Tone Rangers - Male Contemporary Septet from Washington DC, DC United States

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1998 Mid-Atlantic Regional

Tone Rangers

Male Contemporary Septet from Washington DC, DC

  • 1998 Mid-Atlantic 2nd place

  • 1998 Mid-Atlantic Best Original Arrangement
    Wild Thing, Tone Rangers

    This award-winning Washington D.C.-based vocal group is celebrating their 25th anniversary delighting audiences from coast to coast with its dynamic blend of tight harmonies, inventive arrangements and keen wit. In a few choreographed minutes, the Tone Rangers propel through 900 years of Western music--from Gregorian chant to classic rock to TV theme songs--in a fresh approach to contemporary a cappella music and comedy.

    Nominated for seven Wammies by the Washington Area Music Association in the past four years, the Tone Rangers were voted the Best A Cappella Group four consecutive years (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010) and even won Best A Cappella Recording in 2007! They were also national finalists in the 2002 Harmony Sweepstakes (the Superbowl of a cappella), and three-time winners of Mid-Atlantic "Audience Favorite" and "Best Arrangement" awards. To listen, go our MySpace page.

    Members: Jamey McNamara, Gil Keteltas, Kenyon Erickson, Mike Beresik, Joel Malina, John Bader, Gene Stomecki

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    The Tone Rangers sound as though a group of barbershop singers felt that restrictions and formality of the style was too confining and collectively expanded their horizons first to seven singers and then to a wider variety of popular styles. Their tight, close harmony lends credence to this supposition. Additional clues are the beautiful version of "Loch Lomond" (beautiful tenor lead) and "Shenandoah." Then they go wacky with Al Yankovic's "One More Minute," "My Tzatzkele" and the live gag tune, "Rubber Duckie." Gospel and doo-wop arrangements round out the play list of familiar popular songs.

    2359 1 CD $14.98

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