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Bay Area


Intimate, witty and intelligent songsters, the award-winning Irrationals, are an a cappella ensemble acclaimed for their rich, complex vocal style. The delicious blending of their voices has been described as "cafe mocha for the ears." Singing together for almost twelve years, this six-member, Berkeley-based group is praised for its harmonic excellence and diverse repertoire. The Irrationals often perform songs about the unpredictable. They are dazzled by the irrationality of love, awed by the intuitive nature of life and intrigued by things that don't make sense.

The Irrationals' sound has an African American foundation that is used to explore pop, R&B, jazz, folk and rock. A core blend of three soulful women enhanced by bass, tenor and percussive vocal elements creates an exquisitely layered melodic mix. Whether it's Stevie Wonder with a rap twist, Annie Lennox, Talking Heads, the Neville Brothers or a romantic folk song, the Irrationals are playful, distinctive and sometimes irreverent.

Members: Renee Hays, Gwen Mc Elwee, Tim Lukaszewski, Shelley Higgins, Matt Skinner

9th Cabaret

The 9th Cabaret is an a cappella trio consisting of Glenn Myles and his two daughters. They sing nostalgic music of the 20s, 30s and 40s as well as original songs. They've been performing for 12 years and are highly sought after as entertainment for private parties. They also have been featured at such events as the Black and White Ball, Hall of Flowers for KJAZ, the KRE "Hot Fun in he Summer" concert series and Chez Panisse in Berkeley on New Year's Eve.

Members: Glenn Myles, Michelle Myles, La Reva Myles Ratoosh

Cherry Fizz

Whose members include three state workers, one published poet, three mothers, one father and one salesman for Blue Diamond Almonds, evolved from a class in Doo Wop taught by their present coach and music director, Christine Martin of Tu Tone Shoes. These five people have been singing together since August 1992.

Members: Leslie Cummins, Mary James, Teresa Souvignier, John Wagaman, Mary Zeppa

Corner Market

Since their public debut last May, Corner Market has been winning raves for their intricate jazz/funk arrangements, laser-sharp harmonies, exquisite intonation and classy moves. Lead by Grammy-nominee Jason A. Smith, the group anchors its sound on the pops, snaps, crashes and cracks of master vocal percussions Vern A Smith. Ttopping off an appearanc with the Neville Brothers with a five-day run with jazz great George Benson, Corner Market went on to amaze crowds at music fairs and festivals around the bay and on local TV. Harmonically rich, rhythmically playful, Corner Market proved six vioices can indeen be a jazz/funk "band."

Members: Jason A. Smith, Jennifer Newell, Mona Dena, Mel McMurrin, Vern Smith, Martin Puryear


Is approximately one sixth of the Occidental Community Choir. "We like to think of ourselves as the "cute" sixth." The choir writes and performs its own music (a new concert each year) which provides Occipella with lots of material.

Members: Marcy Telles, Carol Frick, Connie Coleman, Colgy Glover, Ron Mortimore, Elliot Simon

Only Human

Less than a year ago, 7 of the finest female singers from colleges around the country converged in the Bay Area to form "Only Human". OH performs a variety of popular music from the 60's to the 90's an are proud of their eclectic and diverse repertoire.

Members: Katy Santen, Shana Levy, Ruthanne Larsen, Denise Allen, Jennifer Dickinson, Lisa Robatzek

Quintessence (1993)

The spectrum of their musical style emerges from an unlikely meeting of diverse backgrounds. The five met in school at UC Berkeley where they each pursued different musical interests ranging from opera to jazz, from rock to chamber music. Accordingly, Quintessence creates arrangements that invite the ear to explore the vocal colors and nuances unique to this combo of influences. Their large repertoire, extending from French impressionism to "grundge-appella", grants them the unique ability to appeal to a broad range of tastes and audiences.

Members: John Bennett, Neal Cruz, Eric Freeman, Anthony Hale, Tako Oda

Screaming Divas

Are five women who've set out to stretch the boundaries of a cappella - as well as the screams of their catsuits! Using voices as instruments and bodies as props, they collaboratively determine their artistic destiny, as they frolic in the playground of potential.

Members: Mary Ann Boyd, Danielle Nice, Pamela Nissley, Lilli Oldfield, Tina Osinski

Tu Tone Shoes

Is a Sacramento based quintet, that specializes in preserving the Doo Wop vocal harmony sound of the fifties. Since their debut at Harmony Sweeps in may 1990, they have been audience favorites in Sac and Davis clubs and special events, including headlining the Lincoln and Davis Summer Arts Festivals.

Members: Christine Martin, Mary Asbury, Jim Malone, Bill Cavins, Rudy McClary

Ultra Violet

UV is a trio of women whose love for a capella music brought them together. With varied interests and diverse musical backgrounds in gospel, classical, jazz and barbershop music, UV delivers a unique and vibrant blend.

