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Bay Area


Finess'e is a SF based group formed in November of 1985. Since then they've been delighting audiences statewide in such clubs as the Sweetwater, New George's, Offpaza, Waterloo and Rathskellar's in Las Vegas. Their range of music is unlimited (R&B, gospel, jazz and classical) which makes them available for any and all occasions. Special award winners in Harmony Sweeps '87, they have recorded in Las Vegas and worked with Maxine Howard.

Members: Greg McDowell, Bill Hopkins, Terry Baxter, Don Dorsey, Jimmy "Jam" Smith


Savvy, is a vocal jazz trio characterized by complex harmonies and tight rhythmic ensembles. After enjoying solo careers in jazz, poop and opera the three singers came together in '85 to rehearse under the direction of pianist/arranger Randal Collen and have been pleasing audiences with original arrangements of Motown, Bebop and get-down rhythm and blues ever since! Savvy is jazzy. Savvy's got…savvy!

Members: Bonnie Brooks, Fran Carbonaro, Pablo Rodriguez


The EDLOS, you might ask? Four guys who sing without instrumental accompaniment... A Cappella. What's with the name? The story they tell is that the name is an acronym for Excessive Decibel Levels from Outer Space and that they're refugees from the planet "A" which circles the star Capella in the constellation Auriga. The story goes on, but let's cut to reality here for a minute. These four classically trained guys; Eric, Larry, Ed, and Craig were destined to take their schooling, talent, and juicy voices into the 21st century, always breaking new ground in their never ending pursuit of A Cappella diversity and originality. Speaking of diversity, the EDLOS have three shows to offer. Their critically acclaimed Popourri Show, which consistently draws standing ovations, is made up of eclectic originals and familiar favorites.

Members: Eric Morris, Bill Davis, Larry Venza, Ed Cohn


Attitude is a trio of very fine voices that first got together as the trio in the Novato Community Players highly acclaimed production of "Little Shop of Horrors" in 1988.

Members: Laurie Jones, Kayla Gold, Julie Johnston

The Baby Boomers

Bound by bouncy bass lines the Baby Boomers invite you to join them in celebrating “Head Over Heals In Love”. Take a walk on the wild side where creatures cry “Boom Boom Boom”.

Members: Donna Turner, Billy Bramblett, Carol Joy Harris, Bonnie Whatley

The Five Options

The Five Opinions have been together since January '87, and share approximately 30 years of barbershop harmony experience between them. Their peers and audiences alike revere special award winners in the 1986 and 1987 Harmony Sweepstakes competitions, their vocal blend and musical technique.

Members: Charles Feltman, Al Zemsky, Ron Gorlin, Ron Losk

The Five Spots

Chosen the best amateur group of 1987, the Five Spots spent 1988 entertaining at private parties, weddings, clubs and teamed up with comedian and morning disc jockey Marty Cohen (104.5 KFOG, 6-10 AM).

Members: Patrick Walsh, Bryan Dyer, Paul Mackey, Jeff Phillips, Matt Callahan


Winners of the 1987 Bay Area Regional Audience Favorite award as well as the runners-up to the champs.

Members: Anne Stone, Wayne Dixon, Jacques Pryor, Malathy Krishnamurthy

The Accidentals

Special award winners in 1986 and 1987, considered one of the most consistent and respected vocal jazz quartets in Marin County, the Accidentals have achieved a beautiful blend of sophisticated voices and arrangements.

Members: Liz Tuomi, Susan Goldhaber, Dave Mueeay, Steve Boughton

What Four

"What Four" described themselves as "a frustrated, rag-tag group of misfits that love to yell in each others faces". Phil, Jason and Joe are previous members of the "Phil Mattson and the PM Singers" vocal group. They have all done "jingle after jingle" in the bay area and joined forces to experience some challenging harmony!

Members: Joe Finetti, Jason Smith, Phil Schroeder, Doug Boyd


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