The Harmonic Convergents - Male Contemporary Quintet

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1994 Bay Area Regional

The Harmonic Convergents

Male Contemporary Quintet

Some thought they died in a bizarre gardening accident. Some thought they were stranded in a Turkish prison. But NO! The Harmonic Convergents are back! No Turkish prison. No accident. Just new outfits, new pets and a new album, "Plugged". You might recognize the Convergents from their appearance on World News Tonight after they won the Star Spangled Banner competition hosted by the Oakland A's in 1992. (Then again, you might not!). The Convergents boast an eclectic mix of material ranging from Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody to Andrew Lloyd Weber's Phantom of the Opera.

Members: Suszi Lurie, Hal Brunette, Keith Barlow, Jon Spencer, Kara Broderick

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