Members: Bonnie Fraenza, April Berger, Kerry Harp


Shawnee River Rats

The Shawnee River Rats perform their own arrangements of Broadway show tunes and songs from contemporary songwriters near the banks of a certain river in Bedford, MA. Shortly after getting 12 years ago, the Rats settled into a close harmony style and developed a distinct, clear sound reminiscent of the Hi-Lo's and Four Freshmen. Each member brings many years of singing experience to the group from musical theatre, Barbershop and college ensembles, including the Yale Wiffenpoofs, Tufts Beezlebubs and Stanford's Mendicants.

Members: Bill Ingraham, Bill Reed, David Getty, Larry Arend, Charlie Hodges, Charlie Schwerin

Los Angeles

Joy of Six

Have been together for one year and have performed at the Moonlight Tango Café in Sherman Oaks, The Rose Garden-Back Rom in West Hollywood. Matty's on Melrose and Genghis Cohen on Fairfax. JOS also sang the title song of the soon to be released film SANDMAN and were featured Christmas Eve on KPFK's "City on the Rim" show host: Lenard Brown. They are all professional singers with varied backgrounds - from rock to opera to jazz.

Members: Faye Brenner, Mary Hylan, Cece Bullard, Ariana Attie, Wendy Charles-Acey, Christina Sjoblom


Brock and The Rockets

Founded in 1985, B&R grew out of the Hexagon Club, directed by Brock Holmes. Their recently completed recording, Out To Launch, is available on cassette and CD, and features a range of tunes from Doo Wop to new wave to TV pop. They have been featured on the Diane Rehm show on WAMU in Washington and have appeared at the National Theater and the Kennedy Center.

Members: Brock Holmes, Carol Nicotera, Becky Carroll, Jane Harrelson, Greg McGruder, Doug Smith, David Whitman

New York

14 Karat Soul

14 Karat Soul originally came together with the idea of creating the "Best Singing Group in East Orange, New Jersey." Since the early 1980s, 14 Karat Soul have toured the USA, UK, Japan and Europe, have worked on their own with the Stray Cats and Whitney Houston, appeared in the film Alphabet City, have done commercials for Roy Rogers, New Jersey Lottery, McDonald's, 3 Musketeers, and have appeared three times on Saturday Night Live. They won Best Arranger and TBS TV awards at the 1990 Tokyo Music Festival, released 5 successful CD/albums in Japan and most recently wrote, produced and performed a new commercial for Kleenex Tissue. You want soul? Look no further, you got it!

Members: Mykle Alexander, Tony-Zeke Holding , B David Whitworth, Mark Aaron Beckett, Glenny T

16th and Savoy

After meeting in college and discovering their love of swing, jazz and musical theatre, Brian took out his Judy Garland anthology and, as they began singing and swinging throughout Connecticut, 16th And Savoy was born. After captivating Connecticut with their scintillating song stylings, they decided to invade the New York cabaret night life. They have most recently been spotted at Steve McGraws, The Duplex, and can be seen this week at Don't Tell Mama. Although 16th And Savoy is fresh to Manhattan's cabaret scene, they were recognized as one of the best vocal groups of 1992 by the Cabaret Hotline.

Members: Susan Chakmakjian, Kathleen Cogswell, Anne MacKechnie, Brian Patton

Brooklyn Connection

Brooklyn Connection had its early beginning in 1961 under the name of "The Larkings." Over the years, as one great singer after another joined the group, they evolved into Brooklyn Connection. They have appeared at Studio 54, The Beacon Theater, Roseland, Traxs, Bumpsteads, Don K Reed's Doo Wopp Shop on CBS-FM Radio, as well as many New York and New Jersey Supper Clubs with such stars as Johnny Maestro, Brooklyn Bridge, The Skyliners, The Spaniels, and The Cadillacs. All members can lead and switch notes to recreate favorite songs, making them a hard act to follow. Most recently, they were crowned 1991 A Cappella Champions out of 14 other groups at the United in Group Harmony Association's A Cappella Competition at The Skyland Hotel in New Jersey.

Members: Nelson Alvarez, Barnard Jones, Warren Tesoro, Gil Torres, Victor Zayas

East River Drive

East River Drive has been making music for almost three years with the philosophy that their complex four- and five-part harmonies are the tie that binds an eclectic mix of musical styles and backgrounds. From doo wopp through standards and rhythm and blues, each individual singer contributes her/his own personal style to these varying genres.

