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Liz Mongrello

Liz aims to make everyone believe that "Pitch Perfect" is real life by participating in as much a cappella as possible and singing aloud just about everywhere she goes. When she’s not pretending that a cappella is her job, she works as the Office Manager and User Research Coordinator for Lola Travel. If the Townies aren’t together watching a movie and eating more sushi than you can imagine, Liz spends her free time trying new recipes, pet-sitting, binge-watching Netflix, and (sometimes) sleeping.

2017 - Fermata Town

Boston Harmony Sweepstakes 2nd Place Winners

2016 - Fermata Town

Chicago Harmony Sweepstakes 2nd Place Winners

2016 - Sound Off

Boston Harmony Sweepstakes 3rd Place Winners
Boston Harmony Sweepstakes Audience Favorite

2015 - Fermata Town

Boston Harmony Sweepstakes 2nd Place Winners

2015 - Uninvited Bridesmaids

Boston Harmony Sweepstakes Performer.

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