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Bay Area

About Face

About Face is the a cappella version of the pop/funk band of the same name that has recently been headlining at New George's in San Rafael among other bay area venues. In 1989 the group won first place in the first annual "Good Morning Bay Area" talent contest on KGO channel 7 as "The Bachelors", and have been charming audiences ever since with their innovative, energetic style. They won “Best Original Arrangement” in 1990.

Members: Stan Johnson, Laurie Jones, Murray Orrick, Mat Silverman

Celtic Elvis

A satiric quartet working in the acoustic-rock genre, Celtic Elvis describes themselves as “the party band for people who think too much” and “Paul and Mary meet the Talking Heads”. Celtic sort of refers to the folk roots and harmony, and Elvis refers to the rock, the beat, the energy. The band has performed at clubs, concerts, festivals, TV and radio in Canada, Colorado, and New York, New Hampshire, Virginia, Maryland, Texas and all over California.

Members: Jim Ocean, Mary Straw, Randy Anger, Rich Wescott

Fat Chance

Members: Gina DeLuca, Kyla Kent, Kevin Quinn, Ken Groves, Carl Gabrielson, Fritz Stewart

The Five Spots

The Five Spots started singing together in 1986 and since have been enjoying wonderful singing opportunities around the bay area.

Members: Matt Callahan, Brian Dyer, Jeffrey Phillips, Paul Mackey, Bill Boyd

Full House

Graduates of St. Xavier's Orphanage Choir in Sacramento, these five cards all grew up in various places together in different times and they all learned how to sing thanks to Father De Wop, God rest his soul.

Members: Heidi Bekebrede, Bill Cavins, Robert Davis, Frank Fox, Antoinette Zachem

The Genuine Diamelles

Having lurked about in the trenches of SF's rock club scene for most of their lives, the members of The Genuine Diamelles found themselves at first rehearsal belting out a gospel number a cappella. Thus the premise was set for a wacky vocal format that has since expanded to include an acoustic guitar here, a baritone there, DO-DA, DO-DA. The Genuine Diamelles have proven that they can take their eclectic, offbeat, sometimes risqué repertoire into any venue, from the Fillmore to the Marriott, and points beyond.

Members: Scott Young, Junglebook, Debora Tennerino, Dave "Smelley" Kelley

The Harmonic Convergents

Over the years, the Convergents have found some pretty random ways to amuse their audiences. Pies in the face, puppet shows, songs on helium, pet crabs, special guests, bad jokes and goofy skits have all contributed to the Convergents’ distinctive style and armadillo-like grace. They have been heard as far off as Germany and Japan, and have toured and performed at exciting and varied locations throughout the US including Disneyland, Bel Air, San Francisco, Sun Valley, Idaho and in the parking lot at a Janet Jackson concert.

Members: Michael Oliver, Tod Pucket, Tim Griffin, Keith Barlow, Lance Halensteir

Phyl n the Blanks

Six women from the rural Lost Coast of California who have been friends and neighbors for 15 years. They began singing together in 1987 to express their political and environmental concerns.

Members: Becka Sheranian, Dawn Champie, Sheila Hahn, Stephanie Lusak, Sandy Tilles, Nadine Capdelaine

The Renovations

The Renovations started as an all-male group bent on singing doo-wop. But the original members quickly (after the first rehearsal) amended the group’s bylaws in order to admit singing of all genders.

Members: Lauren Alexander, Daniel Chaddock, Catherine LeBlank, Tim Lukaszewski, Michael Owrn, Chris Sanborn

Tu Tone Shoes

Tu Tone Shoes (n) too ton shooz, from Latin word tonus or Greek work Rama Lama Ding Dong-A small herd composed of five individuals singing a cappella, known to roam the Sacramento Valley. Herds of Tu Tone Shoes seen as early as 1950. Modern day herds keep roots in traditional streetcorner doo-wop.

Members: Christine Martin, David Mendenhall, Cal Toca, Jim Thornburg, Laura Flowers Lothian

Los Angeles

The Knudsen Brothers

SIX are six real brothers. They actually come from a family of ten brothers, no sisters and are the six oldest in the family. Apparently their mom and dad (Arnold and Joyce Knudsen) wanted a girl.

Barry Knudsen is the eldest and was born in Davenport, Iowa. Kevin Knudsen is second and was born in Farmington, New Mexico. Lynn Knudsen is third and was born in Mesa, Arizona. Jak Knudsen is fourth and was born in El Paso, Texas. Owen Knudsen is fifth and was born in Seattle, Washington and Curtis Knudsen, number six, was born in Seattle as well. Their father worked where he could to support his family which explains their nomadic beginnings.

The four younger brothers are a huge support to their six older performing brothers and play an important part behind the scenes.

Members: Barry Knudsen, Kevin Knudsen, Lynn Knudsen, Jak Knudsen, Owen Knudsen, Curtis Knudsen

Rocky Mountain

17th Avenue All-Stars

The 17th Avenue Allstars are celebrating 20 years as one of Denver, Colorado's top musical acts singing contemporary a cappella. The Allstars have performed across the United States and opened for National Acts such as: BB King, The Temptations, Mel Torme, and Robert Cray. Named the official anthems singers of the Denver Broncos they've experienced a wide range of a cappella performance opportunities including shows for US Presidents and Governers, corporate events and product launches, outdoor festivals and concerts and large charitable fundraisers. Book the Allstars today for your concert or special event and experience the a cappella magic that is The 17th Avenue Allstars.

From the Doo-Wop favorites from the 50's to Contemporary A Cappella; straight ahead rock tunes or a cappella vocal jazz, the 17th Avenue Allstars will put on a show for any audience!

Members: Robert Anderson, Jeff Harris, Jake Schroeder, Norm Silver, LaTanya Hall
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