our charter.

Members: Derek Smith, John Cipriani, Scott Hecker, Brian Netter, Dan Freeman, John Russell


Justus - Newly established in 2011, the members of Justus have joined forces to create a sound that is unmistakably distinct. Bringing with them unique and diverse backgrounds that complement each other, the individuality connects with a dynamic synergy and brotherhood of musical unity. Their resonance, made up of individual voices, is in perfect harmony and stands for the common ambition to make great music, entertain audiences of all ages, and share a sound that is just them…or according to them…Justus!

Members: Chris Murphy, Mandell Loman, Nick Hamlin,, Jeff Knapp, Eric Manalo

Loose Interpretations

Loose Interpretations is an all female contemporary a cappella group who proudly call New York City home. The group was originally formed by several women who were recent college grads, who craved the fun and excitement of college a cappella. That experience inspired them to create a post-collegiate group for like minded young women...and Loose Interpretations was born. We pride ourselves on how we've grown over the years from performing in the park wherever we could find an audience, to selling out such amazing venues as Arlene's Grocery, Cafe Wha?, Crash Mansion, and even the Metropolitan Opera House.

Members: Dana Kraugh, Erin Byram, Heather Glotzer, Jennifer Kipley, Jennifer Wexler, Laura Campbell, Reynatta Sampson, Stacia Woodcock

New York


With their expansive vocal range, vocal dynamics, tight harmonies, "female bass" and hard hitting percussion, this NY based group offers a variety of musical styles and continually push the envelope of female vocals. Their wide range of musical influences-Gospel, Contemporar, Christian, Pop, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Spirituals, Caribbean and African, just to name a few-has lead them to create a unique style all their own. Over the years, the group has had some amazing experiences including singing churches, colleges, prisons and festivals

Members: Cindy Valerus, Keesha Gumbs, Sherene Campbell, Gbianka Kotee, Tamika Gumbs


Six-man vocal band Six13 brings an unprecedented style of Jewish music to the stage. With songs that range from hip-hop dance tracks to rock anthems, their albums have been the recipients of five Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards and selections to nine different "best of" compilations. This summer, they were chosen as finalists in the casting process for NBC's prime-time series The Sing-Off, and the group has also become an internet sensation, with over 500,000 views on YouTube.

Members: Mike Boxer, Eric Dinowitz, Oren Malka, Robert Operman, Justin Rosenblum, Alan Zeitlin
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Founded in 2001, The MetropoliTones is a New York City based a cappella group composed of graduates from the Seven Sisters colleges. When not working our day jobs (running conferences, crunching numbers on Wall Street or digging for fossils), we can be found adding musical pizazz to corporate, private and sporting events in the tri- state area. The MetropoliTones have performed at Cipriani, The New York Athletic Club, The Bitter End, The Pierre Hotel, Ronald McDonald House, The Bronx Zoo, Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum, Madison Square Garden, Prudential Center and Giants Stadium.

Members: Lisa Bianco, Christina Friberg, Carolyn Kiel, Allison Lee, Kate Marvin, Dana Van Brunt, Eliza Ruth Watson, Abigail Wolff


Empire was launched in September 2010, bringing powerful all-female a cappella to New York City and beyond! In addition to local performances, they have toured the US, participated in the Harmony Sweepstakes competition, VoCAL Nation, auditioned for NBC's The Sing-Off, and headlined a major fundraising event. Empire has garnered a large fan base throughout the Northeast, stretching out to small towns in Iowa, and as far as California.

Members: Erica Meyer, Anna Smith, Rachel Tombes, Holli Matze, Sarah Jensen, Anna Concepcion, Melina Marini, Angela Ugolini

The Glue

For the past thirteen years the "Swiss band without instruments" has been enthusing their audience. These 5 young men have already produced four albums, a DVD, and have been on stage over six hundred times all over Europe. March 2011 marks their first trip to North America as they travel to the US and to Canada to perform their original compositions to enthusiastic audiences; whether it be country or latin, East-European gypsy tunes or african tribal sounds, there’s no genre they can't do! In addition to original music, The Glue astounds with their unconventional performance and choreography in all types of settings, from Private and intimate in small theatres, to bombastic on the big stage. Notable highlights thus far have been as Swiss support at the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany, being honored and performing live concerts on Swiss Radio DRS, and selling out concerts at the theater in Basel, Switzerland. In november 2010 they received the cultural award of the canton Basel-Landschaft and qualified out of 500 groups for the swiss finals of the Eurovision Song Contest, where they placed 5th. Currently touring Europe and North America with their current program, "Kin' de Lele", The Glue are charming crowds all over with their comical, unusual, yet always entertaining musical performances.