Members: Jim Beliveau, Ray Block, Susan Didrichsen, Robin Levin, Leon Mc Clain, Anthony Russo

The Echelons

The Echelons were formed in Newark, NJ in 1987. If you've ever happened to be in some of the local bistros in the Newark-Bloomfield-Clifton area, then chances are you were fortunate enough to be treated to their smooth vocal style. Their most popular tune, A Christmas Long Ago (Jingle, Jingle), is firmly lodged in the New York Top 50 Christmas Song Survey, and when not entertaining in their native New Jersey, The Echelons have been seen rockin' amidst the chrome and glass at the Nassau County Coliseum Custom Car Show, as well as crooning to admiring patrons at Rockefeller Center's Rainbow Room and Central Park's Tavern on the Green. They perform many memorable songs of years gone by as well as modern favorites and original material guaranteed to leave you swinging and swaying!

Members: John Clemente, Michael Fiore, Joe Gomez, Tony Gomez, Pete Marolakos

Eight Men Out

Although none of the members of Eight Men Out actually bothered to learn how to play instruments, they all wanted to be in a band: so they started singing a cappella music. EMO is essentially a phenomenon that blossomed out of the thriving east coast collegiate vocal harmony scene. All the members were at one time or another connected with music at Villanova University, located near Philadelphia, PA. Since November of 1992, they have spent most of their time singing at parties, on a corner at South Street, or to no one in particular. Recently, however, the group has been entertaining at local bars, singing at the myriad of "open mic" nights, and occasionally getting a paid gig. They sing anything and everything, from street corner doo wopp to modern a cappella jams. Yes, there are only seven of them!

Members: Brad Bookler, Sean Darby, Kamal Helou, Steve Kroche, Mike Kelly

J.Q. & The Bandits

J.Q. & The Bandits originally came together because they loved singing, and there were a few college tuitions which needed to be paid. While singing on a Greenwich Village street corner, they were discovered by a theatrical agent and soon found themselves sole stars of a Levi's 501 Jeans national TV commercial and composers of the product's jingle, Levi's 501-derful Blues. They have made over 1,200 personal appearances worldwide, have toured US, Canada and Europe, and they won the MTV Basement Tapes Competition with their original music video Bandits of Love, after which their album by the same name was released in Europe.

Members: Jim Fontaine, Christopher May, David Montgomery, Steven Katz

The Lords

The Lords started out singing back-up vocals at a friend's party, and haven't stop since! They have been together with the same line-up for 11 years and have created jingles for Showtime, toured extensively throughout the eastern college circuit and have opened for David Brenner, Pat Cooper, The Persuasions, and The Drifters, among many others. They have three releases out on Starlight Records, have performed at NYC's Million-Dollar Gala for the 1986 National League Champion NY Mets, and have "held court" before crowds of upwards of 500,000 at the Statue of Liberty's 100th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremonies.

Members: Dom Freda, Jim Giordano, Steve Manno, Mike Sellers

Modest Goddess Choir

Modest Goddess Choir came together from several local New Jersey bands to perform for the 1991 Fashion Expo at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Since then, they have recorded with various local and New York artists, performed in clubs around Northern New Jersey and provided lead and backing vocals for The Fairlanes and B.D. Eyz Blues Band. The Goddesses have also performed at The Annual Fourth of July Blues and Jazz Festival in Montclair, New Jersey and have opened for such acts as The Spin Doctors, Tom Cochrane, and The BoDeans.

Members: Liz George, Sheila Kern, Anne Rogers, Suzy Rose


Regency is a five man a cappella vocal group from Baltimore Maryland. They are often called the Temptation of the twenty first century. Their musical magic has fascinated fans throughout the United States. They sing everything from 40's Swing, Elvis, Motown and Classics and Pop Tunes in their own special a cappella style that is not quite doo wop, not quite R&B, but altogether wonderful. They have won Entertainer of The Year on the college market many times, have done national commercials and have opened for many of today's leading musicians. They have NEVER performed without receiving a standing ovation. Their biggest fans are musicians who marvel at their vocal ability. Regency won the New York Regionals several years back and have not competed in several years.

Members: Milton Ames, Duane Early, Anthony Griffin, Wayne McNeil, Dwayne McNeil

Rocky Mountain

17th Avenue All-Stars

The 17th Avenue Allstars are celebrating 20 years as one of Denver, Colorado's top musical acts singing contemporary a cappella. The Allstars have performed across the United States and opened for National Acts such as: BB King, The Temptations, Mel Torme, and Robert Cray. Named the official anthems singers of the Denver Broncos they've experienced a wide range of a cappella performance opportunities including shows for US Presidents and Governers, corporate events and product launches, outdoor festivals and concerts and large charitable fundraisers. Book the Allstars today for your concert or special event and experience the a cappella magic that is The 17th Avenue Allstars.

From the Doo-Wop favorites from the 50's to Contemporary A Cappella; straight ahead rock tunes or a cappella vocal jazz, the 17th Avenue Allstars will put on a show for any audience!

Members: Norm Silver, Jeff Harris, Robert Anderson, LaTanya Hall, Robert Johnson


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