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Bay Area


The EDLOS, you might ask? Four guys who sing without instrumental accompaniment... A Cappella. What's with the name? The story they tell is that the name is an acronym for Excessive Decibel Levels from Outer Space and that they're refugees from the planet "A" which circles the star Capella in the constellation Auriga. The story goes on, but let's cut to reality here for a minute. These four classically trained guys; Eric, Larry, Ed, and Craig were destined to take their schooling, talent, and juicy voices into the 21st century, always breaking new ground in their never ending pursuit of A Cappella diversity and originality. Speaking of diversity, the EDLOS have three shows to offer. Their critically acclaimed Popourri Show, which consistently draws standing ovations, is made up of eclectic originals and familiar favorites.

Members: Eric Morris, Bill Davis, Larry Venza, Ed Cohn


The Bachelors met during the workshop production of “Boardwalk” (at T.A.M) and were immediately drawn together because of their (collective) inability to get a date since 1978. These dating woes contributed to the boys spending many a Friday night singing in the Canal area for no apparent reason. Composed of three of the more dynamic entertainers in the North , MURRAY AND STAN HAVE COMBINED THEIR TALENTS TO PUT TOGETHER THEIR OWN FASCINATING BRAND OF SINGING THEY DUB “KNUCKLEHEAD A CAPPELLA”. THE BACHELORS Recently appeared on ABC in Good Morning bay Area’s first annual talent contest and came away with 1st place! When not performing a cappella the boys sing with the band “About Face” at local venues.

Members: Murray Orrick, Stan Johnson, Mat Silverman

Fat Chance

Fat chance: Beech wood-aged and cold-filtered for the past six months. Six smooth and mellow members, with that fresh-brewed sound. As good as the originals, but with only half the calories. Works gently overnight. Crunch all you like - we’ll sing louder! Tonight, let it be Fat Chance.

Members: Gina De Luca, Fritz Stewart, Ken Groves, Kevin Quinn, Kyla Kent, Carl Gabrielson

Full House

Full House is a vocal a cappella quintet which performs in the doo-wop, blues, jazz, gospel, and folk music styles in the Davis/Sacramento area. In addition to their own monthly live evenings at the Fox & Goose pub in Sacto, at 10th and R Streets (last Friday of every month: they have opened for Taj Mahal, The BOBS, and Jesse Winchester at the Palms Public Playhouse in Davis. They have also opened for Bobby Hutcherson, the Jazz Vibraharpist, at Sacto’s Crest Theater. they appear regularly at malarkey's in Sacramento, and the Blue Mango in Davis.

Members: Heidi Bekebrede, Bill Cavins, Robert Davis, Frank Fox, Antoinette Zachem-Rau

The Genuine Diamelles

After opening the show for Edie Brickell and New Bohemians at the fillmore in the last days of the Reagan administration, this off-the-wall a cappella quartet has emerged from their long winter hibernation with a bunch of goodies. Adding a guitar, and the dreaded Euphonium on some tunes, their material ranges from country ranch to Led Zeppelin, gospel to swing. The members have over 26 combined years of experience in the San Francisco music scene.

Members: Scott Young, Dave Kelley, Debora Tennerino, Mark Gunnion

Girls’ Night Out

These three sisters-in-song have dazzled local audiences for four years. Perennial favorites at such events as the Sausalito Art Festival, they also appear regularly at the Sweetwater in Mill Valley. You may have seen them recently on channel 36, but they most often sing at private or corporate functions.

Members: Donna Turner, Maggie Catfish, Carol Joy Harris

The Quintuplets

Sprung from the loins of parents residing on Three-Mile Island, the Quintuplets have garnered a multitude of glowing reviews. Their explosive performances melt down hearts where ever they appear. Indeed, enthusiasm for the “Quints” has mushroomed since ; they emerged harmonizing from the fallout shelter. You won’t duck and cover when you hear these voices!

Members: Renee Homes, Kerrigan Black, Shelly Higgins, Matt Skinner, Susan Streitwieser

Ruby, Duluth & Indigo

Once upon a time there were three girls who all went to the police academy together ... oops, wrong story (that was Charlie’s Angels). Once upon a time (January ‘89) there were three women who got together because they loved to sing, and they soon became known as “ Ruby, Duluth & Indigo” (it’s a long story). With tight harmonies and original arrangements you will hear them sing everything from Cole Porter to Prince. Ruby, Duluth & Indigo have performed at the Plush Room and are currently appearing at the Mason Street Wine Bar in San Francisco.

Members: Sam Ellis, Carla Hatley, Harrye Hayward

Vocal Point

Once upon a time, in a far off jungle four people met quite by accident (something like this could never happen on purpose). There was Richard, who was found tree slamming as jumping off cliffs hurt so much: Bill, who was about to become supper for a group of hungry cannibals until they realized he was totally tasteless; Dan, who was found nearly gummed to death by a ferocious pride of toothless lions; and Kathleen, a frustrated salesperson from Cleveland selling vacuum cleaners hut-to-hut. Feeling down on their luck they applied to a cappella correspondence course that included a free Ronco pitch piep (some assembly required) and graduated Summa Sing Laude and thus was born Vocal Point

Members: Kathleen Kuebelbeck, Dan Cudworth, Bill Anderson, Richard Maddux

Warp Three

Holotropic breath and Mongolian overtones, primeval screams,and haunting - texturally woven passages best describe the uses to which these singers individually put their voice: in teaching (Susan), in musicals (Greg), and in recording studios (Catheryn)

Members: Susan Casey, Greg Grabow, Catheryn Zaro


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