Members: Gregor Beermann, Michael Moor, Jonas Goettin, Tumasch Claluena, Oliver Rudin

In Harmony

In Harmony is without a doubt New England's premier oldies vocal group. This sweet sounding vocal ensemble, comprised of two guys and three girls. has worked with such legendary Doo-Wop acts as Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge, The Drifters, The Platters, The Dimensions, The Dubs, The Tokens, Lou Christy, Randy and The Rainbows, and The Jive Five. With numerous radio shows and White House performance for President Bill Clinton under their belts, In Harmony are excited to bring their vocal stylings to the Harmony Sweepstakes stage!

Members: Dee Heavrin, Robin Miller, Adrienne Lisko, Scott Poarch, Lenny Seiter

Lai Skan

This vocal group from Latvia is an eclectic mix of friends ranging in age from 17 to 23, and each a musical instrumentalist as well as vocalist. Even so, they have different life styles, as some are still in school while others are graduated with interests in veterinary medicine and business management -- but music is the common thread that has kept them together for many years. Regarded as renowned vocalists in their native Latvia, and winners of many competitions in Europe, It has been their biggest dream to perform on an American stage. Lai Skan is excited to have their dream become reality at the 2011 Harmony Sweepstakes In NY!

Members: Anete, Ginta, Arno, Gatis, Janis, Edgars

One Guy Upstate

One Guy Upstate is what happens when collegiate, frat-style a cappella guys grow up -- or, perhaps, refuse to. Individually, the members of this all-male vocal band have performed hundreds of shows, but first met back in the day at Binghamton University, where they made multiple visits to the ICCA Finals as members of the Crosbys. Still great friends and reunited a few years later for the sheer love of making great music together, they hope to acheive similar success on the professional stage at the Harmony Sweepstakes.

Members: Jesse Afriyie, Mike Boxer, Brian Frankel, Al Orbinati, Angel Reynoso, John Soto, Di Zhang


The Perspective is a five-man vocal band, blending Pop, Rock and R&B on a daily basis, with absolutely no instruments. Bringing together the best traditions of the five-man sound, THE PERSPECTIVE builds a bridge from the classic sounds of the 50's and 60's to the modern era of rock and R&B. Formed in 2009, and proud to call New York City our home, THE PERSPECTIVE has performed at listening rooms around New York City including the legendary Bitter End, the National Underground, and Millesime Salon at the luxurious Carlton, NYC. We are stoked to make our debut at the Harmony Sweepstakes Competition! .

Members: Damon Maida, Jack Holahan, Doug Paulson, Joe Dunham, Aaron "AB" Belinfanti.

State of Mind

State of Mind is a subset of NYC's recently formed Empire A Cappella. Since September these young women have focused on combining their musical abilities with a bit of style and sass. Having just completed a Boston winter tour filled with joint gigs, collegiate appearances, and some aca-bonding, State of Mind is happy to be back in NYC, much looking forward to their spring line-up, and of course, participating in their first Harmony Sweepstakes Festival!

Members: Cecilia Kelly, Sonia Ahuja, Jenn McCarthy, Anna Smith, Erica Meyer, Holli Matze, Rachel Tombes, Cara Joyce

Pacific Northwest

The Uptown 4

The Uptown 4 - What started out as four friends singing in their backyards has become one of the fastest-growing A Cappella quartets in the Northwest. The Uptown 4, based out of Renton, Washington, has been described as "having a natural, raw quality and talent" and "one of the best quartets in a long time." The Uptown 4 is consistently working on new music, finding ways to bring unique style and personality to their arrangements. They perform an extensive repertoire of music, spanning a range of different styles from Fifties Doo-Wop and Standards to modern-day Top 40 hits. They have performed at events and venues across the country, from Seattle, Washington, to Los Angeles, California. They were even given priority auditions at NBC's "The Sing-Off" and "America's Got Talent".

Members: Orion, Jeffrey McGlinn, Jeff Weister, Sky Lewis


The premiere a cappella group from the Willamette Valley, Oregon, the gentlemen of Rezonate sing R&B, Gospel, Pop, Soul, Jazz, Funk, and even some Hard Rock, including deftly arranged covers and original songs. The group started singing together as Rezonate in December 2004, and have sung at many venues since. At the Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals in May of 2009, Rezonate won both Third Place and the coveted award for Best Original Arrangement. With thick, lush, true six and seven part harmonies and a difficulty level second to none, Rezonate can evoke the smooth sounds of the Four Freshman, the Funk flavor of Rare Earth, or the pop excitement of acts like Bruno Mars and Kelly Clarkson.

