Catatonic - Mixed Contemporary Sextet from Decatur, GA United States

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2014 Mid-Atlantic Regional Champions


Mixed Contemporary Sextet from Decatur, GA

  • 2014 Mid-Atlantic Champions

  • 2014 Mid-Atlantic Best Original Arrangement
    "Love Gun" - Catatonic

    Catatonic is a vibrant new group erupting onto the a cappella scene. With members hailing from from three different collegiate groups in the Atlanta area, this up-and-coming ensemble fuses youthful energy with musical virtuosity to create a unique electronic a cappella sound. The group's innovative arrangements showcase its members' vocal prowess while pushing the limits of the genre. Having already performed with the likes of Musae, Catatonic is sure to deliver audiences a thrilling concert experience as they share their love for a cappella. And kittens.

    Members: John Robinson, Andrew Leonard, Tammy Parkinson, Tye Tavaras, Carrie Leonard, Steve Ryan

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