Members: Ryan Dixon, CJ Mickens, Chris Dobson, David Fertal, Jason Caffarella, Tyson Biggerstaff, Justin Diller

Wild Rose Chorale

The Wild Rose Chorale is celebrating twenty years of great a cappella music. Though our membership has changed over the years, our goals have not: we strive to bring the highest quality vocal music to audiences of all ages Our repertoire includes lush jazz arrangements, traditional and show tunes and the occasional novelty number. If "a cappella" is our first name, "entertainment" is our second name.. Audiences come back again and again because they have so much fun watching us have fun! Wild Rose is a diverse group of singers whose interests and careers include computer consultant, health professional, dental hygienist, band director, newspaper writer, piano teacher, biofeedback specialist, minister, golfer, parent and grandparent. All share a love of a cappella pop and jazz vocal music.

Members: Marj Iuro, Barb Matter, Lynn Nowak, Jes Schumacher, Dave Spaun, Charles Helman, Al Thompson, Blaine Lewis

The Baudboys

Back around 1990, a couple of the founding members of the coed Microtones decided that they wanted to form a men's a cappella group at Microsoft so that they could sing the charts from their college groups. The original quartet consisted John Rae-Grant, bass and musical director, Bill Pope, baritone, Bob Gunderson, 2nd tenor, and David Olsen, 1st tenor. True to their profession, the group's chosen name, The Baudboys, referred to the method by which modem speeds were rated. The group performed only a few times in its first years of existence, doing lunch time gigs on the Microsoft campus.

As members left Microsoft over the years, they would also leave the Baudboys, prompting natural turnover in the membership. During the 1990's, the group expanded it's membership, aiming to have two full quartets within the group. Since that time, the group has remained at 7-9 members, but the expanded membership has allowed the group to sing more complex arrangements than the 4-part charts that the founders envisioned.

Members: Owen Braun, Elliot Lewis, Dave McEwen, Jon Schwartz, Mark Adolph, Paul Eng, Martin Puryear, Mike Thomsen


Crosspoint is a vocal ensemble made up of church members of Westminster Chapel. They are a diverse group of people, but they are unified in the vision of providing an excellent musical experience that brings a message of hope and encouragement to the community. Crosspoint was originally formed in 2003, but its current member lineup has been singing together for just over a year. Last year was their first year to compete at the PNW Harmony Sweepstakes and had a blast so they decided to come back for a second time! They have performed in churches, malls, and other local venues, singing intricate, yet fun, arrangements of church music.

Members: Tim Anderson, Arlene Finley, Colleen Hickman, Drew House, Cindy Lucas, Cheri McDonald, Dave McEwen, Jim Stocker

Klapa Doo Wopella

Klapa Doo Wopella is one of the world's oldest ongoing musical ensembles devoted exclusively to singing a cappella. KlapaDooWopella specializes in traditional Croatian "Klapa" singing. Klapa singers are a cappella minstrels that hang out on boat docks and street corners along the Adriatic coast of Croatia. The passionate harmonic blend of traditional Klapa songs evokes uncaught fish, raging seas, and lost love. Despite forays into other genres, the quartet always returns to its first love, the moan of the sea that is the primal chord of the Klapa song.

Members: Phil Parham, Ted Hunter, Jim Hoath, Bill Weis

Shadywood Boys

Shadywood Boys are four guys who get together to sing. We graze freely through the pasture of quartet styles: a little Jubilee Quartet here, a little Doo-Wop there, maybe a bit of Barbershop. Sometimes we wander into the back forty and browse 19th century styles such as Antebellum Spirituals - or even some Shape-Note Singing. But there is one patch of grass we keep coming back to: a style of singing that emerged from the Southeastern U.S. in the 1930's and 40s that would become known as Southern Gospel. This style carries through the early recordings of bands like The Stanley Brothers, Bill Monroe, and Flatt and Scruggs. It's retro-phonic, and we like it. Members: Larry Statland, Tim Cullen, David Brook, Phil Shaver

Members: Phil Shaver, David Brook, Tim Cullen, Larry Statland

Strangers in Harmony

Strangers in Harmony is a vocal quintet from Portland, Oregon. Since 2009 The Strangers have been delighting audiences all over greater Portland with their memorable original music and classic crowd-pleasing covers. In 2010 Strangers in Harmony took top honors in the prestigious "Portland's Got Talent" contest. Five guys from different musical and geographical backgrounds come together to make music. That's Strangers in Harmony.

Members: Eric Chung, Ramsay "RC" Cowlishaw, Shawn Dudley, Mike Mendyke, Roy Rasera

Rocky Mountain

Eclipse 6

Eclipse is a vocal group of six creating explosive sound, driving rhythms, and lush harmonies using only one instrument: the human mouth.

The six members of Eclipse originally met while performing in a public relations /ambassador-oriented group that was part of the department of Programs and Entertainment at Utah State University. They began by arranging their own vocal covers of popular songs and performing them on campus and in the Logan area. Increasing public interest and performance opportunities led to the recording of their first album, "Once," which was released in April 2001.

Members: Molly Bedard, Karin Bennett, Henry Bradford, Amy Brinkman-Davis, Dan Caprera, Cody Carbone, Brett Conrad, Ali Fanucchi


Throat is a collective of singer-musicians that perform original music. Hard-rocking beats, cerebral songwriting and a full, in-your-face band sound...that just happens to all be produced without instruments. Throat is a vocal band that sings 100% original music. Influenced by great rock groups of the past 50 years, as well as the pioneers of the contemporary a cappella vocal band movement, THROAT is dedicated to performing fresh, rocking music for the masses.

Members: Kate Spencer, Emily Bedal, Peter Driscoll,, Mister Tim, Matt Murphy


IdioSINGcrasies - A select group of beautiful and talented men and women who just can’t help but frequently burst into song. The IdioSINGcrasies pride themselves on being entirely self-operating group at the University of Denver who’s members all have diverse strengths and experience singing together. Never complete without both new talent and some veterans, they are prepared to tackle any vocal challenge that comes our way. So bring it! IdioSINGcrasies is influenced by all musical genres, with recent inspirations ranging from Janelle Monae to Drake and from Guns 'n' Roses, to Stevie Wonder - they cover it all. With plans to lead Collegiate A Cappella regionally by consistently raising the standard - their performances are a reflection of everything they value: family, a passion for music, and enjoying themselves. Check them out. There is no room for disappointment!

Members: Galen Jacobs, Katie Turley, Kirby Page-Schmit, Marcus Yetter, Maryclaire Costello, Meg Kardos, Nate Pearson, Paul Lannon


King4 - Elvis is back in the building! The #1 hitmaker in QUADRUPLICATE! Four Elvises (Elvi?) croon a cappella versions of the King’s most beloved numbers, as well as modern P.E. (post-Elvis) classics in the King's style, in this fun but loving tribute.

Members: Brandon Anderson, Jay Jones, Jared Allen, Todd Eccles


McPhly - In the fall of 2008, the four members of McPhly came together to create a new sound in a cappella. After only 5 rehearsals in 3 weeks McPhly won the RMD District Championship by decisive margins. The new foursome came together with a wealth of vocal music experience and is currently taking the Denver a cappella scene by storm. All four coming from different popular groups, McPhly is quickly becoming a new standard of a cappella. Since their inception, the group’s repertoire has been ever expanding - with music ranging from jazz, pop, barbershop, country and more, they have been wildy popular with audiences. They have performed in over 20 states nationwide and continue to perform nationally and recently placed 15th at the BHS International Contest in Philadelphia, PA. Get ready for McPhly!

Members: Brian Fox, Andrew Hoag, Curtis Terry, Travis Tabares, Ryan Gallatin Wilson

Pandora Celtica

Pandora Celtica - Hail to thee Bright Beings! We are Pandora Celtica, a dark faerie acapella band from the lands of dream and myth. We've been brought together by the Queen of the Fae for your entertainment. We bring you rich harmonies, tribal drumming and ancient songs of sorrow, loss and longing. Let us move you. Let us thrill you. Let us free you.

Members: ShadowCat, Discordia, Requiem, Rubiee, Nessa


Renegade is a six-part male a capella group and was formed in the Spring of 2009. Their entire repertoire consists of a cappella music from many different genres - including Rock, Jazz, Choral and Pop. Renegade hails from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, CO and is continuously expanding its repertoire and performance opportunities. Its members come together from across several disciplines, and include several future teachers: Alex Hill-Music Composition and Performance, Joey Revier-Musical Theater, Jacob Rivera-Philosophy, Mark Petersen-Music Education, Zach Wilson-Music Education, Nathan Wubbena-Music Education. Renegade entertains its audiences with quality arrangements and compositions, and sets a standard of excellence with every performance.

Members: Alex Hill, Joey Revier, Jacob Rivera, Mark Petersen, Zach Wilson, Nathan Wubbena

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